Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1907
Page 8
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The civics class will, convene their congress Monday, Deoismbcr 2, and take up some of their Mils which have lieen sent in from the congressional districts. Mrs. Spriggs conbemplates moving to her farm in the 3Aaple Grove district in the near futitre. We are sorry to lose them from Carlyle district. Orvllle Graves Is staying with F. A. Longatreth of the Di>er Creek district and attending school there. Mr. Graves has moved to Humboldt The eighth grade boys have been hiisy patting up i:he new window shades,. dictionary ha^er, etc. The new recitation aeats; b£ve not put in their appearance ye'i. - Our library has added the Carpenter (Geog. Readers to its list. Carlyle and viclility responded to the Orphans' Home c ^ll by $10.35 in cash besides crmned Iruit, popcorn and clothes. Mrs. Funston -was a very welcome caller in our dfetrict this month. Other vlflitora wevve Gro\'er Graves, Albert Dickerson, Kennsth Davis and Fred Wilson.. Mrs.,Jane "Christian "has been somewhat indisprjsed, but "we are glad to • report her Improving. Ruth; Ca,1dwcn and Carrie Doling have been sick. Report of Carlyle school. District No, 2, for the month eniding November 22. IP 0.7: ' Names, of, those neither' absent nor tardy during the month, Nellie Wilson Nellie end Everett Davis, Nellie Bol- inc Pearl and Charley Caldwell, John Mary. fBesile and. Pearl Mcnly. Ernest mai Htomer Walli 'xe. Clyde ..-Sewelland LofeU Andrews.] Mary andOlenn Dick enna. Hoy Vexfe. Ulr M &rtiD. DoUle Ruthledge «nd .'Kent Dudley. Honor roll, grade 8: Mary Mealy, ; av. 97; Kent, Dudley 96, Clyde Andrews 96. G*ienn Dickerson 96, John . Mealy 9B, R-^y Vesle 95, Uessie Mealy 93, Nellie > /Wilson 90, Penrl Caldwell 90. Intenn ediate grade: Sewell and Lovell Andrews. Pearl Mealy. Nellie Boling, Er nest Wallace. Charley Cald•well and Everett Davis.' Primary grade: N,Jellie Davis, Mary Dickerson. Lily Margin and'Homer Wallace. Number enrolled 31. Average daily attendpj) ce 28. OLIVE S. SAWYER. came to help them eat Thanksgiving turkey. A good time was reported by iUI who were present. Jason Sherrlll and wifo vislteO ooo. Sherrillr. Thursday. Mrs. Boucher was caltlnp on friends In this neoghborhood Friday. ]^Iosdanies llinkle and OcmmeH culled on Mrs. Mae llukor Wednesday. Messrs. ninkle and McClelland went to Humboldt Tuesday. " Mr. Haker and will have been hnul- hiB wood from the creek this week. Mr. Harnlsh was vIsKIng at Robert Sullivan's Wednesfday. Mrs. Japhet and little son returne-l Thursday from a visit to her parents In Topeka. BROXSOX. Miss Flossie King, formerly of Altoona, Kansas, and Mr. Hendrix Blue 3f Nevada, Mo., were united in marriage at the home of the bride's un^le, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wright, Mon­ day evening, December 2. Rev. Ira Kurr, pastor of the M. K. church. South, oftlciating. Mr. Blue is a strnu ger to us, but Miss KhiK has been among us fur several mouths and Is well liked by all who know her. Mr. and .Mrs. Blue left on the i-veuluj: train Tuesday for .Nevada, where they will make their home. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Thompson of Moran, were vlvltlii!; relatives here Sunday. Rev. Scherman and wife, of Kansa-s City, who recently conducted revival services here at llie Baptist church are moving here this week. .Mrs. Tripp and daughter, llulh. Miss Lena Ferris and Miss Sadye l.,aury returned to lias City Sunday afternoon after spending the week end with relatives here. The revival services whirh have been in progress at the M. K. church. South, for the past fen days conducted by Evangelist Sweaten, closed .Mon day niKht. Large crowds were present every night and there were a large number of conversions. . Mrs. Maggie Anderson who has been the Holt central for the past four years, has resigned and a new central has taken charge. Brousou i>cople regret very much to see .Mrs. Anilerson leave the ollloe as she has made an excellent reiilrnl. She has accepted a posltltin as saleslady with Wright I re- la ;-.d i Co. Mr. L. II. Jennings, a hlgljiy re- s))ected farmer living a few miles north of Bron.sou. died Tuesday afl.^r- M(H)n. lie has been very low for several weeks and death has not been \iu- e.\i>:'cted. Funeral services will b" held at the Baptist church Thursday :irij ;iir()M and interment will lie niuile in '.hi l-ronsou cemetery. (•n:'s!er Wood, of Hittslnirs. Kas. was l.erc Friday visit ing his friend, Sherninii Low. DEER CREEK. spent the Inst uf the week at Wm. Clark's. Mr. and .Mrs. Roy Howard spent Thursday at Mr. Martin's near Colony. . Frank l ..