Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1907
Page 4
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GlIlBI.S8F.8G0n CmCOIATION 4^. Tdepkw Reporters' Room 222 Baiiiieu Office .............18 Entered at lola, Kmnsas, Postofflce, as 1 : Second-class Hatter. Adrertlsing Rates Made Known oi* Application. SDBSCSIPTIOir BATES. B7 Curler In lols^ Gas City, Lnyoa- Tflle or La.Harpe. One'Week 10 centi One,Honth 44 centf ^neTear $5.0* Br HaO. One Tear, In advance |4.0(> Three-Months, In advance ll.CK Otie Month, in advance .44 OFnCUL FAPER, CITT OF BAS SET. i' II i^iii II • TO CLEAR MRS. NEW Coffeyville Man Sayc Prank Allaooc Contmitted Murder. • Topeka, Dec. 3. —W". F. Fleeman, o Coffeyvlile. the man to whom Alvli I)aI1ard- made the confession of com pitcity 4n the murder of Joseph Ne« charging: Frank AJlgood with the ac tual murder, was in Topeka yester day to .see AttcMmeiy General Jacksor r«»gardln? having Allgood arrested ant* tried i for the New murder, now that lirs. New has been pardoned. Mr Pteeman was an officer at the penJten tftttiy when the Ballard confession wa* hiade .j - He says that Allgood is now in the Mistourl penitentiary ser\-inje a sentence for burglary. Attorne> Genera] Jackson is a resident of Greenwood county, where the New murder was committed, almost ten years ago. Fleeman thinks that tbe pardon of Mrs. Neir was In the nature of de- Isj-ed Justice and has ever>' confidence that AUgood is the man wiio fired the shot which caused the death of Joseph New. Re has been in communication with Ballard and although the latter once repudiated his confession Fleeman thinks he will now stand by It if arrangements can be made by which Ballard may escape prosecu tlon if he testifles against Allgood. Ballai-d'ls now Tivin? in Iowa. The Officials here have made no announce-, pjent as to what action they will take in.'the matter but it will probably b( left largely to" the coimty attorney of Greeftwood county, where the murder wes, committed. •A large, stock of nice things for Chtlstmas at Bnrre'.l's drug store. The Birth Stone for December is the Turquoise. Wt have a large line of jewelry mounted with this beautiful stone. J. V. Merchant Jowelr>' Co. MAKING GOOD TIME. SflectlonW Uury in Pettibone Case Is Well Along. Boise, Idaho, Dec. 3.— "tt^en the trial of George A. Pettibone. charged with complicity in the assassination of ex:Govemor Steunenberg, was re 'sumed in the district court, one hun drcd talesmen were present. Fifteen of these were discharged by Judge "WloDd on pfesenting statutorj' excuses for exemption from jury duty. With the acceptance of T. A. Brown the jury was passed for cause by the state. do vltboat thtm. I ).mv« •oowMne for ludlcMUon bU- loasnwi Mid am nnw enmplr»i!l/ enrrJ. I'<^'>ni- mm4 thtm xo everroue. ^Onc« tried, JOB wlU MWr b« witboot lh»m In thy f5,>n"r- „ _ Edward A. Mu;!. AIIWDT. M.T. Best For The Bowels w ^^^W ineooweis ^ CANontCATiwirne fltiMinl Pal.tabla.Potont. Tut* Ooed, KiJJTsi" M. WSkoVoTorlp.. jaTlo linlk. Tbo E<.B»lne t»bl«» «t»iiip«l CCO. OuraotMd to car* or jruur njouor buk. 8 «eriincRemedrCo.,Chie«fOorH.Y. 601 ARIUALSUE, TEH MIUIOI BOXES AOJANK National Bank of Comnferce Closed Doors Th(s Momiing. Kansas aty. Dec. 5 .-f(8pecial.> Tlie National Bank of G6nunerce, of SaBsasiClty, Mo., failed i/o open tUt morning and was placed in the hands of James T. Bradley, of Sedan, Kas., National Bank - examiner.'! The bank was closed by an order of the comptroller of tbe currency. The bank Is one of the largest and qldest in the Southwest It owed dei»>sitors $16,942,694. The hank has I been in a weakened condition sijice the last statement was issued In August which showed' that deposits oi^- thirty-five millions were owed mostly'to outside banks. Yesterday surprtse' was ex- >ressed when the bank failed to publish its statement at the r'request of the comptroller. This brought a bis ^rowd of depositors to tb^ bank this nomlng to find the insyiuUon c'os- ?d. There was much r iexcitement vmong the depositors butjilo disorder. The bank was a United j States ds- »08itor>-. and it,held a quarter of a niltion in government deposits. Wm \. Ru'e. cashier, said thStf mom'ng: The directors thought !