The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 30, 1944 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1944
Page 3
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Delano W. C T. U. Slates Program Schedule for Year DELANO, Aug. 30.— At a recent meeting o£ the executive board of the Delano uj'iit, of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, which was held at the home of the new president, Mrs. Carl Haag. directors of departments wen; appointed, and plans made for the monthly gath- After the summer vacation of July and August, the fall and winter program will open with the September meeting which will be held September ^1 at the home of Mrs. E. M. Smith with a noon no-hostess luncheon. There will be a report of the county convention, and Mrs. Juanita Brooks will present the program from the subject, "Christian Citizenship." October 19, the meeting will be lield at the home ?f Mrs. Carl llaag following a no-hostess luncheon. Mrs. Wilt'ord Carpenter will present the program on "Legislation. " November Hi at the home of Mrs. Frank J. Coddington. report of state convention will be given and scientific temperance instruction and Thanksgiving program will be presented by Miss Marian Chung. A Christmas program will be presented at the afternoon meeting December 21 at the home of Mrs. H. S. McClees. Health and medical temperance will be the topic of the meeting on January 18, when a no-hostess luncheon is served at the home of Mrs. Robert H. Hiett, Jr. Mrs. K. M. Smith will present the program. A community luncheon at Delano Methodist Church will mark the meeting February 15. An out-of- town speaker will be featured. Wives of servicemen will be honored March 20 at a St. Patrick's Day tea when a special program will be presented. A speech contest will be held April 18 at the home of Mrs. Frank Salsa. A no-hostess luncheon will he served. On May 15, Flower Mission and Relief and Alcoholics, Inc.. will be reviewed at the home of Mrs. Otto Boottcher, Sr., preceded by a no- hostess • luncheon. The final meeting of the year will be held at the home of Mrs. Clarence Hardy, June L'O. will] a program mi Social Morality and Motion Pictures by Jlrs. I.,, p. Smith, leader, and a no-hostess luncheon scheduled. Lerdo School Will Open September 5 Deward Millsop Named New Principal of Institution Lenlo School will open Scptpinhrr ii, ai-'corditiK to an iinnounrcment to- ilay by Downrd Millsiip. nr\v prin- c'ipiii. New stiiff members incluclo Miss AVanda Uylton, second and third grades, find Marpnret Dennis, seventh and eighth Rrades. Alma Walker and Ellen ('orliin will teach the same classes they taught last spring:. Bus routes and time schedules will be the same as last year. The cafeteria will open Wednesday, September G. West Side Junior College Kiwanis Head Visits Okayed as School for Vets West Side Group COIRSK DATE CHANGED TAFT. Aug. 30.—The Gray Lady course which is to be given by the American Red Cross will start September 5 instead of September 1. TAFT, Aug. 3D.—Taft Junior College Ins been "designated as an approved education or training facility under the serviceman's readjustment act of 1944," according to an announcement today by K. M. Johnston, district superintendent, ruder this act, it is possible for a veteran to receive up to four years of spe- cialised training 'vith expenses paid. Notice of 'he approval of the local school was issued by <;. M. Olni- stead, vocational rehabilitation officer for this region of the veterans administration. Eligibility requirements of the act Include, briefly, the following: (1) That the person served in the active military or naval service on or after September !(!, 1940, and prior to the termination of the present war; (2) honorable discharge; (I!) that his education or training was impeded, de- with by reason of his entrance to the laved, interrupted, or intiTtVi t ,.,[ service (a person under C.