(n )gKirelli of itoulder. t'olo- rado, visited his brother, Fred, from Saturday iiirtll Wednesday. He left Wednesday nuiruing for Ciithrle, Oklahoma, where he will visit his mother. Quite a few from this vi.-lnlty attended church at Carlyle last week. .Mr. Wm. .Murphy expects to start to liis new home in Iowa soon. .Mr. jiiid .Mrs. John Chilcote and fuMiily and .Mrs. Caiitt Sundaycd at Boy Howard's. .Mr. .1. O. W. Howard of lola was out to the farm Tuesday. PLEAS.VXT YALLET HILL. | Thanksgiving day was celebrated, very iiuietly in this neighborhod. Mrs. Ed Clark and children of lola .Miss Osbom, reporter. ' lola. Kas.. Nov. 4.—Mrs. G. W. ^ Moore, near Humboldt, and Mrs. Sol. i Eyler. of Pawnee. Okla., sp?nt Mon-, day afternoon at Grandma Osbonie's. i Miss Alice Slipckey visited N«tishr)' \ alley school M<uiday. George Flaner lititchered nine hogs Tui-sday and iiiarkfled ih.-iu in lo'a Wecljiesday. Frankle Ellis started to sehcKil. again this week after three weeks' absence on account of sIcUness. .Mrs. .Margaret Sloan lost one of hr >r fat hoi ;s last week. She tlioUKbt it was rholied at first but is not sure .nK to the cause of it dying. E. Baird delivered tliree dressed hots In loin Tuesday. Zella McKInney h;>l|>od her sister Ethel Clark take up cariiets the first of the> week, preiiaratory to ,t ;oing to California. John Beahm and Lee Clark are to h.-ive a big sale on December liilh at .Tohn B.'^ahiu's residence, ('"ark will sell everything and go t <i stay and Beahm will sell stock, grain, hay. implements and chickens, byt week the farm and household goods, to come back to his friends if he finds no better location. DISTRICT HO. 38. 4 DISTRICT NO. 38. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Elliott. Mr. and MTS . Ed. ElUott and Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Laike ;ate Thanksgiving dinner -with M r. and Mrs. Chas. Lake. • Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Kerr were Bh(H>i^S in Savonborg one day last :week. Mr..&nd Mrs. Andy Roberts visited at B. F. Lndlnm's Sunday. A good attendance at church and{ bapUzIns Thanksgiving at Leanna. { Mrs. R. D. Lake and Miss Marie Moore-visited the Misses Miller at LaHarpe Saturday. 4 FBAIBIE DELL. —* Mr. and Mrs. 1. Snider, Francis and Sylvan Snider, Katie Lockhart Mrs. McClelland and C. G«mmell and wife spent Thanksgiving with Mr. Hinkle a|td family. The day was spent In .SamieB and music and a bountiful feast was spread at the noon hour. Every one reported a fine time. 'Mrs. Oea Baker bas been sutferln? with tbe^igcippe this week. •linilard' iapbet has been very ill Mtlls better Jit this -wcttae. -. fMMrt SalUvan^a borne wias a scene of tAffi ^l^when: .0qfl^Jl[f^:Ayt ol their relaUves WEST OF THE RIYEB. j "We are having flna winter wMthCR V. it. I'eck delivered hogs in lola Tuesiluy. Wm. Preston is helping on D. &L BC.TIIUI'S liarn. Flake ami Eldrldge threshed kafflt corn and clover seed the first of the week. .Mr. K:ditor, what has become ol .vour Uli.rty and East of Piqua coi* respondent. '. ' .Nettie OslKjn visited Sarah 'Preaftdft' the nrot of the week. ' 'f'"-!' .Mr. .McFarni from Grenpla, was here the first of the week lookingi for ii farm to rent. .Mr. Andrews is still thinking some of locating here when he finds a farm to suit him. Ehlers Sutton and PIttman preached at L. J. Dawson's Saturday night and at Union Sunday at 11 a. m. .Mr. .Martin was collecting toll and phone rent this side of the river last week. SIg Barnhardt and family vlslted_ at Lewis Zink's Sunday. • -iun FRISHMAM'S nnM of BMaiDs in Handsoine Coats, Suits and Skirts >E6SU0 YALLET. Out coat department offets opporttiafties stich as were never before known at this season of the year. The valiies are onmistakable^ don't fail to visit this department if yoif have ot yet selected yoor winter ooter garment. One of the strong features of this sale is the choiceness of the merchandise, correct shapes and styles of garments. Every article offered is desirable and in many instances the price qtioted is btft a mere trifle of the former price Women's Cloth Coats Talnes that speak for themselves. $6.50 to 17.50 Cloth Coats on sale at , $1.50 $10.00 to $12.00 Clcth Coats on sale at $7.50 $15.00 to $18.00 Cloth Coats on sale at ...... $Ii50 $20.00 to $22.00 Cloth; Coats on sale at IISJM) $25.00 to $30.00 Cloth Coats on sale at n»JM $15.00 Caracul Coats reduced to |10»0 $20 Caracul Coats reduced to %MM $25 Caracul CoaU reduced to %liM 130 Caracul Coats reduced to I9IUM Misses Coats That Are Extraordinary Talnes. $7.00 Misses Coats on sale ...