Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1908
Page 4
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mm tble' orgcnIntloDii. -.yfW^PiGit" to Bma. ...i. aftiinti o«it» Oaf TMr;;....^^^i .i. UM tor jMMB'Mntr* ^ yM» MtaM« Mutr ........tM» IferM Vontlis. In {idTUC «....^.|l-00 OM.MoBth.lB BdTanc* ...........44 linCiAL ?ARB. cm or BIS- Tdepferaet Bariam Offlco ------ 18 BdttorUI Room aid tbe:pubUo? A.Giierrj-valo^ihin .ii^'drunlt, went to ft t^lepho.-:-. dU^d tlm^flra department and a^llfMiian. r«spo&d<|d. Tfciv mnattlw tbe xalBa manj vbo'eUailMd ad «i>ple t >2«. reached oift and pteked a pear and'wticia tbe Ihnb broke felf ltito__a watermelon, patch; 1 .No ^HalfSouled Work. ( County Attorney Hal CUrk. of Mont ^jmerr epnnty, Jkas appointed- Mlas Belle.-Sboeinaker as hlB-st^ograpber. Mr. Clark doesnl fear that hia trork will-be done ba1f .80uled,-however. A Rough HoUM. -Mr. an^ Mra. Rough, of Cherryvale. have been arrested for selUns booae and malnUlnIng a nnlsanieei and the Republican avers, that the^r were keep Ing a rough house. o b o o oooeoooooooo o • o O STTTLE BITS OF KANSAS HITS O O - Not Pitcher Fleharty. Mr. Fleharty, formerly of Kansas, has been elected attorney general for the state of Nebraska. It will be a disappointment to the.fMS thiut this .Mr. Fleharty is not Cbl. Flehar- a ty. formerly lola's premier slab decor~ • ntor. *. • • He's a PiQB About It . . The Parker animal ahow is about ® to fall into the hands of a Pigg over O A Medley of Prose, Poetry, Ji'ewsO channte. Mr. Pigg has sued own- O >'ot«i and (.'oroment O to collect an alleeea debt. oooobooooooooooo Nature as An Artist. These* are days so coid and To Favor Iota. Tie Messrs. Dieter artd Wensel con- sinictioti company, of. Wichita, who , , ^ , ^ Tiave been awarded the contract for when women's clieoks have tint like oonstruction of the new federal wine for when it is most en below. ,,„„,„„g. can do lola no greater favor ti. •ets each fairy face aglow And ,h„„ to h.irr>- down here and let us well tls said, without a blush, that „„„„ excavating going on nt the there Is none like nature's bru.ih to comer of West and Walnut streets. paint the face of maiden fair the Im-, •ge of aome anger rare. But nature 's AKTEK THE OKIPPE. / whims are queer you know, for when the wintry breezes' blow she stalks vj „ol Hettlored Thb» Man'n Htnwglh. about upon the street and daubs up ^ every man she meets. She paints his "Several years hko I was atliicked ears and nose blood red. until he looks hy .-t nevere rase of Krlpne. which lofi as though! he'd bled and 'Hfead of wear- n)e with j hacking lunigh. wireness in tag beauty's coat, be looks just like ,„y cheat, and lironohlilK. I took near- an old l>eer bloat. Iv every kind of cough synip sokl on the inarkot beKirtoy: nipdicliie givPU me Looking at the Moon. iliy iihysIciauK. hooking at the uj (M )n a few nights | received no pernianeni relief imago John W^llklnson. of Hutchinson, til niy dnipjrist asked nio to trv VInoI. phophesled that there would be no m,,} jin.r lakiiifT three lioiile.s I was cold weather for a month. John must (.uiirelv cured. be moon-eyed. | l believe Vino! to lie the greatest Iiles.slng ever offered to the jju I j II c. .as It's Nearly "Xmas:" iit does what is claimed for it." K. E. Western Kansas papers are already R. Hicks. ^ta^)Ies^•ille. Ala. spelling it "Xmas." The reason Viiiol cure.t chronic coughs, colds and pulmonary troubles Judge Wallace's "Ouster." jis because it ronlains tonic Iron and Those Kansas editors who wrote alJ the healing and liodv buildini; ele- the headline "'Oyster for Judge Wal- nicnts of cod liver oil hut no oil. lace" may be excused on the ground •' Viiiol Is also unexcelleil as a that they had not yet recovered from; strength builder for old iieonle. deli- the effects of the turkey dressing. cale children, weak and run-down per'•— .sons, and after .''ickiiess. YIXOL is .sold in loin by S. R. Hurrell, Druggist. A Harmless "22." A "harmless"' 22 calibre rifle which belon;eed to the 'I didn't know it was I loaded family" killed little U-on Bron-] sing at Pittslmrg yesterday. .MET FIR.ST AT THE Al.TAB. Pacific Depot Burned. The issouri Pacific depot at Fre-I donia was destroyed by lire early on i ICI t II War Yolcran and Bride roni -led { by ('orr«'s|>ondence. Trenton. Mo.. Dec. 2.