Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 6, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 6, 1907
Page 5
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Sariitol toilet ons A viery liberal pff ei:— 12.70 worth foil $1.00 at SPENGER^S bl^:J.F.^AMK80V. Tk* SMeMcM Ave ttoMer, TcteriMTlu. • Patm ialoor Pedigreed stock wics made anywhere. Veter-| htaty c«na aanretcd day or night. OOce with DMixUaB Bros. Phcoc u, residciice ito lOI^- KAKSAS. .A OM Feabodr Few, Kate Doug. ]aa Wlggtn. Our OlriB, Illustrated by Howard Chandler Christie. OM Home Hoiset by Arthur Lincoln. PriBcesB Tirrinii, C. & A. Williamson. BomanM- of un Old Fastalonim GeaUemaif F. Hopklnson Smldi. The Road to Danuunis, H. A. Mitchell Beays. BaBBlBg Water, by JV. E. W. Maaon. StooplBg l*iT by Maorioe Hewlet Shepherd of the Rilla, by Harold Bell Kight. SaUn Saadenon, by Hallie Er' mine Reeves. The Scariet Car, Richard Harding Davis. MYMns Bros. F. K. WsMk. I>nlM. FkwM XM. OUce OTor BamlFB Dnf Wttf. You must order your Christmas Tree now of Ewing & Burdlclc to be sure of one. Iowa Store • Saturday Prices Boat Flour in all Krades, per sack 1.40 18 lbs. of Onui. Sugar fbr UJM 3 Cans ot Oood Com for Sic 3 Cans ot Good Tomatoes fbr....SSe 1 Can of Pumpkin for lOe ItrcakfaatFood. S paCkases (or..Sic Good B. P. per can • 10c ^iiA-.>'S> paduigM Carrants for „ He flood a S. Meat per lb .....ISMe ]• have prices to suit the limes ' 1^0^' and can save you moDey. • Keat»ectJully. ; • A. G. MUMMA . Prop. lUllMfaiaf OamtmaMnA pondi ol Crrn tal IM «m nakaas sallona ol aMllM water taltahla tor laallT bsol Tr7 ;tt bhlct &MIStHictCi FRANK VDOLB. Her. Ida Bisiness College , - Pennanahlp, Aiithmetle, Bnocatlaa, BaokkBepiBS. Bnir'l«'«7 Pbjtiad Cah tun. (AC Shorthand. I >ttBr Wrltlns. ftTEYER>9 OROCERY GMdThh^toEaL Tde |ihoDe ISO JOHN Mn ^nLLIAMB. of 321 SOBth Sacoad Btrwt. reetlVBA vord tlda wedi that hia brather'a «lfa.-Mra. & C. lieWiUlBBM, had «M to Watt Beott Mra. HeWIIUami died on ,tk* lad of Owember aad the fflBBral awrleaa war* held th« 4th. The letter to Mr. MeWliUama waa ddajed one day and he reeelTed the.lettfer Jnat after the last tralB had goae to Fort Scott and It was then ImposslbiB tor him to attend the funeral aerrlcea.. . Powell, the real eatate man. haa a few thousand dollara to loan on birma at a reasonable rate. M. A. BAIRD ot Sontb Second street, is morlng to BartleavUle where he expecte to make his future home. Mr. Baird waa formerly employed at the^ Prime Western number three woncs. One Dollar In Script or Money is good for 12.70 worth of Sanitol goods at J. D. Mundis ft Ca This offer closes December 3l8t. WORK ON THE ticw skating rink which is being built at the comer of East and Sycamore streets, is progressing rapidly. The play is bright and spirited, with consUnt opportunity for good Judgment—easily learned, yet deep— that's Raffles. Best game yet, At S. R. Burrell's., For BMt aad Qalckcst Benlts UM the Register Want Cela THE REGULAR annual elecUon ot officers of the M. W, A. will be held in their hall tonight. Clean stock of general merchandise moatly grooeries. will "^take 11200 residence, balance tenns. Located in good farming community. Whitaker & Donncll. Dr. leyaolii. Phe— m Sea. Cli. A. E. NICKEI^ON. Grand 8«:re. tary of the Occidental Mutual Benefit Association will be h*re the first ol the week in the Intsrest of that order. The election of officers will be held next Wednesday evening. MRS. A. U Boatrlghfs mother. Mrs. E. N'. Bonnell. is very ill with pneumonia fever. Get your Sanitol now. as this is ro^ last eh^ce^to get $2.70 worth 'or tl.