Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1907
Page 7
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Humboldt, R. F. D. No. 5.—Mis*s Stoelzing '|8pont Thank.sgiving with home folks. Gary--Roush and wife, from near Liberty, viaited his sister. Jfrs. Annie Cloud and tusband this week. Mrs. Davis and grandson. Harry Stewart, of Chanute and Miss Lola N'ewman spent Thanksgiving' with .Mr. and JLrs. Will Stewart. Miss Kate Hogan visited with Miss Flossie Cornell Friday night. There was quite a number of visit- or.s at school Friday afternoon. "They wore entertained with a Thanksgiving !• Ingram. ^ Karl O-sborn from Neosho F^iills, and Sum Cornoll, of (Jas CHy, are visiting tht'lr unci.'. Dan Cornell and family. ,Min FIotrh»>r and family visited Mr. :iiul .Mits. Frimk Booe Saturday nisht. .iiiil iliiti'd vvltli .Mrs. 1.. .1. H <KH> Sun- iliiy. Dan Cornt'll and \\\f.\ Mrs. L ,1. Hooiv l.ox IVioo, ^llss Staiixa and] K.-;t.)i Kuii.\an and Mr. and .Mn*. WJU. Slack of Chuiiutv.' siivnt Thanksfrtv- icK »tih tln< Cloud fanillli's. tlnmdnia Cloud ate dinner wiih lii'r. ilinifilil!,"!'. .Mrs, Dtin Cornoll Tuesday.' Mr. (lurley finished husUIni: rorn Saiuriiay. Tl;oy exi>ert tn iio to l-Iincfish >r. (ikla. and WVfit.-ni Kan-; s;is in the near future on a vl.sit. i Tht< prlfo of hoRK has pone .so low , •l.f farmers that liavo hogs to sell.' Mv>iu very niuoh disrourapi'd to think tft-y have ft\i .">'>c corn to .1c hogs. .\ gooit gas well was brought in on the Gallaghor farm and one on the Caker farm a few days apo. WESLEY CHAPEL. .Mrs. Swaggart is on the sick list ihis week. Glen Ileade has tho scarlet fever. Mary is about well. .Miss Hoeming bepan school again Tuesday niorning. She is boarding Mrs. Love's. drs. J. R. Turner and .Mrs. Shen.•;'d who Is visiting her. drove to Al-j . Iicrt Smith's northeast of Rayard last | Tuesday. I Mr. Higcins is .eathering corn for ri.Tiiklin Smith. .lop Young came do\m from Kansas <• !\ Saturday to visit home folks and ni.Mids." (?) Mrs. Tim Reads is- staying in this I . i;;hborhood for a while. Franklin Smith has rented Mr. W. \V. Wright's farm known as the Val;.i Hanna p'ace. There was no preaching service at tlie Chapel Sunday on account •'.!<= i'vival services at Moran. The meetings arc still In i. ^rfss .T IxiOrande. Quite an int. r--t la !• -ing manifest. Th.» Wesley Ch.ipel Sunday scbool SENSE ) most iines of COMMON mi fore (t' TDhh entering pers and at are daily position ot to evenrbod nf having the tioa turned tUllr upon his tormulie, being ptaUlKent people to use only |cn9Vb composition. There* 1 Dr. Pierce's medicines, the ch print every ingredient bem upon tho bottle wrap\ its correctness under oath, ling in favor. The com- iPlerce's medicines is open ^- Pierce Jieln «_iJeslrou8 rn.* t>euer tne compoBiwon cines is nw5e^'/^tlw^act?^' 1^. a. nited. BeIng~wholly medicinal princlplev extracted'from native forest roofc, by exact • proee.<*?3 original with IjtTierce, and without the tis« of a drop of alcohol, triple-reGned and chemically pare glycerine being used instead in extracting and preserving the curative virtues residing In the roots employed, these medicines are, entirely free from the objection of doing harm by creating an appetite f«r either alcoholic beverages or habit - forming drugs. Examine the formula on their bottle wrappers—the same as sworn to by Dr. Pierce, and yon will find that his J ^S^den Medical Discovery," the great, i ^^r^ood-parifier, stomach tonic and