—.\. conrishi|> . „ , , „, by correspondence, neither having ev- Sunday morning. A dispatch says that.redding the structure was struck hy lightning. ^^j.,,,,^,, j,, meeting and mar- Same Old Story. riage here lust night of .Martha Frake of Princeton. Mo., and Francis M. We will now revive theold. bewhis-:'",'^ , ., kered chestnut: mat have von done'Altooiia. Kas. The hrlde is with .vour summer's wages? '-.O years of age. ihe groom T.V , I Mr. Kirk foiiKht i^t Shiloh and was A Print Shop Terror. P'"" <'"t''"P'>' through the head by a Over in Lisbon. Spain, a bomb ex-iniinie ball, and received three other P'oded in a print shop. That's noth-'wounds. The riiuple will live at Aling. MusKOgee Red does that in Kan-!'"""'"' sas print shop?' three times a week.! " Earl Cpx There. the A Dandy Country Daily. There will l>f a meeting of And it mav'also be said that tl\e .N'o:theastern Kansas urain dealers at Cherryvale Republican is about the the Hyraip the evening of December best "six column folio" In Kansas. K. J. Snilley. secretary of the Kan- Sas Grain r >ealers' Association and R. NO" Commissioner Now. i B. Cox. of iCIsmore. pre'sldent of the Ottawa has abolished the office of association, will be present. The local park oommissioner. Ottawa had one Board of Trade will entertain the vi;<park to look after and the citv conn- 'tors with a luncheon.—Atchison cil can All the office all right. Champion. mi on every fliE»h ttiaeboftleor sofd -in nearly all the countries of tiie; world. Nothing equals it to buOd- iq^'the weak ^and'wasted bodies Of young and M.. lis AdvntlMncn^ riaaHliiwhkhlt ana Wonts to totetbcrwltb «i?yff-*g!*lSS l^-CciVlet* Handy SCOTT« BOWM&409 Fori St. K Y. WIHEN BISHOP HENNE8SY CAME. Wichita Turned Out Enmasso 20 Veare Ago to Meet flew Prelate. . The Wichita Eagle has this to say of Bishop Hennessy who Is well known in lola: It wai twenty years ago yesterday that Rt. Rev. John J. Hennessy was consecrated bishop of the Wichita diocese of the Catholic faith by Archbishop Kenrick of St. .lohn's church in St. .-Ixjuis throu,-!h dispensation of his HollheBS Poi»e Pius IX. There were *no specii&l services held at the Pro-Cathedral or at any church in the Wichita diocese with the exception of a low mass celebrated at the Pro<:athMral and a" prayer by the memijerB of th'e religion throughout the diocese. , . Rt. Rev. Bishop Hennessy Is still the hard working prelate that he was when he came from St. \jonia to Wichita to lake cliarge of the created Wichita diocese. - Then the diocese meant but u certain vague territory. Now It means thi' richest diocese in the West. A large iiortinn of this is duo to the nevor-fnilliiK efforts of Bishop Hennessy. who lias been greatly assisted by Rt. .Vionnlgnor Tihen. who also came from St. {..flui.i shortly after the blshoii. Bislipp Hennessy is known as the business bishop of America, his foresight creating a substantial amount of church property in the diocese. When Bishop Hennessy came to Wichita Father Casey was the pastor of the local Catholic church. The decision of the Catholic clergy to make Wichita the headquarters of a diocese aiid the appointment of Henpessy to the head was received with an ovation by the business men of Wichita. On the occasion of Bishop Hennessy's appearance in Wichita on Wednesday. December 2. 18S.S. the citizens turned out enmasse to welconif) him. Bishop HiF-iine.ssy arrived in .Wichita on a siiecial train. Ho was met at the de|>ot by .Mayor .1. P. Allen and a large number of citizens. The reception committee was composed of T. B. Lynch, a! Wagner. Henry Du,^an. Martin Lillie. Joseph Carey. Wm. Casey. Joseph Koehler. Colonel .1. R. Taylor. Ed. Healy and Paul O'Zane. A reception was tendered the bishop- at the Catholic school which wan located at Second and 'St. Francis, which was then North Fourt 'i street. Father Casey. Mavor Allen. Judge Wall and James F. Conty gave addresses of welcome. At the conclusion n hnnqiiet was served at the Carev hotel. TO CrRE COLD IN ONE DAT. Take Laxative Bronio Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund mon"V if il 'alls to cure 13. W. OROVRS signature Is on each box. 25c. AuiUmCMimii TslM rint M »pa to • ; - Pimmi. htmOfg of TrMtal la • '"r.;:>>i'-^'\T^torB KaaiiiMi. - ; .. Th^l KiniliufCity Journal 18:^8:^ ' Topfel^ffluL, Dec. 2.