The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 29, 1944 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1944
Page 8
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1 8 SHARING p. Machinists | Marjprie Corbin at Promise Compliance ! Weill's Wednesday R.V MA:-: to ilu in i ;<'nii!iny ,'iftcr llio \v;ir i.* I'Vrr h.-is lioi'ii ilis-russcil Iroin ninny angles, but it is hnpeil ;iloiiM with rc-i'iluc.-itinii thnt is • •on- teni|>I;itP<l. lli.-it rr-cihuMtinn of (Ifmutn women In one i-f ilio primp considri ;ilions. It is a truism, "Ivlur:ilp a \\dinan and you educate ;i family." With I he- rise of Nazism in < ;<Tiiuniy. all prn- RTossivo IVministir niovpniiMit." \VPI-P halted. Ani'iiiH tile fasuall i( s \vi-ie all women's i<r^aiii/.ali<nis. sin h as are ciniimonly n-roftnizpil ill the I'nitoil Slates, the Ki'di-ratfil Wiunfli's ("lul)s and the I'niyersjty Wnlllrn. \Vi!ln<.'ll \vere tnlil til fio liaek ml" their homes and tternme solely neptiined \\illi thi.> licarin^; .ill'] reaimu i,f rhildren lei- d>T I uehrei ' irnna n \\ < i men e< I m a ted a s \s ell and as 1 >r> >,nii \ .is A mrrir.i n \\nmen, \\ditld iHArr IKIVO let .Naziism come to pass. Amej-han wnmeii, more and miu'e. ha\" come to realise U'ornan's place is not only in the home. Inn in tlie community ;if well, whrvr the vital influences V'pfiln thai afl'fct the liomo rind her children. American women when they permitted their waistlines to urnw '" normal proportions also made the decision to ]pt their minds develop, also. U'liincii, the world over, in the postwar world must be thinking people. American women should see to il that the women of ('.<>r- maliy and Italy and other Knro- pcan nations should have their human rights restored in be inrli- \idnals. \\'omen with trained minds can learn to understand politics anil economics and tnkn their full share of responsibility in the body politic. The old fallacy that the feminine mind cannot tin- derstand such weiybly subjects is fast disappearim; in American life. where 1 women have succeeded as en t repenen rs in business as well as in the professions. A l.'iiLT' 1 number women have been business or pi > i! ess lore ihcir marriai4i of them ha\o bad u il h the rude \\ orlil SAX FRA.NVIsrn. AUR. L'i). (U.R) Complete compliance liy A K. \j. machinists working in 1"4 jjovpriimPiit- seized San Krtinciseo machine shops has. been reported to Secretary of Navy .lames V. Korrestal liy Rear- Admiral Harold (I. llowoii, I!o\ven saiil he I plianee by the lua puti'd overtime w< brouirht about 111' foder: 1 seizure, in he may rn of the was con- hinists with I have made repai'diim red i shops to privale ! fideniial. iwnershil j KKOI'KN I'.AKIS OKKH KS XMW YORK. AUK. -!). (./Pi-Two Xew York newsiiapers. the Times j and the Herald Tribune, announced j today the reopening of their Paris. offices. Marjorie Corbin. Xew York style adviser and representative of But: teriek Fashions, will be at Weill's i storo Wednesday to conduct a j fashion clinic;. She is Inviting all interested women to consult with her on figure problems, new basic pattern;:, half patterns, types of fab- j rli; and the other questions that i c'oiiie up in a typical informal style ; discussion. MRKKAL PARTY IN : KUKDKUICTOX, X. R. Aug. 29. j <1F)—The Liberal Party -was in Xew j Hrnnswick's legislative saddle for an- I other five-year term today as the j result of a general election. Gov- ; ernnient candidates obtained a ma- : jority of the legislature's voting power for the third time in the last nine years. A mei ica n •cbool teachers, onal women be- Practically all some contact of economics onlsiile of their own homes. This type of odncalion has. been one of the healthiest aspects of American life. \Viiuicii of America have a real message for I he peace table. It is to educate the women of Knrope. give them e<|iialily wilh men and It will be a better world, just as America has become a better America because women have assumed responsibilities. Advertising Set as Basis for Democratic Campaign Tin 1 iiiedinm of advertising display a'lverliMi)^ in newspapers and programs over the ^'adio \\.is proposed la.