The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 29, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1944
Page 12
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12 Tuesday, Augmt 29, 1944 Cftt gattrrtfelft Calttorntan Amtounceinents :-f iert Advert i?in* column« nf Tb' Rakrr?ftelri Ca 1 ; loi ninn clr^*» pt pmpi ^ • t 10 o'clock ru i h mnrn ing for s -i on*>column n d ^. T \v A - c n 11 j IT. 11 or ! ;i r i; c r a il« Transportation—Buses SANTA FE AND BURLINGTON RI'S DEPOT SiMocnt h and K Phone 2-0472 __ 3-fi-tf FREE MEAI.S AND PILLOWS I.O'iest FHICS lo Ml Points \l ! \MKRICAN HL'S LINE INC. -',."•; i'h,-.(--!er Ellis L Hall Phone 2-34^3 I-','.T Help Wanted—Male Occupational Services Occupational Services iaberfddc Steel rent—Trucks. :Kkupf. na !•••« Pa'-1;- r r 'P. K'glith and t'nion av,-n:,F. I 1 '. "•-• Al.l. kinds of WfiKhts and Wni !i» of ,nn vas. Canvas Roods martf to , rjer o i Il"ir,tinc> KOi; Ntnel."rnlh *ti--f- l-'-'tf KKI'i'NDS nn rnch ri^^if f,\ • ,,'..,]<'tr. 11' f n; s u h i, h have hr ' n < n : - r • .' i r (. r p I)* 1 r\p: i ;i t 11,11 dale Pillar IK , ; • •' r "f WITH CASH RECEIPTS v i . '"c month from iiMe nf,, f K:r "? 1 '• '• FIRST fNlTY TEMPI.i:- ,\ : )<•*•* a\a;lRb!e i"--,-r pi«-p ,' t on«, Su hfi t i pi n;', c t;ilt'i, \..nn F '^' <<• | da:!y 123 Pouth-i n hc.-.f I. 1 -i n Lost—Found—Strayed LOST — Hi. .-• i ;,! cv -t I'' t h t I,Me. , on la.:,,!,!; t ,1 ,„, I <,"!;-• R. v-:,id. Call. < V.-, i 4 4::i,l :•• i .-kl^n. l!i--i:iv Apurt- Tn"ti[ N'i ^\ S,'!." MI'-t Sliiiklnl: ? T, LI t^'T — V,-; !"u ^'>:.i Lii: n \v;it'h n I I'pti.wn I 'I; 1 !.. i : ! - :il, i I ••! u: ', I" WrM l-'.lul ( i:nr S;< :r i,:i'u X n'I'•••nib H'-ward Li'ST—Ili-.r."; \\;,i!-l H;inn-i!k- I.mir.Cf I Y;i tint !,:,• p.ipcis nnd ninii<-' K*'tuin : T'ap'is kr- p ni'Uicv. _ r;i 11 2 7 ? 1 :' 2fi 'l:"f.i'<in,i call 2-'.'"r, in 2.39.'.r, l:i--.\aiil , LOST—Pnrk»r ':• 1 fountnm pen. i-nKiaved! Doiothv .1. Moslcy ri..asf Iftuin to! dt-sk (lelK Holei Tf-Keler. P.akersr u>l<l. KOI'ND—NIIISIIII; i]i,,|liiT don small tolil.-i, C'" ii.'i'-.^pn Mii'l. 1 I'll liii'in '.''i LI iST S, M ,. email 1 !. l,!a,k |,-aihei wallet. com a 'hint; di:\,i'* In'-n^i' nii'l pi.- p-^is vahiHMc only lo invm'i. Kilnl,'! ' k.-i'p in,-,n, \ Call 4- IM .. ::', LOST—I :<ill! «u IM-I li.'a i I I'l.-n.ii'l willi H"- lial ".I" eiiBimiMl "H li' ai '• at Ki i M i.-wani. Cull M':::l :'T LOST i >U STOI.K'-'- -Tliri'C-nir.iith-nld blond Tucker Spaii.»'l. It-male. Any I"- f.n inn I ion. , all 2 2T:)0 27 Personals HKMORRHO1D Pl'FFEH EhS — No bos. pitallzation nor loss of time No surgery nor Huei lions New ss f e piiinlefw method of eliminating beniorrhotrls noiv available from Dr ' R. PennliiKlon. D. C . suite 2, Professiona buildmc: B. t). McB.-idu Detective AKom-y room 111 Hay bulMins. Ba Uei «f ielo Licenned and bonded. Confldettial Invesllsatlon Phone 2;280Ui_pl_Z-8«ri'.i _ 2C SACHO-IT.IAC LK.«IONS. \-i\v hack pains. arthritis. and prostate riln- orders coriectetj. Pr. D t 1 Parlph. f) C 407 llat.erfelde hiilldlne. I'hone 9.H.3: 1 :l-n-(f ANVONH \\isliini: to nee llenrv Esunr. foi- mer 111:1 Oil*:,•!• ni l^a^lein, pleatit' tall it t MKN. WOMEN: m,n AT 40, r.n. r,n! | Want li, feel p.-ppv. yral'M MHIIII.'.'! ' i (Isliox 'I'ot.ic T.-ihhtH pi[. or, l,,,,li,s ' linking iron: also toiitiim viianiin 111. j ,n|i iiiin. '.('if tiia] *-i/»- now only 2!'' j A! all drill.' st.iir." e\ ei -. e 27 j S-TE Uni'lOn. loiin.'rlv of Soiilh clH'Ktct il.'aiity Shop. ^\on!d like lo meet old and IH'\v f. llslomrf f« Hi .Io-A line's I'.t'.'I'.lM' Shop. 1!i;:. K" Blri-i-l. J'bonc 2 limn lor HP- Y'M'Nt; .MAX TO \\OP.K IN I-TP.- NITI'IiE STOIIE. APPLY AT Till: DAVIS KriTNlTI-RK ('( i MHO CIII-;STI;I: AVENCE. •_•« \\ .\NTE1)--Hoy OUT r, ii,.| Ko:nK !nj "• hool. or man \\lio ,1111 lake on jilvml I f'\e nr si\ hours inou- \\oik. flri\niK ^i-M.iil milk tnlfk. Can fimwh by nooti Tf ak\v M.JI^ Kartii!.._ S2.", rtohcitM Lane. 2fi \\.\XTEI)--HOY TO \VOKK OX I'SKI) CAP, LOT. Ml'ST HE C.nOl) DKIVKI: AND HAVE OP- I-:ilATOI!S LIfENSE. SEE Mil. i HODGES OH MK. KITCHEN AT K I T(' 11E N • H O I>( i ICS (• A R MAP,KET. Tn-ENTY-FOL'HTH AND 1 STREETS L'6 HOfSTAnOL'TS a,i.l lotarv helper*, work near H.-ikei -st ;rM MIX and H.'\en-dav woik week si h.-dul,-.-,. Plume !i-!l4l',l. Tide Water .A" 1 ""•'"'"'I lll > Comiiiinj-. _ 2:1 WANTEI> —Fnilii hand. Box S60. l[,,,iu. WANTEH -Harvest hands. Men to operate <, harvesters. ExrerN-nce n..i- i-sHiiry. Red llnrl bnunl fiii-nlsliml. Applv f, 1 "> lOant lOmhtei-nl h street Phone 0 !";71 , nl'lei- V_p. m '-all 2-T7IIS. T-K-if SI-:\VINC, MACHINE RI-:PAIRIX(;. ]",(!!> Went Eighth. (tiinr;tnlc<(-il. _ Pliniio 9-n437. -Ill WANTED-- liny ovi-r si hool aKe 01 man to wmk in toom. l''a mil\- HnvHe l.aundiy. Pbono B-fi-l;: ; ,. evr-nini!F ::- iss.i _ 2:1 CHLOHKII MAN —WL-II . M.I-I i.-p,,.,-, nen-! era I In,use i •lennitii: Phon,. :i-2lnl :- 7 WANTED niakci, KOO<| pas. Ki.od \\olkllil.- rnlid II IOIIH Ri-f\-i.« Mat- II.'HH and I 'pholHcry. 27llfl ('hcsifi a\i'- UETA1L PAINT I'LKRKS AND CLAXIERS l-:\c(-lk'iil ch.'irifc to li-.-irn tlio p;iiiit iiiid Rliis." hiislnoss. Steady f-in|i|iiv- inont with Ki'"<l i hum i! 1'nr ml- VHiiccinenl. fall at \V. P. Fl'LI.ER \- CO. L'lllB (.'hosier Avenue "7 llnlDL .MANACEII. i ouple wanti-d. i-v Ml,-tit. >lliddli>-HUcd. ApplN 1 111 pi'lsnll Camp f'ouitort, ^21.'. (;in'!.tci a\.'iiu.- PEI!M ANEVI' t.omlion ,,p,-n I,, expcrien, . MIIX' Ha ifHloa it. App'.v SN'cill'H Dopa l WcMAHAN FL'RNITl P.E CO. H;IH OperiinKfi in (ho DELI VER Y D EI 'A RT.M ENT nnd SALES DEPARTMENT for Honorably Discharged SERVICEMEN Apply Eighteenth und H Stroc-t S-L'2-tf \'ANT1^I.>—Trimmer to operate KI.-IBS and Uliholste ry depaitment tn large r-epalr Hlmp. b'te Hai-kmnn at Motor C'enter. Twenly-sec-ond nnd Ch'-s-ter. 8-16-lf rllKMP'AI. ANALYSIS MKTAI.S IMnSTKIAL WATEH.- S( ill, M I .\KIiAI-S KTf. I'HYSh-A), TKSTIXC OK .METALS INDrSTKIAL i:.\IHO<;n.\I'HY MKTALLOGRAIMIV CALL ::-MS:I KI:<>M s A. M. t<. 5 p. M. IK NO ANSWEC, CALL S-SiJ.iT Financial Consolidate your obligations with ft qnlfk. friendly cash loan on yonr ear. furniture, truck, salary, farm equipment, etc. "PAID FOR OR NOT" Tou may still borrow for as long an 12 months. r. LOCALLY OWNED Trade with local people who understand local cotiduiotiH \V. J. O3il|l Ben-man Maurice St. Clalr 2'ith and ''hestc. 