Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 1, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1908
Page 3
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THE lOLA DJULT REGISTEB, TFESDAY ETElCiyC, DECEMBER 1. 1W8L 3 Colored Broadctotfas 89c In this December Sale of Woolen Dress Goods we offer values that iought to appeal to the thrifty shopper. You'll find unmatchable prices on fabrics that are in the height of their season—dress goods you'll pay a fourth to a third more for at any other time. Special prices for four days—Wednesday to Saturday. PRINT TEXT BOOKS GoTM-nor-elrct StnhbB PropoMs UaTe State PibUsh School Books. A Rich finished colored Uroaddoths, 5j inched wide, regular f 1 .25 QQn value; navy, Corenhagcn, green, red, uan, brown and gray. Special, yd. .||UU 4L'-in<li P;inaiii.i in U'M-U ;iinl Hrown. .M'c valiio nn salo ;{.">(> ".'j -iiirli in .lil wiml. coldrs l>liiP. l)!a<-k ami l >niwn. ."•Ot valiit" S |)t!i -ial prif" a >ar <I .-{OC Cotron .Suitings i» li^ht niid ilark. rt)!cir.<i L'S Inrlii-s u iiio. wcirtli IT'nc lo .'"ic yard. spPciHl piico for this sale, yard lie KlriKina Cliith Sfi inclios \vidt>. in lifilii iriontal and flnra! pai- «cr;i¥. w<n!h yard. .>;pp<'la' pricr. yanl lU'iC* Onn lot i)f dark rod. urron and brown snltincs ;M. lo :!•> inrlirs wldp. rpRuIar prlrp .".or and yard, .^ppcial pricp. y.ird IJ.lf' I'.inwn anil prppn lit-ar Skin. W'lrtli vard. special priop P.r yard... !J51.<>H l-"lit i-i'd Cotton iMPS .-i Ciinds. .^iiit .ililp for lio!i.><p dri'sst>> J7 lo iricliP;: widp. wortli and l-'-i<' yaril. Fppcial price a .vard H ^kO Oil - lot id Clilldrpn'.s Wur.^tpd ScliDid l )rPr^.-PS. aEi." 2 to S yp.irs (1 ior liliie. rod and Rrccii. in pain colors and plaid's. $1 v.iiiio.- o:i salP for S90 I'ipicpd Kininiia.- in rrpain color w'lli link, hliii- and cr »y paitprn;:. woiHi •^.'•r riioicp -l^C* Crcy Plaid and .-^irlp- Cloak- UiK^ Indip.i wii |p. hpr »vy wriKht worth $1.IM» and $12.') yard, special pricp for this .^.IIP. only •lOc' .">J-lnrh llerrltiKlioiii- Stripo Pnnania in Id'ip. Iirown, Krecn and rpd. $I.">ii valiio on Falp r..-r Fancy Silks in liuhi and dark blue, tan, Rrccn. black and rPd ftrlpp .-i. on liRht ground !!• to LM in .li worth $1 Oi> and $12.'. hppfia: I'lricp yard (>{)C .\pw Talliiri'd White Waist.s niadp of poplin and inprcprizpd walKtincs. Kiipcial valnp.s at .«!..'.(». JK'i.OO ;.nd «•.»..•»() '.'.".id.- Mo fi.'.c rolorcd Woolen I>ress (H'IMI.N ITC 7."u- Colored Wcolcli nrc;^!. Cuinil! ,"5 lc S .'ic Colored Woolen l>re.-,.> i;,iod.. $1 on Colored Wtiolen Drehs C 7J)c $\.::< Colored Woolen Hrcs.>i (i H \)C t\ Coloied Woolen nre>s (i )<J1.|J) $1.7.'. Colored Woolen !M»S II JlH.Ii'J I:'"III Coloieil Woolen l>|e-ti ll ijtt.nri |:';.ii Colored Uoolen n.reir, (1. H'.MU L ':.e Hl.ick W-io |pn f >resR fli oils Ulack WCOIPII Dre.i.-; Ctoods !i,lC' .'•lie Hiack W()olen lirp .-?K Goods Vic il.'.c Itlack W<i(i|en !)re.,.s Coods ."iOo Ulack Win )leii lire.-s tliH ^ds ,'in<* Jl.iiii Ulack Wotilen i»rp.s.< (iiMid.s H'iC* $1 Ulack Woolen l>ri>ri« IMKMIS })SC f\ Ml Ulack Wooen C.oods. . SHI/il II.;.-. Ulack Woolen (!o..dn. . Ml.U!! J.-oi) Ulack Woolen Itoodx ... hd.Ul) Topeka. Kas.. Dec. 1.