Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 6, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 6, 1907
Page 4
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tbtptapu^ Boom ...... 1 .m BnUatH Offioo .......18 BWtr«d tt lola, Kuni, Foetofflca. u I Second-cUss, Matter. A«r«rtiiii« Rates Made Known on AppUeatloa. i sciiscHiPTieir ^ ATES. By Catrier la Ivla. Cbu Ctt7» Laijt» ville'«r I« Harvcii On* Week 10.centc On«° Month 44 cenU One Year JWW By KaO. ode Tear, in adrance 14.00 Tbree^^ Month!. In advance ......11.00 One Month, in advance .44 OFFICUL PIPER, €ITT OF BISSEX. EEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PBESS. The lola Dally Kcgister Is a member ef- the Associated Press and Becelres the day report if that great aews or imliatleB for E XC I W I TO Aftttneba PahlleaUoa In lohk ON SECOND THOUGHT. There Is some criticism o( tlic man' ner in which Mrs. Abner Heffle is spending the insnmnce money left by her laie and jiniamented husliand. Su- simXHfBe rdgsercd" for Old Abe for nnte^luai. thirty years. - She worked i^Sht'and day, never had arvacation. n^er had a cent of money to spend oin h^self nor a pleasant word to cheer her on in all that time. She -wpte one hat seventeen years to our certain knowledge, and stayed away fjpom church for the last ten years of Ab's life because he was too stingy to buy decent clothes for her to wear. Mrs: Heffle has' that 12.000 comln? to her and no matter how she spends it the people of Shaw have no right to criticise her. Old Bill Hyisop was in yesterday brairglng about the pedigree of his new coon dog. If Old Bill had paid the same attention to the breeding of his children that he does to the breeding of his dogs his l>oy, Jake, might never have been sent to the reform schooL jAny time you are tempted to fool with "well enough" It is well to rpcall -the case of Jessie Morrison of Lan- ^3ag who would have been a free woman now had she let it atone. •Governor Haskell of Oklahoma Is be in^ boomed for President. For other lajte jokes see Life, Puck or Judge. •We notice, incidentally, that Rev. Thomas Dixon has slipped past the inside sentinel again. It is gravely announced that the Oklahoma "Soners" expect to win from ^yashburn. So did K. U. and Fairmount,"for that matter. Although the wedding of Adelia Finkbihder to Percy Cecil Loring of Chicago was announced to take> place Here^ a: NatunJ • Youm find thehcnellciid efticts ct this tcaic are' p«fmaiiiWl»~he» cause it helps yon to bn{U np jroor body and become stronc and hMdthjr in a MOfKrol *a.y TUB O S K I B efj other tonics are only teqipocaty be-^ canse they supply • atimnli- tion to the qrsten. Assbonaayea •top taking them, you remove tfaia stimulus, and the feeltog of es- haustion retnras. DUD.JATNE'S TONIC VERNiFUGE btings lasting health and Mfdigth, bctettse it helpa your body to do its own buihUag up—through the stomach. It puts yo^vf digestive orgluia in perfect coodition. and ciunics you to get eyety bit of nonriahmeat abd strength out of tlie food yon eat It b also -an excellent' chiU'a medicine and a safe Worm Cure. SoM br an di«g«!