The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 29, 1946
Page 3
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SATURDAY JULY 'IV,, BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Committee Okays New OPA Board Senate Group Acts Quickly to Approve Truman Appointments WASHINGTON, July 29. (Ul'l — The Senate Hanking Committee to- tiny speedily approved President Human's nominees to Ihe three- membcr decontrol board that will have overall power over price con- PAGE THREE Puppies On Bikini Island by litter of eight puppies horn on Bikini Island t.cfore linker doing well when n radiilorjical parly relumed to the island Andy IxjiJDi!, NBA stuff photographer for the Bi kinl picture RESCUE Continued from 1'ajjo 1. \ The Senate may net on the- nominations later (inlay. No oi>i)osillon to them wns expected on tlio Sen- ftte floor. The nominees wore: Chiiirmnn, Roy I,. Tliompson president of the New Orlciins FK\- cral Liunl Bunk; Dnniel W. Hi-ll Wiishlnuton, former, of Trcusiiry rind now in-e:iident o'f > wm , the Ainerk'iui Hccurity mid Trust Co.. mill Gcoise 11. 'Mend, president of the Paper and Pulp Co., Dayton, O. iiiul Mend were examined briefly by the committee In ciosed session. The first iask of tlic new hoard will be a decision on whether ment and dairy products shoul.l b- plac-d ' . ,, tc[orc „ -.oliisiin .mder price control after Au«. 20. C1 ^J tc '^ '^^f Whitworth loiter, Ihe board must rule on any " " .,.„,- ' ..,. ,„,,..., M ~ s^«^^-^-«i itt ^ffi^^^ ^^^-^^ ^nr^^s 1 ;;;^;.^:^-^ new OPA law. Mjiny new iiicreases were planned, with the retail east of dnlhint; expected (o reach the highest point in history this Pall. One ranking Ol'A oiliriul predicted tliat prices on cotlo;i cloth- Ins in particular "are Boiiix up and up." The increases on wool clothmt; will be slight, he said. The price of eofTeo was expected to KO up six or seven cents a. pound wiliiin the next few d'ays. New prices for automobile:; will be as lunch as v '"<-' S10Q higher than at present, anil l( > Day blast survived the explosion nn< six liours after the detonation. (Photo pool.) ,. C. yes- Mo. baby, Greene Reports His Campaign For Governor Has Been Fun A]ihoui;h Virgil Greene, candidate for the oltU'e of governor, hasn't made bill two speeches in the entire ciimpaii;n, he declared here today he would be the next «overnur ol Arkansas, Refraining from makini; speeches Is most unusual for him, as he de...... clared he likes to talk but thai lie the thought of all those people , )R .r cr!j i () , s ,,iieit voles individually. He likes lo chat with a few at a time, telling them what lie thinks r.hnulil be. done uliout tills great stale and whether lie wins or loses --lie's had plenty of "fun." trapped in their cars as they sank in (it) fee; ol water. Mr. whilACrth attempted lo obtain names of the ferry passengers \vhil e they were beiny taken lo the Caruthcr.-jville landing, by the oil i-arge lug boat, but the "confusion was so grc^t it- was imixjssiblc, lie said. When they reached shore, physicians ifiunmoneci yrotn Cnrutliers- •c-i'c on hand to administer victims. Dr. J. E. Heaslcy Mr. Whitwcrth. - th e price lags on farm maclnneiv will Wll s called by be Increased about, five per cent. | ''is home here, und Carulhersville Other item:; due for iiit-rrMse.s in- I people motored Ihe Blytheville conclude cereals. Hour, bread, restaurant l )lc to eteele where they met the njea\s and cocoa. Increases akn are Blythcville physician who accom- i'0filLM' consideration for ste^l, news- >anieu rheni 10 tlit'ir home, print and silver. The -steel industry was expected lo seek an Increase based on higher coal anil freight charges. All OPA official said the industry had good chance of Belting the increase. Virginian Slays Two, Then Commits Suicide SOUTH BOSTON. Va.. July 2SI. (UP)—A man stepped out ol a taxicab here last night and. ap- pronchilur hLs wile and another w r o- man, killed them boih und then took bis own life, police reported today . Poli'iy- said that William WhilU. 