Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1907
Page 3
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CITT COrKClL HAS OR0ERED THAT DAM BE KEPAIBED. FREE WATER FOR CHURCHES t OUMIL MAPK UBriSH»N AT SESSION liAST EVEMNO. y W«Ur I'I|M? on Main Strw't Hrukrn- MicK IINl BMl It0!.» Mlunlrli . THE lOLA DAn.T >ECfl8TEll. THUBSBAY EYEynfO/PECEMBBK »r J.^ rora MBA Mu^t La}' Ooanlnir. "A ftossinK was ortlcrpd fnmi the IMtr! sr. Jmitf.s (o the Missouri I'a- riHc (loiKit \)y (ho cUy council at llioir meetuiR last nvcnlnR. The ciosslnK Is to be placed on the cast side ot Washington street. There has been a Rroat <lem;ind Tor tills crossing for some time. Tiio Olio that is In at the present time worn out. !> Mill Ordvr DHm Kpimired. Til'' couucll save thfr water ;uul light cnimnitiee authority at the meet- ins of the council last cvcniiijr to Mrder materials necessary to repair the city dam. The council and niaytir visittil the (lara sonic time aKO and ftfuiid th .Tf it was very much in need of re;)alrs but did not take the niatleV up until the nieethiR last, night. Mill Fnnii!<h Free Water. Tht^ city council voted at their meet iuK last evening to furnish chtinlies of this city with free water. S«inie of the chiirohes have . I>een using the water for some time but it was ncvoi made general before. ^ Jfmas Opening % ol LmHarpe Rmekei OmOm 5-7. Cut prices. Klerlcd Olliccrs. Thi> loral order of the .M. W. .\, i 'lecli-.l tillit-ers at Jlieir iej:iil:ir iiitot- iiiK held Tuesday night. William .\1- exauiler was elecied consul, Cenri;*- McF.ilI advisor. C. K. .Moorehead. li.iijk er; .1. N. Clark, clerk: .lohn rad^en. escort: I'lcorpo Siainlirook. wat.hman: J. F. Jones. sciitr>. and A. H Wootoii. m:ina.i:er. lUrth. Mr. and Mrs. Klmer Paly are the patents of a lialiy lioy liniii .Momlay. Mnler Pipe Broken. The water pipe on Main street l<;id- Ing from Hai^gjerty's barber SIID;) Extreme Price (Reductions in Ladies' Coats! Kwn tbr mn»t WUH\ n'll(<rtlon irlll ghr promtirPMrr (• tUr r«-ntnl point of iutHt-itt in thlR Miir, BMBtcl}, tlir fart that It mmnt at an o |>|M)rtnii* iiinnit>ni, iirartlmll} at th(> o |H>uiiiv <>f Ihr Noaxna. Tlit> Tarictjr tor KutiHf.v> inp rt<iuIiTinrntK for afternoon, slrvi 't and rvpninir wMr It* con<>|iiruou <«l} ian^. Ttar »tflf* arr anthoritiillTv, thr niukiiir wnpctior and tltr Kniinir in price lius nufly IMHMI iMiuallcd even III llu" .ocasonN rndinir« wlien ordln- Drily H sale of tJilH natare niiitht IH> rxp«Tti >d. P <M Talue now ^tM .Ml Katin lined bandxonirly trlnim <'<d lluit nonld lie counted cltraii at ili-Wt •<HIC |»r}««> ?ts ,iMI *U.m and $1^0«l Fine llrondtloth I'lNils l>nrlicsne Venetian lined, sale price «i |(M)0 l(4 -autifnl tlsM foats, r <«tin lined, triinnii -d with lie»t NiUi lirnid: sale price ^ViM Fine ifLVIMI ftUrk Kersey n»w it^ium Fine Broadrloth Coats lln'.l nith heavy satin «IUi lic-l Mlk 'rfntininirs: ••ale price ^^IC .IKI •{<i Cleiruce SileTtiffloiei lilts An Estni8lT« Coilrrtion Krdarcd. TltoHT rrdaced haU roatain maay