Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1907
Page 5
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— - ^ -J. ^ West Street, Iol«, .onei >biodE frbm aqiure.^ Diieuetof domesticated •nitotls ittcoessfolly treated .charges iB<4cnte,good box stalla for patieots Calls answered promptly night or day, 90 yean experience. Veterin- atyDentiitry a specialty. HMnr qraiaata af Ontario Vater- nary CoOasat Prop* Haa^ttal Pkona 1068 RM . Phone 139 Qunther's Candies! Are Fine. ^ See the Line. at SPENCErS . ]>B. J. F. JAXESQir. . 4rke Sscccsafnl Aae* tloneer, Teterlaarlaa. Farm Minor Pedigreed atock mles made ansrwhere. Veterinary calls answered' day.or nixht. Office with OonRlasa Bnw. Pbcoe ij. icsideace 400 IOC&, XAKSAS. MORE NEW BOOKS thf Lion *8 Sabre. Octave Thanet Th« Lone Star, E. P. Lyle, Jr. Lady ol the Prcoratlon, By Francis Little A Lost Leader, By E. Phillips Oppenheim Lore Affairs of Ltterarr Men, By Myrtle Reeds LoTe Is the Sura of It All, By Geo. Gary Eggleston The LoTer's flnh. By Phlletus Brown Ifotlier, Owen Wister 3Iorntii?.Jaincs WTiltcomb Riley The Major 's Wife, Hannah Catherine Green " The Mystery, Adams & WTilte This Mystical Life of Oors Ralph Waldo Trine The MysticStCatherine Thurston Mamma Lissie AVill N., Harbin , Money Ma^Ir. Hamlin Garland Lu?tfw Chronicles of Rebecca, •-^v :•.>•-<. Kate Douglas Wiggin Evans Bros. Iowa Store Pay Day Prices Best Flour in all grades, per sack 1.40 IS lbs. of Gran. Sugar for ...,..$IM 3 Cans of Good Corn for S5c 2 Cans of Good Tomatoes for....3Se 1 Can of Pumpkin for ...lOc Breakfast Food. 3 packaces foh .S3e Good B. P. per can ...He 1; jac»ai:wii ,C«irnutu tor iBfi. OobA X>. S. Meat piBr 1b .-..v ..199Se "We hare prices TO Salt the times aa4 can save you money. . Respectfully. A. a MUMMA. Prop. PRESIDENT RooaoTOlt baa sent the name of John Q. Bobjartt of La Uarpo to'the JSenate for coafirtnatlon as postmaster at La Harpe. -Mr. Soberta was appointed some time aso dtulns a recess of consresi aud-kls appointment has never been confirmed. .. COOPER FBEPABATIOX ATTRAGTS WIDESPREAD ATTENTION RT EX* PELLnreiNTERHAL PARASITES. 'ee dirt at Ltteeool ^s. SAMMY Morrli, the'Indian pitcher who once twirled on Vhe lola diamond for the Joplin team, ^tt\ be released from Jail at JopUn on-! condition that he cut out liquor and ^ go to work at Miami. Oklahoma. Powell, the real estate man. has a few thonsand dollars to loan on farms at a reasonable rate. H. TUCKER was granted a divorce yesterday from Clarlc^ Tilcker on the grounds of abandonment WORD comes from Bourbon county that the barn of Goosey jBchlimmer who formerly lived bite,, was burned to the ground a few days ago. He carried 1500 insurance. His loss is said to be 1800. • . ... MISS JESSIE Elliott left .yesterday for Tola where she will; visit with Mrs. Adolph Schoenarts for :a few days, after which she will go tO Elsmore, Kas- where she will visit with her sister, Mrs. Lawrence LoveH. until after Christmas.—Pittsburg Headlight The Interest created In leading eiUes during the past year by young Mr. Copper with Us new prenarstion, is largely accounted for byr a^-peiyillar quality possessed by-'this medicine, wbich he calls his New Discovery. Mr. Cooper believes that internal parasites, or tapeworms, are responsible for much ill health, and It Is an undoubted fact thatihis medicine has expelled immense ntimbera '*of .these creatures In various cities visited by him. The young man also believes that stomach trouble Is the main of all ill health. He claims that few can have poor health with a good digestion. He further claims that his New Dlscoverx-medicine does nothing but tone np the stomach, yet it not only expels the parasites, but relieves many other ailments not as a rule associated with stomach trouble. Little Jessie • Blrdsall. daughter. of Mrs. Ida Blrdsall. living at. 2138 Carroll Avenue, Chicago, is among many relieved of a large parasite by Mr. Cooper's preparation during his stay in that cit^. In speaking of the matter to Mr. Cooper, the mother.said: 'My child Jessie, who is fourteen years old, has been suffering with this trouble for over seven years. Until this morning we did not know what One Dollar in Script or Money Is good for 13.70 worth of Sanltol goods at J. D. Mundls & Co. This offer closes December 3l8t. MAY BE NEW FIELD THE COMMISSION(ERS turned down the bill of Andy Weist of Moran for 126.50 which he claimed for sending for blood houdds to 'be .'usM In the Bapp mu'^r case. The dogs were sent for after tbie scene of the murder had been overrun with people, rendering them useless in the case. E. N. AVERT was up (rom Humboldt yesterday on business.' For Best and Quickest Resvtts Use the Register Want Cofamns. J. S. WILSON was up from Humboldt yesterday to confer with the commissioners relative to an alleged excessive tax levy. Ciean stock of general merchandise mostly groceries, will take $1200 ]?