Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1908
Page 5
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VniOIiBAILT fmkbhilhm Baym^ta . • • ' i There is not a lather in the land who does not want to M;e his boy become indnstrions and thrifty, and we want to tell you—father of a boy—that nothing else yonr boy can do .will give-him that spirit of thrift and independence that comes from having a nice little bank account. . Why not help your boys to make a start? A dollar or ,two will do to open an account, and once he becomes the possessor of a bduk book, the proudest moment of his life will be when he is going to the bank to make a deposit Teach your boy thrift, and he will, repay' you a thousand times over for giving him a right start^not only ii^ money but in character. Just think it over. Then come in and deposit a dollar or so and present it to the boy. State Savings Bank amtMmf$2BM0 o o AMrsByBirT& o ooooobooooooooooo AUIMTORnJM — Roller skuUng.,; Thursday nlsttt; basket bill. IftU hlsh BCboolTB. Andltorlum. Friday jilsbt, •Moonlight Skate. ELECTRIC THEATER—Moving pic tares. V HAJBSTIC THBATER-^MOTink pictures. • GRAND—lola Stock Op. Due to Score KMper. Dod Oaston says in Second Thought th»t Atfy Wilson owea the fact that be led the Western Association In batting to the score keeper In his home town. —Lowney's and Lyon's Candy Mundia drug store. at Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. WfcotoMie CRYSTAL ICE AB4 Distilled Water VcwGcM MMic* BeUr fw FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Use No. 7 Flour Good as any—better than most Don't Forget Our MEAT MARKET We handle only the best of Fresh Keats. Smoked and Salt Meats. We Want Your PRODUCE fannerSi and v^lU pay the bluest uiarket. price in cash or trade. Come tn and see ua. We are sole agenU for J. M. Bom's COFFEES and TEAS If you will giT^ this line a trial yon will use no other. Fiyer Bros. rb«M Ml, S0& lola, Kanua. Short Stories I6Ia Happenings n-^rank a Seattle. V. a Phoo* 1S9. Kot Teaching Yet Miss Florence Longshore, who fell recently on a stairway and Injured herself is fitill unatile'to resume her work in the Lincoln schools. —Ix>ok at the Our Way window. Shipped Fine Cattle. J. S. Taylor of west of the river, has shipped some fine bred Jersey cattle to a banker In Vlnlta. Okla. The purchaser secured the Taylor cattle only after having visited a number of herds over the oonnlfy. -Dr. J. X. Pepper. DeaUrt. Fk *u lU. New HorTlIlp Bam. The Horville estate la building a barn C0xl20. ^Vhen completed It will be one of the biggest barns In the country. It Is arranged especially for feeding cattle and. storing bay and feed. —Our Way window—L/>ok at It Stoves . 3 Set up and connected, also any other gas fitting. Good work and reasonable charges. Phone 29. A Xew OaK 8t«i-e. A new kind of gas stove Is being exhibited In lola by I.. Knoemschild, of Milwaukee. He claims that It will reduce the gas bills considerably. Mr. Knoerschild patented the stove. —For fine livery and boarding stable for hor.sos, see Ralph R. Drake, Phone 101. £12 North Jefferson. Enronfe to Idaho.' . Mr. and Mrs. Will Shepherd of Elsmore were in the city yesterday the Kuests of Jailor Hoover Korr. They were enroute to St. Anthony; Idaho, where they will make their lutnre home. TORES' A DAILY FOR 1909. The Topeka State Journal—Official Paper of Kansas. Subscribe now for yow daily newspaper for the new year. Keep in touch with the dally affairs of your state and country. The regular session of the Kansas legislature convenes in January. ' If you are a Kansa.<! reader you need a Kansas, daily. Subscribe now for a good one, and thereby get the news of every character; state, foreign, rt 'llglous. political, sporting, railroad, good markets and special news of Interest to men. women and children. F*uU Leased Wire Report Assoclatr ed Press, the greatest telegrai>ii news serrlce In the world. THEJ .TOPBKA .DATLY .STATE JODRNAL is published at'the State Capital. It is the only Kansas newspaper priMing its comic page in colors on its own press. ft is the offlciar paper fof Kansas printing the supreme court syUabl.l THE STATE JODRNAX. does not go Into (uetslng contests or premium sohemea of any kind to Increase Us circulation. Vfe solicit your subscrlp- ' tion solely on the merits of the pa per. Its subscription rates by mall are: 04) cents for 3 months. |1.<^0 for loo calendar days, $1.80 for six months. $3.60 for on« year. Chieap Enough for everybody, good enong'j- for anybody. Sample copy free. Address: TOPEKA STATE JOURNAL, Topeka. Kansas. —81x per cent money: no commission: DO dolay.