-r-8tate Aodi- tor James Nation took the InftUI step to^y. -t9'stop the leaslnf, of fchool lands i» western KansaV.: He-; adys that the leasing syatempermita'set­ tlers to commit gross fniuds in securing school lands and will ask the next legislature, to repeal the entire leasing act. In the meanthne the auditor will approve no more leases. • Here is .the notice which he served today on all the coimty clerks of west-i em Kansas: "This Is to, advise you that this department, acting on the advice of the at|orney. general, holds that chapter 241, law* ot'1899. providing for the leasing.of school land, has c«ased to have any. effect; and that hereafter the school lands of the state cannot be Jea!^. ."Section 181. article 6. of the consti tutibn of the state, reads as fallows: •The school lands shall not be .sold unless such sAle shall. be authorized by a vote* of the people at a general election; but, subject to revaluation everj'flve years, they may be leased for any number of years, not exceea- ing twenty-five, at a rate established by law." "Now, the law authorizing tlie leas ing of school lands provides for no valuation at any time, it Is barely possible that the .school lands of the state imay have been valued at some time in. the past; if so, the first contract of leases, made under the provisions of chapter 241, laws of 1S99. would be-valid, but it is tlie upiniou of the attorney general nil existing laws made after the expiration of the first five-year leases, aud where there has been no revaluation a.s, required by the constitution, are null'and void, and all such lands are now, open to settlement.' I\ ON INTER.HTATE CONTEST. KauHas and Kentucky Will iluMtlc • .»w 31. W. A, Meniliers. Members of the lo!a camps of Modern Woodmen are greatly interested in a membership contest which will be waged this month between the state camps of Kansas aud Kentucky. Tlie Keiiiiicklans challenged and 'he "defi" was accepted on behalf of Kansas by Charles U. Ix>ckname. state deputy. The contest began Tuesday at midnight and will be continued until the shrieking of whistles and clanging of bells announce the advent of the new year. The Woodmen will hustle ior members every day this month except Sunday, in an effort to beat the Kentuckians. MILI.ION.S OF LIVE.S LO.ST The Awful Toll Collected h} Consump lion. METHODIST REVIVAL GlowingHeat From Every Ounce ofHieL When the mercury tlrops oul of sight, anil you just can'/keep the house warm, you'll ' iind it wonderfully convenient to use a PERFECTION Oil Heater (Eiialppcd wlUi Smokclcaa Device) lis very light—carry il about-—heat any cold room. Turn the wick high or low—no fianger—no smoke—no smriL Easily cared ior and gives nine houri oi m cozy comlorl at one lilhng of /| brass (onL Finished in ''nickel and {span. Every beater warranted. The Lamp t^.^.u'A —T %aL— tew fcr <•—tin your cyo. \j»Bt impravtd corirai tnk kurntr. U »ic ai Insi. nickel pljvJ. titty Ufaf wafnntrj. it yaux iaia caamt tvf^y liir Kjy* Luap it Pnicftea OJ Hater, lirite tat oumt «(airy Lw a ^ooipliipc cinular. STANDARD OIL COMPANY (Iac«ryor«t«4) lurlenent Weather Did Not I'mont A Khip Mertlmr, llowcrer—The "Seven Monntains.** The'IncIeuieBi weather kept many people from attending church iasl .ight. TJiose who attended were well repaid for their-trouble and discomfort, in going, llcv. Hamilton jireacli- ed on the.Seveu .Mounluius oi" tlie Hide. Ml. Sinai, where alone with (iod one learns of his majesty. .\It. Calvary where one learns Jf the price paid for lis redemption: .Mt. .Morich"where one learns to submit to the will of Cod. the Mt. of Sermun.s where one learns of his duties to man and to God. Mt. of rransftguratiqn where one iearns of ;he glory of Coci; ;.it. Zion where one •earns of the triumphs of a soul re- leenied by' (lod, .Mt. of .