^sldence. balance terms. Located in good farming community. Whitaker & Donnell. Geo. Test Well Being Drilled »ar Reynolds Place. ynat may be the first well ot a new gas^eld is bclnk^itllddjon the GeOrge W. Uitch section near CommissioDer George Reynolds' farm In Salem town ship. The well Is being drilled by Mendenhall and Balr and was started yesterda.v. The nearest well is on the county line three miles south of that if pas is found, a new field is opened. If this well i)roves a good one many others will be drilled. The land owners in that vicinity ns well as the entire surrounding country will watch with Interest the progress of the drlll- .\..o. r. w. Every member of lodge No. 98 is urged to be present on next Monday night as business of importance will be presented. .Wter business refreshments will be served. MISS BL.\NCHE Poorman. formerly of this city, has been'elected assistant principal of the Pond Creek, Oklahoma, schools. Dr. Rajnalis. Pkaaa m. Sea. A SMALL blaze occurred yesterday at the United Iron Works when" 8ome red hot ashes were thrown on the roof of an old building. "The flames were soon extinguished. P. S. WaaA Deatfat Pieao 181. Offiee •rtx BairelFa IDxag Stanu CITY ENGINEER ;Amerman has completed his survey pf the new city cemetery. His survey will show about 400 lots. JAILOR Hoover Kerr has returned from a visit with relatives in Arkansas. You must order your Christmas Tree now of. E:«-ing ft Burdick to be sure of one. lUflbiWite One taondred ponnda oC Crya- tal Ice wiU maka 12 gaUooa Ot diBtiUed water aidtabla tor tamlly "km. Try tt lihlce&CtMSttngeCt FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. -CONSTABLE W. J. rlhrlg yestertay I'serred exectitiaa pa(>ers on Lee Davidsoa for a hor^ to isatisty jadgment which was rendered in Jns- tice S. G. Hoogh's cbartsome tine ago. I Get your Sanltol now. as this is your last chance to get $2.70 worth for $1. Deal closes December 31st. J. D. Mundis & Co. A TELEPHONE call came in to police headquarters last evening that there was quite a disturtiance at dance in the Davis addition. The police hurried to the pls^ but found ev- erj-thing peaceful and'the young people who bad gathered ' conducting themselves nicely. Ma Business Coliese night Of amy Penmanship, Arithmetic, Elocntloni Bookkeeping. Ehigltsh. Physical Cnl ture. etc.. Shorthand, Letter Writing. T ftTEYER*ft OROCERY HaaAim Good Things to Eat Tde|>hoD6 139 GHSIBTKAS PRESBHIS aflv aoinSTOt a tnm janaq 0an )OK J. B. B1 »|BMK, -a friend. For your magaatnea aaa D. H. BROWN and wife who have been on a three months visit in the East retunvpd to their home in Portland. Ore., after a week's >islt with his brother. Jno. M. arown. of Moran. Kas. FOR EXCHANGE—Eighty acres of bottom land, well improved, adjoining the town of Cloverda|e. Chautauqua county, Kansas, for lola property. L. Hobart. ADDED 12 AT CHRISTIAN CHURCH Revival Services Are Meeting With Much Success. The revival sen-iceji at the Christian church are attracting large crowds. Last evening twelve new members were taken Into the church making a total of thirty-one since Sunday. Tomorrow evening! Rev. Kit Chen will preadi a special sermon to the young men and boys. A GOOD JOB TO A KAXSAX! "Andy" Richards ot WeUIagtoa May Be Made a Treasary AadRor. Washington, Dec"., 5. —President Roosevelt Is consideripg the appointment of "Andy" Richards of Wellington, Kas., for • (he ^position of auditor in the treasury department The post Is an important <)ne and the salary 14 .000 a year. Mr. Richards is one of the lieutenants of Senator Jjong In Kansas and frequently has been mentioned for federal jtlaces. He iiaa the tndoraaiaent la Hila iaatano^'' toth^tke JCaHaaaoBatMa