Cherokee Daily Times from Cherokee, Iowa on May 31, 1960 · Page 68
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Cherokee Daily Times from Cherokee, Iowa · Page 68

Cherokee, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1960
Page 68
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BTSM&WfSiv,}. '- j > > > V gfffl^W''^ - ' -.: I \ County Agricultural Stabilization Committee Originated In 1923 .~";i<i-_ &»i? ~ .i**?"'/->_' . -. »*. tural Stabilization and Conservation Committee^ is a division of the. United 'States Department of "held: in ;1 936. .Tipper j I • '•'??• ?i '-3-fciidireiL coining . down ,-rMain strefet.; |. .3&6ir-peV dogs. Hermirie B^oderick'is "leaidihg; .'.":s5tfie".wayl Next 'picture; is thai of, RicharS.'jur- f|/X *pih; who for 'many5 years played: the ^jpajfi^of •• -'l^- :. : tbe.lP.iedJP,lper ofjjfemejin wrJUp > Jed the: parade. '• $r '-The upper ; right •photo ^ie^ - -C*-' -;-. v f .-; ° - '. .-.-l^V .•'-•-: . . "' - • .'.•'• jshown 1 in \tiie ^center;picture ,jof;j:he;yij$tteiin§ -/row. : ;;He{,is vibe" plans; i "ba^^yards";;.Qne,/.pfjjtii|S^ '.unusual of' the '^•ijete/J'tekinglJipaIt^|^i»i?i] ; p.articrula'r year/ w.ajsthe broyra ;~~yf~ '" •'•"--• ;;Ja'net';::Carltbn.''pf :: "'--*- J -~' i '-"' 5 -' £ ~ i - r - the ^Vs^-- SfiK; ; ' : ' ; Foi-nied If! Assist Kiwanis With Projects : -if<:Kiwanis Kweens, 'a service or- -i^ahizatipnv was organized Febru- ^at^ ; 21V.;194a -by the 'wivesoi tfie ^members of ..Kiwanis Club. The •formed to assist Ki- ^ with .their projects, h .-.x.^ •: -• ','. \ij£ti£rter •members of the'l'cKib Y, Leola B.rpwh,' i,.,Jane Everingham,, g, -, Ivagene -Harikens,•; Hughes.JMarlys; fl^^ugei'-'"Betsy Lane "Meyer;'Ethel': - Berniece.;. -Mprrison; Kittyj \.';;strah.dU','i"Flor'ence : v,.r'Dea'n-'H6smer-,;;: Irigebbrg- Jo'hnson, ; : Mpp%.Matt, Nbrma Meyer,. May-.- ;^ell^Miiler,-Audrey' McClintock,: '. Lu;cille"sbtis;'--Eula' Pierce, Ruth Office Jlrjied In 1917 >'* ? ;i j)ri-..(.Tanner first, practiced .in '-""^'"'•--here he was ; .associated ,M., E. Whitesi'de' from ,.. the. Schaller grade |a^j|;|hi|h- schools and ; later re' Doctor of Dental Sure.- at .the .University of '. served, 'as' First. '.Lieu-- i£r®nt : ."irL the :•; ./Dental' ' ' Reserve :!: " member: of: [the ibistrict;'. 1 .of - --'the Dental Association; tihte;;Tpw^a State Dental .Associa- kpn; --'."four ^.county Dental; Study Masonic . Lodge.;, and;' the " ' " ' '' . ^ The • :f irst, meeting ^place : of : . •' the .group was -Hotel .Lewis:- _After the first J j prgariizatiqn\;';ihfeeti ; ng . ; the meel;ihgs-;.;were .hfeid';.pn the firs Mbhda^.-'.'oS 'eacji. 'month '; in.. : the tomes'xiifcthe members^; Ttie -group membersKip: npw;tptars 41. •/..'.;;."; : TKe ^..original ^officers were;Dean ; Hosmery-; president;'-^ 1 Kitty "' secr^etary-tt easuj¥r;r^ and j^ '''''';m Hazel • ^ScKu^tzfe;,-.- secret a'ry-ireas urer,'."Alice'-P'oulsph;,. board mem ;bersj: 'Melb'a ;. ; .Gi'ai!yburg,r'Lucill : /Bodthby.'Faye Mangold and-Vio let Mbeii.'/'l.;-,'. .'":'; -..'.;: '..'..'•-.. . One 'of; the mpst.-.wor.thwhil -projects••• undertaken by; ,thi Kweens- is the".arranging for al the-volunteers to help with the Crippled, Children's Clinic for thi "past five years.'It has also spon sored : the : -Girl-';Scout'-', troops in Cherokee. The group has also given financial aid to a youtl for . attendance at .a , special school;-A'-large .portion of their money>has' assisted.with the Ki wa'nis Milk Fund;- -,. •'.. Cement Building Blocks • Pramage Tile r : l^i^Mo^ Blocks Por Sctl(e fcyilf^ur Building Supply Store Group Formed-; , • '^fft ,:' ! '/ v w: -. '.