Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 6, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 6, 1907
Page 2
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ettablish0d 1869. A lllMt M ii AIHCI. MUST PAY THE BH.L ^ REMOVAL SALE . 'J LIBBY cut njLASS--HAND PAINTED CHINA A Urge st(jck of the ab-jve at prices never before (•fiered. New design^ in Rookwood Pottery (one price every where.) Tne only line of Rookwood in . this part of the. state A general line |_of Jewelry and,iSilverware at lowest prices. ^Aboiit January 1st, t expect to move my stock to the room now occupied l>y the Tola Srate B-tnk and inlend reduc- ingasmucH as possible to Jivoii tnmb|e anJ expanse attending a remnva". ; Q. T. SEWALL JEWELFR First door rorth of Postofflos' m .Unity Club Meeting. Officers of the Unity Club d-sire to announce a cbange In the mooting place of the club for Monday aflpr- noon. December 9. The ladles wore to have been entertained by Mrs. Dr. Manley>.but It wat decided today to meet at the reildenee of Mrs. .Tohn Fantt. • Party for PlaynMitea. Miss Lenore Wflson was at homo witb M>a» Kera {titter last evening, the two }°oung ladies beinR hostesses to a merry group of school friends who were entertained with games. \t the luncheon table covers were, placed for MlBsea Vlca Eastwood, Cleone Stebbins. Ida Cross, Pay Potter. Cas- aahdra Ritter. Neva Ritter and Lf^an or WUaon; Messrs. Leslie Morey. Jessie Morey. Clesson Bevier. Jndd C«r- penter. Clarence Tiffany. Bruce Bix- lej and Harold.Klshpausb. *T* Party for ^Itn Seta Club. Mra .'.S. a. Hllacher will hav? members of her-Arndtty school tsiasB and other ^oung. Ittdi^^of the .^.Ita Seta, club aa quests this evening. Ba.otist Aid Society. Mrs. Mary Ooffleld. 1317 North Cottonwood street was at home to a group of ladies, from - the Baptist church .veaterday. Tbe afternoon was'. occupied with preparing - aprons and fancy woflt to aell. A Targe number of Is<<le8 assisted in the work and enjoyed a delightful afternoon. .+ • • Entertaining Today. Dr. and Mrs. O. T. LoOrange enter tained a group of friends at dinner to day, • • • Club Meeting. Among the blesaant anD instructive meetings of tne week was the session of the SoroslB dub yesterday after noon with Mts. •roniam D. Wolfe. There waa a short diacusaion of matters relative to the club"^ -business and then the 'program was opened by the roll call to which the members r?si)onded with facts almnt the P«iri- tans. MjTs. Bickford had a paper oo the early life of the Puritans, and •Mrs. W. B. Lyons also preaeated an rxolent reading. Mlsa Wblte and Miss Holmes favored the guests' with n piano duett and^ also assistsd Mrs Wolfe ai the luncheon tables. Tlie afternoon was a very happy occasion for all who were in attendance. • <• * Afternoon at Cards. Miss Rosalia Charles gave a v< ry pleasant; afternoon party yg?<terday for ladies of the Thursday Euchre cluh. The afternoon was made pleasant by several games played progress ive y and an elaborate luncheon was .s.