Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 1, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1908
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILT BI^ISTEB, TCESDAY ETESI>«. DECEMBER 1, <9!BS. Teaeh the Boys to Save There is not a father in the land who does not want to bee his boy become industrious and thrifty, and we want to tell you—father of a boy—that nothing else your boy can do will give him that spirit of thrift and independence that comes from having a nice little bank account. Why not help your boys to make a start? A dollar or two will do to open an account, and once he becomes the possessor of a bank book, the proudest moment of his life will be when he is going to the bank to make a deposit. Teach your boy thrift, and he will repay you a thousand times over for giving him a right start—not only in money but in charactjcr. Just think it over. Then come in and deposit a dollar or so and present it to the boy. Stato Savings Bank Cmptimi B2B.OOO Mm,JKmBmmm Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights THE IdLA iCB AND COtD STORAGE CO. CRYSTAL ICE And IH«till«4 Water lew c «ii Un VattMMk FkM« Uf. FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Use No. 7 Flour Good u aor—better Uian most. Don't Forget Our MEAT MARKET We bandie only tho best of Fresb Muts. Smoked and Salt Meati. We Want Your PRODUCE fanners, and will pay the htgbest market price In cash or trade. Come In and see us. We are sole agents for J .,M. Horn's COFFEES and TEAS It yon will give this line a trial yon will use no other. Short Stories TBOBssss o V ssssaasss oooooooooooooooool o o O AX USE.VESTS. O O O ooooooooooopooooo AUDITORIUM — Holler skatins. Thursday nisht, basket ball. Ida hiRh school vs. Auditorium. Friday ni;:ht. Moonlight Skate. ELECTRIC THEATER—Moving pictures. MA.IBSTIC THE.JITER—Moving pictures. CRAND—lola Stock Co. the day and thon adjourn to Monday. Dpcember 2Stli. The adjourunipnt •was nece.s,sary because it will not be possible for Jud.^^ Foiist of lola to come to this county until four wc<'ks from today. H P will try cases which .ludgp Finlpy is disqualified from htar ing because of having been of counsel before beroming judge. .ludge Poust was cxyected in this county this week hut ho lind.i it impossible to come before the week in ne.xl month.— Chanute Tribune. —Have your water pipes under the h«»ii.«e roverpfi with frost proof covor- inix. K. C. Plumbing Siijiply ('<i. Iota Happenings .-Frank 8. BaatUe. V. 8. Phon* 13S. Money in Sight. "Whenever you eaicj) nie running for offici;." said a Fort Scott lawyi in a boas'trul way yestreilay. " KIU just draw on tue for a wmdnMl dotlars.' The lawyer who thus spoUe has run for office a few times. The memorandum containing his promise yester day has l)een made and filed careful ly away.—Ft. Scott Republican. Fi^er Pkone Ml, 108. Bros. loU, Kanscs. EXCHANGE OB SELL. List your property with me. I have a large list to match from. No expense unless a deal Is found for yon. I have 240 acres In Neosho county, Kaa, to exchange for good lola property. J. T. MILES. Boom 10, 014 Cnrt Hoase. Stoves Set up atid conneclcd, also nay other gas fitting. Good work and reasonable charges. Photic 29. TORES- —Look at the Our Way window. How Independence Feels. In the contest whicli was held i<n Saturday in lola at the Southeastern Kansas Teachers' Association. Miss Fern Fair received the second iirize for solo work. .Mis.s Fair has a most pleasing voice, and It is qtiito an hon or for Independence to iH)»sess one of the iiri/e winners. She has lieen heard by Independence audiences number of times and never fails to leave the best of Impressions.