25, shot his wife and Mrs. Charles' Henderson in the head and then • sent a bullet into his heart. [ ? Officers said they had no other ] ^information on the shooting and that all they kne\v about the events leading up the .slaying.s was that. Chickasawba. They had been to the funeral ol Charles Ilepner of Union City. Tenn., having gone there yesterday morninf. Had i* v net been for company expected by Mv. and Mrs. Hobcrc R. Grimes, G24>f; West Main, they noukl have been with the Whit- worths. They invited them io accompany them, as the Grimes ot- :i'n visit in Union City but clitied because of the expected itors. . "Die remainder of my crusat.- will b 1 ? in my own and adjoinm-; counties where people know me and my background. I know nothing which could be said lo change their minds if they feel like voting for some one else," he added. Declaring there w;t.> possibility no run-oft would be necessary, the 7-t-ycar-o!d attorney said "I think I will heat !>otii candidates and had I made the campaign lh"y have waged certainly they would be badly beaten." Remarking that "mv crusading has been one of the most pleasant, period:; of my life." Mr. Greene said "I am just beginning to reali/e wily Arkansas can IK> Iruthly called 'great' and hov.' much there is here for millions of more people just like the kind we have in tin. 1 ; state." Pointing out that his platform was to help "Ihe poor, helpless and insane." Mr. Greene recently "discussed" both of his candidates in advertisements in Little Rock newspapers. Mr. Greene declared "Governor Ben I.aney has not improved the Three Killed; 40 Injured in Bus Accident At The Hospitals illyllirvUle llusiilht! Admitted; Wllletie Lour;, Dell. Hoi'ii to Mr, and Mrs, I McCnnu, Manila, n dutujhler teniiiy morning. Horn to Mr. mid Mrs. I. n. Ilynls, city, u daughter yesterday morning. Dismissed: H C. Cuin. i-l(y. , T. M. V\irtson. U'ncltvllle Ollnn Harrison Jr.. elly. Mrs. flvd Hiirgeson, city. Mrs. Mabel llanuon, elty. Mrs. w. O. Davidson, elty, P. 1.. Duvls. Caiiilhersville I'ul O'Hiynnt, city. Mrs. Cluiidc Demon iind Luxora. Mrs. Callle Moore, Orllcr. Wulls Hospital Byron Sharp, city. Mrs. W. 11. Norwood, Osccola. Mary Chrlstlno Kddlugton, HI. I, clly. Hill Moody, city. Jiiiiu-s lltjtus, stcele, Mo. Mrs. lloyul Sandcr.s, 1(1. 1. elly. Virginia Uiith 1'iilter.son, Ht. "i, rlty. , . | ; Mrs. Vrnnlt Nuwnk, city, .temsst'il: Mrs. c. P. Frnzlor iind baby, •lly. W. ]>, Vaslblnder, Manila. Mrs. W. M. Kills and hidiy, city Mrs. A. T. Hayes and baby, clly, Mrs. i. i, nuilcson, city. Mrs. Clarence, Sleele, J. L. Johnson, clly. Sue Chesney, Manila, .loyce Ann Willie, clly. Linda Booker. Holland, Mo. Mrs. irwin Jones, clly. Mrs. Jiiiues Smolhcrmnn bnl)} 1 , city. llernuin Hughes, IU, I, city. Mcmiihls Baptist Hut|ilUI Admitted: Dr. J. 11. Clldcon, joiner. Horn lo Mr. mid Mrs. Kuse C'oe, Keiser, n daughter. Memphis Mcthudlsl llusitllal Admltled: Krnest O'Neill, Osccoln. Too Late to Clauify i,,.;', 3 " limn. K.UIM \\i-.l l.nvi' •IVrn N...V M n, -n NIUYflll, lien 1) Il»ilii«r. S aa-ck-K-1 I-'OH HA l»f Drxli t, I'K'C .. ri,..,H. »r ].l) It lli.'in i y ili'voli. I.K: II r. .Mo. 1 Art,-. « i ,H,, Ifjw Irklly. |.]i.|ily ul U.IIT. 121 ,Mr«, 11. K. Drew. vnml l>u V, ullli ml • 1. II liornrii 1i'i'J.|ik Vint Kouin »!2'J llii! (l.'l llouu'k«ei>bi rvoras. I'lione 2920. Wonted to Buy tucky, 2(JO». REAL KSTATK Jf JQU liftvo (It'flllorJ t(J iy r« ItolilhiK iiji. J Will prft your Jiuum- and WANTED For Sale illy VHRNON. Tex.. July 23. tUl') — Three persons were killed and at least '10 were injured -eight perhaps fatally—today when mi casl- Unmd Continental Tratlwnys Bus plunged through a bridge railing and fell 20 feel lino Ihe nearly-dry ase River three miles west ol Vcrnon. Mo. IS GETTING UP NIGHTS GETTING YOU DOWN? ThouuniU uy ftmoui doctor'* discovery give* bleiscd relief (row irritation of the bladder eauted by exceu acidity in the urine run-Jown (rrhiiK (turn *vr* ll.o nihiv> Juil \,y 1)K SWAMI* KOOI. II,,- i*,. n nn'Jkli.r. SWAMl' KOOL kl.l.u-y* lo nru.nolu U,, U r<-llcv.