—State publl cation of Echool IKWIIS and compul sory district ownership Is one of tlie retornis that Governor-eiect StubbB has under consideration just now This informatinn comes from one of his closest poiltlcal advisors in the state. WWle Stubbs is not rushing into print with his views on that sub; jeci just at the present, he let a re mark drop at the Lawrence conference the other day that indicates where he stands. in a-'c;isual disctission of the school book <|iipstion ho obsnrved: The fart that California has made a failure of slate publication of school books doesn't npce .-isarlly mPan that Kan .sas would make a failure." This remark was drawn out by the htatemoiit jiubishcd that Kansas now ;;eis all of its common school book for a frif e over $."> by the prcseat con tract system while California gets $7 for its full s '>t of common school IxKiks under state publication. That there is a good (uofit in Kan sas school iKJoks at present prices 1 admitted bj all Iwiok publishers, ex cept. [lossibly, the publishers of our present school books They are mak ing no adnil.^slon of that kind. They are conveying the impression that thi 'rp i.s no money in the contract with a view of gettinB prices lifted. .Mr.-. Kl a Miirton. formerly an agent of the American Hook company, claims that the profit on Kansas books now will averaKe perhaps. 200 per cent. It will soon be knowy what it will cost to do the mechanical work on the books. State Printer .McXoal is now flpiiriiiR up the cost. Stale publication of school books doesnt mean free school hooks l «y any meaiiH. Nearly all of the advocates of .xiale piibllcallon are opjwispd lo the Kliiie hUpplyiiiK hooks free. Thel plan IH to nel the Iiook.'* ut COHI ill reel to the scluiid dls 'irlctn. Then ll will be opiloiuil with the dlHlrirt >i wheiher they nhall Kupply the booki* 1(1 inipIlM tri'o or iiutkc ii .•liiirno for theiii ir ilii'.v iiitiho It chtirKP (hen ljii< law will provide llial the liookH khall be Mild at itrtiiiil cost li> the din irlcis SiiibliH favorh compiilHnry itlii I rid owner«hl|i of booki.. The |iri -.<ent COIIIIHCIS for common M-hriol bonks iln Hot expire Until l !M2 MAIMAS ms VXUSr .S KI.SKS. Tlii>u»and<< nf .\vrrn of HuU'n 4'oiiii(} .Mo., Laud lanndnlrd. NEWS OF GAS CITY KI LEI» OTT LAWKKXK .VMITH. Bafrrd froui Musical Cnntpst on Ac count of Prut) ^^io^ali^m. FILbS AN APPEAL THK ( ITV rttrX n, MKKTS l\ i T'"' f"i>> 'h'- OMiiwa n.AK StSSION TOMJiHT. : !!• ra'.l r I'y- : .\ I, r.'i: aii'l .i"«iiit 2" of the : .i.:i.-r> renirr.ed \e--.;erlav fvoui ' I" • "In re tlie> aiiendod rlie sourh- There Are a .\umlH-r ..f liMp-rlan: V;' " "^^'"-^'-^ ;-aehjr.- as...eia;:on on l-ndriv ^ind >niiii<lay ct la^t week .MHHer ^i t»» Be Citu^ideri'd at Meet- iTli' ^a-u-.e .,i ihe convention of -^reai •• c- !''ca' inrerc.-i the niii.--iea! ron- inir of Board of Kdlir:itl<>n. e . r\ uliich Umieiu'- Pmvar.-* Siiuih .iiiirfil a.- Ihe iepresenrative of I the firiaw.i i-.;uh .-< hen! ai^ouMt Board nf Eduratloii. i'' :<i cha.itaii^ia.s Th€ beard of education of the ,•;,••'<''• -'h-" .n„-.,..Tnts prmesf-f .Mr. Mhc^U wi;; meet n.-xt Monday n-rht ' "nr of the There are severa! matters of import- ' ' ."'!•-ti 'ii hi. ancp to he considered and a 'i;!; .it- '"• ' "' • ^''--r-r.': enthiisiastiea! f-daii.e is desire,) '••••i---d '.^nv.-mion. .,:,d he ,v..i :..rr-'M ;>> r< .'••j.ii:;d in the MII.> en".k^ .. ..... • i.f t'l- •.irniir'"!:; Y'"ni:; Indie; v.. To Hold Kreular Sr.>.oii iM..,t=....,, Par.