Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 1, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1908
Page 4
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THE IOI.A BAILT BEGISTEB, TTESDAT trEXTSG, DECEMBER 1, 1908. Tie HNi iilLT lEUSTEl eiAfli P. SCOTIA IktorM at lots. Kansas. Postoffica, as SeeoBd-Glaaa Matter. litvartUing Batea llada Knowm on Applloation. Wbtle we In tbe world make our mark. There's no place like 4iome, To the big: Booster's flame add your spark. —An adaptation of an offense com mitted by tbe McPtaerson Republican HTBSCBIFTIOK BATES. Am»H «r ta UU, Gas CKjr, Laiyai. ] the hole. TlUe ar LaHarpe. iM Waak 10 cents Month 44 cenu Oaa Tear fS.OO BjXatL Oar year halie wntj-.... $SM ••a year eitsMe eenty $1.00 ffkrae Months, in adrance fl.OO Oaa Month. In advance 44 They found a bole in tbe bottom of a well in Springfield and tiie phenomena of tbe water in a cistern rising an inch an hour was, explained when subterranean body of water waa discovered entering the cistern tbrongfa fPFICIAL FAFBB, CITT OF BAg. MT. Telepboiei Snslneii OOca - - - •dltorlal Boom • • - 18 S2S oooooooooooooooo o o O LITTLE BITS OF KASSAS HITS O O O O A Medley of Prose, Poetry, News O O Notes and Comment. O O O o o oooooooooooooo "Fatty" Meek, formorly first base- roan for the old lola .Missouri leapuc teams, has been bought from tbe Birmin^am Southern league team by Chattanooga. Tcnn. Meek weighs over 200 pounds and after a glowing tribute to the ex-lolan. tlio Chattanooga Times says that he is a heavy batter. So far, the Cherryvale RepxljUcan's effort to remove what it terms an "undesirable city attorney" have proven unsuccessful. The man who gets a "tamarack" <>n has shown up in Channtc. The Kansas editor, elected to the legislature, who declared after thai ballots were counted that he was feeling "catoose" has created considerable curiosity among the brethren of tbe country press who want to know under what name it was .shippoti Into Kansas. When President Roosevi 'It dug "Ut the word "embined" he sent the Independence Reporter lo the dictionary. The K. N. & D. rallrmul which mn^ through Mapleton worked ovcrtlttie last week and pulled off three wro-kn instead of the regular number. Re- cause of this "Maiileton people who were expecting tb I 'o on a ThankKKlv- ing visit were obliged tn remain at home. The offering! for Evangelist Bieder- wolfe in Independence was more than one thousand dollars. According to the Chanute Sun, a bootlegger arrested there recently has done a thriving business with some people who do not live forty miles from lola. It Is said that several are contemplating taking tlhoir Christmas vncatlonR a few days earlier than usual. re \V. T. Armntrong. city editor the Independence R«»iK)rtcr. has signed and will liecotno editor of the Coffeyvllle Journal. The man who omitted to be thank fill for nnfural gas when he obser^'ed the national dav of praise ought to have to split kindling to cook his breakfast these "crimpy" days. Independence Reporter: Rcmem ber this, young man: Yoii will never know you are getting there in the world until some one begins to knock you. A boat going upstream meets the rubbish coming down. A POSITIVE CURE FOB DANDRUFF. ZEMO stops itching instantly and will cure anycase of Dandruff or itchi: scalp. ZEMO destroys the dandr germ and prevents falling hair. It will give the hair arichcloesyeolorandleave tbe scalp clean ana healthT. For sale everywhere.. Write for sam Die, E. W. Rose Medicine Co.. St. Louis. For sale at Burrell's Drug Store NOT TO CUT NAVY YARD FORCE Enough Work on Hand to Keep a ' Large Number Busy. Washington, Nov. 30.—The protios- ed wholesale dismissal of skilled mc- rfianits In the Wa^lngton navy yard wiiich created such a stir in this city, will not take place, at least tbe men marked for discharge will be allowed to retain their positions until March ;;ist. The notice of Admiral Leutze, that In order to put the navy yard on peace" basis, the mechanical force must !»• reduced, was Issued several days ago. The department, however has directed that some additioiial work be undertaken which will keep tjie fon'e busy until spring. AVOID THE KMFK. fuitlnn Won't Care Plle.'