Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1908
Page 3
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i A nM ^Ititrf, THirMn •iwfrtk iidee e«b»««r;iital»l*. ^iaB^'itrtH'-MM^^ fthteli Htliiita »»pr«TalM tor the 4i**iaiHlHy iiM»iit*r»ilii M Mj« jljrte *lm«t*r. M«f .«?f* pi»»trluiteW»ol«»lltoHp*»iil«»lf At»»l^^^ 31 r- iSJDO llaK Rpe^tal,'... ........ tIJMl VtjBO itjits, ipeehl MM Hatn win ffUM n«lii iWJM «&lAa Hats, ftp«;!al (lOM lists . ;fl3.0A lUtM ......... 98.;;* 1»M Cold: iimifliwr < afcds can be .Bai»plM4fr«Ri tlii* sale In splcn- dliltiltoB Snitd or Venbi and .qimUiiPS aw;iml^hl«. Wol ^ Ike irrtt prop«rtIoB«« foriu Ilttlii8r ^kanr(pr<if this splradtd Ladin.* V«»»t4. «Hk "^mllon- iitl{«h«d,«nb <inktapp35«; I>f)fi1ri>hi lo Dutrh 250 Onr tiMt nrn^hl ID fla» qaal lly rotton TfUla or BrawiFr!'. MH >h :i»i> rulAii Sails ;0 P . Wf. 75* Aad «nr hf KI -qiiallir tn fliM> ro|. ^in'tiiftn Sail ........MM : f falMrfn'.<i t'aion Sttilft SSr, iOc i mm A rii^ otijli^t^^&titMr^ liiMe»^'tlM(>s^:lM^Ctee«'« at« xarlnV;; .Viar tif Hii^ licit stylp. lilii. Tke •talfi^l.v are iif rastljr better grado titaaeianM be obtalaed at liii»pfi*^ WiaeroHfaa^ : irJ* CMt; aiteeliil price . .. ,. »5JM iilijJM f liit, iKpectal prtre 5.. ... ^ VIM- (iiiitf r *at, «ierlal prire !.. «iOjBO fijip cAti »p««<*i tirtw •• i^. :..^.:%\m leojSaroat. Rpcclal pri«^e , ....I.... %\'M riiui ^B*A rtotli and Rear Skin Coatx. oiiertal from %\aA to «&95 aad Itetler qwilttr np to V>M. Tbe aMortaient will soifir he broken and we ad. ibe JOB fa roine earljr. Goods at That .ifin $iioaM>reilad iM«t earefBlIr ^it '9 ifatt^'ilalAere biMketR or^lke ifpeiiakl^^MH arcf I'o.Whfd at prices'^ cpiflk^^ ablj lowcir^lklr JM ^rlMJrM KMr~«i»r<»;^jijnM«iiii^iB^ J KMI naiftetii. sec oar ftae- Uan ii- f Of ton BUakHsi-f^e^licIio selcet fr«w, at all priec^ boooooooooooooooo o o d iDDITIO.VAj- SIKMIT STORIES 0 O ® OOODOOOOCOOOOOOOO baul;or«. Mr.. Cook is an old K. U. mm ami had n plenuant visit with many of tft 'c former .student8 who riH Bide hrrc. -J.--« lict' that It wouldn't. Thn lict is now tip to Hnrvcy to docldn. and whon ho decides It he will got his pay for tlir- lEinohPS. ^elsey is Moving. j AM rnfariiiiuite fsse. The Kelsoy barber shop Is l)pin.Ti -Mrs. Myrilo Wheelor, .'in unforinnato tnorcd frdhi tl.e Hobart building on I woman living in ihe nonh pArt of tho the south side fo the front half of Ihojcily. is not exprclod ti> livp; lU-cpnlly, Readickcr cigari ore on tho East^tmp of her ,chlidnn diod and ilie aide. j-ounry oaKwl (ipoii |*o JoniJ .i.'.sl.^j- in.-o. Her parents Imve arrived, from vlrivnwDt ^d eoiiniy to rare for her. : Mrs. Peterson Here. Mrs. Peterson of Savonbnrs. Is i" t|^\.«;i|7;. visiting with her daughter. Agpes. ' ' In Myler's Office. Afrs. Dawson, who has been (ahing the stfbrt hand coui -se in the lo-a i)iisi- wcsi? collece. is doing stenosrapiiic work In the law offlce of E. W. Jlyler Detytfiler in Kansas City. J. JS. jjetwiler left this afternoon for n short huslneRB visit in Tvansas City. Or> Real Estate Business. J. P. Oliver left ycBte/day for JfoJin tain Gfove, iWo.. oi> real' estate hnsl Dr. Porter nr. and Mrs. V. ii Heme. H. Porl«;r return ed homo lasr 'dvenljig from J5i visit In .Mlaslroippf. .'Dr. Porwr say's that the south has cscapedl (h<u heavy rnln* and floods which baye prevailed for the past week. •> ' —:— . •«•' • ' Therhton^Cook Here. Mr. Thornton Cook, treasurer of the FideUtr Triist Co., of" Kansas City. was here • yesterday - visiting loea.' Dr. MPC 4Kil Was! Here, Dr. .A!ero<>l of Xc<j>lio I-'iiUswas q islKir iiL the home of S. .