The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 29, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1944
Page 10
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10 Tutsdoy, August 29, 1944 fefcerffielb Cah(orn(an AIR PROGRAMS II KM)A\ «:im in K-.'.tn p. m. KKRN—Ne»»; ti.l.i, .-vings |.y I,f.-n Pnynr. KK(- AIvKlriy Th.•«!(!. KJ'.M'*—(uil'iipl JJffini'i. 6 ]... Sidn Tost. «:30 (<• ~:M p. m. Ki:HN—Sl'nlliKM JiniuH. k ..... (.'.,..rat Slory Toiler. Kl'l — Words al \V«r. KI'.MC—l.aljiu COMIX il. i, 4., ol'A. 7:00 t« 7:30 p. m. KIOKX—-Raymond <;rnm Swine 7:13, Rfnntiln-nn National Coninui lee. K' !•'!- dm ' tfit (r. i;i-f-f-nuonrt. K I'M*' — ' ;r< ;* t .MntiH'Mts in .'-'I'l.rt* 7 I 1 7, Tn.i.-o '.« \\nr (."ommpmiiry, 7 ir., I.uwr:l Tlminns. 7:80 to 8:00 n. in. KI:I;N —I.rt Yoursplf r,i< KF!—Ratp'Kh Riinm with IMriten ulo. KI'JK'—.Inn KMIC: 7 1.',. Walt- Time. X:00 lu 8:«« p. m. KKIIN — Will, h tho \V,,M.J ('„, ll>. S:li, l.uni aii'l Alinci KK1—The MiJBif: Shnp; S 1 .V rtny Mn> I'f'lp Kl'.MC—Count of Jlniit,. Cuslo. R:SO (o «:<><> p. m. KKH.N~.Sit \Vlt. l'i.iift KKI—Jt.hniiv FrrpenlH (iinny Simma. KTM*.*— Fir'**i!oni of ' ipl'Oflunity. !):(><) to (>::tll p. m K i;i:.\'—I'.ardin f Kifld Bund KKI —KvfTvthinc fur the Unyn. KI'JIC- .Nfwi . !,i:,. Knx Miller. fl:;to tu I0:iri n. m. KI-'.ISN— H.TH.V J. Tajlor; 9:46, Let's Puller K 1"! — Di.iwr.MHKTr- Cciiler. KI'.MC—i''ult(.n I.ewiH. .Ir. ; 9:45. News 10:00 (n 10:H() n. ra. K|-:KN - Fiiil THl>Hriii OrrheMia. Kl'l—Tlic Reporter; 10:15, Cheque Your MuHir. KI'.MC—(•',•!« CroHR' Orrhcutrn: 10:lj, Carmen ('nv;ilU»io'B Orchestra. 10:30 to 11:00 p. m. KKUX — Krrrlfly Marlin'B OrchpRlrn. KFI— Intti'le the Nowa; 10:45. CJema of Mplody Kl'MC—.lr>e Mtirnula's Orrbostra. 1C 4f>. Air Limn Trln. 11:00 to 11:80 p. m. KKRN—Thin Muvlng World; ll.l.'i, Henry KlnR'n On hentra. Kl'MC—K. B. \Vlllinms; 11:06. Solid Sendin 1 . 11:30 (o r;:(l(l Mlrtnltht KKRN—Tc'l Wrems and Hin On best i u ; 1t:Dr., Nowa KFI — Ted Weenm and the .«( FniMcm Hotel Orchestra; 11 :5S, Musnal KnrorpH. , KTMC—Silver Nor-turnf BROOKLYN FAVORITE VERA BARTON TO GET "SCREEN TEST" AUG. 30 Listen Tomorrow for VERA BARTON on "SCREEN TESF 6:15 P.M. ON STATION KPMC 1560 on Y'our Dial RADIO REMINDER You won't want to milt th«ie* programs! Tune in Tomorrow! The Bmiki'ast S::50 A. M. My True Slory 10:45 A. M. Hollywood Star Time 12:13 P. M. KERN /!l5 P.M. LOWELL THOMAS NEWS TIME DON LEE-MUTUAL Standard tf California WEIINKHDAV «:00 to 6:30 a. in. KERN—Mirth and Madncmi; «:1S. National Farm and Home Hour. H:3O to 7:00 n. m. KKHN—National Farr.i and Hume Hour; 6:45, Musical Reveille. Kl''l—Chuck Walton Jnintmree KPMC—MuRlcnl Cloc-k: B:55. On Ihc Farm. 7:00 to 7:80 a. m. KKRN—Ne>v»; 7:1.',, -Martin Agr-mnky. KKI—Tnrtay In the Newn; 7:15. Don MrN'amara. KI'.MC—News; 7:15. MrlodipB of Today. 