bowel regulator—the inediclne which, while not recommended to.cure consumption'ip Its advanced stages (no medicine will drfthat) yet does cure all those catarrhal conditions of head and throat, weak stomach, torpid liver and bronchial troubles, weak lungs and hanjgon-ctiughs, which, if neglected or badlytreatMl lead up to and finally terminate in consomptioni Take the "Golden Medical Di.scoverv" in time and it is not likely to disappoint you If only yon give It a Otorovoh and fair triaL Don't expect miracles. It won 't do supcraataraJ things. You must eiercise^your patience and persevere in its use for a reasonable length of time to get It.s full benefits. The ingredients of which Dr. Pierce's medk-incs are composed have the tmonaKfied endorsement of scores of medical leaders—better than anv amount of lay. or non-professional, testimonials. They are not given awav to be experimented with but are .<iold bv all dealers la taedieines at reasonable mices. r A special selling of all the wantabfes and needabici that the coming Jack Frost necessiUtes your buying. Cold weather b uyiiM The buying of hcyvitr women's appycl b in order. Nd use putting jt oH-^-no use dodging the issue. For health and comfort you should buy now, and for the sake off economy too. «Wc have planned and prtjnred a great spadal selling event to provide cold weather necessities at below regular prices, now when they are most needed. We have seaiched every market, selected only the best, and have secured many marked price concessions. AssorlmenU were never so gr^ This is a sale with a reason behind it—and with a method in the price hnvncss. We Wend more tKaii our usual qf m ««i«on:» business. Our purchases have been unusually large and we must sell goods faster than ever before to get rid of them. Every one who needs wnter goo£ and who doesn^t should take careful note of these facts and journey hence at the eariiest possible opportunity. This sale begins Thursday and ends Saturday night: Tmpmairy PorUmra $20.00 Silk warp sntjh finish red Portieres, braid trimmed; cold weather sale price j... #13.95 $1T..".0! Heavy Fr|ili Patterns Tapestry, lined with ro'iX or green, two extra heavy separnte curtains, sewn together, the richest ta|)estry curtain ou the market. Special'prjce ...JHM.S.l Jl."..itO Turkish Tniii>siry Curtains. In red and tan ctVuililijatloni*. silk and linen Interwoven: on sale forii?! Jl .^.'i $l .'i .O>» Ouplex Ian and green Curtains ; jHia.w Sio.iiu ford or Frfnged Tapestry Curtains, made lo the greatest tap- esirv mills In the country. S|>eclal price for Ihis sale ...;. JHS.Ct.^ Other values In Tupe.xtry Curtains, at ... S^iMTi. .VNH S;.-,.(M) Oouoh Oqvors $lit.00 Velvet Couch Covers in red blue or green, a couch covr that will wear a life time: duritig this s.iie y<m can buy them for Jr'S.U.l $0.00 Tapestry 'Couch C<ivers. reversible, heavy knottpd fringe, extra long: cold weather price iS.l.S.l $."i.00 Tapestry Coach Covers, reversible, full fringe trimmed. Bagdad pattern: cold weather price. .Ji»4.!!j."> $4 .."iO Tai)estry Coiich Covers, reversible he.ivy fringe-trimmed, a good line of patterns to select from: si)p- cial sale price ". jRS.S.l German Blanket Robes In .crey and tan cord and tassel, tie at waist, regular price $.'5.7.">: on Sale for.. JHS.l.l German Rlanket Robes in pink, bine tan and red, trimmed with satin rib- l»)n and cord and tassel; $('..00 ciualitv on sale for ; #4.G.'> $7..">0 (luality on sale for.. }!?().