The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 29, 1944 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
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Tuesday, August 29, 1944
Page 11
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L«ff«l Notict* TO Legal Notices k^h_^b_^^k-^^h_fl ^ ^ TER L«gal Notice* Notices ICE IS HERE >rnia tkat the follc Ca Bond Act will be tted to tht People <of the State of California for their ratification at the next genei election to be held on the seventh day of November, A.D. 1944. fFRANK M. JORDAN, etary of State, •OBHMBHHBtMBMOB THE VETERANS BOND ACT OF 194). Tnis act pfeTidts lor o I»M of thirty milljoa dollar* ($30,000,000) to tw v*od by 'tilt Vttorans' W»lfar« Board io aiiiiting California war v«Uraoi / to aeojviro farms or BOOMS. AGAINST THE VETERANS BOND ACT OF 1949. Tfcii act provldo* for a bond inu* of thirty million doll an (1)0,000,000) to bo «**d by tho Vttorans' Wolfsro Board in assuting California war vot* orani to acquire farms or hornet. m (This proponed law, by act of the L«g(ft!aturo paused at Us fifty -fifth vea- olon. In submitted to the people In accordance with the provision* of Section i of Article XVI of the Constitution, j PROPOSED LAW CHAPTER Stft An act to add Artfcft 4. comprising Sections 990 to 991.3 inclusive, to Chapter € of Division 4 of the Military ond Veterans Code, authoring the creation of o debt or debts, liability •r liabilities, through the Issuance end sale of State bonds, for the single object of creating a fund to provide farm and home aid for veterans In •ceordance with the provisions of the Veterans Farm and Home Purchase 'Act of 1943; creating a Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943; defining the power* and duties of said com- mlttee and of the Veterans' Welfare ! Board ond other State officer* in respect to the administration of the .provisions hereof; providing ways •and meant, exclusive of loans, for the payment of the interest of such debt or debts, liability or liabilities, es euch interest falls due, and also for ft he payment and discharge of the Principal of such debtor debts, liability or liabilities, as such principal matures; appropriating money for the expense of preparing and of ad* jvertising the sate of bonds herein authoriktd to be Issued; and provid. ifng for th* submission of this act to a vote of the people at the general election to be held in the month of November, 1944. f Approved by Governor May 18, 1943 Filed with Secretary of Slate May 18. 1943 j The people of the State of California do enact as foflows: SECTION \ Article 4, comprising Sections 990 to 991.3, Inclusive, ia added to Chapter ft of Division 4 of the Military and Veterans Code, to read \rtlclo 4 Veterans Bond Act of J!M3 990 This article may be cited as the Veterans Bond Act of 1943. . 990.1 For the purpose of creating a fund to provide farm and home aid for veterans In accordance with the provisions of the Veterans Farm and Horn* Purchase Act of 1943, and of all acts amendatory thereof or supplemental thereto, the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 created by this article shall be and It hereby Is authorized and empowered to create & debt or debta, liability or liabilities, of the. State of California, In the manner and to the extent hereinafter provided, but not otherwise, nor In excess thereof. 990.2. After the issuance of the proclamation of the Governor announc- Jng the ratification of this article, and immediately after adoption of any resolution by the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 hereby created, provided for in Section 991.1. Ihe Slate Treasurer shall prepare the requisite number of suitable bonds of the denomination of one thousand dollars < $1.000) in accordance with the specification!