—Inde- pcndence Reporter. A Snap. Wc have a 4 room house on car line, corner lot. that we can sell for $6.".n. $:.o cash and balance $ir. per month at <i ])er cent. This house rents for $R per month. WHITAKER & DONNELU First Parker Case. Th<v lirst of the Rfty -ortil rase.~ which were flleil here by euti>Io >eH of the stranded Parker carnival troup" was hAanl in .lustice Croomes court this aftertiooii and jiidgment renfJer ed for the idaiiitiff in the stini of $is;;.;tii. With Mis as a precedent If is likely that a'l the oth <T cases will he decided in favor of the employes. Parker was represented at the hear ing iiy Attorney Rvans. who Introduc­ ed no I 'Vldeuce in h <-lialf of the defendant. An apiiciil was taken to the district court atii'l an appeal Ixind III ed.--<:haniite .=un. —Dr. J. R. Pepper. KevUiit. Pb ««a W. Draped In Crepe. .•\ iiicture (if (he f;orJ '-vit .-i taken after the Thanksgiving same is on dl.^ nlay in 11 local Main street window: The photo hi heavily drained in crepe, a .-Jllent symbol of 1" e artistic dnih- blng given the teaui last week Iiy the Triplets.—Chanute Sun. -Our Way window—r»ok at it. A DAILY FOR 1909, The Topeka State Journal—Official Paper of Kansas. Subscribe nnw for your daily newspaper for the new year. Keep In touch wMh the daily affairs of .voiir state and country. The regular session of the Kansas legislature convenes in .lanuarj-. If you are a Kansas reader you need a Kansas daily. Smbscribe now for a good one, and thereby get the news of every rh.iracter: state, foreign, relicious. political, sporting, railroad, good markets and special news of interept to men. women and children. • Full Iveased Wire Report Associated Press, tho greatest telegraph news service in the world. THE .TOPEKA .PAfLY .STATE .•OURN'AL is published at the .«;tafe Capital. It Is the only Kansas newspaper printing 'its comic page (n colors on Its own press. It Ih the official paper for Kansas prlntltig the Bupretne court syllahl THE STATE JOURNAI, does not KO Into BuraainR contests or preinlnm schemes of tny kind lo 4iicreaso Its circulation. WV solicit your suhsrrlp- tlon solely on the merits of the paper. Its subscription raft by mall iff: 5»it rents for 3 months. $t.M for loo calendar dayi, ll .Rft for six months. $3.60 for one year. Cheap enough for everybody. gooA enotiish for anybody Sample copy free. Address: TOPBKA STATE JOOTWAL. ' Topeka, KaoMi —DMiiDiuitratioDa in burnt wood work Kt Swtac * Bucdiek's every af- Get"; Nice &as<ier. .\. .S l..aphan< drMled MI a iiifi- •,:a.'^ ,er on file* Reinhan 't farm e ;ist of town Friday. The well i; Nr>. .", on t 'e Reinhardt. and a Koml i>rodiiciug siratH of i-as sanil was drilled in at S.i^ii feel. The drillers are luovinc their ris todav to a location Si'U feet iiorthr-ast of this wi-ll where another hole will he put down.