^ t>eal closes December 31st, J. D. Mundis & Co. PRESIDENT Hunt of the Hunt Engineering company, which Is erecting the Hill cement plant, came down from Iota today and Is Inspecting the progress made on the plant.—Chanute Sun. FOR EXCHANGE—Eighty acres of bnitom land, well Improved, adjoining the town of Cloverdale. Chautauqua county, Kansas, for lola property. I* llnbart. THE Gt'TH vs. Parnor case which waa to hav<» bc?n tried before Justice .Mercer at I.rfiHarpe this mnmlhg was continued until December 13th. Mat tare at the flraad teaorrow afteraooB, "The FlaailBir Arrow." PROF. Melvin S. Bushong visited in tola, Kas.. durinja the holidays, the guest of his sister. Mrs. C. Hartnng and daughters. Misses Pearl and Daisy.—Olathe Mirror. Rensember the nice things for Christmas at Burrell's Drug Store. P. M. CARKINS left this afternoon for his home in Emporia, Kas, after spending a few days here and at Caiv lyle visiting old friends. THE LAHARPB high school foof ball team Is playing a team selected from a number of the town boys who formerly p'ayed with tha school team in this cUy at the Tola Electric Park this afternoon. Get hfra a fountain pen for Christmas at Burrell's Drag Store. MTSS Martha Wliltney who Is teaching .In lola. Kans.. was the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Wbitney. the latter part of the week. —Olathe Mirror. H. DEXVIKG returned this morning from the Quapaw mining country, where he has large interests. He says while there is not much active work 4}e!ng done there now the value of the mines has not depreciated. Mr. Denning brought back with him aam- pics of ore taken from R. H. Bennett's mine and his own holdings. Mr. Denning be'tevea that mining work will begin again soon. ifirm of a^iiaii. A llB oar mm p^J^cttSm iL fviapa aad atdi tfia Ike weridi - ^'m<.<i JiJatS^f- - ^ ABNCna BWWL. ItaV Totfc CHy. .Mr. Walker Whiteside returned to the Wlltia Wood last night for a half week's engagement in his virile play. The Claim of Blood." which he presented here last season under the title, "The Magic Melody." For some reason the managers and a portion of the public preferred the melodramatic to the poetic title, but, after all what's In a name- A play like 'The Claim of Blood" would be a dra matic gem under the most Incongruous of names. It could neither be burie<I beneath .1 bad one nor bettered by a good one. It is one of the strongest plays of its kind on the stage today, full of the tensest emotion, the most comi)elllnK heart interest, the tendcrest of sentiment and the true essence of dramatic action. In the rc^e of the young violinist, Helmar. Mi'. Whiteside has a part ideally suited to the gifts of this most interesting actor. Comparative lllns- lons are usually unwelcome, but the great denouement of the second act. where the claim of blood is advanced in a splendid scene. )lr. Whiteside rose to heights where Mr. Warfield U generally conceded to occupy the com manding position. But aiKirt from any snggestionM of sinillarity in the work of two artists, .Mr. Whiteside in his own right gives to the stage one of Its inoht IniereMtiug and even notable fle- urcK, one that should have enduring urtimtic life. .Mr. Whiteside's charn-- teriutlon hn;* mellowed and ripened Into a work of true art of the blghe^tt order and the performance throughout Is greatly In advance of even the high mark set on Its first presentation here. Mr. Whiteside does not seem to be merely reading the lines of a play, lie has little tricks of hesitation, of groping for words, that are exceedingly effective. The supporting company is fully up to the standard of his former support and the fact that the two leading roles after that of the originals adds largely ,to the excellence of the performance. I.Miss .Martha George still gives her memorable portrayal of Frau Zellner and Mr. Herbert Sears, one ot the most capable of supporting actors. Is seen in his old part of Jordan Raw- ker. which Is even more effective than ever. Mr. Sears was with Mr. Mansfleld for some seasons. Miss Clara Blandick. formerly with Mr. Bellew. Is the new Cloris Fielding, the role (ilayed here last by Mrs. Whiteside. She Is an actress of approved merit and gives a most convincing reading of the part. Miss Nora Lamlson.' formerly with Miss Marlowe, is the Clara Douglass. Mr. I^slle Kenyon is the Lord Kildare and .Mr. Hubert Wllke the Glantl. The latter gives a very strong portrayal of the char.icter and won several de­ served'scene calls. The play through out was given an enthusiastic reception, it will be the bill until Wednesday niphf. 'nclualve.—Frank A. Marshall, in Kansas City Journal. CROCKER RBADY TO MARRY HBR! of statutory rape. Miss Tice. of Ga-nett. I« the girl In the case. Crock- Young Man Chartitd With Rape'er to'ts the oflllceni that he and MIsi Would Marry Miss TIce. . TIco had planned to bo married short! ly and h3 waa now ready to be wed\\':il Crocker, an Eteat tola hoy. was: cird to her at any time. It is likeJy arrested last night at Humboldt by that the matter will be settled In this Sheriff C. O. Bollinger on the charge way. OVERCOATS All kloda and colon, for nen, bova and chOdres. Bar now. Now li the opportniw time. THE arbNa THAT tAfitnts.* ' Oar foresight la hayhig a large stock of diaaMBds last year before-the last advaaces la price eaables as to BMke the lowest poMlbie prices t» diaiiOBd pardMseri. Mra. Marple Claina Haab8iid% Rate* tlvaa Apptaprlalad Mar haM Oaa *b GoaatahiB W. J. Ihris yeaterdajr •erred BHathMaat papon on aoaa hoBa»Aoid effKtB la the poaieaalM ac D. a Marpta aad ttoMa llarpla, J. W. Manda and Stella Mar^ aad B. O. MarplB aad Sana Muptav Tka aelloB waa .'hroutfit hr Manr Maipla. It is aald that boom time am the hoebaad of Mhry Varple left Ula aad Joined th* anur. Mrs. Mirpla. atter her hnabaad left her. weat to Nevada, '^vinff their hoaiAoId gooda here. Ae came back a f«v daya ago and jfoimd her gooda gone. She.eontenita that the relatives ot her haaband took the propertr antt divided It iamoBK thenMBlves. She therefoBs bron^t replevin action yesterdar to reoorer tha property. The defendants jflled a r^deilTerr bond this 'morning. { 'When Mr. Ihrtg attempted-to Berre the papers on one of the fsmiliea he OBOonatered some, difficulty as the lady in charge of the house refused to admit him. He finally succeeded in eerving the papers. HAD YELLOW FEVER. Bert Broday, a well known Tola driller, who has been working in the oil fields of Texas, is just recovering from ao attack of yellow fever. Mr. Broday came in yesterday from Houston, Tex., where he has been conflned in the Houston hospital for the past seven weeks. While he appears ill. Mr. Broday says that he Is feeling good and will be able to retnra to work soon. Mr. Broday says that tjie atUck of the yellow fever cost him $700. It Is very difficnit to get .agy one to care for a person sntTecfng from the disease and nurse hire costs a small fortune. ! Dart Broda/B lllneaa Cast Him Clean 9700.