Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1908
Page 2
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3_ IBB lOLA'Piai EECISTEB. WEPSgSDAt ETEimifl^ PECBMBEB 2. im. hr tktifiirtiiiiiiiL^ 1869. 'mfTDT raon^: MM + •> + Ml<i<i nakrr In To|ii>liii. itiHs Xollif Bakor will lonvo inninr- roft- for bor homo in hailiroii. .\ti>.. .if- ifr iiviKil lo MIS. W'arrnn AI. Crosliy. Sirs. Willlar.i K. Howrn niid Miss A ;a- hpllo Tmiilmnii.—.loiirnnl. Unity Club. Mrs. .1. T. Price of Soiitli Cot I on- wood street will bo the hostess for \\w T^nity pluh on tho npproachlng ^lon- dar Baiaar and Sale. Tho Aid society ofc Trliiiiy rliiir;-li 'will have their ha^.Tar and nnnmaKO sale on Deceraher llfloontli. The com- mlltee to .select a place for the sale is harlng a meeting today to plan for the event. Dinner and supper will he served to the pnhlle on the il:iy of the sale. WATCHES! DtAMDNDS! CUT GLASS! I JUST 23 MORE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS Biu' early ami have it laid aw.iy. Our slock is very larpe ajid it makes it very easy to .select. If you are in doubt wh'<t to liuy. we will help yon, and yon may vest assured that it will please if hnnglit here. J. W. COFFEY I SON KXtLISIVK JKWEI.EB.S. E.iST SIDE .SQIARK. will III P .Ir To Entertain Club. Dr. and Mrs. D. W. Reid terlain at euchre inntclii fur c.nrd cliil). + * « Children'a Party. MIRI* llolen Dreniinph will fain for her eliih, (he Dnuily Klnlu, mi i?aliirrtny nfierndoii. •!• •:• •:• 500 Party. • Dr, niid Mrti. M. V. Di'.-iluirli cni.^r piano niimher.s so that the cnleriain- in this entertainment svenf to Miss I nioni was Informal. .\n elaliorato .snp- Hilda Ni!;h. .Ml>.s Klorine Wheeler. I per was siMvcd to iliese ajteiidin:? Miss .MnrKiierito Wolfe and Miss Irma lip<i|ilc: .Mr. mill .Mr;!. W<ioilin. Mr. Thompson. One of Ihesa was a coti- aiirl Mrs: K. S. Aspinall, .Misses Belle test lo find the names of fntnre hns- ;lt"''Ml, .Viinii:i fle^i^:le^." l.lz/.l<' He.4i«l(r. bands hidden ainoiiK llowers am! In FTourlS'gtreet, will entertain- the Altar socletjr of St. John's churcb- row afternoon for their ijsnal meei * • * - iio^rd: Meeting. Tho expcntlve board of the city federation held a very Bnccessfiil meeting .veflterday afternoon to eonsfder .things of Interest. The tiijne 'nf meet- inR forH'the civic federation was dis- eiissPd and other plans- of Interest came np for consideration. U Is one of tho nrohlllons of the hoard of directois to have a spirit' of unity and harmony among mom- hera of the federation whifth would tonlrlhiite lartrely to the suceess of the orgatiin/.lion. It Is deplred that when the women meet na members of the federation that all personal feellngH' and all feelings heiween clnhs ho pill aside so that the work may ho nrcomiilishod witli-satlsfnclinti lo all. The hoard decided that mect- Inss with a hostess in some home would aid greatly In brlngins; thl:« ahoitl so (he next meeting will oeenr at (ho residonee of Mrs. C. R. Sncher. ;il9 Sbnth CoKonwood strepf. The program for that day will be the first which the fedei'atlon pivon. Mr.s. W. D. Wolfo will rend a paper which Mrs. Enstaee IT. Brown, president of the state, has written on "The Valne of Federal Ion." • Mrs. .Tohn Oelap will give a talk on "Cliib Extension." Mii- 9mUmmmoum WA.\T.EI>-Colorcd,8lrl for general honsowork. Apply at Famous. Stisifitss Dircctoffe W.V.NTRD—Young man; must lio a[, hu.sller; good iy)Sitloii to riglii p.-iri.