of tlN< sernHQa** rery etffrtlri> fltjrlvo. Unr Ml** JohitoH aid aMMlslaats who ba«r nrt witl ao nock (afor are warklHK early mwi Ule and eTerjr hat in thin HplendM «h«winir will be prired to yo» at A( TIIAI. Vim, W> do thU t« rleaa up iitock. >» nrw you to (•elcet eyrly hefarr the Ko«d tbinir* are all rone. A t'hoire selection ot Street Hats from to ilMK Kletnintly Tr(mni«>i( Itats from ti.00 to Flits FIHS FIRS. If yon want to see a splendid line of Furs from 7»e to #itMW wp ask yon to look tlirongh our line. Dress Goods in Dainty Colors For K^enini: Wear, (Jn>atly HednrecJ. All Uooi Batiste, all wool >un.s Veil inic. reduced from 6.'>cto'>Vr per yard. Ilninty silk fahrics nhirh are particularly adapted for rvenin? and din inT conns front 47r to ilJiO. A splen- liiil shoninic of rolured dross fabrics *1.2.", down to lOe per yard. Mtirm lilnnkets from .'>0r to t 'JiOt Marni iiandniode(.'omforts irith bent intton, all price<i. IVarni Flannelelt*-! Melit Dresses* from AUc to jKLOO. (Vami jiitit IVttieoaU ti^ir to $t;ii. LadirsV and thlldren's Uulf Glovea and .MMIenH from l.V- i<i oOc. Traais Flannel from ic to 12Hc. Warm Kimono .Material. lOc to 17r. Want a Biii of Winter Goodm It Will P^y You to VIBII thm BHgM, Mow StM alt 113 ^mt Madison Avonuom 2 tfoorm Womt T6on§P' aaafiatalm ff— ' ' 1.1 , • — i.n.iie .>esterday morning. The work- e\eiiing at the home of Dr. S. S.'on the evening <»t" IH-ceiitber S»lh. The r.iisi were kept Inisy Ilie remainder of fliNcher. p:i.stiir of the Presbyterian foMiv, iiii; i<; wnal •tin: of the t:asilern the day making the reyairs. The rii.-<r cliiiteli of tola. Moth .vonng pcop.*-' par-rs li.ive to say of them: iiu; out of tliese jiipe.- which eventu- arc well known In this city and have- .\r«iini'!d. Dhio We a \i.ii.i>- • a U>'^< of frieniis who extend com-< and apM • clai ive audleiir.v Not oif ftvatiilalions. Tlie .Mumg peoi>le wl'l I 'ci i-'i i!|.-re Ipiit enjoyed it Imnieii.^ie- le -.v.< this evening for Nevada, .Mo.. !y W c iloni often Iu-:u- ii quarlt!!* wV.en- ilMM will make their future wli;'li four stai.-j, UMially there hi III. i> 'lib o :ii-. Imt tiie Old rianiatioa liii' loar. Kvury niiuibei t'liczcni llrotber*' Slioolinir .Malri*. Hi!'', and we Miink it better th ni • fp'/em brothers of this city are to- .in. imint'iT we lia»i' bad in the pa-; ill- liiildin .i? a shooting leaieh ai tin- iwo MIIS !f th<'-other lutniliers ai.' l.-.uiyonvllle ptuid west of town. It ill;.' moans the liieakiii.ii of theni i.s tliiiiighi to lie due ti- the >iilphuri<' arid which is in the cinders packed aidiind llio pipes. Has a neenyts] Biine. Ivl Smith iindirweij a;i n '.iMaitori at liis home in the iiorlli par" of liii- eiry yosterday mcrninh for a de«'ny- in:; hone. Tlie bone tn his '.iglil- !e;; ita.i i.eeli dec.i>ing for sume time. K\ - bej^an at ti-ii bVloc!; tliis morning. Ii crydiiiig besides (he itperatl<>ii. that, is (tiirried uti as the iisual tiirKe.'^ shoo! eotiM be done, liad l-ceii tried. It i- lim ni;leli. - Tjie .