•'.:'>.; vv : ' ; • : > The Wfomen's^ Association, a neVlyinstitute"ci/.orgariizatipn?o: women,' -which, was f prmed;tor;the purpbsei/pf giving vseOTice'-wJtM their, church.. jits ' beginfiing^tp.o p.lace' on . ' : - /however^' it eight; '; jnembef sip e^ 'women' s Hvbrlt' ;bf ''&&; Presjby; ,terian' : Qhurch.'' ' ';. ; ^•Vi^Vi^j^r 'There isi littie 1 . ;can/;be.f ; said ; i''0 their projects,"; 'yet, ^as.vfH^^aj ^comparatively; very' . young,' | b,u we ' can' mention 'the Ust'of .off icfe aJid'/the -.fine women •. .who.^fil th'eiriT. '••;::.':'- •";.'' ' .. ; President: Mrs..M; ;; IE 1st. • vice - president,:.'Mrs',;!:Av:.;H Kelson; :2nd vicei'-presid'enti-SMrs Willard Fee; recording secrejtary Mrs. Robert Engel; corresjpqnding secretary, Mrs. • Charles, gil(j treasurer, Mrs. -Tomp'.k'ih's Allison, Circle Chairmen .;•• ••'.*' No 1 Mrs. Corwin Crary; -No:-j2^Mrs Floyd Simons, .No.- 3 "Mars^^Eulas Quihn.^Nb. 4 Mrs.- Wafter,'.VKi'el horn, No. 5 Mrs ''.I, Karl ^Gla|s6n No. 6 Mrs.; Charles\;6qpil.^||pv^ Mrs. Lany^Ehrich", .• : N"6.'; '.;Vj'8V:Mrs Russell Froyd^ ; Chaarman]?p;£l^eJ iowship Department,' Dunn; Secretary of • Mrs. Don Graham; Chairmajtii'oJ World. Service' pepartmentV.JTyTrs A. R. Hagerstrand;, Sec.refaryfio: Foreign Mission's, ' National- ,'. : -aiic Christian Education r - Mrs: E'.-? F Berkler; Secretary of Sewing Mrs. H. A. .Ehrich; Chairman., ; p: Program Department, ^'Mrs^A^H Nelson; Secretary : of 'L'iterai;ure Mrs. Richard Kielho'rn; .Secretary of Missionary -Educatio'n,.-'Mrk. D C. Kent; Secretary of : Social ;Edu cation and .; Action, 'Mrs..v'-<3£ E Bryant; Secretary of; . Spiritua Life and Stewardship,"; Mrs. ' J:v.A Hirschman; ' ; Chairman 'of. . tpc'a! Service ' Department, 'Mrs.'.'; Jacob Lauer; Chairmn of Nomin ailing Committee, ,Mrs. .';'.' John ; Peters Chairman of Yearbbbk Committee, Mrs.. Jariies Huber.' ' '" r ' Here Siiioe '35 Dr. G. Jv Fleig, established his 'irst dental practice vin- Redf ield during 1927, ; coining to 'Cherokee n . 1935, r where he ..' off iced over he ojd Lamoroux Building. ,,; He. is a"' native pf»,Ke"pkuk County and "graduate 'T6"f;;;jts chools, later (attending S-.-'iU;*!. where' he received both his B*.A. nd;s Dlp;S;'l: degrees. '^ He; ; ;alSo er'yed in 'the *$.'• S.' Nayy^Jfom •• -. '-' . .. "-.Dr. :Fleig 'is- a' Mason^he^is^a Association; past chairman;-' '"of tie County • Association ' pi'^the tate Health Dental Association nd past, secretary, -jof. "the Kiwa'nis lub; and an officer irf the -Navy ,'eserve,' • : - •!';• •••-';-'- ' ' ':'''-.' Agriculture, set up for administering the various ^ phases of the National Farm Program. The" farm 'program was known as the Agricultural Adjustment Agency at the beginning in 1933, as the Agricultural Conservation Aci in 1936, as the Production Hereli _.„_„ SxiHplajil D.D.S., was born in; : ^EKVv;prjfi|ib>wa in 1914, graduating -'' 'frpmffvthe Epworth Public Schpc)i)f|lj^tem. He Attended ;rlowa;vtjiniy|!rsity, where he eatned.' .Kis'.|B".A*;'<at the under- graduate;:;colie'ge;5vliis D.D.S. at the '•professiPnalSsc.Hppl; and, his T\/T." O-. *i~4' ^4-V, A rv\/\tiit-iro-i*"a/1iiQ^g Sdhool office ;afc;:Alta|pbup^ntered; the army, dental-;.cpr|>!-|£.few months later.''.'.He ;.wa1l ; ;t'K6nPrably ;dis- - 1 ----" J 'in.i946f;at.^li4ch time he associa|ed?