-t nishl liy the- KIM n ("minty CciHral I U'liiocratii 1 ('mninil tc-e as; csM'iilial 1'or (hi- re election of J'resi- dent i:ooj<f\'cli. .Meeting in the Miperv isnr s eham- ; liers. l^n mernlirrs of the committee, under the cliairnian.ship of Peter R. Lynch, approved a tentative pro- Krani whercliy ne\vspapei' advertising would lie I lie liasi.s of Kern county's campaign. The (iro^ram also will In; extended to weekly newspapers. > Headquarters to Open Downtown headquarters, will lie opi'iicd and extensive distribution of literature will he madp. il was agreed liy tile coinmitlc< > , wilh particular emphasis on extension of literature to the farm vote of Kern county. The committee approved the proposal of Wiley ('. Dorris. Makers- field attorney, thai a "house-to- house canvass of voters lie made to remind people of the days \ve all were hungry vmtil President Roosevelt went into office." ('orris proposed that the .'!|0 precincts of Kern county lie canvassed, not only to dotertnine, the voters' preference, but also to ascertain liv- inK condii ions — "facts \\i in post war planning. ' Another meetiiiK of the commillee \\as sel for s'epiembcr IX lo talk o\ (-r I ii i i her pla ns. Those present included ly\nch, Dorris. Paul Derluim of (lildale. treasurer: K. 10. Hall, secretary; Vance Webb of Taft, Saul Tatum. Joseph Lewis of l.lelltower, Herald Sullivan of c,reen Acres, Hence Kisher. Leon ilustey of Oildule, Ed- Kar !•'. \\'asem. John I'tlordan of Tall, lOiiKene HerrinKton, Hurl Jesse, <'. 1!. Dickey, 10. S. I'.arlow. Joseph Nolan. C. L. Itoydson. Julia 1'oller of Shat'ter ami Thomas Shafter of \\'a.sco. Elks Will Resume Regular Meet Slate liakerslield lOlks Lodge will resume their regular meetlnKs tonight at S p. m., wilh the first meeting of I be fall season scheduled by Kxalted lluler Areha Vest. Secretary A. t'. I'lman reports several important matters on the anemia for consideration tonight. NICOTINE STAINS REMOVED FROM FALSE TEETH Hftr.'i an «o«y, c*ftain way for imok.n to keep false teeth sparkling clean. A tittle A'DENT on a bruih and ! dingy itainl vanish. A scientific cleanier »o gentle den- i fiiti uie it on potienti' natural teeth. Quickly, SAFELY, ! removes nicotine, food itains and deposits. Prevents \ tartar accumulation. Polishes gold, silver, denta I metali. ! For clean, odor-fre* plates and bridges, use A'DENT. i I'OKT'S MIAVU HOOItV TRAP .MOSCdVV, Anp. :.!i. </P)—The Mute InvcMiKiilinK committee of Cicrniiin atrocities, hcndc'd by the Lcninjufinl jonrnullM. Niknlai Tikhanuv, n>. ported the Xii/is put a booby trap in the Kruve of the beloved llu.s.sian poet, Alexander Pushkin The committee listed tln> names of numerous Russians who lost, their lives visiting Piifilikln's Ri-uve. $7.95 The mere you do these crowded days, the more you'll appreciate the never-ending comfort of Krippendorf Foot Rest Shoes. Insteps that won't bind . . .^heels that won't slip . . . toes that won't cramp. You'll have a new freedom of movement ... a new energy for the day's work. SHOE SALON MA1N FLOOK Add Another Closet To Your Homo lit 4/Mmriunt Wfti Ml l,,,tk torn Three Other E-Z-DO FAVORITES Allow Yourself Plenty of Closet Space Easily Convenient! Attractive! E-Z-Do Hollywood Junior Wardrobe Hcuuliful washable plastic coated panels highlight this wardrobe favorite. It's the giant size: (58x28x21!' a . It has a wood-framed body for ndded strength . . . spacious hat-shelf . . . dust-resistant overlap door, wood construction . . . swivel latches which hold up to 25 garments. $ 7.95 Each E-Z-Do Giant Slide-A-Way • An excellent way to make every inch of storage space count . . . niav be kept under bed. • Body of three-ply Gatorhide Kraft-board. • Wood latches and handle. •C.iant sixe— 18x20x8'[.. 1.98 Authentic wood grain finish harmonizes with every room I • Entirely wood framed 4>c C-Z-DO Moth Humidor tacludtd at oo txtto coil • Will hold vuiir complete, wardrobe • Large shflf fur lints • OOxL'SxL'l iiii-hes • New victory model docs not contain tie rack or slioe rack. £-2-00 MOTH HUMIOOt I.M.IM .... tAlAOlCHkOtOIIM- (INI .tick nil, MOTHI. MOTH (GC» •<* MQTM LAIVAI Ml, l.»n*«l< I* Ml DOMESTICS E-Z-Do Sturdi-Built Giant This slurdi-huiH wardrohc comes in the giant size of ()0.\;50.