The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1944
Page 3
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^TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 6, 1944 Colonel Tipton Bags Nazi Plane Events Happen Fast ^ After Local Airman Takes New Command A NINTH AIR FORCE MUSTANG FIGHTER BASE—E. T. 0. Sept. 5— With your favorite ball Player, track man or gridiron star It vvonlu be hard lo cqunl the record of James 13, Tiplon, Blytlie- vitle. Ark, now conunanglng one of (lie Ninth Air Force's loading Mustang Fighter Groups, who Is playing the giime of war—with emphasis on the war. Taking command of a famous Fighter Group curly In May, clnim- Ing his first enemy aircraft shot down, being promoted to the rink of full colonel and being recommended for the sixth Oak Leaf Cluster to his Air Mciiaj are just a few of the things that have happened to Colonel Tipton In Die month he has teen in his new command. The 20-year-old colonel has completed over 35 long range escort and dive bombing missions deep Inside the fortress Europe since arriving-. i;i (Jiis [lientcr of opera- lions in December 19'13. Like rewarding a small boy with a piece of candy for being well hc- liavcd, the colonel, upon arriving back at his home base .ifter completing a most successful mission over enemy territory my claiming an enemy aircraft shot down, discovered [lint orders uromot!n« Mm to the rank of full colonel graced Ihc rectangular table he calls a desk in the old Eiilish farm limise. Of (lie encounter wuii the German p;bt who was at (he controls of a twin eninc ME 410, the col- one! remarked: "We were just approaching the leading box of bombers from the west when we spotted a formation of single and twin ^jjjjgine enemy fighters making a tendon pass at tlic-ni. It was on the -•'follow through in n left turn that I caught u|. to the "410". rirln» a short burst which hit his wings, but he was out of range. I closed in and fired a long burst observing many hits in th c cockpit area, His Plane caught fire and disintegrated before my ey* as he started earthward." Colonel Tipton. son of Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Ti|)ton, BlyUicvillc. Ark,, is a graduate of the University of Alabama, class of 1938. who 1)0- san his cadet /lie-lit training; shortly after graduating, at Randolph Field, Texas. In August 1'39 he won his win^s and commission as a second lieutenant at Kelly Field, Texas. Prior lo coming to this Ilieatei of op?ralions in December 1943 Colonel Tipton was an Air Corps .supervisor at. Love Field. Dallas, Texas and tli^ commanding officer of a primary school a Bnlliusev, Texas. Tt was not until ir.ining this present organization that he re- You're Not Too Old To Feel Young This is n message for men who ;jfcve known life but no longer find *K thrilling because of the lack of certain vitamins and hormones. Iromone, a recent medical discovery combining vitamins and hormones may multiply the vim and zest and enjoyment yon once knew. Your whole . approach, your whole altitude toward life, may improve when you begin to vise' Tromoiie. Now it may be possible for middle aged men to again enjoy the same spirit, vitality and pleasures that made their youth a thing to remember. Adde t i years may not subtract from your pleasures when you use Tromono, the new medical formula combining vitamins and hormones. Follow directions on label. Tromone for sale by Robinson Drug Co. and druggists everywhere. Green Wonts Insurance For Postwar Labor JACKSONVILLE, Flu., Sept, 5 (UP)—President William Green of the American Federation of Labor demanded In a Labor Day address that Congress complete reconversion Plans and provide thc nation's workers with a post-war insurance I l >r °8ram. Green addressed 20,000 'shipyard workers In Jacksonville. There must be full opportunities for re-training, Green says, of disabled war veterans and workers in- Mircd in war industries. He says i Hint insurance is necessary to tide over these workers and veterans until Jobs for all will become available. Pointing out an approaching victory for the nation, Green urged the