Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 1, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1908
Page 7
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THE lOLl DULY BEGISTEB, TCJESPAY ETEXOe. DECEMBEB 1, IMS. CAKISB WfilGHT PUKCHA8ED k BlJoit FACTOBT AT ALBANY, M(K MAY MOVE IT TO JOPLfN ir. H. BICKETTS YE8TEBDAY CELE BBATBD 6 «TH BIBTHDAY. Wllte Worklag on Uis Farm Yester i»j Korelnc George Barker Sns tala«d Interaal lajarles. Olflfrated Blrtlidar. A dinner waa given W. H. Rlckelts yeaterda}-. bis 65th birthday. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Turner and son Donald, Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Lea and Miss E>rerliDe of Carnctt. Is JlOTln; 8tore. r. A. Quintard la today mwlng his second hand store three doors south Into the buildloK Tortnerly occupied (>y Moore'a drug store. The new quarters are much larger and will give Mr. Quintard better floor space tor dis plarinc his stock of merchandiije. Bon^t Blore Factory. H. C. Wright of this city has purchased a glove manufactory at Albany. Mo. He may move it to Joplln. Mo. Mr. Wright will meet with the Joplln. Mo., commercial club and if the proper inducements are made will move there. , Sew ArrlvalH. A daughtec was born yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. Jess Gilbert. . Saturday a girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Danley. S«staiBed Serious Injuries. George Barber, a farmer living north of town, sustained serious internal in Juries while working about his farm yesterday morning. His condition is considered serious. OSTEOPATHY— DB. W A. ALBBIGHT. RaClsteted Osteopathic Physician. Bute Bank Dldg. Phone 145. Oair Osteopath In La Harpa. Dressmaking Dep'tmetit . Second Floor rirs. L.C. Reeves Fancy Dresses a Specialty lOLA'S BESr.ANO aRe\TeST STORE OurCloak andSMit Section is "The Home of Fashion'* $tOkOOO Worth af RBadytO'WoBr Apparel Will be on Solo All This Woekat Special Roduotlons Such phenomenal values were never before offered so early In the season in Up-to-Date Suits, Coats, Waists and Skirts as we will place tomorrow before the good people of tola and vicinity—all new and desirable merchandise secured by our New York buyer at tremendous price concessions for spot cash from overstocked manufacturers. Ladles' Tailored Suits At Tremmnttoum Rmduotlonm 122.50 and $25.00 Tailored Suits at J13.95 2f..00 and 27.5(iTailored Suits at.. .. JI7.95 .30.00 Tailored Suits at $20.00 35.00 Tailored Suits at $25,00 4000 Tailored Suits at ^30,00 45.00 Tailored Suits at $35.00 Meets Viith Xrs. XcGUL The Modern and Ancient Embroidery society wHI meet with Mrs. J. F. McGill this afternoon. Pmouls. Mr. and Mrs. Howard hare returned to their bonw In Eureka. Kas.. after spending: a few days here the guests of relaUves. MrwDowell came In yesterday from Bronson where she has been visiting Mrs. Inman. Carter Wright was In Bronson yesterday on a business visit. Johnnie McDonald and Ed Danfortb were duck hunting yesterday. Mrs. J. W. Enlow. of West Brahm. Iowa. Is here the guests of relatives. Miss Stella Adams and her father, Chas. Adams, came In yesterday from a trip through Colorado. Miss Mildred Waller, of Columbus, Is here Tlsltlng. MEASURE PRESIDENT'S FEET. BrocMan. Mass., Factory to Mal<e 4 Pairs of Hunting Shoes. Broclcton. Mass.. Dec. 1.—President Roosevelt tias ordered his hunting shoes. They really are boots, reach Ing almost to the knee, and the measurements by which they are to be made are the most complete ever received by a Brockton factory. At the request of the President, a local firm sent one of its most expert men to Washington to take the njpas uremcnt of the President's feet. Orders were given for four pairs of boots, all to be duplicates. Each of the President's feet was carefully Kiips Bowels Opm; Fres There is no function of the human lody ao important as keepinji; the bowah open. Upon the condition of the bowels, more than upon any othf r one tiling, depends the health and weU<b«ing of the entire system. There is scarcely a sickness that has not got constipation and stomach trouble con^ficatcd with it It it at the bottom of most of the serious diseases of Kfc •vary grown ap human t>elng ousht to have ac mat on* faQ and eaar evacoa* Moa 9t tha bowels every 2« hours. But ufortmiatalr there are thousands wiM aa BOt^gat this. No matter what h tha Datura «r eausa of their ooa> 1 no niatter how chronic and It la. th«y wtn not flnd a than the weB-kaowa Or. I Syrop Pepsin. 