- LODGE ELECTS OFFICERS. R. N. A., 1281, Has Corp Ready for New Year. At a session of R. N. A. Camp. 1281 last evening an election of officers resulted as fallows: Oracle—^Mrs. Alice Cummings. Vice Oracle—Mrs. Kate Lamb. Chancellor—Mrs. Black. Recorder—^Mrs. Wolfe. Receiver—Mrs. Ella SUIlwell. Marshal]—^Linnie Adams. Sentinel—Mrs. Hanson. Musician—Miss LtlUe Adams. Manager—'Mrs. Myers. Physicians—Dr. O. L. Cox and Dr. C. B. Core. FIRE IN SCHOOL HOUSE. Damage of tSO Done to Brick Structure in Lanyonvliie. Fire broke out in the Laayonville school building this morning about seven o'clock, resulting in possibly a 150 damage to the stractnre. The fire was due to the gas pressure coming on tbis morning. The flames were seen by some section men who save the alarm. A bucket brigade waa formed and the blase soon extingulsh- Pl The Are bad not yet gotten under way but waa rapidly eating into the floor when discovered. TON OF FLOUR FOR ORPHANS High toheel Cash Danallon Invait- ed In Flour Yasterday. The money which the High Schools ralstfd Thanksgiving day for the Orphans' Home was yesterdar invested In flour at the Newton Milling company. In addition to what the money purchased, the Milling company gavo 200 pounds of U. S. Patent so that as a result of the generosity of the school children the Orphans' Home will receive over a ton of flour. TO SELL GAS LANDS Proposition Has Been Made for City 12 Acre TracL Councilman Vezie last night brought up the matter of selling the twelve acres of gas land owned by the city Just north of the Northrup land. It was suggested that the tract had no good wells on It and that It might be sold to an advantage. An offer has been made for the tract. The land has one well on it. but it is practically useless. The conndl took no action last night. CITY NEEDS MORE LIGHTS. Or. Glynn Calls Attention of Council to Needed Iniprovementa. Dr. G. C. Glynn called the attention of the council last night to what he regards as a much needed thing in lola—more ligfate in the dartc'places in the city. He said that he had not yet definitely thought ont a plan for lighting these p'aces but that more I'ghte were needed he was very con- lldeat- He steted last night that he did not advise arc Ii|^te at this time bat thought Incandesfcent Ughto might answer the pnrpose. HEATINQ APPARATUS REFAIREa Catholic Church Services Will Net be Interfered Vfith. The beating apparatoa at the Oath o'ie church haa I mbb repaired aad the services can bow continne aa aauaL A part of the apparatos got out of ronning order several days ago and it was necesaary to saad to Osatoa. O. for repairs. The naehiaeryrhaa now been returned and will ha Installed to^ day. Blaee the break occnrred. the sarvleea have been more or leaa' interfered with. Bay her a pieea o( FiauM Hawd-, painted China at Bvrrt 11^ Dnv Wiorak tiaeais J. Cwter preoMti pktamfM trestm yI«F ' THS FLASna ASBOW. . PRICES. : ? Matinea .....v.;... 10;and 20« Night 25, 35, M6 ami A Bars:aiiiJ •Sale: Satprday aad Xeaday, 7 aad «. aa Flsar Caaacd tieeds anl eroMrtEfl. CaA OBl^ ^ I scans P. C. Com -..J...:.......,.^ 4 Cans Tomatoes -60c 1 Can Gallon Peaches ..i 'SSc l.dan Salmon , -16c 4 lbs, Navy Beans i....... 35c 3 lbs. Best Rice ; ^35c 2 pkgs. Dr. Price's Breakfast Food-lSc 1 Sack No. 1 Flour $L.iS 1 flve-pound pkg. Oat 1^1:... 30c With the'above order we will ^Ive 20 Tbs. of Granulated sugar for; |i.00. FRYER B%OS. Fheaes SOS^l East lUa Hifn Bring This A4. . Of choice Jewelry NoTtltiea, Sue Watches, handsome Silverwuviltbd Cat Glass. Just- the cppportitiiltr for the holiday buyer pieseoteil. in oor large stock'now—&ve the j article yoa desire to glvfi laid aside for you today. _ . • ^ . i^ Q. A. LEFFLER, JEWBLEB.: .• ? wtu TEAOM smimmm Miss J. Katherioe Haitle]^ wUl give private lessons. Benti Fttmata System a specialty. rmtmmltmmm Mm. am, UMmnm, mimmm 17. s. ausiLUkm nagatoBB and OaiBaat CarblBff a ~ lU IMI "Where are yon goiag?" • "Ooinc after a s^ of Ilk woa'f nse snythiBgidsf." v II Good Steinway Square Piano for $50.00 Splendid *Tone and Gdl Soon. Roberts PiiOio WEST SIOB MillM|B>

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