The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1950
Page 5
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THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 1950 •LYTHBVTLLB (AftK.) COCK Preview of New Kinsey Report On Women Given in Magazine NEW YORK. April n. <API—A< magazine preview o! Dr. Alfred O. Kinsey's next report says women reach the peak of their sex life about H years later than men. Dr. Kinsey's new book is "Sexual Behavior In the Human Female/' to be published next year. The preview is given In Rcdbook Magazine by Morris Ernst and David Loth, who claim to have worked WjK'y with Kinsey and his asso- At Indiana University; In Bloomington Kinsey fald last, night he had not seen the Redkmok article. He added that quoted portions in the article seemed to be In line with material In his first report (concerning mnle sex behavior) anrt data he has used In lectures. Kinsey (firmed Brnst "a good friend of the project," but said, (he latter has not had special acc&ss i*> material in the forthcoming re- no rt. Wo mm Reach J'eak In the current article. Ernst and L/>th write that women "reach their peak of sexual drive several years after the average aac of mar- B^scd on what Dr. Kinsey has said. \vc exnect his Figures to show that this pfak is reached at about the a?e of 29." the two men snid. The first Kinsey report found lhat. males attain their maximum sex drive in their middle teens. Ernst and both continue that, unl'lie that of men. the female pe?k "doe> not decline at once, but rather remains at an h Irvel. a sort of plateau, tor five or six vear.s." "This peak never is as hi^h that of men," the article says, "taking the averape of both sexes Bui the frequency of sexual outlet. Is about the same for men and women fr^fe the age of 25 on." ^^e co-authors say the sex development of women (s ^lov The Kinsey report on males said 92 per cent of mates Lave experienced orirasm Csexual climax) by the time thev are 15. Z5 Per Cent Thev niiote Dr. Kinsey as saying that "only 25 per cent of females have done so at this a£e." They predict that Kinsc-y's flc- ures on women will show that per cent of women have not experienced orgasm until they approncl 3(1. - , ' Discuuini! the amount or frequency of sexual gratification in women, Ernst and Loth explain 1 this way: Dr. Kinsey. in a lecture, "pointcc out that the 'normal' frequency sexual outlets for males rangec from once a month or less to [our _lirnes a' day averaged over man. years." Presented Graphically "He represented this graphically OI Sfc' blackboard ,by a line ..two or llflR feet !on=r, the 'dot at the left of the line representing the least. and the riot at the right the greatest frequency," Loth and Ernst wrote. . * "The range for women," Kinsey Is quoted as having said, "would start at the same point at the left for least frequency, but would extend for women representing the greatest frequency 'to here'." Illustrating 'to here,' they said. Kinsey "walked to the other side of the stage." Comparing homosexuality of the sexes, the article says 'he forthcoming Kinsey report "will show an ftven greater incidence of homosexuality among woman." The first Kinsey report said homosexual contacts accounted for as much as per cent of the total sexual outlet of bachelor men from 31 to.35 years of age.- . ALONG WITH ME, LUCILLE . . ."-in his merry OUlsmob, e, vintage 1901, Russell Cornelisor, prepares to s«T out H? h Lo " ls " lle . K ? • 0" a cross-continent^ jaunt to Los AnEe°e£ t"e auto r ar m ™ stac * e and duster ilem '^ «he same period « me auto. Cornelison hopes to average ten miles an hour while traveling, mak j n g it to Las Aa«elej in about two monfh* M/ssco Scouts to Participate In 'Circus' in Forrest City Hantey and Gill New Kiwanis Leaders Sam Hainey aud James Gill were Inducted as new members In the Blytheville Kiwanis Club at a meeting of the club yesterday noon. Guests at yesterday's meeting Included oJVm J. Batenbur«r, Racine, Wise., Roger Maukiin, Bill •J. Cecil Lowe of Blylheville and* Herbert Shippen of osceola, district chairmen for North and South Mississippi County Boy Scout Districts, today announced troop assignments for the Boy Scout Circus to be conducted in Forrest city on May Scouts from most troops in the Eastern Arkansas Area Council are expected to participate in the circus, which will be staged at the football stadium at 8 p.m. It is expected that 2.000 of the near 4,000 members of the council will be present for the portraying of scouting activities at the circus. Funds will be used to defray expenses of the various units. ' The events or the circus will open with