* con- tamed in such resolution. The aggregate par value of all bonds issued under thta article shall rot exceed the sum of thirty million dollars < $30,000,000», And the bonds Issued under any such resolution shall bear interest from the date of issuance of said bonds to the •date of maturity thereof, at a rate to %e determined by the said Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 and specified In such resolution, but In no case exceeding 6 per cent per annum. Bath principal and Interest shall be payable jln lawful money of the United States, feu tho office of the State Treasurer, 4r at the office of any duly authorised foajent of tho State Treasurer, and shall [ payable at the times specified In lUld resolution or resolutions. I*All bonds Iseued under this article 4hall bear the facsimile signature *of jtee Governor and the facsimile counter- tlrnature of the Controller and shall be [endorsed by the State Treasurer either Ifey original signature or by a signature *Ump adopted for each particular bond (loaned under this article and the bond* ohall bo signed, countersigned and endorsed by the Qffloero who shall bo In office on the date of Issuance thereof. And each of aald bondafohall tear an 4mpres» of tho £reat Seal of the State -of* Califqrnla. JtTbe bondo so signed, countersigned, Condoned and sealed, when aold, ohall bo and constitute a valid and binding CbllgaUon upon the .Stato.oL,California, although tho eale thereof bo made at a' date or dates upon •.which -tho offlcero having signed, coun- teraigned and endorsed MM bond*, or any or either of aald offlcoro. ohall have coaoodMo bo&tho Incumbents of the offlcoo held by them at tho time of signing, countersigning, or endorsing said bonds. Each bond Issued under this article shall contain a clause or clauses stating that Interest shall cease to accrue thereon from and after the date of maturity thereof and referring to this article and to th* resolution of the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 hereunder by virtue of which said bond is issued 9U0.3. The requisite number of suit able Interest coupons, appropriately numbered, shall be attached to each bond issued under this article -Said interest coupons shall bear the facsimile signature of the State Treasurer who shall be in office on the date of Issuance of the bond to which said coupon* pertain 990.4. All bonds issued under this article and sold shall be deemed to have been called In at their reapectfve dates of maturity and the State Treasurer shall, on the respective dates of matur ity of said bonds, or a* soon thereafter as said matured bonds are surrendered to him, pay the same out of the proceeds of the Controller's warrants drawn In his favor as provide^ in Section S90.5 and perforate the bonds so paid with a suitable device In a manner to Indicate such payment and the date thereof He shall also, on the said respective dates of maturity, cancel all bonds bearing Aald dates of maturity and remaining unsold, by perforation with a suitable device In a manner to indicate such cancellation and the date thereof. The oro visions of this section shall be applicable also to th*s Interest coupons pertaining to the bonds authorized by this article to be Issued, and shall be applicable, as far a* practicable, to any duly authorised agent o/ the State Treasurer 990.5 There Is hereby appropriated from the General Fund In the State treasury such sum annually a« will be necessary to pay the principal of and the interest on the bonds issued and sold pursuant to the provisions of this article, as said principal and intercut become due and payable There shall be collected annually in the same manner and at the same time KH other State revenue Is collected such a sum, In addition to the ordinary revenues of the State, as shall be required to pay the principal and Interest on said bonds as- herein provided, and It is hereby made the duty of all officers charged by law with any duty in regard to the collections of said revenue, to do and perform each and every act which shall be necessary to collect such additional sum On the several dates of maturity of said principal and interest In **acb fiscal year, there shall be returned into the (Seueral Fund in the State treatmry, ail of the moneys in tht Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943, not In CCSB of the principal of and interest on th** said bonds then due and payable, and. In the event of such moneys BO returned on said dates of maturity being letui than the ttaid principal and Intercut then due and payable, then the balance remaining unpaid shall be returned into the General Fund In the State treasury out of said Veterans' Farm and Home. Building Fund of 1943 an soon thereafter as It shall become available, together with interest thereon, from such dates of maturity until so returned, at the rate of 5 per cent per annum, compounded semlannually. Both principal and interest or said bonds shall be paid