Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1907
Page 2
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THE lOiA DAILY BEfllSTEB. THITBSDAY ETgyiHe. PBCBIIBBB D. r. IpEtHUVF, aecni Tl Mut latt^lrAlHCi: Caihlar. % Only a f^\v weeks more to do your Christinas buying. Useful and sensible Christmas Qifts that can be had at'thls stbrir. \Ve haive a larg« ^ifelecltbn of Christmas attractions that deacounts any thins we have ever before atteiti|rted, more difiereint styles of goods, and a worlcinjf force ready to serve you ai^ to please you. You Wilt see the beginhfni: of Christmas trade and from the start such goods as are enumerated below will be in big demand. SEfe Om WINDOWS Men's Hand Tajjored Suits and Overpoats The tiouse of KupptrK^er. America's Foremost Cfothes MaRicrs Magnificent exhibit of Men's Hand Tailored Suits nnd Overcoats. A.display without a para- Icl. Dressy black ThibiL'?, hanusomtly trimmed, Worsteds, plain new 'Cheviots, this season's fashionable stripes in Brown, neat dark greys made with new lapels," new stt high collars, round effect front, peruiently yhruuk before making, gu.irantecd to iiold thtir skape. You should he pleased to receive as good from a tailor for $2$ to $35. We are givinK you the best values'in Suits and Ovtrcoaia that can be had in this wide world at your choice from Men's Suspenders Pli^in and fancy \yebbings with Sterling and Gold plaited buckles in-nice fancy boxes •rom 75aiaSi.2B Men's 0ms Gloveis , A JU-i's silk lined dres^sed or iinJressed gloves —make a iisefui present- Sf up io SSmSO The Largest Stock of Popular Price Ctdthes Here Men's Suits and Overcoats, see our underselling values, the newest patterns and styles that can be bought on the market. Single and double busted coats, all sizes from 34 to 46, also Stems & Stouts Overcoats in plain black, made and trimmed nicely, 54-in. long. Also large selection ol Prcstleys Craveneite coals at popular prices from S9.7S up io St4,75 Men s Neckwear The best selccli JU ol Men's neckwear in this city, all the newest creations from 809'uft to $t.O0 Men's Mufflers AH that is new in Men's mufflers, in brown, slate, cteam, grey, purple and black. Silk Handkerchiefs Plain white initials and fancy borders, plain tan and grey, from 25o up io S1m2S also Chic* BO Mfl'pir'pj We will accept all local c'earing house certificates and ^.^^ * IwEi checks in payment of goods purchased, and will give you merchandise and CASH In exchange for same. * Popylor Price Clothiers TilE rilYSTAL FROM Outfitters for Men and Boys To Have Literary Program. PupUs of the lola Business College will give the foIIowinK prosrani tonight In the oor.i'Rc rooms: Reading—ANllllam Cross. Papfr—^Miss EMpar. R^dlnR—'Arthur Proit>man. Debate—Question: "Rp.'solvod thnt Lincoln did mor-* for his count ly than Washington." ASraatlve. Orv!ile Holford. Ros. coe KJn^; negative, .\lonzo McGar- jough. Floyd Gol'^man. Music—Mr. Koath. Reading—6yU-ia Stephens. ft- ; Informal Party. Mrs. Claude D. Stewart, a^isisted by J&s. Chas, Punk, gave a very pleas )ant party yesterday: afternoon for ladies of the Cheerful Circle and a fe^r guests The five o'clock luncheon followed a delightful hour with needle work. Those who were present are Mrs, C. M. Cole. Mrs. O. T. LaGrange. Mrs. C. E. W'endorff. Mrs. E. C. Renifeber!!. ^^^£: D. H. Brewer. Mrs, ,A. V. Lemasters, Mrs. .Tohn Devlin. Mrs. C. F. Hlldner, Miss- Mary Renisberp. Mrs. Chas. Funk. Christmas uf Elegance, Taste and ('srfnl- nesB. Diamond Rings Gold &. Gold Filled Watches Brooches Festoon Necklaces SUck iPins Hat Pins Shirt Wai$t Sets Lockets and Chains Watch Chains and Fobs Ladies Back Combe Cnff Buttons : .^.n endless variety of Heau- tUul articles al surprisingly . low. prices. iellflt B80THEBS -Mrs. Grant .