Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1907
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I ( TOl»ix. Ho. 481. VkBle H*. OtL KI6HX nkcon. lOLA, KAKSA8, l»BCEXBU in7.r-THrR8DAT KTEXIXG. HARRIS WOULCIt'T GO m PEST HOUSE FOR THE HUM. BOLDT CEMENT MAN. HE THREJVTENED TO SHOOT WAKTS BAKK; STATEMENT. CommbsioBer Boyde Sajs State Baaki Are 8«f«,^Howerer. J FOR WATERWAY BILL THE WEATHKB. Forecast for iUiiM8:-4>F>)r tonight and Friday; waraer'toniglit and in eaat Friday. HE DIYIOES 6AUERY OpLDPIELD INAY NIID TROOn. ^^AMJ S^^, aS:| S=>AT«B MENLANDS HAS PLAN rtdaral Soldicra H«M in' R mAimm in CaM the OiaoniM' IneraaaaiL ARMING TO FOR INLAND LMPBOTEMENTS. AN ATTACJt OF SMALLPOX WAS . THOUGHT TO BE XALABIA. Patient Intended to Go to Home Mlssonri Instead of to Pest Honse for Treatment With policemen guarding the building. Dr. R. O. Christian entered the lola Cleaning and Dye Worlis on North Jefferson avenue last night at>oat ten o'cloclc and toolc George Harris to a cab which was waiting and drove directly lo the pest bouse Although he knew that he was suffering from smallpox, Mr. Harris, who is a special representative of the Monarch Portland Cement company, which is to be constructed at Humboldt, intended to go to his home in Southern Minouri regardless of what the officers bad to say. In fact he left, hia roomiog house on North Syc smiore agafnst the wishes of his friends who wished to keep him there until the health officers arriv- ^'aqd p'aced him under quarantine It was not known until yesterday that Mr. Harris was suffering from smallpox. He did not know that he had ever been exposed to the malad and the iieople who were attending him thought he was suffering from Blight attack of malaria. Wlien It was learned what he was suffering with the people where he was staying sent f6l>.~tli« health officer. The latter was cJUome of A. J. Server at the i^and it was impossible for him to come at th'e call. Upon learning that his friends con templated having him sent to the pest hoast Mr. Harris Is said to have grown angry and is quoted by the of fleers as having threatened to shoot the man who attempted to take him. t is said that when he left his room ing house he intended to go to his home in Missouri that he might have the care of his family. His friends succeeded in getting him into the Tola Cl«aa{ng and Dye Works where he the.:.poUce until tke itl^T arrived. The owner jof the Dye Works has had the- di: and hence the danger of the malad^ spreading from thiis source is not great. The building was fumigated today. The residence where Mr. Hanis was rooming was fumigated today. Mr. Harris, as special represcnta tire of the Monarch Portland Cement company at Humboldt has made lola his headquarter^ for sav eral months. He has the horror of a pest house whicti caused hUn to resist so vigorously the efforts of the offic- ^:^;,^|HEdtg>^ke. charge of bim. He has " .BSaay friends here who hope for his -Bp«edy n^covery. o BOARD HAS SHORT SESSION. Little Business Done at County Com- r^issioners' (Meeting. . • ~r- The county commissioBers last evening c'osed one of the shortest se^ons they have ever held. The ;>Q |i ^Me!PC'fewer than usual antt there wa»'^init little other business. The . dommiBSioners will meet again next Sfonday to hear the members of the tar commission on the new tax laws. .ARREST THREE CRAP SHOOTERS. Police Made a Raid This Afternoon. .- Chfef of Police Wia. Gates and Officers PhiUins and Hlldreth arrested three colored men" In River Gordon's pool hall on North W<ashIngton on the charge o*^ gambling. The tjiree men were gathered around a table, while one wpv rolling the "bones," when the pollc? stepped In. 4WR«. MANLEVS MOTHER DEAD. Tuneral and Burial Will Occur at i , Waverly. j Mm. *1'ce Hoose. mother of Mra. Dr. Mar.'