8o eenfldentare amrt at this wendsrfcil laxaUvs HI e^rs any oaaa of eousttpaUoa V ar oM. that tbai^ win asnd a i hottl* (o aavDM wfeo seada Dan* Msa to DrTCaMwaa l« wtn do (or anv oonsUnated ; It dM for Mia. W. D. ffSler. oa »«lda. Mich.. tOr Mr. J. F. Ed. wwnt, of LahanoB, Teno., aad K bost of •tfana ta aU sections pf tha eonntry. After hevlBS tMsd the eaaipto they will do aa llt «rViUer and latTWwiiit diA srMeii le to go to tha nearest drug store M kay a reenter bottle. Which eeeta S« that -Ave Dr. , ^ Ingredleata aver pot before trtharalsanrttlagaboat •mrfmm. tkat jtn don't ^-rer^iba waat advtee. write r«<«a«lM wlB I tor thie awvtee. .JN 'to Sr. tr. B , __cwgCrt <waBIM», Women's Tailored Coats At Oreat Rettuotionm fiu- Wmlmtm mt Retuomd Prioem White Net waistj worth $5.00 for $2,98 White and Ecru Net waists, worth |6 9 M , for' ••$4.98 White and Ecru Net waists, worth t5.9s, for $3.98 White Net waists wotthf 10.00 for $5,98 Black Net waists worth 17.60 for $3.98 ; White Silk waiPts worth lO'.tHf ,r .$5.98 Many beautiful styles, made of the est coat materials, 45 to 54 inch lengths. f 7.50 long Coats for S4.95 8.50 long Coat9for S5.95 10 00 long Coats for. $7.95 12.50 long Coats for $8,95 15.00 long Coats for $11.95 18 00 long Coats for $15.00 20.00 long Coats for $16,95 25.00 long Coats for $19.95 Oremt Reduotloam on CMMren'm Gomtm |2 75 Children's Bearskin coats for $|.75 Children':; Bearskin coats for . . . .$2,95 5.00 Children'.«: cloth coats for.. $3.50 7.50 Children's cloth coats ioT $4.95 S 00 Children'.-; cloth coits for $5,95 10 00 Children'.s cloth coats for $6,95 tUq Special Sale OD Tur^ 411 Thte Week Special Cut Prices cn Skirts All This Week MEW YORK STORE measured. Nearly fifty measurements were taken. Plaster casts will be made of the Presideiffs feet and legs, and the shoes literally built on these. The shoes are to have an extra double Bol". into which the uppers arr to b»! Rowpd with waterproof stlfhes. risit a Sarprlse. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Harrell, of La Harpe were surprised Saturday af- :ioon when Mrs. John Gainer and Mrs. ?harles Guthrie, of Oklahoma City. Okla., came. They were enroute to the hom*- of their sister who reside.*; In St. Louis. Mo. .Mrs. Harrell sprved •1 o'clock dinner In their honor. TJie -overs were laid for Mrs. John (Jalner Vfr.s. rharJes (iuthrlf. .Vfrs Will .Strort md children and .Mr. ami Mr.s. d^nr^p HarrpII and children. BROKE THE RECORD CONTINUE MAULE CASE. Leavennorth Jointist Who Plead Gallt) Has First In 25 Years—Fine and Jail Sentence. Leavenworth. Kas.. Dec. 1.—A fine of on.» hundred dollar.s and a thirty day Jail HPntenro was fh»» punishment meted out to .larch Wisenian who pleaded gttiliy lo vIoiatinK au irijunr- tion of the district court here, forbidding him to soil liquor. He is the first Leavptiwortli jninlli.t to plpad t;iiilty wlihiii tM.pntv-ri%«> ypar.s It win be Heard December Thirty- first. ! The case of the state vs. Mrs. Hanna Maule, charged with a .~v sault with intent to kill, which was ' to havp bppn heard in .Tii.stirc C. Pottpr'.-i' po'irt this nioniing. has lip"n rcntitniPd until Oecpmbpr 21 .st. Tho casps of thp statp vs. .lohn rsibson and the state v.'; K. C. Stark, both ao .saiiU action.s. which crew out of thp .Maul" , casps, havp also bppn ron'iDMPd until i IipiT -niliPr 2Ist. NIGHT SESSION OF COURT WON BIKE RACE HERE H. S. Hale. Who « lean. .