aad -ia aggressively nrged b^ Senator Long, the trouble was. She was extremely nervous; the least little thhig would upset her; her tqngne was coated, and at times she w 'oald'have a good appetite, then again could not bear the sight of food; she was restless at night, had a b^d breath, especially when'she got up of mornings. We tried' everything to relieve her. hut met with no success. We were Just on the point of giving up trying anything else, when we began to read'of Coper's New Discovery. Several' days ago we purchased this medicine; Jessie has been osing it risgnlafly. and this morning ,thls parasite left her system. I dont wonder that she has always felt bad, and nothing we would give her seemed to relieve her.- Now that she is relieved of this tapeworm I feel sure' that she will grow better each day, and enjoy. perfect health. Mr. Cooper, your medicine Is worth a thousand times more than you'charge for it. I know of a number of people troubled the same way as Jessie-has been, and I certainly expect to tell them personally to try yonr medicine." We would Bdvlso anyone who has been troubled for some time with general poor health to try this great medicine. We are agent for it In this city. —S. R. Burrell. AttenUon F. O. A. Thursday. Dec. u, is election of officers. Every member Is requested to be present. A. F. GRANT. A. H. DAVIS, President. Secretary Bcglster Want Ada. Briag Resalta. A $17,000 FIRE IN OTTAWA. The Conflagration - Was In the Roh^ baugh Property. Ottawa, Kas.. Dec. 3. —^Flre early thia morning damaged the Boston store. The damage to the stock Is estimated at $15 ,000 -a^d to the building $2,000. The stoh} Ii o^aed* by' anee. The Rohrbaugh case Is to be tried here in January, the former trial re- sulUng In a hung Jury. BLOWN TO PIECES BY BOMB. Women Who Intended to Kill Russian General Met Horrible Death. Sfosfow, Dec. 4.—An nnsuccessful attempt was in this city today upon the life of Lieutenant General Guer- schelmann. governor general of Moscow. A .wopian. hyrled a bomb at the general's carrtBge. The horses were blown to pieces, and the coachman was seriously woiinde'd. The governor fsneral was untouched. The woman wis blowa t^ pieces by her own bomb. Oae of-I^'s WeU KaawB Wai Saccamba to'CampUcatioa of DIseaaee. With the death of Mrs. Sarah Adaline Weikel Servey lola loses one ot Its oldest and best known citizens. She died last evening at her home, 217 South Sycamore, a-short time after eight o'clock after an illness from a complication of disease lasting over a period of several weeks. Mrs .Servey was born March I4th, 1848, In Oakland. Penn. There she received her education and lived until her mariage to Capt. A. J. Servey at StrattonviUe, Penn., on November lithe 1865, by Rev. R. F. Keeler. She cbme to Kansas with her husband in April in 1868 and settled on a claim three and one half miles west of lola. After living there for a number of years she moved to lola In October. 1890, where she lived until her death last evening. To Mr. and'Mrs. Servey were born eight children, Alexander Park. Anna Lorena. Lafayette W.. Ralph L.. Iva Pearl, Frank McCommas, Daniel Lulton and Albert Benjamin. All of the children are living excepting AI- ender and Ralph who died July 25th, 1885. Anna Lorena Servey Barnhart who llv«s at Salem, Oregon, has been notified of her mother's death. The funeral arrangements will not be made until she can be heard from. Lafayette Servey. who is the mayor ot Ocheleta, Oklahoma, came In yesterday evening on the Oil Flyer soon after after his mother's death, word having been sent him and Dan that their mother was dying. Dan came in on the Plui? from-Lawrence where be Is attending the Kansas State university. 10 CURE A COLD IK OXE DAT M. B. Cohn. The building Is one ofjTake LAXATIVE BROMOQutalne the properties of the Rohrbaugh estate and the tit'c i-s in dispute between Bethany hospital and Baker university on one side and Ottawa relatives of S. B. Rohrbaugh on the other. The fire loss Is covered by insur- Tablets. Drugglste refund money if It falls to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature Is on each box. 25c. DRILL TWO GAS WELLS. City Began Work on Farms Southwest of lola. The drillers began today to drill two gas wells for the city. One of them is on the Pnrdoni place two and three-fourths miles southwest of this city, and the other on the Bntler farm one and one half miles west and one and one half miles south of here. It will probably be fifteen day.s or longer before the wells will be drilled in. Mra. Colter Inquired for Son at Police Court.