7:.'IO to 8:00 n. in. KFJUN—JameH Ahbp Ohservey; 7:45, The IJnteiilnK T'dHt. KKI—Reveille Roundup; 7:45. David Hnrum KPM'"—Top Tunes; 7.4:;, Wfill's NCIVB 7:45, News. H:00 lo «::tO ». m. KKRN—KlFetiviind l.awtnn. K-',5, Vx lory MM n hos. KP'I—.lohnny Miinay; s.l.",. T. H. Hlakistiin. KI'.MC —Shndv \alley Folkn 8::in In »:00 • m. KF.RN — Hf.akfusl Chil, KFI- N'.u.s I'etiorl: X|.,. |I.,M,| ||»inn-,. KI'.MC— ;i,:0oii Klclniim. x I.',. In Your NeiKhhorhoiid; 8 ',.',. ('l;;i i Ic.tte Deetile. 0:00 In U:'M a. m. KKIlN--NewR of tht World- 3:10 I.mul News; 9.13. The Woinen'n Pa«e_ KM—Now* 1'nriod; >••).•;. Ijdward .loi-Kr-iiHOi! D:lf,. Ujirry Smith KI'.MC —Moake Cartel, :'.1J. NamcH and J'lm rM in the NOWH 0:3 to 10:011 n. in. KKIIN—Breakfast at Kardl'*. KFI —Major H. H. Turnnr; 3:4n Mnca- zino Pa«H. 9:45. Ronnie Man«fli-ld. KP.MC---M>.!land. I'. S. A . Ii:4.",, Amaxlne ,li>piiili*r l,o«an 10:00 tn IH::ill ». m. KERN—Timv Mome. 10:1.,. tilue Curre- npondi'ii'H Aliriuid. KFI—Vnli'c '•! .1 N'a Mini; 10:lr,, Peter'H i |(.J<>'UPK. KPMC—New* H, is. .lai-k Berch. Kl::<» In II Mill a. m. KKRN—My True Storj, ; 10:55. The Aunt .Irn.inui S'hnw KFI —Au.i' M,r\. I'll.',. At; Haker, Kl'MC. H I CI..I.K MI Artmn: 1(1:.13. I.iinclifon with l.opoz. 10.45. Amentnn A\'omiin « Jur> ll.lio tu ll:H(f •. m. KKIIN -K.iukh.iijr Talking; 11:15, Island Melodii-n KI'M<' Md,]p niid 1-jiJn from New- hfiiy'i.; II 15. Waltz Time. 11:30 tu U:0() Noon K Kit.* - -c,liunour Manor. KPMC .-.\ormiin Cloutiel; 11:(5, Kellogg Musirn] Library l.':»n to 12:.<0 p. m KI-;i(N — NnwR or the World: Uiin I.mnl Newn, 1J:15. Hollywood Star Time KI'.MC.--\>WH; 1L':16, Noon Time Nock Outs. 1',':.'!() tn 1:(M) p. m. Kl:i!.\ -Hetween the Linen; li .15, KieiMnn'H Corner. Kl'MC Cnmlry Commentator; K (i Skyiiim Serenade. 1:00 lo 1:30 p. m KKI'.N — Sum Hayfta; 1:15. Hoh Nnholn KI'.MC - Walter ConuHon; 1 l.'i. America .•it War. 1:30 in - !:0(l p. n i. KKHN —Tune View* the ,Newn; 1 :4.j John Corner: l..',0. liclvviinl Jin neuaiui. K I'MT' - Your Army Service Kortex. '.':00 to U:H'I p. m. KKRN -When a Girl Marrien- :.15, \V'e Love and Li-urn KI'.Mt' — Fin en jinil Phlcen in the NCWM; Mutiny on the HlKll SOIIH. 2:30 tn .1:00 p. in. " KKHN—What'n Doin' Ladies KI'.MC—Lost Umpire; i 45, Kany Rhy(h:n. :i:o i to »::<o p. m. KKRN--N'avy RoiTtilllnK Pmgrani; :i:15. Milt Herlh Trio KI'.MC Uiiffin Reporting: :i:15, Symphonie S\vinp. :!::»! lo 4:00 p, m. KKRN—Kl hoi and Albert; II 4.'. niiml Tiiniliinloiir. KI'Mc-ThiiiBK Worth While, ::!;;, .JohtiMon l-'ninily. 4:00 to 4:30 p. m. k'KRN—Mume. Mom Hollywood KP.Mc—)''iillon LcwiH, Jr ; 4:15 Real Life Stories. 4:»0 to A:00 p. m. KKRN—Andy and VirKinia; 4:45, News of the World; 4:55, Local News. KP.MC—World's Front 1'aso: 4:45. Safety Lemon fi:00 to ft:Hfl p. m. KKHN—T*M ry and the Pirates: 5 15, Diik Trncy. KPMC—I'hlck Curler; 5:15 Superman. A:.10 to «:00 p. m. KKHN—Jack ArniDtroliK. 