«la. Two daa^ SOc aad 35c Jane's Eafecterart—An (nv«laable iBadielM for Co««ha, BraocblUa, Croap, Wboopinc Cota^^Plctirisy mad Aathnia. ioHn D. Bodii«fII«i^ aaya thevworst Is .over.. -A «x d^jnaay luurab thfags ha|« Mma aaU of JiAn bat he do^'t seem to be modi ot a jwhlner. > Orover Cievel nd iiTeported UKbot tl^thor It la y!t or again no neWa- 'paper reader be.qnite sure. ' i As we nndersbmd the telegraph r^ ports ,the WIch ta Kaglea were found not guilty of vWlatlng the prohibitory :aw, bat the^be^r was conliscated. • For a long tinie we tiave been unddvj elded aa to whether the New Yorlc Journal orj the' St. Loula Poat-Ols- IMlch Is the wbrst newspaper. The Post-Disiiatch. however seems to have won thie chromol In its issue ot Sunday the Post-DIapatch printed thirty- six pictures of Mrs. Anna Bradley in various poses. endl Saturday ntsAt when he gets back. .There is at l?ast this to say for the aonien: ^licn a woman has whiskers she isn't proud of them. You may have to eat turkey hash today, but you will have at least the satisfaction of knowing what's in it. ChlcSgo women have voted to quit kissing men whose breaths smell of liquor. Still, we always claimed that the rmoll of liquor waa preferable to the odor of scn-scn. It Is now claimed that Mrs. Howard Gould used to be too thick, with Buffalo BID. It seems that Mrs. Oou'd v.-asn't particular so long as the man had money. this week,, it i^ understood that the engagement has been broken. Percy Cecil came on -to claim his bride, all _ ^ ^ right, but Ben iFlnkblnder. after look-! rjaVtoRs: ' They i ?o not hold'family ro­ ll is our oxi>orIcnc9 that if a wo man is rca.iy on time her clothet never look Just right. Yhcrc Is a'so this to say for tho ing him over, developed such a case of cold feet that; they had to call in a doctor. unions on holld.iyc. The hunter who mistakes a man for a rabbit is right of toner than he Is Iz7 .y Giiidlngs. the new clerk at the Perkins pharihacy, isn't^ takin? very wrong. well with the boys. Shaw never did have much for a man who wore A N OW York man has Just paid 1500 cuffs. . for a mustache ccrab. Make your own comment. Tho Going Away of Col. 3fat «on. — In the going away of Clarence Mat- Mrs. Bnmctfs new novel Is refcr- son Kansas loses'one of its best and rnl to as ono nn "intpniatlonal mar most entertaining writers. Col. .Mat- nago." Mrs. Burnett has tried all of son. tod, was .'something more than an' tho kinds and ought to be competent able editorialist. He was a sincere to write upon tho subject. and honest one. He had a high con-| ception of his work and he never com-i Gonuinc diamonds are being found promised with princlnlo. Withal, he in Arkamsas. There ought to be some was generous, just and fair. The corn-thing to say for Arkansas, hut there munlty with which he hereafter casts ;,a8 fcuhorto been some difficulty in his lot will be fortunate. -| finding it Federal Oovemment wm Mxpmtt 10,000 for tJMe National Oiiacd. Topeka. Dec C—Adjutant General J. W. F. Hoghea has received word that thJB federal govenunent will soon ezpena 110,000 fOr rlCe raiwea In XansasI for.the hattonal gnard. This cxpenditnre Is In line with the policy of the { government since the enactment Of ^® I^ci^ i>iii reorganizing the mlUtla of the country. Out ot the sppropnatlon abont |600 will he available fd|r each Infantry cMhpany in the Kdnias National Quard tor the purchase of regulation Urgets and the erection of butts to stop ballets. Grounds for the rifle ranges will be leased for load periods jIn order that funds expended for Itaproving the ranges may not be wasted. POUND UP lOLA BOT. Arrhle Hettaasleia Tietli barg Tea^ ef Pitts. Word has been received from Pittsburg that Afthle Hottenstein; a former lola boy. Was mitaken for a saloon "spotter" there a day or two ago and severely beaten up by.a Joint sympa- ihiser. The story is to the effect that the fellow who got the best of young Hotenstein was hired to do the Job by the Joint men. In some way Mr. Hottenstein was mistaken for a "spotter" and was immediately set upon and pounded by the hired pugilist. Mr. Hottenstein is traveling for a book concern and was making