Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 1, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1908
Page 6
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6 TOE lOLA DinT BE6I8TEB, TUESDAY ETEynTC, PECEMBER 1, 1908.. Factory Sale at Factory Prices FOR lo DAYS AT GEO. D. BRIGHT & CO For the next ten days we will have on sale at factory prices $3000 worth of Men's Saifs, Ladies' and Children's Cloaks METHODIST REViVAt Rev. Hamilton Preached a atrong Sermon LaVt Night at Special Meeting. > Don't fail to take advantage of this sale. We will sell them for less. One dollar will dothe work of two here. Try and be convinced that G-eorge D. Bright & do. sell it for less. H. A. Jones, rigr. 117-119 West St. lola, Kansas ^ THE MAN ABOUND TOWN J The Man ArounH Town. S. A. Card claims the- honor of start Ing 1^ new fad among the l;nv\c-s in the mode of dress. Not long ano ho showed up at the court house wearing; a pair of boots. At first his fallow attomeyB joshed and ridiculed him, but tJter gazinK at Sam's dainty little boots for a day or two they looked at them with an expression of longing. The other day Attorney A. P. Florence came into the rourt house, the floors reBoundin-p with the thud of heavy boots. Mr. Florence will hardly look at Mr. Cards boots. He claims they are out of date because they are not big enosph. If the fad Is for heavy, big boots, it is fortunate for Mr. Florence. The attorneys ac- cnsp MT. Florence and Mr. Gard of running out Into their yard.-; as soon as tber get up in the morninj; ¥o see Jf rain is not threatenIne so that they may have an excuse to clon iheir latest foot-wear. "What did he find," you ask? "Oranges from the balmy South, or lus ciwis fruit froai California?" No. no. "Lemons, then?" No, not even lemons. Just a box of rocks. On top was a rani with this message: "Com- pliraent.s of your friend. Clark." Skoet hasn't figured out yet "who sent him the package, hut rather sus p'cts that it i.<; from one of his old chums at Petrolia. He may send it back marked "Easy." EUIis played a .;aln3t Clark at Chanute and at no time during the game did they fall on each other's neck. Janitor McPhee. of the court house c'airas that men congregate in the corridors of the bulldlnR and hold spit- ;t:ng contests. The day court opened jfor the adjourned term he noticed a ; number of men standing in one corner and a second bunch at another corner. After they had gone he found two lakes of saliva where each crowd of men stood. Neither side seems to have won in the contest but ncithei made a failure. Mr. McPhee put on rubber boots and life-buoys and drain ed the court house. "My! This Is a little early for Santa d'auB," said Skeet Ellis, the football player, yesterday, as the express­ man hanfled him a heavy package at his front door. "It may be thai (his: Ir. a false alarm. But here goex." salil EHIs as be proceeded to accept the package. Steady March of .Time Is rapidly bringlnie Christ mas to Uf. Have you made preparutious for tliat pres ent or are yon (cuinc to wait autll tlie very last moment and take what tlie eariy buyer has left ior yon. It doe!<n*l cost as BMCb to be on time as It does to be behind time. Leffler, IE* Jewder There was an excellent opportunity for tlje county to go into the Ice business this morning. The rains of the past few days had made several lakes .In the depressions in the court house 'yard and the cold snap covered them with a thick layer of ice. Some one nt the court house suggested (hat the commisslonors place a tent over the ponds and run a skating rink lhl.t win ter. —Sign painting. Pred Rowden phone 1428. SHAWNEE IS IN THfe RACE. Will Attempt to Take County Seat Away from Pottawatomie. Guthrie. Okla., Pec. 1.—Shawnee has announced that H will enter Ifce race for the county seat of Pottawatomie county. The principal reason assigned by Shawnee for Its attempi to take the county government away from Tecumseh, a much smaller town six miles distant, is that the people all over the county desire such change. •Shawnee'has a population of about 10.000, while Tecumseh has less than .3 000 people. The latter town, however, has been the shire town of.Pot tawatomie county for years and It will put up a hard flght against the larger town. Tecumseh threatens to block any chance that Shawnee may have of securing the state capital if the latter town ^cts the county seat. A Beautiful Silk Flag. Do you want a Beautiful 8l |k Flag. 2x3 feet? Up-to-date; 46 stara; mad* of fine twilled allk: beautiful color* A nice Christmas present or a ao* venlr for the liome. Send and you will recelva thf Daily and Sunday Jouriw) thrM months and one of these flags. Address THB KANSAS CITY JOURNAL, Kansas Cltr. Mo. STBITHMA I.\ CAKE FROSmw. A SallDB, Kas.. Man-Got the Votiteetioa In the Xalb. Topeka, Dec. 1.