—He Had Been Fined For Drunkenness. Yesterday afternoon a lady with a sad face came into police court carrying with her a little two year old boy. She was dressed plainly but neatly, and left the impression of one who had known prosperity. After a moment'^ pause, she asked Chief Gates. "Do you know where my boy is?" Tlie woman was Mrs. Colter, a widow, living at 621 South Washington street and to the question as to where her boy was. Chief Gates answered, "I know that he was fined In lK>llce court this monlng for drunk^ enness." Overcome with the thought of her seventeen year old boy having been fined for drunkenness, the woman sank into a chair as If in a faint For some time she remained in the cbair in partial collapse, sobbing as if her heart were broken. Sha finally recovered sufficient control of herself to tell her stoo'- Mrs. Colter had seen better days. Her first husband, the father of her son. who was fined for being drunk, died some years ago. During the time he was living the family had plenty and the hnsband was kind and indulgent Some time after his death, Mrs. Colter married again. This marriage was anything but happy, her husband, so she said, belns given to drink, which together with adversity, made her life a hard one. She finally obtained a divorce and the widow and her children came to Tola from Missouri a few months ago. J "he son, who Is yet but a boy. found work at, one of Uie plants. He was let out a few days ago. Accofdlilg to his mother, she gave him' $2 Ift script night before last to brlpg up town and obtain currency for it if possible. Ho did not return home, as ho was picked up by the police In a state of intoxication, and lodged In Jail. After his trial yesterday ho did not return home and Mrs. Colter came up town to find him last evening, fearing that something micht have happenetl • to him. The police could not find the boy la-^t night. SAVES THE GUARDS Lincoln J. Carter presents the plctnrcsqiie^ western play THE FLAMMG ARROW, PRICES. Matinee Night .. 10 and 2nc 25, S5, DOc. Pickaps iff CItse Bajers! A chance for every hoJsewife to lay In a supply pt good things at a low cost. 2 packages oif Dr.-Price's Breakfast Food for liic 2 pkgs. Life, a breakfast food ... l.">o 3 pkgs. Ralston Hominy Grits 25c Canned Peaches. , 15, 20, 2^, 30c Gallon Peaches,' peeled for table use, per can !'.r >c Gallon Apples, per can 40c 6 pkgs. of Korn Kinks f«r 25c Canned Peas 10, 12!i and 15o We haVe.lots of other things at a bargain. • FRYER BROS. Phones 308-301 £a$t Side Sqnare You Don't Want to miss seeing our display of nice things for Christmas. In our large and varied stock you can find something snitable for any of your friends. We want you to come and see them. Bur retro Drug Store, West Side Square. FIRE IN CITY HALL. Officers Discovered Flames Before Much Damage Was Done. A Ore which threatened the dis- truction of the city hall was discovered last night by Mr. Newby. superintendent of the city water department; and Assistant City CTerk Rol Vamer, in time to extingoish th- blaze. The fire originated In the cit. engineer's office and started from a lighted match which had been thrown in a cuspidor filled with sawdust. The men gave the alarm, and after breaking in the door of the engineer's office they extinguished the fire by applying a few buckets of water. The fire had burned a hole in the floor about one foot In diameter. \cfd Not Be Ke]it Up to the Minimum Strength. Washington, Dec. 5.