Cubs, Scouts and Explorers in a mass same, anrt the grand finale will have the entire council membership participating. Assignments Listed Circus assignments for Mississippi County Troops include: Liixora Troop 35 — first aid. head and arm injury; Dycss Troop 34 — first aid. broken legs and aims, crushed chests; Blytheville Troop 22 — first aid, shock, and artificial respiration ;' and Osceola Troop' 221 —i first aid, artificial respiration for shock and hysteria, I 0 save from bin-nine house. Troop 53 at Joiner — first aid hep.d injuries, broken legs and ankles; Osceoln Troop 51 — head and arm injury, cuts on leg. Troop 7-1 at Armorcl — first aid for scratches, cuts and bruises- Troop 231 B t Number Nine will act as messengers; Troop 225 at Dell "'ill demonstrate rescue from collapsed houses; victoria Troop 243 will demonstrate first aid for cut in abdomen, an d leg and arm broken, and shock. To Show Artificial Respiration Burdctte Troop 15 will demonstrate first aid with artificial respiration; Blytheville's Troop 31. first aid treatment for hvsteria, ' shock, broken legs and heart Injury ' Manila Troop 32, first and (or bleeding nose, cuts on face and broken collar hone. Three other Blytheville Troops participate; Troop 155 is in Delicious Dinner Deceives Diner PITTSBURGH. April 21. MV-ilra L. Beeeb has nothing more' than memories of a deliclo'us dinner for trying to be nice to a stranker. Beebe'« tale started last Sunday when he met a stranger outside of his church. Beebe, who lives alone, was so impressed by the man's lale of misfortune that he gave him $10 and invited him to spend a few days at his home. "I'll cook you , good dinner." the man -promised. . And the stranger did—swiss stealc. potatoes au gratin and » fine salad. • When Beebe returned from work last night the stranger'was missing. And m were two watches, i camera, a radio, a pair of slacks, miscellaneous clothing—and WT. Progress Made In Halting Pink Boll Worms SAN ANTONIO, Tex., April n. (ft— Progress is being niadt in n»r- rowing the cotton areas In which lh« pink bowl worm Infestations have occurred lor the past »evtr>l years. • • . ; / c - F. Curl, In charge of pink bowl work in Texas, .told delegates to the southern plant board annual conference (hat 66 counties In four southwestern states which previously had been infested were cleared diiritif; th« year. The board is composed of chief entomologists and plan quarantine experts from Texas, Georgia. Arkansas. Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma. Alabama. Louisiana and Florida. No infestation was reported from Arizona (or the first time since 1927 and Oklahoma was declared free for (he second consecutive year, Curl said. The infestation In the lower Rln Grand valley of Texas; however Is earlier this year, Curl reported. Northwest U.S. To Fe Potrolcd SEATTLE, April 27. (/D—Airmen .flying into northwestern United States after May 5 will have to rile a flight plan or be intercepted by fighter aircraft. It's part of the. program set lip yesterday oy creation of the air defense area of the'northwest. Similar 'programs have been set up in northeastern United States and at t/ls Alanias. N., M. . . ft. n. Bcdingcr. regional administrator for the Civil Aeronautics Administration, said the region was set lip by a Joint Nnvy-Air Force CAA board in Washington, D. C. Piling of flight plans with the CAA or .niiitary won't be compulsory under the defense area setup, Bcdingcr said. But he added: "It will have a waste of effort by military aircraft," will charge of fires and smoke; Troops 38 and 36 will have first aid demonstrations, dealing with scratches. bruises, head Injury, snack »nd hysteria. Rader, Judge Zal B. Harrison and Jack Lampley. ARCHIE LOVELACE Plumbing ^°r f ". We (iffcr you (he services of Jim Caruthcrs, maslrr plumber, whose 25 years of experience assure you of the expert workmanship you have always received m (he past from our concern. 311 North 6th Phone 2186 Are Termites Ruining Your Property? it Government statistics say that Tcrmilt damarje was wcontl only (o fire in (he United Stales. We will make an inspection and give you an estimate, if needed, without cost. Our work is licensed by the Arkansas Stale Plant Ifciara—we have 12 years of experience (o guarantee you satisfaction. • FREE INSPECTION • SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. H. C. Blankenship L. J. Ze East Kentucky Phon« 2.150 or 3S7» Million Dollar Park Is Built in a Day KERVILLE, Tex., April 27. ItFi— Kerrville citizens built > million- dollar park In a day. Work began at 6:30 a.m. yesterday. By 6:30 p.m.