.ey. died at the Manley home yealen'"'- afternoon. The body wan shlnpwl to Waverlr thin afternoon and tho funeral servlceg win he huld , nt that Diaro tomorrow afternoon. Dr. p'^A .Mr-<. Manlev and Mr. and Mrt. ntittlxhnot. of Alma, Kani., will accompany the hodv to Waveriy. 'Irt. ttrvty'i Puntral. The f iiiPral of Mr», A. J. Bervpv, who (111 il laat ••vpnlns' will be he'd lo tnorror • fteFno^n ni 2:.10 o'clock from fhp •••••''•ncp. Hev. Dr. 8. B. HIlKChe^ offlclitlnR. . ~ NoUra V. W. A. All mrnibera are urgently requested to bn at the hall Friday evening for the t'lirpoK of electing officers for the eUKtilng year. NEGRO SHOT SEVEN Wat fraxed by C«ealBe-Fo«8e Ef. feeted Captare aai KflM HIbl Attgoftta, Texas, bee. 5.—Crazed by cocaine, a negro today shot, ^^even 'White ppfaona, two of ."Whom were vooen;: 'The negro was «aptnred and dhfl^^-destta by a poase.-^One of the aafto'f Tlctims will dlb^i;;;- nounbed this afterivwn that the state banks would not 1» injured seriously: by the failure of ^he] National Bank 8tated "taYthe *bull 'oML ^deipw8it8 of' TO APPROPRIATE 30 MILLIONS Kansas banks in ithe Bank of Com-, merce have been withdrawn or trans-i ferred. Commissioner Royce today issued a call for a statemecit of Kansas banks showing the condition at the close ot business Decembei? third. PRODUCERS TO HJEAR REPORT, i A COOPERATIVr OtlittB PLANT I Seventy-five Men'. AII^8toekhelder«.| Working at Indepindenee. I SPEAKER MTRBAT POBTIONS OFF SEATS IN HOUSE FOR NEOBOES. SCHOOL FUND BILLS FIRST WMhlngton. Dec. 5.-.Pretldent j^pj^j g^ID T* BE PREPARIHa KooMvelt has iaaaed ordera to have federal troops held in readlneia to aid •, iJtMT AND NATT FOB WAB., lo restoring order at Ooldlleld, Ner. This action was taken npon the rep- resenUtion from Goremor SpaAs jniOBefiaBn pOCtllimi« WUOl Nevada, that the miners in OoU- VionCaflnw rliCSIVCI HO IflOit AND HATE PRESIDENT EXPOn'. EBED TO MAKE UP EFFICIENCT BT BONDS. Independence. Kas.. XK HS . B .—The starting of the WesCern Window Glass company means that 76 men. all stockholders Ja the plant, wIlllONE OF TITO BIFFEBENT DISPO*{has no state nliiUsL; Govemor Sparksfcr K50WN THAT PBBSIDBXT start to work on the cooperative I I does not deem the sitoatton such asl of field are In rerolt and riot Nevada I Is the one state in the Union which | Win plan. There will be a Are under 12 pots. All men employed in this plant are Independence dtlxans and stockholders In the plant Th3 output of the plant for the pres-j SITIONS MAT BE MADE OF THE FIYE MILUON DOLLABS. BEMAINHUkK. Meet Oil Committee Which Wentl^""*"' Newlands Wonld Give Peoplelcnt lire has all been «Dld and It will I Memorial te CoBgress CoBceralBg to See iOarfleld. Independence, Kas., Dec. 5.—The committee of oil men that went to Washington recently has returned and has called a meeting of producers to „, be held at Tulsa, Okla., Friday ^orn- 1 ignds Ing next, to hear and discuss the re port of the crfmmittee's conference with Secretary o| the Interior Garfield. Conditions :in the oil fields of the Southwest are regarded as serious. a Chance to Express Tlews Aboat Waterway Affairs. Washington. Dec. .'».—Senator New- of Nevada. Introduced today a bill providing for an inland water- be delivered as fast as tt Is turned out The members of the Western company are all skilled workmen. An attempt was made to start the Fredonia plant with the Simon Bums L. A. Four Hundred, but it was unsuccessful, and after waiting for a few to Justify Immediate federal interfer- 1 J)E8IBED AOKI cnce. bnt as one whieh may at any time get beyond his control. The slS'mndlSr' ^ " *° t"*^ »•! Be AppoWM-Kah.; The miners' strike is in a deadlock the iBdfaiB Lands Broight la . ' Today. without either side to the controversy makihg) an effort to bring abont a settlement The mine owners and the miners have resolved that the other had broken agreementa. The mine owners violated the strike agreement first I by striking without the two-thirds THatioB WIU Be BztraM «• .Eraas* Fleet Now. TrtIRD ROBBER CONFESSES. way fund and provides that whenever the fund Is reduced by expenditures below 20 million dollars, the Presl- . . ..1 —..r ..... , dent may make up the deficiency by Officials Nowr H ^V :e Complete Story of iggning bonds ISOjOOO Robbery in Montana. ^he commission hi to c<W)nllnate San Francisco. :Dec 5.