\riller, Air.s. .r. E. Powell and Mrs. D. C. .Mor'ow. • + + For Se\^ing Club GlHs. Xiss Settu Wilson prettily cntt r tHine >l a group of girl fiicnj.s at ciinl.s l .ist evening. .Vfter a njcrry hour maAi plea>>uut by feveral; ganirs of euchre and other lilversions Miss NVilsiui served the lonipajiy with ;i Itmcheon. + • + Evening for Allenro Club. -Mr- Harvey Heller will 4)e host -M I the Allegro <-li!b this evening. Tlie ' bo.v.s have not r.ivt.for practice this season iind It the nitentipn to makn the session tcui.jht the fiif t of a series of eyent.s. Iioth srcial aiid hirein<.s; to revive the chtli work iilong nius leal lines. •:• •:• ^ Eclipse Club Dance. One of the most i'loisant eveiiins.-i of the week was the club danes la-;t evenin.a in Masonic haU. There were alxiut thirty y .-iuaj: peopo' :n attpml ance. A partial list of Ihp quests fs as follows: Miss Barbara:J>y.. Misi Geni\1eve Tavlor. Miss B«rd!e Hoch Miss Nan Mitchell. Miss Br-ss Hyde MiEs Ruby Heller. .Mi«s Eila WVith. Miss Bertha Sickly. MUs itcrle -Bean. Misf! i^la H O I TOS . Miss Jvhpette Tv ler. .Miss Rose Weith. .Vfr. phfl Stovtr. Mr. Rome Coffey, .Mr. li>i»ber Par- roan. .Mr. R. C. Clark. Mr. Eugene Hamilton. Mr. Wassoa. Vk, Schmfilt Mr. l ^vnn CofTey, Mr. !.«pgacre. Mr. Ehie Gil!lafl >-^r. H.TV^y Howaril, Mr. Henry Fleak. Mr. .lohn IX)voea. Mr. Earnest CotTield. Mr..Alv|n Fer lis, Mr. Guy Pees. Mr. Max Sterre 't Mr. and Mrs. McCreary, Mr, and Mrs. E. D. Shields. * • • Give Chrlrtmas Cantata. Young people of the C- B. church are making extensive preparations tor the program to celebrate Christ maa. Tills year there wilt b? a com- if cantata. "Santa Has the Grip." Instead of a miscellaneous program oi ijiuBlc and rMitatlons whk>b has us ual'y b«ea a feature of tlpe^-occasion. Among e»ent« whichwill occur just before CbristmM Is % ttoclal. A committee now has the details partially arranged and it is prot>able the date win be aniiouuced soon. • * • MiMionary Society Meeting. FV)rtr ladifis. membem of the M^th- odiet <Aurch,' were gtiesta of M TB , J M. Finlcy y.'sterday iifteriioon during meeting of the Missionary society. There was the usual lesson taken from tTte course of study and at the close of the program. Mrs. Finley had the assistance of Mrs. Chas. Tlionip .soD. -Mrs. S. E. Vaughn. Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Vamer In serving a de licious and elaborate menu to the guests. The occasion was one of the most enjoyable of the church events of the week. /* + • To' Give Tea. l.jiili.'s of the First ward who attend lUt- Pr.'sbyterlan church, held a busl- iHss ine.Miug yesterday afternoon at the home of -Mrs. H. Ewing to arrange for a tea. The ladies arc now naking' purcha.«es for the' Christmas time and It was deemed advisable to have a sale of aprons and other articles ai)propriafe for gifts. The place for the sale has not yet been announced tUouRh it la probable that .Mrs. Frank Riddle will be hostess on this occasion. • t • Episcopal Guild Supper. Mr.s. T. S. Stover assisted by Mrs. Jlout Palmer, was at home to members of tlie Wpman's Guild of St. Timothy's church yesterday afternoon. The meeting wa.s ca'Ied for the purpose of arranging for the bazaar and dinner nest wesk but at the close of The New Styles Hand Engraved ^j.w.comv&soN EXCIUSITC Jewelers, East Side. the business session. .Mrs. Stover verv cd H daintily arranged luncheon und thlerlalnert the guests in a happy manner until a late hour. The decisions of the day concerncnl details of the supper which will be served to the public next Thursday from five until elRht o'clock in the Det'lute building on West .Aladison street. There will he a sale of confections during the afternoon and a booth will be devoted to the display of fancy aprons for pifts. A cf>Il<»c- tion of Mexican pottory will glso be lu evidence. At this time tli? coin' n:ittee In charge of the confectionery tables will introdtice a collection of cook books containing recipes for ev- Gift Umbrellas and Canes! A special lot of Uiiibrellas and Canes, bought from one of the most prominent mauu- facturers' of this class of goods at special prices—low enough to enable uS to offer them to yon at these low figures: Al! Gold Handle regular our iirice ij$7..