Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 1, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1908
Page 2
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THE lOLA PAUT BICTSTElk TUggPAT ETEKPG, DECEMBEB 1, 190& I. L, XOBIHSITP, FmU«a«i F. A. X0BTHBD7, TlM^mdiail Northriip National Bunk iJiiiMifyftrttifcHmtmi BBtabiithed 1869. Stati if Eiisif — llii Cpnty iHwl lul k MM Ct. M n MBLTD PBOn, AaM Assets $1,200,00 Pboncw —Fltigrrald, Auto Lircry. + + * Home From Kansas City. Mr. and Mrs. D. I'. J^'orthnip .ind MJss Ullian Northriip have r<>iurno:l from a short stav In Kansa.s Tily * * Miss Kapp Leaves. Miss Flora Kapp who is chaperono ; U'na. whi-ro she is visiting, of one of tho sorority houses at Ixiw- ] ^ rence, has returned to her 'i;onie af-j To Kansas City, (•lull's or^ani/.nlinn. Hacli niemher will invite one KUtst anil t^^• jiarty will he in kct'liiliK with tlie lioliiiaj season which will lie quite ii»?ar the The social committee .will have Vpecial meet ins late this week snon as .Mrs. W. T. Watson, one ihiir numlier. has retnrneil from ua a as ter a visit here with her sister, M-s. T. S. Stover. Miss Bartels Returns. Miss .Martha Bartels who vi.sitrd her sister. Miss Minna Bartel.s ilnrinp the week end. has returned to herj feiii-ratinn of "W'onicns work at K. U. jinj: a business sesslmi Miss To Emporia. Emma Hyde has returned to Miss llallie Irvine has returned Kansas City after a vacation at her home here. • •> • Board Meeting. The rxeciilive hoard of til*' riv olubs is hav a I the home of MI.-;. .1. T. IViee today. The objec i.i 1(1 Mill- (Ml mailers which concern the s"v'<'r:il cliihs of tlie city, and 1 Emporia after a visit with her sisters • outline <-li:irila!ile work, here during the ThanksKlvlnR season. | •> + + + I Miss Atchison Leaves. P. E. O. Chapter. | Miss .\trtiisoii left toflay for The semi-monthly meetinj; of the; Kldnradn to hephi a tour of the stat P. E. O. chapter is an event of today, j in the inten si of the \V. C. T. T The members went to I^IIarpe early I work, ^h-' will he jniiie,! i.y .Miss this afternoon to be the Kuests of Mrs. Edna Rnwrn of faldwell and the C. L. Evans. During the rhristmsa • i wo will as.sisi with work in a nunilier of season the chapter will give a •^oli-jtowns. .Miss .\tchison is state .score day party with husbands i>r the taiy for the Y society and .Miss Row members as guests. The business en is an assistant, meeting today Is to consider this and, + • • other things of Interest. j Return to Colorado. 4* j Mrs. .John fonk and her daughte Have Tea on Wednesday. jMr.; .Mir.- Tesrow. left on an afte Through error the tea which Iadlri;'noon train for their '^nme in I'uehio of the (jhrlstian church are to give inlorado They have been vlslling was announced for Thursday. Tlie lea tri'Mids In Mis.-ninl .iiid Kansas ati will occur on W«>dncRday at the hnnie.havi- sp-ni some tlnie In iola and nd of Mrs. R. M. Cnnninfihani nn Ka.'^t , joiiiinp towns. Madison avenue. ... Current Event Club. .Mrs. R. B. Stevenson. |iresidciil I • •:• •:• At Atchison Store. Til"' sale nf nasi I y and other conke of fooil whici) the \V. r. T. IT. is arranil (he Current Event club, was hosle:::; iim fo- Saiiirdiiy, \ijil nccur at th« of the members yesterday afternoon AKiiison nilHiiifr.v sion- on ilie ca.^t for the regular meeting. The nrograin shl" of ih<- siiuni.-. TIK- lui-inbers are of the afternoon was one of the most ••xpe<'tlnc lo make t'l- stotJ< eHpccial Interesting of t1i<» year and was de. !• elaborate .iiul .i lar-.e iiatronag. voted entirely to the inventions nf ••xpecti-d. Edison and the heneni whirh his •:• •:• •!• work has been lo hnmanitv. Th«' P-I Ki^kei Itall Tlim «lav iileb'. Iiicb per of the afternoon was pr''senle(| hv• r'dii'ol v.