5:45. Hop Harridan. KI'.MC—Tom Mix; 6:45. Night News Wire. By MRS. ANNE CAROT Getting a room ready for H new bahy? And do you want to do your own iiicotat- ng'.' Then a 7-Inch dcmirn of a while wooly lanili. a il-lncli bunny and a pink- )etal flower devign will he invaluable for MiinliiiK on a erili, toy-hox, a wallpaper frieze or u chest of drawers. DesiKnn csn also be used as appliques on a bassinette skirt, a crih-nuilt mid on curtuim*. In- Mlructlona also nlvon on how to make Ihi? i framed "circus" pictures. To oh! a in complete deHlKiin and ln«t rue- Ions for lining motifs for the nurnery If-cor.ltlnc tr!ek a (Paltl>rn No. 577O senii 5 cents in com. plus 1 cent poMaKe. your iiime, aridre«s mid the pallern liumhpr to nine Cahot, The llakorsfleld California!!. (19 Mission street. S;in Francisco HAVE YOU A PERSONAL POSTWAR PLAN? Tune In STATION KPMC TONIGHT 6:30 p. m. for "Labor Views the News" This Broadcast Dedicated to Painters' Local No. 314 Your Commentator: Ralph Ryan Sponsored by A. F. L. Unions of Kern County PUBLIC OFFICIAL An<mrr to Prtvloui fault HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured public official, 13 Deal anew 14 Motive 15 Bit of information 16 Great Lake 17 Pa reel post (ab.) >8Of the thing head of the Office of Defense VERTICAL 1 Junior (ab.) 2 Myself 3 Unusual • 41 4 Draws closer 18 Having power 40 Land parcels 5 Proportion 21 Colleague 42 Opera by 6 Palm leaf 22 Joins Verdi 7 Native metal 24 Doctrine 44 Ago 8 At this place 26 Desert garden 46 Roof finial 9 Brads spot 47 Near 20 Cloth measure 10 Compass point 34 Fabric 48 Written form 21 Parent H Hawaiian bird 35 Goblet of Mister 23 Decays 12 Names (ab.) 36 Small herring 50 Toward 25 Clean i 17 Covenant 37 Not set 51 Symbol for tin substance 27 Be in debt 28 Air Raid Precautions (ab.) 29 Repairs 30 Rush 31 Anger 32 Hostelry 33 Hardens 35 Mortar trays 37 Employed 38 Diminutive of Edward 39 Winglike part 41 Kitchen utensil 43 Rupees (ab.) 44 Short jacket 45 Get up 47 Elixir of life 49 Experts 52 He is new li TI1KSE WOMEN By d'ALESSlO "Can Mill rlpi'ti nonir totnntors In IA minutes, dear?' FUXNV BUSINESS By HERSHBERGER "Hl« iHliiimUn maiiHEer »«•» to It that he iloettn't nmke any rn>h promlnpfi!" ALLEY OOP A Revelation By V. T. IJAMLIN LOOK WHO'S YEH,THE GREAT " HAS LOST WELUIDOJ'T KNOW VJHATS BUT AT LEAST I'M BID OF CHAINS' IS MIWD. X3.IFVOU ASK ME...IF HE EVER WHAT'S THAT?) UH-HUH.' SOME-/WE'S^H BUT HE NMJST BE A VOL) SA.V HE'S/ BODY BAMGED/QUITE A V SOMEBODY OR HE ' FORGOTTEN/HIM OMTHE /NTVSTEfiZV... ^-xWOULDMT HAVE EEM FOUKJD MEMOCY (HEBE EVER SAW AWEACING ^ WIPEDOUT\HIM BEFOEE/ I/THE KING'S J. OH-H.') ikSGOF A1JTHOKITY OUT OLR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS GOSH/ I-UH OH,NO--DONT/ IT PROVES YOU HAVEM'T BEEN) IMTO IT--I'M ALWAYS SUSPICIOUS OF A CLE.AW kID AM'A TUB OF LEMONADE.' MK3HT LITTLE WE WENJT IN) AN' WASHED OURSELFS.' BLEACHINO FLUIP OLR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR IIOOPLB E6AO, VAS-.' VOtTWlM A TORT- NiiGHT I'LL BE- DEPOSITING A