^'.' S. ,N' V'Igiis. p:ist slile Htiuan-. I'lioiie •l'J3. JOIIK 0. wnoDix. M. p. I'liysielan ami Snrgpoik : tlTor RurrellN. I'lionf Ut. MK.N WiVNTKU QITICKJ.V—lly liig Chicago mail order house to dlslriluite | catulogiieii. ndverllHe, etc. $2i».00 ui, week. Itin.OO expenses nilownnce rir^l}, month. .S'o i?xperlpiipe rennlred. Manager, ni|il. .'.III. Watiash Ave.. Oh lea go. WA.NTKIl -Two yonog Ladles to 90- lieil. I". I'lorencp, Hooma 10 and II, I'vaiiR Itlock. . WA .\TKri --All klndH ot second hand household ftirnltnre.—The lola Fiirhi- ture K.vchange^ Phone 1'.-.. PR. MILPBEP tTBTlS • I'hjrilelaa and SBrgeoR. • Ofllce over Oa>-reirH Urug Rtore * onica Phone 654. IteBldence 214 K. Jackson • I'hpne M9. • k*'*«**•*•••,•••••••• A. W. neck, Prop.I, WA.N'TED—lola property , to ex-j change tor Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Ofllce over Iowa Store, lola, Kas. •I. PR. HeMILLEN, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic DlMa»- ea and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Rea. 232. Office over Jiurrell'« Drug Store Westltfadlson. SALESMEN & AGENTfi—S t • JSO.OO .p<ir week and over can be made^selllng sic for (he d.iy will he furnished hy|>{ev Campaign .Novelties from now raerabers of the high sehoof oetettej until election. Sells to Stores. Coun- i ^iiiiii'- .\iiili T.-Joii. Oiiiii Withers. .Mliiilf]otiiei' Mill !•• 'ii'-'"''' lliill. l-i'llle Wnoiliti, JMIM« i\iii-l;i|iT, of ToiieKii: Mrsjtrs. |llii:iil<l l''iilliiii, l''niiil, (;ar(ltier, llarrr ;-<(iii Mill 1011. (ileiiii Core. .Tint Woodin, I Win, lliillin't. (ii'iir'ie nelLMiniO. M.P' li'i \ICIIIMIII, ('IIII;<, Vrilipe ai li.ili mined several tiililrn m eiuili: hi;'i, nighl. The RiiPSlH wiM.' iiienili<rs nl ' !>' ''"'< TInirHihiv the B,.pninB null rluh and li.e mil n,...u ; '^'•"<>>i^% '••''•'"> liership was piescni. Afier cnids a, To Have a Cantata, nipper was servi'il, l'riyn» fur lii::li ' .Snii .liiy srlicnl nf (In- fitili-d est seores went In Mrs. il. Si- n-ii iJn-'lir'-ii cliiircii is to .•.•'••hiiili- the liriiti and Mr. Oli-nn P. Kiiiiwy. ri.ii-iiii:i.'< SO.IMHI wiili :i p,int:it:i. "A •> *> + ('oiliili I fvil S.^lilii'• The books con- To Live In T6peka. • lainliiK. tin' uitisip havr been ordered Mis.^ .Tosephinc Conroy who is h-n- ^,„„n,i|tf.,. rc-.-iv.- with her sister. Mrs.^ n. n. McClniii. „„. ,will 1,P Iwld. Is to leave soon for Toppka. Miss ,,^„„ a.<-si=np,! and Ihe pro- Cotaroy-s mother ha.^ recently conip «o•„.,„„ „f f.,,on,ses and other eser.Mses Kansas from Ohio and they will >nak.'^^^^ ^ p, ^,i„ their home in Topeka. ',Pct l!,. ,-.I,..:,r>;al:;. '>'•> \ In Kansas City. , Board ^;ecting. Miss Clara was r»mnn-.j the, ,,„„,.,, ,,irpptnr. of the Or- lolnns in Kansas City last w.ol; has returned to her I ome heri-. """jlihans- Home will meet next Monday .•II the court house. _ Miss Wilstjn Home. T„ Independence. :\ Setta Wilson has retnined; MIS. Frank b:.s gone lo In- froma visit wttb r.-lai.ivPs in F.i.reUn. I Altruistic Party. I ... .j, Ono of the happiest parti'-.- of Ih.'j Mrr.. Riddle'Home, week was the entertainment which j i^i,..,. Pank Riildie returned the Altruistic club gave Last iii:litjf,.oin .nn cMfiidi .1 .star in P^nnsyj. for a number of tl eir girl fri.-nds. Tli.^; ,..,„j.., host was Mr. .Tames Woodin. who in-| ... ' lertained the company at the lioine ofj Birthday Party, his parents just north of town and the drive to the residence and hack to the cit.v was a very enjo.vable part of the evening. Numerous games were pLnyed and spveral of the \IsItors gave N'ini^ 2i:l friends were prettily en- t.Tlained ;it tliehoinp of Miss Elizabet'i A\)l hi^t rveniug in celebration of her .