*J.l One lot of Children's Sample Coats in red. blue, green and grey plaids and checks, coats that are well worth $r..oo to $7,.''0 :huy ihein in the cold weather sale for $!t .4 .J OuHalms M Cold IVcathpr S«Io Pricis. $l.-.'.-| Flat Finished llohbinet Uire Curtains, sill length: on sale ijtl.O,') $l..'iO Sill Length I>ice Curtains, chevron braitl. trimmed Insertion and edge; on sale for $2.00 Sill Length l..:ice Insertion and edge trimmed: special price ..)^|.(t}) $2 .rin NtUtlngham Unee Curtains In floral or i >rlental iMitterns; special sale price '. $3.00 Nottinghaiu ur Cable Net Curtains, sill or full length; special price Wi.Ci $3 ..'iO Notlngham Cable Net or Hob- « bluet Curtains, ten styles to s«'leci from: choice of anv paiieni durinu this sale JKJ.l.l $4 .00 Lilce Curtains. iKibbinet. hrus- sels net, cable net and Nottingham: special sale price SJJ.2.'> $4 .."iO Fine Urussels Net cable net, Nottingham or bobhinet, white or Ara blrtn: on sale for S4.1."» $r ..cMi l .acc Curtains in cable net ou s:ile for , S.'i.'i.'i $7.00 and $7..'iO Curtains on sale for «0.1.'» $10.00 and $I2.S0 Curialus on .sale for »H.itr* $]."..00 Curtains on sale for Women's Wrappers in all colors and sizes, made with extra lull skirts, dep nounces. perfo't litliu.i:. high grade wrappers. The $Lr.O grade on sale for ..Sl.'iO The $L2.'". quality on sale for. .#1.0."> One !of ladies' light and dark grey and tan plaid .-f. full, length Coats that hiive sold during the season as high as $IO..'.ii: buy them in the cold weath er sale for SA.'Zo Coats on s:ilc for $'.00. I»ng black loose fitting coats, braid and velvet t rimed, ^'alues you cannot duplicate anywhere under $7.."iO: on sale for l-;idies" .Short House Saques in a :.;ood raiiiie of patterns and colors. m:\i\t- of i;i)o(l <|iialiiy kimono cloth lleece lined; sjiecial price for this i^ale 42c Wool'Dress Goods In plaids plain colors and novel checks, values up to 30c yard: on sale tor 19(i SOc and 6Sc Wool Dress Goods In plald strliies and checks, a lot of goods that is worth almost double the price we will ask (or them, but we have loo large a atock and the cold weather price will be, a yard 7Sc. Sr.c and $1.00 values in Wool Dress Ootnls ou sale for G!)C The lot consists of plaids, checks and .stripes also a good line of colors, we have gronped them In on« lot for. yard 69© Extra Heavy Kimono Robe Cloth, you will admire the patterns when you see them: goods we have been selling for 2iic during the cold weather sale price 15c 27-lnch Fleeced Walstlngs In white grounds with dots or dark grounds with allover designs; special for this sale per yard 96 Red Seal Dress Ginghams in bine pink and red. plain colors and plaids, regular price 15c; cold weather sale price, yard 12J46 CMUM' RmlmOomtB Ladles Fine Storm and Rain Coats In tans, greys and green, a coat that is indls])ensabl« to any lady. $7..'.0 Coats reduced to .85.fii5 $10.00 Coats reduced to $ti.93 $12.r,0 Coats reduced to $8.95 $l.=i.i»0 Coats reduced to 89.8.5 $17.50 Coats reduced to S12.65 $20.00 Coats reduced to »15.15 $22..".0 Ctwls reduced to jjtlG.S.? $25.00 and $27.50 Coats to. .#17.50 The Daylight Store The Daylight Steee One lot of art crektlons In beautiful floral stripe design; special for this sale, n >-ard St WTiite Curtain Screen. 