^ iidit'^-nnm l-"rJdav niphi Mrs. .1. W. Bolton, who tol-i of ihe-:.i,r ,Mllr ,ht :k,('''. .Something new. beneflt which electricity has been to' •:• < the world. Mrs. Frank Riddle, v t<- To Ccle'or;ite Birthday, is visiting In Penn.sylvania. wa-. toi Mjs", faro' Ilildner nf \V^erler have read a paper on the life of K-l-• llrlchis iia.' invif'd a f''v n"ichbor Ison and in the event of her ahseiuw, hncl friends to I.e li.'r gue.sts tonioi the members enjoyed a round table, rnv and celebiai'' ih*^ seventh aim talk on this subject, fnir^nt events Mi.;;ir\ of her birth. The hours bi completed the program. Iiwi'en fo'ir .-iiid six o'elnej; have li<'en + + + 'nanieil. Th<- ,':i|ists 'will be .lani Supper and Card Party. j V«'WinaM. .John and F'anl .Miiehlke, Mr. and .Mrs. Paul Yensen, 17 North . .laee .lobe of Booneville, Mo., and Vir Third street, had a numb^^r of cue,-,?:! sinia .lameson. last evening for a card party and .sup-i -i- •:••!• per. Euchre was played at five i.i | At Tuberculosis Congress, bles and the carrt (rames were follow' T fpffeiafion of Wonien's club.-, of ed by an elaborate men'i The:-'- tli<^ .Snnnd d'Mrirt is to be renreseni frif'nds were In attendance: .Mes.<;r';. •''d on Thursday at Topeka when the and Mesdames ,1. A. Harris. E. K. tulieienln.sis ronpress nueis.. .Mrs MontEOmerj'. n. Hendricks. C. \V.'Ceorp'- .1. Barker, of I^iwrence. will Woodln. O. .Mitchell. A. Calder. Stella: prol-ably ri'piesoni tho district but Harris and O. P. Montpomery. ; in ih<'/'"iii of tier ,'ib;,<'iice Mrs. \V Red and w'Mte carnations were iis'.l l\ Wolff. r,f this cjiv. wi'l alt"nd. The with smilax lo dc-orate the rooms, ieliilis nf Inla and others In towns in + + jllie district will idedpe tlieir siipjiorl To Celebrate Anniversary. I in the inovemeiit to iireveni the The Current Event dub wif have .spread of tiitxTculosis. an Informal reception and entertain-1 •:• •:• their friends on Deceniber 11 at lhe| Sorosis Club Luncheon. home of Mrs. R. B Stevenson. Th> occasion for the party Is the celebra tlon for the ninth annlvers-iry of th'' T; e next ineellnp nf thf Sorosis eluh. scli'diiled for Wednesday. De- eendier ninth, is tn be one of the most Suggestions in Cat Glass Cbattniag Cliristtnas Oift.s arc these beautiful pieces we offer you in Libbey'.s Cut Glats. Our large line coupled with the "extra" goods, bouKbt for holiday selling, make selections easy. Celery Dishes, Bon Bon Dishes, Berry Bowls, Cologne Bottles, Tumblers, Vases, Pitchers, etc., in innumerable si/.es, designs and prices. 6 Tumbtmrs $4,50 mnd up. HAWKfc'S cur GLASS No ViCrr- v .-ith- o'jt t!iis Tr.-.iic ."M-^rk on it ia ;f;cnuine. Has no e(|iial. We have a very large assortment and a pood many small pieces that make a nice [iresent that are Inexpensive. J. W. COFFEY & SON EAST SIDE SQUARE. Interestini; and Instructive of tho win er. The i.ropram for the day is a nin.^t attractive fi 'alure. picturing the life of the American woman. The pajiers of the day will tell of the life of femininity In literature, phllanthro- nhv. the lecture fleld and commercial life. Ti Is is also the,- day opiiolnled for one of the four luncheons to be giv' en during the season. These ladles will have the menu In charge, Mrs. n. I,. r.arllnghnuse. Mrs. O. W. Holmes. Mrs I. W. McCall. Mrs. Slod dard. .Mrs. W. E Lyons and Mrs. H. A Armstrong. Mrs W. E. L.vons. K.".l North street, will entertain the club. + + * — Ilasket ball at rink Thursday lipht. .Moonlipht skate. Friday night <• + * Have Christmas Rally. The Y socir'ty. the auxiliarj' of the W. r T. I'.. Is to have a series of siteclHl meetings during the Christmas season. .A rally was to have been arranged for th'' Thank.spiving season but pKm.'; were rhanged because of he many events, including the revival at the Methodist church which the iiteresled young women have attended. .Miss Af"hl->oii. who will he able a.ssist