when du« upon warrants duly drawn against «aid appropriation from the General Fund by the Controller of the State in favor of the Slate Treasurer or In favor of any duly authorized agent of the State Treasurer, upon demands audited by the State Department of Finance, and the moneys to be returned Into the General Fund in the State treasury pursuant to the provisions of this section shall likewise be paid as herein provided upon warrants duly drawn by.the Controller of the State upon demands duly audited by the State Department of Finance. •• • • , 990.6. The- sum of thirty-five thousand dollars (135,000) Is hereby appropriated out of any money in the State treasury not otherwise appropriated to pay the expenses that may be Incurred by the State Treasurer In having said bonds prepared and In advertising their sale. Said amount shall be refunded to the General Fund In the State treasury out of the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1941 on Controller's warrant duly drawn for that purpose. • 990.7. When the bonds authorised to be issued under this article shall be duly executed, they shall be by the State Treasurer sold at public auction to the highest bidder for cash. In such parcels and numbers as the said Treasurer shall be directed by the Governor of the State, under seal thereof, after a resolution requesting such sale shall have been adopted by the Veterans' Welfare Board and approved by the Governor of the tho Treasurer must reject any and all blda for said bonde. or for any of them, which ahaH be below the par value of said bonds »o offered plus the interest which haa accrued thereon between the date of sale and tho last preceding Inter- eat maturity date; and with the approval of the Governor, he may from time to time, by public announcement at the place and time fixed for the aalv. con* tlnue such eale. aa to the whole of the bonds offered, or any part thereof offered. to such time and place as he may select. Before offering any of aald bonds for sale the said Treasurer shall detach therefrom all coupons which have matured or will mature before the day fixed for such sale. 990.8. Due notice or the lime and place of sale of all bonds shall be glv«n by said Treasurer by publication In one newspaper published In the City and County of San Francisco and also by publication In one newspaper published in the City of Sacramento and by publl- rallon in one newspaper published Tn the City of Los Angeles once a week during four weeks prior to such sale. In addition to the notice fast above provided for, the State Treasurer may give such further notlre a« he may deem advisable, but the expense and cost of such additional notice shall not exceed the sum of five hundred dollars (f&QO) for each sale so advertised. The proceeds of the sale of such bonds and such amount as may have been paid as accrued Interest thereon shall he forthwith paid over by said Treasurer Into the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943 and must be used exclusively in aiding veterans In the acquisition of, or payments for, farms and homes, in accordance with the provisions of this article and Article 3 of thin chapter. provided, thai the proceeds from the safe of paid bonds may be used to pay the debt created by the Issuance and sale thereof. 990.9 The Veterans' Welfare Board la authorized, with the approval of the State Department of Finance, to Invest any surplus moneys In the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943 In bonds of the United States, or of the State of California, or of the several counties or municipalities or other political subdivisions of the State of and to sell such bonds, provided further, that eptctfled number* of bonds of specified numerical sequence shall thereafter mature at annual intervals, and provided further, that the bond* last to mature in each Issue shaft mature not later than 45 yeara fromiho> date of Issuance thereof. The rate of Interest to b« 'borne br the bond* shall be uniform for all the. bonds of the same Issue and shall b* determined and Axed by the Veteran a* Finance Committee of 194.1 according- to the then prevailing market conditions., but shall in no case exceed 6 per centi per annum, and the determination of said committee an to the rate of inter-* est shall be conclusive aa to the then: prevailing market conditions. The interest coupons to be attached to the aaUU bonds shall be payable at semiannual; Intervals from the date of Issuance of said bonds * provided, that the Interest coupon flrsi payable may. If the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 shall, so determine and specify, be payable one year after Uu> date of issuance of, said bonds. 