-.r... portanr taater. t^. i. ,...1 u- cn:,t..,.. ,he P;.rsnn. e„„. nlch. at .hp reuuai .= ..ein,- -r ;be ittv .nuneil a fu'l .Vt.:,d..n.e d-- .. , ^. „^.. Mieii Tonimr 1- t!... ,...„..: ....^^.k^,., i,, , ,,.,t,„,, ,„ l.:.;;tho m.etin^-jli^. .pi.sti^.i, Ite^olvd th,,: the coiin :y ii; •ii'iie ,i- now <:)nd'i'-ipd llphiarMd Spprial Music „.,, • rh- affirin-tive wn„ I.^st nich; ;'• th'- i"i:!:!.ir r <!i -ir -i' .|,,, i , ;,. r.! the Choral eliii. !ii i.-.;e »liirh vii; \ [ .tri,,} :,..,-ratil ..! ;.e:iir.i and lla} Laniplirre Kants .\ew Trial—A I Flaw lu the Conrl'.s Instnic- ' lions/ I l/iporte. Iinl. Dec. 1. -.\ttornty.< for Kay Uimihere. who has liejiin his term of iniprisonmeiu tor convicliim of :-rson in connection uitli the burning of the Ciunne.s.s house in which .Mrs Uelle Ciunness and three children lo.5t their lives, today took an ap- pe.'l to the Indiana supreme court, after .ludse Kichter had overruUd a morion for a new trial. Thi.rly days were t;ivfii tir coniplet- iiuT the appeal The nmtif n f'-r a new .trial was ba-'d on the al eu.-uion tha' the coin' err'd in refiisiii.; 'o ;;iv" iiiii'- m. 11 U'!i<m.. s:il>:iil'ied by ih" di tPii"^ i.y civ:n= nine other .-^heped o!>- .lec'ii nable instructions. One of ihes was the one under which th" jiir briiiiciii in a verdi<:t i: .ii.-'>ii. thoimh :the iiidictmenl was for mnnbi i.y a: ' son PI Ml- MATEK FKOJ! THE NEVA, Kith Hiil. Mo. Itpc. 1.—Thp hPHvy rains of the past few days have cans ed the Marias dPs Cypnes river to ov erflow the bottom lands and all small B|r.e;ijiis are out of their banks so that tJie riiral mall carriers going east can not dellvpr the mails. The river is still risinc rapidly. The Missouri Pacific company has a cang of^ men watchint: their tracks and bridges that are in the high water district. Thtui.^ands of acres of land are In- iindaled. The drainage ditch beinc conslnicted through this county Is partially responsible for the vast amount of water covering the lowlands as the ditch, being incomoplete. rushes the water dow^n to the big boat and. finding no itvailable outlet, it spreads out over the farm lands. That •• One Keason for St. Petershiirif ( hulrra Epideuiic. ie 11- d in the .(iTlCef to !M- CIVe;, b.V Ih- ep.iti Decenlbor K,'h »a.- ii-a;- ^ tlccd. The attendance •.v.i> \<r. u-.od • li'li - wii- p :'iv:-1ei| Personal ii. Hawki;.=. ..t .Mildi-d. n.i.- ;n rh-^ ; lit-, ve^:t•rda.^ on business. ^ Viiliani .Afilis is vi.^jtin;; liieiids in ; II'iinlHjIdt. Km . today. j .M R. .Mc.Miirr.v. of .Vi'onna. Kas.. ip- ^ turned t" his honi. today I .^fr. and .Mrs. Wi;!;;:ni.- K;:ieti(' ' j who have been visiiiii:; h -re. ft •. es- ' .... terdav for Cbai:uie where ,},'-. wi: •<-^> ^" $-.""". ff<>^>> for I'm ^a|. ihe Ktipst* of relathes f-r u- P^'-f'-w^-irs and J.'i.tif-. tor ap- ii.aiader of the week para:iis. ;;;e]i:ding the iss.Iin^ of a 1,. .Morri.- of Kansas Ci'.. was call-, Fir'?! Appropriation. Ti'. <• r ^t appro ;ir ;a;io :i mad'- i 'l e ! uishtTi -e for 'h'- Cni^'r;: t\ "{ Kansas vva.-. i :i KOi;. and c.r inp on the loea! bitslness Oion yester-j day. —laslRt h«TlnK -r. R." n«i»r. Despair and Despondency No one bat a woman can lell the story of the auiTerintt. the detpair. and the despondency endnred by women who carry a daily burden of ill-bealtb and pain because of disorders and deran^enienti of the delicate' and important orjtana that are di>linc(ly feminine. The tortures to bravely endured completely uptet the nerves if loa|( continued. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a positive cure for weakness and disease of the feminine organism; IT MAKE5 WEAK WOflEN STRONG, SICK WOMEN WELL. It allays inflamoMtion, beals ulceration and sootbes pain. It tones and build* up the nerves. It its for wifehood and motberfaood. Honest medicine dealers sell it, and ba\-e nothing to urge upon you as "just as ^>od." It is oon-secret, ooo^coholie and has a record of forty years of cure*. AiK Yous NncMM>u. They probably know of some of its inany cures. If TOO want m book that ttills all about woman's diseases, and bow to cure tbeai St hoaae. Mwl 21 oac-cent stamp* to Dr. Pieree to pay cost of mailiag ••4^ «Bd he will Mod yoa a frt* eopr ct his freat thoosaad-paie iOostrated Commoa Saose Medical Adviser—nrised, up-to date edition, in paper coven. Infaaadsoaiacl«<<liag.31stampc. Addres* Dr. R.V. Pierce. Bt^ato. N.Y. I'f tprsbiirc. Ilftc I Tin -ivival of .he Asia'i'- .-holer .i in .S' Pi -Jers- bur- show.5 no si :;tio of aiiatin.- TWP:I |iy-lwo new cases were report-d vef- iterdav and twenty-one new ras.-.s Siin- Iday. T'le ...anitary board discovered indav irs;!:;. ;iT.i!.iPs in the city suburbs of the .city not connected v.ith the city water iiialns and ihat they obtain their drink ins wafer from iiollined canals. If wn- also learned that the municipa! wa:- r works piinippd daily several mil lion callon- of water from the river .Veva direct jnfo fhe city main? without firsi being iiassed over fi;tratli>n , Iw^ds j No other Russian ci'y reports a re- 'ai'ifirancp of The epidemic. mST DI.S|>FEf T PArKI .>V. Foot and Xoatta Quarantine inrun.. j ^tnlporps .VitrriuintN. j .\; w Vr.rk. Dec. 1 —The ihorough- •ner- of (hp campaicn being iiaee«l by I the fnitPd States departing of agrl- iciiiiure against the foOf and mouth •d-Sfse. which has made seriou.- in! road- in the live stock industry in New York. Pennsylvania and other stale.s Is causing inconvenience to merchants here. The pinch began to hp felt today with receipt of a federal order requlr- ine disinfection of all straw and hay I iisp't for packinir coods to be sent out ; of rhe state Railroads are prohlbit- '< "A from rec ^-iving merchandise of any •kind for Interstate shipment thus InafVed unless their regulation has beca complied with. —l)emon.xtfationt» in biinit wood work at Ewing ic Uurdick's every af- [temooc this week. BABY'S ITCH EASILY ITRED Inl'untile Erzrma Quickly lieileved by External I'se of Oil of Winter- grren Compnund. Infantile eczema, which has baffled the skill of the best physicians for .eo many .\par.=: at least seems to be curable—and curable with great ease. Results of the last two year-s indi- eate conclusively that baby's itch, infantile eczema and other skin diseases fif ehildren c?n be very simply cured by the application of a compound com po.--ed of oil of wintcrereen. thymol and glycerine, as in D. f). P. Prescrijt- tion. Th" Rev. Lewis Steeley. of Weafb- erly. Pa., writes: •Our bahv boy's little face wa.