--A confess- ^.g ^ engineer corps. ion has been 8«ured from John reclamation and fore8tr>' W^rthington. in Jail here, charged b„„au of soils, of corporanons. ana with complicity a robbery on the ot^er branches of the pufclic service Guthrie. Okla.. Dec. 5.—The . — J - .-.1 o'rnonHiniF nnino 12 000 tii discussion of Jim Crow legisiaUon I vote, while the miners assert that n «fhT thefaSSrv WMshn? «^">* "P «» t»e house today when the the mine owners had violated their keep the pot hot the factory was shut p,^^ ^.^^.P ing. No opposition to the portion of { the bill separating the races was found even among the republican members. _ Just before the consideration of the ^u- I, u will K. <<N«» bill came up Speaker Murray created; °»'r^. T.*"".*" J [!!^n ,J^.^^ applause by setting asi^e a portion Gu.lty.''-^aekson Disappointed. ^^"^^^ ^^^1,^^^ negroes only. That| way commission and for the Improve- ,.„h the announcement that lt|3keen bill was placed on second read- agreement to pay wages in gold. ment and devetopment of Inland wat- .^.,„ remain so unUl the situation Is'"" " ' w «w f^^Til-. ?PPr°P'^«'* cleared precepUbly. 50 million dollars to an Inland water HARVESTER CASE TO JURY. Vashin^an, Dec. B.—Bigiilioaaer.: is glvea the recall of Viseoattt AaU by the hint which has leaked m, mf. lie had been withdrawn ta i " ' an earnest IntimatioK to bla ment by Prasldent RooWfrtt woold b« glad to hare tM i remain accredited to tbo DaiM I I Viscoant AoU insista llMit'tlM inet in power In Tokio aad tlie-_ ^ass of the people taeogalsa tkk^i they owe to America and waot Kansas City. Dac. 5.—Promise oflstore the old friendly ralatlo «B wM^. stronger gas pressure from now on U| existed while the Kasao^apaoaae vic;';^ . WAITING ON SCIPIO PUMPS. late Topoka. Dec. B .-Thc prosecuUon n ^S'lZ „*'h *''lSL Z.T.i.^wJ'f^ * J"™** McGowan. president was in prograsa. . . the ypstcrday concluded the IntroducUon „f,i ^? . * ,Z *»» company. Mr. McGowan I But in the.face of tbe ambv services, the of evidence in the criminal trial of i ^ ^^^ef to another secUon j^yg (^e blame for the weak supply opinions faeU are dtad whft* irations. and the International Harvester company \„. of the last two days to "Increased rtrate that Ms auiaittaaiU WO>ridTpl»' Great Xorthern iii Montana Bov-rai '^^^'^ In the district court here for violation «; * „, ?ft ^^f„. VV^r^ i" '^nsumptton." a condition which he fer the adopttoB oC a aibre aoirtipV m^^U^^^Iotnvr^rh^v^y^ncZV^l waterways. After examin- „r the anti-trust laws. The defense in- 1"^°' ^ hw company will not entirely Attitude on the part of its npnSttr months aKO, in wnich o\er J50,000 was atlon and determination of the feasi- • to be annolnted hv th* mvprnftr •»« . ... ' ' . . i— K . stolen. Three men were engae«>(l In the crime, two of; which were captur , ,. rnnirart ror construction • n^t „» ««f TUh, .nnii.... —"» Bcuerjuur ueuerea last of ths trio, to darth. include eollateral works for the ir- Jh^i'S be" i ^src^^'ro* fi"nra ^e -rM '-'^^'SIpL'^^^^^^ ^O--*- the new|tlves in Washl ,iton. noon was taken up with argnmenta I hart Chief, will be the state printer. The emergency bills for the disposi- PRINTS THE NAMES Secretary rrnmtjine Tell Names of| Dcalen >Yho S«ld Embalmed Beef. rlgation of arid lands, consenatlon of of attorneys regarding, the Instrufr .i f^.V^^B^^L^^ji^ u ® foresta and utilization of water power CLftTrglvJuThe previou, i "ere ttS^uS^'^brVanS'v'Ster'"^ as deemed advisable in connection ,i,Unc of Judee Dana stnirk twon '•f™ iniroaucea oy vanaeventer or ,;3T .t"K..,„,. i ;ja '5.y'".'n ':his° ."'