The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 23, 2001 · Page 12
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 12

Salina, Kansas
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Monday, April 23, 2001
Page 12
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THE SALINA JOURNAI SPORTS MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2001 B3 Chiefs / wm sign Northern Iowa QB FROIUI PAGE B1 "His test will be how he ; hangs on with the 320-pound ' tackles," Vermeil said. - With their second choice in .the fourth round, the Chiefs went for fullback George Layne of Texas Christian University. In round No. 5, the Chiefs selected Billy Baber, a tight end out of Virginia, and Derrick ' Blaylock, a running back from ' Stephen F. Austin. With one pick in the sixth round, the Chiefs chose Alex Sulfstead, a 317-pound guard from Miami of Ohio. Rounding out the draft, they used two seventh-round choices for Shaunhard Harts, a strong safety from Boise State, and Terdell Sands, a defensive tackle from Tennessee-Chattanooga who played only one year of college football but was too big (6-7, 330) and promising to pass up. Layne, 5-11, 243, helped open holes for AU-American running back LaDainain Tomlinson, who went in the first round to San Diego. As the lead blocker, he was credited with 56 knockdowns. Used mostly in short-yardage situations, he carried 46 times for 279 yards and six touchdowns last year. Baber ranks seventh all-time for Virginia tight ends with 54 catches for 544 yards and five touchdowns. Blaylock became a starter his senior year and rushed for 1,382 yards and eight toudchdowns, a 6.8-yard average. His 1,464 all-purpose yards were fourth on the school's all- time single-season list. The Chiefs apparently had their eye on at least one late- round quarterback who got taken ahead of them. Vermeil said they would sign Ryan Helming of Northern Iowa as a free agent. "I've actually seen more tape on him than any other quarterback in preparation for the draft," he said. Their most intriguing choice may be Minnis, the 171-pound wide receiver who helped Florida State get to the national championship game by catching 68 passes for for 1,340 yards and 11 touchdowns. "Marvin Minpis is an electrifying player," Verneil said. "He makes things happen. He's an exciting player Whether he'll be as exciting in the NFL, I don't know." TEAM-BY-TEAM PICKS ARIZONA CARDINALS 1 (2) Leonard Davis, t, Texas. 2 (34) Kyle Vanden Bosch, do, Nebraska. 2 (54) Michael Stone, db, Memphis. 3 (64) Adrian Wilson, db. North Carolina state. 4 (98) Bill Gramatioa, k. South Florida. 4 (123) IVlarcus Bell, dt, Memphis. 5 (133) Mario Fatafehi, dt, Kansas State. 6 (166) Bobby Newcombe, wr, Nebraska. .7 (202) Renaldo Hill, db, Michigan State. 7 (246) Tevita Otahengaue, te, Brigham Young. ATLANTA FALCONS 1 (1) Michael Vick, qb, Virginia Tech. 2 (35) Alge Grumpier, te, North Carolina. 4 (99) Robert Garza, o, Texas A&M-Kingsville. 4 (102) Matt Stewart, lb, Vanderbiit. 5 (136) Vinny Sutherland, wr, Purdue. 6 (167) Randy Garner,' de, Arkansas. 7 (215) Gorey Hall, db, Appalachian Slate. 7 (219) Kynan Forney, g, Hawaii. 7 (226) Ronald Fiemons, de, Texas A&M. .7 (236) Quentin MoCord, wr, Kentucky. BALTIMORE RAVENS 1 (31) Todd Heap, te, Arizona State. 2 (62) Gary Baxter, db, Baylor. 3 (92) Casey Rabaoh, o, Wisconsin. 4 (126) Edgerton Hartweli, lb, Western Illinois. 5 (161) Chris Barnes, rb. New Mexico State. 6 (194) Joe Maese, c. New Mexico. 7 (231) Dwayne Missouri, de. Northwestern. BUFFALO BILLS 1 (21) Nate Clements, db, Ohio Stale. 2 (46) Aaron Schobei, de, TGU. 2 (58) Travis Henry, rb, Tennessee. 3 (76) Ron Edwards, dt, Texas A&M. 3 (95) Jonas Jennings, ot, Georgia. 4 (110) Brandon Spoon, lb. North Carolina. 5 (144) Marques Sullivan, ot, Illinois. 6 (178) Tony Driver, db, Notre Dame. 6 (195) Dan O'Leary, te, Notre Dame. 6 (196) Jimmy Williams, db, Vanderbiit. 