1 Opp MontRomery Ward Phone 6-671*6 Appointments marie 7-lfi-tf A MONTH REPAYS »lnd LOAN IN FULL IN 12 MONTHS. NO O'-SIGNERS made ..n sahiiy. furmi';ie a'.itos <no insurance needed) to ofl.'r eimilmirs. skilled f,i»l unskilled ^ridusiiia! «oil<- er» c-vil service employees, buslnoss exef".it Ivef etc. Pi-vale. Prompt. C-irne hi. iviile— nr i,hunt, fir*' when a pprri-.-pd puk up cash Yn.; C'- 1 full c,f loan. Piivrne sates nf autnrnobiles and furniture financed Nat.on-wide c, P d;t Cauls Issut-d and honore-. here s'CED nnulwaie nnin to wotk In our Bakersfleld Mine. (115 EnM Nincli-.-nth street. I'hone 9-9071. 8-12-lf NEIJI.")h'Ii io help maintain transportation, auto an<] ttuck mecbonlcn and body men. Full time work. Molor Cenlei. Bnlck. (^hevroh-t anil Cadillac dealer. See Backman. Twenty -second and Cbestei. Bl'ILUIN'i SEKVICl'l man for position with permanent company Must be able to finnish birth - »i titIcntc. If Inter- oHled call 4-4f,8(l 8-17-tf EXPERIENCE!, trnctor di Ivers. year- round Int. for men who qualify: lodging nnd board furnished. Apply (115 East Nineleelllb street. Phono y-H671; after _7 p. in call 2-Y705 _ _ _ 7-3-ir BELLMAN —.Must bo over 21. Apply Hotel _ Padre. _____ 7-1-tf VANTEP — TKI'Clv AND At'TO MK- CH -\NIC.S. Al'PLY SOUTHERN OA- RAOE. TWE.\TV-l.--||tST AND I _STI1; E ET3._ 1 ^J^t f Paper Carriers Wauled for and west Bakersfield. California!! office. 6-14-tf HELP WANTED—JHetal \voikeis. m«tal worker helpers. wood workers. auto bodies, wood workers, furniluie C. N. .Inhnstnil Ho«l\ Works. 100( Eighteenth. __Plume 4_4_708. _ _ li-21-tf WANTB •> -AT ONCE. AUTOMOBILE MECHANIC. PERMANENT WORK: TOP WAGES. APPLY HAKER-ADAMS PONTIAC OAR^E. 2701 (Ml ES'rER_e-22-t f NEEDED A'l ONCE—Furniture reflnlsher. A'HO upbolslorer Topliotch wages for topuotcb wuikinen. C. N Jnhnslon Shops._ 1000 Eli!htoentji_st_reet _7-21-tf VV A NTEJ/ - -Experienced auto mechanic Good hours and pay. 11 an essential job. Hand tools and availability certificate necessary Pee Mr Reed Kltchen-Royd Mot'-r ('ompnnv 2220 Chester avenue. 8-26-tf HOUSEMAN, over 40. Padre hotel. See housekeeper. S-12-tf 340 Sill nn,Ming (Under th* 1 I'iP Coia-Cola BIKIl* 6 - f,;, n ."> EMEHGENCY CASH LOANS Borrow $lno Cash for Thirty Days Repay Jl'rj.r.O—Total Cost ONLY $2.50 If You Prefer, Take I'p to Tv,olve Months to Pay Only You Ha\o \» Nn Co-hienc'ri AUTOMOBILE, Fl'R TRUCK LOANS Piivate Salitu of Au'ciiiohili-S and i-'urniture Kinanced SEABOARD F1NAN''K COMPANY 20'JO Chesie. Tolt-plionc '.i-'.M- COUPLE wanted on larce ranch near Bnk- orstleld. Marr for eeneral ranch work. Wife to do light office work. House furnished, t-'ood salaries, pleasant surround- Incs. Write Box V-S02. The Callfornlan. _Kiv!nK ages, experience eic L fi-21-tf MKN W..NTED by old established Oil- well pump Company 11' you are rne- (hanlcaliv inclined and have a desire fin steady employment, apply at 1.100 Twenl.v-eishth street. Baker nfield. Calif. AI'TOMOHILE AND TRUCK M1ECHAN1CR WITH TOOLS TO WORK. AT RIO HHAVO. MOST MODERN EQUIPPED SHOP. PLENTY OF WORK FOR GOOD .MEN ALSO NEED CAR WASHERS AND OriKASE MEN TIIK SUPERIOR Oil Cii.MPANV PI'RSEL. PHONE 11.\ K Kit.SKI EI.D 0-381 1 g6 A\'A \TIC11 -Sci vh-e sulesman. Good salary and ext elk-tit future for man with fan f,)uc<*tiun who can assume respon- sil, hty. Firestone Stores. 2331 Chester nven Hi-. Rakers field. S-23-tf MAN TO HANDLE AND DELIVER I-TRNITIMIE. APPLY IN PERSON. DAVIS FURNITURE CO.. Him rilKSTKR AVENUE. S-25tf and 't,-li\ciy ini-n. Ap- I-'LII nit ut e. LiBhleetlth Tl;l «'K DIM VI'.I! tii\- M-Mahan 1 Mud I! Hti,-,-l*i, ,S-;'fi-lf \VANTI-:D—Twn Iti-yrar-old high school hoys, one for niuruliiR work a n,I on" I'm- al'u-rniion: Komi l>ny and sicadv .jnh. ln<)\iirn iiiechanl- t-al department. The Bakei sl'ield Califoriiiaii. S-2(i-lf \\ \NTUIi •-WorlilriK men l,\ Cole Biulherb Cil, us in', i *Miry . uood waces. li..vcl. lunrn l,naiij in., n onlianic on cir-i hlleoi mimed. no cxperienre oppoilunltv to Business Opportunities HOTEL I-'OP. LEAS.; - «c-n ,,,.ii.p,,.i '•2-l'ii'ln h-iiri n, 'la: 1 i alii S. <• \\,,M|.. Ll. \ValM»n, _ll'i.l l.'li'-htci I':.. i,< . -I - •-I FOR SALE—Pi,:in-rt>. ' M/I'I-'I-! 'lli.i'r 'K'K- '...,; e |',i'i'.-'i hio^e. on*; L lo'iin I."us,-. I'l ,,- Jl : Mr I,.* , ,!M •.(' In k' i st'ii-iil i i-i I ..! II t-l.v.av R',-;ir , p,,,v li. i I i j :;n.:s l,ct\^i • n - P m >.!ni '. p -.< K«IP. ll'f.i.iy HI,,H- nnd in.,-1.,- \Mlh In in;- >|ii.,i Hi s :,n.| , n In i . ,.: •! >.I|,A\ illK I-V ,'11, III n-l'llll ',11 IIIK-.-.'!; : I'liolMr ll,l dttaillil HlfOI Ilial ion. j 1 , I A llulslcilli-r. 7-i'h4h. _ :• i.iodn, i toi i.n- Ionium-.' anil it.., i,n!,i i l in ,n*t IHM I-MI> in* proI'lHbl, tin inji ticn' n-pi'ii! Li li.^s lo .r.Kifil'i'd iiiitn. Mn-l h.iv< i I, ,n to itnl i.l a< rolnpl ihtiiociil .im. inin innn. MIOII ban)M Oive (ompleti- det.iile i nr,. i crnlntf plict experience ami pliooe mini 1,,-r tor p.'iHoniil inu-rVH-a x\illi Hairs inunacci. Box :I2-P. The <'alilm man WANT small busliiesf or m'eiest !n one Hakersfleld or < oa»t. Write iiox "',•'• The California]^. -• Schools—Instruction l"l 1.1 Tl.MK bii"Klu-epei tnac 01 woman Aim, tr,;m t' act KK en niRnnBer of locnl 111 " •,- iiip'ii^ cnnipHn.v An exceptional , l-lini I nn ' v t, lt iidv n n, etneni and post\\ u i p'-i inn n.-ncy C, 1 martini; sulnr- if» W-'ir Ho» H-Sl!i. flip Csllfornl.'iii 8-18-tf WASH I NT, POLISHING STKA.M CLEANING SIMON I/I N(J MACK AND SON California and P Phone 2-1220 Help Wanted—Female tor Rent—Farm Land | Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous For Sale—Improved Property For Kale—Improved Property F< tfl LEASK— 40 arrpg. Cftwh or (tharei*. About. 4 milea ffuulh of city, (iootl soil. (tood water rifchtf. Phone 2-339:!. 1:6 For R«nt — Miscellaneous TCHEKL rHAlKH. hospital beda with innerapring matt res»e§: wa Ikert. rubber «h«eitng: ^verythlnc fnr stck rnnm. Fotd- Inff rhnirt. Phone 7-74S9 or 2-0067. 8-3-tf Wanted to Rent—Rooms Ml DDLK-AliLZD widow would like to share ''flthojlc^jhnnic. _i J hone_^-7J}j.'i ^6 <J H NT L MAI AN teacher wnntn room in private hump, clone to t*Jant Rnkfi-Mf i.-ld High Kt-hoo!. Urgent. Phone 6-tIOL'O. L'tJ WANTED — Whlt« maids. Hotel Pndre^ Sot houstkeepf r. 8-16-tf 45 DUNN'S C1ARAGE 24 HOUR .SERVICE COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SLR VICE REPAIRING AND RECONSTRUCTION IGNITION, CA RBURET1ON, MOTOR BRAKE SERVICE AND WHEEL BALANCING IN THE HEAH'l OF DOWNTOWN BAKERSF1 ELD 1412 EIGHTEENTH PHONE 2-3!i,18 !«'!