Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 1, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1908
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nm Rm^mimf Hmm ikm SraBT PAGES. lOLA, KANSAS, DECEMBER 1, 1908.—TUESDAY EYE5ISG. KI«HT FASES. Fuel TWO CZXTB. mm\ IS LET DtitEB & WENZEL PLACE SIC- C£88FUL BID FOR lOLA BUILDING. TfiE COST PRICE IS $51,342 THE BOND IS TO BE FILED BY CONTRACTOR BY DECEMBER 5TH If Means That Dirt Sboold Fly Before Loiff—imt tbe Bnlldlogr WfU Look Like Vtlien Completed. OKLAHOMA LEADING IN GA8. Bif Oassen Are Being Bronght In Erery Week Now. / . Unless all signs fall, when Santa ^'1k / Claus gets his mall in Tola Christmas ^' day, 1909, he will call at a fine new federal building on West street. This morning Postmaster C. B. Spencer received word from Waahington that the contract for the erection of the new post office building had 4>een let to ' the Deiter & Wensel Constmction Co. of Wichita on NoTember 25th. The contract price was «S1,342. That this cottphny secured the contract does not come as a great surprise here as a list of ;lic bids was made public some time ago. showing- that Deiter ft Wenzrl had the lowest bid. How over it was known that the contractor h.ivinR the lowest bid consistent with flr.-;t class workmanship and first clas.s material was to secure the ron tract which left the matter in do ibt. The bids were gone over car tully in the ofHcc of the supervising archi . teclaBbStehington, D. C. liT^nwr'notlce received by Wr. Spencer It Is stated that the yiicceystnl co^ipany must file its bond within ton days after the letting of the contract November 25th or on or before December 5th. It is therefore not too much to expect that, if the bond is llTed, dirt wll) fly in a few days. However the progress will depenrl considerably on the weather. Mori-ovcr the company may conaume some time in lAaklng the preliminary plans. According-to the contract the time for com- pletlnf the erection of the buUd- inR,«Xplr«yi:,Peoem|>er 15th. 1909. so VMiistt next year the -M- distributed-, in a nb«l .fiidiaini.' The parties who placed bids were as follows: Northwestern Construction company of Wapeton, N. D.: Wuckster Contractinfc company, of Wichita: Parson and Kline of Omaha; Carl A. Nelson, of Omaha: J. A. Daly of - Nevada. Mo., and J. H. Stone of Kansas City. The new post office building will be located on West street on the site w^ere the M. G. Robinson blacksmith siiop formerly stood, and will he a one Btory structure with approximate di- nteiiafcms of 63x80. feet. It will be liiariitfiyTr till proof, little wood en- terinjT Into tbe construction outside of casings. The walls wi'l be made of atone and brick, granite up to the first floor and tke rest of brick. The roof Tulsa, Okie., Dec. 1.—Oklahoma is leading the United SUtes now in the production of gas, the daily output of gas here being 140,000.000,000 cubic feet. Next comes Pennsylvania with 138.000,000.000 feet. Every week a number of great gassers are brought In in this state and it is no uncommon thing to find a well good for 40.000.000 to 60.000.000 feet. One well this size would be sufficient to supply a city the size of WichiU. Kas.. for all purposes. The best gas fields now proven up are the Tanaha. Coiiinsville and Hogshooter fields, while there are several other fields of less production, but seemingly destined in the near future to become great producers. St. Louis is now looking to Oklahoma for gas and if the law forbidding the piping of gas outside the state can be circum vented, which the promoters of the company to supply St. Louis say can be done, the Missouri metropolis will be drawing on the Oklahoma gas supply within a year. DAYS OF ACTIVITY ICE AN INCH THICK Decemtier L'shertt ia Strenoooii Mvntb I far Salvation Armj-. Sl'DDEN DROP IN TEMPERA TIRE CAI'SES DISCOMFORT. HOLD A GREAT MASS MEETING BLINKBURNS BREAKFAST|UT| JUDGE FOrST WILL PRESIDE AND GAS U AS GOOD BUT HE DIDN'T W. 0. W. BAND WILL PLAY. HAVE A MATCH. A Free Christmas Dinner for SOO Poor j Lowest Temperatnre 16 Degrees AlHrre Families and » Tree for f hlldreit —Rnmmage Sale Opens. Zero, Coldest of Season—:HiTer Recedes Here But Sonth Flooded. BAKERITES TO FEAS PLANS MADE LAST NIGHT FOR ANNUAL BANQUET. To Be l-leld Tuesday Night. December 29th President Murlin May Attend. * Die .