\. Card yes- '.erd.ny. Or. MoCool U a cousin of Mr.s. f;?ird. Harvey Was Easy Picking. Tom Sylvius and "Rusty" Wblt- worth are telling one on^ Harve:j Howard that they think is rich. In addition to the Joke tliey seem to be a box of cigars to the good. The othoj night they went Into Spencer's where Harvey works, and told hira that thoy had Just made a bet of a bo .T of clgara anil'usked hint If it would bo all rlRhi I.O pny for the ricars wl;rn .^ho bet v\ns derided. They were also very lllieral ahotlt the hei and Offered tc leave It (o Harvey to Fettle. This look< ed easy and neclng n Koocr; sale Ii] sight Harvey got busy. The particular brand of citars th«' Ijoys desired was not in sight and It took several minutes to produce It. Finally flndina It Harvey wrsppod flie same up carej fully and handed it to Tom who then '•xp'alned that the tiet was as follows: "Rusty*' bet that the ntceple 00 the Salvation Army headquarters -would fall west tvhpn it fell and Ton} Yates Center Man Here. Mr. Bell, manager of' the skiitiiiK rSnk at Yates Center, was in the city today, conferring with the -raanagera of Tlie Auditorium linre regardin?? .it- Ir.nctlon.s, etc. ' Vates Center has two basket ball teams, one, composed of, boys and tlie other of girls. Arranjtv inenfs will bo made for the Auditorium temn to play there next Friday night and a return g.-vme here tlie week following. Tola at present lias no girls' ^eam. but If one Js ot-g.tniz- ed arrangements will be made to exchange games. 'U'hile hero Mr. Bell booked the Rush Family for next Wednesday and Tbursdaj' nfghts at the Auditorium. The Rush Family consists of the father, u boy of 14 I years old anii two »irls ai?ed eight and ten. They do nil kinds of acro- Ijatlc work, JugpJlng, etc., and eomc with good recommeiidntlons frotu different rinks. -The two Utile girls ilo a great deal of team work together. Vallonal Show at fhlratjo the Rest Erer lleM. ' For a Rummage Sale. Ti looks llko a rummage sgle. The building at 111 West street, known .IS tbe filll building, formerly oceupli^d by the Bagle restaurant. Is now In possession of the Salvation Army and tb'e lower floors |5t:ow.bow generously the people have responded to the appeal of the army for articles to sell at Its mramago .sale. There are three long counters upon whIcJi clothln? Is 'stacked and Ihe articles aro of every description. All of them are real fer- vlceable and some look and' wrJuld wear like knew. The army opens the .•?ale Saturdar and cxp<*cls to m.ake ridiculously low pricos on everj* ^;a^ ment EXHIBIT HAIBT PHOnrCTS. •••4 Jadge Osrar Foist anil \. II. Campbieri Xemlters of State. Hlstorleal • Society. ^ ' .\t the anniiar meeting of the State; HiKtnrici'.! society in Topeka yesterday, now niembers were t,-iken In, two of whom, .ludge Oscar Koust and At- loriii 'V .\. il. {.\impbel), were froni lola. In tlie list of ":i were nine new life nieml >ers. four honorary members and sixty annual memlters. Mrs. .lohii .1. Iii ;<a1ls of Atchison is .iroong the nnv." nfrmbei-.