<-,ev('nfi onih birtliilay. Two original cotiri'Sts were j'ondiieted and prizes The Seasons Tastiest Sets! And individual piedes of filvtrw.irc jou will find here iuabtjndan' profusioa, aad prices—tliis sterling qnality considered—will b;j found iu every insUnce, the nipderate profit kind. For the Christmis >I.op- per our store is a placs oi delight, because everything is of a giU-jivln^j useful and ornamental nature. Sterling Silver Mounted Mirrors, with brush and corah to match, in case, I13.S0 and dp. Plated $s ,y> to $12.00. phiees. The fortune of one cui'Ki was altio lold and llie llfi> of each mnjiped 0111 In 11 most nniuslng wa>. Tlieri' was a very eliiborat eliiiring dish hiippe" ulili favors hand ilecoriiied by the hrmliH'* lo reprewfui riiriiiiii' ti'll'T'i tind spIiistei'M. nccor iillons f(U' till' evpiilti-;' were autumn IrilVrs ill hll''« of Unlil. I Oil and Kn'UI and liimcIieH of vidlow and while diry suiithrmiiiins. The guests werp May nilcham. .Mary Croiicli. Kloriii Wbefbr. Marguerite TjN'oIfe. nuih llo' Ion. Hilda Nigh. Edna Klein, I.iiell. and Irnia Thompson •:• •:• •:• -liri-kel Hall Thursda<- uiphi. Jiidi •srhnid vs. iidiioi'iiini. Friday night Moonlinhi skate. Something new <• i •> Has Appointed Committees. .Mrs. Eustace II. Brown, of Olatie president of- the stale federation o WonicnV Plubs has appointed the ponimittees to serve In tiie inteivst of the state for tlie ensuing year. Mrs W. D. Wolfe, president of the second di.»trict has received a copy of the UM of coramittees and will report her sanction or disapproval at once. II is n recent ruling with the federation, being a provision of the constitution, that the district presidents shall con stltuto a board of managers to have power lo veto these nppointment.>. Mrs. R. Ti. Stovenson of this city, i? named as a member of the committee on library extension. .> .:. Aid Society Meeting. There was a business meeting of the Nfethodisi Aid society yesterday afternoon at the church. The session waK d'voted entirely lo business. •!* *!• •> I Y. P. C. U. Meeting. The V. P. C. U. society had the IIK- iial nvling hist night at tho ct-.tircli. .Mtss Jiva Fowler had charge of (he iPH.xon rtiidy concornltig tho life of Ini- migran s who come to America and tlin niisslon work which Is done among ilicm. * • •> P. E. O. Chapu'r Meeting. The fortnightly meeting of the P. E. O. chapter was one of the events of yesterday. The memhers were enter- fnlnod at the home of Mrs. W Kv- nns In l^alfarpe. There was no program iMvaiise this was the day given over to Tieodlework and embroidery. *Irs. Evans seri -ed tea at live o 'clock [and while (he attraetivoly garnUihed courses were served the ladies discussed plans for the party which Is i to be given during the holiday season. + + <• Altar Society. iSn. C. J. Cbampteux, 114 South and others who will ho selected by the program committee. .;. -> .;. Returned Home Today. Mr. and .Airs, Milo Henthwole. of Walnut, who have been hero vmillng Mrs. Heathwnle's mother, Mrs. S. 11. Kess'or and her daughter, Mr.s, IL 1.. TT.Vrrls. returned this afternoon to their home. .> •> Gone to HumboldL ^Irs. W. E. Carmain wont lo Humboldt this nflernoon for a visit with Mrs. Mhble McKinley. She was ac; conipanied by ^Iiiriel Harris. • * + Proriram on Burmati. .V program on Ilirmah was a feature of a mooting of the Mls.