Pittsburg this week. Tho trial of the fcltow who whipped Mr. Hottenstein is to be held today or tomorrow and several men from lola have been asked by Mr .Hottenstein to send ;refernce8 showing that he Is not engaged in the "spotter" business. It is said that Mr. Hottenstein's in-< juries were quite painful. mm, .... - Whca k ncdidae has Mood Uw Uat$otm period of aoraitka^ iwo m- cnUioaa anlia tboi Bore pofmlar ttaa <nw merit Th • is the iwoid of 8.3.8. IlBtj^iod of tadaXkmt^k narked bjr* iobf lioc olnres of blood sad sldnjlfaMBtiflf cmy diaindai andlta raim in flw tna^BCOt of sach bonbles has bceo^S Mr«ctl kao*a;«^it is podmf^ ihe most e^ttsiTcly. used htood nedkifle o4 1 Catarrh, 8 torola, 8ORS sad Uloen. Skiia DissMjM and all jolhcr tronUes dne to sa i apnre «^ poiaoaed «oaditioa ol Ihchlood, S. 8. & fcaa aio eqnal. It conntefaetsaa4 drives out the poiabns, Imnocs and gienBS, dcaases the ayatem of sll anhcalOiy natter, cores the diacaae pcmuSifiy aad restofea atRm^, rolmst health. > Where the blood is peak, or aaaemie, and niaable to fnmish thdbbdy with tte aonriahmcnt ana ittitaftb i|:ai^Qlat 8. S..S. sop- plies it with the hcalthfnl properties and: aUs sjdendidljr IM pmng m and reinTigoratinr the systOB. It goes dowa to the veiy bottmn of all Mood disordeis, ind in this way teaches inherits taints on which the ordinary blood tnedidnea have no effect. Not only is S. S. 8. icerlaiai ia its tesnlts, bat it is at the same time an absoiatel^ sue remedy. It is~ai4de entirely of roots, herbs snd barks of koowa hcsling and curative valnel It does not contain the slightest trace of miaeral in any form to daauge the delicate parts of the sjrstem, and miy be used by children with the same good results and perfect safety aa by older people. It is dot an experiment ho use S. S. S.; it is a remedy with a xecoid and one that has proven-its worth by its forty years of snccessful service. If yon are in {need of a blood pnriiier for any cause begin the use of S. S. S., write onr pnysidans and th^.will send you a book concerning your trouble, and will sive without duuge any sp^ial medical advice that is reqnired. I THE SWm SPBCDIC CO. IXLAHTA, QAi WANfSr TO PBOSECUTE tiBOCEBS. Topeka Clfxi^yin Hay They Mast Help Keep Lid Tight. Topeka. Dec. 3. —Members of the Topeka Retail Grocera' association responsible for the Sunday "lid which Mayor Green proposes to put on cigar stores, confectioners and like places will be prosecuted under the nnd-tnist laws:accordIng to plans of local cigar men. The Retail Grocers' association here has several times been threatened with prosccu tion for violation of. the anti-trust laws recently. Tho citrar men arc now collectln.!? evidence against the grocers which will be presented to the prosecuting attorney for his action The grocers started the movement for the closing of cigar and confectioners' placc3 of business on Sunday. We claim a widower should erect a | It Is announcd that the railroads tombstone at his wife's first grave be-; have dropped Senator I..onff. In fact, fore be marries again. Further than Senator Long as good as says so him- that wc are ' not disposed to advise self, him. It is true that stocks are low price, but one can't eat stocks. in Here is a delicate imint which the; "heii" societies should take up and settle as soon as convenient. Should An attempt to kill Mrs. Mary Baker Mrs. Bradley'f children be known as^ Eddy's 8t >n is rewrted, but this is 'Bradley" or ^'Brown." It is also rumored that bo grand jury will be called, .