•: DO TllEK topiiing. removing fem.e ! I'liildlnR. teitm work, piowiriit. gpneral xvorlt just work, hnvo tiutk Phone '. r,7m :v,i j cATKItpiLl-AH 301 "lor rent bv'the j nm.iih. I'hone 2.;i;:i. ;s IF Yl.ll' are InlereHlnrl in Tull or part- linn- crnnlo> nient. .re n good typist nnd tan take HhorthHnd, wnte Box X-5(*fi. The Cu llfornian. ^g WAITRESS wanted Innmro a'- H. P. News _ titand_;it S. P. Stntion. _ 25 COMPETENT BOOKKEEPERrPER- M.\NKNT POSITION, GOOD SALARY. APPLY IN PERSON AT THE DAVIS FURNITURE CO.. HOtl CHESTER AVE. 20 WANTED—Miilille-.-iiti-il woman for light hmjycwoik iind line of children. Mu*t »t.iy nlehts. til') per month. Phone WANTED—Young t'uuntaiii work. Uobei is L,-ine. woman for sales and Teakwood Farms. 8_r. HKACTV !Jeauly OT'KRATOR. Salon. Apply Wcil WAITKKSS wanted. Apul.v _ lo'iii Kijihtecnth Btietu. Wing's Cafe, S-28-tf WOMAN — White. rook am] help with housework, rxrellent salary board and _ ronm. _ l'hoii_^ _ l^-l^li;. jfi FKONT (1IRI, for work in Heanlng Rhoti. Aim-kins, rhec-lcinu n coiipter work. Apply S. & \V. C'eaners. 4;)0 Ken- turky "li WE BUILD ANYTHING MADE OF SHEET STEEL. FURNACE AND COOLER SERVICE Ql AVli^.-. Itfet 3820 CHESTER AVE. RALPH FURNITURE icflnishinB nnd r«- pinntinfi;. ttomo und office. For the best call_2-8806. 25 TRUCK hauling, anything, any time, anywhere. Furniture moving- a specialty. '•• Call Whltle Moreherid. Phone 2-9226. ! _OllrtRle.__Callf._ Z9 i ALI-. TYPES carpeniffr work, new con- plructlon. remndellmr repairlnc. paper h.'inB[nK 1Jnc H 1 ?_yj_i?- ^2 TREE PERVICK CO Piunm«. ShHpiiiR. Topping Also Trees Taken Out j B. Parker Free Estimating! U07 H Struet Phone 2-l:(R9 ! if ATTIl ACTIVE SALAKY FOR 13XPE- UIE.SCEU HEADV i'O-WKAK SALESWOMAN WHO WISHES PERMANENT EMP1.0V.MENT. AHBOTT'S PRESS SHOP Iftlli IS NINETEENTH STREET 2« WANTED—Samlwlch mrl and tray girl. Lurry's Diive-ln. Eighteenth and o alreelH. ^^ 2f» HOLSEKEEPER to hi-ln with cii i e of 5-rnom hoiiHe und two children. Private room. bath In rea.. Stay nights. Bonn! and waees. Phone 3-1910. 25 4'4 and RELIAHI.E PAINTING Inside and Out SID U. HELLER J.ironnod and Donl2d Coiitrnrtor 2409 "Eye" Street Phone 2-I492 7-lll-tf FOR GENERAL contracting and repair 25 HATS CLEANED nml blocked, by a former e.mploy,i of Stetson factory for 7 yi-ai-Fi. California Hnt Shop, 807 Daker street. Ea»t Hakersfield. 25 FREE ESTIMATE on vour paint Job of nil kind*i Phone 2-16:iIi. 26 REKRIOERATION sen-Ice, any makes. hoiiKchnld or commer, ial; also washelH. Bus inngcs nnd floor finnnres. ("'all aft- _ei-noon or nlKlitK Phono 7-7J60 _ 2II BICST PLUMBINQ HERVIVE. The best cof*t« lews. Little Uib.H net. first nttenlion. Counly lirenye only. .N'o cllv work. Phone _ 2_- 2 III2. 2 9 HOI'.SE PAINTING— Innlde and out. Com- mi-irinl j*pruy pji int inn. E«liniatey Klailly civen. S. M. Druey, painlini; conlriictor. _Pbone 2-tl.'lOO. 2ll TRUMAN'S TRANSFER—Long distance and local. 812 North Chester, Oildale. Phone 2-S1U4. 39 EXPERIENCED wnltretts to work hours each evening. Good WHKCS __ Kooil tlpn._ Pbone_;l-i;)71. WANTED—(lirl for checkins- rilty_ Cleaners. Phone fl-9414. _ 'Jti WANTED—Dependalilo white woman for ^eneiiil hounework and care of Invalid. Ho.irit. room, pood wiipea. 92S Monterev _ si i cf-t._ 2!l READY-TO-WEA It SALESWOMAN Permitnonl emplovment at attractive WMEPH. Must have. i eady-to-wcar experien, e. Seiver'fl Drews Shop. 27 EXPERIENCED alteration lady, permanent position, attractive salary. (Jni'ii- Hon's Dress Sbop. 1S18 Chester. 27 EXPERIENCED ready-to-wear saleslady, permanent position, attractive salary. CiarriKon'8 Dress Shop, 1818 Chculpr. \\'1I1TIC housekeeper, tl-dny w-eek ; hours 10 a. m. to 7 p. m. Three adults, one child; one meal lo prepare daily. J2n tier week and meals Box W-128, The Cali_ tin man. ____ __ ______ __ 27 WANTED — Good cook and housekeeper. Stay or go home nlshls. Phone 8-8844 Help Wanted—Male M1LDL1. AUKII man for funeral and ambulance work, exrerlence not necessary FllckmKer-Digier. Chapel. 1227 Chester 8-11-tf WANTED—TWO MEN FOR RECAPPING DEPARTMENT EXPERIENCED PREFERRED BUT NOT NECESSARY. C!OO» SALARY TC START. FIRR- STON'C STORES. TWENTY-FOURTH AND CHESTER AVJ5Nl!|i^ 8-23-tf WANTED—Derrick man and two helpers for small portable drill r\g. d 13 Wash- inKto_n._oiii]nie. !' h "".':_? :".?"!• 29 W-\NTF.D—Night man for earage. Dunn's Garage. Phone Z-.ta^S. 141" Eighteenth 36 HAVE oi'ENINC. for michlnlst or machinist helper and laborurs. Ill esnentlal iri- iluslry. Apply offiri- Consolidated Pipe ( niopanv. Triixtnn and I'nion avenue. 2R Help Wanted—Female TWO EXPERIENCED RBADT-TO-WEAR SALESWOMEN WITH LOCAL FOLLOWING; PERMANENT POSITION WITH GOOD SALARY TO THOSE WHO QUALIFY. GIVB FULL DETAILS IN- FIRST LETTER APPLICATIONS WILL BF; KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. WRITE BOX E-12. THE CALIFORNIAN. 8-22-tf WANTED—Stenographer. Capable Individual, fnr downlowrr insurance and real selato office. Lxporlence in r-eal estate and Insurance not necessary. Phone 2-0(15:1. 2S BEAUTY OPERATOR wanted, -ful part time. Phone II-BB94. WAN'1'EI>—Loral VOUIIK woman high school Krarlunli'. familiar wilh city for general office and assistant PB.X work, llox ti:tO, The Callfornian. Name, address and reference*. _ fi-24-t f WOMAN for l.ght hoiisi-kecpiiiK and caie of rhlhirpii. MiiPt stay nights. Phone WOMAN 'o, kitchen helper. lain I ,uni h Joe's Foun- 25 MA.Iolt OIL COMPANY has atenoKraphic opetnnK for well qualified Kill with shorthand ami typing experience. Call 7-i'!MI between S and 5. Availability certificate reiitm-ed. _ _ _ _ 2(* WANTED — Tray hop and fountain girl. Must, he 18 or over. Boulevard Stop. Nineteenth ajul _BaJ<er. _ ___ 26 VVA1TRKH.S AV ANTED— Must be experlpucod. Freddie's Cafe, Twenty - fo 1 1 r t hji nd_ » ?_JjJ^Jl}Yii>l__? " " ?:l f WANTED — Collector for west Bali- ei-Hfipld. AVrite Box M-101, Call_ forn ian. _ References. __ 8-L'ft-tf DENTAL assistant wanted, exporienced preferred. Call in person 1824 Chesier _ a\-cnui'. ______ ____ __ 29 WANTED — PBX operator, over 21 years. Hours 4 p. m. to 12. Experience not. necesnary but preferred. Applicant must know the town. Apply at Yellow Cab _ off |£"e^_l J Or Eighteenth street. _ 2 fi WANTED— Stenographer, permanent position. 40-hour week, all holidays. Apply In own handwriting, giving age, experience nnd salary expected. Box 979-B, _ The_Callfornian ___ 27 GIRL, will) some experience, wanted for candling _e gKS. _ Addresa 2219 Union. _ 26 WOMAN for fountain work. Availability slip required. Lucky's, ISlti K street. ^ _____ ___ _ ___ 28 EXCELLENT full or purl-lime position optin 10 (shut! sal>,slady l-'\pt.