-rved to the ladies In attendance Guests ifthfir than the club members were Miss Setta 'Wnson. Mtss Nancy Mitchell; Mrs. J. H. Campbell. Mrs. H. V. Dresbach. Mra. Lelgji Hunt Mrs. C, E. Edfferton. Mrs. A. P. Harris. jMrs. Mont aimer and Mrs. W. H. Good In. * * Evening With Riley. A program composed of readings and selections from the works of Riley was a feature of the- T meeting last evening: Mrs. EL B. Keys waa hostess of the members and entertained informally with a luncheon. Miss Bessie Howard, president of the society. ptive a sketch of the life of James •Wtitcoijib Riley an* Miss Bix'er gave a reading from one of Ms books. • • * - For Mr. Smaltzer. Members of the Allegro club and a raw friends were, entertained last evening at the home ot Mr. and Mn. S. Heller.. The evening waa arranged in compliment to Mr. Charlea Smelt zer, who leaves soon to enter a CM- KathliR. alrer. nathlMr nore approprkt«, •bthlafr that year frlead wlU appreekte uy more. A kaii4so«e preMftt that la aaefal a»d •rawMstaL ttn M4ccttM tbia jfr h tfui to •••e tm variety and acop* ta selert fraaa. CaraieB hraeelH*, hlM* abnecleU. CM4 lllel aad 8aiu'CI«I4, ; witk w vKkwrt •icaeU vUii fmmmm roU, with air wilkaat BIMM: 0 «r Itae Biiat U aeea t« be airt^Jreciatod. Wt take pleaaare la •afeawlar. oa^ ooHega. •^Blie members contributed na^h^a'J^ an Unprompta gram and Ifbk.'Belter'Mnrad. ait ray of delleUkia'3refreahments-to. the following guesta: Mr. and Mra. CHias. Grege. Mt. and Jlra. Howard Miller. Miaa Julia McOnra. Mlsa Myrtle WlUs. Miss Sro Armatroag, Mlsa Mable Beatty, Hr. Carl Salaer, Mr. Bmeltzer and Ur. Hugh Jones. -.• •!• + Mra. Cera Ehterlained. Meadamea Mary Avery.. Mao' Mc- Gulre. Gmlly Hlnes. Bertha Taylor, roarkably realistic reproduction of a Craig and bote Strode were guests of Mrs. Inchon P. Core yeaterday at an informal party. In compliment to meml >er8 of the^ Lady Maccabees. * + * For Miaa Kinman. A merry group of friends gave Mrs. , Ix>ttie Kinman of Gas City a very hap: py surprise laat evening. The guesta j wore oomic costumes and a great dea* of merriment waa created by the result of efforts to make the party a I "tacky" affair. Mrs. Arthur Goes waa .given -the -prise for the most unique cbatnme. Those who attended were jMr. and Mra. -W. G. Miller, of lola Mra. B. K; Taylor. Mra. Arthur Goes Hr. and'Mns. :vlr }lUami Livlngaton, Mr. and-Mrs. 'Wl* R.-Foster, Mr. and Mrs ' \l7Uliam Jordan, Mrs. Grace Miller. Mra. T. XL Harbin. Mlae OenlTleve Taylor, Mlaaea Blanche, Haxel and Xeala Goes. Bennett and Morey Uv- lagitoa, lOas Ida B3nmaa. Dr. C. 'W. ...tiuuicK, Arthur and Oliver Kinman Poraonala. Miaa Blanche Thompson is visiting loplin friends for a week. Mrs. J. E. Story, of Ix>ne Kim. \n a <;ueat of her daughter.! Mrs. Chas Grepg and her sister, Mrs. J. E. Pow ell. today. Miaa Pearl Allen left today for Kan saa City, ^here she Is to reside. Mlsa May PIckell. of Hunrbolrft. was a guest of relatives and friends here yeaterday. {>inrt's Decislfla May Affect Letnlity of rorchasiBf Ageafa Officer By a deciaion of Judge Foust, rendered in a case today brought^ against the commissioners to collect a printing bill of ll.rSO, it would seem that the omce of purchaaing agent for the county was put out of tmalnesa. - As purchasing agent, Mr. Peteraon must O. K. all, bills tiefore the county commissioners allow them. Some time ago a printing bill printed for collection waa turned down by the commissioners because It did not bear the O. (C of the purchasing agent. Suit waa thei^bfought against t)io commissioners to collect the bill. Mr. Peterson later |)ut hi; O. K. on the bill, but the suit was not dropped, as a test case was desired. While the legality of the purchasing jaRent was not the point at Issue in the cauc, the eftect of the decision is reKarded by many attorneys as putting the office out of business. They claim tha* It means that any bill for work, satisfactorily done and at a rcasooablc price, must be paid by the county whether It passed the O. K. of