with the program because of her recent trip over the state, will be here at that time and will work with the young women to create now interest in the organization. * + —Free Ii'.ssniis burnt wood at Ewlng & Hurdlck's. + + * To Hear Nordlea. One of the parties which Is to go t^ Ottawa in .fanuary lo heir Madame MJllan Nordlea Is the Ladles' ^luslc club. The members will arrange to spend a day in Ottawa and attend Nor- illca'H recital. * •:• <• To Topeka. MIsn .Adele Seyle, secretary of the 'ocal Y W. C. A. Is to spend a pari of next week in Topeka. She will attend a meeting of secretaries and other Interested worker^ of Kansas and Oklahoma. + + + Y. P. C. U. Meetlnjj, There will be a devotional and literary meeting of the Y. P. C. V. tonight at the United Brethren church. .MIBR B»a Fowler will have charge of I the program on "Foreign Iraml grants." * + • Chanqe Meeting Day. Officers of the civic federation of Women's Clubs have decided to abandon the plan of meeting on Saturday afternoon, ft was decided some time ago that the meetings should be held on Saturday so that the school teachers who were busy during the week might be at liberty to attend on Saturday. However, thia is a very Inconvenient time for many of the club women so a time mutually agreeable is to be chosen by the executive board, i MIsa Evenstein Leaves. Miss Evelyn Evenstein left Sunday for her home In Columbus. She attended the teachers' association here and was a guest of her aunt. Mrs. A. Iliff. 417 South Chestnut street + ~ + Resume Regular Work. Now that the special meetings at the Builders' Chapel have been closed the several clubs and societies are resuming their work which was suspended during the revival. The mother's club will meet on Wednesday and the Djka Builders will meet tonight. The other classes which have frequent meetings will carry out the regular plans; + + * Returns to Humboldt. Miss Pearl UTieatley who spent the week end In Iola has returned to her home in Humboldt. + + * Here for Reunion. .Mrs. Blanche Stone of Kansas City who has been visiting h5r parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Cole has returned home. Mrs. Btonc was hqrc for the reunion which tho family gave on Thanksgiving day. + •> + Rehearsal of Elijah. There was a rehearsal of the oratorio. ••Elijah" last night at the Christian church. The soloists have not yet hoen named, hut those who are to have special parts will hn cho<«e"n shortly before the entertainment is piven in March. + * * Home From Bartiesviile. .Mr. and .Mrs. Thos. McDowell and' Fay .McDowell have returned from Bartiesviile. They were gnosis tomUmmmottm WANTED—Colored girl for gener housework. Apply at Famous. WANTED—Young man; must be. a hustler; good position to right parly. S. N. Vigus, east side squa're. Phone 293. WANTED—To buy a good second hand buggy. Phone 463 or 1092. MEN WANTED QUICKLY—By big Chicago mail order house lo distribute catalogues; advertise, etc. I2S.00 a week. 160.00 expenses allowance first month. No experience required. Manager, Dept. GOl, 38S Wabash Ave., Chicago. Business Kfcctofy. JOflX e. WOODIK, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. Oiter Rnrreira. Phone Itt. • DB. MILDRED CUBTI8 • Pk/siclan and Snryeoi. • Office over Bnt-rell's Drug Store • Offlcd Phone 664. • Residence 214 B. Jacksoa • Phone 569. • TO LOAN— $5,000 private money on 'arm land at 6 per cent—Tola Land Co. WANTED—Two young ladles to solicit. C. F. Florence, Rooms 10 and It, Evans Block. WANTED—All kinds of second hand household furniture.