7 (214) Reggie Germany, wr, Ohio State. 7 (238) Tyrone Robertson, dt. Hinds CC. CAROLINA PANTHERS 1 (11) Dan Morgan, lb, Miami. 2 (44) Kris Jenkins, dt, Maryland. 3 (74) Steve Smith, wr, Utah. 4 (106) Chris Weinke, qb, Florida Slate. 5 (143) Jarred Cooper, DB, Kansas State. 6 (175) Dee Brown, rb, Syracuse. 7 (211) Carolina, Louis Williams, c, LSU. 7 (227) Mike Roberg, te, Idaho. CHICAGO BEARS 1 (8) David Terrell, wr, Michigan. 2 (38) Anthony Thomas, rb, Michigan. 3 (68) Mike Gandy, g, Notre Dame. 4 (103) Karon Riley, de, Minnesota. 5 (138) Bernard Robertson, c, Tulane. 7 (208) John Gapel, wr, Florida. CINCINNATI BENGALS 1 (4) Justin Smith, de, Missouri. 2 (36) Chad Johnson, wr, Oregon State. 3 (66) Sean Brewer, te, San iose Stale. 4 (100) Rudi Johnson, RB, Aaburn. 5 (135) Victor Leyva, g, Arizona Stale. 6 (168) Riall Johnson, lb, Stanford. 7 (204) T.J. Houshmanozaden, wr, Oregon Slate. CLEVELAND BROWNS 1 (3) Gerard Warren, dt. Florida. 2 (33) Quincy Morgan, wr, Kansas State. 3 (65) James Jackson, rb, Miami. 4 (97) Anthony Henry, db. South Florida. 5 (134) Jeremiah Pharms, lb, Washington. 6 (165) Michael Jameson, db, Texas A&M. 7 (203) Paul Zukauskus, g, Boston College. 7 (245) Andre King, wr, Miami. DALLAS COWBOYS 2 (53) Quincy Carter, qb, Georgia. 2 (56) Tony Dixon, db, Alabama. 3 (93) Willie Blade, dt, Mississippi Slate. 4 (122) Markus Steele, lb, Southern Gaiilor- nia. 5 (137) Matt Lehr, c, Virginia Tech. 6 (171) Daleroy Stewart, dt. Southern Mississippi. 7 (207) Colston Weatherington, de, Central Missouri. 7 (240) John Nix, dt. Southern Mississippi. 7 (242) Char-Ron Dorsey, ot, Florida State. DENVER BRONCOS 1 (24) Willie Middiebrooks, db, Minnesota. 2 (51) Paul Toviessi, de, Marshall. 3 (87) Reggie Hayward, de, Iowa State. 4 (113) Ben Hamilton, c, Minnesota. • 4 (120) Nick Harris, p, California. 6 (190) Kevin Kasper, wr, Iowa. DETROIT LIONS 1 (18) Jeff Backus, ot, l^ichigan. 2 (50) Dominic Raioia, o, Nebraska. 2 (61) Shaun Rogers, dt, Texas. 5 (148) Scotty Anderson, wr, Grambling. 5 (149) Mike McMahon, qb, Rutgers. 6 (173) Jason Glenn, lb, Texas A&M. GREEN BAY PACKERS 1 (10) Jamal Reynolds, de, Florida Slate. 2 (41) Robert Ferguson, wr, Texas A&M. 3 (71) Bhawoh Jue, db, Penn State. 3 (72) Torrance Marshall, lb, Oklahoma. 4 (105) Bill Ferrario, g, Wisconsin. 6 198) David Martin, te, Tennessee. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS 1 (30) Reggie Wayne, wr, Miami. 2 (37) Idrees Bashir, db. Memphis. 3 (91) Cory Bird, db, Virginia Tech. 4(118) Ryan Diem, g, North Illinois. 5 (152) Raymond Walls, db. Southern Mississippi. 6 (193) Jason Doering, db, Wisconsin. 7 (220 Rick DeMuiiing, g, Idaho. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS 1 (13) Marcus Stroud, dt, Georgia. 2 (43) Maurice Williams, ot, Michigan. 3 (73) Eric Westmoreland, lb, Tennessee. 3 (94) James B(jyd, db, Penn State. 5 (142) David Leaverton, p, Tennessee. 6 (170) Chad Ward, g, Washington. 7 (213) Anthony Denman, lb, Notre Dame. 7 (233) Marlon McCree, db, Kentucky. 7 (235) Richmond Flowers, wr, Chattanooga. 7 (241) Randy Chevrier, dt, MoGill. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS 3 (75) Eric Downing, dt. Syracuse. 3 (77) Marv/in Minnis, wr, Florida Slate. 4 (107) Monty Beisel, de, Kansas Stale. 4 (108) George Layne, rb, TGU. 5 (141) Billy Baber, te, Virginia. 5 (150) Derrick Blaylock, rb, Stephen F. Austin. 6 (176) Alex Sulfsted, ot, Miami, Ohio. 7 (212) Shaunard Harts, db, Boise State. 7 (243) Terdell Sands, dt, Chattanooga. MIAMI DOLPHINS 1 (26) Jamar Fletcher, db, Wisconsin. 2 (52) Chris Chambers, wr, Wisconsin. 3 (85) Travis Minor, rb, Florida State. 3 (88) Morion Greenwood, lb, Syracuse. 5 (156) Shawn Draper, ot, Alabama. 6 (164) Brandon Winey, ot, LSU. 6 (177) Josh Heupel, qb, Oklahoma. 6 (187) Oils Leverette, de, Alabama-Birmingham. 6 (188) Rick Croweil, lb, Colorado Slate. MINNESOTA VIKINGS 1 (27) Michael Bennett, rb, Wisconsin. 