> limiliK-annii. r*cri. n , nsll)' trr*l«->! l.y - ,, IBr tL.h, L>r. KiUuriV U A CMrI.,11,- l,l r if 1U ti.-it»». mail V.K _ .... ... ...Aitly furmliiK In (!.[> . nrhlllv li, KILMER'S iwnr.l hrili.l t. I..1 „„ lh< ' ol urlnr .nd Drnl'it 01 M. I'nhit & Wnll- Klr»l. 2!l ck 8J4 For Rent 'rlvnlr I'lilriiirv, Mrc 401 N. .Ml, 20 l-k-«]l while prk,- i gUil to in. _ ..incur!* price. r>i> ouiiKAiion. 1 Outvc Ijnyurx w»ltt(i^. VCHI tun nt|| with conJirfrnce. AUx J.UX"». Lync^t llnlldlnif. 0. I. HnU ao:il. 7'20-ck-l( Fnr firKl HDILM. S lnmt .IroairmMii): * nllern- Mm. HlHTrix). 317^ W. airs. I'KoJie 2:ili&. UO i»k-8JG BIG BINGO Wednesday Hight 8 o'clock At the Armory 50c Sponsored by Catholic Altar Society Tobacco Prices Rise And Sales Arc Heavy VAUJOSTA, Gil., July '26. (UP: —Tobacco prices were still hlgl on Georgia-Honda flue-cured lea belt with the buyer's demands re mainltlg steady. An average of 43-18 cents ]>cr pound was reported at the 17 South Georgia, and two North Florida markets. This represented nn average rise of two lo three cerrfi over opening dny prices. Vaklosla sales Thursday were fboul the 70U.OOO pound mark, Zellner's July Clearance Sale WOMEN'S SUMMER SHOES there had bcicn some trouble the family. Wiiitts was a rayon worker C'artcr Fubrics hurc. police ->^ — Henderson was out of town nt, the' time the shooting took, place. Read Courier News Want Ads. '''-*" i stale since he took office t\vo years vis- j\yo f he filled positions with politi-, . ,™ , cully inexperienced people instead \ with a price average of 45-50 cents of folks in the political l;nuv.\ which ] per pound. has been n uoslly mistake; he has | At Ulackshear, not raisecl peiLsion.s, yet de-jpitc it costing more to live." | Jim iMalone has made idle prom- Inr JKC?; which he never can flit, »c- ;aid cording to Mr. Cireenc, Mr. Greene opened his campaign July 4 nt Portia and made u speech last Thursday at Vilonia hut that Jios all of his speaking to groups. sonic choice Icn.f brought, (j2 cents a till the average price was around 50 cents for ti2;i,QO[) (HHirubi moved. This wa«> a two lo throe cent increase over first day prices. A price range of 20 to 55 cents was reported at VUlalhi where G2-1.000 pounds of tobacco \vnre sold. Forty-three cents was the average price. M wiu A Positive Record t A Real Program of business-like achieve- , menfs and a firm found* v ation laid! \ of further progress and aid for our State and all our People! Your Choice of the House Dress Shoes - Sandals - Casuals and Play Shoes i 2 Extra Special 150 Pairs Summer Shoes Values up to 6.00 Choice Pair $^00 Broken lots and iize ranges—Play Shots— Dress Shots—SindMs In Summer Colors. ' PRICE Sale Opens Tuesday, July 30 At 8:30 A. M. Reg. 2.98 Shoes — Now 1.49 Reg. 4.00 Shoes — Now 2.00 Reg. 5.00 Shoes — Now 2.50 Reg. 5.50 Shoes — Now 2.75 Reg 6.00 Shoes — Now 3.00 Reg. 6.98 Shoes — Now 3.49 Colors include Whites — Reds — Beiges — Yellow — Blue — and Two-tones This clearance is an :<nmi;il even I with us unit includes a whole galaxy of the smartest styles. Our entire slock is included—iiiul in this sale they're wonderful buys for wear now . . . for leisure later. Not all sizes in all styles but still ;t wide choice range. Be here early. Please Note.' All Sales Final —No Exchanges—No Refunds! JUST RECEIVED: 300 Pairs of Brown and White Spectators Medium, Low and High Meets These ore Regular $6.00 Values. All included in This Sale at — $300 Phone 3362 ZELLNER'S SLIPPER SHOP

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