=; so dreadfully covered with eczema that b'cod and water ran from the sores neiiiy ,T 1 I the lime. After using bottles nf f). f). D. Prescription we are so happy to tell vou he Is entlr*- ly cured and the disease has never broken out acain If this letter Is in any way a help to other sufferers, you rnav publish it." If ynu have a child which Is Ruffer- iiicr with this terrible itch, we are sure you will not neg'ect one hour to give your baby the right kind of relief. We havp seen too often how quickly the remedy mentioned above takes the Itch away at once and how all the cures seem to be permanent; we have seen this too often to hesitate at all In recommending the remedy for your children. Cha.s. B. Spencer & Co. (ASTRO LITKY TO BE ILL. Oflirrwlse Tenezuelan Dlrtafor fould >nt Land in Fiance. Paris. Dec. 1—^The French covern- nirnt Is Bivlne consideration to the aue'ition as to how President Castro of Venezuela shall be treated on his arrival at Pordeaux. After the ignominious fa.shion in which the French minister was exf)e'led from (Caracas, the eovernment feels that It would be iuftitled In refusing to allow the ores Ident of Venezuela to land. President Castro is reported to be 111. and human itarlan considerations prevent the gov emment from taking such a course. It Is probable, therefore, that a oort official win be designated to board the steamer Guadeloupe and ascertain Cas tro's intentions. If he desires to be treated at.Bordeaux he will be allowed «o remain there: If at Berlin. Tie will »ie given a passnort across France via ^yon to the Swiss frontier. But In no 'ri«<» will he he permitted to rotne to Pari.-!. Reslster want a«U par. JLST RECEIVED! Rome of tbe latest styles of We can show yot; some of everj' style of the IflOK pattfTtis. A Christmas present for the baby and mother that will be appreciaf^d. All rubber tires warranted for one year. We alpo have a nice line of RockerSvHigh Chairs, Beds for the children. Now is the time to buy. Sleeper & Son POSTOFFICE BLOCK WILL MEET AGAIN High School Not Satisfied to Let Auditorium Team Have Season Honors. The lliuh Stv .otd and Auillioriiim llasket Bull leainx will In- pliti-d ngHlMHl cMi'li other again ThurMlay lljghl. The |||^| (jauie belween Ihi'hc W(l leiUIIH «IIH tlU' hcKl KHIlie of IMIHU- rl liitll I'ver prayed In the tdiy and wiiK won by ll niirrow niurKlii of nlno polnlH by Ihe Audliorliim tenni. The High School and Audltorliiin boiit have cxcelleni loams and this game win be hotly coiiti'Sted. The name win bp railed at .S :nn. ,V Moonllsht Skate, a new feiiture. will be put on Friday nlrht. The rink managers arc very spcretlve about this hut a mightv good time is a.ssiir- cd. ECZEMA IS NOW CURABLE. | ZEMO, a scientific preparation for ex-1 tcmal use, .stops itching in.stantlj- and, destroys the germs that cause skin dis- j eases. Eczema quickly yields and is permanently cured by this remarkable medicine. For sale everywhere. Write forsam- , pie. E. W. Rose Medicine Co.. St. Txinia. l For sale at Burrell's Drug Store GARNETT PRAISES lOLA. Speaks Well of Entertainment Afforded Visiting Teachers. Dollars CIV£N TO OUR CUSTOMERS lion It \ym Be i»nnp. We have pl.ii er| In our show window- a beaulifiii i 'l"ek lonialninK a number of silver dollars. This clock will be wr)und up and allowed to run down each week. tVith nirh Cash Piirrlinse of ll.Ofl we Hive you a card on which a "time of day" is stamped. Bring cards to our store on fidlowing dates when the prizes will be siven to the persons present h^ldi^^ nearest correct