\u«i (arried Off rhafflploD<ihip of Three States, in Town. Twenty.threp years ago this past fall, a feature of the county fair held In lola was a bicycle r ^ie In which thp championship of three states. .Nebraska, Colorado and Kansas, was at slake. That VHK in the day of tne high wheel bike, long since out of date. The race which was witnessed by an excited throng, was won by H. S. Hale, althoti ^b thp gTPat majority of those who saw the sport have likely forROt- ten the name. Today H. 8. Hale was in town and, after hunting up some of the old "resldenters.", asked them if they recalled the race. .Many of them did and when he announced that he was the man who won the contest, they grew much interested. In his possession today he carried a leather badge preaented him in lola In 1885 when he won the championship of the three states. Mr. Hale gave up racing In 1898 and has since been traveling Jn the Interest of a bicycle comSKsny. He secured several orders here today. Mrs, Layman Wanted Help. I had a ''a.^p today which I, think thi> ciiy filinnlil han 'ljp." said Poor roniinisslon 'T Al Abrains today. "Tlip pollcp." continiiPd .Mr. Ahrams, "ar- n-hted Sppc l./ayniHn for some offpns'* and h" wa.s spnt to Jail for failnre to I pay hlH tine. This mornla? his wlft; ' came Into my offlco anil Kald her husband was In Jail and K I IP must havn somp help. 'I^hpip wax nothing to do but R I VP lipr aid." tMtmitim the Wkitc Way. Tha Whita Way. tha Initial trial of which waa given by tha merehanu In the block batwean East itreat and Mad toon avaBwa -bii Jallaraoii, baa haen extended Bortb to Jackson avanua. 1 A niKht session of district roiirt 'will probably be hp|d this pvpninr: to Idlsposp of thp Eddip Shaunuii ca.sp. ,.TmlK*' FouBl has a iinnibpr of ra.sps sPt , for tomorrow and npxt riay and it Is d '-Klrnd to illsjMiHP of thp Shannon ,pi .-<p as Koon as poKslhlp as ihp hoy .has been In jail for somp timp. Ho • imas lr |pd in JnvPiiIlp court, J(|'I« P Smith flnilInK that he sbonld bp .~^pnt , to the reforni Nrhool. Iml ihp lioys tn'oth 'T apppalpd thp casp. Truth and Qualiiy appeal to the Well-informed in evety walk of life and are ea-wntial to permanent success and creditable t^tnnding. Accor- ingly, it is not claimed that Synip Fip and Elixir of Senna is the onlj* rpmrdy of Icnown value, but one of many reasons why it is the best of per8'>nal and family laxatives is the fact that it cleanser, sweetens and reliei-pn the internal organs on which it acts without any debilitating after effects and without having ^ increase the quantity from time to time. It acts pleasantly and naturally and truly as a laxative, and its component parts are known to and approvetl by plijrsicians, as it is free from all objectionable substances. To get its beneficial effects ahrays purchase the genuine— manufactured by the California Fig Synip Co., ooly, and (or sale by all leading druf • TO DIM; K . r. ymn BALL HLKOLS In Lawrence, K HSM .VH » Will Celebrate i the "Etrr VlrtnrlouH" Season. I >.iwrenrp. Ka :-i . !)<•'• I —.A dliniPr 'will hp gtvpn liy tlip faniliy .•mrl ^\n. Idents of the I'nivprsliy of Kansa.s and .the citiZPiis of I.,iwrpncp \\>diiesday |nlKht to the menihers of the iinivpr ;iiiy I foot ball team. Thp team won nvppv game on Its schiidiilp. FIvp hundrpil plates will be laid in thp Mg univp r.sily gymnasium for the guests. Chancellor; Frank Strong will iip toastmaster. : Thp iirinoi|ial addrp:'-; will hP made by W. R. Srulili;^. covpr- Dor-p'pct of KansaK Thosp wlir will respond to toast.s includp I 'nrle ".lini- mie" Orepn, dean of the law .school; Prof. .1. N. Vandpr Vrips. Ralph Spotts. i^tiident cheer leader: A. fl. Kpnpdy. roaoh of the team, and Arthur St. Lieger Mo.sso. assistant coach. Captain Crowpll and other memlipr.^ of ihp team will also make talks. The K.s are to hp awarded lo thp members of fhe team. The iettpr will lie given to the eighteen men , who played in the league games with towi^. Nebraska and Missouri universities. . Gold foot l )ail watch fobs, the gifts of the citizens of I.iawrence, will be distributed among the members of the team in recognition of their work. (First Fubli.