\22 . . . authentic wood grain finish. Miracle- touch latch, which allows the door lo slide down. The bottom panel slides up. Sturdy construction in three- ply (iatorhidc Kraft-hoard. Regular moth humidor included. '4.98 MAIN FLOOR Month-End Clearance Sale Wednesday, August 30—Thursday, August 31 Street Dresses Vz Price Values from S7.95 to $24.50 iu this collection, now nt luilf price. One nncl two-piece cottons, jerseys. cliilVons. .sheers, crepes. Broken sixes, 10-'JO, 14 1 -;>-2ti 1 ,-;, oS-44. Pnstels, prints, n few navy and hlack. Fashions—Main Floor L Pantie Girdles... $1 Good values in this collection, of bright colored pan tie girdles. Elastic sides. Sizes liC. 27, 28. Play Suits One-half Price Assorted cottons and rayons. Two-piece fitted button front skirt. Assorted stripes, figures and solids. Broken sines. Dresses ... $3 Values to $705 In this collection. One nnd two-piece styles. Assorted light and dark shades In rayons, eottons. Jerseys. Broken sizes of junior and regular. Scramble Table $1.49 Sportswear odds and ends. Blouses, shorts and slack*. Values as high ns $4.95 at this clearance price. Broken sixes. Separate Slacks $3.95 Gabardine slacks, regular .$7.0." value, at this distinct suv- ing. Trout button, assorted shades. Sizes 12 lo 20. Budget Shop—Main Floor Turkish Towels and Wash Cloths 22x44 59c 16x27 29c 12x12 10c Two-ply Turkish bath towels, wash cloths to match. Good heavy quality towels; soft, absorbent. Snow-white with colored woven borders in peach, rose, blue, green, Hold. Linens—Main Floor Sheer Net Curtains 44x54 ... $1.95 Sheer new net curtains, neatly tailored. Light ecrue. Plan now to make your windows lovely, at this saviiip. Balcony Matching Spreads Curtains Full-size Spread ... $8.95 Matching Curtains $5.95 Ruffled spreads and ruffled curtains to match. Expertly tailored with ti-inch ruffles. In red, blue and green. Organdy Curtains 44x90 ... $4.95 Regular $5.95 quality curtains. We have a limited quantity of permanent finish cushion dot organdy curtains. Expertly tailored with 7-inch ruffles. Extra large size. Balcony Balcony Printed Crash Kitchen Towels 20c Each Special values in printed kitchen towels. Guaranteed fast colors. Lovely color combinations. Idea^. for shower gifts. Main Floor U. S. Army Blankets 66x84 ... $6.98 A limited quantity of I". S. Army blankets, mill rejects. Imperfections are so slight that you can hardly detect them. Khaki color. Balcony BASEMENT VALUES Kiddie Swim Suits 49c Regularly $1.49, NOW Women's D'Orsay Slippers 100 Regularly $1.59, $• NOW One-piece satin lastex bathing suits, in all colors-. For your youngest swimmers. Sixes 2, 4 and 6 only. Clearance of women's d'Orsny house slippers. Sizes 4 to 0. In wine, light blue and royal blue. Scramble Table. Values to $3.98, Now 88c This collection will please you who seek values at low prices. Ladies' sportswear . . . taffeta blouses . . . clotted swiss blouses . . . cotton dirndl skirts . . . two-piece play suits . . . two-piece bathing suits with knit shorts . . . "T" shirts . . . one-piece sun dresses. Broken sixes and colors. Women's Dresses 1 A Price One group of women's dresses in final clearance. Late summer fashions. Regularly priced at $8.95, $7.05 and $5.05. Sixes 10 to 50. Women's Panties lOc Irregulars in women's rayon panties and children's cotton panties. Broken sixes and colors. Values to 79c. Basement Weill's Men's Store Clearance Separate Location: 1315 Nineteenth Street Ribbed and Flat-finit "T" Shirts Leisure and Sport Coats Just the thing he needs for back-to-school and leisure wear. In white, tan, blue. Regular 75c and $1.00 values. NOW 63c Wednesday and Thursday Only Two for $1.25 A group of leisure coats and sport coats. Forty-six assorted colors and patterns. Values to $8.95, $10.95, $13.95 NOW $5 Savings as High as $8.98 • Zipper Kits, Regular $2.95 Now $1.50 • Straw Hats, Values to $5.00 Now % Price • Group All-Wool Flannel Trousers, Reg. $7.50 and $8.75 Now $5.99 • Tackle Twill and Two-Tone Jackets, Reg. $7.95 . . Now $5.99 Washable Sport Shirts Savings for You Good, durable sport shirts, finely tailored, at these prices: Regularly $2.95, NOW $2.22 Regularly $3.95, NOW $3.22 Regularly $4.95, NOW $4.22 Heavy 6x3 Ribbed Hose Regular 39c; NOW 4 Pairs $1 Every pair loaded with wear. Well cut, durable heavy ribbed hose, offered to you at tbis saving for Wednesday and Thursday only. Weill's Men's Store

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