the purchasing agent or not. The office of purchasInK agent requires that ail county supplies l>e ordered through that office. . Mr..Peterson contends that the de- claloii does not affect the legality of the ^rcbaalng agent's office aa he had placed his O. K. on the bill. It vas learned this afternoon that the original bill presented to the commissioners does not bear the O. K. of the purchasing agent Mr. Peterson said this afternoon that he offered to O. K. the bill atter be had once turned it down, but It was not presented to hinu An ounce of sense in selecdng clothes is worth a pound of niuscleiil getting a better salary. Many a man is sawing wood who might, by presenting a bettier agpear- ance, be maKing a splendid income. It's a mighty' big boost for your right looks if you wear Made by Leopold, Solomon k Ebcadrath, in Chicago. Sold by one good live merchaat in yourodr. It will pay you to look him ap. PRaFESSIONALDIRECTORY fOVSH LOST CHUD. Patrolman Fhllllps Rrtamed Toathfal Wanderer to Uoaie Ust Kifcht Christmas Gifts of Eletrance, Taste and I'sefnl- neas. Diamond Rings Gold & Gold Filted Watches Brooches Kestoon Necklaces Stick Pins Hat Pins Shirt Waist Sets I^kets and Chains Watch Chains and Fobs Ixidles Back Combs Cuff Buttona An endless variety of Beau- lifiil articles at surprisingly low prices. MCNEIL BROTHERS. Patrolman Roy Phillips took a I't- tle six-year-old lioy. who was lost, to his home last evening. Although, the little fellow was bewildered, he seemed to take it calmly and put on a bold front. He told Dr. Lathrop. in whose office he had wandered, that Tie was not looking for anything or anybody but juBt wanted to read the paper which he had picked up. "1 Just came down town to look around." was the casual reply which he made to the doctor's inquiries as to why he was down town. He gave his ntdne as Potter. W. H. AHDXSSOH. Attofa«9r<«t>Iaw. Notary and Steaocraptaer In Offlca. Fbona 45B. R. A. Ewlng. 8. A. Gard. fl. R. Oard • BWDia, fiASD * CUJKD. " •! • Lawyers. • • * Praetlca la all Govts. • I* >KW. MadiKin. PhdM SIlL • BB. McMILLIir, Spadal attanUon gtven to the traatmant of all Chronle Dlaaaa- •a and Diseases of Children. Telaphoaes: OlRca 32, Res. 233. Offlca In Mrs. Tamer's Bldg.. Wast Madison. POLICE 131 A QUAKDRI. .Iction of Conncil on Salary Inrrease l-acertaln. The jKjIIce are in doubt today as to whether o.r not they received an In- of salary last nlKht at the hands of the council. .\ motion wns IHissed raising the salaries of each of the officers >10 per month. After the ordinance waa iNissed the question waa raised as to the legaltly of the pro ceedin;;. some .contending that the salaries of the police are flxed by ordinance and could not be raised by motion. Mr. Oyler was not present at the time and hence the conncil did not have the benefit ot his advice on the question. Fhona «87. Res. 70L .91:0. i» cox. Kya, Kar. Nosa and Throat, •paetaeles Properly nttad. Offlca A. O. D. W. Bids; Offlca Phone 1083. Night Phone 406. OB. B. O. CUBISTLAir. Fkysidaa aai Sarceaa. Rooms 7 and t. Braaa Bldg. Six Per Cent Money, nin^hnm. R. M. Cun- riTTSBrita BANK FAILS. Fort Pitt National Failed to (>pi>n Doors Today. Pitl.sburg. Pa.. Dec. C.