991.2. All actual and nee*wary expenses of the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 and of the member* thereof incurred in the performance* of their duties arising out of the provisions of this article shall be paid out of the Veterans' Farm and Home Build- Ing Fund of 1943, upon approval of the Stale Board of Control and on Controller's warrant duly drawn for that purpose, and shall constitute expense* of the Veterans' Welfare Board. 991.3. The State Controller, the* State Treasurer and the Veterans' pi- nance Committee of 1943 shall keep. full and particular account and record, of all their proceedings under this artJt ele. and they shall transmit to the GOV-J ernor an abstract of all such proceedings thereunder, with an annual report^ to be by the Governor laid before thw Legislature biennially; and all book*' and papers pertaining to the matter provided for In this article shall at all times be open to the inspection of any party Interested, or the Governor, or the Attorney General, or a committee* of either branch of the Legislature, or a joint committee of both, or any citizen of the State. SHELL, PAVERS CLASH TONIGHT THREE THRILLERS FILL FAIRGROUNDS SCHEDULE rates, upon approval of the State Department of Finance, or the Veterans' Welfare Board may, with the approval of the Director of Finance, invest moneys In such fund, tn Interest-bearing certificates of deposit of State banks having a paid-up capital of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) or more; provided, that the total amount of money so deposited with any one bank shall not exceed a sum equal to 50 per cent of the paid-up capital of such bank ; provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall Inhibit or be construed to Inhibit the depositing in banks In accordance with the provisions of an act entitled "An act to authorize and ntrol the depositing In banks of moneys belonging to or in the custody of the State and to repeal all acts or parts of acts conflicting with this act,'* approved April 12, 1923, and of any and all acts amendatory thereof or supplemental thereto, of moneys of any of the funds subject to the control of the Veterans* Welfare Board or appropriated for Its use. Interest accruing; upon the deposit of moneys of the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943 shall be paid Into and credited to said fund. 991. There Is hereby created a Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 composed of the Governor, State Controller, State Treasurer. Director of Finance, and chairman of the Veterans* Welfare Board, all of whom shall serve thereon without compensation and a majority of whom shall be empowered to act for said committee The Attorney General of the Slate shall be the legal adVlser of the Veterans' Finance Committee of Upon request of the Veterans' Welfare Board, supported by a statement of the plans and projects of the Veterans' Welfare Board with respect thereto, the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 shall determine whether or not & bond Issue under this article Is necessary or desirable to carry such plans and projects into execution. 991 1. Whenever the said Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 shall have determined that a bond Issue under this article Is necessary or desirable to carry such plans and projects Into execution, It shall adopt a resolution to this effect. The said resolution shall authorize and direct the State Treasurer to prepare the requisite number of suitable bonds and shall specify l Tne aggregate number, aggregate par value, and the date of issuance of the bonds to be issued. 2. The date or dates of maturity of the bonds to bo issued and the number and numerical sequence of the bonds maturing at each date of maturity. 