- the Insl strip of concrete had been smoothed out and the last bit ol debris carried away. . ,•• By 1 p.m. t)ie park lights were on and. people were driving through- admiring their own handiwork. . Build-a-park day was ' part of Kerr County'j s»th anniversary celebration. . ' "Everybody had a lot of fun " " Also Co-Hit &LYTMEV1LLES ONLY ALL WHITE THEATOE Thur:-FYi. 2 Hits Dane Clark Gail Russell in 'Moon Rise' Serial Cartoon Phone •\(\'i\ For Show Time Big.All.Color Family Program • TWO BIG DAYS * I ADVENTURE OF BURNING CONQUEST! Also Added _ Blazing Color —Thrilling Action Romantic Adventure in Early California! i Also "Color Cartoon umu.l p., h»cre»M for te»ch- ers lnst««tj o( > rwiussted. |«59. As i result the lenchers have boycol- led aflcr-hours work, farcing cancellation o( many extra-curricular »cUvitie« such M p,on« vitf »th- letlo cventt. v^'» «, »»*£•. n: - 's' /.• -^4 BRITAIN'S JAGUAR - Models Connlt Whilforti and Bettin. Thayer «et ready for > spin in iht new Jaguar XK, one of lh« tporls models (calmed at the British Automobile Show in New Vb'rk'c Cirand Central Palace. Students Protest for Teachers NEW YORK, April 27. (fl>j _ A* thousand yelling students, most of them girls, stormed city hnll plaza yesterday in protest agninst teuch- <!«' MBPS nnd curtailment of oat- ot-c]as;i atilivilie, 1 ;. The high school pupils, clamoring for "mni'ft |iay for our teachers," slomnrd dowti-'a 20-fnot sectjon ol' railing In .the paik and Imrlert their textbooks hlRh into the air. Several youngsters snfferetl bruises anrt cut.s they, were sent sprawling by the jostling demonstrators behind Ilie'in.' The noisy denionslralion capped isolated protesl mniches in other sections of the city. Police e.stlmaled that more than 10,000 .students took said newspaper publisher Sam Braswell: "The contractors who helped out said as soon as '.hey fot home they were going to try to figure out h-jw to fret their boys to work !ike that all the time." Onr thousand volunteers worked on the 35-acre. project. The eon- tractors said the .heavy machine woik alone would have cost »ny- body c lse a t least 1800,000. purl in the itemonslrallons. An estimated 9.000 paraded in front of several Brooklyn schools. Earlier. 300 students from Theo dore Roosevelt in B h In the Bronx brushed aside a small police Rimrd at city hall In a vain attempt to see Mayor William O'liwycr. OTJwyer was not In his office Police reinforcement quickly restored order. The new city budp,ct provides n SHOW STARTS 7:30 P.M. Tluirsday "THE KISSING BANDIT" (IN TI'.CIIMCOI.OR) J'llAXK SINATRA KAl'IIKVN GRAYSOX 1'Yiday & Saturday "TORNADO RANGE" rddir Dran, Hiisvne AU* Oak wilt will kill * white oak In one or two years. Our Telephone Number 4438 She I ton Motor Co. SKYLINE DRIVE \Vi Miles NuHh of Blytheville on Hiwji.v 61 THURSDAY & FRIDAY Cary is Dream Itoiit fur Shirley in the funniest romantic ribbing since Adam met Kve! "THE BACHELOR & THE BOBBY-SOXER" ' Starring Cary CJrant, Shirley Tcmpte, and Myrna l.ny NEW Uox Opens Week Days 7:0# p.m. Mallnee Saturdays A Sundays Mal.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cent. Shewlaf Manila, Ark. Thursday • "RED DANUBE" WAl/TKR PIIJOEO.V F.THRI, BAKRVMORr, Friday "JOAN OF THE OZARKS" with .Iliriy Cannva Alto Shorlt Saturday "RENEGADES OF THE SAGE" with Charles Starred and Smiley Burnett RITZ THEATRE Manila; Ark. Thursday "BLOND DYNAMITE" wilh I,KO OORCET 'nil Ihf ROVVERV BOT» Friday & SHlurday "RED DESERT" with T)rm Barry Cartoon * Serial SAVINGS ,^Vli ( r, , r ^™«»<-\-j- -p~t*- -^-t^^ i ^^' CHECK OU« HIGH BATTING AVERAGE on LOW FOOD PRICES! FOR LUTTRELL'S FAST DELIVERY SERVICE Pure White Vegetable Shortening - CALL 2011 SNOWDRIFT - - - 3 ib. can 69c 390 In heavy syrup, halves, )n colored slicks. Kraft ARGO PEARS N ,L K 270 PARKAYOLEO ,„ UPTON'S TEA 'C 330 PUREx""'!"". fi , „, 150 .(.rear Northern In special carton ^^•^rW™^*^** TURNIP CREEKS 100 WASH TUB T Hem/, -IB ,».. can [,- :lllcy California TOMATO JUICE 290 ARTICHOKES M . 150 FRESH CARROTS - RADISHES GREEN ONIONS — PARSLEY Hcif's Sliced smju BACON - - ib 33c Country slylc pure PORK SAUSAGE u 190 Mealy, semi-lwinelcss LEAN PORK ROAST u 390 Pure Fresh LARD 4:!i;490 Godchaux Cane SUGAR bunch 5 ° \ 10 ! & 87 * AN ALUMINUM CAKE PAN i-i.'jr M. House or Old Judge SIZI 9x9*9 Yotrs AT NO LTJ".'* 1 ADDITIONAL COST f»O*( 3 FACVMW Of SVAIS MWR INSTANT CAKE MIX H»m**<ni-i»> >u FRANKFURTERS Ib 390 ' COFFEE M, /50 r'me salt meat STREAK 0' LEAH Ib .1710 Meaty PORK NECK BONF.S 2 ]bs 250 (tood quality ' LEAN SLAB BACON ,„ 340 LUTTRELL'S FINE FOODS -53 Oxydol or TIDE 2 1,,ae. Boxes Sixth A Chickasawb* ?hon« 20H

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