LARGE SOW, BOT BEFORE 1 DO, /WAV I NAME /X COMPREt4Er^S\\SE STATEMENT OP THE BANiV^'S PlMArJClAL COt^OlTlONi f OM.' HO\M DID ^00 TME DEPRESSION ? — VOHO ARC ThlE STOCKHOLDER'S -*«-DO AKiV OF VOUR. ErAPLOVeES PLAS T RACES IF XJ^E. THIS 8ANJK TO ARCADE/ H= VOU THiNHC MOT 80V A BAM* VOUR- ~ TM& JlTH A CURL.V TAIL? ITOOT 2.5 C6NSTS A . . THE GUMPS The Clutching Hand SOMETHING'S HAPPENED J I'M BEfilNNINfi TO TILPA.' THAT'S fi& /TO THINK SO, TOQ OBVIOUS AS THE NOSE I M-MRS. PE STROSS ON MY FACE.' By GUS EDSON NONSENSE-WE'RE ACTING LIKE FKI5HTENEP CHILtTREN-TILPA'S PROBABLY POWNSTAIKS TIPYIN& UP THE KmCHEN-VLL GO FETCH HER- MAMA ALWAYS WAS SO SCARY— GASOLINE ALLEY Everybody's a Winner By KING I KNOW, AUNTIE AiWAVS LOVSP . A LOT CLOSei? 9LOSSOM, voa BUT TO Y<7UNO Tl HAVE WE S4ME FSSLIMC ] TOWAeD YOU, NINA OS AH. V*==£IIA BOTH BEING POES »WAY WITH A CF/?T4INI eesTi?AiNT. tve w\s A LOt MOSS IN COMMON. AHP VOJ AS£ ^ A PAST OF TAB FAMILY NOW, IT DOSS SOMETHING COS Ail Of US. UNCLE tVALT WAS SAYING \ TMIM< HOW ONLY LAST NIGHT THAT NOT LUCKY I AM. OMLY IS S<SSZf< MIGHTY J I HAVE ALL LUC<Y, BUT SO AKE WE.' J Of YOU.' BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES No Escape By EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Lady Has Plans By MERRILL BI.OSSEU WELL, &OYS. OUR VACATION is You NEARLY OVER — THB NEXT J THINK STOP |S SCHOOL/ J—/ OF THE ? MOST UNPLEASANT THIMGS, MISS KAY' I'M SURE GONNA MATE TO HAVE TO START STUDYING AGAIM ' I'M GLAD THAT PART OF MY LIFE IS BEHIND ME/ SAYS YOU/ you'u. STILL HAVE ID KEEP , DIVING INTO BOOKS / TO IMPROVE YOUR MIND MlS- TAKEN., FROM N!OW ON , I'LL BOOKS TO IMPROVE AND POSTURE / ONLV use MV WALKING , f. 1944BYNCASE«VICf. INC. / T M Pfrt II c my ntp / WASH IT BBS noft NEABir sib "SECONDS THE . UBERATOA&MU&T FLVASTRAI6HT. lEVeL COURSE, WHILE WM8ARWBJS UWE UP THE TAP- SET IM THEIR BOMBSI6HTS... HI6H OVERHEAD, JAP PLANE •TO- PLANE BOMBERS ABE RELFASIW6 RAPIO-PICE BOMBS. Off the Beam By LESLIE TURNER THB NIPS CAN'T HIT US INCREDIBLE.' THEV'REMlSSIMfi THE AMERICAN P065.' SEEMS LIKE AM FROM THAT HEIGHT WITH MU6WU6I...AMOTHER IMSTANT AND OUR FIRST SALVO OF BOMBS WILL REACH THE yAMKEf: PREE-FAUWS THESE 3AD6ETS PO JAM THEie 6ADIC-CONTROLLIN6 DEVICE, THERE'S WOTHW6 10 WORfiV ABOUT. VEAH, IFi RED KVDER The Switch ROUGH STUFF LITTLE ONLY By FRED HARMAN 'CUPS— wow RED RYDER'S COFFEE 130PED-' HOLD EVERYTHING "*our diui. K. I', for lonttlliig |.iuur uecktlc!" BUCK ROGERS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY, A. D. liner's Baby! WWAT'S TM»S ABOUT HUER, PROFESSOR WARWICK ! IT'S WOPRtBLT, PROJECTION CHAMBER / I CAN EXPLA\N UHR'S FATE BV MEANS OF OUR NEONtC RECOROER/ WUERKEPTA RECORD EXPERIMENT HUER MAD BEEN WORKING ON TWEORVOF PERPETUAV TRACK / LISTEN / By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS HEW / MV PLrVSTICf MARVEL./ READVj ACTIVATING FLUID . TO BE POURED INTO*

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