(. 'best to at cast close teroporarll.v.; \Ve made he fight of our lives but: conditions vere against us. Tue dojposltors will lot lose a cent." ; - t" Dr. W. S. Woods, the president and .•ice president, also president of the "i^ommercia! Trust compapy. said the closing' would not affect: the Trust ximpany which had. deix^I^s of over I million. Examiner Drad'ey said: 'I shall make every effort !to set the "lank acain on its feet. ^I have not ">een able to investigate'-Matters as vet. I can not say defln.'^ely when he bank will reopen." : I J. F. Downing, president of the "learing House, said: *fl|b to yes *?rday the Bank of Commerce owed the Clearing House thr^* hundred •housan:! dollars. This !tc?;ount was icttled but it was out of the question o furnish aid to the hmi. I consider the failure due to a laftk of conservatism. None of the otijer banks 'las found it necessarj- to; ask aid of he C'earing House and • I. consider ijem perfectly sound. The Commerce failure will not affect thetn." The bank Is Interested in ".many lo- enterprises. It was erri ?cting an office and bank building to'^cost a mill- on and a half dollars. Th« Commerce •;rows out of the Kansas Gitr Savincs ')ank organized in 1865. \ I« bought he business of the Midland and .Metropolitan National banks of-tbis city n 1S97. Dr. Woods, the president, in an ar.'y career practiced medicine in f'aris. Mo., and in 1869 esfabllshrd the Rocheport Savings bank in Rpcheport. Mo. He was later in tht- wholesale jTocery and'dry good )i buhinfss, com- 'ng to Kansas City tw«nty-3evjcn years ago. '• The State Bank of ArgcAitIno, Kas., a suburb, with small, deprtslfs. c'osed ta doors early this afternoon following a run. The stook Irt this bank !s owned principallyfby tjie Natlona! Bank of Commerce of Kunias City, .Mo. The cashier wired the -'State Bank to take charge and »aid he hoped to bs permitted to re-open tomorrow morning. • . lA small branch of the "National Bank of Commerce,: located at the rnion Stock Yards, and another in the wholesale district it) thtj H-est bot toms. also closed thpir dpors during the morning. They were, the Stock Yards Bank of Conimerc*. with deposits of three hundred tliou^nd do'- lars. and the Union Avenue I ^Bank of Commerce, with small deitosUs. There was no special exciteiiient around the Institutions. The failures ^of the banks failed to cause a run on any of the other banks In the *lty and «rt most of the other. InsHtutionB de posits were made as usuatl. An Inquiry at the banks; here reveals the fact that npne <>f [the local banks had any mone^- oh deposit at the above bank, so their;failure will not affect the Tola institutions In any manner whatever. K. C. Plumbing companj* hav« new line of gas and electric- portable lamps, water filters ant}* bathroom supplies. Register Want Ads. Pay Beeanse in Allen Connlv Xearly Everj-body Reads the Register. ? : TO DRAFT CURRENCY BILL. Copyright 1907 bjr H.rt SchtfTncr £^ Marx Overcoats! FOK. MEN AND YOUNG MEN. inUDAY AND SATURDAY Come Early and Profit by a Saving of $3 to $5 on Your Suit or Overcoat. Copyright. 19017 hf HanSchaSber Man Men's Smts $10.00 Suits, • Cn cow Vl ivU $10.00 ^'"''S^'r; $12.50 $15.00 »"^"f„t: $20.00 $22.50 Men's Overcoats flOOO Overcoats, now STtBO 112 .50 Overcoats, now SWmOO $15.00 Overcoats, now Bt2mBO $ 18 00 Overcoat*, now St3»00 $22 50 Overcoats,noW S90m00 t25 00 Overcoats,now $22mB0 Exfraordinaiy Spedal - 25 dozen Smelter Shirts, regalar pi ice 45 cents, for 3 days only will sell Hhem at • 25 cents : Only 2 to a Person. 150 Pairs of Men's Trousers, at— $1.15 These are our regular $1 50 Trous^tl; *hey are cut full, well made, come in three different shades—light gray, daik gray and a mixed brown. Sizes from 32 to 42 waist. Remember this offer is for two days onlj— Friday and Saturday. WELL DESERVED. The Praise That (*om«« From Thank, fat lola'People. • House Committee .^uthb^ired: Appoint- m-.nt cf Workers Today. Washington, Dec. 5.— The House committee on banking and ^currency today authorized Chairmaji Powler to appoint a sub-committee fof • three to draft a currency bill to ttieet;the present financial situaUon; ."