~> yo.irs of age at the time "i entering the service will be considered to qualifv under tliis point; •' over •_',", yp;irs ; ,t the time, he must submit evidence!; (4) that he must ' ;IVP served :m d;i\.-j or more, exclusive of time spent in specialized college training prngiams or service nrrdnnios (except I'm- i|j.s- charge due !<• injury or disability i "Veterans are tree to take sin-h courses as they may elect. Application forms for this training are available now," Mates Superintendent Johnston, "and any discharged veteran is advised to call and investigate his opportunities. The act provides a liberal allowance for school fees and equipment and the veteran may apply for a subsistence allowance of $50 to *75 per month during the training period." T.U'T. Aiiir. ::n.—The fifth Dis- ti ill's lyio'itiMiuiit-f iovcrnnr John It. Vaughn fit' Vis;ilia and Hrnry Top!>«•!•, Kiwanis tii-iil ropi'i'sfiitatlvp Hum I'liii.iuii. \vcie tlic spivikiM's nt ihi' Kiwani.i regular luncheon held • it Tall hut. 1 rrrfiitly. It was iln> llt'iiti.'Miitil-KiivtM'iiiir's tiii' vi.-it. h>-> yavc instrurt ions in Safaersftelb Cattfomtan Wednesday, August 30, 1944 ibe \\oi\k the i Tln> i'h.H KO was aivi'ii to Dick KusliT. a IHAV MH'inhci. ; : At the nrxl rcaular ineetiiis three \ ili-U'saics will lie f'liM'tcrl to attoncl j ;thf twenty-fourth district convention | i tn he helil in r,ns AnKi'les on Oc- j ! tolipr .T arul 4. j At tin' same tiiuo drlonalos will : IIP rhosfti tn go to the conference I .at Kingsluir^ on September 10 when i a new lieutenaiu-Kovernoi- will be j lelecterl. I if flliftft PEANUT BUTTER Methodist Youth Will Meet at Lake Sequoia The Methodist Youth Fellowship of the Tulare sub-district will bold a Labor Day retreat at Lake Sequoia taking possession of the cnmp at 2 p. rn. Saturday. Registrations are limited to 13 for each group in the southern valley area, and each group is expected to furnish its own services for Saturday and Sunday meals, sub-district officials announce. IVVBiSON Soelht fiery torment—elUy 'dttlrt to scratch*— and so aid heeling with blind RESINOL earA Clearance Play Shoes Regular Price $3.30 ... Reduced to Clear at NO RATION STAMP NEEDED Save your precious ration stamps yet enjoy the beauty and smartness of these De Luxe Peggy Adairs. Your favorite styles for school, sports or dress, at this low clearance price! All sizes in the group but not in every style. Sears Shoes X-ltay Fitted! Added protection for your feel. Another reason for Iniyins Hhocs at Hen rs—wlicre cor- roc-t. fit is sripn- tifically assured! I'lirchnsrn at *10 May Be Marie «n Senr» Ea»y 1'ayment i'lun 1317 Nineteenth Street Phone 6-6501 EYES EXAMINED! GLASSES REPAIRED! SIX MONTHS TO PAY! DR. HAROLD HASKELL OPTOMETRIST 1434 - 19TH STREET Main Floor Gonslor-Loo •ulleJIng TELIPHONI 6 6 t 5 9 Right to limit rcttrvtd. No sole* to dealer*. ~ ^r • • <"H Y V*"^r ^ Week-end Mead! FOOD SOGGESTIONS FROM SAFEWAY Your neighborhood Safeway is well-stocked with the kinds of food that make meal preparation easy. Come in this week and make your selections. Plan your menus in advance, for the whole week end. Enjoy to the fullest, the Labor Day holiday. Meil planning for the long week-end \ > POINT FREE FOODS Grapefruit Juice 'V.V 13 e Town House Brand. (46-oi. eon, 30c) 70-80 Prunes c tr° JS 34 C Sunsweet or ^ -II Clara-Vol pko (6) TOMATO JUICE LIBBY BRAND. 6 blue points per 18-oz. can. (47-oz. can, 21 c, plus 18 blue points) (30) CHILI SAUCE DEL MONTE BRAND. 30 blue points per bottle. Special low price this week at Safeway. LUNCHEON MEAT KEM BRAND. Delicious meat product. Use in sandwiches or serve it baked. 18-OZ. CAN T2'/2-OZ. BOTTLE 12-OZ. CAN 9 17 29 J«r 20-01. can Large Prunes Welch's Grapelade Grape Jam Beets EmeraldBaySpihach 2 .2:16 e Cut Green Beans ";° B " 12 e Coburg Brand Chili con Carne Po t; r POINTS CACH RATIONED FOODS MICt VALUE Tea Garden Comstock Brand Shoestring style — Hue Stamp* — (l)BabyFoods Heinz 4 4Ae Puree 3««,. 