-i ience pi ct'eri ,-iI. lilcal for housewife, hours nrraiiKcd. Apply Weill'a Department Stole. -7 Help Wanted—Salesmen WANTED—Shoe salesman, experience not necessary. Top salary and commissions. Chance for advancement. No ace limit. Apply Leed'e Shoe S,ore »-16-tf Situations Wanted—Mal« WE CLEAN kitchens. 85c hour; aleo blinds, windows; floor by floor. Larko Cleaners, Phone 7-7462 before 8. after ft. 67 WI2 DO house cleaning. kiU-liens and bath- rontiiH. Air. and Mrs. Brown. Phone 2-'ll.'(H). 28 Situation* Wanted—F«mal* Help Wanted—Mala TELEPHONE OPERATORS BEGINNERS Fas,cin;iliMK \Vork--Essentlal Peacetime Future PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 10.0 Twentieth Street WANTKD-— Maid work, by hour or half _ day. 7i>c per hour Phone 2-731^). 2f> KEEP houso for elderly lady. Cull 2-961ti. _712 Nltu'teenlh street. VOCXD I.ADV allondiny Lufkin's Business College desires nite home to live in with BOOI! rehncil family where she can \v»tk lor loom, tloard ,-inil Hinall Hillary while ttoiiiB to Hchool. Prefers home without children. Ucst references of- _I,TCI|._ Phiine_ 2-ir..".n GIKLS \vill do hour work. 7&c hour. Phfine mil ]:'. \vanls work in home. Station A. Box u"4. HI'SIIAND in serviic. Will do InininB in m.\- homi'. 7.".i: per hour. Phone 2-7'JKO. WILL I>O mining in my home, 1.100 fci'Hon. K\p«'nrnrfHl. Help Wanted—Mala IT f API HIGH SCHOOL completoo at horn* for recognized dtplnrna: ':00 othei tourHen. Free ,'atalngu< Call Lee Manful!. 7-752.", IntvrllM tloriH I CoriPSpnnden< e Hch" Ih 4ft LKAr.V PHOTO HETOCCHINC1 Big demand. Karri up lo tuU a week nl bo,, e. J'"or detail** write Dn VH l-ll III st Studios. 8517 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood 4«. Calif. 2« I.iKAFTS.MAX —VETEUAX OP. FEMALE CI1A1NMAN — MAU-; OII.FR? l-'OIt CAS K.NO1NE COMPRESSOR PI.AXT—MAI.F! AT m IIKI.I'KHS FOR INSTALLING AND REPAIRING PIPELINE—MALE APPLY TO: For Rant—Ropma FOR KENT — New furnished room, private I,alb. ontsnle cntran, e. 1 block from Kein lii-neriil Phone 2-8994. tJl'IICT front room, ad.iolning bath, air cooled, one or two. beat. Kentlemun pre- ffi ri'il, telephone, close in. pnrklnK upace. PII7 Cherry IIOOM — DMul,Ic bi'il. aihiiinitm bath, use of Pluiop. Dav \\oikers, m-ntlemcn nrt-feri ed. I'lion- 2-IH!" __ 'I'd OENTI.KM AN. dcsinilde room, luilh ad IniiitiiK. outside enlrance. One block Koiilh Pa ilre hotel. Rclcremea. 17(1(1 Si'Vi'iileeuih sued. 4.1 TWO looms and bath avaibible for tench- i-is M-als if desired. Car necessary. rhoiie .".-O'.I'JT. -7 For R«nt—Hou»o« WILL SIIAHR my home with ladv In ex- clmime for care of child. Phone .1-028:.'. Kdll llKNT--llouseki'e,iillB trailer, double bed. 1114 Jefferson. Phone 3-OII5SI. BAKERSKIKI-1), CALIFORNIA 34 For Rent—Apartments SIVdl.K apartment, 1207 Grace, Apartment 2 Foil RKNT—Two adults only, beautiful aimrlment, all new furniture, living and dining room, kitchen und bath, tile. Very close in. $75 monthly. Phone 2-6J98 .-liter 5 p. 111. For Ront—Offices, Stores FiCli SPACE for rent on or tfter Seii,«mb*r 1. m heait nf bu»inea» dls- nici Ground floor. Be? Mr. Cox. 16SO Eighteenth. PI one Z-5321. !6 WANTED—Tricycle for 6-year-oM boy. Must he In excellent condition. AVill pay top price. Phone 2-26S1L'. 26 WANTED TO BUY—Steam nressine iron. Phone L'-02lir». 'ji; WANT TO BUY—Ice cre.-lm refrlceiator. 'J to 4 compartments; also heavy 2-whcH trailer. Phone 8-8877 after a.',10, 27 WantadI to Rant—Hpu»«« PERMANENT stale employe desires furnished bouse or apartment. No children. _C H II .IJIOJJ^ " 28 TO RENT—Two-bedroom turnlsheil house or double apaitment. V\'ll' pay three mo ,tbs in advance. Yes. we have two ^HJ^JHYjtiJ?"^! C.all 9-9997. 32 WANTED TO RKNT— Furnished or unfurnished house by September 1. Prefer Oildale vicinity. Christian people, give leferences. Wayne Beam, phone 3-12S7. 25 WANTED to rent, by permanent civilian ,-ouple with ,'1-year-oll twins. 2-hedroom furnished house. preferably fenced-ln ^_bac yard. Phone 5-54.VI 25 LIEUTENANT nnd wife will take Rood care of furnished house or apartment; no children, no pets. Phone 2-2893. _ _26 Fl'KNISHED house or apartment by oil worker, wifo und one child; permanent Call 8-8862 _ . 23 WANTED TO RENT—Help! Help! Permanent residents need small unfurnished house: one bain-; clean tenants. Phone .T-HJIiO _ _ . 2ii WANTED—A 2-bedroom unfurnished house: will guarantee cood care of propertv: one 12-year-old ulrl : permanent. Call 2-0243. TWO OR THREE-BEDROOM furnished apartment or house urgently needed before school starts by officer, wife and two young well-behaved children. Price range 150 to }12n per monlh. Phone _n-5831._eJ[lenslon 37. 26 Ct t'PLE--No children. Hakersfield resident 3 years, wants I or 2-bedroom bouse In desirable neighborhood. References^ Photie__2.fil64. 2fi YOUNG couple with 5-year-old daughter needs 2-bedroom fii.-nlnhcd or unfurnished house: permanent. Employed by Pacific Pipe and Construction Companv. Phone Arvin ,')-R. 27 Xo charge for renting or sending preferred people to rent your homes, apartments or courts. Only those meeting your requirements will call. Phone early, San Joaquin Agencies. Edward W. Moody, 1812 "Eye" street. Phone 2-2315. If no answer, call 2-0653. 3-2!i-tf SOLPHSll, wife and iO-months-old baby need furnished home or apartment: ur- Bejit. References. Call 2-9405. 28 FOR ONE MONTH—Furnished house or apartment. Wanted for September, by army officer, wife and email boy. Phone 4-43-X. 2(1 Need 2-hedroom unfurnished house. Bak- ei'sfield. Oildale. Kxcellent care. We have two little Kills, little ladies, I should say. Please call 2-9129, ask for Mr. I'H.v_enH. 2IJ WANTED TO RENT—I'nriirni7hed~2~or :i-bedroom houso or apartment. Excellent care guaranteed. Roy 15. girl 12. References, permanent. Last place over four years, t'rgent. Phone 3-0705 26 CADET, wife and .mall child desire small house, apartment or room with housekeeping privileges. Phone 7-70.19. _2fi WILL KEEP HOUSE or care fo7~cnlld In exchange for sleeping room and kitchen privileKes for my daughter, 15, and son 12 and myself. Or will pay rent for same accommodations. References if de- siti-d. Airs. Leo Saunders, phone 2-0105 25 PERMANENT. responsible major oil company employe urgently needs 2 or 3-bcdroom unfurnished house. Phone 2-7 K24. 