* One kidney remedy never fails lola people rely yiion It. "That remedy is Doan's Kidney Pills, lola testimony proves It always reliable. ' jH^A Mrs. Eliza Gilllhan, of 814 North Washington street. lola, Kansas, says: "I had kidney trouble for some time before I was aware of it. It steadily grew worse until I went to Colorado Springs to get rtlief. A short time tdr ter I came home the trouble returned. I had such spells with my back that I couid not rise from a chair without help and it was impossible for me to go u|> .stairs. My feet and ankles i:welled badly and the secretions from the kidneys gave evidence of disorder. They were of a high color and contained a sediment like brick dust. I hoard much in favor of Doan's Kidney Pills and used them with the result that for a long tliue I remained comparatively free from my old troubles. .-Vt length through doing some extra hard work the troubles retarned, but not for long for I procured Doan's Kidney Pills at Charles B. Spencer 4k Co.'s drug store and they brought me the same.promiit and positive relief that I obtained from them in tfee first instance. During the time wUdi has since elapsed my back has not tron- bled me. there have been no indications Of swelling in my feet and ankles and the secretions from the kidneys have given no signs of annoyance." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-.Mllburn Go.. Buffalo. New York, sole agents for the United States. Remember the name—Doan's and take no other.. PAID HALF IN CASH Factoriea Allowed Salaries Today.— Financial Conditions Are Better. Watchthi From now ^til Chrktman as •viry day yoa will Had loiiie- thliig advirtlMd h«« that wUl maka a fina CMUMi prttcnt at a graatly raibeai yifea. ^eper (Sh Son A NEW CANAL DIGGING RECORD. Last Month the Panama Force Accomplished More Than Ever Before. Washington. Dec. 5. —Colonel Coe- thals, chief engineer of the Panama cana', cabled the canal officers here today that all records In the matter of excavation on the isthmus were again broken in Xovember. The to tal amount of earth removed in that month was 1,838,486 cubic yards, as against 389,407 cubic yards in Novem her, 1906. i The tola factories raid their em- l.loye;;s today in one half clearing hou.-<e certificates and one half in cash. This fact Is evidence that the financial conditions are clearing up. The employees of the various faotorles have been paid In script for the past two pay days. The paying of one-half ca.sli to<lay shows that the conditions are getting better. :« One banker stated today that he believed that within a very short time. # things continued lo improve, the banks would be able to meet the factory pay roll in cash as they formerly did. A PLAY OF THE WEST. "Flaming Arrow' at Grand Theater Will Portray FrMtier Ltfe. A realistic picture Of life in tbe Car west will be the offering at the Grand Saturday matinee and night under the tile of "The Flaming Arrow.", The'play is not. as might naturally be expected, a blood and thunder production, abounding in gun shots and other hair raising episodes, unpleasant to the audience, but is a faithful picture of life on the frontier and in one of the famous government posts. It tells a beantJHil love story. Is replete with thrilling scenes, and its characters are all taken from living prototypes, true In Character and costume. As "The Old Homestead" is the typical play of the old east, so Is "The Flaming Arrow" of the far west. Lincoln J. Carter is the author and producer and .critics unanimously conceded to be his best production. To add local color and realism a tribe of real Indians is carried- also several ex-United States soldiers, cowboys, horses and an Indian brass band, which will give a band concert before the performance. ~ COUNCIL MEETS TONIGHT. Number of Minor Mattara Are to Come Up. The council will meet tonight In regular session and transact a number of matters. Contractor Qllflllain's maintenance bnd will come up for consideration. The city engineer will make a report as will also the polico judge and chief of police. BELL CHAPEL CASE ON. Continued This Aftemoan,^^ay be Finished Tomorww. The Bassett Chapel case which bc- ;an in Judge Hough's court this morning, was continued until 2 o'clock this afternoon on account of one of the attorneys In the case having to inake an argument in the district •Murt. Only one witness was examined this moming^ and the case will orobahly not be finished before to- •norrow evening. METCALF ELECTED PRESIDENT. Gllflllan (.'ets 8ud by tbe Bend. Rarge Fit>m Lawrence Officer Gets Place in Rifle ,DOWN THE NEOSHOI Aaaociatlon Corps. Topeka, Dec. 6.