The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 30, 1964 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1964
Page 5
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Wednesday Dec. 30, 1964 THE TIPTON DAILY SiJRAOfflTHillELP CLASSIFIED RATES 1 iiv*«rti«n 4c per word 2 insertions 7c per word 3 m**rtions ____ 9e per word 4 insxrtAons 11c per word 5 insertions 13c per word 6 Insertions 14c per word Minimum rate — $1.00 Charges' are at a reduced cash rate and apply if the ud is piid within 10 DAYS after the FIRST insertion. SERVICE CHARGE OF 25c WILL BE ADDED AFTER THE 10 DAY PERIOD. Advertisers should check their advertisements in the First issue they appear and report any error at once as no allowance ' can be made tfter the first incorrect insertion. —— BLACK FACE LOCAL — 15c per line. MEMORIAM — lie pw fine. CARD Of- THANKS — |ll5 Call OS 5-2115 before 10:00 A. M. for insertion same day, nxcept Saturday—call before !>:00 A. M. CANCELLATION — UNTIL 10:K»A. M. DEADLINE. DISPLAY RATE Cass, per col. Inch .,_ SOe 1 inch per mo. daily $18.00 fcach additional inch . $11.00 (RATE QUOTED ARE LOCAL) FOR RENT m SALE FOR RENT— Vn double—1 bedroom,, gas furnace. Phone OS 5-6130. . C-*f FOR RENT—6 room double on . E. Jefferson. Call OS'5-2063. C-80 YOU MAY RENT a piano as low as $5 per month. Mrs. Ted Sharp. OS 5-6263. Riddick Piano Co. • C-tf FOR RENT— Vi of double. 3 bedroom completely remodeled. 114 W. North Street. C-tf FOR RENT—Modern 3 bedroom country home. Mark McKinney 947-2244, Kempton. P-81 FOR RENT—6 room house, bath and utility room, garage, oil heat, 3 miles west 1¥> miles S. of Atlanta. See Harry Whisler. YU 4-4866. iP-76 LOST AND FOUND LOST—$25 reward. Pure bred black and silver police, female. Scar across inside hind leg. Also beagle female,, name Wiggles. Glenn Riffe, R. R. 1, Windfall, LY 5-4373. C-76 LOST—Antique lady's bar pin. Keepsake. Reward. OS 5-6241. C-76 FOUND—Purse containing money. Owner should prove property and pay for ad. LY 54388, Windfall. P-78 FOR SALE—Spinet organ, excellent condition. Reasonable. OS 5-6263. C-tf FOR SALE — Awnings., storm windows and doors. Ornamental iron. A. J. Butz. Phone OS 5-2646. C-tf FOR SALE—Tropical fish plants and supplies. 128 W. Washington. Tipton. OS 5-6455. C-75 FOR SALE — Little Red & Alfalfa hay. 1 mile south & l A mile west of Ekin. Phone PLS-4635. P-78 USED CARS FOR SALE—Quality used cars. SALES, 704 W. Jefferson St. THROGMARTIN AUTO LEGAL NOTICE SHERIFF'S SALE ON- DECREE By virtue of a certified copy of a Judgement and decree to me directed by the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tipton County, Indiana, in a case wherein Atlas Subsidiaries of Indiana, Inc. is the Plaintiff and Earl W. Cardwell, Carolyn J Cardwell and the Tipton Building and Loan Association of Tipton, Indiana are the Defendants, which said judgement and decree requires me to make the sum of $3,649.25 for the Tipton Building and Loan Association of Tipton, Indiana, and che further sum of $2,916.79 for the Atlas Subsidiaries of Indiana, Inc with interest -on said decree and costs, I will expose and offer at public sale to the highest bidder, on Monday, the 25th day of January 1965 at ten o'clock a.m., at the door of the Court House in Tipton. Tipton County, Indiana, all or so much thereof as may be necessary co satisfy the above judgements, interests and costs, the following described real estate in the Counlj of Tipton, in the State of Indiana to wit: The South Half of Lots 5 and G in Block 1 in South Addition to the Town of Kempton, Tipton County, Indiana, tfaid real estate will be -sold .nthout relief from valuation and appraisement laws, and in all things pursuant - to and as provided by Chapter 90 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Indiana of 1931 as ammemled by Chapter 220 of the Acts of the General Assembly of 1957. Immediately after the sale of riaid real estate I will execute and deliver to the purchaser thereof a deed of conveyance therefore, which shall be valid and effectual to convey all of the right, title and interest held or claimed by each-and all of the Defendants herein named, and of all persons claiming from, by, through, or under them, or any of them. VERL, GRI1IME Sheriff of Tipton County, Indiana December , 1964 HORACE C. HOLMES Attorney for Tipton Building and Loan Association of Tipton, Indiana. C-M-75-S1 For Your Car Needs See urn ~* THE 'MtlK. OF OHAliTY 120 S. West St. Phone OS 5-4941 Tipton SERVICES MUSIC IN YOUR