—Smith * TraTls. More Out Walks. Several sidewalks on South Washington street are being tnoved out to the curb line. The recent rains and cold weather have delayed the work. Broke JacloMm's Leg. Nathan Jackson, wlio has a suit for ten tlionsand dollars damages against Marshal Benson had his troubles augmented yesterday.- He was in his sta ble earing for bis horses when a log was dislodged firom the vaU by a colt It fell on Jackson^ leg i breaking the hones. Re wsai brought to town about nine o'dock that night and Dr. Payne set the bones. He to getting aton« as as can he expected! bat of eburae will be laid iit>-for aomeftlme. The ac- Plarrt EMar In NUnttril. The report that several of the local Elks who have been chosen to take parts In the big minstrel show on De> cember 7 and 8 had broken down from over-study was denied this morn Ing by the director Clint Draper. "It Is true," said Mr. Draper, "that Pierre Elder and iBi Thompson have very heavy parts in this sbow, but they are not llght-welghta and they are standing the strain remarkably well. Both have "thinking part.% and have also' shown a desire to dance at any and all occasions, but I am confident we shall be able to cou trol them.—Ottawa Herald. —Dr. P. E. Wangh, DenUtL Phone 82. ."'--piir yfij:'Waikmi ' """' "}•" . No Ceminlnlan Now. It has lieen dedded to take no farther action on the bomnilBBlon goV- Ottawa-imtil the leg- lalatare meets and llBlshea Its ameod- menta to. 'the' law. A meeting of citl- aens was held.Saturday and after diai- hcussion ^is conclnsiop waa reached. It was argued that a proceeding taken now to.aecnre the commission form of government might have to be done over again after the legialatare gets through with the law. Then, too, the citizens who support the commission plan in Ottawa desire to be perfectly sure that amendments will be enacted to remedy the defeeta in the present law before t ehlaw la adopted in Ottawa. The right of recall on undesirable members of the commission and the right of referendum on franchises, by which a public vote may be otll ed to ratify franchises if a certain per cent of the voters Join ip a peti tlon for the vote, are among the suggested changes.—Ottawa Heralds —Get your Candy at Mundls. U Ceaterrille Now. Miss Margaret Hamilton of lola who spent Thanksgving here with her aunt Mrs. L. L. Day went to Centervllle Saturday evening for a visit before going to her home.—Garnett News. —See the Our Way window. riitn Fouot Comes. JudKe Ftaif-y adjourned district court last evening till December 28. the date upon which* Judge Foust of lola is expected to come to Neosho county and take the bench in a few old cases.—Chanute Sun. The Broncho. You haven't much sense, but I love you well. O wild-eyed broncho of mine! Your heart Is hot with the h'eat of hell and a cyclone's in your spine; your folly grows with increasing age; you stand by the pasture bars, and bare your teeth in a dotard raj^e, and kick at the smiling stars. As homely you as tbe^ face of sin. with brands on your mottled flanks, anil saddle scars on your dusky skin, and burs on your tail and shanks! and old—so old that the men are dead who branded your neck and side; and their sons have lived and gone to bed and turned to the wall and died. But it's you for the long, long weary trail, o'er the hills and the desert sand, by the side of the bones of the steeds that fall and perish on either hand. It's you for the steady and tireless hope,' through canyon or mountain pass; to be flogged at night with a length of rope, and be fed on a bunch of grass.—^Walt Ma.son. Kansas Was Pfa-st S. J. Crumiblne, secretary of the state board of health, has received a letter from Dr. H. W. Wiley, chief of the national pure food department, stating that Kansas is the state to start proceedings in the federal court under the pure drug act, says the Topeka Capital. -The case referred to is that against the Muco-Solvent people. The consignment of this drug which was confiscated by Dr. Crum-j bine In Topeka, has been ordered de- stroj-ed. No other state has taken similar action.—Chanute Sun. —Free lessons In burnt wood at Ew- Ing & Bnrdlck's, Humboldt Meetings. The revival meetings that have bePD In progress at the Methodist church will be continued thU week. It was thought last nls'ht would be the closing service but the meeting sneiftcd to be In such a stage that It would be almost hazardous to somebody to close now. There have been a number of conversions and the interest is still good. The deaconess wbo has b ^n leading the singing was engaged for the month of November only, but It is iiossible that arrangements will be made whereby she can stay another week.