21) WANTED—Duplex or house, furnished or unfurnished. Have sold my home, must locate by September 10. Phone 2-331)6 or (i-660;l. 26 COUPLE with Infant in urgent need of two- bedroom furnished house. Please call :i-ni :;s. 2; W. \NTTOD—2 or 3-bedroom unfurnished house: 9-year-old daughter, permanent _ Phone 4-4901. JU) OFFICER nnd wife need furnished house or apartment: no children or pets. Call _2-4U9 J 29 HUSBAND wife, two children 6 and 7 years, wish fuinisbed house, apartment or large room and kitchen or board in .Alia. Vista section for two or three months. Phone 2-9647. 28 SOUTHERN PACIFIC employe In need of furnished house or apartment; permanent: will sig:i lease; one child. Kefer- ences. Phono g-9543. Ram (ialther. 27 NURSE wants furnished house, duplex or apartment by September 1 ; can Rive ref- __erence._Phone_2_ : 9377 J 27 Sl'UAR COMPANY executive, locating permanently in Bakersfleld. desires long-term lease for 2 or 3-bedroom home In restricted district. Phone 2-7279 between 9 and 5 \vcek_days. 29 CHAPLAIN desires rental of 2-bedroom furnished house wilhin 20 miles of Minter Field before September IS. Call Post _ Chapel. MmterJ-'ield. _ 3« .MOST t'RGKNT— Nee-l of small, furnished bouse by September 1. for licnlcnant and wife, no children. Phone_2_-0!i7Jl. 27 WANTED—Furnished apartment or bouse; prefer west Bukei slield. I'hone S-83SG. SI rs^jVust i n. 27 OFFICER AND WIFE desire to rent furnished apartment or small house: no chil- _d£en or_pe_tsi. Call 3-_M69. 27 WANTED—Ono or two-bedroom furnished house, three In family; one well-behaved boy; permanent; references; prefer close _l°_i? 0 well School. Phone 3-2420. 30 WANTED—House or bulldinc for bnnntv shop, with llvlnp; quarters; have eauip- ment and furniture: prefer west Bakersfield: references; permanent. Phono _3-2jj:jl. 30 FOUR OR FIVE-ROOM house, furnished or unfurnished: wlfo school teacher: husband oil well driller: responsible, and permanent. Phone 2-1197. 27 Wanted to Rent-—Apartments WANTED — Permanent, small furnished apartment, within walking distance of <Iow^ntpwn_j_referem-e»._Ca 11 _Z-Ol_~_f>. 25 OFFICER and wile in need of furnished npartm-lit or cottaee. No children, no pets. Will assure Rood care. I'hone Mm. Camplin. 3-21 S_5_. 2« WANTED—Furnished apartment In Hast Bakersl'icld for younu business woman l'hqm'_2-7JJ9. "7 FOUR school teai.hcrs want 2-liedrooin fur- nishc-d apartment or house. Plume ;!-l(il1_. yoi'NC. business wom.-.n wants a-rooni apartment tn Rakemfield. I'hone 8-87.",l bet\\eeu ;' a. m. and 5 p. ni- 27 Wanted to R«nt, Mi«c«ll«n<iou« HAVK CLIENT Interested In leasing operating or closed, wsll-located. equipped service ntBtimi. Wrl.e giving details to H. C. Whlteheod. 448 South Hill street. Los Ajiseles 13. ('aljf. 2_5 W-VNT a pasiure for a 6-months-old colt, close In. Cill 2-94:fl. 26 Wanted to Buy, MI«c4tH«n«ou« WANTED—Cash for your used furniture, electric appliances, etc. We buy, trade or COX FURNITURE Formerly Olldnle Furniture 501 East Nineteenth Street Phone 2-46US _fi-14_lf WANTED to buy. old sewing machines and vacuurr cleaners. 1608 West Eighth stre-i I'hone 9-94HV. 36 BROWK'S FURNITURE Formerly Roy White Furniture 2620 CHESTER AVENUE We buy used furniture, itoves, refrigerators. Pay cash or exchange. Call ut tor real prices. PHONE 7-7021 6-9-tf DIAMONDS watches Mid old Jewelry of any description' highest market prices aid In cash Earl McEvoy. precision watchr.vikei. til Haber'eldi- building. Phone !S-fi 897 _ __ ll-iO-tf WANT— 12 or 20-gauge Route_l^Box3,_Shaf ter. ,. 25 WANTED to buy. prewar console Wedgewood gas uingc. Must be excellent con_ 'JjiL» n - _ < . t '"" e _ 3 ''-'*'LL ___ "* WANTKD— A small traveling iron. Phon» 2-8461 26 Wantod to Buy— -Property CASH and quick action when you want to sell your home or ranch. No deal too large or small. Buyers waiting. Call Elmer Martin, 2-!)294. _ 220^ Habe^felde bulKlinR 1-10-tf SULL.INO HOME OR FARM? PHONE 2-OB53. LISTINOS NOT NECESSARY. HAVE BUYERS WAITING. SAN JOAQU1N AGENCIES. EDWARD W. MOODY, 1812 "EYE" STREET. __ 8-1 5-tf Have opened u: own nff;ce. Need llstlngn badly. Buyer. i waiting. WII, LA RD E. BAKEP 1414 Seventeenth Phone 2-0555 ___ __ 6-14-11 NEIOD Hating- for cash buyers on large and smal' homes, acrr homes, ferms and incom nroperlies. Klwood's. 1H2S _^jEy*,_' ______ ...... ____________________ ...... 2« \VE NEED property to soil, have buyers waiting, quick action guar- unteeil. Call Wicker, phone 2-0^"!0. llitiO Chpstor avomie. 29 WANTED — 160 ncies unimpiovd Innd. Wasro or Shnfter dlstrlet. Will drill \\ater well and le^•el Innd: pay Interest on two proceedinK land, then pay off land nn 1 0-year .plan. Illume 2-.Tl.'lM. 2!l WANT TO DUV* from owner. In Hast BaUrrsl'ield. 3-bedroom house. fall _ 4-4666. _ _ -« WOULD IAKK TO HAVE f-'ROM OWNER, 2 BEDROOM HOME. WILL, PAY CASH. PHONE _ 8-S!)S6. __ 26 ATTENTION. A.MEniCA— Colored people are flghtint; and dying for America. To die for one's countrv and be denied the privilege of btivinc better homes is not rifiht. If you have property that a deserving patriollc people mav buv. plense phone ^-(IGofi. Jonos h^al_IOstnte. ___ L'O WR nerd mnre lipting.". Li6Jt yonr home. farm, ranch or Income with BnTDPTf.N & l.ANTAPTKR 1S17 H ftieet. I'hone 8-Sf,",S S-JL'-lf WANTED TO RUV, I-'OK CASH, 3-HEDROOM HOUSE AVITH LARGE LI \' ING ROOM. IN EAST RAKERSFTELD ABOVE NILES. BOX "00-B, THE CALIFORNIAN. WANTKD TO BUY — Five-room house, uood "onilnion, $.j(l(l down, $3U monthly. Phonn For Sale—Improved Property Oiir-hodroom home on North Baker MIOM immediate possession. Frite jy,')00. some terms. Two-hed room home on larce lot on Po- toniuc street. This home is almosi new and in good condition. Price $4i'iOO. some tei-ms. Two-hetlroom home furnished, on ^lonnrliie sued, in Oildale; large lot. 1'nie $3750, terms. Lo\'cly 1-hpdroom home on Wnodrow street in Oildale. Home In excellent tnnd:- t ! on, Moor furnace and is modern HI every way. Nine vard and saracr I'I-HP *;)ST,n, Jiono down, balance J42 per month. This Is a FHA home. Thi*ee-l)t j droom home on Hunties street In Oildale. Home Is in good condition. Price 537r>o. some terms. Th reo-tiedroom home, furnished, at Third and Chester avenue. A comt'oi lahle home and a Kood futuie businesa JUOPIM ly. I'rice S'lflOO. some terms, Two-liedroorn home on Ray street in Oildale. Home in good condition and on a larire lot. Price $6150. terms. Two-bedroom home on Kast Elchteenlh street. Home In perfect condition and buyer can have Immediate possession. 