-?hn5 s .T-,n„°[h'X':£"c- dent of the Interiand waterways com- ' ^1-.—^-.. i- .u . P®"^ " >" banks. The ol punrps at Sclp'o, K»8.. are In work- : Take, for instance, the'aetkm JApiik. in? order. Thi*. he says. Iwill take took in response, to the presl^fi .M|about three weeks. timaUon that he woald like Tiseotittt "Wo shsll trytto have better pres- Aokl to remain here. Tbltf latlauiHaa sure at once la all parte at the city, was conveyed throogh .taibaaaate however." said Mr. VeOowaa. "Bnt if P 'Brien and was nUBiftakaUa.: m ,^:ithe wither gets eoMer, prabably lit- was told to Inform Vbemn^^TMU. tbe I" the Japanese minister oC toraigB - a|- talrs, that Viscount AoU'had ^ — ^ „ other bill Toprta, Dec. 6.—Topeka is haring a Mie respect and good wfIL;d( the _ aothorizes the school land commis- pressure ot natnrjd gas and f American petVMrby.porfc- sioners to handle the entire s-hooi ofllclals <rf flie local company Jns a courae tcQdinc to tutan all mission ot which Hfprpsontative Bur ton is chairman. He states that the commission is not yet prepared to Topeka, Dec. i.^i.—In the monthly recommend a bill, and that he has bulletin of the &ate Board of Health, presented this bill tentatively, with a lust issued by Sscretary S. J. Crum- view to developing criticism and s«^- bine, are printed ihe names of the gestion which will be useful to the Kansas liutchers^ whom Dr. Crumbine commission In making its recommend- wants prosecuted for violation of the at'ons to the President, pure food laws ^through the sale of Senator Bacon introduced a bill pro- meats containing preservatives. Ham- viding a survey to determine the prac- burg steaks seem, from the result ol ticibility of building a canal to con- analysis, to moat frequently contain nect tba navigable watsno(:4he Mi8 »'lthe~caM has be^ In some measure preservatives. ;8amples of these IHippI valley with the navigable wab | Htsaonolntine to him steaks were picked up by deputy food en of Georgia. This project he stet-' inspectors and anal.vsed. Where aii-. ed. had besi) considered twelve years Itsls showed th^ presence of preser- ago. but the time was not then ripe vatlves the couiity .attorney in the for Its realisation. The canal pro- lect he said would be about 100 miles long and would connect the Mississ- Ippl river with the Atlantic ocean. offense had been committed. If any fund. Investing It in mortgages o'r se- "o *«' be Snmnds for friction betw^^ ^ at all, and anked such an instuctton. cnrlties fixed in the conaUtution or in afforded unUl about CbrUtmas. when «^ntrle^ But In spite of tUs ASkl Judge Dana took the question under the banks of the state ' Pnniping station at Scipio ~ advisement over night. The case -An emergency bill by Evans of A1-. ""i" be finished, went to the Jury about noon today, falfa. the first to be introduced by a the forenoon being given up to read- Republican, is intended to make col- inp the instructions to the Jury and lectlble the taxes in the counties of the final argumente of the attorneys. AUalfa. Major and Wywds. The attorneys for the defense are A concurrent resolution by Ralney confident Htat the Jury. wijkac«nit and of Atoka provides that th« legtoia- Attomey GenBral-JaOton admits that tnre make an appropriation to cover the deficit created by the constltn- tlon convention and ask congress to rtlmburae tho state. Speaker Mur ray expressed the opink>n that It was recalled. i Japaa Preparfaf l|vy. Inquiry in naval drcleavelletta itba GARRELO REFUSED jnfonaation that reports^ k«i JiasBiM- twlved from Takio .sbowlac >ttM ^^Mpi la -losing no time in prapatttg ^T iiavy for war. '-.Tir: J£ \: A forelgtf aabaaar has boat nattiji by its navalTepMsatatlva.lil tk^Mp- B«|Bestr4 Chaagrs ia the OklalMM itnese capital that "UVUL ytuh Oil RegalatfoBS Wwt B« Vada. to the teeth" aad he "cboldlu stand the sut^eneas ot'm; county in which! the sample was l>ought wnis notified and asked by Dr. Crumbine to bring prosecutions for iolations of the'pure food laws. In most instances the county attorne>'s have been reluriant to act and Dr. rramblfte may take the matter up In another way. iSrelve out of sixteen samples of hamburger analyzed were found to contain sulphites or other presen-ative5. .4 sample purchased MAY AMEND LAWS KNOCKED DOWN BT TAB. East; . Lewis Sliiriitlr lajared ob Madisea Taday. L. I^wis w^as knocked down by a {street car In front of the George Bow- I Engines at State Heating Plant Broke | —Repairs Prove Waaknese of Law Regarding Contraction of Debts. Top.»ka. Doc. 5.—.\n act of the legislature at the last session and an ac- Washington. Dec. 5.—Secretary Gar States." h« ....^„.n»,..i«„.w„-..... 5*'?; * «*««»»'o«> announced today. The dlsposlUon her^ however. Is> would be unconstitutional for the state declined to make certain modlficaUons put little sredence In reporU fwBl ^ to allow this deficit as the payment of the new oil and gas regulations in foreign sources, becaoae as both 1^ of members their expenses am) mile- Oklahoma, .is applied for by the Mid- llgent Japaaeae aad AmerleaM aBHi> age. as it should be paid by congress. Continent Oil and Gas Producers' as- date. European comaercial IpttlSllI tkik lus residence this morning about elev- froni Otto Hinzfc at lola was found en o'clock and stunned for a few mln- Governor Hoch o contain preseo-atlves, as were sam- utes. Mr. Lewis was loading some «>uncil in a position where they are pies bought from Taylor & Robinson, brick, which was left in the road yes- practically compelled to violate a J. W. West, P.^ B. Diet and B. A. terday when his wagon broke down, state law. The legislature enacted a Jackson & Co...; all of Kansas City. got too close to the tracks, a mov- law prohibiting the council from con- Kansas. Similar condiUons we^ ing car striking him. He was thrown trading debts on the account of the . ipttraaM but that other expenses could be paid soclation. The decision is made in a would be aloae gainera by a war'H^- by the state. Another resolntfcm is letter addressed to N. W. V. Franchot tween these coantrlaa. being drawn to meet this require- president of the asaoclatlon. who. lives it has beeif snggcsted also ment In Glean. N. Y. The department de- Japan naturally woq|d ««ka . A memorial to congress allowbiR =!lnes to change the regulatton of Hons in view of the dispatch hr < Icdians to sell their surplus land, ex- June 11. last regarding royalty on wernment of the battleaUp Beat'to: ,t-«. ii.« »niri..« .t ihc '^tlus ""Pt homesteads, was brouxbt in by natural gas on the ground that for thePadflc . . cMent TO »he engine at the state ^ ^ . yiscoant Aokl has. never permitta* heating and power plant have placed aVmocratlc member was fit- results are being obtained by the slid hlm«!lf to believe that die dispate^ oC. and the execuUve ^ Republican, ing scale in the gas royalty. the fleet was Inspired by any hoatlla I of Okfuskee county, contesting the| seat of T. B. Wortman. Democrat found; at Lawrence, Chanute, Parsons j some distance and stunned for a fewj state to be paid by appropriations at future sessions of the legislature. On Tuesday afternoon the governor on the big engine at the state power plant broke While the engine was running at high speed. As a result It abont 1600 and Galena. Ttfe Inspections for De-|nUnntes by the fall, cember will cover ihost of the remaining larger towns in eastern and south em Kansas. GAS WAR IN A KANSAS TOWN. Mr. Hinze was seen today and stated that the meat under question has been sold here iy himself and other meat men for ^ears and that he did not know he was! violating the law. It would seem that if Mr. Hinze violated the law. It was anly technically so. THEY SEND BRIEFS I Lights S Cents. Heat $1 Per Month at Independence. Independence. Kas., Dec. 5.