—Ur. S. J. Crunxbine secretary of the state bojird of hrnlih received yesterday a cake from Wil iiam E. Forney of Salina. On the top of this cake there were enougii strycli nine grains to have killed half a dozen men. The cake was sent to Mr. Forney through the mails. He does not know where It came from or who sent it as the postmarks 4re so badly blurred that it is impor. sihle to tell where the package was mailed. Mr. Forney suspected that the shining particles on the cake were glass but a closer examination showed it to be poison. After Dr. Crumbine's analysis is made the cake will be turned over to the (wstoffice authorl ties. The cake was of cocoanut and the shreds hid the grains of strychnia very well. If it were not eponed In bright light it is not likely that any one would notice the grains of pfdson The cake -was in a yellow pa'.ileboard box and wrapi)ed in yellow wrapping paper. TO EXAMINE MRS. STEIMIEIL. UoHtlle DemonstratioDH lo Be I'liiirdrd AKatn »t at the >Voman*K HeariiiK. Paris, Dec. 1.—The Investigation ot the SteinhcU case did not make any great advance to <lay. M. Andre, the examining magistrate, heard only a few seconuardy witnesseH. The moat im|>or.tant rcKuits. however, are cx- |>ected from the lengthy examlnatUMi ot .Mrs. Steinheil. which has lx>en fixed for tomorrow and Wednesday. The magistrate will decide from (he evidence whether (he "reconstruction" of tha crime In the j)resence of .Mrs. Steinheil will be necesjHuy. Extraordinary precautions are being taken in view of a possUile hostile demonstration tomorrow. Mrs. Stein­ heil will be brought to the court at an eariy hour and will be kept henceforth In the Conclcrgerle. It W88 announced last night that Mrs. Steinheil 's counsel, M. Aubin, will retire from the case. The reason given for this is that he took It up prior to the criminal indictment, but that he now prefers to turn it over to a special assize court advocate. a .s he Is not versed in that class of work. A .MAX FOB >EWBERBT\S JOB. The AsBlstant Sary Portfolio t« H. L. Satterle« of Xew York. Washington. Dec. 1.—Herbert L. Sat terlee of New York, it is understood, has been tendered the ]>osition of assistant secretary of the navy to take the place of Truman H. Newberry, who becomes Secretary of the Navy today, succeeding Victor H. Metcalf. whose resignation became effectiTo then. Those who failed to attend our meetlnp at the M. B. church laat night missed a wonderful sermoii. Rev. Haimlton took as his text the wonder ful exhortation found in the 22nd cl.apfer, 17th verse of Rev., "And the Spirit and the bride say, corpo; and let him that is athirst como; and whosoever will, let htm take the water of life freely." The minister made it plain to his audience that the church represents the bride, Jei^us Christ the bridegroom .has gone to prepare a place for the bride. He has left His holy spirit as a comforter for the bride until He comes again. The church Is Inviting sinners to come and take of the water of life, that they may enjoy the blessings ot eternal life in that mansion prei)ared for whose garments have been wa.shcd in the blood of the lamb. The bride or the church is putting forth great efforts now to reconcile men lo God. Songs are being sung, that tell of the mercies of God; prayers are being offered that the sinner may sec the error of his ways and turn to the Christ for pardon and mercy: sermons are .l>cing preached, that point the dyinr soul to the Son of God that laketh away the sins of the world, and through it all men are treading the downward road to ruin. Every day souls are plunged into eternity, theqe to meet the judgment that they li.-ive failed lo prepare for while here In life. Men are seeking pleasure, honor, wealth anil all that belongs to this ephemeral life, and failing to lay no treasures in heaven that would Mess them for all eternity. T^t him that is athirst come. And whosoever will. let him take the water of life freely. J. M. M, CEN .SrS TO COST $12JW0,0(10. Reglstar want ada pay. nireclor North ENtlmateH It Just 1M10,000 More Thau Washington. Dec. 1.—The cost of taking the next census as estimated by Director North, In his annual report JUKI Issued, will he $1:2,330.000. The <lircctor points with pride to the fact that this sum Is liiil $110,000 luorr than the cost of the census of moo. and says this will be ncci>mpIiHho<l "In spite of (he enormous grpwih In the i>opnlalton during the Inst, decade a growth largely contributed by foreign born i>e"|»le who do not s|ieak Kuglish. a class which it Is very expensive and very (lifficuK .to eiiuiiw'r- ale." The IncrcMse. he says, frotn decadi to decade heretofore has been at)out 50 pi>r cent. The enormous saving says the director, will be effected h\ reason of the existence of the permar ent census bureau and the installation of the bureau's own tabulating machines. NO lOtANS WILL m So Far as Could t>e Learned lola Not Represented at Tuberculosis Convention. So far as can bo learned no Tola physicians will attend the tuberculosis convention which meets in Topeka ifeiy after tomorrow, December 3rd. Cbunty Health Officer. R. o. Chrls- ti.