Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1907
Page 8
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Oladfelter returned to their honife in Topeka yesterday after a short visit with their son in this city. See the Packard hand painted china at Burreirs drug stiire. housa on the east side. He has also moved his office from the Davis building to his new quarters. ^ ARTHUR Roberts,^ of the Union Pacific Tea company i? confined to his home with a severe cold. COL. GEO. Vdglespng has now taken charge of the Readicker rooming See what you can buy for $1.85 in Men's Shoes at Shields Shoe Co. MANAGER Johnny Filman of the JopHn club, denies the reiwrt that he is to dispose of Sylvester Olson, whose home is in Savonburg. this county. It is said, however, that one of the Pacific coast teams will draft Olson. He is playing winter ball in Arizona. , , I t -c • i * No Change Necessary lir Rexall Remedies ->< The new Pure Food Law requires every patent medicine manufacturer to tell just what dan- jgerotis drug is in his medicine. Certain period- 'icals interested in patent medicine reform have jdeclared that the formulas of many patent medi- idnes will have to be changed before the manu- /jfecturers will dare conform with this law^; These .'periodicals also declare that the public will never jicnow of these, changes, and never, knoiw what these, remedies formerly contained. /» This suspicion, however, cannot rest upon Rexall Remedies. You have absolute proof that ] Rexall Remedies have been changed to con,' form with the new Pure Food Law, because you 'knew theform-idas of iliese remedies four years as^o! \ (The Rexall formulas were nroer secret. The' . thousand Rexall druggists have always Jinown all the Rexall formulas and given them to every customer who asked for them. f INo'one Rexall Remedy was ever claimed to' . be a "cure-all"—each of the 300 remedies is de- j •signed to cure a certain human ill— 2ind does tt.\ I These 300 remedies were selected from among •thous^ds because they were the most reliable and successful cures in the world, Far from^ vishirig to conceal the formulas of these remedies, t we are proud to tell just what they are. and al-' t 'ways have been. ^ That 's where the Rexall plan goes further to "i. jsafegVArd you than does the Pure Fqod Law., jEven now you'll only know the dangerous drugs j / .in other patent medicines, while you haye alwajs | been able to know the complete formula^ of Rex- C • all Remedies! , \ The Rexall guarantee has been the greatest' : / jEvidence of the sincerity back of the Reicall Rem- •cdies. For four years Rexall druggists have I offered to return the money to any one who i brought back an empty Rexall botde or package' iand said they were not satisfied. , CV /) We, as one of the Rexall druggists, f6el a gen-'' 'uine satisfacdoh in having been able to supply this community for four years with one line of ' Jtnedidnes which the United States i Govem- /iment by its new Pure'Food Law shows were /• "aboays mads right and sold rights and; have de'• served every bit of the faith you have had in / Aein. ^ • , * . 14 M The Pure Food Law may necessitate changes v>;ilr*.'M»<>»3 »er medicines, but it only endorses Rexall Rwiiedics,. ' A few of tl. 300 famous RE.X ALL Remedies, one for each human ill, arc: FOR CAT« The chief inKTcdients of Mucn-Tone are Gemia:i. Cubrlis, Cascan baKrada, Gl)i.