-hells nsi -d nie loail- nrw In licved tha^ he v 11! re-over.. ,rd vitii uuiiibf. NEWS OF GAS CITY t ItFIMTOKS I> .M'dlNKV I ASK WILL MKLT DKtEMBKK IT. THE IWEN WILL SERVE SUPPER WAMTSi snvAnoKs WAHTED WAXTED—To rent, an InvabJ ; chiiir. Inquire at this ofllce. i-i::ht ehitlcd .-^hot to iJie liiiarielt we shall cer- aii'.v lir more than pleased with our (•eiise - Klla WInzeler. ' * A'ii.iiiee. Ohio. —Iiileiesi and atlenjili: wi-rt: at their heltlit as the b;;ss (M'!' Ist ,K. S. Thomas, eanu' on for hi • He has a eiinimaiidiiig |ire<!- I Advetrlsements under this hiiid will [ 1 lie inserted tltn-e times without rhante. CIlltlKTLW ClirKril .\IE.\IBKI{S TO fAlEK TO FKIENDS TOMfJHT. I W.\NTKI)-Washin.i I North Stale. to do; . 901 FOR UKNT—House and burn. SnuHi j Kentucky. Phone '.t ;i.<; I FOR UK.\T- Pc-k room: liest oincii llu lolu. Address Box l..'>7. llil|..Miunlrh Nuptials. i The Phnilatlon Q<»«rtetl. J I !:\\.';..''and ' wher he iespond.;d to his .-W.itpr BalliUKer .Mi-s IMith Hiil ana IJ.'ss .Minnirii , 'I he tlld Plantation QuarteM •'•^^^^ ^„^„.,^„^ ..T|,P Kol.ber-s Preain.- ' * Poth of this city were married last ; .Iiiiube Singers will be at U\ H:"!"'; ,, -mieKed in the CradV of llio .^^^^^^^^^m^mm ^^^^i ^^mmfmmmmmmmmtmmtmmmmmmtmmmm^mmmKbmmmmmt ' p..|..<." th" aildiente was i|llietnes- (.•(•I'fVe 'o hear the aitackins of the Imv tone- wli'rb inake ibl -i solo a Prices and values that wiil increase the popularity of our great Boys' Store. Extraordinary bargains for TvVO DAYS ONLY, Friday and Saturday. $") 00 Boys' Suits wi'tli iwci p.iir.s of I'anls, one plain and one blousttl, at r.50 $3. Th»'se coiiK- in several pattcrnH in .scvviccable woolen mix lures, dark gray.s and hrownn, in belted coats, one of the hcat values lliat the Globe has to offer, bize.s 7 to 15. .SO do/.eu Boys' dark rai.\tures and values at K'.ee Pants sin ttripcs, .''..") ccut^ Boys' Stockings, lOc pair. 50 dozen heavy ribbed Hoys' Stockings, regular 15c and 20c sellers, sizes 6 to 10. Ke- membcr thibiis for 3 days only. 25 doz. Boys* Sweaters at 25c These come in lour diffe.ent colors; black, blue, red and grav. Sires that will fit boys irom 4 to 14 years cf age. 2Q dozen Boys' 25c Shirts and Drawers, at I5c each. This is a heavy ribbed garment, 24 to 34 Boys' 50c Stocking Caps. 25c 0«ing to a backward .<;eason we hare too many Stocking Caps, and this will give you tiu opportunltyto Imy yonr boy or girl one Remember this sale is for these Two Days Only. Friday and Saturday. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A Redaction on Every Boys* Overcoat io the Store. iii.i-ier ;ilne Mr. Thomas idainly anil 1 v. i; ! ai'I -areiit ease jModiieed the fiili iro 'iiMl toin :ind reee-ved the ov.irion leiciiled ritii.-.||i'i| jiiiisiei .Ul.-.—l.e.ltler Personals. .'-'•.11 Uillilliv tif Alliioii.t u;i.s ill the vcsterdii;. on |ir<>f< s-iotia; liusi- aud UtliiT »ws >otes. lDjurrd-PerM .aaU j • at market iirice. Dr. Bass. -ilH .North | street. I FVH KK.NT—S<:ven ruoni. modci • •llo:lSe by I... Miiliarl. KOli UK.