«n received a special invitation to attend but will not be able to go. M.^ny of the local physicians racelv- ed literature this week relative to the convention. The /ollowini^ from a I.,awrencc paper tells of the program: The mbcrculosls congress of the state of Kansas has been set for Thursday afternoon of this week at four o'clock by Governor Hoch. Many lA '.wrcnce people -will probably go to Topeka. for the meetlnj? among whom wfjl be a large number of club wo- mtiii. foV it is to these that the governor has made a special appeal. Before this meeting the fifth annual conference of county aiid municipal health officer.s' with the state board of health, will be held in Rep- rnsentatfvo hall. .Tlie address for the mectln.";' will he made by the president. Dr. A. n. Scott. Among the numbers on the program will bo a paper on •"The Value of a \NTiolo- sonie Water Supply" by Prof. E. H. S;'. nailey of I^iwrence .chemist of the slate l)oard of health and another paper on " Sewaijc Disposal, and the Fty In Their Relation to Typhoid Ferrer," by Prof. William C. Hoad of L.awrenne, sanitary and civil engineer of the state board of health. Vitae-Ore We have secured the complete line of VITAE-ORK Remedies which comprise: VITAE-ORE V.-O. PILES T.-0. TABLETS. V.-O. tlREOLIXE and EiirulyptuH Oil. « .>•«» on sale «) »PENCCR'» CUBE IT IN ONE DAT Covicbs and Colds DiMppew Lfte Magic IVben Uyomel Is Used. If the thousands of people who suffer from hacking coughs and agonizing colds would arouse themselve :4 sufficiently tp follow,(his advice, they would cease to complain within 24 hours. Here is the advice. If you take It and you are afterwards sorry that you did. It won't cost you a penny: Go to Chas. B. Spencer & Co.'s the druggist, aiid from him a Hyomei (pronounced High-o-me) outfit. It will only cost you $1.00. Take It home ;use It according to directions, and if it does not cure your cough or cold, take it hack and he will refund the purchase price. . When you use Hyomei yov don't swallow nauseating drugs. You simply breathe In the soothing, pleasant and anti.spptic Ilyoniel air through the little pocket inhaler that comes with each outfit. As this mledicated air over the Inflamed parts, relief conies almost at once, and cure follows. Hyomei Is also guaranteed by Chas. H. Spencer & Co. to cure catarrh, croup, grip and a.stbma. TYPHOID FEVER FROM FISH. California Health Officer Says Oysters, Clams, Etc., Are Infected. Sacramento, Cal.. Dee. 1.—Dr. N. K. Foster, secretary of- the state board of health, in his monthly bulletin issued today, makes the somew^hat startling declaration that a large amount of the cases of typhoid fever and other .sporadic diseases prevalent in California arc directly due to the consumption of oysters, claims and' fish taken from the state rivers and bays. He declares that the wafer products arc diseased as a result of pollution of streams and bays, .and sayn fhere are two ways of preventing dangerous epidemics. People must quit eating clams, oysters and flsh, or the sources from which they are obtained must be purlflcd. A MASS MEETING Sunday Schools, of City Will Meet to Render Temperance Program. The W. C. T. U. Is arranging the program for the annual temprfranc«» rally which will be held on Sunda.v afternoon at the Baptist church. All the Sunday schools, of the city will take part in the exercises of the day and appropriate readings and music wilt be provided. It is a custom with the union to devote one Sunday each year to enlisting children as helpor.s in temperance work and the committee In charge has chosen next Sunday for the meeting. Mrs. E. B. Keys and Mrs. A. E. Varner have the work in charge. rtr- Two Gar Loads of Christmas Pianos The people of lola and vicinity have no reason to be without a piano on Christmas, as we have in two big car loads of new pianos and more to follow. As nice a selectiop as can be found ani|where, and |>rices to comfiete with any where in the world. This may seem a broad assertion, but[^nevertheless it is a fact, for we are supplied by the largest manufacturers of the world, such as Everett, Harvard, Bush & Q-eris, Kim- ballr Farrand, Whitney, Merriiield, etc. The pianos we sell at $160, $186, $210, $230 to $260, cannot be bought elsewhere in this community for near these prices. The more elaborate cases we sell lor $276. $300, $330 up to $4.00. * If you can not pay cash, buy on our installment plan. Roberta Piano House STORE OPEN EVENING'S

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