- erint! and SarM|>ariIla. Guntian is recoRnlzed in medicine as one of the Kreatirit tunics ever discovered. It combines the tonic powers of all knoun "bi'.ten," with nooe of tlw disadvantages applvinctoany. CutielK have lonK been recoenized as a si>ecinc in the treatment nl all catarrhal conditions. Its action is prompt and its benrtit almost invariable. Cascara .Sacrada is especially introdnm] for its unapproachable laxative pro[>ertie5. Tiie combination «f these v>ith Uljcerine and Sarsaparilla makes Mucu-Tune a remedy that attacks catarrh from evenr , point and cradually restores the diseased tissues. Bottle, SOc POR NBWES — AMOnCMmS DJXIII The Kexall Americanitis Elixir is a Ionic nerve f»>d cumjiosed chiefly of ftea Fhosphunis, (jlycophosphates. Iron Pyrophosphate and Calisaya. , The wonderful results of this remedy ai9 doe to the fact tint it supplies Phosphor- , oils to the Bern cells in a condition in whidi it can be immediately and easily taken up by them. The Ulycophosphafes, actual nerre-tls- . sue buiUer^ are one of the most recent and valuable additions .to this branch of ' medicine and unquestionabW a nmre efficient remedy than tlie vell-IcDOwn Hypo- . phosphitesl I The Iron Pyrophosphates are the most easily assimilated form of iron which Riva | tone and color, and the combined alkaloids i of Calisaya Hark have a tonic effect on al- ' roost all the fv.nctions of tbe Uxly. 70c- ' and IIJO a bottle. ^ ROALL "tr KAM TOMC The famous Rexall 'ID' Hair Tonic Is com|K»ed in chief of Kesurdn, Ue*a Kapb- tholand Pilocarpin. ' Uesorcin is one of the latest and most • effectiveRerm-killers discovered by science, and in connection with Beta Kaphthol, which Is both germicidal and antiseptic, a combination is formed which not only ' destroys the germs which rob the hair of its nutriment, but creates a clean and healthy condition of the scalp, which prevents the development of new i^rms. Pilocari'in is a well-known agent for restoring tlie hair to its natural color, where the loss of color has been due to a diseaso of the scalp. It is not a coloring matter or iyt. , This combination of curatives mixed with alcohol as a stimulant, perfects the most eftective remedy for hair and scalp ' troubles knotm today. Per bottle, COc SHOW WAS GOOD Audience Which Saw "District Lead- ei^ Saying ComplimentaiTr Things Today. "The finest yot." "CprUinly high class." "Some swell sinplng." These are unionR a few of the comjiliments passed on "The Dl.strict leader" whldi played at the Grand theatre Inst nlRht. With a large company of well trained players, with rich and elaborate stage and scenic effects, with fine music rendered hy pretty girls and handsome men. with a story .Offer Of choice Jewelry Novelties, fine containing no vague loosely connected • Watches, handsome Silverware and Cat Glass. the opportunity for the holiday buyer presented in onr large stock now—have the article you desire to give laid aside for yon today. 0. A. LEFFLER, JEWELER. TiMinrLuMNt If you suffer from constipation or a Slusgish liver, we want you to trr this ne^t member of the Rexall family, '» It hasnevwfuled. \ "Rexair Orderliei no*... » bare all tbe virtues and none of the defects of those laxatives and cathartics already known. Tliey ara harmless vaiulla.davored tablets that effect a re-adjustmcDt of Nature's functions- no Rriping, no nausea, no purging. Pleasant to tlie taste—tbey give imroedl- sls relief. A trial will prove to jon that they are the best laxative and cathartic evd- prescribed. ifc. a bw «{twcivc; 2BC. a ixw Of» S. R. BURR^LL, Druggist ^ The IfiMrtott Store m. plot and romance, last night's play was one of the very best that has been here this season. The exciting political fight and the strong romance offered abundance of the serious, which together with the catchy music of the Joyous chorus p'rls. pave a variety that would not allow the audience to grow weary. Dan T^wton and Tim Halloran are riv- a's for jKilitlcal honors. The younger man is in love with his opponent's dan^htrr. The father of the girl resorts to dishonest tactics in endeavoring to secure his election, the plan being to inveigle his daughters lover to an opium joint and then cause a | j .,,^„pp j,,^ ^^^^v housewife to lay mid upon lie having the story,. • , . ,. printed in fl..