3. The annual rate of Interest which the bonds to be issued shall bear 4. The number, numerical sequence, amount or amounts and the dates of maturity of the interest coupons to be attached to the said bonds. * 5 The technical form and language of the bonds to be Issued and of the interest coupons to be attached thereto. * In determining the date or dates of maturity of the said bonds and the amount of bonds maturing at each date of maturity, the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 shall be guided by the amounts and dates of maturity of the revenues estimated to accrue to the Veterans* Welfare Board from the transactions to be financed by each issue, and shall fix and determine said dates and amounts in such manner that, together with the dates and amounts of interest payments on the said bond Is* sue, they shall coincide, as nearly as practicable, with the dates and amounts of such estimated revenues; provided, that the bonds Arst to mature in each Issue, shall mature not later than five years from the date of issuance thereof; day of November, 1944, as to all Its; provisions except those relating to and! necessary for its submission to the* e. and for returning, canvassing proclaiming the votes, and as lo> said excepted provisions this act shall' take effect Immediately. SBC. 3. This act shall be submitted to the people of the State of California, for their ratification at the next general. to be held in the month of md all ballots at said, election shall have printed thereon and In a square thereof, the words: "For the Veterans Bond Act of 1943," and^ In the same square under said words the following In brevier type: "This act provides for a bond issue of thirty million dollars ($30,000,000) to be used assisting California war veterans to- acquire farms or homes/' In the squara immediately below the square containing such words, there shall on said ballot the words, ' Veterans Bond Act of 1943." and in the name square immediately below said' he Veterans Bond Act, r type shall be printed 1 "This act provides for a bond Issue of thirty million dollars ($30,000,000) to be used by the Veterans' Welfare Board; in assisting California war veterans to* acquire farms or homes." Opposite the words "For the Veterans Bond Act of 1943" and "Against the Veterans Bond Act of 1943," there shall be left spaces In which the voters may place a crows In the manner required by law to indicate whether they vote for or against riatd act, and those voting for said act i-hall do BO by placing a cross opposite the words "For the Veterans Bond Act of 1943" and those voting against the said act shall do so by placing a cross opposite the words "Against the Vet- trans Bond Act of 1943." Provided, that where the voting of said general election is done by means of voting; machines used pursuant to law In such manner as to carry out the intent of this section, euch use of such voting: machines and the expression of the : voters* choice by means thereof, shall* be deemed to comply with the provisions of this section. The Governor of thin State shall include the submission of this act to the people, as aforesaid, In hla proclamation calling for said general election. SBC. 6. The votes cast for or against this act shall be counted, returned and canvassed and declared In the same manner and subject to the same rules; as votes cast for State officers ; and if it appear that said act shall have received a majority of all the voles cast for and against It at said election as aforesaid, then the same shall have; effect as hereinbefore provided, and< shall be Irrepealable until the principal and Interest of the liabilities herein created shall be paid and discharged, and the Governor shall make proclamation thereof, but if a majority of the: voten cast as aforesaid are against this) act then the same shall be and become, voWLV Sic. 7. *~ It shall be the duty of the Secretary of State In accordance with law to; have this act published in at least one newspaper in each county, or city and county, if one bo published therein, throughout this State, for three months next preceding the general election to be held in the month of November. 1944, the cofttti of publication shall) be paid out of the General Fund, on) Controller's warrants duly drawn for, that purpose and shall be refunded to the General Fund out of the Veterans* Farm and Home Building Fund. Said refund shall be made upon Controller's warrants duly drawn against said fund for said purpose upon demands audited by the State Department of Finance. 