20* (Heinz Junior Foods, can 8c, plus 2 points) Gerber Brond (1) Baby Foods C^f\\ ("Velours Red Hill lou; oatsup (10) Beans (7) Tomatoes (5) Apple Butter 3 1Qc can* •* M-oi. 1 M „„„,. 13 COFFEE VALUES Airway Coffee Nob Hill Coffee Edwards Coffee MJB Coffee *&[' „, 20 e ft 23« 14" 13« Libby Brand far Cider Apple Btr — Rod Stamps — HALE PEACHES Ripe, sweet. Nice for slicing. Ib. FRESH PRUNES Standard variety. Sweet. Ib. CANTALOUPES Thick-meated. Sold by weight. I CBISP CELERY Utah type. Fresh and tender, Ib. GOLDEN CORN Well-filled ears. Tender. Ib. STRING REANS Fresh Kentucky Wonders. Ib. i 10" 12" .6" (2) Nucoa SOAPS, BLEACH Palmolive ££ 3 Mrt 20« Camay Toilet Soap 3 ..„ 20« Swan Soap Re ^ or ^6' White Magic %%£* a ^& PLUM JAM Starr brand. Delicious spread. MARMALADE King Kelly. (2-lb. jar. 23c) SIERRA PINE d Fragrant toilet soap. 22-OZ. JAR Mb. JAR , ARS IT 14 , u . rt SWEETHEART4, ARS 25o Oval-shaped toilet toop. ^ m ^^ OXYDOL SOAPV^' 22° HERE COMES the last "long week-end" of the year! And whether you spend all of it at home or enjoy a family picnic out-of-doors, one thing is certain: meals will have to be prepared. Perhaps these menu suggestions will be helpful: Saturday's Lunch-troakfast—Big wedge of honeydew melon —Plain omelet with jelly —Fried luncheon meat—Toasted muffins —Coffee. Saturday's Dinner —Generous servings of home-baked beans (cooked Friday; reheated)—Cole slaw with raisins—Crusty French rolls or bread — Apple butter — Chilled grapefruit. Sunday's Lata •raakfast—Tall glasses of chilled orange juice —Hot cakes with syrup or jam —Bacon and fried eggs on the side—Coffee. Sunday's Dinner— Cold fried chicken (Cook Saturday) —Potato chips- Big bowl of tossed vegetable salad with favorite dressing —Hot biscuits or rolls made from prepared mix — Peaches with cream (or shortcake) — Coffee or iced tea. Monday's •runch — Chilled fresh fruit or fruit juice—Scrambled eggs with bacon —Raw fried potatoes —Cinnamon rolls or butterhorns—Coffee. Monday's Dinner - Cold sliced ham (baked Friday or Saturday morning) — Potatoes cooked with jackets on — Salad with pickles, tomato wedges and green onions — Coffee, tea, or carbonated beverage — Chilled watermelon. SUNNYBANK ' laundry MM or CANTERBURY TEA OUTSMARTS THE HEAT! Fancy black tea that makes perfect iced beverage. Cooling, refreshing 2-lb. - 39c Mb.-77e ENRICHED WITH VITAMIN A IT MEETS EVERY TEST -YET COSTS YOU LESS tED TOKENS Guaranteed Beef Pint TYPICAL SAFEWAY VALUES Duchess Miracle Whip Peanut Butter ££ 2 ± 37* Salad Dressing '/z pint, 12c Ib. Peanut Butter I JEJ f - 23« makes perfect sandwiches. Coarse grind styl Libby Mustard Fresh Bread Jull ° Lee rXVdil £>ZVUU Wright's Wheat or enriched white. Wheaties 9« ' 1/ »- lb Fancy cut or economy cut — "high point", "low point", or "point free" — Sofewoy guarantee! every cut of meat. ROUND Gw* BONE AA"A Ib. 13e GROUND REEF KBe l° d9 RiceKrispies Flapjack Flour Pancake Flour Crisco Shortening Royal Satin £££ II Freshly ground, packed in Viiking casing. Ib. 1ST Sno-White Salt Leslie's Salt Pard Dog Food Gaines Dog Food Old English Shoe Shine Kits Atlo*—brown or black Plain or iodized Household Cleaner 27« J ^ 67« tf 60« 'Si- •?• IIK •ha. •«* 2-B>. •kf. (4) LAMR ROAST 5 rib, shoulder. Round chops on. Grade A or B. Ib. (7) LAMR LEG (Grade B, Ib., 35c) Grade A quality. Ib. LAMB RREAST To braise or boko. 1A.. Grade A or B. Ib. IUC GRADE A HENS N. Y. Style— to stew. jf . (Grode I, Ib., 40c> Ib. 4IC GRADE A FRYERS N. Y. Style chickens:, (Grede I, Ik. 44c) Ib. (5) ROAST Pot roast of Guaranteed beef. (5) ROAST Round bone roast. Popular cut. (10) ROAST Prime Rib Roast. 7-inch cut. (15) ROUND Fine flavored steak. Guaranteed. (13) SIRLOIN A jo Enjoy one of these tender steaks. Ib. Illfl (14) T-RONE - A jq Also Porterhouse and Club steaks. Ib. liV THIS GRADE j IS NOW ""POINT FREE" PRIME G ' ade RIB AA"A Ib. Grade AA W A Ib. 30 40 NOTE:»turesm Mrenthete* on item* above Indicated red Seme Safeway* <• n«t carry all trades. SAFEWAY produce) effeetiva

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