-slonary society of tho 1'. n. church yesterday ariernnon. .Mrs. W. II. Oarlleld dl- recled (he devotloiials and lesson study and Mrs. I,. V, Slarkoy, .Mis. Ileckoy iind .Mrs. Mather had papeiH, MtM. Tl. N. Moore. Ill .South Cotton- woiiil Hiri'e/,' etilcrfalnod the .Moelely, * • <• A Mililonary Tea. The .Missionary sneleiy of the Map- IIKI eliureh will have an Informal tea as one of (he social evenlH of necni- ber. This will he lie occasion for the openI(ig of tnlte boxes also •> To Serve Supper. Ladies of the Daptist cliurdi are serving supper tonight at tho liome of .Mrs. I/>i;h Hunt, on South Oak .street. The first tables will be .serv- pd at h.llf p.nst five o'clock. .> Mrs. Callie King Here. People who have been residents of Tola for many years, especially tho---e who .are members of the ITniled Brethren church will be interested in 'inowing of the presence of Mrs. Ca'- lie King, of Ok'a.. here. Mrs. King liv- "d in lola in lS9t5 and It wa.'? during tlie term her husband. Hev. King served ill the pnlpit of the r. B. church that the building now in on West Tackson was erected. After leaving Tola Mr. and ^frs. King, were sent lo 1 mission field in .\frica where they remained for several years. They are located in Oklahoma now and are guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Turner of f.,aHarne for a visit. :,y Fairs, Picnics and Private Famille8.|, ,,,«,, yomplete line of samples, charges pre- iiald for fiOc. Order today, CIIICAOO V07ELTY CO.. eO WabaSh Ave., 'IJblcago. ^ WANTED—Young men to prepare j» for coming examination for Ttallw'ayl* Mail and other Ciovernment Poililons. Superior In.struction by Mall. K.^tali- lisbed H years. Thnu.sands of successful students. Sample nncsllons and "How Gov't Poslllons are Secured" sent free. Intcr-Stato Schools 291 la. Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Phone 687. . . Ree. 7 »I. PR. 0. L. COX Rye, Ear, Nose aod Tbroat. Spectacles Properly Pitted. Office A. O.-U. W. fildg. • • • • WA.NTED—Men 10 learn barber trade, few weeks required, best paying work within tho reach of poor man, can have shop with small capital, wages from to $20 weekly, wonderful demand for barbers, catn- ogue mailed free. Molor fJarger college, Kansas CIl.v, Mo. Mm •4 Office Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 4M * PS. R. 0. CHBISmil rfeysleUn nmi SngeM • Hooma 7 and 8. BTJUIS flldg. * F. P. MIBTIH. Surgery «iil Ulaeaaee of Womaa. Office and Realdenoe PJkoae S7C - Office 7 North Jefleraon. •I JEWELR8. B. F. Pancoust, old reliable Jeweler. 110 East street FOR 8ALF.-rTwo Rush & flerls pianos slightly used, loft wllh me for sale by Chnntito parilex. These are liargHlns. John V. Rnberls Music Hioie. Lodf^ Dlrectofy l-'Oll -SALK-A :'J-acic fruit and :riiek farm. nillo'; ntirth of (ins Clly. flood boilnm land. .1,. W. .McWIIIIamH, (las Clly, U. R. 1. ^ FOR SALIC OR TRAnE—Onnrt properly, dose III. Call 110 West Monroe. KNIGIIlS OP PrTnitR ^NeoAt Lodite No. 43 n...... ...... wnn4a| nlRht at K, of ' ' • • - . , i>M> thers Inrliod. w -' ' i.<- u K^O, Chris KJtter, K. ut K hiid d fOR RBn~ mimomttmmmouik FOR RENT—The looni occnided by the Kels-ey harlifr shop. L. FOR RK.NT—.\ new <; room, nindern lioiise: close in: jti::i fini.«hed. Cume and see it. L. Hoban. .\TT R ACT IVI • T RINK F IS. Jewelry of all kinds in new and beutitifiil designs. Lnvalilere Chains •et nilh amethyst, toim/. penris. etn. Hal-Pins In countless dcslgnsl. Rack .X?ombi» with fancy mount ing^^. RiN^.t^ LO<:KETS, in plain gold or set with precious stones. Watches. Chains, Fobs, etc., etc. McNI£LBROS. I-'OR RE.NT—.