HOME—Pianos, organs. Rental plans available. OS 5-6558. P-tf SEPTIC TANKS, toilet vaults vacuum cleaned. Sewer and basement drains cleaned with electric cutting knives. Phone Elwood 'FE 2-2684. David Sewer Cleaners. C-tf SEPTIC TANK and sewer cleaning. Call King, Windfall, LY 5-3385. P-81 FOR SALE—1957 Ford car. Phone OS 5-4904. C-78 SPOTS — before your eyes — on your new carpet — remove them with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampooer $1.00 Carney's Drug Store. C-78 1 (.Ml GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION TRUCKS FROM '/a TO 60 TONS SERVICE MOTOR COMPANY INC. FRONT END ALINGMENT — Wheel balancing. EBERT Sinclair Service. Phone OS 57125. C-tf WANTED — Furniture Upholstering and Repair. Lawrence Pickerell. OS 5-4358. C-tf FEMALE HELP WANTED HELP WANTED—Baby sitter in my home. 2 small boys. Call after 4:30. OS 5-6018. C-76 SINGER Five Months Old $37.08 Full Balance Assume six payments of $6.18 monthly. Nice 'walnut cabinet included. Sews backward and forward, darns, mends, ap- - pliques, sews over pins and needles, monograms, equipped to zig-zag,'warranty included. Call -OS 5-2135. C-tf WANTED- -Ironings, OS 5-6286. ' ' P-75 I.KCiAI. NOTICE Stale Of Indiana County Of Tipton SS: In The Tipton Circuit Court September Term, 1964 Cause No. S954 Ralph McMullan and Carolyn K. McMullan, Husband and Wife, Plaintiffs vs. Kavid Kemp William Hooton William Hooten George H. Redd Phebe C. Redd Phoebe C. liedd Phebe C. Reed s Opher Williams Lillie Slaughter Albert H. Glenn William Glenn * Abbie Glenn Iidward Glenn Esther Florence Partlow Ermal Thomas Virgil Heiney Edna Heiney- Lee Thomas Harvey Thomas Jeremiah C McMullan Lulu .M. McMullan Nancy Williams The children, decendants and heirs, the unknown husband or wife, of each of the persons .last above named who may be. living-, the w i d o w or widower, as the case may lie, the creditors, administrators of the estate, the legatees, devisees, trustees and executors of the last will and testament of -any of the above named defendants who are dead, and all of the women once known by any of the names above stated »vho may have changed their names and who are now known by some other names, the names of whom are unknown to the plaintiffs, and all otiier persons or corporations or any other entity who assert or who might assert any title, claim of interest in, or lien upon the real estate described herein, the names of all of whom are unknown to the plaintiffs. DEFENDANTS NOTICE IN ACTION TO Ql'lET TITLE TO REAL ESTATE EE IT KNOWN, That on the J4th day of December, 1964, the above named plaintiffs, by their attornev, filed in the Office of the Clerk of the Tipton Circuit Court, their -complaint against the above named defendants, and said plaintiffs having also filed in said Clerk's office the' affidavit of a competent person showing that the named defendants, the children, decendants and heirs, the unknown husband or wife of each of the persons last above named who may be living, the widow or widower, as the case may be, the creditors, administrators, trustees and executors of the last will and testament of any of the above named defendants who is dead, and all of the women once known by any of the names above stated who may have changed their names and who are now known by some other names, the names of whom are unknown to the plaintiffs, and all persons and corporations who as sert. or who might assert any title, claim or interest in, or lien upon the real estate described herein have been made parties to the said proceedings, and that the names of all of whom are unknown to the plaintiffs, and an affidavit of a competent person was filed in said Clerk's Office showing that all per sons whomsoever as disclosed by the public records affecting the title to the said real estate have been joined as defendants; said affidavit also showing that the names of all of whom are unknown to the plaintiffs, and are not residents of the State of Indiana, or that the residence of each of the defendants, after dilligent Inquiry and search 4s unknown, and that said cause of action is to quiet title to the following described real estate in Tipton County, Indiana, to-wtt: The North Half of Lots No. 5 and 6 in Block 1 in David ' Kemp's North Addition to Uie Town of Kempton, Tipton County, Indiana; = That said action is instituted anu prosecuted by said plaintiffs for the purpose of quieting title to the above described real estate as against all defendants, claims and claimants, whatsoever and whomsoever, and as against the world. And, whereas said plaintiffs, have by endorsement on said complaint, required said defendants to ap­ pear'in said Court and answer or demur thereto on the 15th day of February. 