^. • III «iie.akiu.ii of the meeting thi Cajiii:;! .s .iy .s today: The Stjite Historical society Is not going to allow the plan for the conr •fiructioti of a state building for .the society r-nd other similar department^ to die without a great effort. At Us ad nuiil nieefiiig yesterday the society started a' movemeiit which will a^ •cast chock-the matter up to the leg* iKlatiireIn n strong manner. The so* clny adotued a resoli'ttlan asking Uia| F .ucli it building bo erected by Ib^ .-ttaio for the Use of the society and ln| sirm -tins the president to appoint a coluniliiie of eleven inenibora lo ati tend tn the legislative end of the mat^ tor. Tho committee will prApora a bllK and find some member who will iniroiUiee Ir In each house. Then ij t»III urge members to vrtle for th^ iiiea«uro. ; The society has the backing of Govt crnor Hoch and a great many other prominent men In this matter. Not 'oug ago the state received nearb' ono 'lundred tkonwnd dollars from thV tke kaiMsomcest Ihe ire itoTe CTrt- skiiWi for 24, 5«,<7»(rr^' Th<i'Mn<it MPfrmfllBcif flt^a and SaUns In the city jreti ir^ finil herf. See wlndetr dhilay. igorcrnment onan old wir ciaIm."'Gov-'|'- ' OfjfliSiiif^StBiillhl^t ' r :mor Hoch at oirce suggested that this or the flnaootiU noadtttbn of tn« AH ^aCdedn ^y iTUnd ought to be added to and thQ:-<<e oflnisltii^stfntlieznh HayofKcrrenD^r. 'BOO. ^ • • • r.oau anddI-M!ounts % sd ^.OC >7 OverdrBft!! Vr. X, ExpBMeaewjuht...... 2»> M .Other BonrtHnnrt \V»fn.tits IC^non-An OfU(tliteh»Bnde:c»rIi]«-Iiaaselt4Biiw USO'<7* servK.-. }345S4fi3 • Total riltKg -.1 . / I.I.\BH.lTirS. Copitnl Stork.. - .i—isb.ont-<••> SiirptD!i 6..apr«io tlndiTitlcil ITofit-5 r.^Sirj total (iiiionnt appropriated for the construction cf a large stale building to bo ii.sed as n home for the Grand Army ihe State Historical.siiciRty. the Horti- colttiral and other such departments. The movement wa^ dropped tempor- Hril .v. but Ihe apjMjIiilment uf eleven •jcilve persons, to work for the i )ill in Ihe leglfrtature will bring it to puWic hotic^ again. The report) cf the secretary, Ge< .\fart4n, show.s thn'. the society I- ^eed of addiiloual lielp-ai the niat' house. TW'o addiuVina! elerk.s ar. needed and the appropi;iation that wi! be asked fur for these two additiona emplo.vec.'* will be $900 a ysar. Tb< «)cfet>' will also ask the Ifgisiaturc lor an appropriation of $.".00 for thr puriiose of Instniling a card index sj's- tom. ' ' During tbe past .near only three ad dltlonai Santa I''e markers have-'l >eeB placed. This makes' a tblnl of twenty-, eight markers in Ihe state. Secretary Martin's reiwrt shows that the worV ot restoring the old.state capltol buKd Ing at Pawnee is completed and that there Is silll $R.1.'{ left In the fond. This will he used for setting' out 'flowers sod shrubbery on the grounds around thci building during the coming spring "RUBY" RING A CHEAP JOKE. Chicago Dec, '.'.—The third annual national dairy show opened In the Coliscttm today and will.continue un- ilt Decemlior lOlh, The exhibition U to lie the n»8t cflmprehcnairo of Its kind ever alteraptP<l. - OFFICIAL .f tti«-flB»notkf'coiiai^ <ir ii» Jank »t!««». 8»je of KaaMS. »t t»ie cl™.. " 'aawnriicBi. tjnHii^ anaill'ieMPt" •• W>.«» .