3S inches wide. In open laco pattern; special price for this sale a yard GC Fancy Curtain Swisses, sold at to 20c a yard; on sale for 14C 36-Inch Printed Burlaps In beautiful floral and stripe patterns; on sale for a yard 21 C llrass Sash Curtain Rods worth I2ivc. each extend to 44 Inches with light colored cord fixtures; special for this sale 8© Small Brass Sash Curtain Rods extend to .18 inches: special price for this sale, each 4C Wood Curtain Poles with fixtures complete; on sale for 9C OhUdrmm's Wormimd School A In all colors, neatly trimmed and well finished; these garments are made by a celebrated; New York firm that make nothing but Children's Dresses, so you are sure ol getting the up to date garments. $1.00 Dresses on' sale for 82* $1.25 Dresses on sale for 98C $1.50 Dresses on sale for ....SI.19 $2.00 Dresses on sale for •••^.65 $2.50 Dresses on sale for 92.15 $3.00 Dresses on sale for JS2.65 $4.00 Dresses on sale for One lot of Ladles' Fancy Purses In black and color, I1 .2S, $1.50 and $1.75 values cold weather sale price. .956 Buy your Christmas present noW. This price lasts but three days. Ladies- Plaid Silk Waists plain white taffeta with lace trimming, all so plain colors in taffeta, twenty-five styles to select from. Choice ot the lot g^65 Ladles Light Colored Plaid Skirts that formerly sold up to |8.50. In the cold weather sale for S3.65 We cannot stant] alterations on the above skirts. votc<1 Sunday to have a Christmas service and committees were npiioint- ed. The Epworth I>«>ague at the chai>e! has been dismissed tintll after the nieetinirs close at l.j»Granile. Mr. Wm. Ropers had his sale Saturday. His many friends are sorry to hav? him leave here, but wish ilie family well \vlior,ner they may go. PR.VIKIE ROSE. ' guests of -Mr. and Mrs. Kctchum on Thankisglving. I Victor S'oan and wife entertaine.l Mr. Beeson's at oysters Thanksgiving evening. j Mrs. Mattock an* Mrs. McFdrland spent Thursday with Mrs. Minnie Rogers. ' Jtr. Biggs threshed for Eil. Eflln •riieM:a.\' and Wedn?s<lay. .Mrs. Myrtle Mattock and little son I Russtll. expect to go to Caney Fri ; liay for a visit with her sister, Mrs. .Vag.gie Stith. Vara K. I!n .i ;ers. rejiorter. Moran. Dor. 4. —.Mrs. Fannie Racon went ;o Woods )n county Thursday morning for a visit with her age<l parents .\lr. :in'l .Mrs. Barnes, returning Monday. The Ladi-='s' .\i.l society met with Mrs. Tice in an a'l day meeting on Tha!:l :.'--2ivii ;g day and quilted out a quilt for .Mrs. Tice. Those j )reKent weiie >hs. .Alary Ford. Mrs. I^llie Robb. -Mrs. Boring. .Mrs.. .Minnie Rogers, .Mrs. Bipts'aiid .Afrs. Vara Rogers. Mr. niul .Mrs. B <"esou called on Howard .Moore and wif? Thank.sgiving af ternoon. .Ada ."Minor vi.-itod school at Pralrio Rose Thursday afternoon, Mrs. .viiTinle Rogers an/l .Mrs. Vara Roeeis were LaHari)e visitors Friday. oeoruf For' ami family and Mr. Bees'. ;i iri .i laniily were guests at N'a! Forr! s Sundav. Rolir-r; R'lirers and fiimily spent Similar- af Roger's. Charley Tice attended the foot hall game at l.aHarjie Thanksgiving afternoon. , Mr. and .Mrs. Wood an.,!- Medora ate Thanksgiving dinner at .Toe Wood's near Old Klsmore. Mr. and .Mrs. Minor and.LInnie were BELFRY. REMOVAL SALE LIBBY CUT GLASS—HAND PAINTED CHINA A large stock of the above at ptices never before offered. New designs in Rookwood Pottery (one priee everywhere.) The only line of Rookwood in thus part of tht state. A general line of Jewelry and Silverware at lowest prices. About January I St, I expect to move my stock to the room now occupied by the lola Sute Bank and intend reducing Jis much as possible to avoid trouble and expense attending a removal. Q. T. SEWALL JEWELS R First door north of Postoffice • * H. K. Wynn and family spent 1 "Ihanksgiving with relatives in Kin- )caid. I Bessie Whittington visited Mae and Minnie Curley Saturday. Beulah Shockey, Mary Wynn and I Carmen Dickenson who are attending high sch(X)l in Kincaid. spent their vacation at their homes. Mrs. EJwing and Mrs. Pees visited .Mrs. .