\llen coant> Baker University students and ex-students will hold their iinnunl banquet on the evening of Deeemb'T 29th. At a meeting of the men'bers last nluht the date was fixed iind I'lans were made for the oc- eiision. This year's event will be 111'- fourth annual banquet. Allen eounty is wi-II represented at the .Methodist i-ollege this year and the number of association members in this county r>-uches nearly two hundred, so that i! is expected that there win be a large attendance. I Last ycat tho Bakpr. <jlec club was. in the eity aiidgave an added interest to the banquet An invitation ;wil] be extended to Or. L. H. Murlin, president of the Udiversity. who was one of the speakers at last year's banquet, to again appear on the program. It is desired that all ex-Baker stu dents in Allen county to expect to at tend the banquet notify the president. Dr. O. l^. Garlinghouse. or the secretary. Peri Barton, at their earliest convenience. win be of moss green tile, the partitions of terra cotta. and the floor of re-lnforced concrete. The office will, face the south and will have two entrances, one at the Rotith and one at the west side of the building. At the rear there will be a driveway for the rural carriers. The tnoqey order window and registered letter window will be located at the east side while on the west side the postmaster and post office inspector will each have an office. The appropriation for ilho building was secured laixely through the efforts of Congressman Chas. F. SCott. The site was chosen about a year ago. Real Estate Transfers. .lolin Z. Funk and wife to W. R. Temple, west one-half of southwest one-fourth, 20-25-20. Consideration $3200. Edith Thompson ct al to Joseph Thompson, the undivided one-half in terest in west one-half, northeast one- fourth. 11-26-19. Consideration 11500. CALLS WITNESSES PRINTERS WILL SMOKE. Typegmpkical I^nion to Meet Next Sntnrday Night. The lola Typographical union will hold a lunoker Saturday night. The regular meeting falls on Friday night, bat owing to tbe iwy day rush then, the memtMrs thought best to bold their session on the night following. The smoker will follow the business session at which several Imirartant matters are to be dlsimsed of. THE WEATHER. Forerast for Kansas i Fair and eon« tinned MM tMlgktt WMneaday fair, wttk rising temycntnre in west por* tlHR. Data recorded at local office, l*. S. W -eather Bureau yesterday, today and a year ago. November M. Yesterday. Y'r. Ago 40 41 35 30 29 27 46 27 0 TRIAL OF C. E. DAVIS FOR MCR- DEB BEGUN TODAY. turf Wns Completed Daring Day'and County Attorney .«ade Statement to Them. 2 p. m 50 4 p. m 46 6 p. m 43 8 p. m 36 10 p. m 30 12 midnight 26 Maximum temperature ..51 Miniomm temperature .. 26 PrecipiUUon 7 p. m 0 December 1. Today, Yr. Ago 2 a. m 21 26 4 a. m 19 24 6 a. m. 17 26 8 a. m 17 28 10 a. m 22 38 Unoon.... 25 40 Predpltatlon 7 a. m 0 0 KUs An 8katl« Tbe ice found bn tha riulkMr pooda lint tOifiA baa stforded tbelUda the flmt opportnaltr of the vlnlar to •kate. Qidte «.(Mr partfenr^ 7aljlal^ atenj <A}oynd afcattag todnr- Omaha, Neb.. Dec. 1.—With only six peremptory challenges left when the court convened this morning, it appeared probable that the first witness in the trial of Charles K. Davis who Is charged with the murder on September 2 of Dr. Frederick Kustin. would be called tu (he stand during the afternoon. The Jury was cumpieted during the morning session and Couniy Attorney KagUhb Ht once began tbe statement to the Jury, lie told the story of the kll'ing of Rustin on the porch of his home, in the early hours of September 2nd as told by witnesses at the Inquest. He followed this with the story of Abbie Rice, her relations with Rustin and the suicide pact which failed owing to her lack of nerve and of Rus- tln's statement to her later that he had secured the service of Charles E. Davis in carrying out the suicide plan. Saturday, Dec. 5th—Rummage sale "Sarah." called Mr. Blinkburn from opens. his roomi at 6 this morning, "get up Saturday and Sunday. Dec. 12th and and light the gas in the heater will 13th.