^NUiHnareat cxtat» nrentrafl-s . . i rumititra and flxtiirat •iIllrn>ie•<^:annt....' Ca »li Item»*iid cleartBC-taoBW HeBi.-> 1M7 hN*! uc4 >lslitejtrMna« lenlreiwrve SS^ 4. nt)ierB«aoareca.Judsnieiii!isnd I cualtelil..... I .^!_2 ToUI. lfJ9.M7.sp IJJUUIJTII?:. 4 <Japit!»Irto<*p»Wln...l IH 4drpIil «fuiHi •••• '2 =5 fuUsn-sk ... -.^S RYOh.'uiire .>... Indivldaaiaepadw. OleariDa -hMna.eeriMestes > .St ATB OP KA S8A t». t,-, IXtDSYrorJUJJCX, f- ^ Swear taaitM, hlMiaiw true; ttet aatt «Hnfe ju^ not fBdaiMraa ajiy.iia.^, tli »»^w |l.'A «^8raheve OtanaoT. Aite^:—. ti: lUWwtliW. '.ntcrwu -•—'. i..^.-" i^i^'io ExAanf.. — .. • • (ndiriiliial /Vparitis— «(*Jlrf.:o tanks'and 11 iiiicrrV rijioMt.s lS.197.40 Certificates rif ncpo-its 1- 2B.aic.(.j TOTAI .-. - IS«!r?-rj • < PATE OF tCA.VSASl. - . .\lleu (^onntV ^ i^*- ' I J. Tlios H. Br.wlin. pre«ldaat.o/ Mid hank is thie: tbat aaM^lMttk l»swiHiU #Htlc «^ibd IN not Indonec on any-note or. 61 than aliowB on ttiFalMTe nt , best of my ln>owledK» and ^beil SuhsBribcdand<iwom«»tieforeBC.Ibts 5id •lay or Decemlter. I'JCS. ~ . romniliwlnn expires on tbe 9tli '<iar ar July. 1912. SKW'TOX OAS SlTPtV School riosed aid <^MMk Blseemlort Exists !• KatMUs Tawa. Olaos Imitation Worth $11.75 Sent Miss Elkins by Soma. One I11 Turin Plttsbnrg. Dec. 2.—Was the •5.000 ruby engagement rliig sent, or saifl to h'ave been sent by the Duke oC the Ahnizzi to THIsa* Catherine Elklnsi a I Joke, or a crime? Answer:* A Joke. , Aa a matter of fact, it wasn't a ruby ring at all: it waan't worth «S.0OO: it wasn't sent by tbe Duke of-AknizzI— If "It were lifs royal blgkneM' perpe^ llrated a very nnirallent Jest on the lady of his choice.- Ijist of alt. It wasn't whrth all the fuss-made over II r which was probably the'reason th^ Elkinscs sent In exobanp^ a ekeck for S4i36, representing, the govieTninent's taiercst lit the ring. /The ring • Is now fa the pioss)>sslon pt tbe Biklns family, and is'.probsblr a ^mlng the second fin ^r iof fke.lff!^ pV right bahd'of one of the jakljaji-'^ for malda. , ni^^^l , Tto solutlop of tbe^. nijqdorr/! nnadlng tke idft or alleged jllft ^of . ^ jili.'S rtng 'whielt soino peraop X% Hij. ftaly. cneloaed 'li^ a c&>ap; t«pJ kr -(bqMncb paate ^Mmrd .liox. ipdv >AiC dreaaeii to'inM^iSlidM la .ifiktainel frtim a'ianfee ;tbat'kN |ivea ao ^nVt hf COUnKCT ATTCST: A. W. BB«-K, \V; J. ETASH I. •i .tlK ^try, piatcmn.'," OFP. Newton. JCaa.. ..Djsc.! 2,—WIU» Uio mercury standlns ar'tkei lowest'point it has reached this winter, and >Kbbd ludlcatjons that it will sp almost to !ero before morning.'-'Ne«ttti has been without natural gas iiti:-day and nothing definite can be le^ifified about when a^upply ean lie exin^ed.. "The officials of Jheyijaar :^gq)any |faere claim the troubli» U'^iiiM by a break in thOf^nnln near -ladepei^ence, ' and promised that It *pnlir*f>?rep^ ed by noon today. One schmi building where gas Is nsed In th» tni^aca. has been closed and nmck-dt^JeoiKfort has been caused ky: tke'<a,Ilare'o^lbe supply, as the most of "Uje'lsSBBea In the ^ity use It for 'heatin{t -45i <r'cooklns. Poor CommlrafaiifervAtrAkrams today paid tke tr^iu^rtaUopf of'J. K. JUntlsan. ^iCe and iwo.ekOdrens to J QwAJNaip. Tie fimtl*-wi*, deatiluie ^tfHtkiated fo reaekitfn. knilean-a to'-'c((>m«^ap..upoim# -aioral^ in-* Jus- " ~ trfMriB

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