—Chanife .Siin —For fi-ie liverv and boardinc stable for hoves. «pe Raliih K. flrake. Phone ml. 21J North .fefferson. Passenger a Doubleheader. Passenger No. <-anie into lola Yesterday afternoon with two engines. The train reached Chanute with eight coaches and was given a double header to handle the loiig drag. —Six pr cent mon«>y: no riommis- <lon: no delay.—Smith * "rravlt. MrK. Gregg's Mother Dead. Mrs. K B. Clregg recejveil a t^I^^ ?ram ftom <;utlirie. Okla, late thi.s afternoon, stating that her mother Is dvliig Mrs i '.reEU will leav.- for <;<ith- rle tomorrow afternoon —(Canute TrI Ijiitie. —Thfl Otir Way window. Trouble From Hlflh Water. -MI KK Olive n.irt'hera tear- er Iri •llcti^iei .Vo. 'Jt *••>" of MumlxiMt. eatne to CJianu'e this afteriioon to get to hi'r schnol.'Thls WHS nefe:«firv h.^anse of high water.-Chanute Tribune. Rooms for men. T. M. C. A. halldlnR. Steam beat in each room. Bathi fre«. Feuat C OM 0 «c *mb«r St. Judce JAiaes W. Flaley went to Xrle thia morningto hold epnrt for Due to Horseshoe. The Chanute high school bitske ball players are juhilaiit over their games played there Tlmrsdav and Friday. Before leaving Chatiiite for lola Thursday. I.loyd Smith, the pre sident of r-e a.<soc|;itlon. secured an old horse sho<'. and took it with hini In lola. .\rier the ^ame Friilay iiluhl the horseshoe wa.- passed around, and the |>|ayers and their friends cladly kl.ssed it.—Channt"- Trthiine. - T.^>wney"s and I,yon'.'; Candy at .Mundis drug store. Westlinc Returns to Hospital. .Viiilrew Westline. brakenian for tlie Santa Fe railroad rompanv. left this morning (or Savonlmrg. where he will make a short visit before n'ttiruing to the railroad ho.-iidtal in Topel;a. .Mr. Westline came down last weel; on a furlough to visit his friends, anci had a most eujoy.ibli' lime here. Ib> has l>een in t'-.e hospital several months, aliil it may be sotne time yet before he is finally released.—Chanute Tribune. —nr. p. E. Wnuph, Dentlsl. Phonp 32. Married in lola. Charles 11. Hayes and .Miss Mary Coulter. l>otli of this city, were married in lola Wednesday afternoon and have returned to (•hanut<>. Mr. Mayes is a carpeijter and his bride was formerly a* member of t'-'.e fnrce at the telephone e.xchange.—Chanute TrllK line. • —.See the Our W:iy window. Want Litjht Anyway. T )ie city council at Humboldt. Kan- .sas. li;is filed coiui>lalnl with the slate l-oard of railwa.v commis-iioners^, ask ing fbem to investigate the depot situation at that plare. We would siu-- Best soineHiitig of this kind for I-a Cyi:iie and if not a depot we might at least get a light withlp t)":e vicinity of the depot.—U'lCygne .lonrnal. "Talk About a flit The III' iifllie sea .iiiM is i>:ii- wiindrrfiii showing of $14.73 Suits. Dverci^nts and l{;<iiiri >ais which canimi be duplicated in any. other .•.:'>re i:i ilie ^tl•l ;h^ve-;t for ifis than $JU. the cfoihes are worth il. We oiicr suits ma of jiiirest worsteds in the new shade.-, inelndin-; .liv-; i )!iv.-.<. ^..irf .irreen and slate. Handsome black thiheis. 'id'- are made of equal tiuality, I'lire all-\voi >L K IMSO ;..< i 'l diif'Ment .-Iiades, etc. Raincoats button t :i the neck or .in -i ili" [ri iipe,' jj: black and hmcies. Ni> n.-o voir.' iiayin.^ eu-.-.v h »-ri- fi.r i :arii >en!s that h<*ve no better service or hetter <|iiaiii.'- than ihe.