—-Visit of Col. Blanebe Cox and you? I'm sick this morning." Major Yoder. "Well, wouldn't that freeze you,' Friday, Dec. 25th.—Christmas din- muttered Mrs. Blinkburn. as she ner for 300 poor families. watched her breath turn into vapor, Wedncsaay. Dec. 30th.—Christmas "Mr. Blinkburn, ybu can get up and tree for 150 poor children. light the gas yourself, I have a terrible headache and I haven't slept half The advent of December ushers in this night, a month of unusual activity for the lo- Silence, cal deUchment of the Salvation' Army. Fifteen minutes later. Blinkburn Though the work of preparation for ventured to poke his head out from this month of events is interfered under the weight of a half dozen with because of the serious illness of blankets. An tce-colored streak of the wife of Harry Butler, captain light darted into the roiom when he commanding the lola company, he and reached over from the t>ed and pulled his assistante are going forward with the curtain aside. On the window tfie work energetically and a great pane. Cartoonist J. Frost had wrought season of achievements is looked for. hundreds of fantastic forms and fig- On next, Saturday, in tbe building ures. Blinkburn sank back with at 111 West street the Army will open sigh, its rummage sale. This per- Silence, manent and the store will be kept Twenty minutes later. Blinkburn open as long as there is a demand for rolled over and batted bis eyes at the the *roods kept for sale. ^ The Army celling. "Sarah." he yelled again, "I has secured an immense amount of don't supiiose you'd care if I'd die men's, women's and children's cloth- with pneumonia. Ask a man to get up ing and these articles of apparel will a morning like this when he really be offered for sale at nominal prices. Isn't able to move." We open this sale, because it is Receiving no response and realizing impossible to prevent impositions any that the case was hopeless. Blinkburn other way." Captain Butler said this Jumped out of bed and ran down raoruing. "l.*st year, the Army gave stairs. There wasn't a match on the out the clothing absoliitcly free. Se\^ place. Shivering with the cold, he eral persons applied and were fitted looked about for a piece of newspaper with a whole outfit without the pay-. Not one downstairs. He bounded up ment of a ponnv. It was learned after thf sulrway with two leaps. "Sarah,' fuM that thasft -peiaona-peddled tha he veiled again. "Where on earth is a <lotliing,-^^>htch the Arm? had fumiafa-^newspaper. 1 cant light the —Good meals, cents, at Fan's Restannint. FELL FROM A BOAT Cklef Biggy of San Fmnciseo Police Foree, Drowned In Mrsterions Manner. S3^ Francisco. Dec I.— Wta. J. Biggy, chief of police of this city, was drowBod In the bay last tfght and the body ins not ynt knen recovered. Chief EUisr was retnmins to the city from DolTidere In tbo poUce launch {"Patrol" and when tha boat arrived It Waa discovered he waa niaaing tboogh the •nglnner, WUliam 'Mnridur. tbe only Other ooespnnt of tbe bont. did not aen bin CaU ombonrd, ed lh*m. 86 we are going to charge there isn't a match oit the place. Wo- a ridiculously small price for each man, I wish you would pay attention article we offer, and in this way we to your houEehoId duties and order expect to prevent the Iropostcr from matches — matches — matches, d'ye getting in his work. And another hear?" thing, those who are needy and too Blinkburn found a newspaper and poor to buy at the small price will be hurried downstairs. Turning up a gas clothed. But aid will not be given Jet. he held tbe paper over it and outright. We will have application goon had a blaze. After singeing bis blanks upon which the applicant must eyebrows and scorching his hands, state his name and address, how many Blinkburn succeeded In lighting the in family, how manv are employed, heater. He turned the valve wide and give such information as the open and stood as hear the blaze as Army deems necessary to