*-InlenMil Treatnienl Needed. i.aCygne is to be wllhoiii ga.s snnn and William Rose, who lias purchased an engine is now ready to say nothing and saw wood. lola. dear. Listen here. Keep on flying ahead like a Every day, papers Ray We leave other burgs in the dark. Let them sit alone in the P—.A—S—T lark. A RHrilener doeKu'l kill weeds liy cut ling their tups, lie atiHcks the root .hist so with piles— the eaufe is with In. entlrelv out of roach of surgical Inslrunients. ointments or supposlto ries. The only rnre for piles Is in lernal. and the only guaranteed in tcrna; remedy is Dr. I^eonhardts Hem Roid. It has cured 1*8 per rent of cases, and Ul days' treatment Is sold for Jl at Chas. U. Snencer & Co .'s. un der positive guarantee. Or mailed by Dr. I^eonhardt Co.. Station B. Buffalo, X. Y. Write for booklet. For Laime Back An aching back is instantly relieved by an application of Sloan's Liniment. >This liniment takes the place of massage and is better than sticky plasters. It penetrates— without rubbing—through the skin and muscular tissue right to the bone, quickens the blood, relieves congestion, and give^ permanent as [well, as temporary relief. Sloan's Liniment has*no "equal as a remedy for Rheumatism, Neuralgia, or any pain or stiffness in the muscles or joints. Pciea 25e., SOc. mad iljoa Or. Eul & Slou. Borteo, MaM., U. S. A. wit—fcii»n,.iwlH «,*m «B <nrtliT«irt'fn«. BUILD MORE ROOMS Be|»R8eBtatiTe Westcott Proposes Plaa to Enlarge State Hoase to Care for Legislators. "fhe Kansas City Journal says: Topeka. Nov. 30.—Representative S. C. Westcott of Cherokee baa evolved a brand new reform that has entirely escaped the fertile Imagination of the most ardent reformer of the past. He wants the state house enlarged and equipped with sleeping rooms for mem bers of tbe legislature; also an eating house establishment, all at state expense. "While we are reforming things why not do a good Job of it," said ha. This is the first tim« that Westcott ever broke into the class of reformers. The fact that the people at the recent election, voted down the proposition to Increase the pay of the ipgislators caused him to think up this new reform scheme. lu sttenkiug of it today he said: "I think It ndvisuble that all the members of (ho house and Kciiate form H boarding club and elect a steward. It could be run on the same lines as boarding clubs are conducted in col- lego towns. "The members of both branches of the legislature ought lo be In favor of appropriating about $X.U(I0.(MI0 lo build au addition to the capitol In order that each memt>er attending the legislature may have a room. I would want each room well furnished and i believe It advisable lo have a large dining room and kitchen in order that the boarding club idea could be carried out. Of course this new addition to the state house would not be available this coming session, luit we might appropriate enough to rent a large hall for cooking and dining i»uri >oses and in the event this could not be done we might appropriate enough to buy a large tent." Rices Glass Humidor Malies Mercantile Cigars Proof Against Climate, Altitude or Store Gonditiohs Rice's Glass Humidor is an air. (iffAf jar in which Mercantile Cigars arc sold to retailers. Beingair-tight it delivers the "Mercantile" to the smoker in the same perfect condition in v/liich it leaves the F-R-RL-zc Mercantile Cijiar Co.'s factory. In Kansas City, Denver, New York—in the finest cigar stand, in the handsomest buffet, in thecorner store-"Mercantiles"arealways the ssme. They are kept apart from other clKors, they preserve their own individuality, they retain their flavor, they are kept In condition. No sponge needed to restore c moisture that has gone and taken flavor with it, ' How We Put Quality Into Mercantile Cigars We put into them the best Havana personally selected by our buyer in Cuba. We buy tobacco from the same plantations, year after year. For this reason, Mercantile Cigars arc absolutely uniform, year in and year out, The"MercantiJe"inthe Making Mercantile Cigars are made entirely by high-grade iabof, in a scrupulously clean fuctoiy. Thry a-c all hand madm — "booked work" s.ntne 03 imported cigats the leaves being laid in the bauJ, just like th'- ra^oa of a book in a bindery, one lea{ on top of anntlirr. Thi-, mrlhod in very much more expensive than the usic of tmyMan, but it is absolutely necessary to the production of high-grade cigars. Ask for a "Mercantile" out of Rice's Glass Humidor—10c, 3 for 25c .