\T—KlBht room house en !ear line. Wheeler Heinhts. Modem. . Xewlv • (i.Tjiered and varnl.-ihcd. \u- W4/VrCD--ilflSO«#f«MO«« ' UOire of W. .A. Wheeler at The loj.i l.Port and reiucnf ronipanv^ Credilors .Ueetliii; ( uiitiniied. i WANTKO—Painting j.North Itnckeye. to do. .~iO| ! ei. t Ml- K.VK.Al I.O.A.N'.S—$1.SU!) 7 years 6'-i The Tueelinn of the rrediiors in (lie j [ |j'«.r tent. T years i>',2 I'er eeni. .MeConk.v bani|rniitcy ease whifh wasj W.VNTKD—JIO.DUii to loan on Rood JTIILI-C ciioiee tarin lo.nis a.s well !o be held .vosurday afternoon in ihuKinin Properly; at rcasonabie ra'te. (smaller oiise fo rsale. If you lia^? j Pennsylvania hotel in lola was con-! io!,.\ I,.\NI) COMP.\NY. jinoiuy to loan on fnnn niorlgaec H'i- tjiiiied til the afternoon of Deceuiberj {dre -s I". S. Hei;:it-rt. I.'diston. Katis .i''. t7th. They did not have liiiie m take Miiir Slahl ;ieciinipanie<I his si.s- •ii .1" tar as Kansas City on her re- ii:iv !i.i< been visitinR her" '.'i:: :!i- oast si -veral days. 'i. II. t'line who has befii vejy it fir ri.e iia.<;t t-everal days is a Krcat de>ii bitter. liii Padgett is on the .slek Ilrt. INVITE \ TKST. • ha'.. 1». Spenrer .\'«k» falarrh SnilVr- ers Io Tr.i lljoiaei on Their t'Uflnialic • 'ii .is. I.!. Si«eneer & Co invites aM ^ bo -iiiler fioni any form of eafwrrha! iroili!e-5 !ri wt « Ilyiiiiiet oiitlit from jihiii with their nlt.^olule Kuaraiitre tita' If It doc? uot Klve pcrfeet salis- fafioii. the money will be refunded ; iii>.,ri reTuest. "hire i,- no other freatnieni for »:a- t.ii h that in auy way reseuihle.s Hv- otni i. li'itie thai Kives such ii'ilek cur- iiive re.siilt.H and lasting siitinfaetion. no iiiedieine that can taka Its place. MO:;., tliut e.iu be sold on a miuranlec .like this, to refund the niouey unless f; dires. ('at:!i;h i> a uerin disease and can -'be eiirel only by breatliitiK llyouiei .11 ihal the most rcnod- .ifr cells in ]<h" uosf. throat and lunKs are renchetl jln :• »iiti..,i I 'tic heaMi^ir powers. In jthl> way all catarrhal Kenns are klU- !i "l. the irili.ited niiicoiis uiembrane is (he.-;.- 1 and ciiarrb l.s driven from the jsy.-...u j Tills wnndcttiil ine.dle<iled air treat- fnie It doe<: iidt iinic and der.iii^re (he- !iittcii.icli. but ifl breathed tMpmph a lltle jioek"! Ii'ha'»r that Coos with ev( r\ dollar outfit. Tlie unusual wiiy in which Chas. P. Spntieer A Co. sell Ujonici attests his ,coi ndencc in the remedy. up this Wi -k tel.'.'.SI' th,' wi rk in ih WANTKU—Second hand Winchester 1 Unr-Way bankruptcy case which was!'!"'' P""also hehl y»v;ierday took them lonser j they anticipated. Inquire 105 South Second; LOST andFOUHD \\. r. T. V. .Heetlnp. The Woman's Christian Teiuperancu l^nion will meet at the home of .Mrs. j •loe Coinan on North .McKea street ! I/)SJT DOC.—-\ ienin!e Beagle hound ____ - j tan head and Ie .c;s. blnck back, about f-Uff i &Al^-'flKM CarrafC! i:: inches hit;h. Kcturn to 104 South FOR SALfc:—Good runabout Stude- j , 'Third and receive reward. baker bug.ET and good set ot harness j FOrXD—An Iroquois bicycle which |for sale cheap if taken in the next!"""