— Wilder 8. Metcalf of LAwrence. has been elected president of the lOmsas State Rifle asso elation, organized at the offices of Ad- jtitant General J. W. F. Huphhes here this week. Other officers elected are vice president, Harry l.ynian. Topeka; secretary. Clad Hamilton. Tope- ani exe^tKe officer ^ATJXn^" Mro "nfllVa ;"is'd:,i .;rfortre %ity "i;^;: j Prosecuted hare.County Attorney Cajd S^,H3^^ Th5-«Jl»Hl G«fl"an formerly secured sand at! well expects'to^ go to Tola to attend bacS"of S l"go>'a*r^m n |»°-^^^^ ^-^n the prelitnina.,^County Attorney Pet- and is Intended lo encourage marks-' " ^"P*""- manship. PETERSON TO HELP CALOWELL. KANSAS'S OLDEST MASON DEAD. The End of William Yates in Lawrence, Kas., Yesterday. I.awrence. Kas.. Dec. 5. —^William \ates. for fifty years a resident of this city, dl.^ today of congestion of the brain. He has been a guest of honor at state Masonic meetings the last ten years by virtue of being the eldest .Mason in the state. County Attorney, to Assist In the Dr. 'Bi^Qfins Case. (Fort Sc(ft Republican.) The pre'lminSry of Charles ' H. W3 »eaton will be-heid-in-Judge fot- A number of employees of R. S. ^^^l „^?'f„ Ollfillan. the contractor, began this *r .oJ.".J, , i * vr„T^V.h» morning to bring sand down from i f°" ^^^Z'''"^''- ' °' Horse Shoe Bend by barge on th. t";"'/^is *"h t^^^ .Neosho river for the paving which »L?::..^L^.,?„^i'??: T?il„T."L*! erson and Chris Rltter. of lola. wlU ^nd "1u'sr ;s 'crerp at-^Hot^e^lh ^^'^sJ ^t Mr. Caldwell in the prosecu«^ Bend, including transportaUon. as at j of the Brookins case. -The Pre Imta- - are given !ary of the j|gor employment by securing the sand in: s^atun^>^t-^|•8 i thi. a -ov 1 there ntay he iTeontinuance. Chas. H. Topeka. About ten men has been set for „^ ^ . ... _^ not improbable that this way. 1 there may he iTfcoi : I WJieaton and one of his attorneys, F. THE..A#H. T. A. will hold a called Oylor. spent Monday night in Fort meeting next Saturday night In their I Scott. Nothing definite is known aa regular meeting hall for the purpose ' to what they did here, of atending to some business and tak- [ Ing in several new members. See the K. C. Plumbing company for sewer connections as all outside For Bert and Qalekert Resnlta Use .'connections must be made by Jan^ tke Keffster Waat Colaaas. ary 1, 1908. Mm AUCTION SALE! Registered Aberdeen—Angus -Cattle! THURSDAY, Dec. 121 '07 We will sell at Public Auction at our 14 GOOD YOUNG BULLS Al^ 44 SPLENDID YOUNG COWS, itf^CALF These young cows are with two or three exceptions, of our own breeding, and the get of imported Krica. Pride and RlacRblrd bulls of unexcelled breeding and quality, from the herds.of the late Queen Victoria. Hallindallncb. Aberlour, etc.. and are mostly all in calf to bulls of that character. The cows are of the best families of the breed. Lady Ida, Coquettes, Queen .Mothers, Westerlown-.Rose, {tloomers, Ilrucehlil, Violets, etc., and are in good thrifty breeding condition. Don't misai lhiii.opportunity to get bargains, caused by the'herd outgrowing the accomodations of the farm. Sale at our Allendale farm, five mlle.s east, two north of lola. and three miles nOrth. one west of Lu Harpe. in Allen County. Kansas, both points on the .\I. K. & T. Hy., and MIssouifl. Pacific Ry., and the former also on the Southern Kansas Ilranch of the Santa Pe railwa.v, and from both points the Electric railway runs quite close to the farm. Take Concreto car. SALE BEGINS AT I O'CLOCK, P. M. For Catalogues apply to Thomas J.-Anderson, manager. Gas, Allen County, Kansas. Anderson & \ Imkm tormmt, lllm. J. T. IIREDWAY, Clerk.

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