^.scenslon where one can realize the reward nf a 40ul redeemed liy the blood of the lamb. .MeeiluK tomorrow night, ('i )nie and •lelp carry mi the l^ord's work. CJ V. D.-:.V.\'IS. THE LOCAL MARKETS Prices Qnoted hj flard & TaggarJ rrodoco Conpany. The following local market report is furnished by Card & Taggart l»roduce company and will be kept runuing in The Register every day. The prices quoted are the prices which they will pay for pmiltry, eggs and butter delivered here: Eggs, .^ur-ent receipts per c;ise...2i!c Old Hens, fat 7c Od Cox 3c Sprink Chickens ti^&c Spring Ducks Gc Spring Turkeys S-tti 8c Old Hen, Turkeys He Old Ton) Tnrkevn 7c Old Ducks % '. 5c Butler, l^ss than 5 per'cvnt salt,..25c If people could only nnder.stand that Catarrh is an infernal scrofu.'a—that nothing applied externally does miiclr good—they would not need to be warned so often about this fatal dls- eaiie. which, when neglected, invariably ends up iirconsumpfion, ;jt the cost of millions of lives every year. Yet catarrh is easily cureil if the rl.ght treatment is emjiloj-ed. Catarrh is caused by germs in the blood which circulate througnouf the entire system Kxternal remedies give but tenjporary case. Although the effects ar^ often seen in the form f>f pimples.' rash, eczema or dry scalp skin, the trouble,is internal, and can never ht\ cured by external remedies The oijly way to cure catarrh is .by employiiig a medicine which is absorbed and carried by the blood to all parts of I the system, so that the mucous mehihrane or internal lining of the body la thortmghly medicated, soothed, disinfected of germ mater and 'the Aoreness healed. U'e have a remedy prepared from the prefcrlpilon of a physician who for thirii years studied and made Catarrh a-Specialty afid whose record of success was a cure In every case where his treatment was followed as prescribed. That remedy is Rexall Mucu-Tone. \\'e are so positive that It will cure catarrh in all its various form!!, whether acute or chronic, that we promise to return every penny paid us for the mwlidne in ove'ry case where it fails to cure or for any re;i- .son does not satisfy the user. We want yon to try Rexall Mucu- Tone on our recommendation ' and guarantee. We are right here where you live,'and .von do not contract any cbllgatlon or risk when yon try Rex•>li Mucu-Tone on bur guarantee. We have Rexall MucurTone In two sizes. The'prices are .'>0c and $1. Very often the .'Oc size effects a cure. Of coiir.<!c in chronic cases a longer treatment is necessary. The average in such instances is three $1.00 bottles. S. R. iJurrell. The Rexall Store. West Side Scinare. M RS. FLORENCK AITKI-INS.KW.-Jrd St.,Toledo,Ohlo,.wriles: "I'.runa cured mo of internal catarib. 1 took aboutfonr bottles when 1 noticed tlio improvement and the tifth liuttle eun-d me. "I do not know what I would have been llk «i today h«<l I not got I '-ruua, fur I wa.-< in a tumble Ktatt. 1 had [luins all over and was croxa aud Irrltulilu. I was losing hope of ever lielng well again, and wo.s downtieartinl. I am4<>- dnya ••und woman, after sufferinK for nine months. "T cannot tell yon how happy I feci, but you will know. I n^-ver licard of such medicine; it is the best medicine on earth. My busliand is now taking It, 1 will always keep Peruua in my hoase. Peruna is the best friend 1 ever bad. It must bo prai.sed; it i-un -d nn-." Pe-ru-na Tablets. For two years l)r. Hartnian .ind his assistants have labored inceB .«antly to create Femna tn tablet fojrm, and their strenuous efforts have Ja»t !K'euci-owne<l With uucces^. People wlio object to Uqnia medicines can now -secure P«runa UbleU. Another llonie Where Pe-runa Is ilM«. M RS. MAKIA (JOBRTZ, Orients, (:>klali«Jina, writes: "My husband, elilldn-u and my.self have used your iiu'dieines, und wo always..l£eep tbem in the liou -ii- in casu of necessity, j "I r.-.-ion-d to health by' this medicine. 1'. opl^ ask about mo from different plai'.K. ami are Eiirprised that I can do all of my housework alone, and that I was .