time the clock stops. j:;.iii> will be !;ivpn every Saturday at i>. ni.. on ami after Dec. 12. closing with a ?I0 gift on March 20. I :•'>;•. The Oarnett News says: .lust as wp went to iiress Saturday, the high school students, about forty in number, returned from Tola, whore they spent Ihe day at fl.e Southeast- em Kansas Teachers' association. About half of that number entered the musical contest which took place on Saturday morning. In the chorus! Jarnptt received a Krade of !'0 and I he Chanute high school, te other! chorus contestant, received S.S. I This speaks well fo- otir ;tudeni •• | and shows they have had good train-; inc in chorus work and fiarnett people will be clad to know fhey not on'y received the hiti*'"Pst chorus grade but it was higher than any of he individual raembers. r. If. Kennedy, of this city, was lected a member of the executive board. The teachers as w(dl as the students report a fine time and speak erv hlrhly of the entertainment they recpivpd from f•^p Mn citizens. Readicker CASH GROCERY Plioue 8.'M. (iarlinshoase Block. IT-S A SUBTERRANEAN WELL. Whsn a Sorinqfield Cistern Was •Plugged' Water Poured In. WIN AT INTERNATIONAL GOLF. :--.rin3li-ld. Mo.. Dec. I.—T'e borne- of a hole fh rough the bottom of the linhoff cistern which rose mor*- than four feet from the surface here yesterday, disclosed the presence of aj snbterranean cavity filled with wafer.; the foTP of whIc^ caused the I>ricl< ement lined reservoir to rise. The^ cistern bpcaii to .= lnk to normal us' water from below was snoutinc into it, from the bottom and it is within ai fpxv inches of the l>rick platform foun-i dation tonight. • The family of Tmhoff removed witJi: friends list night, fearinz to sleep in. the hoii.sp. Tr is possible that work ill be started fere tomorrow to find the cavern by digging and the resi- lents of the Imhoff nirphborhood are Kreatly interested. Taft and Bourne Defeated Canadian Visitors "Eight-Up." Hot .Si>rinKs. Va.. [x-c. \. — \n international polf match was played here betwfpn the president-elect of the t'nited States and Senator Bourne of Oregon on one side, and R- S. Borden. Conservative leader of the Canadian parliament, and (}. H. Pcarley. Conservative member of the same body, on the other. The T.^nited States won by a score of ".S-iip." .Anothec contest will take place tomorrow with thp same alignment. .fudge Taft admitted today that he was receiving numerous suggestions from many sources as to who should be in the cabinet. "But I notice that very few suggestions are coining regarding the state department portfolio." he added. Is an ordeal which all women approach with dread, for nothing compares to the pain of cliild-birth. The thought of the suffering in store for her robs the expectant mother of pleasant anticipations. Thousands of women have found the use of Mother's Friend robs confinemenj of much pain and insures safety to life of mother and child. This liniment is a God-send to women at the critical timel Not only does Mother's Friend carry women safely through tht;peras of child-birth, but it prepares' the system for tlic coming event, relieve;: r.icming sickness." and other Ii- ™ "^SiT' "" t ^nmfnrts " »" l.l)tllltll ji,^k..f I,;..i,.f„rou tk>aiBail<-il (r-.- XBE BH.VDFIELD KEC' vrOK CO.

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