=;hed Xov. IS. 190S.) PlBLIC.iTIO> .NOTICE. State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. tn the District Court for said County. Sara T. Rowe. Plaintiff, vs. Frank S F{owp. Defendant i Said dpfendant. Frank .S. Rowe. wft[ take notice that hp has been .-ued in tho above naniPd Court, by said plaintiff for divorc". said plaintiff ;»lks;lng in hpr i>Ptition. as prounds therefor, that dcfpndant has bPpn ctiilfy of PA- tipnie rriip'fy, gro.-s neglert of duty, and abandonment for mopp than onp ypar prior to thp filing of said petition, and niu.-t answpr llip petition tllpd therein by said plaintiff on i .i before thp Mnth day of Dpt.-embpr. A. 1>. I9f>8. or said pptili'm will tip takPti as tnip. and jiidqinpf.t fur plaintiff in said artioTi for divorcp will hp ipn- dpred accordingly. KwiNfj, (•; ARD A . (IARD. Attorneys for I'l.ilntiff. Attr^t: C. K. ADAMS. 11-18-L':.-'.'. Ckrk of Said Court. . .... :i NO MORE DRINKING ON TRAIIM. Passengers to Remain Sober In Kansas, if Ryan's Order is Effectlva." The cfinf ^tani dropping water wpars I away the harflpsf stoiip. 7he rousfant guaw of Towspr niastl- ciiter. the toughest hone. The constant wooing lover carries away the blushing maid. And the Constant Advertiser Is the man who get.s the trade. FOR A DIRECTOR OF POSTS. New Measure Would Abolish Four Offices of Asst. P. M. General. Washington. Dec. 1.—The four of- flcps of Assistant Postmaster Gpueral will be abolished, a director of posts with seven assistants provided for and thp pnlire postal service of ttc I'nitPd Siatps divided into fifteen sop- a.atp distrirts. if the proposed bill for the rpvision of the postal lawi? is passed by Congress. The joint postal In- vestiKation commission of Congress apiminted two years ago prepared the T''*' commission has been ill session for the last week. ft is asserted "that a director of posiii appointed to hold office until I removed for cause, atid who shall re- jccivf; a high salary will tend to improve [.he service throuch a continuity of policies. By providing for seven assistants th^ disadvantages due to frequent changes and the appointment of Inexperienced men to the four offices of Assistant Postmaster General can, it is believed, be obviated. Topet;^, Dec. 1.—Frank Ryan, railroad pommlssioner. believes tl|^ tfie railroad hoard has authority now to forbid passengers drinking litiniWOa trains and he will urge that board to i SUP such an order. If he baa hl8 "way r -P order will be directed to tie flftt roads to prevent passengers' "^JS?oii drinking liquor on trains and i^ fte passenger refuses to do to'to thptn off Kansas has no speci& Ikw on that subject now. :. .- , Tloprrspnt.-itlve Mitchell of l*W- reiicp proposes to push one throaA this winter. In discassiag hfs plan Commi.ssloner Ryan said today: " " ".\ passenger on the trains of Kansas I K entitled to ride from hlaa^rt- ing point to destination, If lie'iDV> chases a ticket, and should Bot^Htie forced to partake of a drfnk ataltnt •! Is will from the bottle of hls'ftffiiir pas! enger who has partaken of "ab mtirh of the contents of hla bottlit that he does not know boar to <Oif dti't himself in the presence of lait- |ps and children. If a mad mift drink iMjer and whiskyj that tfcjea h6t give him the rli^bt to' annoy etft «if|f| who prefer that he should polsod Elm- splf and let others alone." *' "Mrf«>Wh .JbwB«i »«»r<irffoiiiteaiiMiSg€» fir the lutK-ntr-SvvTe'naii^MTarfMsdaBr f^'.lff DDtll fas twxma ^khic TO«r Ca««M««*.-«Wc« h« h>< b>can takluc Cueanti b* iiu a «TM b«4 Ihfl b>>ulu:h«. They bava mtlnlr nna hi*. win glTf. yon tb« prirlleca o« ailai fait «••«.•• lL.tX.\M'kian n»Re*iDerSi.,W.iiHlt«aa»oU«.]a4. Best For •old la bulk. Xb* suala* Hblal i Qsannlaad to can or foar •anfx M *i|< ttsriiav f «aM;i7 Co „^*sage er ll|tflLSIi£.TE|l«i«i

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