—The Iola Furniture Exchange, A. W. Beck, Prop. Phone 25. WA.NTBD—Iola property to ex, change for Kansas and Missouri land, l &e 'ir ^f^r^h 'iliks^glllinr- ! ""'^e-^ West Land Co. Office over lowa • •:• • Visited Mrs. McMurray. Miss lEJlen Richardson of Savonburg returned home today after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. James Richardson. • * 4 Mrs. Courtney Leaves. Mrs. O. D. Courtney and children have returned to their home in Sav onburg. They visited Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Richardson and Mr. and Mrs. R. C, Brown for a week. • •> + To Sapuipa. E. E. Brown went to Sapuipa to day on business. + • * .Mrs. Peck Home; .Mrs. Randall Peck has returned from a visit with relatives In Mississippi and other states in the south. Anybody wanting water pumped from cellars call at 211 North Walnut. RICHARD H. LINDSAY DE .1D. End Comes Snddenly to the Star's Washington rorrespondent. Washington. Dea 1.—Richard H. Undsay. Washington correspondent of the Kansas City Star, died hero yesterday at his home. .Mr. LIndlsay was taken sick at Hot Springs Va.. a week or ten days ago. His illness was not bought to he partlciilarly serious, as he was able to he out each day. President-elect Taft. a long-time friend of Mr. Undsay. called on him a few days ago. at which time .Mr. Lindsay expressed the belief that he would be out in a short while. He returned to his Washington home on Saturday. From that time he gradually grew worse until the end came today. Ills Illness was due lo a complication of kidney trouble and Indigestion. .Mr. Lindsay was a member of the Gridiron club and a member' of the •ilanding committee of Store, Tola, Kas. SALESMEN & AGENTS—S t $ |50.00 par week and over can be made selling New Campaign Novelties from now until election. Seils to Stores, County Fairs, Picnics and Private t^milies. Complete line of samples, charges prepaid for 50c. Order today. CHICAGO NOVELTY CO., 60 Wabash Ave., Chicago. OB. MeMILLEV, Special attention given to Uw treatment of all Chronic Dlieaik es and Dlsoasei of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Rea. MS. Office over Burrell'i Drug Stort West Madison. • Phone 687. Rea. 7»L • DB. 0. L. COX, • • Eye, Bar. Nose and Throat • • Spectacles Properly Fitted. • • Office A. O. U, W. Bid*. • WANTED—Young men to prepa for coming examination for Railway Mail and other Government Positions. Superior instruction by Mail. Established 14 years. Thousands of successful students. Sample questions and "How Gov't Positions are Secured" sent free. Inter-State Schools. 291 la. Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. W1ANTEI>—Men to learn barber trade, few weeks required, best paying work within the reach of poor man. can have shop with small capital, wages from $12 to $20 weekly, wonderfut demand'for barbers, cata- 'ogue mailed free. Moler Barger college, Kansas City. Mo. Offlcs Tel. 1083. Nl^t Tel. IM DB. B. 0. CHBISTUn Phyalelan an< SwgMi Rooms 7 and 8. Erana Bids. F. B. MAsmr, * lorgary sod Diseases oi " Women. • Office and Residence Phone S7t • Office 7 Nortb JelTeraon. ' JEWELRS. B. F. Fancoaat, old reliable Jewalav. 110 East Street Lodge Dttectoff nm SAlC'immomflammoum FOR SALE—Two Bush ft Gerts pianos slightly used, left with me for sale by Chanute parties. These are bargains. John V. Roberts Music Store. FOR SALE ;—A 22 -acre fruit and truck farm, 2 miles north of Gas City. Good bottom land. J. W. McWilllams, Gas City. R. R. 1. FOR SALE OR TRADE—Good property, close In. Call 110 West Monroe. rOR kOH' mimomUmmmoum correspondents. .No arrangements have yet been made for the funeral. FOR RENT—The room occupied by Washington I the Kelscy barber shop. L. Hobart. FORT .SILL TO SPREAD OIL.. EnviIneerH' Surrey and Report HaH Bern .Sent to WasbbigioD. Lawton. Oka. Dec. 1.