—By the| inauguration of a natural gas war in this city, the three supplying com- 1 Secretary Garfield pointe out that in motive, and he has pnbUeiy reco^- making the regulation he appreciated nised the right ot the tJBltad-StiaaB JD . the need of certainty in royalty charge send Ita ships wherever it.satK At. and therefore fixed the limits, within deed, .it is no secret that thpaBbM- which the' royalty for any spedflc sador has contemplated recoia^araA- lease could be charged by the Secre- ing to his government tfai^ It .iBVtto- tary of the Interior without the con- Rear Admiral Evans's coinHad. tot' sent of the lessee, at not less than the visit Japanese ports. No saCh lavKa-^ 10 per cent nor more than 16 2-3 per tion has been extended aad it fa cent Under the previous provisions doubtful now if one wfll .cojpe. the royalty could be increased in- It is understood that dace the ra-' ease will oeipt bt InfonnatTOa that tbe aadia*-^ proprlatlon to meet «.ch a contin?«n- He says the nation's capitaf ought io\^^ JT 'IJIlISfV »W ^^''Si^^^^^^'l.^lS &^^Ji cy. The engine mmit be fixed though set the country an example for ten ^A^^^^ ^^'i ^XnSLZ S^lt'tS Sib 'JSS&S ^^^'^•^M lease. I Tataftka rrftahla SmMaMr. .vL^"-;;^ WANTS A "DRY" WASHINGTON. Kansas reagressmaa Thiaks Natiea's Capital ShoBld Set Exasiple. Washington. Dec 5.—Congressman will cost abont |600 to repair the I Scott of Kansas. In an interview, fsv-1 damage. The legisUturc made no ap-|ors prohibition for Washington city. ^ne new rorm or li "I believe," says the secretary, "that and the council is going to have the perance and sobriety, and that can panies have cut their former rates repairs made in defiance of the law orrty be done by wiping out the sa- more than half, so that now consum- prohibiting the state oflicers from 'oojis completely , l -mnrllone under di«nn.i«. ers are getting incandescent lighta at contracting debto on account of the Congressman Campbell. » member P ^J? ?,Lj,er ro^v *So™ STron^S^" f^-7i^ a cents each a month and heating state. The affair has directed at ?/ the house District committee, be- 1"™ I stoves at $1 a month. Aoki's tirobabie soeeeasor haa Inthia =n {rii.7.'Ui:n7^"ri'^: UM^^^ « correspondingly less bohns. ARGUMENT ON IN BANES CASE. taviryers Submit Cases Rather ThanJ Pay Fare torAppear Personally In Supreme Court Sensational Divorce Case Drawing .to] a Close. and the council wl'l ask that the next legislature amend it. KNOX IN THE RACE Topeka. Dec: 5.—The Kansas Su The attention of district court isl being given this afternoon to the ar-j preme Court is feeling the effects of ^^^^^ ,„ u ,e Banes divorce case, the anti-pass regulations of the rail- The evidence was closed several days roads in force since the tw(M:ent pas- The attorneys |n the case are ng to Rta eraents made here by at- one in which Mrs. Nellie Banes, taehes of the court yesterday. It is j ie,cher In this county 'nl^ro^de^r ha;.^r :l ??v ^e!.uL ^"?h 'l; "klngT a'^vo^^ f„!m^^^^^ pass order havf; greatly reduced the j p . nnnes >nd thn rn <i >n.iv nf numbor of ras.^.ar.i.ed orally at the K'^'fia^ ?he suit' J« '."ScVd monthly Hitilniffi or tho I Senator's Candidacy Formally nounced at Public Dinner. is to be forced to an issue at the coming session, the b^t thing to do will be to let the people of the District 1 decide by vote what they want. "No law of this kind should be forced upon the people without their | being permitted to decide for themselves," said Mr. Campbell. "Prohibition was not brought to Kansas until after a vote, and It will be nothing | but fair that Washington people shall express themselves.' SPLIT OVER UW Green's Action About Speed Laws In State House Grounds. cial envoy to the Unitjed Statas; Chinda. vice minister ot the offlce. and Baron Takahlra, at Japanese ambasaador to Italy .