abolishment or oppression, poverty and Injustice as the basic causes of war, Green reviewed labor's record of production—130 billion dollars worth of armament since 1!MQ. . , . planes, ships, tanks, gum and ammunition. These weapons, he says have inspired American soldiers and discouraged the enemy. Thc labor leader denounced n proposed amendment, to the Florida constitution which will abolish the union shop. '! he union shop, hn says, is part of thc American f.rce enterprise • system. Green pledged the assistance of the AFL. in defeating the amendment in November, Green warned thc shipyard workers that (lie adoption of such an amendment b v Florida voters will mean longer hours of ivork for lower wages, loss of seniority-and loss of job protection. Says Wife-1111.11101 ' "' HAMMOND, Ind. iUi-j —Claude Cross, in a suit for divorce, claimed that his wife prowled the streets at night "like a lost kitten." She came home o" e morning at 8:30-he said, and bit him on ills: leu arm. ceivcd Ills Introduction (p the P- 51 Mustang Fighter plane'of which lie speaks most highly. "The p-51 is a pilot's airplane." he said. "H can out. light anything in the sky and that Is thc best thing you can .say or nny plane." CHECH L 666 Liquid for Malarial Symptom*. Latest Weapon Shown Newsmen M-18 Tank Destroyer Is Demonstrated At Proving Grounds DETROIT. Sept. 5 <U1>> - One of Ihc Army's newest secret weapons luis been unveiled nt Del roil. At Bnlt-k proving grounds in runt, Mich,, newsman were given a first-hand demontlralion of thc M-18 tank destroyer, 19 tons of fighting fury trawling on the .'astral military half-track In the world. Officials say the M-i 8 has already seen ipectuciilar action willi The American Third Army In the fall or Orleans, in Fnince. And it Is also salil to have been In General Potion's drive around Paris. Jiulek's president It tmabtn to give the number of the new weapons row in France, |, ut iSnys tlml at least 2000 were ready lo be shipped. The M-18 tank ili-.slroycr boasl.s lop .speed of 55 miles per hour and can hurdle ditches ami llnm- der.'over embarkmenls with Jiardly a jolt, ll.s revolutionary track design enable.-, it to careen around sharp tmus at .speeds Hint would wreck an aiiloirobUe. A 1C millimeter yun anil 50 caliber machine gun gives it tremendous firing power. Two other new developments in mobile weapons arc also revwili-d by General Motors. • Fisher Body plants arc now producing a heavier lank destroyer- known as> Hie M-:)0. Weighing 3-1 Ions, mid mounting a 80 mini- gLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NE\,'S meter cannon, the destroyer's armor-piercing shells can rli> Ihrodgli both Hie NMl Mark,Five nnd Mfi'k Six '.links, j Newsmen nlso Ivnrnrd the Cur}!)- lac division of tlic General Mot/Ms Corporation Is (itming out a ijew Cast light tank known Is thc MJ2-I. H carries a crew of five, openi'.es mori! than ioo mllc.s without Je- fwlliiB and packs formidable tin n liienl. Camp Robinson Wins District Championship LITTLE ROCk, Sept. 5 (UP) — Deception cemcr unsrbnU club of i Camp Koblmon, Little Hock intl Camp Robinson lonjjiie cliampHns, has won Ihc Army's Arkansiis-ls.isl Texas District ISaseball chnmplon- .shlp on a forfeit by Harmon Gin- •ral Hospital ol Loiujvlcw, 'lexaa. The reception center defeated llnrmcn 7-3 in a semifinal Sntur- lay. niter tying the team Friday In i 10-lntiln affair 2-2. The I-Inrmtnu lefnultcd In the ciinmnbnsnti) »:itc)i when their pitchers developed sore hands, with no rcpldce- IH-IHS for lliein nvnllnble. I ,'The champion reception center Jdsi'bul) club mis the only tuple- 'I'iilcd team In the meet which op- •ned Thursday. A minimum or DO ilay.s will bo let'dcd by milomobUe ninniifne iir- ers lo gel ready for civilian \uv>- diidloii ,'tflcT the war. • ' ! • i B E R L O U . G-oranteed Moothproofing Protects CLOTHING— RUGS—FURNITURE- DRAPES—BLANKETS—etc. Ask for thc schedule of reasonable prices. HUDSON Cleaner—Tailor—Clothier Buying Of All Kinds. BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blythevillc, Ark Lieut Kerr Is Arkansas Tennis Champ 1.1T1LK HOCK, Sept. !