show cood he could. When the room warmed he faith. The applicant will be told to heated a cup of coffee, fried a link of return the fotlowing day and a soldier sausage and sat down to breakfast, will be sent to the applicant's home The telephone bell rang nervously, to investigate. If the statements on "Coming to work this morning. Blink- the applications are tnie. then the ar- burn?" a voice said over the wire, tides will be supplied forthwith and "Certainly. Mr. Bing," Blinkburn without cost. Otherwise ti>ey will not. said in reply. "You see .Mrs. B. is sick A Great Mass Meetino. this morning and I had to get the One week from next Saturday. Col. work done myself. Blanche Cox. accomnanled hv Afajor -Well it's " o'clock and the ther- Yoder and EusiRn Keeler. will come niometer stands only 17 degrees above to lola for a two days' stay. Salur- zero. We thought it might be too cold day niEht. Col. Cox will deliver her for you." famous lecture on the Holy Land, 11- "Oh no. .Not that. I knew It was cold lustrated with Pictures which the tor ice one inch and one-eighth thicK Colonel took while on her trip to for- waj frozen last night." elcn lands. Ensign Keeler who Is one "i don't believe it." nf the best musicians of which the "Ask Schoppe." Army boasts, will give a musical pro- A few minutes later. William A. J. en>ni. A very small admission fee Schoppe, chief of the lola weather bu- wlll be chareed for the lecture. An reau was answering te'ephone. evancellcal Sunday momlns service' -That's rlKht." he was saying, "Ice 111 be he'd. »n inch and one-eighth thick was fhoz On Sundav afternoon in the Crrand last nlKht. I had placed a vessel theater, a great mass meeting will be of water out on top of the weather held. Oscar Foust. Jiir».«e of the Al- building where the warmh of the earth len oiintv district court will preside wouldn't affect It." and the- mnyor and counollmen and "What's thai? Coldest morning we minlsterfi of the citv will be honorary- have had yet?" Ire chairmen; The W. O. W. ban/i "Yes Indeed, for this year. It was will furnish music «n.| Colonel Cox 17 above at 7 o'clock und 16 at 8. Low ill dellve- the addreos. ent temperature of the year, yeH.' sir. Fni- the Christmas Holiday. We had n drop of 42 degrees In 24 On Christmas day. the Army will hours. The coldeHl November weath- fiirnlKh .100 poor famllleM with their nr we have hud since the weather bii- Chrlstmas dinners. The work of pre- reau was esiablUhed in August. 1905. paring for this great task is now >in- was 12 alMive on Nov. 1905. The der wsv and canvassers from the weather for towonow will be fair with rmy will soon be sent out amona the 'ontinued rold." citizens to solicit aid In this charit- Pressnrr iiood. ahle enterprise. The dinnen wlP be Despite the heavy drain on the gas placed in bsskets and will Include -jupply this morning, the pressure was generous portions of chicken, turkey ?ood and there were no corovlalnts. or duck and other delicacier. The has- "If the service Isn't good we haven't Vef(« will be fnrnished to families heard of It." J. M. Rodgers. superln- holdine tickets only. The Array will tendent of the municipal gas depart- send out workers In a few days to nienl. said this morning. "We have a canvass the city. These workers wilt -.'S-pound pressure on the tine and find tbe really needy and sunnly them plenty In reserve no reason to fear a with tickets eood for a Christmas gas shoruge." dinner. 1" this way the Army ex- Though the' sudden drop in tempera- pecta the dinners to ao only to those »ure undoubtedly affected the poor fam who deserve and need them. Hies of the city, yet there were no ap- ' On Wednesday. December 30fh. the i>eals for aid, either at the city hall or Army win aive a Christmas tree and at Salvation Army headquarters, entertainment for I.TO poor children. The water in the Neosho is steadily The tree will be aclow with candles receding and the stage of the river and trinkets and cnndies which de- will soon be normal. Uttle patches lir^t the hearts of tbe children. of ice areas are seen in the lowlanda With all this work before him. Cap- but those will disappear with the tain Butler looks for a strenuous warmth of the day. month, but 'believes that the Army A Santa Fe Train Annnlled. will he rensid by the good derived According to dispatches there is still from its efforts. much water in the south. In this con nection. the Chanute Sun says: r..Mr .i fc, u.