\ grand jury is one 6f those things that is pretty nearly as useful as a bloodhound. doubtless mere error. Attention is being called to an .Atchison woman who trimmed her corn twice a day. After a man roaches a certain age time flies so swiftly that it Is Monday mbmin<; when he goes down town There is nothing unusual in the fact that Mrs. l.aFol!ptte once worsted her husband in a joint debate. The average wife does that on an average of ! If I Hi GREW MISS CARROLL'S HAIR AND WE CAN PROVE IT Beautifal Hair At Small Cost. W ITHIN the last decade great and lapid strides havtt been made in Materia Medica. Many diseases that were considered incurable fifteen years ago are now cored in a few days, and in many cases pre vented aitogetlier. The scientists of late years have been delving for the cause, the foondation, the reatoo and the starting pmnt of disea^s, fully realizing ^ that the actnal and true canae mtist be ascertained befofc .the remedy can be located. Hair troubles, like many other diseases, have been wrongly diagnosed and altogether misunderstood. Thehairitself is not the thing to be treated, for the reason that it is simply a product of the scalp, and vdtolly dependent upon its action. The scalp is the very soil iu iriiich -the hair ia ptoduccd,nattured and grown, and it alone should recei\-e the attention if tesnlts are to be expected. It would do no ^earthly good to treat the stem of a plant with a view of making it grow and become more bcanti^—the soil in which the plant grows most be attended to. Therefore, the scalp in which the hair grows must receive the attention if yon are to expect K to grow and become more beautiful., Loae^ hair caused by the scalp drying np^ or losing its rapply of moistnre or nutriment, and when baldness ^ ocean 'tbe.^calp has simply lost all of its nourishment, leaving notlJng for the hair to feed upon (a plant or even a tree Woaldjdie snder similar conditions). The natotaland logical thing to do in eitber case is, feed and.replenish tiie soil or scalp as the case may be,; and yoer crop wQl grow and multiply as nature intended i itabooM. !• ' j \ Dr. Knowltoiits DANDERINE; is the (jnly leme^ for the hair ever discovered that is identical Witht^enatnial'hair foods or liquids of the scalp. Itfeedsand BOOxisbH the hair and does all the work originally carried on by the nadtnl notiknts or lifiBif;hring jniqisydiratwl by the scalp its^ jltpenetxatesthepoRSor thesoia^^aiekfyandithehair KKMi'Sbows the effects of its wonderfnlly cxhahmting ind life>- pradncmg qnaiitfes. TOnei tweni^-five-cent worth OS a hair growmf Isryowitf. Now Three sues. atc.sse and is enoiigh to eanviaoe yoa of iU gxeat hair beaotifyipg remedy— ity U and see ereiy drug and toilet store in the Und. TO FRAME CURRENCY BILL, Caldertiead of* Kansas One of the Sub Committee of the House. Washington. Doc. 6 —Chairman Fow ler of the House committee on banking and currency announced today the sub-committee of five which will frame and submit to the main com n It toe a currency bill. Tha sub-com mittcc is as follows: Fowler. New Jersey: Prince. Illin ols; Calderhead. Kansas: Lewis, Georgia: and Gillespie, Texas. The Tast two are D;mocrats. The sub-committee. It is expected, will h.old Its first meeting today and will at once begin the drafting of a currency measure. BEER MUST BE LABELLED. Each Bottle Must Contain Statement of Alcoholic Contents. Topeka. D?c. 6.— Beer sold In Kan sas hereafter will bear on the labels attached to each bottle a statement of its alcoholic contents, as required b; the pure food laws. F. V. Kander. an attorney representing 'he bl.