2 (57) Willie Howard, de, Stanford. 3 (69) Eric Kelly, db, Kentucky. 4 (130) Shawn Worthen, dt, TGU. 4 (131) Cedric James, wr, TGU. 5 (157) Patrick Chukwurah, lb, Wyoming. 6 (189) Carey Scott, db, Kentucky State. 7 (225) Brian Crawford, ot. Western Oregon. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS 1 (6) Richard Seymour, dt, Georgia. 2 (48) Matt Light, g, Purdue. 3 (86) Brock Williams, db, Notre Dame. 4 (96) Kenyatta Jones, g. South Florida. 4 (119) Jabari Hoiloway, te, Notre Dame. 5 (163) Hakim Akbar, db, Washington. 6 (180) Arther Love, le. South Carolina State. 6 (200) Leonard Myers, db, Miami. 7 (216) Owen Pochman, k, Brigham Young. 7 (239) T.J. Turner, lb, Michigan Slate. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS 1 (23) Deuce McAllister, rb, Mississippi. 3 (70) Sedriok Hodge, lb. North Carolina. 3 (81) Kenny Smith, dt, Alabama. 4 (IIS) Moran Norrls, rb, Kansas. 5 (153) Onome Ojo, wr, UC Davis. 6 (185) Mitch While, ot, Oregon State. 7 (221) Ennis Davis, dl, Southern California. NEW YORK GIANTS 1 (22) Will Allen, db, Syracuse. 3 (78) William Peterson, db. Western Illinois. 4 (114) Cedric Scbtt, de, Southern Mississippi. 4 (125) Jesse Palmer, qb, Florida. 5 (160) John Markham, k, Vanderbiit. 5 (162) Jonathan Garter, wr, Troy Slate. 7 (230) Ross Kolodziej, dt, Wisconsin. NEW YORK JETS 1 (16) Santana Moss, wr, Miami. 2 (49) LaMont Jordan, rb, Maryland. 3 (79) Kareem McKenzie, ot, Penn State. 4 (101) Jamie Henderson, db, Georgia. 7 (206) James Reed, dt, Iowa Slate. 7 (217) Tupe Peko, c, Michigan Stale. OAKLAND RAIDERS 1 (28) Derrick Gibson, db, Florida State. 2 (59) Marques Tuiasosopo, qb, Washington. 3 (89) DeLawrence Grant, de, Oregon State. 5 (158) Raymond Ferryman, db. Northern Arizona. 6 (184) Chris Cooper, dt, Nebraska-Omaha. 7 (228) Derek Combs, rb, Ohio Stale. 7 (229) Ken-Yon Rambo, wr, Ohio State. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES 1 (25) Freddie Mitchell, wr, UCLA. 2 (55) Quinton Caver, lb. Arkansas. 3 (63) Derrick Burgess, de, Mississippi. 4 (121) Correil Buckhaiter, rb, Nebraska. 5 (147) Tony Stewart, le, Penn Slate. 5 (155) A.J. Feeiey, qb, Oregon. PITTSBURGH STEELERS 1 (19) Casey Hampton, dt, Texas. 2 (39) Kendreii Bell, lb, Georgia. 4(111) Malhias Nkwenii, ot. Temple. 5 (146) Chukky Okobi, c, Purdue. 6 (181) Rodney Bailey, de, Ohio State. 6 (182) Roger Knight, lb, Wisconsin. 7 (218) Chris Taylor, wr, Texas A&M. ST. LOUIS RAMS 1 (12) Damione Lewis, dt, Miami. 1 (20) Adam Archuleta, db, Arizona State. 1 (29) Ryan Pickett, dt, Ohio State. 2 (42) Tommy Poiley, lb, Florida State. 3 (83) Brian Allen, lb, Florida State. 4 (116) Milton Wynn, wr, Washington Slate. 4 (129) Brandon Manumaieuna, te, Arizona. 5 (145) Jeretnetrlus Butler, db, Kansas State. 6 (197) Francis St. Paul, wr, Northern Arizona. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS 1 (5) LaDainlan Tomiinson, rb, TGU. 2 (32) Drew Brees, qb, Purdue. 3 (67) Tay Cody, db, Florida State. 4 (112) Carlos Polk, lb, Nebraska. 5 (132) Elliot Silvers, ol, Washington. 5 (139) Zeke Moreno, lb. Southern California. 7 (201) Brandon Gorin, ot, Purdue. 7 (244) Robert Carsweii, db, Clemson. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS 1 (7) Andre Carter, de, California 2 (47) Jamie Winborn, lb, Vandertjill. 3 (80) Kevan Barlow, rb, Pittsburgh. 6 (169) Cedrick Wilson, wr, Tennessee. 6 (179) Rashad Holman, db, Louisville. 6 (191) Menson Hoiloway, de, Texas-El Paso. 7 (209) San Francisco, Alex Lincoln, lb, Auburn. 7 (224) Eric Johnson, te, Yale. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS 1 (9) Keren Robinson, wr. North Carolina State. 1 (17) Steve Hutchinson, g, Michigan. 2 (40) Ken Lucas, db, Mississippi. 3 (82) Heath Evans, rt), Auburn. 4 (104) Oriando Huff, lb, Fresno Stale. 4 (127) Curtis Fuller, db, TCU. 4 (128) Floyd Womack, ot, Mississippi State. 5 (140) Alex Bannister, wr. Eastern Kentucky. 