3 H. E. 7 8 Grey, T\vo (if the trijmls of niylit softball rliish in the playoffs tonight at tho fairgrounds, when Shell Oil and l"n ion J'.'M'incr rlnsli tn the Oat lire <->, This will IH> one of the t-l-is- sirs of n bright summer season and will draw ii rrowil. Tho other KM me it* between the Presbyterians of the Church League and tho fioldon Rears, winner of the Amrviran Open League. Three rousing baseball yame.s pave sofiball fans last night a full evening; al the fairgrounds and sent three teams forward in the city recreation Ipatfiio playoffs. Peacock Dairies ruptured tho highlight game of the evening, a thrilling 10-fraine affair which saw the Ray's (,'afo boys drop to dofoat. 7-ti. This was a junior league final, Ray's tooU an early lead, getting three runs in the first, but Peacock made a threo- i un comrbnek in tho sixth and ft was nip and tuck until the last half of too teinli. Line score for this game: n. ) ">-,,» 1 , H * "•* " ^ •« ' --**mmf*ft*mf m ffm^** r , m tm + .., rtm | Kay's < 'afe t; Hat .lories: Landerus and Barren ;uid Cook, IF t his was not em nigh, another fpar-jorkrr r;uuo tm next. This was t ho Presbyterian's L'-l win over Christian Church, advancing the winners Io a playoff with tho. American Open League. winner. This was no 10-inning affair but in some respects it was a more interestins: gamo to watch, with Sbarpe, Presbyterian hurler. striking out 12 batters to turn the tide of victory for his team. . Lino score: K. H. K, Presbyterians li 1 0 Christian Church 141 Hatterios: Sharpo and Rivas; Zuer- chor and Baker. Offering a decided contrast to the two previous games, Golden Bears swatted out a 12-7 decision over the Night Hawks. A sixth-inning night- marc for the Night Hawks gave the Hoars six runs to upset completely what had been an evert game. Line score: K. H. Golden Beai-s I'J. 11 Night Hawks 79:! Hattorios: Abbott and Da we; Adkinson and Antoon. In the Peewei; League, Pioneer Mercantile Company defeated Oildale Hotary, 7-,~i, and in the Girls Church League Presbyterians walloped Calvary Baptist, 8-J. The Presbyterians meet Cain A. M, Thursday to decide the championships of the girls church teams. K. Aug. 1. ii, 15. 22. :n; P*pt. R, U\ 13. 2fi; CM. 3, 10, IT, 24. Angels to Tackle Oaks in Big Series By A8soc'iale<l Press The Los Angeles Angels, in their pennant-bound form of the P.M3 season, engage the \veult-pitching Oakland Acorns at Oakland tonight as the Pacific Cuast League opens the twenty-second week of its :M-\veek baseball season. The Angels surged into a lO 1 ^same league l<?Hd ax the contending Hollywood Stars failed to stop their onward rush last week. The Stars dropped into third position and Portland took over the second-place spot. AVith Lofi Angeles almost certain to retain the championship, interest in the eight-club leug-ue centers on jockeying for position in the upper division postseason playoffs. Portland. Hollywood, San Francisco, Seattle and Oakland are candidates for the president's cup series. Sacramento, in Xo. 7 position, and last-place San Diego are out of the running. r HARRY COFFEE styles to choose from 7«50 shoes in every sense of the word... they have lots more to recommend them than just good looks. Their good leathers and excellent workmanship assure you of long and §atisfac- tory service... and they're designed to fit you with the utmost "of comfort. Several 8«95 FRESNO AND BAKERSFIELD 9aber0fielb Caltforncin Tuesday, August 29, 1944 SI T X FIELDERS—Voutliful Yankees motors solve excessive, heat and sun problem at Stadium with corrURjited boxes. Lad at right even punched ears In bnx so as not to miss any i»f wisecracks and cheering. Byron Nelson Heads South After Taking American Open CHiCAfJO, AUK. 2D. ()—Lord Byron Nelson, the VI'IR money man of poll', headed south today to pick up more links Rold. The tall Texan who said ho played "just as well as I could have possibly played" to win Sn.-UiS.aO in war bonds in the Ail-American Open yesterday, departed today for Nashville, Tenn., where he will compete in the $10,000 Invitational Open September 1-4. In chalking up his third win since Oeorpe, S. May inaugurated his All- Amprican pnlf show in 11*41, Nelson postoil a 'JSO score for the 7'J-hole route, finishing- with a three-under- par 69 to discourage challengers who believed they had a chance after the champion turned in a third round 73. Kd Dudley, president of the P, G. A., came from far back in the pack in pot a final round 60 pood ("or a "S,"> total and second place. The husky P. (!. A. proxy was a stroke ahead of Private Huck White, who lost H tillo playoff R year HJJO to Harold (.lug) MeSpaden. McSpaden, who won the 1943 championship with I'SJ, dropped to ninth place with a 7t> for ^89. Although t ho open and women championships were decided yesterday, throe amateurs—Kd Kuryol of Detroit, Ken Heilnnann, the Si. Louis chemist, and Kd Christiansen, the golfing detective from Miami, KJa.