1965. Now, therefore, said defendants last above named are hereby notl-. fied of the. filing and pendency of said complaint against them, and that unless they appear and answer or demur at the calling of said cause on the 15th day of Febru ary, 1965, the same being the 3lst judicial day of a term of said Court begun and held at the Court House In the City of Titpon, Tipton County, Indiana, on the 2nd Monday in January, 1965, said complaint and the matters and things therein contained and alleged will be heard arid determined in their absence. - ROSS M. HUEFORD Clerk, Tipton- Circuit Court C-63-09-75-81 IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of our fa ther Freeman Lineback, who passed away January 1,1961 and mother, June 19, 1941. Somewhere beyond the sunset, In that land of eternal rest, Our loved ones wait to greet us, The ones that we loved best. There will be a happy reunion, Someday on that beautiful shore. When we go to meet our loved ones, To be parted nevermore. Sadly missed by your children. Ray Lineback; Mr. and Mrs. Ross Floyd; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Lineback; Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Lineback. Grandchildren, Mr and Mrs. David Lineback; Mr. and Mrs. Dean Grinstead; Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Smith; Mr. and Mrs. Dewayne Lineback. - DIPPY Tangy party dip can be made in minutes in an electric blender. Place 1 large...cut.up dill or sour pickle '^nd V4 lemon, cut up, in blender container. Blend for 60 "seconds. Add l-'(3 ounce) package of c r e a m cheese and 1 (2>4 ounce) can of deviled ham. Blend 10 seconds. Add 2 cups of canned apple sauce and a dash of liquid red pepper sauce. Blend a few seconds more, or until dip is very smooth. Chill before serving with crackers or potato chips. Makes about 3 cups. NEW ; YORK. (UPI) • — Cliff Sterrett, 81, who drew "the comic strip "Polly and her 'Pals" for nearly 40 years, died of cancer Tuesday. - GOOD Tarragon giblet gravey is good with roast chicken. Cook V* cup of minced onion, 1 small clove of garlic, minced, and a generous dash of dried, crushed tarragon, in 2 tablespoons of but ter or margarine until onion is tender. Add 2 (MVS ounce) cans of giblet gravy, Vi cup of light cream, -2 tablespoons of drippings from the roasted chicken, and a generous dash of cayenne pepper. Heat, stirring occasionally. Makes enough for^ 5 or 6 servings with 5 to 6 poimd roasting chicken. OBITUARIES By United Press International TOTOWA, N.J. (UPI)—Coast Guard Lt. Donald it. Prince who died in a helicopter • crash while on a flood rescue mission in California last week, will be buried with full military honors Thursday. LONDON (UPI)—John Gibson Jarvie, one of the pioneers of installment buying in Britain, died Tuesday at the age of 81. NO SURGERY NEEDED WASHINGTON (UPI) — Sen.. Barry M. Goldwater won't have to undergo surgery to correct a back ailment. It had been reported he would have an operation next Tuesday. A spokesman said Tuesday that Goldwater advised him* that his doctors had concluded that therapy should resolve the problem. Goldwater suffers occasional pain from a muscle pinch caused by a chip from a vertebra. Apricots and raisins will keep for as long as a year at room temperature if. properly packed. WINS SUIT / MEMPHIS, Term. (UPI) — Mrs. Jean Johnson, 55, of Feltus, Mo.; filed a $100,000 suit in federal court Tuesday in which she charged a highway crash in Tipton County last Feb. 9 reactivated an arrested case of lung cancer and caused the death of her husband. 'Defendants named were Norris Whitehead, 41, of Drummonds, Tenn., and Mr. and Mrs. Mickey N. Cooper - of Atoka, Tenn. . FINE, FINE—LBJ gives out with a friendly smile at Johnson City, Tex., after the White House physician gave him a year-end checkup and pronounced him in fine shape. The Lighter Side By DICK WEST United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) - This week, while all of us are trying to pull ourselves together and somehow find the strength to face the new year, it is well to look back on some of the major accomplishments of 1964. In that connection, I have drawn up a list of individuals and groups who in my opinion did not receive due credit for their achievements. I also have