$3.9o $8.95 Misses' Coats on sale lM.7'> $10 75 Misses' Coats ot^ sale $12.50 Misses' Coats on sale $8.50 A Silk Petticoat Sale 50 Silk Petticoats In all high colors and changeable shades, also black, full width heavy rustling taffeta: this sale will appear to saving shoppers; A $C.50 to $7.00 Petticoats at HM 300 Mercerized Satine Petticoats worth $1.50; six styles to select from; you will be surprised to get skirts ot this quality for 98c Women's Skirts .Vt Phenomenal Sucrlflre Frirrfi. $4.!>r) Cloth Skirts on sale at ...W .iS $(!.!>.•> Cloth Skirts on sale at ...W.95 $s..".o Vollu Skirls on sale at . . .WJiO $|-J .r .(l Voile Skirts on sale at ..$7.50 Beautiful Waists At IVonderfnl Savings. $C.OO Taffeta Silk Waists on sale at $3.75 $(;..">0 Net Waists on sale at .$twO $8.50 Net \Valsts on sale at $5.95 50 Sample Waists worth up to $5.00 to clear the lot at once, choice ...$2.50 Blankets and Comforts 75c Blankets, sale price 50e $1.00 Blankets, sale price 75c $1.25 Ulankets, per pair 98c $2.00 Ulankets, per pair ..' $1.50 $2.75 Blankets, per pair $1.98 Comforts special iX 98c, $1.35, $1.50 and $3.00. 75c and $1.00 Dress Fabrics 50c 40 Pieces,Odd Lots of this season's choicest 36 to 50-Inch plain and novelty Woolen Dress Fabrics, some of the very best dress goods bargains presented this year; worth 75c to $1.00 per yard; clearance price . . .50c 50 Pieces of Wool Sultngs In Shadow plaids, checks and mixtures; sold all season at 65c to 75c; this is post* lively the best bargain ever offered In dress goods. Extra special for tomorrow at ..; .* '. 35c An ImiHirtjint three days' sale on Knit Uuderwear. Children's Coats At Prices That Cap the Climax. $.1.95 Children'.-; Coats on sale at $l>5 $i>.09 Children's Coats on sale at $3.50 $6.00 Children's Coats on sale at $3.95 $7.50 Children's Coats on sale at $1.75 Handsome Furs at Bargain Prices $3.50 French Coney Scarfs on sale » ..$3.00 $7 ..'iO Isabella Fox on sale $5.00 $6.50 Brook .Mink Scarfs on sale- at %iM $12.50 Jap .Mink Scarfs oil sale at $HJtt $7 .50 Martin Scarfs on sale at $5.09 C. Iji Arnold, reporter. John Slack's parents of lola; and •Others of his relatives spent Thanks- pi vin .g at his home. .\ number of his neighbors surprised John Rush by giving an oyster supp?r at his home on Wednesday evening of last week. The supper was ?iven as a farewell token to Mr. Rush bnd his son Harve. Who ebt'peette*^ leave for California in a few days. However, their departure will "be de- fa .ved a week or two to wait for John ??eahm to get ready to go with them. Mr. Keller and other members of his family living southwest of Hiwi- boldt. attended quarterly meetings at rho church Saturday and Sunday. There were also a number from Libert v attended. .;7 Wm. Brown came over from Gas Thanksgiving day and he sad- Uv.lair' partner. J. S. Taylor butchered ai^ab 't : Wailaca Bale mad wife at» Thiml» jilvlng 'dinner with friends Ift^to^nK C. R. Jacoby came in from MkrMr- ino. Mo., hist Wday and rein«Ui «ltt' with his parents until Saturday iwon. Although gas well No. 4 .-^m Younp farm was not a failure, the , nme of gas is not what could hi been reasonably hoped for. K3V. C. H. Hlnton. of .Parsons. V. n. presiding elder of this distrik— held impressive services at the U. BL church (luring the quarterly meetlf^ period which closed on Sunday eV^- ing. Mrs. B. F. Clark from near - Pf^tt r>nd C. I.. Arnold accompanied W. H. Root and her family, of Iola4"to Jeddo neighborhood "Wednes^, v,here they all went to witness thj marriaEe of Prank D. .Arnold aid MIlB Katie Kamping. . r' Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Milligan are Witing friends in Nebraska. Cottage prayer meetings are befiQ: held in the neighborhood this waieslr. A drilling rig is now being set at the southwest comer of Mrs. P$» dom's place. .V'\; Otto Hillbrant is threshing clo +er, k-affir com and other light crSft throughout the nsighborhood. SOOTH LOGAir. Rev. Bosworth of Neosho Falls preach at Scatter Creek church Sunday evening. "W. .Morris came up from today. -p.'i Born to Frank Ebert and wlfe^ son. Wedding hells will ring , December 4th, at the home Salle. Mable Ebert has the scarlet fe J; W. Haines of Chanute tii-pi in the foundation tor the house. J. N. Young went to Panolkl day: t-> biive his eyes tr^tedjrt/' • B. F. Brown U buUdtaic a~ house in Petriflla. BetlttM Waal Aii« le ft.

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