—were involved in an 18-hole playoff today for the simon-pure llllo. They were deadlocked at 7'J holes with 295 totals. I,ilUe Hetty Hicks, of T^OIIR Beach, won the women's "--hole championship with a 31S total, a bare stroke in front of Dorothy Germain of Philadelphia. Nelson's rich first prixe in the open brought his total LU44 cash earnings to $25.700. topping the pre vious record of $19.600 by Slamniiti' Sammv Sneml back in Cardinals Will Open Series October 4 Against A. L. Tops CHTCAOO. Aug. 29. (UP)—The St. is Cardinals will open their eighth wovM series ranipnign on Wednesday, October 4, six weoks from tomorrow, when they meet the American I>;igue ppnnnnt winner nt Sportsmpn's Park in the opening frame of what may be St. 1,011 is 1 first cross-town Dorics. Although it still Is possible for the Cardinals to lose out in the National League rare, the possibility is so remote that the secund-plaee Pittsburgh Pirates, who are 18 games behind, did not even have a representative at the world series meeting: in Judge Kenesaw M. Landis' office yesterday. The. American League was represented by all four of the first division t^ams, the leading St. Louis Browns who stand 3 l » names ahead of the second-place Boston Red Sox, the Xew York Yankees and the Detroit Timers, who are tied for third place, 4 Alines aft of the Browns. If tho series is an all-St. Louis affair, it will be ployed October 4, 5, *i, 7, 8, !) and 11. The games of October 4, H, !) and II would be con- home games for the. (""arris, .'(1) rnnu-sis will be played ai {Sportsmen's ParU. If Detroit oppose* the (''jii-dinals, tht« Tig«»ra would play at St. Louis on October 4, 5 and fi and thnn lite scene would be switched to Detroit for the final games October 8, 9, 10 and 11, if the full seven games are required. Should the Cards' opponent be etiher the Red Sox or Yankees, the first three Barnes would be played at St. Louis October 4. 5 and fi and then the locale would be switched to ihe east for the final games October in, 11 and 1:1. Hartzell Wins Main Event by Knockout at Stadium H.v O. K. ('. run in e veil t );; .s t nigh t a t Sire lie h Stadium, \vhk-h \vas uriKi- nally tjchcdulcd hciweoii 1'otcr Hayus and Curl Hurl/ell was seraU:he<t when Huyi-s make ihir weight Imiil and Stanios i»f Al'ijavc Air Maso was used as a substitiilc. Tin? fight was wuri l»y Iluru.ell hy a technical UnurUout after 1:5- nf tin- fourth round. In Hi*' 1'irM i-oinid Siainus had the edyc, tin- souiiiid round was evon. with the third beintf iiiken hy Jiart/.eli \vht-n lie had Starnu.s down for the muni i>f six \vh*?n the hell sounded. This was Hart/i-H's liisi ii^ht as he is leaving next week for the army. The sre.uiul main event was be* twnen Johnny Sonnfy of Aluroc at HI! anil Sam Kagland of .Mojave at 1 ;tH, the referee's decision going to Sunney, and the decision was roundly Imocd by the fans. My score sheet had the first two rounds f»vi»n. with the third going to llagland and the fourth to Sonney. Thfi Ihi/Yl njaifi event for four rounds was between I'al Coolidge al 14u nf HaktM-sficId »»d Art Carle of Mnjave. This event ended in a draw and was a. popular decision by Ue.L- creo I* 1 rank Ciarlo. The .semi-wlndup. bdwocn f'.abf J iininex of Hakersfleld and Krank Sosa of Arvin. was given to .Ti h-y (he mtVree and \\'ns with thf fans. The special t-veiu between Peter 1 i a yes < > f Al o j a v i» a t 1 ."i •"> and To n y iJjivis. of San Francisco at 137 ended with a knockout alter J :."i4 of the first romul with Davis as the winner. Tho preliminary event between Pat Martinez of Bakersliold at 141 and ICd Krashnor of Mojavo at 140 « taken bv AJartinr-x. This was Mnrtin*'/' first fiht and, with a little more experience, he should plares in ihe fight game in Bakersfield. The spei-ial preliminary event, be- I ween Hill Gal van of San Diego at I3fi and Kverett Hupp of Hanford at KI!', ended in a draw, The curtain- raisei', bet \veen l'eti»» '"\ij*la of H