-e we offer at,, $14.75 Doe nt niak" a i-ii ••! r.-in •• le.w t;.', thin, tall or short vim are. «e will in yoii ivlici'ii .in-. i,i .ni)ln. mm M. I,. 1)01 <a,.vs «I.5» .Shoe. .VII Leather. niMn.HUftsy., i;unr- aiilii-d lor 'Ix luctt!.-' wear. One Ilolfar per h (i.\. —The Our Way window. I Penderson to Come Home. .lid >n Penderson. the fjonrhnn co 'in- y young man who was panl .-med ;i few ilays ago by <><jvernrir Hoch a !i"r bavins served a i>art of a Settiene,- for ruining a . Hi(>tis<iu siil. v.iJl re turn to Hronson a.< soon as and live with his wife who mairieil him the day he was taken off to .serve tiiie. Peui ^jTsoii and wile were . married in lola. 'Pni. Lafhrop, Ostcoiiaths, Pkoae itfi, Polaloes for Sale. Will exchange small seed potatoes, bushel for bushel, for corn. Price for same :iT,r. at home. T^irge s'uted pola- foes 70c. Also turnips 2nc. A. L. Townsend. Horse.^hoe fiend. Phone LOTS OF BOOKS FOR BOYS r.n titles Horaiia .Alger's, ornamental cloth covers, good print :,t\v: our i>ri'c ".:')<: •lU titles lli-niy Series, iinitorm cloth binding, all kinds of stfirie.i. r.oe; <iur price. .. .'.Inc lu titles Young People 's l.ilirary juvenile stories. '><u-; our price 2oc IL' titles Rover Hoy books, including the i:ms oni' at..."Oc f:*. titles Youni; People's I'ain- ons .\niericaii series. T .'ie; t >ur prlee :,(>(• 4 <i titles The Casilenion Hooks, bea'itifnlly brmnd anil illustrated hiMiks for real live boys. T.'.c; our price <;'ic C\ tit'es Motor Ri<y i'.ooks. up t«» dale' and very iutere.sting; our price 1 tluc S ritle.-: r.-iif Honehill Fi'orr.s- tnaii series. ~.<c: our iirne fiOc luu titles in the (jood Old l)'ioks. Indian stories, natural history classics, juvenile ticfion. as clieaii as you can uet them anywhere. The story life of Lincoln. Jiisf out. one of ti'.e best and most interesting Ix'oks afiont Lincoln, price, net $1.7.") Hariier H Out of lioor hook*. tell:< how to make s-orf.s <if tilings for out d<.'\r enjoy- inent tiilly itiusliaied. hesl hook of its kind. SI 7.''. our price »l.-.0 The liii i 'e Uetnus Monk.'* are verv piipiilar ngalii. U'l" liiivp tlteui. lola'i; It'iok Stole ne||.< »•> chenp as yon can buy anywhere in tlilH |iart III KaiiMih. Ew Bros For Insare Ward. V .I' Fort Scott Tribune is adviii-af- ing an insane ward for the couiify jail. Th** commissIoniTS are *icjw interesting themselves in the iiiovemeTir. Tlie Tribune say,<;: If is indeed iiiifortnn- ate. bill trite, that every few weeks or months some person or (lersons. made vicious by some mental di.s- 'ress. creates mtic.'i anno.cafice at i)ie county jail and destroys considerable i>roi)erty. i,ately an insane man. oc citpyin.7 a room in the iipjier paii of till- jail, sma.ihed the windows out.; demolisheil the effe-t.-; of i:is room' and yelleii so loud that tio one wiih- iii a block of the priKoii eon'd .sleep thi> nights he nived. .•\nd this is only an exaiiifile of w.'iat ha.- oecnrretl many times sine/- (he uew jail has iieen in us''. PecsoHs who ' ave friends or re.'.iiives thus affected dislike very much t'> se« theui <'onflne<l in cells S''t a|rart for prisoner.^ who violate laws and for .some linK- tlierej has Iteen talk that a wan) shotiM lie; created in another |iaM of ihe Imild-Jr ing and ?"et aside for the use and <-Mre of i.'