^ browvries at Kansas City. St. Louis and Wi!waukee. called on Dr. S. J. Crumbine. of the State Board of Health yesterda}- and notified him that the brewers had determined to pive up the flsht against the pure food law. They will also comply with the law and Ubel malt tonics, hop ale. hop tea and all other similar bever- agov with a staJement of alcoholic contents. In the Judgmert of Dr. CrumLiro this fao; -wl'I assist in the Iimsecution of riolafors of the prohibitory- law as 'icer muFt hereafter lio sc!d in K:insaa for what it is. HAD THE BLACK PLAGUE. At Least Wichita Physicians Fear That Caused C. Anderson Death. MISS J. CAWLMOh^ :MOT I»wl»tf A^ 1 Ta show h>w.«ilelfe•ssdirljn arta^we «m aeaSa farce laatile frae br nfmn the KMwliMTSuSM^ Crn^ ChiMg^ with tbtit uae aad miirtm U i wafliv aay oae whaiaeads a cntt is aaft* «r ataia^ ia yar poslaac..' •Wichita, Kaa, Dec. 3.—Suffering from what Is thought to have bean black plague, Carl Anderson, 24 years of age, living near Piedmont, was tak en to the local detention hospital Saturday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Ho died three hoiirs after. Anderson arrived in Wichita over the Frisco at 3 o'clock Friday. H« was broken out in several plactf>s. and appeared to be very ill. His case wa.t pointed out to Sanitary Offlcer Leonard, who took Anderson to the detention hospital, whare he placed the sick man In confinement. It was supposed that he was suffer- In? from an ordinary case of smaU pox, and his case was not considered d.^ngerons. His condition took s ser- Ions form quickly. Medical assistance was called, but the man passed awar' soon afterwards. This Is thought to be the first time the hUck plague has ever made Its anpearance In Wichita, and the physicians are at a loss as how to treat the case. Numbers of people were exposed to the disease throagh the ride to the city. There are also e'ght other pktlents confined at the deteii- tlon hospital, who are exposed. A. OS. U. . Every member of lodge No. 98 Is anted to be presoit on next Mondav nli^ as bnslnesa of importance will h» presented. After boslness, refreshments will be served. snvATMfMs wjunm AdvetrisesirBts sadcr tlib head wBI be Inserted three Uaws wiUisst ehargei WANTED—Washing North State. to do; 901 WANTED—To buy three fat hogs at market price. Dr. Bass, 319 North street. WANTED—«10,000 to loan on good Farm Property; at reasonable rate. lOLA LAND COMPANY. WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. Inquire 105 South Second streL FOR SALE'-REAL MSTAJt FOR SALE :—Good runabout Stade- baker buggy and gopd set of harness for sale cheap if taken In the next few days, ery Barn. Inquire at Howard 's Llv- FOR SALE>—Good mare with foaL Call at 210 West streeL FOR SAL£^RUmomii LOSTmrndfOWm lOHTB OF MlOCi . ot Maccabsea of cbe WortN la K.P .IIsir. Moad aiid AMUta Wad^spiay aljihts'^ |scfc MA, I. W. pMt7atreoniaisdar: S.B. porter, record fcsapst'. -I Jf. 0. W..r-Camp A». m meeta M K.' of P. Hall every Friday night «, T. aeele, C. C; A.H.Ds^ Cleia Visitors cordUUy Invitsd. RIGHTS OF nrniAA^'^ OS HA Lodge No. 43 meets every 4* ada»< nikht St K. of P. HsU. Visltl'w hn>' thin Invited. W.&Thonpsoa. Cajris Bitter. K. ot B^and 8. W. JU—The 1C{W. A. Lcjdga meeu every Friday Sttbt In M. W. A. balL VIsiUng brothers bivltad. W.H. Anderson, V.C; W.AiCowsa, Ctorii. I ROTAL HEiaHBOBil ^iolirCsmK Nd. S65. Royal Neighbora. ond and fourth . Taesdsya of mouth. Mrs. F. A. Wasner, oracle; Mrs. Mary Hatton, 411 W*-* Becorder. FOR SALE—Secondhand doors and lumber. 110 West Monroe. FOR SALE—Large Durham cow, just fresh, fine milker and plenty of it. W. D. Port. lola. FOR SALE OR TRADE—For . lola or Gas City property, pool hall and three bowling alleys complete. Ad dress. Pool Hall. Gas City, Kansas. FOR SALE—My restaurant at 2 (H South StreeL FOR SALE—No. 1 good heating stove: gas or coal; a perfect stove. 