\ter Friday. Ed. Hite and family spent Sunday v.ith Walter Miller and family. Mildred now has a post ofBce. Several new rpsidences are being eracted in Mildred and work on the machine shops has begun. .Mr. and .Mrs. .\niiy Walker w'ere the tiiiests of Tom Zorren and family on Thanksgiving <lay. Mrs. C. B. Hall and Ralphh and Hazel were the guests of Mrs. Walter .Miller Friday. .Meribeth -Aler att?nded the Teachers' .-VsEociation at CoffeyviUe. X. T. Curley's had a party for the young people Friday evenine. .Mr. and Mrs. Dunan of N'ew Mexico, who have been visiting at the home of the latter's sister. Mrs. G. W. .McKlnder. have returned home. A number of the young people spent Saturday evening with Meribeth and LilHe .-Vter. Earl Ferzus. who is attending high school 'at Moran sp>nt Thanksgiving with his parents. Walter (Mil'er and family took Thanksgiving dinner at Park Sheih herd's. Elmer Sharon and family of Kan sas City and Bailey Sharon and wife, of Kincaid. spent Friday with their sister. -Mrs. H. E. Wynn and family. •^'iilard BIbens came up from Parsons, where he is attending business college, and spent the Thanksgiving vacation at home, Vinre Curley and Mrs, Oilman and Mrs. Ed, Baugh were visitors at N. T. CurleVs Tftanksplving day. CMivs Nora Higgens is the guest of her aunt. .Mrs, G, W, .McKlnder. r ^eonard Stout and wife of Fort Scott visited at Tom .Jackson's last week. -Millard Heath an-t family spent Thanksgiving day with Mrs. Heath's s'stJT at Edperton. Mart Shockey and family, Mr. French. Mr. Jones and family and Mrs. Hnath took Tlianks.^iving dinner at Grant Shockey's. Mrs.Curt and sister. .Tohn Burris and family, and A. J. Springston and family vi.-iied at Charh-y Springs'on's Sunday. '.Mid Shock.-y's of Colony .-pent Sunday at .Mrs. Bob.'nV. .Mrs. George .Nic !i <ilson visiteil lit-r auni. .Mrs. .1. li Fergus last we k. Mrs. Fees<' \v|;o has b<-eu visiting her daughter, .\r !-s. Sam Ewing. re- tunied to her honie ia <;irard Sun- 'iay. .Vny 12 Year OM «irl Can make those dellci<nis Lemon. Chocolate and Custard pies as well as the more-experienced cook if she >i.-=es "Onr-Pie" preparation, which is now being soiti by nearly all grocers. Full directions on each package. Pie is hot a luxury, but an article of daily diet and you nii:;ht just as well make good pies as poor ones. Order a few liackages to<lay and you wiil be so well pleased that you will tell all your friends. EARLY START ON INSTITUTE. Mrs. Funston A «k8 D. M. Bowen, of Ft. Scott to Conduct It. iFt. Scott Reijublican ) Superintendent D. .M. Bowen is n:uch in demand as an institute director. Yesterday .Mrs. .Maude Funston. .\llen county's superinienilent, was over from lola atteinptiii'j to engaga Mr. Bowen to conduct the institute in lola next summer. Miss Rose Allen, superintendent of Bourbon county had I reviously invited .Mr. Bowen to con duct the institute her? in Fort Scott. While he has not yet positively decided Mr. Bowen is inclined to accept the invitation of the home institute PISO'S CUR ^ FA WLf MRsof CMgbtaif • rMi immpdiairlr to Pi.xo'i Core. It H\ay* ihr inll.iin- matioa. nopi Ihi- couth and beaU tbc l.