1'rice $6250. terms. A perfect 3-bedroom home, \vith three baths, close in, on Niles street. Has small apartment in roar. Income property now $S5 per month. Owner has own separate apartment. Tills home is partially furnished with fine furniture. A home and income and good location. Price $13.000, terms. Phone 2-9"!H JL'O Hflherfeld" Hnildins. Spacious living room with fireplace, veal dining room, three good ai/ed bedrooms, acre of ground with fruit and nut trees and chicken equipment. Golden State Tract—Two-bedroom home. Hardwood floors, floor furnace, Venetian blinds. Three-year-old home en large lot In Casn Loma. Broadloom carpet to walls, floor furnace. This is well built. Immediate possession. Rosedale acreage home with chicken equipment, cow shed and pasture, large garden, berries. J3500. Green Acres acreage home, equipped for iibout 1000 laying hens, lots of shade, fruit trees. Might trade home, perfer- iihly near Oildale. Home with large living room nnd dining room; a house for large family, then three furnished rentals bringing $115 monthly beside**. One of the best small courts we have had. investigate lor unusually attractive income. In Oildale—Close to Chester avenue, threo- bi'ilroom home, mostly furnished; old, tint lols of room. ALTA VtSTA—Duplex, 2-bedroom on one side and one on the other. Large living and dining room, lots of tile In kitchens and baths, nicely furnished, coo Vr duct: to all rooms, sprinkling system. On corner lot. Priced at only <9liOO. THREE-BEDROOM nearly new In nice location on East Side. Completely furnished. Nice yard with sprinkling system, til,000. One-half cash. ON O STREET—Neat 4-room home for only $:'JSO, 11000 down. EAST BAKERSFIELD-Furnished 2-hed- rnom. sleeping room on garage. 16660, t28iO down. WII,LARD K. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Street. Phone :-nr,55 8-25-tf 2U acres, adjoins Houchin Tract, Mituuted on Belle Terrace; one 2-becirnom plastered home, hardwood floors, nice dining and living rooms, and one 2-room house, ga- i-agp and workshop; some very nice fruit trees. Shown by appointment- J. T. (Sy) Wicker Ib'liO Chester Phono 2-01':!!) Evenings 2j3895_or_L'-64tK! 26 TWO-ROOM modern house, one acre. J1280 full price JSOO cash Will consider factory bulk trailer house. Route 2, Box "L'5. Oarden Drive. 4 miles south, turn at Collins' Market, first small houso facing west. Also refrigerator f o r sa h^ »I 60-TOOT land claims for mile by Al _ M_uel^er, Magunden Blacksmith Shop. *!> KIVE-UOOM house, garage, wash house, fenced yard, 60-foot lot. $:1100. Sl'.DO down. 70S Wilson avenue, Oildale. _l'hoiie H-(nj!4. ;7 HIGHLAND PARK—Cox.y two bedrooms, large yard. Plenty shade trees. $1800 down, balance easy terms. By owner. 414 _Llnda Vlmn _L'a ONE acre. East Xlles street, .with li-bedrnoni home, nothing ex- Iienslve hut comfortable, furnished if desired. Some fruit trees, lots of chicken equipment, $;!5UO, some terms. Ken Mynatt. Phone 2-438ti. FO RSALK—Four-room hou»e In Oildale. Has shower and au'.cmatlc water heater. Lot 50x160. Price »1875, reasonable down payment. See at 710 El Tejon. "6 GOOD Lafayette sedan. 1935, five good tires, 1260; good "hupe. One rich ncre. 6-room house, nice shades, young fruit tr**s. Half-mile south from Orange hall, north Fairfax Bond, quarter-mile east tb red house. J. s. Moffatt. $2500. 25 FOR SALE, by owner. 1-bedroom home. 332'.i West Harding in Rlverview. Ciish or tenns ^° Mie 'ii 1 l ) l_ p pel son. 29 EK1HT BLOCKS soulh of Clock Tower. fi."»-foot frontage, with good building that can easily and cheaply be made iulo home or rental. All improvements in and paid for. This is a meal (or t!6«n cash. Phons 2-3392. Z7 F street, close in. 3-bedroom home, very inn', on coiher lot yixllfi. Imm-'diHte possession. $.1000 fash, balance $42.50 iH'r month. Ea«r Hnk«i sf tetft. on Norlh Baker am! Water, a \rry nice coiner lot front hnu*e. l\v,> Ivdrooms. ni'e kitchen, living room and plenty closel*. hardwood. Th', oa< k bouse is thr, »• rooms over Karate and ;s plastered Inside and Is fiiinished. Pine for both $(il)00. $2000 d,,\\ n anil then J.iS per monlh. East Flnkersf ield. on Grace street, one- half block off P.aker, a dandy 2-hedroom hiime on large lot running Ihriunh to Ui-maid; room tor aonllKr house. Total pm e if sold soon, is $4. r ,,'IO. Jir.OO down. Oildalc on Decalur, a danily 1-hedroom home, furnished, very neat and (lean. Immediate powsesslon. JJllnO. Easl of town, un McilinK Hond. a 3-bcd- room home. Nice hnlh and plent>' of chiikeii equlpmeni: Idate lur cow; lot BKxUUII lecl. $r,llilil. Hollby It ,ail and I'\i-fl stf.t. 2l,rdr,inm ol'j house on lot ]0."»xl.'!T fe<>t. on torner one-half hlntk fi'un Uo,'sc\'ell School. * I'I'M, ,:, « i.. Riverv'ew. on Hanlinc sticri. new 2-hed- room home, never ! i\ed in, $J5lll) down, balance eusy. 20 acres line land. 10 acre-a made 2400 sacks ihis .\'ear. 5 acres tomatoes.' :i acres alfalfa, balance Improvement* and Harden. Two bedroom homo: chicken equipped and -jams, two good water wells, two tractors und other machinery Sh, \,T b..- ipi"'i ment. 6 acroH on corner of Casa l,i>m,i Drive and Cottonw. ,j Ri/t.d. will malic Home- one money before long. Price $47."iO, MuiiO down. Three-bedroom home, two liaths. flieplace. hardwood, on two commeiclal acres on Kosedale Highway. close In. Lots chicken equipment and pasture for cow. >u',Uft cash. l>alance monthly. 10 acres nrances, 3-bndi-nom home, just overhauled. Hood water well, plenty of machinery to nin place. This Is n fine place and maile $4200 this last season. All oil rlKhto KO wilh place: oil well on two sides. Price . r :iOOO down and »:1000 In .liiiiuiiry. balance $1800 per year. Shown by appointment. 10 acres, reduced to ISUftO, on Sterling Hnad. Two-bedroom home. Just reconditioned wilh new roof; Rood water well, four acres apricots, balance ready for t Top. Ti actor, disc and other machinery noes with pla* 1 - if sold soon. 10 acrrv on Hosedale lliRhway Just west of Kniltvale S< >inril. all In cultivation, two wells, one-fourth oil liRhts. Will trade equity fnr Rood house in town. 10 acres tn Fniiivnlp. all in cultivation. New house nnd new lmpro\ emcnts. Rood waior well. Price $IO.oOO. trims. J. T. (S» Wickc-r. 1(160 Chester. Phone 2-02.1!!. evonmBB :'-.lS!i:, or 2-(i4(i.t. L'li OrT.DALE —Furtiisl.i'rt 2-hedroom borne In evcellent. cdndition. All modern conveniences: double KurnKi?, em loserl washroom. One-hcdl (torn furnished home on game lot. Rents for $110 month. Total pm e $78,",0. CALIFORNIA TRACT -Nlip l-lwlrnom home prarticallv new Clipboards and (lo^cis naloic. tUutr ftirnncn. hardwood flooi-s. .