-—The Fort Pitt National bank of this city failed to open for business toda.v. The foN lowing notice is posted on the door: "Closed by order of the comptroller of currency. John B. Cunningham, examiner." The statement at the close of business on December 3rd showed loans and discounts of three milion seven hundred sixty-one thousand, six hundred six dollars. The capital stock paid was one million dollars. Surplus fund one million dollars. Individual depoFits subject to check, one millloB nine hundred thirt.v-seven thousand .six hundred fourteen dollars. RMS. Tel. 1»8. Offlca Tel. 163. DB. i. B. fXPPKB. Dentbb Is permanently located over B. C. McCIabi's Clothlag Store, and is prepared to do all kinds ot ap>io-data dental vorlc. BTentng work by appointment. Phone 564. Tola, Kana. *' DB. EDITH S. HIICIH. • Offlca and Residence over Sn^• * rail's Drug Store. • Offlca Honrs—10 to 12 a. m.. f • to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 evenings. * Snndays by Appointment. * r. B-MABinr. Praetlca limited to Bargafy. • 18N. Bncheya. PbonaS7«. DB. If. B. HETLMDir. Fbyslelac. k Sarfcaa. * Office N. K. Comer of Sqnara. • Over K. C» PlnmbbiK Co.'a Stora^ Res. Tel 38. Offloa T«tb402; P. IJ. Lathrop. • Mrs. Bessie O. Lathrop. • OSTEOPATHIC PHTSlCIAlli. • Special attention straft to Ola- * aasea ot 'Womea and Chlldran. * Over East Sida Hardarara. * Office 'Phone. Main 488. • • Lowney's Chocolaties THAY ARE FRESH. A che!ce assortment of this popular braod at CRABB'S. When you. btty Lowney's Choco> lates here, oar personal pledge of their freshness goes with them. Get year next candy at Crabb's and see how well it pleases yon. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, ^ Corner Wa.shin){ton and West Sts. R. .M. CUyyiNfiHAM, who w.-is In Jured in a runaway at the fiftieth anniversary celebration of Humboldt several months ago, was able to he at his office for the first time today. . CALLED TO STOP QUARBEL. PoUceami Forced ta laterfrre la Diflkatty Orcr Xaaey. Aasiatant- Chief al Police John J. Creed and Policeman Sim Hildreth were 4231-North Chestnut early thia .mornlns- to stop a dispute between Jtftn Bauch and his wife over some money. Since neither Mr, Uauch or hto WUB taUi EtafUab. the officers had foof difflfenlty ..In andersunding the eatiaa of the troable. Mrs. Bauch begged the officers not to take her husband to Jail after they arrivad. Before the officera left they aav Baudr sately.fti bed where he pronised to suy niitll morning. The polioa,ordered,him |^ retire and stop tan^ijsliit. hii wife. Of ffclal Statement ot the fla»neisl omMtloa of UM >ll*n Ooantjr St»MB«n(StIoim. atste of KVBM . at tho elOM of l>a>UMM on Uie M day or P«« nxmacai Loan Slid diacoosM I sn.OTT 11 Overtfraru .. «• » KxpMie Mconat. lOn « (nbar Bond* and Warrant* U .m M Cash and *lsbt eschance, leical re- •enro ni .W 15 Total MaaJM n tlAVIUTin. Cipiul .Slock Surpln. t'wTividrd Profit. Intrmt. —- IMTM*S5>Ji«iaKd W'uni'piijll'"! IndKMiMl Drpmiti.. Bank*' and BinkW I . poidl. OrtUnlMof DvpoMlK^ f.eoo.on •5.J.'P'47 73 OS ToTAt. SS5o.V^'«> STATE OF KANSAS t_ AUen Coanlf i **• r. Tlio* a. Bowlaa. Casbler of aald hank do aolmnilyawear thattlM ataTe xuiCBcat Is tme: thai MM ban » has BO ilaMlltte*. and It not iadoirer oa aar BOto or ohUaalloa, otlier thsaahnwaoa the above Maieswat, to the aatbeaM dsy^fir • \ Hmm Almo tor Tha glHTA FE win sail H0XE8ISKERS* Uektta Var. JMk, Dee. U Bad Ifth, |N7 la pahU la Tens >OUahaMi asd Ia4Iu TenltorT, Xaw Mexiea aad likaaaai at vary law rates. mXTEB TOUBIST tfcdkala aa sale dally Hav. IStk, 1M7 U April •Mk, IMS. wltk faal talm UaiB Jaaa 1st, IfW, ta Bcanaiaat, El P»•a, Ft Wattki fialTcslaB, Tvuu, Cuftbad ami Dcahg^ H. X. st law rates. riassa laa u far faifiar fttiMdui.' I !

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