6(172) Josh Booty, qb, LSU. 7 (210) Harold Blackmon, db, Northwestern. 7 (222) Dennis Norman, ol, Princeton. 7 (237) Kris Kocurek, dt, Texas Tech. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS 1 (14) Kenyatta Walker, ot, Florida. 3 (84) Dwight Smith, db, Akron. 4 (117) John Howell, db, Colorado Stale. 5 (151) Russ Hochslein, g, Nebraska. 6 (174) Jameel Cook, rb, Illinois. 6 (183) Ellis Wyms, de, Mississippi Stale. 7 (205) Daunlae' Finger, te. North Carolina. 7 (223) Than Merrill, db, Yale. 7 (234) Joe Taloya, de, Arizona. TENNESSEE TITANS 2 (60) Tennessee, Andre Dyson, db, Utah. 3 (90) Shad Meier, te, Kansas State. 4 (124) Justin McCareins, wr, Northern lliinlois. 5 (159) Eddie Beriin, wr. Northern Iowa. 6 (192) Dan Alexander, rb, Nebraska. 6 (199) Adam Haayer, ot, Minnesota. 7 (232) Keith Adams, lb, Clemson. WASHINGTON REDSKINS 1 (15) Rod Gardner, wr, Clemson. 2 (45) Fred Smoot, db, Mississippi State. 4 (109) Sage Rosenfels, qb, lewa State. 5 (154) Darnerien McCanls, wr, Delaware Slate. 6 (186) Mario Monds, dt, Cincinnati. — By Tlie Associated Press T NBA PLAYOFFS Knicks frustrate Carter, Raptors Toronto star, knocked to floor early, misses 17 of 20 shots as New York' takes opener By The Associated Press NEW YORK — Just like last year, the New York Knicks turned Game 1 into a miserable experience for Vince Carter. Kurt Thomas knocked Carter to the floor the furst time he went to the basket, setting the tone for a frustrating afternoon for Carter as the Knicks defeated the Toronto Raptors 92-85 Sunday "My mom always told me there'll be days like this," Carter said after the game. "As a matter of fact, she just told me that.'.' Carter, virho shot 3-for-20 last year in the first playoff game of his career, finished 5- for-22 from the field for 13 points. He did not score over the final 81/2 minutes as the Knicks controlled the fourth quarter and eventually pulled away in the final mmute. Thomas had a superb game with 17 points and 13 rebounds in his first career playoff start. Allan Houston scored 23 for New York and Latrell SpreweU added 13 in addition to playing strong defense on Carter. The Knicks outreboimded the Raptors, repeatedly attacked their weakest defenders and handled themselves like playoff veterans down the stretch. Game 2 in the best-of-5 series will be Thursday night, giving Carter almost four full days to ponder why this year's Game 1 looked so much like last year's. "A lot of times he was rushing," teammate Chris Childs said. "He was out to prove a point that last year was going to be totally different. It's only natural for an athlete to want to do that." Marcus Camby led the Knicks with 18 rebounds, including an offensive board that he turned into a reverse layup with 6:34 left to give the Knicks a four-point lead. The Raptors got within two points twice after that but never had a chance to get any closer With Carter being double-teamed every time he touched the ball, the Raptors turned to Antonio Davis and Alvin Williams for their offense. Each scored 19, and Davis grabbed 15 reboimds. "I'm not blaming this on Vince," Davis said. "It's not about Vince making or missing shots. We came here as a team." Suns 86, Kings 83 SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Shawn Marion scored 21 points, and Jason Kidd had 18 points and 14 assists as Phoenix beat Sacramento. Phoenix won the first game of a playoff series for the first time since 1997. Sacramento, the league's highest-scoring team and best home team, was unprepared to play the Suns' style, and the Kings lost for just the ninth time all season at Arco Arena. Rodney Rogers scored 18 points and hit two jumpers during a 10-2 Phoenix run late in the fourth quarter Chris Webber, limited by sore ankles. had 27 points and 15 rebounds as the Kings opened a playoff series at home for the first time in two decades. Laliers 106, Trail Blazers 93 LOS ANGELES — Kobe Bryant scored 