Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1907
Page 6
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mw \ • . • Of thoilbaiids of doiliiis worth of M surplus stock from the Million Dollar Sacrifice Sale of the Big S Sh Laulm SMIBB, held a few days a^o by the Carletoh Diy G<^ Co.. Ely & Walker Dry Goods Co., Rice Stix Dry Goods Co., Harjadine McKlttrick Dry Goods Co. and Ferguson- MfcKihhcy DiV Goods Co. The New York Store, with its resident St Louis buyers, secured the chbicest of all bargains. These goods will be put on sale SaleJfew m M Progress and Gontieiies for 5 Days. If You Want Real Genuine Bargairts You Must Attend this Wonderful Six Day Sale. Fifty Cents Will Do a Dollar's Duty. Come, Bring Your Neighbors and Friends All Sr .Ddarn raiicoeB, blue, grey, claret, red. black. SacriHce :prlce, » yarO V 6^ Arnold's Fancy Plald and Striped Suitings, regular-prlce 25c. Sacrifice price, per yard -15^ ^Mrt Buttons, clear writer pearl, flat or bullet, regular price 5c doz. Sacrifice price, 2 dor. .H 5^ Boya.AII Wool Mlttene, black only, heavy and warm, regular price 25c. Sacrifice price, palx • • 17<S Ladles Embroiderled Swiss and Fancy Handkerchiefs. Sacrifice price each 5^ Ladies Pure Linen and Fancy Swiss Handkerchiefs. Sacrifice price, each 10^ Gent's Full Size HemsUtched Handkerchiefs. Sacrifice price, •ach at Oil cioth in short lengths. Sacrifice price, length ,. 5^ Machine made Torchon Laces and Insertions, matched sets, regular price 5c yard. Sacrifice prjce, per yard :3Ht Indies' Fancy Back Combs, very choice and pretty, regular price 39 and 50c. Sacrifice price, each 25<fr "Miranda" Silks, $1.00 Quality in tan, cream, white, blue, pink, red, greaa; yoa must boy it as it is at a sacrifice price of, per yard ,.35t Book-fold "Passlac Plaids" In greys an dbrowns, regular price 10c. Bacrifice price, per yard G^t Ladles* Union Suits in grey, regular $1.00 quality. Sacrifice price. Bult ^ 50* Children's Hose Supporters. 10c quality. Sacrifice price, pair ....5* ladies' Fancy Swiss and Pure Linen Embroiderled Handkerchiefs. Sacrifice price, each « 15* Gmit's Pure Linen Handkerchiefs % inch hem, big size. Sacrifice price, each • • •'' 101 No Fire! No Smoke! Large Tauk Collapsed! Deluged by Water! Kice tstix Dry Goods Ck)., Muslin Underwear Factory. The New York Store rcsideut buyer was the lucky piirf.liaser. $2000 worth of Underwear, slightly damaged by water. Gowns, Skirts, Chemis, Drawers and Corset Covers to be sold in this sale at lOc on the dollar. First come, first served. See North Wiodow Display 20O Corset Covers, slightly damaged by water, go at t90 350 Muslin Gowus, go at 29b 350 Gowns, Skirts and Drawers, at 30o 200 6oe Gowus, Skirts and Corset Covers, go at Sithf 150 fine Gowns, Skirts and Corset Covers, go at 7So 100 fine Gcu-ns, Skirts and Coiset Covers, go at 98o Them' arc sliirlitlj Uaniatred liy watrr. A little MUjip ami nntor ivill do the work. Veiy Spooialm 500 Heatberblooni Pettlcoafs, regnlar $2.50 quality, durlne this sale at* $U89 25 ladies all wool Kersey Coats, in this .sale at only $2mSO 50 ladies' black and blue Panama Skirts, In this sale, at $2,98 Seosatioaat Sale of Ladies', Misses' aod Cfaildrso's Coats 2.". Ladies' r)0-incb All Won] Cheviot Coats, regular |7.tiS value for Sj?5.00 25 Ladies" .".O-inch AU Wool Kersey Coats, rcsuUr $1().oi» value for SBG.J)8 oO Fine .411 Wool Kersey and Broadcloth Coats in bluc-k and castor, beautifully embroidprcJ full satin lined, regular J15.ini value for $10.(>U r .o Lndics' Fine Coals clabiir- alely trimmed with silk braid, made of fine quality (Sroadcloth ill black, tan. brown, navy blue and ltd, worth $lS.oo. Special in this sale 812.1)8 2i licautiful Ladies' Coat.s full ripple back, beautifully trimmed, full satin lined, well worth $25.00. They go in thi.s sale for .