prepared suitable awards and citations. First is the "Tempus Fugits Award" given-to the group that does the most to. make time pass quickly. It goes to something called the National Laugh Foundation. . . ' The foundation put out a 1964 press release that began: "For more than 20 years since its founding in 1945. .." Next On List Next on the list is the "San dra Dee Memorial Award for Distinguished Obscurity in Show Business." It goes to a certain Kenny Burke, who was described on another press release as "the funniest unknown-come dian in America." My third award salutes s. woman named Florence Lockhart, who entered a contest sponsored by the producers of a British spy movie. The - contest called for people to describe their greatest adventures. Miss Lockhart wrote that her greatest adventure was the time she and her father, while experimenting with Dahlia bulbs, reached into the wrong pile and "accidentally crossed a Jersey beauty-with a Catus Dahlia." The misbegotten Dahlia won a prize in a flower show, but Miss Lockhart's adventure failed to win the contest. I think that is unfair. I would be willing to bet that the typical British secret agent has much more in common with Miss Lockhart, adventure-wise, than he has with James Bond. Find Award Finally, we come to the annual "Bobby Baker Memorial Award for Fiscal Ingenuity." The 1964 winner is one of the elevator operators at the U.S. Capitol, who asked not to be identified. By way of background, I should explain-that there is currently being erected upon the Captol plaza an elaborate platform and grandstand that will be used for the presidential inauguration. It is costing about $184,000 and will seat more spectators than Madison Square Garden. Nevertheless, after being used for just a few hours on Jan. 20, the whole thing will be torn down. The aforementioned elevator operator began to brood about this apparent waste, and he has come up with what I .consider a splendid suggestion. Under his plan, the inaugural stands would be dismantled and shipped to South Viet Nam, which has need for them about every other week. TWICKENHAM, Eng. (UPI)_ Custavus Green, a British aviation pioneer who himself flew only once, died Tuesday, three months-before his 100th birthday. He built the first successful British airplanes. "Add a few drops of cologne to the rinse water for women's handkerchiefs. It leaves a light scent.: . . Gossip By JESSE BOGUE UPI Financial Editor NEW YORK (UPIHShould the administration's proposed transportation program include a Washington-New York high speed electrical rail transport feature, it would bring a revival of interest to a form of rail travel which has been losing ground in most parts of the country for nearly two decades. Washington dispatches say a demonstration project which is expected to,be proposed to Congress would include 100-mile- per-hour electrical rail service between the nation's capital and the.largest U.S. city, pos-. sibly on to New Haven, Conn. It would cut to less than three hours what is now a four-hour ride for the 250-mile trip. Electrical rail service at present is widely used in the metropolitan area, chiefly, although not entirely, on commuter lines. Some other city areas use it. But the use of diesel-electric locomotive power has cut heavily into the utilization of electric-powered lines since their peak mileage in 1938, according to a publication of the Association of'American Railroads. In a pamphlet published this year reviewing railroad history, the AAR said that at the peak in 1938, more than 6,800 miles of track had been electrified. But by 1964, the mileage had shrunk to 4,720. Purpose of the experimental high-speed electrical rail program, Washington sources say, would be to determine whether it will bring passengers back to the railroads. At present the air shuttle services absorb much of the passenger traffic within the Washington - New |York-Boston concentration. TROPICAL NEW YORK (UPI) —A low- calorie beverage with a tropical flavor is cranberry hula. Pre-chill, then mix together 2 cups of dietetic cranberry juice cocktail, 1 cup each of strong tea and unsweetened pineapple juice, 1 (16 ounce) bottle of non-caloric gingerale, and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Sweeten to taste' "with ; liquid artificial sweetener: Add i c e cubes and garnish with lime; slices. Makes 6 servings of about 30 calories each (8. ounce servings). CALORIE SENSE NEW YORK (UPI) — Cranberry fruit fizz is; a low-calorie