>.f U......IC.. I ^ pasaenger No. 204. which Funaral for Hazel Huna^ker. |,hou !d have gone throogh Chanuto CUT NEW CHANNEL morning for Tulsa, will' be unable to proceed farther than Dewey., Prom Dewey It Will return as No. 204 tomorrow morning. The Santa Fe tracks between these two points are washed ^ut. and practically ail railroads along CITIZENS OF PINE BLUFF PLAN the water course of the Arkansas. Cimarron and Cottonwood rivers are TO CHANGE COURSE OF ARKANSAS out of commission. Assistant Superintendent .McNalty has gone to tbe danper point, and is pereonally direct- TUC QllfCR UAV nifCDCI Ullf ihg the efforts of trackmen to prevent inC nlfCn mnl UfCnrLUfI furtiier washouts. SUES CANDY FIRM. J. W. Rolls Wants to Recover From Brownfield A Davis. I VALUABLE BUILDINGS ARE Of DANGEB OF COLLAPSE. t J. W. Rolls has brought suit in dis- „ «„ r»..u». trict court against Brownfield & Dav- MeeUng Held to Consider Plan is. the candy makers, to recover $325 which he alleges is due him on an to Drain River Into New Bed North of Town. account. He says that on the 22nd of September last, the candy firm ordered from the Phoenix Duster and Manufacturing company 25 gross of pjng 3^,^ ^^k., Dec 1.—Follow- handle dusters and that the order ^J^g all-night struggle against the waa filled. If ter he secured the ac- encroachment of the Arkansas river, count from the Phoenix People. He citizens of Pine Bluff renewed an says the defendants have not paid the apparently hopeless struggle today, bill and he therefore brings suit to The fate of property aggregaUng ptob recover the amount, $325. ably five million dollars is in the balance. Fearing that tbe already weakened Imnks of the Arkansas river would be unable to withstand the pressure of water when the full force of the present rise reaches Pine'Bluff it was de, cided at a mass meeting of citizen!: THEY CHOSE OFFICERS FOR THE J here to divert, if possible, the channel THE K. OF P. ELECTED ENSUING YEAR. Chris Ritter. C. C—Use New Paraphernalia.—An Honored Guest Mr. Sour, Was Present. C. C—Chris Ritter. V. C—Bert TIdball. P.—A. H. Davis. M. of W.—Frank Forrest. K. R. S.—W. S.'Thompson. ..M. of F.—J. T. Miles. M. of EJx.—T. H. BowluB 'M. at A.—C. P. Longcorc. U. G.—B. 0. Hildebrant. of the river by the cutting through of a narrow strip of land at a "horse shoe bend" several miles north. This plan, if successful, while leaving Pine Uluff away from the main channel, would eliminate, it is believed, the dan ger of an overflow. The action of the mass meeting followed reports of a coming 16-foot rise in the river, the crest of which will probably reach Pine Bluff by Wednesday, and tbe sloughing off of a large piece of the bank following the recent flood. Today a great crack was discovered In the two story warehouse of R. M. Knox, which has been clinging on the brink, of the caving bank. That thi.s structure will go down is tbe opinion of building experts, and the safety of the Jefferson hotel, a 1100,000 strnc- lurc. the Jefferson county bank and O. G.—John F. Goshom. The above were elected as the of- Rdera of the KnUjhls of Pytblas for i;;;"^^' '7, hru^'1i ^"lmMrTled' the ensuing year at the regular meet- '"^ house is imperiled. jngoj the order last evening. Preccd- PROTECT THE CO-RESPONDENTS. log the election, two new members were added to the membership rolls. „^ Accus^t Women In tho The knlgbt rank was conferred upon Divor^TKept Secret. Dave l»ng. The initUtory work last night created unusual Interest for the j^^^ y^^^ l.-When trgu- reason that the new paraphernalia re- ^^^^^ ^ g„„ amend- centty secured nsed for the first complaint of Helen Kelly GouW time Another distinct feature of the ^ ^^.^^^^ j j„ ^^er^^e for evening was the large attendance es- ^.^.^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^.