> (UP) - ueiit. John A. Kotr of tin- Ulvtlu- vii i- Army Air Field is the' new Arkunsus lemils champion I-louivimiu Kcrr dcfiMted Clinjles C-i-'iok ol l.lltlo Uock to win I he suite i-l)iiiii|)|oi| S ])|p uf (|, ( , Al . knu _ »:>s Open Tninis Tournnment li-0 u-I. ti-1. U'tiU'imni Kerr roecnlly won I ho I'-iisU'in Hying command dmm- plunsliip »i Million, fin. lie nlso was " meinbi'r ol the iwo Davis Cini sijniul. Cook niul Jimmy lloll of Little Itek wen Ihc do\iiili> s finals when they defeated Cuphiln \v. Pcrrv U'Wls nnd cn])liiln \v. 1). Swiirlu of Camp Hoblnsnn. In the girl's (llvlsi:)n M u r y Sulrt- i'J' defwilod Sue KcKh ti-1, «-l, (o win the Arkansas Women's Tennis cltflni|;lo!ishl|), Baseball Standings SO'lll'llKKN H<J llci I'tuil 111, (l)l')-_l,.inv lijulltf. 0, ivnlkcd hiiix-fiKil ihroimh an n.ili |illc neiir his home. Tlic nshes proved to In- liot 1111,1 Larry «ns (nkcn id a hospltnl .suffering friim ihrld di'iirtr burns on bolli feel. Memphis . . Alliinln .' .. New Orleans Atolille ..... Llllli' Hock lilrinlnghnm ChnltanooKH AMKK1CAN New York , . •91. l/mls . .. Uelvnll ..... Huston ..... Cleveland . . Ptillndrlnhh . Clllt'lljJO ..... NATION II, St. Louis . , r-ltlsbnr(ih , clncinnuil . C/llll'DKO . . . Now York . Hoslon ..... nrauklyn . I'lilliuU-lphln W. L. .. .12 as II 21 .. .11 •„'.( .. Tt 30 .. as :n .. M ;n .. 20 30 IKAdlll! W. L. .. 74 53 .. 73 .VI ..70 HO ..71 152 .. tf'l (10 .. 1)3 72 .. tlU 70 .. M VI) i I.ACIII: \V, L. . , 02 ;M .. 70 (it .. litl W .. M U7 ,. 5!l 71 ,, fi4 77 .. 53 71) .. W VI Pet, .lilt I .•183 .131 .I0:i .•100 ,377 Pet. .f>HO .•KM .•I Si .•112 .•11)5 .301 Yesterday's Results KO.UTHKIIS' l,l!A(illK C'lmttunootfix (i-1, HlrmliiKluim -l- Nlj(ht mum's: ' Memphis' 0-V Moblli.- 0-3. Atluntu C-a, Now Ork'iins :i-4. 'Nashville 3-U, Lltllo Rock2;4" AiMKItllJAN ),KAlJUJi New York IO-H; Philadelphia 0- Uoslon 11-2, WnshiiiBlou 7-9 Clcl'cland 0-1, St; J,ouls 4-5 Detroit 12-3, Chicago 2-0 NATIONAL MfAtiUl! New York 7-8, Plilliidflphln 0-H Clilc«co 0-3, 1'lltBbui'ijh 3-1, SCC J ond giunc culled In olxlh, diirknesa St. Louis 3,. clni'lnmill o, second game rain, Brooklyn -l-u, Hoslon 1-4. New, Only Today's Games' TIlhKN I KAOtE ^ lit Mobile, * - a.h<tttt. Atlanta *i Vift 11 ! Qliatfiif5ogr"' iw, , NATIONAL" I.KACTJK ' Only L AMKMICAN JCEAGUE Detroit lit Clilfko >>!ght t Only game uclicduled. iiY- r •si-Cala Company, .(•'rmifhlswl liolltor! Peiisi-C fslnii'l C'llH, iV. l"'•'',• |{ ( ,UI!n K Co. of' Klythevilb / I'M SAVING WASTE PAPER!" Yes . .. watting is hard. But ifs easier when you're doing something to protect and aid him ,.. find bring him home sooner! Your Government says that wHsts paper i« the No. 1 war shortage. There'* your oppor- iun;Yy/ For waste paper is everywhere. Newspapers, magazines, wrappings, corrugated paper . . , bundle them all in packages about 12 inches high and turn them in. The very waste paper you tie up may well bo made into paperboard that packages th» K-rations, ammunition or blood plasma you* fighting man will use. So enlist the children. Enthuse your neigh* bon and friends. Scour attics and basement*, Then start a regular system of saving and bundling your wasta paper for war. ,. It's so. little to do ... «nd it may mean BO much to hi ml V, y, Victory WASTE PAPER Campaign Get it over with. Get back home. Get a job. This is what our fighting men arc thinking and talking about. , ^First, victory. Next, nail clown the peace. .iThen they want to throw oft' the rigid regimentation of military life-and not run into the same sort of regimentation hack home. iThey want to set out for, themselves, as Americans always have ?t^. to use their, own heads and hands in fashioning their own destiny. 'A jobaiid an oftfiortnnify-in the American system of jrce enterprise. This is the post-war plan of men in uniform. Government can't be expected to carry out these plans. It's up to every one of iis; at hometo see that they Ye fulfilled-e/ez/en ". million 'timesJ','7. We .will dolour "part. 1 DONT WASTE ELECTRICITY JUST BEMUSE IT ISNT RATIONED! Aj,

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