fin ford nt 1 ! *i and .lose I'i'ieto of Mexictt at 114, was won by Posla by a knockout after 1 :4- of ihe first round. Next Monday bpmg l^vbor T>ay (here will he no fights ;U ihe Hreiui. A fine card is being arranged fur the following wet-k. Wasco Judge Makes Stockdale Hole-in-One Proving that such now and then, Judge Wasco jurist, made on the fifteenth at was disclosed today. the hold is 158 yard AViih Judge Bee ke sion of hifi golfing Fred Wishurd, Iiot*M Thomas F. Praiher. things occur Arch Beckes, a hole-in-one Stockdale, it Distance of s. g at the occa- triumph were* Hess and Dr. oho Smcaton invented the stone-tower Lighthouse ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^j th« H«IUw d Blod« Ur c**l«r, "NatlMr Twich" thwinf HOtlOW IIHUUNU HA/iJr: HLAl; • mAU~lff*UUI MIOIS MmCTLT • BROWNS, SOX IN PITCHER SEARCH AMERICAN RACE TOO CLOSE FOR FOOLING r L By JACK HAM) Assoi mted J'r<?s<! Sports Writer "World series talk \VHS legitimate business in four American League clubhouses today after a. routine pnst-scasnn planning* session in Com- inlsKioner K. M. I>andis* office but four contenders worn more in- in varuurn cleaning the looking for another starting pitcher. It" tliere was a footloose hurfer in minors who could win in the iw show, operators of the St. Louis Browns, Boston Red Sox. New York and Detroit Tigers would he vpry much interested. KxperimentM were tho rule, rather than the exception, as the clubs ba.t- tled into the final five \vek.s of the season with only i'uur sanies separating the Tanks and Timers, tied for third, from the pace-setting Boston tried Hex Cecil from San Dingo with so-so success, two won and t wo -lost , n ml was ready to gamble again today on Clem Dreise- w> •:•<], H('f(i)irpfJ from Sacramento at a fancy price tag. Drelsewerd's first opponent will h«.- Floyd (Bill) Sevens, whom the Vanks had just prilled hack from their Newark farm where he had won 10 in a row. Xew York also had installed Rookie Mel Queen from Newark as a regular starter in the battle royal windup. Boston took over second place by clubbing the Yanks, 7-4, in the only Sam** in the Harridge loop yesterday, Red Barrett, who relieved Yank Terry in the fourth, picked up his eighth win at Bill Zuber's expense. Tin* Red Sox pitchers walked 13 men but left 14 New Yorkers stranded in a 6-hit effort. The St. Louis Cardinals, who have nothing mure serious to do than get ready for the opening of the series at Sportsman's Park. Wednesday, October 4, came up with three runs in the last of the ninth to shade Cincinnati. 3-2. Mort Cooper notched his one-hundredth big league triumph ami nineteenth of the year with the help of Kenny O'Dea's two- run pinch homor. Harry Gumbert was the Cincy loser. Pittsburgh at Chicago, only other scheduled grume, was washed out. HOW THEY STAND PACIFIC COAST LKU;iE Team— ' Won l.nst IVt. • Portland Kollywond .... San Kranciaco - ........ R4 „. 73 .583 72 Oakland fiX 71 71 74 71 Tti San Diego R5 80 "Guinea behind lender. ItMnifM TimlKht Sun Frnnoisco at Hollywuud. I.OH Ajipele* al Oakland. SHU Pifffo at Portlnnri. Ht Sen it IP. .507 ..son 11 ll'i .47.448 14 16 1 9 ', Si. Lou us Huston Nv\v Yurk. 0 t> rv t. ^^^ ^f i -I ft .1 .53fi > I Kri 9 »;u ,47K 47'' . ^ i x. 4 4 11 11 behind loader. 71 .4:3 17 Huston. 7; NP\V Tork. 4. (Only same scheduled.) Today at Detroit. Si. Louis at Cleveland (night.) Hwinn a I New York (dnuM AVitshinetnn at Philadeliihia tlPHlttM'. ) <double- NATIONAI. Team— Won j.nst 90 ?,\t 70 47 ,• v,, .-if - *• * i uj ^ •»••••••*•»••••,*» it n *• «« 'i apt) n I Philadelphia .—- 4H Hosum O Brooklyn 58 •tiunics behind leader. . ;> 9 s 1 s ' -j TJ T 3 '.'l lu «4 7<i 73 77 •n:t .374 St. T.ouJB. 3: Cincinnati. :\ Pittsburgh at Chicago, postponed, rain. at Chicago. j\'f\v Yurk at Boston. Philadelphia ai Brooklyn. ill Si. I.oms STUNG TOMORROW NIGHT Wednesday, August 3O V 220IV Strut 8:30 o'Clock ALL-STAR CARD DOUBLE MAIN EVENT . .Main Kvent—Twn Out of Three ANTONE LEONE WILD RED DERBY Main K\rnl — Two Out of Three tu a I in IN h GREY MASK Versus DANNY McSNAIN al Evvnt—Our t nil—30-MinuU Tini« M m It GEORGE CRAIG V«r»u« MIKE NAZARIAN I'rfilniin«r>— One Kail—3(KMtn«if Tim* Limit ALEX KASABOSKI V«r»US BILLY McEUEN NEW MICI$i QMtral AtaUslat II SI.M. OblMm StrvftftMti FtH U on S«l» »t El Trj«n . U. M>*lba.<r Ctgmr 8Und, MO Hake* l*h«n» 1

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