$15.00 20 Ladles' Very Heatitiful Coats lined throughout with Ruaranteed satin, loose or semi- fitted styles in black, brown, tan and red. Special in thi,s sale Sji20.(N) Fancy Teneriffe Doylies, Linen Center. Sacrifice price, each ,"5^ Dress Goods in fancy stripes, plaids and checks from the big five sale, regular price .10 and r.9c. Sacrifice price, per yard :J8*! Normandy Val Laces and Insertions. 2 to .". inches wide, regular price 10 and 15c. Sacrifice price, per yard 86 Dattenberg Patterns, handkerchief, small doilies, collar setts, center pieces; take your choice, each 5t I'nbleached Turkish Bath Towels, good full size, regular price 12%c Sacrifice price, each - 106 Bleached Muslin, nice soft finish, regular price 7c. Sacrifice price 5t Ladies' Hand Crotched Shawls, black only. Sacrifice price, each.356 Ladles' All Wool Black Mittens, regular price 15c pair. Sacrifice price, pair 96 Bleached Cotton Crash, just the right thing for dish towels, regular price 6»4c. Sacrifice price, per yard 4%<fc L;idies Cross-bar Linen. Embroidery Swiss and Lace Edged Handkerchiefs. Sacrifice price, each 25^ Gent's extra Good Quality Pure Linen Handkerchiefs, %, % inch hem. Sacrifice price = 156 Fancy Flowered Silkolines. ?,0 inches wide, just the thing for comforts, regular price 10c. Sacrifice price, yard 6^6 Ladies Fancy Back Combs, swell and pretty designs, regular price 2ac, Sacrifice price, each ±St Ladies' Fancy Belts, broken sizes, leather and silk, each 106 Fancy Dress Ginghams in pretty stripes, worth 12%c. Sacrifice price .yard Fancy Stocks slightly soiled, sacrifice price,' each 5^ Mercerized Dinner Napkins, 6 different patterns, regular price Jl.OO. Sacrifice price, dozen '. 796 Redilctidii SikI oi $100.00 Fine Fur Coats for S.75.00 8$5.00 Fine Fur Coats for 9B5.00 $75.00 Fine Fnr Coats for $i80.06 $65.00 Fur Coats, for ^.70.00 $504M) Fur Coats for 835.00 $45.00 Fine Carracul Coals for 932150 $40.00 Fine Carracul Coats for S30.00 $30.00 Fine Carracul Coats for 8*^.00 $25.00 Fine Carracul Coats 815.00 $20.00 Fine Carracul Coats 812.50 $15.00 Fine Carracul Coats for 810.00 Fiffs! J^nrsJ Pars! 100 Fur.Scarfs in black and brown at.. .986 75 Fur Scarfs in black and brown at . .81..10 75 Fur Scarfs in black aod lirown at 81.98 50 Fur Scarfs in black and brown ^ at 82.98 50 Fur Scarfs and Neck Pieces at 8:).98 40 Fox ^carfs and Neck Pieces at ...84.98 oO Fox ^nd Martin Scarfs also Neck pieces. Special at .•i>5.98 '24 Gxtr^ Fine Fox Scarfs aud beautiful neck pieces, 80.98 20 Extrti Fine Isabella Fox Scarfs and Neck Furs ...... 810.00 An uiauBually large assprltnent of fine Neck Pif^ .and FOX Scarfs at '^liM, Sl^MW. Moffs can be had to match any piece of Furi. Redaction Sale of Children's Coats $2 .'.«s Children's Coat.s in this sale for ..S1.98 $:;.!tS Children's Coats in this sale for. .82.98 %:<xm Children's Coats in this sale for..8IJ.98 JT .i 'O Children's Coats in this sale for. .84.98 $8.0'i Childri>ns Coats in this sale for. .8.1.98 $100i» Children 's Coals in this .sale for.87.98 $12.:is Children 's Coals in this sale ..810.00 $l .-..iMi (.hildrens Coats in this sale. .81 1.98 6 day sale of Shoes ii .iM Fine Dress Shoes for 83.25 $;;..-.i> Fine Uioss Shoes for 83.00 $;>.00 Fine Dress Shoes for 8S.50 »2.:.0 Fine Dress Shoes for 8'i.OO $2.2.-. Fine Dress ShoPs for 81.85 $!.(;.•> Fine Dress Shoes for 81.45 $1.50 Fine Dress Shots for 81.35 SweepiDS Redoctioik in 25 Prettily Trimmed Hats all good material, good styles, worth up to $4.t)0; your choice, each 81.50 25 Nobby Dress Hats, assorted colors, aud styles, worth up to $2.50; your choice, each 99* IS Swell Dress Hats worth up to JS.On. Your choice, each 83.49 20 per cent discount on all Hear Skin Caps for Infants and Children. ^akets, CofflMs, Ladies' Headquarter^ for Papular Prhwl Only 17 Mote Days to Shop in. The Best, Biggisst and Prettiest DrassBil Dolls Ever Seen in lolai for 790, B8e, $1.25.

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