—Humboldt Herald. —Fltsgerald SfArage and Traasfer Co. Hoasehold and piano moTlng; largest rtore room lo city. Phone U& —^The Our Way window. Bnrnfd Her'Hand. Yesterday morning while cooling a flat iro:i Miss Minnie Krause sustained some had burns about the hand and arm. She is getting along nicely today. Rooms for men. Y. M. C. A. building. Steam beat tn each room. Baths free. Elected the Chaarellor. At the annual meeting of the National Association of State Universities in Washington. D. C. Chancellor Strong was elected a member of the executive committee during the closing session Tuesday. The duties of this committee are lo arrange for the meetings and to compile statistics of university work. The object of this association is to discuss at their annual meetings In Washington such subjects as are of Intereftt to stale universities. —Demonstrations' Jj work at Ewing & tcrnoon thUi week., Judge Ja was in ness. burnt wood Ick's every af- ,n Town. Peery of Humboldt last evening on bnsl- —See the Our Way window. Her* ftor the Holiday*. Judge William Thompson and wife of Garden City, will come to loU to spend the New Tear holiday. h AraHt. t per enit —C«mla|dui ••Bey. nistrasted; Measares. Dr. J. D. Krum.' rector of the SL Timothy's church here hut a resident of Ottawa, has contribiited an article to the Ottawa Herald i in which he 8tates-hli| belief as to the'canse of Bry an's defeat. He says in substance that It waa dne to » distrasti of tbe Nebraa- {.Jkaa's nwasarea. LOTS OF BOOKS FOR BOYS so titles Horatia Alger's, ornamental cloth covers, good print. 50c: our price 20c 40 titles Henty Series, unitorm cloth binding, all kinds of stories, 50c: our price. ...20c 10 titles Young People's Library Juvenile stories, HOc; oi\r price 20c 12 titles Rover Boy books. Inr- cluding.the 190S one at..50c •43 titles Young People's Famous American series, 75c: our price 50c <0 titles The Castlemon Books, beautifully bound and Illustrated books for real live boys. 75c: our price 60c « tltl^ Motor Boy Books, up to date and very Interesting; our price 60c 8 titles Capt. Bonchlll sportsman series, 76c; our price 6O0 100 Uties In the Good Old books, Indian stories, natural history classics. Juvenile fiction, as cheap as you can get them anywhere. The story life of Lincoln, Just out. one of the best and most interesting books about Lincoln, price, net $1.76 Harper's Out of Door book, tells how to make all sorts of things for out door enjoyment, fully Illustrated, best book of Its kind, $1.7.^: our price $1.50 The Uncre Remus Books I are very (lopnlar again. We have them. iola's Book Store sells as cheap OS you can buy anywhere In this part of Kansas. —Watch the Our Way .window. Was at Channt«>. MIS .S Pearl Fuller who has been visiting Miss Birdie Clark, returned to her home In lola this afternoon.—Chanute Sun. -Mundls has the Candy. —Tbe Our Way window. (Chanute Xen Witnes.seii. Sheriff Ogg was up from Erie this afternoon to serve subpoenas Issued from' the district court of Shawnee county, upon Dr. E. B. Park and J. E. Plummer In the legal suit of Col. Pat Coney against W. A., Morgan. Mr. Coney is the ex-ooromander of the Kansas G. A. R. and Mr. Morgan is the present commander. Mr. Coney Is suing Mr. Morgan upon certain libelous allegations which • Mr. Coney claims Mr. Morgan made against him and his character. Dr. Park had already gone to Topeka.—Chanute Tribune. -Drt. fatbrop. Oateopatks. Pheaa MR No Coffeyvllle Trains. There are no trains runitlng' on the Coffeyvllle branch of the Santa Pe yet, and It is unlikely that service can be restored until late tomorrow. Superintendent Barnes is directing tlie work of repairing the track at this p^nt and will have the road in commission as soon as possible. The Kansas City passenger. No. 204, Is still waterbound at Tulsa and will be unable to reach Chanute for another day or two. At present Dewey is the southern terminal of this line.—Chanute Sun. —Look at tlie Our Way window. Change In.Police Patrol. 'Wi'll 'iO^ Gates, chief of police, has ordered the usual monthly shift In police beau. Patrolman Phillips and Hildreth will return to day beats and Patrolmen Todd and McAllister will do the night patrol for one month. Absolutely PURE . Insures delicious, healthful food for every home, every day; The only batuig powderf made from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar— made from grapes. Safeguards against alum and phosphate of.lzme—liarsh mineral adds which ' are used in cheaply made powders.,, a nickel theatre in the Bales building on East Main street, formerly occupied by tbe Vaudette. Mr. Bales has leased them the room for tht- winter, and today has a force of carpeiiters busUy at work installing a theatre front and inclipe seats, it is expected that' the room will be ready for occupancy next. week.