—The war department has received the protests of Governor Hoch and Adjutant General Hughes of Kansas against the enforce ment of the minimum enlistment provision of the Dick bill, and has given assurances. In a letter sent to Governor Hoch. that Kansas will not lose Its portion of the allotment of funds under the Dick bill even though its enlistment in some companies doei not reach the minlmnm of 40 provided in general orders 222 of the war department. The war department expects the state to make an effort to keep companies filled to the minimum strength. Of choice Jewelry Novelties, fine Watches, liandsome.Silverware and Cat Glass. the opportunity for the holiday buyer pre.sented in oar large stack now—-have the article you desire to give laid aside for you today. a. A. LEFFLER, JEWELER. GEORGE Sevmour. a conductor on the lola Electric line, is very ill with an atUck of malaria fever. For PayDaj wai CbrJstDias Boys and Cfcildrra's OTcrcoats, all new patterns, .iplendid valaes. t2JW to $9.00. Chlldrea's Salts in all the new designs, age 3 to 16 years, at $2.00 to $7wO. The Standard Ederhdmer, Stein fc Ca. A few timely hints for Xmas presents. Bath Robes, Smoking Jackets, Fancy Vests, Umbrellas, Ties, Mnfflers, Fancy Suspenders, Collar Bags, Gloves, Hats, Caps Half Hose, Shoes and Shirts; all high grade goods, but popular prices. HMmmFm Ovmroomtm Im mil tim mmw mmd oor rmaimiyimm $B.OO tm BARCLAY- SHIELDS CLOTHING COMPANY, <7tiE HOUSE W DeAUTT." SUITS la all ikm amw atotMm aad famk laaaMm aalor'. laaa $to,oo to $25.00 but failure to do so will not involve the loss of the benefits of the Dick bill. When the alxive news was conve .ved to Adjutant General Hughes, ot Topeka. he sald: "Good enough. That shows that it does some good to make a fight for what you want. I know of eighteen other states that have written protests to Washington, as suggested by Kansas, and this ruling of the department settled the case for all of them. There are some towns in the state which have companies of militia where it is impossible to keep the mln imnm enlistment up to forty. These companies could easily be recruited to full serength in case of war. and as we already have on hand the necessary e4idlpment for the strength re- qnired by the department. It seem^ed unjust to deprive nsof the benefits of the Didc bill. Eviden^Uy the -depart ment takes the same Ticw of It." The Dick bill appropriates annin ally $2,000,000 for the purchase of equipment for the national guards of the states, and ot this Kansas get$c about $75,000. The First Methodist Church. Next Sunday morning President Murlln. of Baker University, is to be with us and preach at the 11 o'clock hour. Saturday Is not the best night of the week for an entertainment hut we cannot always have. our , own time. The Chicago Glee club was selected from among a great many other attractions because the official.<! of the church with the pasto^ thought it was best. It costs us money, but we havs faith in the movement and desire to g4ve the public the best'that can be secured. Everyl )Ody is invited to attend. So admission is charged the door but a collectjon Is taken to the church to pay for the attraction. The Glee club carries with them an impersonator and the new Trombone quartette. Don't fail to hear them. The program will be held off until about• 8:30 that c!erks and others that cannot get off early maj' have a chance to attend. Some form of entertainment will fill up the time from 7:45 to time of opening of concert. Remember it la next Saturdaj- evening, in the - First -Methodist church. WILL TEApH SHORTHAND Miss J. Katherine Hartley will give private lessons. Benn Pitman System a specialty. rctavtoite «». as, UkHmrite. Kattmm R. S. GIUFILLAM, Geanal Goataeter. Flagstone and Cement Bldewalka ani Cnrbing a Specialty. OBca Ui East Jaekaoa Ara. , Fkeaa IN. * ' Hey Ttwref "Where ar6 you going?" "Going after a sack of Um S-PrntmrntVlom. My wife won't nse apythmg else." EdacatkMul Travel Talk. The subject of the educational lecture tonight at the Y. M. C. -A. is, "From Panama to Cape Horn." A col lection of one hundred hand painted views taken from life, will be showh. This views will show a part of the work of the Panama canal, the city of Panama, the Spanish conquest of the Incan empire, how the people live at the equator—their homes,'.customs, re llglon and' modern Christian - enterprises. An interesting part ot the trip la a Tist among the Indians ot Soath- ara CUIe. All are tawltadaad itoM^ Biaakm la -ebarged. - Tb»—boar - la elghtf- . . ,.; DONT MISS THIS A Good Stelnway Square Piano for $50.00 Splendid Tone and Action. C'a^l Soon. Roberts Piano ftbuse I WEST SIDE SQUARE. T ' ' Living &toD ^ Co Cwrtnaian aai DaOien. AU, klnd^ ot'.work a ipedalty • flaatk tyaaaafab Phaa^ vMa,Pay,;™^_ / /

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