\nother bedroom can be easily added. $2Ui',() down. HIC.HLAND MANOR—Almost new 2-berl- ronm home. All laiest modern con\en- lenrcs. Nice back yard fenced. $i!500. LA CRKSTA—One of the brtler 2-1,ed- rooin hunt's Tile roof, real fireplace, enclosed PHIIO and well landscaped lot. $S40(I. After 5 p. m. call Bill Irvin. 2-J642 IX OCEANA—Three acres. 12 cabin*. «tor« livln? .inarters. gas pumps. This Is furnished and a goms concern, showing Kood income. Present owner all alon* and cant handle. Will sel' all fos total price of $10.GOO. Lomltn Veide--Lovely P-room home, only 6 years old. Living room, 15x20, bath with still shower, vet•• nice kitchen, loti of cupboards. Pear yard fenced and ha» barbecue pit. Double garage. Total pt Ice. $62iO. substan'.lal down. VVinBlanU Square—Five-room home, modern throughout, well landscaped lot. This place IP practically completely furnished. Including refrlgeratoi and washing machine Total, price 16760, good down payment. Pioneer Drive—Five-mom modern home on five acres This wo-j|d make an Ideal count r?- home for the coupln who likes horseback riding and has stock. Not tr far out. Lomlli \Vrde-Five-rnum furnished home, only ahou'. 4 \ears old and In excellent condition. Modern throughout. Nice yard. Immediate possession. Total price JdfjOO. about half cum" to handle. On lot 100x300—Lovely 6-room home, almost new. Dual fl-ifir furnace, cooling ducts, etc. Owner wishes to trade foj 3-bedroom home close In In city. 1.11S ''Eye" Street 8-2-tf VALUES FIVE-ROOM home, completely furnished, on full acre nf finest soil In Kern county, near Fairfax School. Has light, water, gas, R lovely bathroom. Full price 14000, subitarHlal'down. FIVE-ROOM home, near S. P. shops, In good condition. Has chicken equipment, garden space, shade trees and nice lawn. Full price 12600, •ubitantlal down, balance easy.. (FIVE-ROOM horn* In eiceptlonslly good .'OCRLion, chile to •verythinc and In perfect condition Han twn tadronmi, hardwood fl.mrs. floor furnace, lots of ahnd« and fruit tree. Full price 14760. $1600 down, balance 140 per month. TWO HOUSES on large corner lot In very desirable location One house furnished. Has electrl" refrigerate), table top range, bedroom sets alt tn food condition. Roth houaee have hardwood floors, tile drains: double caisne. nice lawn and shad? tree* Full price f<500, $2500 down balance 165 per month. HOME AND INCOME) property close-to Sout,.e-n Pacific ehops Has nice rentals, all furnished: Income approximately 1376 rer month. Full price J1S.O"- Some terms, o IGfio Chester Phone >-»» 8-14-tf LOOK LV HIGHLAND MANOR—Practically new l!-h*-drnom home, nii-ely fiirniKlii'd. lariie kilrhen. 7-toot Friizidaire. yanny tile in bath, double sriraife. This is a ni*-e stucco home. Requires large down pay- IN HIGHLAND PARK—Larse 2-hedroom honie with extra playr-oom upstairs In knolty pine, doiltile narase, corner lot with HprinkhiiK system: also two 1-tted- rourn homes, one is flli-niHheil. These homes about .1 years old. Immediate possession. All for $10,500 with JIOIIIJ down. NEAR KERN rsENERAL—An excellent 2-bedroom home in Ihe pink of condition, rnolniK system, floor furiinte. and a kitchen that la perfect as to color and appointments; lots of tile in bath and kitchen; nice j a rd with fence in rear: room for horse and chickens. The price IB rifcht on this home TIIESTKR N. BEARD 1S07 H Street Phone 5-31109 or 5-4r, l> 2 FOUR-UNIT apartment house, furnished, including stoyes and refrigerators: apartments all occupied by sleady tenant**. Close to Woman's Club. Eighteenth street. $11.500. Freal W. Harvey. 2(13 ftrower building. Phone 2-4260; evenings 2-4 H II. i'5 NEAR Kern General and schools. 1-bedroom home completely furnished with execllent taste, including rugs, drapes, cooler, yard tools. Lot 7oxliO. Cash or terms. NEAR East High, nn exceptional 2-hed- room house. Yard completely fenced, shade. Extra large living room and bedrooms. A better built modern home to own with pride. Fieal W. Harvey. ;03 Brower Building Phone 2-42CO. evenings '.'-4143 25 YOU WILL WANT this beautiful rt-bed- room home, completely furnished. Walking diiitance from town In nice district. Owner must sell for cash, account leaving city. Call 2026 A dtreel. 2(1 TWO-BEDROOM house In Sunset Park. nplendld condition, Immediate possession. S6000, half cash. Tw t-hedruom house, east side. $4750, neat and nice. Two-bedroom house, near airport, S4250; now vacant. Brandt Investment Company 1802 H Street Phone 2-S046 8-S-tf MODERN 2-hedroom home In Casa Lonia, only about 3 years old. On approximately one acre. Shade, fruit, cow barn, place for chickens. Strictly first class throughout. MODERN home and one acre. Three sleeping rooms, double garage, fruit, shade, chicken equipment. Plenty of water. An exceptionally welt furnished 2-bedroom home on corner lot In well-restricted subdivision. None of thle furniture is more than E years old and Includes drapes, refrigerator, table-top stove, etc.. etc. Double garage. Almost new 6-rnom home, three bedrooms, Venetian bllndfl; some shade and fruit. Close In, In East Bakerafleld, small house, unrestricted district, 13000. Home and Income—Duplex and apartment over 3-car garage. Well located for steady rental. Modern throughout. E. C. Uffert, 901 Niles. Phone 2-715!. 8-2.1-tf FOR SALE—Two-bedroom dwelling, half- acre lot, near Nlles and Sterling. tf>850, terms. See Paul Sybrandt, 213 East Eighteenth. Phone 6-5003. 26 OILDAL.E—Small home and garage, fairly new with modern conveniences. Immediate possession. Price $2850. Easy terms. Phone 2-1386. 25 T OWNER—Large house, seven rooms, plenty of tile, floor furnace; basement: doubla garage. Furnished. 2110 Kern street, Eaat Bakersflcld. 26 F.")R 9ALE. by owner, duplex, partly furnished: 608 Lake street. East Bakersfleld: ',3 block from bus. __ 2JJ NICE HOME In refined district, near grade and high school. Completely furnished. Would consider lato model car __ an part payment. _ Phone 2-3JIQ2. _ 26 FOUR-ROOM house for sale, furnished. Apply at 2129 Verde. Phone 2-89Tii>. Price $3000. ____ 211 BY OWNER— Two-bedroom house In El Camlno Park. Price $4K. r >0. terms. Write to Clyde A. Henson, Route 1. Hox 19, Ventura. Calif., or phone Ventura 6874. ___________ 2S FOR SALE— Reasonable, 6-room bouse with bath, service porch, automatic water heater, stationary tubs, lot r>L'.\li.'7. Furnished or unfurnished. Will aell equity. _Hee owner 181 L street. _______________ 20 TRANSFERRED, so must Bell quickly and have reduced the price accordingly, larce two-bedroom house at 7111 Pacific. Phone _5-S8tll. __ ____ _____ _____ "i'i hnuxe. partly balance $:!"