25 of his 28 points in the second half, and ShaquiUe O'Neal had 24 points and 20 rebounds for defending NBA champion Los Angeles. The Lakers scored 19 straight points to finish the third quarter and open the fourth for an 89-72 lead with 8:27 to play This first-round series is a rematch of last year's Western Conference finals, which the Lakers won by rallying from a 15-point deficit with 10 Vs minutes remaining in Game 7 for an 89-84 victory Derek Fisher added a career playoff- high 21 points. Rasheed Wallace led Portland with 24 points and seven rebounds. He also picked up a technical foul; his 41 during the regular season eclipsed his own NBA record. Bucks 103, Magic 90 MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Bucks made^ a good first impression only because they got so many second-chance points. The Bucks beat Orlando in Game 1 of their playoff series despite a poor shooting performance from their Big Three. Sam Cassell, Ray Allen and Glenn Robinson missed 19 of their first 24 shots and finished 17-of-52 (32 percent). Milwaukee beat Orlando for the 10th straight time because Scott Williams got 19 points and the Bucks outrebounded the Magic 59-42. T BIG 12 GOLF 0-State, Texas lead chase for title No. 7 Cowboys are defending tournament ciiampion; No. 4 'Horns seek first Big 12 crown By The Salina Journal HUTCHINSON — The Oklahoma State Cowboys will be looking for their second straight Big 12 Men's golf championship- when the two-day event begins today at the Prairie Dunes Golf & Country Club. The tournament gets underway with 36 holes today followed by the final 18 holes Tuesday. The Cowboys have won three of the four Big 12 Tournaments but should get a stiff challenge from Texas, which is the highest-ranked squad going into the meet. The Longhorns, who won 39 conference crowns when they were in the Southwest Conference, are currently ranked No. 4 in the nation but are still looking for their first Big 12 crown. The Cowboys, ranked No. 7 in the nation, are the defending national champions' and bring with them the top-rated individual in junior Anders Hultman who is averaging 70.44 strokes in 25 rounds this season. The University of Kansas, the only school other than Oklahoma State to have won a Big 12 tournament, has the fourth- rated individual in junior Travis Hurst, who has averaged 72.57 strokes in 28 rounds this season. The Jayhawks, who won the 1999 Big 12 tournament, are currently ranked 19th na­ tionally and have won a pair of tournaments this season. KU's Conrad Roberts (73.77), Chris Marshall (74.06), Andy Stewart (74.26) and Casey Harbour (74.71) are ranked among the Big 12's top 45 individuals. Kansas State, which was picked 11th in the preseason coaches poll, has just one golfer — junior Bryan Milberger (75.29) — ranked among the top 45 individuals. Texas, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma golfers will play together in today's first round and go off at 8 a.m. from the first tee. Kansas, Colorado and Baylor will tee off at 8:50 a.m. from the first hole. Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Missouri will tee off at 8 a.m. from the 10th tee, while Nebraska, Kansas State and Iowa State will tee off from No. 10 at 8:50 a.m. Cagerz / Cuts will be made this week BRIEFLY FROM PAGE B1 points, including back-to-back 3- pointers from Salina Central products Marcus Smith and Kevin Campion to take control of the game. "We have only had three practices so we are behind conditioning wise and behind with our offensive flow," said Cagerz coach Francis Flax, whose squad practiced together for the first time Saturday "But I think for having just three practices we are where we need to be." In the intrasquad scrimmages. University of Detroit guard Jermaine Jackson took over the spotlight with 13 points. Cagerz veteran Cortez Barnes led the way for the Cagerz against the high school­ ers with