^ ^^^^^^ g^^, peclally among the older members. j^^^^. attorneys for Mrs. Gould "lu^^ ^ T^^^'^l^ declined to :.ive the names of the sev- ^ln'°,/i''Hin ™.,n ^H*^^^?*' «''«' alleged"co-respoudents, her attor- „^ !nH .n,i;J/ tfCT ney. Herbert Smyth saying the defend present and added interest to the oc- ^.^ ^^.j^^ j,^^,^ ^,1 ^^^^ 1 ». ui ID- . o . T licfty possible in the case, which waa A^o ^^k w?o 'ls-amiSiS 'of'th "l ?o'dg''e -'•^t the plaintiff wife did not ?ri :..eVes^delft "wr ^cScin^^v ^s , ^an^^vfu^f tt^^^^^ . „,,^r,^^A »K„ co-respondents and giving the places LSf.Tn,,^/ r ^h! i„m,.o^ w^,v '^hereU.e acts complained of by Mrs. participated In the initiatory work. ^„^g^j j,^^^ l,^en committed. One of these was North Sydney. C. B.. and Paris was another. In Paris adjoining or connecting rooms were alleged to have been occupied by "Miss Blank" and the defendant. Decision in the matter waa reserv- DISEASE IS IN CHECK WILSON SAYS MALADY AMONG r**' CATTLE NOT SPREADING. SHANNON CASE IS NEXT. 1000 Animals Suffering From tiie Disease Have Been Destroyed. I The Action Was Appealed From the Juvenile Court. Funeral aenrlee for isa Hazel Han- thia morning at 1:30 o'clock la water- Baken who waa drowned hi the UtUe boond at Tolaa. When It was learned Oaage early last Sunday morning, waa early laat evening that the train held this'afternoon in Klncald. The would be unable to leave the Okla- napUa-oriUneoln tehool where iflaa homa town It waa marked 'luuralM" HnBnnker:waa n popil sent a beantifol on thobuUeUn in tbe local iUtlOB. Na flomi otf«rioS. , 203, which loft Cbnnute at «:S9 tbis The Eddie Shannon case will be taken up In district court as soon as the WTheeler-Monarch Portland case is disposed of. Eddie Shannon is a minor and some time ago was arraign- Wasliinglon. D c Dec 1 —Secre- ^ Juvenile court for some trouble tary Wilson today declared the foot ^^'th his teacher. The-Juvenlle Judge and mouth disease among cattle which recommended that ho be sent to a re- bas been prevalent in the sUtes of fo^m school. The boy s mother was Michigan. New York. Pennsylvania satisfied with the decision and np- and Maryland, was now under con- Pealed to the district court, irol. It is estimated one thousand animals suffering from the disease _^ MM ^aBaa have been destroyed JQ COMPLETE DEAL ARTIFICIAL ICE IMPURE. RtfrlBtratlng Engineers in New York J- Wheeler Asking Court to Corn- Were Told of Filthy Plants. 1^' Monarch Company to Carry ' Out Allagod Doal. ma'^uTactl -rfrs ofa^rtifi 'cufS nS JJ;^ T.^.fl^.TVJVT. the supposed adv.nugc of purity of ^^"J'' w wLec ler v« the Mon their products over the natural arti- p „i,,„; V^„*inf InmnL ^^t K., ™—rii .u..- ^„»^„w,Ai^t.M arch Portland Cement company, of -! fh ^T^ Lm/„, ^.*H» .^^r J^*?* Humboldt. Wheeler claims that the *L !J.-?' n, niJ ^iL^Hn^ ed at $100 each, for a piece of land ^ir.fin?^Honii but that it refused or neslected to ^li^r sn.,v^ Complete the deal. He therefore goes ^i^fZ .n tht^ „r^«?of * into court to scttlc the matter. The revolution in tbe process of manufac- ^^j,^^ ^^ ^^^^ claims that whatever deal or agreement for the trade was entered into, was made by an agent having no authority to do so. ture in many plants would be necessary GAVE CHILD POISON FOR THE fcWD-WEEK. LECTURE. And Then Cklnigo Wonun SnlcMed —Carbolle AcM Was Used- Deaths in a HoteL •The Jew. the Gentile and the Coming of the Kin?," tha Subject. The topic for tbe Bible lecture at the mid-week prayer meeting in the Presbyterian church tomorrow nigM will be "The Jew. the Gentile and the Memphis. Tenn.. Dec 1.— Mrs. Te- Coming of the King." Dr. Hflacher rasa Errlngton. wife of Nicholas P. win speak. Errington cf Chicago, commited sal- These mid-week lectures are at- dde in a hotel here laat night after traeUnr much attention and are well P9iBonlng her seren-year-old dangh- attended. tnr Teresa. Carbolic add waa the , , (Math agent in both cases. The bus- C. W. Keaton. county clerk of An|MM|d belleyes ill health prompted the. derson coooty, was in the city this Wit; ' - afternoon on bmlness. -jr.";

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