-uri -d by ttie doctor of i -brbnli-eatarrli. ".My husband was cured of asthma, my daughter of earache and catarrh of the Btomacli, and my son of catarrh of the throat. When I was sick I weighed one hundred pouiids; now I weigh ons hnndrud and forty. Pernna qniets th» nerves, :jnd is a great specific for all ternui of chronic catarrh." Ask your Druggist for a free Peruna Almanac for 1909 IF ROOT QHTS THK CABINKT. The luexpired Term .Way He Filled by • Rolieil Itaren, I itoberl Washington. L)«*c. 2.—.Alccordiiit; to reports in official circles. rfClihu Root will resign the office of Secretary of J State if he is elected I'liited States | senator from New Vork and will be succeeded in the (aliinet I Bacon of .S'ew York, the present [.sistaift secretary of slate. The .\ew Vork l»-.:iisl:irure will iiinct in JUniiary to elfct a senator, aud. should there be no contest over .\lr. Root's candidacy. Mr. Hacon would; have two month's service as the head] of the foreign deparinie:ii of the j?ov-i ernment. which carries with it thej honor of being the ^tremler cabinet j minister. I The latest Taft cabinet rumor is' that nporge Von I.. .Meyer of M:iss;;- j liuseiis will lie S«'ci-etary of Slate in' the iK -xt adniinistratiiin. Mr. .MeM -ri Is .1 cln .<e friend of Mr Taff. ' ! Here l» a Chance. TI-»^ sheriff's office has received word from Sheriff Chas. f\inkhead.i of Ijifayette county, .Mo., in ilic effect that a fine suburban home near; Lexington, .Mo.. Is lo lie sol.I at sheriffs sale. Tin- lioii.-e is a bri-k "JtructuTe and i^ to sold witli a -13 .icre tract on wliicli it is locate.l. SAW AN APPARITION AND DIED. .lust After llrr (•randson'.x Dciith New Vork Wtmian Fell Ih-iid. .New York, Dec. 2—The death ot Mrs. .Margaret Siniih last night, while <,he was visitln.g fi lends in this, city, has all the uncanny surrouiidlngs of a <eal ghost story, l-'riends believe she expired after seeing an apii.irltinn For a moment before she fell to the floor the woman raised her eye., to the celling and exclaimed: "Why Frank.'where did .Mm come fnmr." Only ji few Kiuirs previou.-i .Mrs Smith's favorite grandson. Frank Kane, had died at his residence lii We;<r Slxtet-nth .-treet, but Mrs. Smith had not been advi^:od of It. Physicians who examined the hnily pronoiuiceil her death due to heart •ll.-ease. Great Western Land Co. FOR ,RENT. FMne cottage nonli side of town. I'-i acre of land, with fruit. ci.Ktern. a good home. Four root!} house wiih barn. Two room house, city water. Two furnished ri.mms <lose in. housekeeping. "I'bree good farm for- rem. S.-i it>out them at once. ri>r Tflke our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward l.*avea lola 7:19-p. m., arrives St. I.ouls 8:25 a. m. Through sleeping cars. This train connects with the east bound trains at St. Louis. For further particulars call and 3ee ua. MISSOUR PACIFIC IRON MOUNTAIN ik C. p. Hale, Agt. us! Reflater want ads pay. FOR SAI.K. Tho Hanklns farm north of town, i with 20 acres land. Two lt;u-acre farms iii Scott county. Kas.. with wheat crops. .;>o of the farms* In Allen county. to i .i >r | acre. We don't cliarj;c ?1' i>) i''> an f acre f <M- selling, i'ee us for j ;i |n:ire| deals, and good irades. I FOR TR.\DF. I Seven f4iur riKnn liuu^e:; in lola fop' r:irm. Two eiiihl room houses, exi-illetd renters. ^ F.irty acres well improved fur lota residence. :!20 acres in Scott »?ounty for lola pro|>erty or laiid In Alien county. List your farms with u.t for sale or rent at once. See lis for &ny- thing in real estate Uf^ls. Money! to loaii on fsrnts^or city property. See us for tickets to the old country. Moiwmciqts! If you are contemplating the erection of a muunipent or tablet, call :ind foe our new and tip-to-date slock of Foreign and .^tti«:ic-iu ilniuites. We cari-y the lii-.-t- that can 1>« obtained on'the UKirket' Our shop Is equipped with a'new Compressed air leiieilng machine lor let- torinr a:i>l tracing; Our prices are the very lowest for first class work. Call and see us and' get prices. We want .vour business. J. C.COFFIELD&SON PhoncliSS. 220 West St \ J^D .THOm Pmlmlmr amii < (stioiates cheerfully given oa work The Register vinrrMnlfeMa laB 'I rcut H or set it 11 m " ,1

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