.e in.sane /-.veliL-JiM-l.*. .M.iny times when adini.^.-iioi! ii> the state RIGHT DRUGS KEPI HiSHT 'GreaL Western Land Co. The oil,; .>s!\ ;.• di ir-. t .i i ,\ .e, a I>l;ice iih 'T'' !li';.- .-r-'iiieii paid !<i 111' i ;iri- of si>>< :.. Drii.u^ >.; uukiii'wn \ in. W "re ill ; ;•!.•!. i ; ..T there iiiiiil I. ri-iiiiiiMii.- cf- leii lor ye.-ir.-i and nu:-! •li.-v li;.il wh :U •,]:••• 1!; luiii •!!•. had. f))ir l-iiid of M iS.'i^u .-•.•).• i.! one Wlu'le llie lil-,e;;l •liM.; aie biiimiil. They are UISIM-I tc'l i-' ;i ;'iival - r. iMi fi-.- For Iteiil. i '>wn. i; room '• L -.i -i. >.it acres farm reoni luMi.-e. sood home '1 i :(lll^-•• with barn, city , .'• i -'-i iiinnlh • • J -i li'>i'~e. , ity water. |2 per . cl .".iiiiiod ih-nkins farm north ii.; .^;iie rentl see US at once •vmi II, iti Sc 'itt r<iiini,y. Kas.. 110 i" s;ile:id!'l \vlie;it. J room house. ;•.! uii'd mill A. •) .,e -.:ii: V li'.ii: .".n in crop, i room : • : •.• .1 vi 'i rliill'iw water, pas- .. i,."iiiv/e ;v.i. farms are for :i.•!'»!!• The . '•>' ! if veil :tr} . ' • .•Hill reject.i| if tin; III' I" !-'ia!id ;:ril W lii'e in htoek •>•••• i eriy iJriiti eied ; !!.••• .iticu and aie di-e:iii|-l ;! : lo.~e their fr.-sl:lle.s Villi «an( troll, piir.- drug*, wv li:i\e (hem. BnrreirsBrugSiors The Uevall Store, wKST .Sin i: stj ! A K K. I- i\] ! iii'iith, I We \--.'\1 j".*) I III ''i iv ,,-l \:,\,- :iir iMiiii with .'I.-; tor sale. We iiii;:, buyers fnuTi Illinois this . iiK.ney to \i\in nil f.Uy or .•,r\,! at our office if :i,;v interest* in hiving or ri e,,t;it.>. <V ''!:ce O UT Palace Shoe Store. —Always time to eat at Onr Way. Foirest in Humboldt. ; Ill , (••onst is in Ilum] • ..i ;• ;.,.ia;, MM le^al liiisinesK, Cunnlncham * ,\rnelt, C per cent I monej. I ;iin •.• Pi'Ilincicr in Humboldt. M I' O l{o;iiii :;er went '!> >:ip i ;ir. 111:. riling on offid-al I'll! pifeh-i' ivj.-ii .1 lniIK ii •>! \Ii).-i ie:,ii lleaillV r '»eS ill leli.iil ol DIM- IM tiir , , 1 voiin'.; l:i'lvK I,III-, Il :•. •ip.- hospital IS a .slow proee.-.. caii.s.i.l byl_-,..,j an overflow there, iii.sane iiersons have to I M - kept for ilays at a time. — Our Way Window: 'an avenue U, ilel ;il'f. Il J ..lj.- l:j'-il l! • I'.oilii;; u;ill.'tii.' \\ a - uof u> ifltllfie.- 0(i'-ii. C'le ,;i:i li.ilnA.d ..'l, other .illil il « a ' SnoJI .1 live ;i|'t:iii' MI illal —Look at Ihe Our W .ty window. " _^ ! .irsi water. Mr.. ,, , i . u. . Decaoierre There. , ,„ -,„,., Frank Iv-eamerre. premier >•"<•] ,,,„.,„„„. ,.,„; tl.;.> ••i.i.tiii.i.!". wheel ba..<-balltwirier Is in the ,il>l mai .d>.:.,id . ,.,„i :i.- to see what Ihe ba.sel,all .. IIUOOK J,„._.,^ „;, r l,is ,..,-is 'men', defiant «i hi.-, te-.v tail i:- i'iirle> Ii,,. A. M. E. Revival. U,ii.i'.:i; •.i'l-;- wil! begin toniifhf ..I Fir -i \ .\I I-: church on N'orth l ;iii|i\.- It.v .1 K flrow. of Rose- Kin as. hav* charge of the II .-. : i.v.:- IV. .-r;. tiiiMy cordiall/ be •. iwi to ..;f'-ii.!. <;•• y >'i: Candy at' Munrt\». were holdlmr a se.-tsiim this morulni; and canvas.sTiig tlie sitiiatio.i. —Inile- peiideuce Star. I jiiliiiaiii ai Ills iiiai.y I i —Our Way wind'i-.v- L 'n.l: —Mundis has the Candy. BOOKSELLPRS To Sec Hi"; Brother. (Jeor^e I'liiiil i:a . .'iii-,'!! troni a several il.i.s 'M:I II> City and Leavenwtirih. Wii>b later city he visiied lur. iiiiiiii' K;i>i-.. • iy i:!