\ GUU» REASO.N lola People tan Tell Yen Why .So. It Is Doan's Kidney I'llls cure the laute of disease., and that is why the rurcs are always lasting. The remedy strengthens and tones up the kidneys, helping them to drive out of the Iwdy the liquid poisons that cause backache, headache and distressing kidney and urinary complaints. lola people testify to i>ermanent cures. Mrs. Fannie Thomas, of '<l:\ South State street. Iota. Kas.. says: About 12 years ago I began to have trouble 'with my kidneys. There was a pain In the small of niy back and often so much sorcnei^s that I felt as If I had been beaten. At night the only r<illef I could find was by pressing my back sgaiust the bed us hard as I could. For months I could not run iny sewinc machine and could noi go stairs without holding on to something for support. The kidney secret Ions were also very distressing in pasKage »' times, i finally learned of Doan's Kid ney Pills and hoKnn using them. 'Ihey eave me prompt relief and In a fhort time I could get around and felt In every way like my natural self, I have had slight returns of kidney trouble since but then noan's Kidney Pills have never failed to give quick relief." For sale by all dealers. I'ri .-e Tifl cents. Fosier-.MIIbtirn Co.. Buffalo. \ew York, sole agents for the I.'nited States. Remeuilier the name—Doaii'.s— -ind take no other. SOLD T«» lOL.V ItUOTKKS. Chanute Sun Tells of Bootleggers Who Sold Booze tn lolaus. The t'hanule Sun says: The wayi-- of the transurr.ssnr and the Chanute bootlegger are parullel paths. ("Iiicf Whitehead, who can spot the trail of the festive vender of forbidden splritr aud smell tlllcli booxe with unerring instinct, made a capture Saturday afternoon in finie to Interfere materially with Sunday sales in Chanute. The ^uar^y was (Seorge Shields, who baf lieen shipping liquor here in galioti lets and retailing the same out to th« towns thirsty. Shieds did a rushlnp business Thanksgiving among the led? foot ball rooters, and this aetlvil» proved his undoing. The officers had obseivert for r long time that Shields wa.s recelvinp frequent consignments of whUkey from Kansas City. "Bush" Hedrick he statistician of the force, had figured that If Shields was biiving the gloom dispeller" for home consumption he must be drinking on un average two gallons a day. a quart every three hours, or three fingers everv eight and two-tenths minutes. This WHS ccmsldered loo much whiskey for even the recent father of twins t <i consume .so fjeorge was (daeed under police Kurvellniiee and one day lust week as caught disposing of four (|iiari^ of bad whiskey to as nmny Individual:' The police placed hini under arre<" Saturday ufiernoon. and. as the evidence agaln -ii the negro Is very cim- luslvo, he wl 'l undoubtedly lie convicted and sent to Krie. Shields Is the negro whistler' wh' am1)algned with the Republican candidates during the recent election atid entertained the crowds assembled at the school house meetings snd oilier Dolilical rallies over the county. He comes from Onmhu. Nebr.. and claims to have a wife and a new pair of twins in the Nebraska town. Shields' trial will come ui» tomorrow morning at !t o'clock before .lus- tlce Groome. As it is a mi.idcmeanor case, tbe defendant is not entitled ic a preliminary, but If found gul 'tv tomorrow will be sentenced directly tr the county Jail at Erie. The maximum nenalty for bootlegging is a $300 fine and ninety days in Jail for each count F. R, Rice Mercantile Ci^ar Co., St.Louis,Mo • Factory 303-First Dist. of Mlsaoairl PSALM OF LIFE. What it Means to Live in Kentucky. A friend of the Chanute Tribuin- furnishes it with tfce following .sUetdi ai^wa^fi appropriate and iiivulurly so just now: ".Man born of the inoiintaiiis of Keu- tticky is of feud days and full of virus. He fi.'iheth. fiddlelh. cusseth and ficbt- eth all the days of bis life. "We shitnnelh water as a nisd dog and drlnkoth much good wriiskey. "When ho dosirelh to raise h he planteth a neighbor, and. lo! be i -ea|)cth twcntv-fold. He riseth THE LOCAL MARKETS Prices ({noted by (inrd K Tuggart Produce Company, The following local inarkct report Is furnished by Gard & Taggart Produce company and wiil be kepi running in The Register every day. The prices quoted are (he jiriccs which they will pay for jioultry, eggs and butter delivered here: Esg», 'iur-ent receipt;, per case.. .:.'i;c Old Mens, fai Tc Old Cox 3c reapetti twentv -Tom. """ M-U. .•>.-..ig.j ...^^ from the cradle to seek the scalp ofigp^l^j^, I i;ls grandfdre's enemy and Irmu'eth jg^^j^j^ Turkevs. .s-It. .s'c; home In his carcass the ammtmition JQ,^ ^J^,,! Xurkevs .Sc of his neighbor's wife's cousins "u-U,,, Turkevs 7.