\Imosl new four room house at 711 South Walnut; paved street. See Harry D;»vis. FOR EXOHANaE FOR TR.VDE—Forjy acres grass land to trade for property close in. Inquire ilOfi North Jefferson. Six Clear I^a Harpe residences 17000 and 1.1000. Cash for merchandiao or farm. W. O. Lenhart. lola. Kas. Ji.N'IGUIS or XACOABIIIiR Knlghta of Mneeaheet of. tb« WMII meets In K. P. iiali, aecond add fosfli Saturday nlibts ot BOBthi ii W. Poatwalt, commaader: B. B.-nr* (er, record Ireeper. . , . W. 0. W.-Camp No. 101 meaU « K. of P. Hall every Friday oighi. tT, T. Steele, C. C. A. IL Davia. Claf» Visitors cordially Invited. ^_^ M. W. Ar-The M. W. A .'^LoM* meets every Friday night in M. W;-'JL Hali. Visitlnff brothers iovHcd.~y. a Coffleid. V. C, W. Cowan. CI«CIL» BOTAL S £lUUB4)R8r -rola CaM No. 365. Royal Neighbors,.meets ••*>; ond and fourth Tneadaya ot eaM^ month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, ora «fc Mrs. Mary Hutton. 413 West Recorder. 3 0,0 0000 0^00000000 3 PIBMC SALE. O O Four years experience in the sale O O ring prejiarcs me to give un- 0 3 equalled and guaranteed .service O O as an auctioneer. .My ser%'Ice free O O for a few sales. Reference. .-Mien Q O (*o. Stale Hank. E, E. Vlfkers, O O Phone S:!.-.. 109 St. O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (I^rst Published.Nov. IS, IftO.S.) fIBLIfATIOX >0 TIC;E. State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. tn the District Court for said ^County. Sara T. Rowo, Plainllff. vs: Frank S. Howe. Defendant. Said defendant, i-'rank S. Rowe, will lake nollcn (hat he has been sued la the above named Court by suid plain^ tiff for divorce, said plaintiff ullcglnj In her petfllon, as grounds tjicrefoi*, that defendant has licen giiiliy of extreme cruelly, gross neglect of duty, .tiid ubanilonmcnt for more than one year prior to the filing of .'<uid petition, and must answer the pdllioQ filed therein by said plaint Iff on or before the 30th day of December, A. Dl 1908, or said petition will he uken at true^ and Jadginent - for plaintiff In said action for divorce.will be rendered accordingly. r:\\X\fS. CARD & CARD. Attorneys for Plaintiff. MIesI: V. E. ADSMS; II-1S-2.-.-L'. Clerk ot Said CourL FBATEBBiAL BROTH£RHOO»<£* / Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 :iiMato aecond and Jonrtb Thursday. :0f aaek month in A. O. U. W. IlalL Vlaidll« members cordially invited. W. H. deraon, president; Golds Elam. ut»m tarr. , ' — • ' 7 R* SI. 0114iEt«jb OcBeral CfliatnctK. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalka aaa Corbiag a Speciatty. OSea US l^ni HAam kn. Ifkma IM. Real Estate, li|sanuice City and Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Intereat Payments recefred at any time without notice, and interest censes on amount paid, toag er Skort Tlae Baaas. Cunningham & Arnett >. A. A. to^^ct. The National. Annuity lodge will meet tomorrow night, in .A. O. C. W hall. The drill team, will meet n 7:20 ,..Axlaa8 will be Initiated and a anm}>aripy»fa ^9 bfOI^^ . .'-I OOR TELEPHOIIE : ; Is-constantiy rlnglog these days.'Sa» tember. you know, is the time to ha* the summer dust eleaaed out bf -ear pets. We .are busy. Kjuf your order wfli receive prompt ana caret nl .attentiae Phone ns today.. ' lOU RUG FACTORY Ptoae Ilk VACIAZiXBa.ilfP 1 can be secnred lif' J. Yu'EtmAtntMi who deals .wltli the' pafcllskers-aaa fnrnisbea -Owm .at, the -lowest . fiffsa possible. Trial. sat >acrlp(toa.,,t».-Taa Nordea's. -arvioiitbs. SSe^ ^ /-r. *

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