-"'" "•^> ''>' «"a "Jn *f at flr.3 Friday afterno<in. Chore will he mtiWil- . fn„i,ire if HowarH-« r tr i""!"'- itlfiitifyin!; aud paying for this l>uslnes.s to he transacted in eonnec-''^* °^*^' '"•l"'r«' at Howards Uv- 1 ti'.ii with the regular program and the riarn. roicular wtirk and it is hoped that ev- . IT} Dieuiber will be present. This or- ! der \i doin^' .1 .•-•lei.f ('fal of .Kood and.Call at 210 West street, nciiils the oucourascment of the entire' community. I/OST—A l ]a <k fur collarette, whi'e FOR SAIJE—Good mara with toal.' strii-es acm.-.-, end. black tassel, b-- , iween the Catlioiie church and Kir^t strr-t't. I'inder redirn South ViTt^t. Iteward. FOR SALE'ltmmomUmmmotM I EAGLES BANQUET Loral .\crle I Elefted (>ffifer« MgrhL Lai^t 1'Iie auiiiiHl election of bfJlcers of itif Fral-rnal Order of E^aglefi wa."? In.'lil in the lodse roiun in the P>r>ni- jSo.i bulldint; last night. A banriiiet iJa rl smoker furnished entertainment ;fo- the members if the order aftd- ; the election. There were more meni- Ibers of this Aerie prc=!ent last night ,th.iti at any time since last .Ma.v. ; The following officers were elected for the coming year: W. P.. Frank iXimerIck: W. V.. W. K. Black; W. S.. .n. C. Brown: W. C... Pratt Williamson: treasurer. Otto Hlnic: I. G., W. •K. Barber: O. G.. A. Stottlcr: trust<»es .1. 1^ RiPc. Tom Watterson. D. Sarveit; (.tyslcUin. 11. V. DrMbaeh; delegates to the state convention, F. Nlmerlck and Pratt Williamson. Will <i\\» SappiT. The members of the Christian church are today liiakitig prejmrations for a big siipiier which they will serve In the Rennirk biiilding on .North .Main street this eveiiiiiK. It is hope<l that a large crowd wMll be present as the church needs yoitr sui'port. Waller Itallinirrr Hart Waller Ualllnger au.=talned a very painful injury ye.';tcrilay afternoon while idaylnc at schiwl. At recess he was playing some running game when he accidentally collided with <me <•( his jilaymatea. lie was struck In the left eye with the thumb of the boy W!fh whom he collided. Although thn Injury is not thought to be serious, it Is very painful and will prevent him from using It for .'jonie I;TUI'>. Komairr StXt Tomorrow.- The merabeni of the Ijidios" Aid of the Methodist HplseiHml ehnrch wh«) will have charKe of the RummaKe Sale are today making elalxiraie prepara- tiou.s. nie sale will be held in the bulldliig formerly occupied by the Model Clothing store. This building Is being properly fate^l for the sale today. The sale will consist of all iinds of wearing apparel and many useful things for the house. Supper will be served in the evening. Twtn- ly-Uvc cents will lie charged. Raymond Goodin Better. Ramond Goodin. the Gas City boy who was shot In the left eye while out hunting several days ago. Is a grea; deal better foda.r. The physicians now believe they will l)e able to save the eye ball but the sight will be lost PenMals. R .X. Faddis who has been