-^ formerly minister of Ington. have tteen consloered. It. la now understood that M.| Takahira;l8 Lj ...k ^^..^ MM. I iir. M>varlAnt choice. Neither Baron Ctalai|^ Governor Hoch Does Not Like Mayor Kanekd can be sparo^M Takahlra will undoubtedly be ui^' oolnted it he is acceptable at Whf)b^ Ington. In the course of an interview today • t Washington. Dec. B.—Tho boom of| Senator Philander C. Knox, of Pennsylvania, for the presidency, was formally iBuncbcd a^ a notable banquet CANT GET BLANKS PRINTED. I council, representing the state, and Topeka. Dec. 5.—DIpk>matic rela tions will Hkely be severed" between, . , . ^ ^.zi- Govemor Hooh and the execuUvaf" "P**** »»»»» t^e^l^^ .vtnnMI K>nKi «<mHn.r tha .nillMt aQtbOrity. Said: Mayor Green snd the common council.I.^* ta auit. ^^}}\Jl^^y}!!!SS^ representing, the city of Topeka.. un- f^'*'"*^""* rlSl^Ml: In.. «tia trnw, 1 ^ luo evout Ot BIS reslgBaUoi|^tlM government of Japan will onir M-. point to the posiUon a paracNl'iMll in thin rltv tonight, when tho Penn- Supremo I mu'ch ^aUentlirby Tti senMtlonaf feii: I «>>\»""» Ropuhllcan congressional del- Delay In State Printing Plant Make Late Reports. Will tures. OFF FOR BERLIN. egatlon placed itself squarHy on red ord In favor of the Pennsylvania senator as President RooaoveU'a successor. The orraslon was a dinner given by Former RepresenUUve Joseph C. Bibley. of Pennsylvania, to the Pnansyl- vania dplegnlinn in congrestT Mr. Knox's candldacv was<l IncretsMl I Tnft and rnembers of his party Jeft|nnthU4>astlcnlly by his colleagues In I Court, the ottoi^i'jpys preferlng to sub mit their cuHesJn briefs rather than imy railroad ttirf. Heretofore th court hen lioen laisy nil day psch day fur onx wfi*k Iti n month llNtenlng to oral urgumentK." At'the DecenAer Stcrstary Taft and Parly Lsft St Ptt liilng orni drgiinxMils have been flu- traburg Today, hwl xliorl'y afO'r noon each day of lhi» Nitilns and; ihc numl»<»r of coses | 8(. Petersburg, Doc. 5.—gpcrolnry iibniliied en UrTnfH has less the mayor recedes from the pool i tion he has taken regarding the en .^...^ . . forcement of the city ordinance ^x-lg'-'i-^.-^f J!^i^°»^ c'uding automobiles and bicycles |S"°^^„'^^;^'J'J '^,'^Jj ['''|JJj«^j|^ tba confldsnca or the Aiaarieu V^VSM. out on time promlsos to dela>' tbo annual reiwrta of the fire, accident and life Insurance companies doing business in tho state, which are due to be made to the superintnndent of Insurance January 1. Under thn law the blanks stiould have been mailed out to tho companies from tho Insur anoo department before this time, but they have not yet been completed by JEFF THBOOflH WITH IIX«. —-^ ^. slor Knox's public career, and point- lent approprlatloB to employ the axtra «'ly the state alone controlled tha io'i^mtVlli^^SS^-Sl.^!S^^ST THE ACTIONS against Wade Clark ed out how Intimately he was Identi- help needed to get it out on time, grounds, but at the request of TOpeka .° .:- JL..^?'*.?'"-^*^.?? "Igr ---------" • - As a result of this de 'ay C. W. the legislature granted the city po- "r imnatlZl?