-|igth~.Dr. P. S. SC;; Cherokee and Marketing Administration in 1945 and presently, the Agricultural Stabilization and'Conserva- tion Committee. The program has had several distinct periods of operation each "designed to fit the need in each period. The first period emphasized the rebuilding and recuperation of a depressed agriculture. The second period was providing for. rehabilitation of. soil fer^ "tility: that had become depleted during the depression. World War II occurred in this, period, also and brought about! greately expended food requirements. The later periods were marked for post-war adjustments, agricultural conservation improvement, economic stability in farm income and a maintained abundance. '..'.. •:••'•: State, county and township committees administer the various programs under the ASC, such as the Agricultural Conservation Program, Commodity Loan and. Price Support Program ancl many other assigned duties. Cherokee County has been allocated $67,600.00 for the 1956 ACP, program, year, to assist •farmers in carrying out conservation "practices such as terraces, contouring, tiling, limestone, etc. The community loan program was created by executive order in 1,933. It's real purpose was to stabilize supplies and prices of agricultural commodities. This benefited not farmers alone, but the entire nation, as it assured farm prices necessary to get abundant production and thus maintain a balance between production and consumption. Purchasing agreements are in effect on option which does not execute a loan, therefore does not obligate thq farmer, yet gives him. the benefit of taking advan- tageof the' price support on the amount, of grain '.stipulated, if he ! desires ; to deliver to Commodity. Credit;'at, the .time specified. Commodity Credit owns 3,131,000 bushel of steel-bin storage sp'ace in Cherokee-County. There is at- the "present time 2,348,000 bushel: of government-owned corn stored jn. .these, structures. Commodity Credit also has loans on 1,966,338,; bushel of corn stored on farms iii Cherokee County. The original 'officers of the county committee when : organ- jized were: "Glen Curtis, James Kerns, P;"P, Kohns',-LeRoy Pease and Floyd' Anderson. The present officers are: Louis C. Bengtson, chairman; Harold H. Clark, vice-chairman; regular member, Albert N. Meyer and office manager,-Clifford L. Chapman. Brenner Gifts New City Firm One of the city's newest businesses is Brenner Gifts at 111- South Second, established April 15, 1956 by Mr,-and Mrs, Walter Brenner. Brenner was previously associ- . , • , \ ^iO* -- , ^!'-ftl | afed with Matt Furniture Hie pasl nine years. The and their two sons live on Route Cherokee. With the slogan, "lovvn'S est Gift Shop," they specialize unusual gifts for all' occasions. ( . ~ . r,r* &KX ""x* «"«•-». u ~f Join with Cherokee ing 100 years of growth. Complete Shoe Repair Service We Specialize in 6y stem-made Shoes for Men, Women and Children also Complete Shoe Rebuilding DELUXE SHOE REPAIR "Foot-Support Shoes — if you' care for your feet" Barrel Hein THE FIRST SETTLERS CAME TO CHEROKEE THE FIRST J. C. PENNEY STORE WAS OPENED IN 1927 I PENNEY'S GROWTH IN CHE ROKEE AND NATIONWIDE After $3; years of continued growth in every state in the nation — with more than 1650 stores throughout the country —- the J. C. Penney Co. plans and expects to continue its .solid expansion ... going on with the Golden Rule principle . . . and always with first quality merchandise. ;

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