><) Pearl and Gold Handle regular J8.00 our price. .:g6..>0 I 3 Xo. Fur. SuMta Fe and M. K. 1 T. Wateli iMperten. crythlns tot a delicious dinner from soup to desert. The committees are aevoting much time to tlte plana and are expecting to enlarge the treasury considerable by the profits from the different depart- m^ntiB. • • * Entertained Prosrewive Club. Mrs. William D. Wolfe, who Is an ex-presldent of the ProgTcssIve club, was hostess to Gas City members of the present organization last evening. The i)rosram of papers was inter-! spersed w;th music and the occasion was sxceedingly profltiable and enjoyable. The club Is to have a special holiday session just before Christmas. • • • KampingArnold Wedding. Miss Katie Kamplug and Mr. E. D. .•\rnold were united Ip marriage last avenlng at the" home of the bride's brother. Mr. U. W. Kamplng. Rev .jJ .Mrs. Thori)e, of BartlesviKe. Okla.. read the ceremony In the pre.?ence of :> group of relatives and friends who were served with a dinner In several courses. .Mr. and Mrs. Arnold are 10 bo at home to Cratidall in a few v.eeks and they have received a large number of beautiful gifts as an ex- liression of the congratulations of the cominunlty. Guests at the wedding were Leona Nelson, Frank Nelson, Mr. and .Mrs. S. M. Baptist. Pauline Palstrlng. Maggie Briles, of Crandnll, Kas., Ethel Lnidsey, Henry Kamplng. .1. O. Keift r, Addle Kelfer. C. I... Arnold, of (ola. .Mrs. \V. H. Root. Ui-nilce Root. Les- !<r Urlles. of Crandall, K.-w.. Mr. and .Mrs. R. .1. .Mleh. of Lewis, Kas., .Mrs. I:. F. Clark. Pi(iua. Kas.. Florence Knot. Pearl Lindscy, Wtn. PaistHii'-, 1:. C' Palslfing, ReV. Ella Thorpe, of r .arl:eHvlUo. Okla.. .Master Bernard Winks, of BartlesviUe. W. H. AHDEB8OK, Atteniey<ai>Law. NoUrr and Stenograpber la Office. Phone 4&6. * H.A.Ewlng, S.A.GanI, G.R.Gard EWUTG, eABJ> * €MJID, I • I>awyerB. • Practice in all Coorta. ' • W. Madison: PbDM tli. A MEMBERSHIP CONTEST. Y. M. C. A, Boys Will Secure Prize for Work to Enlarge 1.i«t of Names. It was announced last night that two teatus, composed of 2o memb<'rs rach of the Y. SL C. A. would inaugnr- at.^ a contest for membership In the association. The contest will last 20 days and a special rate of $5 per year has been made in place of the repu lar fee of >7. This rate wjll be effect- h-e for the twenty days of the contest vnly. The prizes offered for the larg- rst list of new members are as follows : First prize, a handsome Waltham .i ,old watch. Second prize, a watch with "Y. M, C. X." en.graved upon it. Third prize, one y.^ar's free membership in the association. Fourth prize, a six months' free membership in the association. The team which loses the contest v.ill serve a banquet to the winners DR. MeHILLKX, Special attention given to the • treatment of all Chronic Dlseaa- ' ei and Diseases of Children. • Telephones: Office 32, Res. 238. • OllJce In Mr*. Tnmer'a Bldg.. • West Madison. • • Phone 687. Ret. .DR. 0. L. COX, Bje. Ear, Nose and Throat Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. 701. • Office Phone lORS. * Night Phone 4i»6. DB. U. 0. CHMISTUH. • Pkytkfaia aa4 SnrrMi. * Rooms 7 and 8. Sraaa Bldg. I • • • • Phone 654. lola. Kama. DB. liDITR 8. HAIOH. Office and* Realdehce ovfer Bur^~ rqU'a Drug Store. Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., 3 to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 erenlngs. Sundays by Appointment • • • • • • F. H. MABTnr, Practice Limited to Soivwr. 16 N. Buckeye. Phone 576. • • • • • • • •I •I :i; • I* R«8. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. • DB. J. B. PEPPER. DenUst • Is permanently located over • • E. C. McClaln'a Clothing Store. • • and la prepared to do all kinds * • of np-ro-date dental work. • • Evening work by appointment • DU, W. B. HSTLMVir. Phystciai: * Saffeon. Office N. E. Corner of Square. Over K. G. Plnmbing Co.'a Store. Res: TelSS. Office Tel. 602. P. L. Lathrop. Mrs. Bessie O. Lathrop. OSTEOPATUIC PDTSICIAlfS. Special attention given to Dla- easea of Women and Children. Over East Side Hardware. Office 'Phone, Main 468. Lowney's Chocolates CONTINUE HOLCOMB CASE. Reconciliation Not Improbable—Children Staying With Mrs. Holcomb. The Holconih divorce case has i)een continued nuti' r)eceni1 >er Hth. 1' is said that an effort will be made (o effect a reconciliation. Until the fihie the case is called up. two of thp children are >mder the care of the n)other. The case has attracted con s'dc^rable attention in the vicinity of Humboldt as the family live on farm in that comnumity. WILL STOP THEM (aihniir*) tVHt Prevent .Marriages liy Conrt. After the new marriage laws go into oiTect Kastcr Sunday in which the Raman Catholic church will recognize no marriage unless performed by a priest. It will stop many marriages l)\ justices of the i)cace and probate judRes. While the Catholic church has always discouraged marriages by other th:in a priest It has not al)solutcly refused to recognize such a marriage. One clif'se in the new marriage law etfec's what is termed 'mixed marriages" H 'euuing those between Catholics and Protestants. Many of theso marriages arc performed by |)robate judges and justices of the peace. .\on-CathoHcs whether baptized or unbaptized who contract among them Kelves are not bound to observe the Catholic form of marriage. Heretofore a marriage contracted between :i Catholic and a baptized non-Catholic has been considered valid even if the ceremony were not performed l.y a priest of the church. Hereafter a Catholic must have a marriage cere- I '-ony i)erformed by a priest and those v. bo so far forget themselves as to have th? ceremonies performed by any other than a Catholic priest will have gone through the empty ccre- I 'lony anu one which will have no ilgnlfic-ince In the Catholic religion. This law binds all Catholics but of course does not effect those who are rot CathoUcs. The marriage law in the Catholic church was enacted by the council of Trent Deceml>er 11. 1563. but has uever been enforced In America. In cxplalnln;; why the Pope has ordered If enforced In the United States, the statement Is made to the effect that the decree declaring the marriage law of the council of Trent to prevail unf- versally was issued by the Holy Father because of the sanctity of the marriage, bpod. The marriage' state was nstahllnhed ages ago. but In order to have the' tradition's of the CThrUtlan marriage per|>etuated the sarredneiw lind rc8 |>onalbiHty of the marriage life rniat be thoroughly underctood by the lieop'p. THAY ARE FRESH. A choice assortment of this popular brand at CRABB'S. When you buy Lowney's Choco- Jates hp re. our persoinl pledge of their freshness goes with' them. Get your next wudy at Crabb's and see how well it pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and West Sts. BMJSB. ^Wfc ^^M-M MI^K^ - notlting compares with mwm^m m mmmmmm chiw-birth. The thought of the euffcriog and danger in atore for her, robs the expectant mother of all pleasant anticipations of the coming event, and casts over her • shadow of'irlooin which cannot be shrkon off. Thousands of women have found tli.-.t the use of Mother's Frletul during pregnancy robt' confinement of all p.tin and danger, andinaufes safety to lifoofraothlK. and child. Thi> scientific liniment it a god-send to all womien at tKit time of their :iv.<t critical trial. Not onljr does Mother's Friend carry women s.ilely through the peril* of child-birth, but H» UN gently prep.^ro.< tiif: pyficm for the coming event, prevents "nionung sickness," and oilier uis- ..... ' ^^^^^^ _ comforts of ihl^ period. t^fft^^k^WFtl tl^^If^W^Sk Sold by. all dr„,^;;,sts at glUV f fWtfff flF' |l.CX> per li;Jli:i. - liOOK —••• '•• • containing ^a-ur-.hle information free. /C^M3^9MC^MIMftt- R<vht«r Wsst Ail,, le • WoN. m "OUR WAY" Now Open Under the Management of Taylor Bros., three experienced restaurant men. Aferchant*s Lunch 25c. Short Orders of All Kinds. Everything in Season Now Ooen

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