very m for the past several days is a great deal better toda.v. Mrs. Ed Alexander who underwent an operation some time ago at the Allen county hospital. Is a great den' better today. B. W. Wright has returned from Bartlesvllle. He will remain here. R. H. Wilson of Kansas City is it^ the city todar visiting friends. He formerly lived here. FOR S.M.E—U-itKe Durham row, t just fresh, tine milker and plenty of it. I _„ \V n Port, lola j k.MOllTS or MlCCABIE&rr FOR .SAI.K OK TRADK—For I„1K KnlshtB of Maccabees of the Wort*, or «:as Citv proper!V. pool hall and 1 '" K. P. Hall, second and foarUi three liowiinrr allevs coni[ileie. .Ad- j Wcdnesd.iy nights !n each month. J dress. Pool JIall. Gas CItv. Kansas, i W. Postwalt, commander: R. B;Poi^ FOR SAI.K—.My restaurant at I'OI South street. ! ter, record keeper. FOR S.VI.K—.\o. 1 good heating stovi>: iias or eoal: a perfect stnve. •Jir .t Smith |{|ieke>e. FOR S.M.K—Second hand doors and luiiiber. 110 West .Monroe. FOR SAI.K—M.tHi'i feet of ::-incli gas line pi|«». Will sell any part or all. Price very low. Call or adilrijs F. S. Bennett. Longton. I\an.«as. FOR S.\LK—Che.ip on $|ij p.ny- nients. twf) one-acre lots on trolley line. Siueltzer & Co. FOR SAL£—JlStW stock of groceries and store llxlures. 402 South Kentucky street. FOR SALE—.\ driving mare and buggy, llorso city br.?ke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire W2 North street. rOR Ran- mi9cmUmmmau9 FOR RKNT—Four rooms, MO South Was^hinnton. FOR RENT—New lo-room modern house. Inquire lid West Jlonroe. W. t). Camp No. 101 meeta tr K. of P. Hall every Friday nltfit W T. Steele. C. C; A.H. Da-*. Clert Visitors cordially Invite**. I/xIge Vo. 4S meets every •* ndaf night al K. of P Hall. VisItLir br<V thera Invlteil. W. 8.Thompson, !.C.: Chru Ritter. K. of R. ud B. Jl. W. A^Tho M. W. A. IxMiga meets every Friday night In M. W. A. ball. VIsitins brothers Invited. W.H. Anderson, V.C: W. A.Cowao, Cierb. "^t^TALlJc'ElGnBORiC-lola CaB»« Xo. 363, Royal Neighbors, meeta ae<v oad and fourth Tuesday* o( eaO mouth. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oadet Mrs. Mary Hutton. 413 W«-» 9:.^e(; Recorder. Its Economy To have yonr Carpets and Rugs cleaned by TbeiolaRflf Factirry FRATERNAL BROTHERHOOD^ Fniternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets^ second and fourth Thursday of-each' month la A.O.U.W. Hall. VlslUtt«f members cordialy Invited. W. H.AiK. derson, president; Gblda Elam, lecra*: taiT; Jnnior Order United Aaerleaa lA^ ehanlcs.—Meets every Wednesday e*' ening at 8 o'clock in R. P. HalL Al|. vi!:lting inemt>ers Invited. R. A^. Widick, Councelor; C. B. Black. Rea- Secretary. JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast. old reliable Jevaler,. 110 East street KTAMMER. Complete cooit at tte -h«t ai ^ook for Btammerera Is Aaefles at ooii^ half price this faU and wliitar. WUm for informatian at once. Mcme 8dias|^ for Stammerers. 270$ East 12th Strettr Kansas Cltr. Mc,

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