—Chanute Sun. Fred Harris at Chanute. The annual memorial services of the Chanute lodge of Elks held in honor of their departed members, will take place next Sunday afternoon, December 6, at 2 o'clock. In the Hetrick theatre. Fred Harris, grand exalted ruler of Kansas, will deliver the memorial address. Harrin Is a very eloquent and fluent speaker, and will deliver a masterful memorial sermon. A special program is being arranged under :tbe direction of Mrs. J. C. Penny.—Chanute Sun. --Alvaya tlma to eat at Onr Way. Bible Lecture Tonight At the mid-week player meeting in the First Presbyterian church tonight Dr. 8. 8. Hilscber. pastor, will give a lecture on tbe topic, "The Jew,, the Gentile and the Comli^f of the King." This Is the week of prayer for the PresbsU^lan Brotherhood and the members are making a special effort to bare a good attendance at tbe lecture tonight. —Watch the Our Way window. Falling at Chanute. The Neosho river which only receded two inches last night, h^ been fantng with provoking slownebaall day. It is now about foorteea inches below the highest atage yesterday afternoon. Word from lola ia to the effect that it felt several feet last Bight, which may be interpreted to' mean that it will beghi falling rapidly] here about midnight It generally' t^ea twenty-four hours for the water tO' come from lola to Channtje.- Chanute San. —bur Way .irtodbw—I*ok at II. OM" at Chanute.^ MEN'S OVERCOATS In all the new styles of Iho season. We show a im* Overcoats Jline of long 50- at $10.00 and claim can't be $12.00 that we duplicated in the town fur less than $15.00 to $18.00. We want to sh'ow you these coats; ft will be a surprise to you. Other good overcoats, all styles and.; colors $5.00 to $25.00. Make Headquarters at Chanu^T^ ' Walter Bodle, the son of Mr.V«ld Mrs. E. P. Bodle who has beea with a Kansas City paper house as credit man and cashier for eight yeBra.;has been transferred to the road aa^'l^T- en territory "which will enable l|Imrto make Chanute bis headquartera. ; 9* started on his trip this week, and.wpi be in Chanute to spend Sunday, '^p takes the position formerly hald-by George Shaw, and expects to spend three Sundays out of every ftye* at home In Chanute.—Chanute Sun. •. •-4BiIst aB haTlng •OJ. 8." Saw A New Venice. Reports hy lola people ^bO-ptpaed through Elk City Sunday dtt^lM^tbe flood period state that .the 4ow»;pra- sented a fairly good> imitation of:y«B- Ice. Boats bobbed up and down o|i'.tl>e dancing wavelets on the mala m*"" plying between the depot, ^OteIs« postoffice. It was Impossible to' into town in any manner aarh by-T or swimming,-and. those familiei needed provisloiis from the-f received them via the ferry V •' • ; —Free lessons burnt wood at EiflBg & Bnrdlck's. Sent to Fort Scott , ; -. Mrs. James Coombs, wife ot.>the traveling junk dealer who was created yesterday for drunkenness, -with her five months old baby, was sent to the home of her parents In;Fgrt Scott yesterday evening. Coomba.*'It seems had traded one of htohc^WS for a dollar with which to buy whlakrl'' He became too drunk to care for tloi- self and was arrested by Patrolla[ail . .McAllister. Mrs. Coombs and were found in a pitiable state of .poT-- erty in a miserable hovel in, BSast'IoIa.- For Belns Drunk. ^ W. Ramley w^as sent to the holdover from police court yestcr ^fS^, «t- ternoon In default of a fine Impdaed_ for being found in a state of latcodcar- tlon. t . We have 20 head of marea aQ4 mules, and farm of 4S0 acres. tiE ai^ change for merchandise or farm Cl9aa to good town . We also have ttf^kn^ and iniiles to trade for harnaas abop and residence. Whltaker & Donnall. Hold Conference. The sixth general conferance of school , superintendents and' 'iUfh school princlpols will be^held In the Unlvenilty of Kansas Ma'rch' 19-*'B. O. O. Jonea to Laa4. > The-gospei meetings at tbe Vblted I Presbyterian church will bap^'t«NpDr. 'row evening at 7:30. Rev,.T.'C.^M*' Kelvcy, a pastor evansallat' firont ^Pittsburg, Pa., will preaeb> eaab" af* ftemoon and evening except 8at|^^ay. • Mr. D. O. Jones has been secorad 'ta lead tbe chorus each week day eras- iliig'and Miss McKelvey will fi^Ift i with the comet.—'Emporia Oatttter . For Max O'Brien.. Max O'Brien %Dtertai^'' a lufe ntuiber of his little frien^p *t^-tbe home of his srandpfrents. Vt.^vlA Mrs-.W. T. McElroy. Friday aftariMlIB :ip honor, of his fifth birthday.* -X^e Uttle'.l^lkB played with his pfaafftfa and eSojred themselves thonmi^r A smalt aon of the writer w«a^)^?a-' .'porter oftthe eveitt and heaB ^I ^M^'- refireshmentfl started In ^'irfjf}^^-' cream aSd cake and wooad .>V |r wfi ^r sandwicSM. Max Is jK)paI|^ltWl^fl|a litUe, jiople and ther ^hwHf -WW. ropetiUoas of tb

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