—Captain D L. Stone, construction quartermaster and Captain Jardlne, construction engineer, have completed the surveys for the enlargement of the. post at Fort Sill, and have forwarded the profiles and report to.WaEhlngton for approval by the war department. Two separate surveys have been made, one being hut two miles north of Lawton md the other northeast of the present lost. The former seemn to be the favorable. The hecrel of our success In belling .JEWELRY Is. at |irlces for genuine gold and gems as close to cost as we can afford. So that every buyer, com- liaring our iirices with those asked elsewhere, always conies back to buy of us again. Come In today—never too late to buy gifts. Wonders of chances now on hand. McNiELBROS. FOR RENT—A new C room, modern house; close in: just finished. Come and see It. L. Hobart. FOR RE.VT—Comfortable furnished rooms in new modern home. ;'.n9 South Sycamore. VOK RE.NT—Almost new four room house at 711 South Walnut; paved street. See Harry Davis. KNIGHTS or vrTmKn^3Ssisisit Lodge No. 43 me*"*" -vrr, M'-nif*'^ .night at K. of P. I"! yy-'.uy hr* thera Invited. • W. 8 I hoiup-fu. it OL Cbria RJtter, K. of R. »ud 8. KVieHTS OF KAGCinMr-* Knigbta of Maccabees ot tta«-WbffW meets in K. P. Hail, aecond u4 fMfli Saturday nIgtaU ot each moott. 2. W. Poatwalt commander; B. B. Vmr- ter. record keeper. . _ W. 0. W^-Camp No. 101 meet* la K. of P. Hall every Friday night W T. Steele. C. C. A. H. D*TI«. Cimm Visitors cordially Invited. _ M. W. A ^Tho M. W. A. meets every Friday night In M. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W. 01 Coffleld. V. C. W. A. Cowanu Clark, r BOTAL HEIGHBOBS^Iola Caa^ No. 36b. Royal Neighbors, meets ulMk ond and fourth Tuesdays cH ea# month. Mrs. F. A. W<ur>«r, oraoli Mrs. Mary Hutton.,413 Weat 8t «M» Recorder. FOR eXOHARRE FOR TRADE—Forty acres grass land to trade for property close in. Inquire 609 North .leffer.son. Six Clear La Harpe residences $7000 and 13000. Cash for merchandiso or farm. W. O. Lenhart. Iola. Kas. FOR EXCHANGE—A smooth, well Improved 160 acres in Howell county. .Mo., six miles from railroad stati(m. Price $2,.')00. Incumbrance $1250. for rental property in Iola or La Harpe. H. M. Dowler. (BATEBNAL BBOTHSBH009#^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 ioMto second and fourth Thursday oC aatali month in A. a U. W. Hall. VMtllJii membera cordially Invited. W. K. J»- derson, president; Ctolds Klam. tarr. AcBeral Coatnetab Flagstone and Cement SldewaDu aaa Curbing a Specialty. Oaea 11& East Jsckaea AtSk ooooooooooooooooo o o O E. E. VICKEBS O O Lire Stock and ileneral O O Auctioneer O O Satisfaction Guaranteed O O Phone 835 —409 East St.^ Iola. Ks. O o o ooooooooooooooooo WON A GOLD WATCH. Frank Root, the Successful ant In a Membership Campaign. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate. Annual Interest Payments received at any time without notice, and interest ceases on amount paid. Long or Short Time Louu. Cunninsham & Araett OUR TELEPHONE A membership campaign which has been In progress for one month closed last night at the Y. M. C. A. While not an astonishingly large number of new members were enrolled, ttie contest was useful In stlmulatin,g' interest and activity. A gold watch was offered as a prize to the member of the young men's gym class who secured the most new members. This prize was won by Frank Root. Is constantly ringing chess days. Se^ Contest-jteinber, you know, is the time to haV the summer dust cleaned out ot car pets. We are busy, but, your order wtl' receive prompt and careful attenttas Phone us today. IOLA RUG FACTORY FkMS UIL 1 scr *V. L . Lainii >ased bj .entative: The trus Carni-o.U "ilty." Volley Ball Tonight The business me'n's volley ball team will play tonight In the "gym" rooms nt the y. M. C. A. —Watch the Our Way window. HAGIZIITES X1(i> PEBIODICAl' can be secured of J. £. Headersoi who deals wltli the pabllahora aa4 furnishes them at the lowtit' prte* poaaible. Trial sabsertptRm to Vitf •Norden's. 3 months 25o. Phone M. 414 N. Bn^ay* . <.i'.-.i-.-. ^t-

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