punch. Combine 2 cups of dietetic cranberry juice cocktail with 1 cup each of strong tea and unsweetened j orange juice, % cup of unsweetened grapefruit juice,, l ; (16 r ounce) bottle of club soda and! liquid artificial sweetener to!taste. All ingredients except sweetener should be pre-chilled. Serve over ice cubes with fresh .ran- berries as garnish. Makes 6 8-ounce servings:j of about 31 calories each. ;i WATKINS RETIRES WASHINGTON ] UPI >— Senate • parliamentarian Charles L. Watkins is retiring today after 59 years of continuous .service in Senate jobs. j Watkins, 85, has been parliamentarian since 1937 when the job was created as a separate post. | Clark Klnnalrd is on vacation. Centennial Scrapbook will be resumed the first week in, January with a graphic series on the climactioal events ol the Civil War, under the sub-title, YEAR OF EPOCHAL DECISION: 1865.—King Features CENTENNIAL SCRAPBOOK The War for the Union 1861-65 in Pictures No. 487 The night of Dec. 20, 1864, Lt Gen. W. J. Hardee telegraphed to "President Jefferson' Davis at Richmond, "On the 19th" the enemy forced a, landing so near my communication"! that to save the garrison it became necessary to give up the city-(Savannah). Its evacuation was successfully accomplished." Next morning, John W. Geary's Second Division, XX_ Corps, on Sherman's left wing, led the Union forces into the city. The national colors were raised again at the Custom House. W. T. Sherman telegraphed President Lincoln in Washington, "I beg to preesnt you as a Christmas gift, the city of Savannah, with 150 guns and plenty of ammunition and also about 25,000 bales of cotton." 'The president responded, "Many, many thanks for your Christmas gift. ... It is indeed a great success. . . . But what next?" Next for Sherman's men, who had been, moving continuously for weeks under such "difficulties as those shown here [1], was" more of the same. Grant had ordered Sherman: "Establish a base on the seacoast, fortify . . . and so threaten the interior that the militia of the South will have to be kept ho' e. With the balance of your command come here with all dispatch." That meant precede northward through, the Carolinas .to link up with Grant in Virginia. The curtain was rising on the final act of the great drama; it would -be over early in 1865. CLARK KINNAIRD Distributed by King Features Syndicate READY FOR JAN. 20 —Tne inaugural setup IOOKS all ready for occupancy in Wasnington. The portico (left) is where President Johnson and Vice President-elect Hubert Humphrey ' will take the oath Jan. 20. Elevated stand (right) is for photographers. Rep. Bruce Rep. St. George Brent Bozell William Buckley Rep. Ashbrook INTRODUCING.THE "AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION" —These are leading members ot the 17-man Board of Directors of a new organization called the American Conservative Union, organized to help conservatives win political office. Chairman is outgoing Rep. Donald Bruce, R-Ind. He tried for the Senate. Vice chairman is Rep. John M. Ashbrook, R-Ohio. Rep. Katharine St George, R-N.Y., also is leaving Congress, not re-elected. Brent Bozell is an autho". lecturer. William F. Buckley Jr. is editor of National Review. The Water You Drink How clean is the water you drink? All over the nation, pollution of our raw water supplies is spreading. It shows up" in the glass of water you draw from your tap—in the odor, the yellow-gray co\of, the ,bad taste. There may be water, water everywhere, but Is it good enough to drink7 ^ifV^j The culprits sullying our water supply are Industrial waste, chemical treatment of sewage, natural ground conditions, and the waste from- detergents used in the family wash. Home water purifiers'are one answer to ever-growing problem. Water Is treated and decontaminated for drinking and other food purposes by the Lee'Filter purifier. An Inexpensive, easy-to-install home water purifier,; It fits tidily under the sink and connects to the cold-water line. What's more, It removes pollutants without affecting the drinking water's valuable natural minerals. U QSI CARDS $2.50 per 100 $10.00 per 500 EYEBALL CARDS $1.50 per 100 $6.35 per 500 CHOICE OF Color of Ink Color of Paper BLACK BLUE BROWN GREEN RED WHITE WITH ENAMEL FINISH BUFF BLUE RIPPLE FINISH GRAY With One Week Service Bring Your. Own Ideas In And We Will Fix You Up 221 EAST JAFFERSON •At m wt-'Af 'A« "i '--it 'At u« >*i/.w '•'>* >-<»-.-<i-ut >M.<U '-vt v-.t' >r-

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