- ele's father-in-law. who avenged ' " the I Old Ducks j Butter, less than .' per ceiif .. .'2l)C TO EXTEND TARIFF HEARINGS. deed. Yes. verily, his Hfe is uncertain, and he knows not the hour that lie may be jerked hence. Me goeth forth on a Journey ball! shot, and canieth back on a shutter. More Time is to be Given to Submit Evidence. Wasliingiou. I>.'c. I.—.\aiciuK closely \\iv lariffl ways and mean:; full of shot. "He risetii in the night lo b-t llie cqt out. anri it takeih nine diK!tor«[ w'.jo ),;ivi' followed (bree days lo pick the bu."kxhot out | ||,.a,-i„^s before of him. jcoinuiiliet- of lli<- llousi! iln-nr is an; He goelli forth in joy and Klailues.s impression tliat lli'pn;<onlative Scr -i and cometfi back In Hcraps and rrag-)eiio K. J'ayne. chairmun nr the com-' ments. niitn -i-. will ilrul it int |ios >ii)li- to r<-.' "A cyclone blowelli lilm Inio ilie siht the i«'(|iifsi« for an exii'n:<i<ui of lK »som of bis iii'lgblior's wife, and I1I.4 thi; time for wItni'ssfH to In- lic.irdj nclFbbor's wife's husband blowelli 011 the proposed revision of flu- tar-' him Into Abraham H bosom before be, Iff-. It Is asserleU lliat iioi. siimclent has time to explain. He eniptlelb a deini-joliu Into noUce was KIVI-II by the chalrnian Kt. |M -rnill t .ose inlerislcd to i:alh''r per-' Keif and a shot i-iin Into hi;; enemy.,'liiifnt facts in regard In the si-ix-d ' and his enemy's son lieth In wait for.ules In which thi>y desired cbauEes.' hini on el(?cllon day. and lo! the '"or -iThls was empbii.six ,e(| more especially oner ii'(»wetli up a forty acre flebl to at tbe beariiics la.xt week, nrarly .-ili bury the n-inains of his enemies. 'of which required .sessions until mid- Woe. woe is Kentucky, for her uight. , eyes a'e red with moonshine wliis-. Mr. Payne has also lieep a.-^keil 10: key. ami ' <'r soil Is stalncil with thelextend tbe tiu 'e :ii w! i'-h it will be • blood of her innocent moonshiners."; possible to tile briefs, the ditto orig- Nevertheless— iinally set as the liniif beins Frirlayi Kentucky, oh. KentueUy, how I love j next, when some witn <-sses who p.ere' thy classic shades ; not allowed luucli tiuie to a>l(lress the Wliere flit the fairy figures of Iheirnmmittce will be Ijenr-I again. The bright-eyed Southern maids: !chairman of tbe eominiftee atnl those V\1iere the birds are sweetly singin.K who.'se sinceiity with remml lo the re- 'mid t'!e flowers newly borii. risioii f)f \:v tariff has be .n qui-stion- Where the .-orn i.« full of keriiel;i jiiid rd are desirous of dispelling any in:the Colonels full of eorn. 1 pressioii that all wiines .-es will no: \v tKiven an equal oppnrtunitv lo lie PfLFS rCREn IX 6 TO 14 DATS, iheard. PAZO OINTMENT Is guaranteed to cure any case of Itching, Mind, bleed Ing or protruding piles In G to 14 days! TC MEET IN SCHOOLHOUSES. or money refunded. .'iOc. PLANS PENNY SUNDAY PAPER. Washington Times Will Issue as on Weekly Afternoons. Washington. IK-c. I.—The Washington Times, a 1-cent evening j)aper. Discussions on Country Life Will be Held Friday Night. New York. Oer. I. -Sehoolboiiso; meetjnKs in varion.<; p:irts of the eoun-' ir.\. most of I hem on Frii |;iv night of; jtliis weelv. will be one iresiill of Pres- iidiMit Roose-.pll'..: Hiqininl inent of tlie! I sperial rouiuii .--sinii 011 <-iiiiulry life. I The conimi.-isiiui asl;ei| tii' rounty ! 1 superiuteiirieiils of publie instruction' Pittabitrg Rejoicing. The Soutteastern Kansas Teacliers' association will hold lU next year's convention In PIttaburg. This was de-. •^'ded bf the convention which adjourned Saturday at lola- . The Pltts- hOTS bunch retnmed Saturday nlg^t frpn Tola. • reiolcior bflcaose they had takdHl the bic oanrentloa for next y«n?T»|tato« HMdllshjL Take our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward lyflaves lola 7:19 p. m., arrives St. Louis 8:25 a. m. Through sleeping cars. This train connects with the east bound trains at St. Louis. For further particulars call and see us. C. p. Hale, Agt. Monuments! If you lire contemplating the erection of a monument or tablet, call and see our new and up-to-date r.tock of Foreign and •Vinerieaii Granites. We carry lb" be.-it tliat can be obtained on the niarket. Our shop is eqiii|iped with a new compressed air lettering machine for lettering and iracin.t;. Our prices are the very lowest for first class work, flail and .^ee us and get [irlces. We want your business. J. C.COFFIELD&SON I'honellSS. 2^0 West SL \ n \ li

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