-- Iirolhi r. Get Mi.<is Cottlov/. Lawrei .'ii- will have tie- opimi l iinil V I or hearing' two eif the leadins iiiaiiists of .-\i|ierica. .Miss .\iigii-iin f'ottlow. ililife well known in lola. will he Homer Pond, wlio !ia.-i liee-, e<.ii|iii..,i :li-re in Februarv. .Miss \Iarv An- ^'O -^r*""' •'" soldi, rs iione ge!i. will he there next Tiiesdav ninh:' '^^ >i"»'Tal months with paralysis.- •iiid It will be t;,e thiril recital of the ^"'^ R'Publican. Miss Ansell has been To Attend Court. c .-iHiett and Attorney Wm. lii'tii iif Wlehita. were in th" jM.'ti. iimk lifter the Interests .if t!"- .Moiiareii Portiand t'ement Com- li.uiy of IliimiioMt wtilch is defend- aiii in a suit, it; di.itricr court. I ,1 v.- i I it\ — See ih" Our Wa" window. •f lecture course, engaged by the Boston Synijihony or chestra. —FJUperald StArage and Transfer ro. Honoeli"''! plBO" rooTlne; lartCMt store room In rltr. Phone SSB. Best in Years. .Si|li.-ril:tejl;leiit n( PllJilic lll.'-d'ie- •loii I, T. Hnffinap r.-titrned yest'^rday frieil lola. wliere ije has been in -at- "eud-.*iice at 'he anti'ial meejing of the •=!oiitheast Kan.-ia.< Teacher..:' a;,socia- tiop. which convened Tt<ur.-idav and >-'riiI ;iy of lii<t •.V .e(,. .Sillierilltendelit •Mutfmau was frir.iierly nns' I.•.•it nf the associaiion. hut de'-Kned lo entei •".•e race for e.'-electioii .\< the Inl.-i mertiie: .M'i teaeher.^i i/'in. sentjns the Kchool.v'of Iweiit,". eoiiidi'^, in Soiltheasl.rii Kati.-as. u.-r-- in a'l .^in!- aiic.'. The rifeiim nai jno'iaMi the most succes<ifiil ill (loini i.i 'iitir.t Ihe HNsnciarioti ha.-, ve; he'd - .lopliii Olobe. --Wateh the fliir Way »:ridiiiv. <i'(etMir» N Marrlcil, tola haT bull fiiiH will leiiieniiiii Howard flreeor^ 'he i-'>iih i ii'^!'•• with the Tills 1 '"iii'i ;•! nil >l 11In xa Denioenil leIN of lilii iiiarri;'i ;e M a \floh TlchlUIOr of lllH' ''llv T .'le •.iillMg woman look II fre.-if Inlere-' in il .i- MlL-cefis (if the filfch 'T and liialilv iiunlllli 's appealed to her iihile het ••are lie»ii'y mid cleiru'fli': wii|ii ;i ':h"";' caiiilyi"''"! him. T'te n<'/iiieiiiiaiee tan In .XrkanKai f'liy at 'he i-hmr' of the famous Arkansas r'bv-P-irkurd «Bme In which Arkans «H City shut out its op|tonen(. Voiini? Oremry was In the box and at the close of the contest Miaa Tidienor presented the succeaa?:, — Free !e.«sou3 in lull lit '.vti..!! ;il Kwi .'ig A: liiildick 's Rutledoe on Duty. ' .1 i; IT ;ii',- di -h!. .s.-rgf-aiit at police li '^:<.l .:i!ar-.'rs. who has heen ill for lUiip • lime, ro ;iiri "il to duly this, iiiiiiiiiim Ui s'-rve fjffieer lx>ren Hill i >i -<n a'eti :i<; d'' K ser;;eanr during l{iiiled;r.»'s illness. MgrSJVERGflATS In -;11 fnc rr.rt'ct stylfs of iLc r.caMiti. livt;: .• .<;tyle that is n\v ai'! ttii-t.-.; f!-:tr'-- In all the ntw sliafles .-»nH e,,!or'.i. We Will slinw ;.iiti til ^finest line of ptii/'.it ii i:vcr ..;.v.. (.>•••. ('<^t.=; you V.'c wMit ;•> •.' 0>.'tic()af-. — yi'ii " til Ut till I in hue Vo;tt . I w von these . li< suipris- I'l iv i (HI teally :fis to S'iis A ;;(r'i(l -.v-iMo l.'.o k Kcr»ey ()v'. fecial Hit THK -Al'TO" BifcL}=:hleIds Clo. Co. -Tilt I10I.8K Of QCALITT." • ..:^W.l •>i.'«;o;'*-~w>,ii',J.;i-;......

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