> FOR SALE— Two-bedroom furnished. $1100 down, month. HI 9 Decntur. _ _ _'S H7iiO Bl'YS almost new f>-room Hlucc.0 lit 1406 Flower- street. Hardwood floors. Venetian blinds, tile Kitchen, nice, shade arrd fruit trees; rOxISO-loot lot. I'hone _ 2-!li:ui. _____ _________ __ 27 S. P. WORKERS ATTENTION — Nice home In SOO block on East Nineteenth Mrcet. Two bedroorn« and sleeping porch. Immediate possession. $.">r>00. ALT A. VISTA TRACK— Nice 2-bedroom homo on wide street, ill nice district. Venetian blinds, larwe blower-type cooler. JV'tOO. substantial down payment. O1LDALE — Four-room modern house with garage apartment renting for $26 month, $4600. with about $1750 down. RICHARDSON & SIDDALL 205 Hopkins Building. Phone 7-7031 ____ or 3-0422 __ 2 7 FOR SALE — One-bedroom modern home. hardwood floors, bathroom tiled In pastel colors. Also rented house on same property. Roth houses furniHheiJ. Location 71« f.lliic street. Rlvervlew. Inquiro at 415 El Trjon avetiue. Oildale. _____ "_7 IMMEDIATE possession. 5-room unfurnished, well-located home. Sunset Park Trait. $700(1. $2000 down. See Warde 1). WaUon, 2120 Chester avenue, Phone :-4884. 2* LA ROE 2-STORY HOUSE — On West Twentieth street, immediate possiwsion. Owner moving from Raker-fifleld and has cut tire price to JD500 cash. An old house but a good one. CASA LOMA . CRES—Practically new 2-bedroom home, on well landscaped lot. hardwood floors and tile, fireplace and floor furnace, large basement, double garage with lots of storage epace. barbecue pit. steel leticc in concrete, nice family orchard. All this for $6250, some terms. INCOME ON H9 HIGHWAY—Auto court, with 21 units on three acres land, income about $!>00 per month. This place well landscaped with trees and shrubs. nii-e swlrnmlm? pool and other conveniences. Kor furiher Information, contact us. Price $27,500. substantial down payment. SOI'THWKST. 3 ACRES, with 2-room house. 140 bearing fruit trees. 75 young fruit trees. :-row giapes, located on OAK STREET about 4 miles south of town. Has Kern itland water and well with pressure system. $3750-. $1250 down. BOYDSTPN « LANCASTF.R 1817 H Street. Phone 8-8639 8-2fi-tt LA CRESTA—A house you will thoroughly en.lo.. Large livingroom with fireplace and dual floor furnace, large dining room, modern kitchen with large nook. has lots of tile, stall shower and cove linoleum. Two bedroom, two-ear garage: well lands-aped, fenced rear yard. The view is excellent. Price $9460. terms arranged. k, OILDAI.K—Two-bedroom home an corner lot. Garage and work shop. Price. $3650, $1650 down, $23 month, CHESTER AVENUE—In Rlverview, 303 feet on highway ovar 268 feet deepV Income $300 per month up. To see this nnd other exceptionally good properties, phone for appointment today. DEAN R. HURLEY 411 Nineteenth Street Dial 1-0271! _.. 8-24-tf EAST BAKKRSFTELD—Five-room stucco home and den, built in 1940. Completely furnished with prewar furniture. $6600 EAST B A KKRSFIELD—Five-room stucco home, on corner lot. close In. 15150. HIGHLAND PARK—Stucco duplex, built In 1940. One side furnished with nice prewar furniture. Other side unfurnished. One-half bloc!- from bus. Close to store and school. $4760, $2260 down. BANK STREET—Moderate size 6-room house. In good district. Close to bus and market. $3950. J1SOO down. THREE-ROOM HOUSE—Two miles south of town. $2600. $1000 down. Phone J-7664 1671 Chester 8-2S-tf Beautiful 2-hedroom home. Large livins* room, dining room, kitchen, with breakfast-bar. Most attractive den, finished in knotty pine and lots of windows. Lovely hath, beautiful floors throughout, newly redecorated. Beautiful corner lot, 100x150. $3250 will handle. Shown anytime. A REAL, BUT One* nrre with 4-room house, close tn school, bun and store. Plenty of fruit trees and rtieap walor. Immediate po«- scsHion. Total price JH870. Terms. Phons 3-0986. 25 FOR .SALK — Immediate tioKgesaion, near Mount Vurnon Si:huul, 3-room houap, fenced yard, modern l)lumbinK. Elmer ' FOR SA1..K — Six-room homp on S7-fnnt lot 551111 Sunai'l. I'nr'o $8000. Charl™ B. AVeh.sli'r. 1511 Eighteenth street, i'hona _?.mi: ____ ___ 27 CI.OSL-; in Oildale— Inimndlate nosnesKinn. large 4-room house, two lots, nicely lnnd. scaped. Chicken equipment. Include* 5nn. ejrp electric brooder. Total price $4Xnfl, >H85u c.-iBh. Klmer F, Karpe. ir,17 Klghu-enih. __ H-;»-tf IN OILDALE Five-room unfurnlshcit house. Hardwood floor:, tile sink. Large lot. Plenty of shade. Only S.180II. PosBession soon. __ Terms. I'lum'; :',-0!l«6 . _ y 5 TWO-BEDROOM house for sal.i. half arre eood land, I3BOO; some termi. Call _ utter 6 p. m. 2313 South K. _ 25 FOR SALE— On Alta Vista Drlvt, corner, 63x150, 3-bedroom house, iilvng- roum. dining room, den, breakfast nook. kitchen, two baths, small ba»fsient. screened porch, twu floor furnaces: newly painted. 2-car carage. Full pries 19750 Immediat* possession. For Information call J. J. Consanl. (-9614, or 2-9487. __ 8-9-tf HOME AND FARM BUYERS WANTED— If we haven't what yon want, we'll find It. San Joaquln Agencies. Edward Moody, 181? "Eye." Phone 1-0663. 3-1-tf ONE-BEDROOM house in Golden State Tract, $:'000 cash for equity, balance Ji7 per month. Hardwood floors, tile, floor furnace, wall furnace In bathroom. _20_Ll8£ett street. Phone 2-4427. 26 TWO completely furnished housee. 55-foot lot with wlUe'valks and curb, furniture is very latest, table-top stoves, electric re- frigeratnrs. cooler, floors cnrpeted: plenty tile work. You'll like this. $11.5(10, $4000 down. Svl McN'Inch, with R. A. Moore «• Son. ir,15 lOighteenlh street. Phone L'-liliS. evenings 6-0165. 25 OILDALR 11-unit court, completely furnished. In- cnm» $347.50 per month. A-l shape, J21.500. A neut little home. !2S, r )0. termB. Southeate—Half-acre. 6-room home, cloee in, 1:175(1. terms. Southeast Bakersfleld, furnished duplex en corner lot. 13986. small down. D. C J Slim) Mynslt. rhone 8-B8«. J_28 KEITH ADDITION—Laro 6-room house «paclous dlnlnr room, house Is unfurnished but livable and a real bart«ln at 12950; substantial down. Syl McNinch. with R. A. Moore * Son. 1515 Eighteenth street. Phoim 2-1268. evenings tj.6106. 25 OILDALE—Practically new B-room house, dual floor furnace, many attractive features, furniture can be had reasonable Only 14760. Hubstantlal down. Syl Mc- Ninrh with R, A. Moore 4 Son. Phone 2-12C8, evenings (-6166. }|

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