-iccrati-d siir- lact-. Pi«'ii Cur.- can I)..- d>^ . prndcdapon tocivfmostbfa- - cficial results m all coughs, cold*, broochitit aad tans ' aSections: Br iis faiihfnl oat : manr advaocrd coDiumptiTc couKOs h?ri' beoa Fcrauiuttily Ciin4 COUGHS..XOLDS WILL HURRY LAWS Speaker Cannon Showed Haste in Appointing the Finance Committee. Washington, Dec. 4.—Xo action will b«> taken by the present Senate financial committee dealing with the financial situation until after the holiday recess. This was decided at a meet- in^ held today, ifeanwhlle Speaker Cannon broke al! precedents so far as the House is concemed" by naming the committee on banking and cui^ rency in the opening hours of the session. This was the only Hotise roflimitteo nani?d. In the past It has been the custom for the Speaker to hoM back all committee apjx>intments until after the House re-assembles the first of the y?ar. Speaker Can- Tion 's action is an indication of the lU -siri' on the part of both branches <.f congress to take up the question r-romptly In order to restore confidence. The lenders in the Senate committee decided to take up the qoestios individually. Senator Aldrlcta and others on the committee feel that It x.ould be unwise to proceed hurriedly. They have taken the administration's assurance that the crisis Is over and the only action necessary !•< to guard against a recurrence of the unsettled fesling of last October. Senator Hansbrough of Xorth Dakota presented his plan for a central bank and urged favorable consideration of a bill authorizing the estab- hshment of such a bank. Senator _Bailey then urged a msasure authorizing an issue of 500 million dollars in greenbacks. His proposition was not sustained by any members of the committee. After general discussion it was agreed that nothing should be done for the present, to give each member time for consideration fully. .4nnouiicemont. Having mutually agreed to dissolve partnership December ."list. 1907. Drs. Garllnghouse & Mitchell request all (larties indebted to the firm to kindly call and arrange settlement on or before that date. O. L. CARLLVGHOrSR, P. S. MITCHELU TO HOLD KIXMAGE SALE. Ea.'it lola Chnrrh WJft Tse Masonic Hall Thb-Wef ^E. The East lola. M. E. church will hold a rummage sale tomorrofr and Saturday in the Masgnic hall. A large assortment of clothing, furniture and. articles of every description have been donated the church which will be sold at this sale. In connection with the sale, a dinner and supper will be served tomorrow and dinner Saturday. The funds go to the benefit of the church. For B «st mat Qaiekcat BMsIti UM the Befflster TTaat Colaus. Ladies desks in Weath ered Oak, Birds' Eye Maple, Slahoganyand Golden Oak. from TabourettS and Jar- dineer .stands, all odd shape and sizes from Christmas Sugjg:estions 1 i I a I Music Cabinets, Walnut, Mahoj^any, Gold- cd Oak and Bamboo, from t1.7B mm Center and Library tables, an almost cud- less variety from Juniox? I >ei3ax *txn.eri.t: tStioire Mio for amm FLOUR Has Stood t!ie Test BccMscttitfwBest Acce|>t No Otber WfluObcfdof^Agt Office and Storage Ware Room at 'IB West Street Phone 999 The'AUen county Hardware and Implement man. :North Side Square lola, Kan. Xotfce. Anyone wltlins to contribute to a fund to be used tor the prosecution of the Mande Riley case can do so by caillng at S. D. Ray's flour and feed store. 203 Soutli Jefferson, or by maU to same address. S,D.RAT.^

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