203 South Buckeye. FOR SALE— 14,000 feet of 3 -Inch gas line pipe. Will sell any part or all. Price very low. Call or address F. S. Bennett, Longton, Kansas. FOR SALE>—Cheap on $10 payments, two one-acre lots on trolley line. SmelUer & Co. FOR 8ALB- ies and store ^1800 stock of grocer- fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street. FOR SALE—A driving mara and boggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street. fORROn'l FOR RENT—Two famished rooms, light housekeeping. Modem. 222 South Sycamore. FOR RENT—New 10 -room, modern house. Inquire 110 West Monroe. FOR RE.NT—Four rooms, 810 South Washington. WANTED—To rent, an Invalid chair. Inquire at. this office. FOR RENT—House and bam. South Kentucky. Phone 998 2—2. FOR RENT—Desk room; best office in lola. Address Box 157. FOR RENT—Eight room house on car line: Wheclor Heights. Modern. Newly papered and varnished. Inquire of W. A. Wheeler at The lola Portland Cedent company. PARJI LOANS—»1.800 7 years 6% per cent 93,200 7 years 6^ per cent These chcrice farm loans as well as smaller onse fo rsalci If you have money to loan on farm mortgage, address F. S. Bennett, Longton. Kans&i. Its Economy To luiTe year Carpets . and Sap cleaned by TIeMa Sag Factory FNOUC ilk. FBATEBNAL BBOTHBKnOOVr- Frattraal Brotherhood I No. UO mseU second and fourth Thursday ot each numth .m A.^n. HalL ^tln« •embera eoraialy lihted. W.H.An* derson, prsaident; Gada Blam. secret tsry. . : Jsaler Order CsKed AsMrfcsa jfa. ehanJes^MeeU every Wednesday -tv- enlns at 8 o'clock In K. P. HalL AU visiting members Invited. R. ' A. WIdlck. Conncelor; C. B. Black, Reo. Secretary. BUSmeSS ORUSOTORY JEWELERS. B. F. Paneoast, old reliable Jaweltr, 110 East StreeL (ITAMMER. CompleU court at the best school tor stammerers in America at one* half price thhi fail and winter. White for Infonnation at once. McKls School for Stammerera. 27SS Bast 11th Street Kansas Cit«. He 1^I0L 4 KANS, The eminent physician on chronic diseases will visit oar dty TFESDAT, D^ EMBEB lOTH. And will be a^t the p^nsylvania Hotel until 5 p. m^:.on#^ day ONLY. Dr. Potterf, president of the sUff' of the Boston Electro Stedical InsUtate,. is making a tour of the state. He will give const^tation, examlna- tton, and all the medicines necessary to complete a cure FREE. All parties taking advantage of this offer are requested to state to their. friends the result of tho treatment Cures DEAFNESS'by an entirely nev Iirocess. Treats ail curabje^scs of catarrh, throat and lung'disMses, eye and ear, stomach, liver and kidneys, gravel, rheumattsm, paralysis, neuralgia, nerv ous and heart - dbease, epilepsy. BrHht's disease and-disease of .the bladder .and female organs, blood and «kln diseases. Liquor and tobacco habit, big nejck, stammering cured. Plies, filstula and rupture cured without detention from business. Eyes, nose and throat * Glasses fitted, granulated Uds. -cataracts, cross eyes straightened without pain. . ^ If yon are improving nnder your family physician do not take up our valuable time. The nUi and the poor are treated.alike. Idlars and Curiosity seekers will please ^y away. Onr time Is-valoable. i Remember NOT A-PENNT will be charsed for the.medldne reqnired to make a cure ot alt thooe taking treatment this trip. Ofloachoar S a. m. ' Positively marrled^ladiea most :be aeeoapaaled by thel^bnSbahda. Re- mambar the dats^^/l^stor.: Reeemher • 10th.:at ^Penasylraata Hotel. Ibla. 1. 8 Tfya^^ld.laihapsfM»

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