three long-range bombs while Nino Smith and Damian Spencer added five field goals a piece. "I thought Jermaine Jackson looked good tonight and he should be one of our leaders," Flax said. "I thought Tory Walker did some nice things for us early, but he got a little bit tired." The Cagerz currently have 14 players in camp and wiU need to trim that to 12 by Wednesday and then to 10 by Saturday for their traveling roster "We are just going to keep practicing hard aU week," Flax said. "We have only had three practices and we tried to do some things tonight, but the guys just don't know a lot of the plays yet." K-State completes sweep of UCLA MANHATTAN — J.D. Loud- aberger doubled and drove in four runs Sunday as Kansas State completed a three-game sweep of UCLA with an 11-7 win over the Bruins. Also on Sunday B.J. Crone and Omar Castillo had three RBIs each as the Wildcats won 13-12 in the completion of a game suspended by darkness Saturday night. Josh Cavender went 4-for-5 and Pat Maloney drove in three runs in the second game for Kansas State, which broke a 7-all tie with a four-run eighth inning. Reliever Scott Tallman (2-1) was perfect over the last two innings for the win, with one strikeout. Kansas State used a four-run ninth to win the suspended 'Cats / Defense earns praise FROM PAGE 81 year," said Roberson, who electrified fans a year ago with two long touchdown carries. "I tried to sit back in the pocket and just work on my passing. ^"Running and things like that, I didn't try to take the game over as much. I was trying to work with my team a little bit more and I thought that it worked out." Dunn, was a combined 6 of 12 passing for 138 yards with two touchdowns, playing for both teams. On the other side, the No. 1 defense kept the reserves out of the end,zone the whole game while the White defense held its own against the starters for at least the first half. Snyder singled out three of the linebackers in particular "The defenses, in all occa­ sions, basically got the best of the offense," Snyder said. "I was pleased with a lot of the play I thought Terry (Pierce) played well, I thought Warren Lott made some plays, I thought Josh Buhl did a nice job. "I thought we played well up front and I was particularly pleased with our No. 2 defense in the early stages of the ball- game - the first half." Snyder said that as they adjourn as a team until the first preseason practice on Aug. 13, the Wildcats have a ways to go to catch up to last year's senior-dominated team. "I think offensively, we were going to bat with a fifth-year senior (quarterback Jonathan Beasley) last year, so that allows you to move a little more rapidly," he said. "We had ore returning players, which gave us a little more experience and continuity." game despite being outhit 2113. UCLA committed four errors, including one that made all four of the Wildcats' ninth- inning runs off reliever Doug Silva (2-3) unearned. KU brings an end to Huskers' win streak LAWRENCE — Jason Ap- , puhn and Ryan Klocksien had three hits apiece Sunday as Kansas beat Big 12 Conference leader Nebraska 12-3 and stopped the Cornhusker's nine-game winning streak. Pete Smart (8-2) went seven innings for the win, giving up three runs on six hits. He walked five and struck out six as Kansas ended a five-game losing streak. The Jayhawks never trailed. From Wire Service Reports r^.&oG^i ^liJm\ School pool Si^pd ^ j, 23 products 6:30 p.m. * 823-7512 SPLENDID, DELICATE, GRACEFUL. U . -W'' ^ A Work Of Art. CUSTOM FRAMING 1 ramina I ~~Maffe mairers 121 S. S;\nra Fc,. S.-ilina • 7SS-827-9200 The World's Best Chicken. tlllCKEN 649 S. Broadway / Salina / 785-827-5076 Season Tickets Now On Sale! PnOFBSSIONAL BASKBTBALL Tickets are available only at the Salina Bicentennial II center. You may renew in person or by phone 826-7469 or toll free 1-888-826-7469.

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