^ He radiartH.lttfc Barnes, superintendent of Insurance -— —"-t ... greatly. There hni» boen a corre* today for Beriln. A number of Rui- ooBgreas. , IKindlng decreaiio In the number of ilan olBcers amt functionaries saw tho Represpntatlve Burke of lAinnsyl- 1 the state printer who had had arttsh nttorneyK In sttendsnce on thi> court visiton off. vnnla. the first sneaker, reviewed 8en-|of work this fall and is without suflic In the "good old dsys" when It was on csKy mstter 4 (1 obtain free railroad transporution, lew attorneys were snd HI Tower, charged with the vio- fied with, and responsible for, the I As a result of this de'ay C. W ilhout some point of contact with lation of the prohibitory law were fil- soccass of manv of the policies that the railroads tha» enabled them t~ d In distrtet court today. The com- have boen msd" the administration get trip passes.: IThe trio pass is now plaints were issued some time ago. of President Roosevelt notable. He a tblnc of the past and the only fel- The evidence against the men was also read extracts from letters writ- lows, riding on rpasses are those who furnished by the detectives employed ten bv the president warmly commend hold annua <E. ^fter Januar>- 1, most by the city and county to apprehend ing Mr. Knox for the part he played of tbe annual)). will also disappear boot loggers. in the enforcement of the anti-trust and there will probably be a further laws. decrease in the iiumbsr of oral argo- EIGHT people united with the Bap- At the concluston of Mr. Builce'i ments before tbe Supreme court tist chunA last nl«Sit five of whom sneech, RepresentaUve John Dalzell ir, were by Immersion. Three were young of the Pittaburg district made a mo- from the state house grounds. He thinks tho statQ authorities are asking too mucAi and has said that he will remit the Ansa of penpis convict- nd of violating ' the ordinance. The mcmbprs of the executive council are very angry about the matter and say that the council wilt order the driVfs ckised to all sorts of vehicles and recommend that tbe lecislature tak» _____ police control of the state hotnalvi^w rag»«Mng thm 'nn'^mljJMr^ grounds away from the city. OriglB-|t]«, the retired chaaplon I 'lTJnt ttS rails Moir ^DBb" ui Sean* FM WHIi iBns. Los Angales, Calif., Dao. 6.— In sft . Interview with Jim Jalfrlaa. ia wM«|^^ he was kskad for a atatattaat of ul-i will have to be lenient with Insurance, companies tliat are late in making their ananal reports for 1907. SEE MILITARY BALLOON. {car Pasaad Over Clyde Bank Scotland Taday. Glasgow. Dee. 3.—Telegrams reeelv* COUNTY Attorney Carl Peterson men who live.atHpmboIdt. Having no tkin that it be admitted as the sense ed here declare .tbe Freneh military said- this afternoon that tbe attorneys Baptist church there to afflliate with, of the delegation, which was carried balkxm Lapptrie. passed over Clyde in the Wjheato^ case had practically they united with the lola church. with cheers. Bank. Seotlaad. thta afternoon, •oing' in • Bortbwaaterlr directiOB. No oaa oB -bosrl the WJeatoi^ case had pracUcally they united with the lola church. agreed on nex1?;Tfaarsday as the day ' • • ' «f tbe hearlBsJrf Try a W biU Ai* te-tfea Ie|Mtr._ , i lice control over tha eapltol aqnare. "bhrthat follow Hoir la Jnat a ^t. ^ The whole troahte aft |i 11 iiil » B due i don't rega^ that Ught aa ha»l ««rtr ^ to the apeed "^i^ Jsk ^M bees dgnlflcaaoB. Of conraa. ilTlttSr V v| drivbig automoMlaa .BadLfUiar bicy- Bams would win. Bttrna ba ^:f «Su [i 1^ cles under tbe atato kaopaarchways many better men, aad thU battia WW' -I?' at a rate dangerous to other petqde, added nothlav to hIa rapdtatlaar" ' Governor Hoch and Secretary Beta ton jt was. sBMeated to Jutrfaa Iktt^a" sre having a fareweR eoafarRtee^th match adtb Baraa eoaid be Mayor Green about the matter today.- to wUdk Jttrtai tepUbd: If he does not agree to balp-aofbree ^qtag. Ila oat o( tha feame for' the ordloaaee aU state hooao drives "^o 4aabt tfeei« ^111 be a Mc wni be ctosad to all Uada fl< veUdes. oflbrod yoa to meet Bama ia a < ploBaUpbattta.-lt ^.stated.! Iir B Wsat A«. is tke Icctoter. .» ^ Waaaa fcr-lt doeaat'VB&^ aar

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