- newspapers on tho " ^ood things at a low mnrning of eU>ction day, and thereby. cost. cause his opponent's downfall, all of.2 jiackages of Dr. Price's Ilreakfast which gives ainnlc opportunity for j food for l.")C melodramatic effects, many changes-- . , of scene and a variety of costumes.. ^ 1^^- a breakfast food ...l;,c Alb.'rt Denier as Ezra Whittle " ••''K.^- Ralston Hominy Grits iJ.'.c from Teaneck. N. .T.. jnd Frank Weed.! Canned Peaches 1.'., 20, 2."i, noc a.«! The JUn Wlio Bets, gave an exhl-^ Gallon Peaches, peeled for table bit ion of Joyful inebriation which will long be remembered. In the role of the drunk man, the two were certain WA H TSg SnVATKMS WAKTED ( FOR REMI- miaomUammo AdTetrisenirnts oniler this hraArTill be in.srrtrd three times without rhtfrirc H£LP WAMTED \VA.\TKD—To buy three fat hogs at market price. Dr. ilass, ZVJ North street. WAXTKD—L-idy of literary tastes to sulicit in lola. Gas and La Harpe. Address llox -42. lola, Kas. • : FOR RENT—Four rooms. MO South W;ishingHin. | lOK UK.\"r—New 10-room modern house. Iniiuire 110 West Monroe.' WANTED—To rent,, an invalid chair. Inquire al this office. » FOR RENT—House and barn. South Kentucky. Phone 998 2—2. FOR RENT—Desk room: best BfflM in lola. Address Box 157. Pickops for Chse Boyers! W.\NTED—Two salesmen at once, salary or coniniission. Call between !) and 12 a. m. Thursday, lola Portrait company. 117 West Madisim Avenue. W.\NTED—A woman as bousekeepr er. Address M, care Register. 100 Men Wanted. To trap minks, skunks, muskrats, . raccoon, etc. Highest prices and alThese choice farm loans as ^ell :a« square deal. B. S. llarnard. lola. Kan-[smaller onse fo rsale. If you have sas. 324-S2C North Buckeye. The i money to loan on farm mprtgage^-aST- f - FOR RE.\T—Seven room, modern house by U Hobart. FOR RENT—Eight rooin honsa on ^ car line. Wheeler Heights. Modem.' Newly iiapered and varnished. Inquire of W. A. Wheeler at The lola Portland Cement company. . FARM LOANS—$1,800 7 years 6)6 j per cent. $3,200 7 years 6% per cenC most reliable dealer. WANTED''HHmo^Ummmous use, iier can Tutc Gallon Apples, per can 40c ly about the best that ever appeared 6 pkgs. of Korn Kinks for ... 2.5c here. Flossie WTiittle. in the role of an innocently cute and attractive girl, made a great hit. Her singing was aiso a feature of the play. The musical numbers rendered by Frederick Truesdale were a'so deserving of special mention. Among th.T musical numbers which elicted grejit applatise were: "When You Go Out to Dine" 'Way Down in Jersey." "Heart to T^t." "Sing Song Sammr Sen." "Something Doing Around My Heart." "What's th? Use of Dream, ing," "Won't You he My Girlie?" "Same Old Story." "Home Is Home." "Finale." "The District Leader in every res- iipct won the highest praise from who attrnded the Grand last right. Canned Peas 10. 12',4 and l.'.c We have lots of other things at a bargain. FRYER BROS. Phones 308^1 East Side Square TO ELECT OFFICERS. When baby loses flesh, looks pale. Is fidgety and nervous, the little one is not well nourished, and should be given a soothing, healing tonic. Hol- Ilster's Rocky Mountain Tea is the best tonic for babies: ntirely vegetable. 3.5 cents. Tea or Tablets. Burrell's Drug Store. DEFEATED COMMISSION PLAN. Wichita Voters Decided Against New Form of Government. The commission p'an of city govern ment which is being: agitated .in Tola, was yesterday rejected by the voters of W5ehita by a decisive vote. The following dispatch saj-s: ^chlta. Kas.; Dec. 4.--By a vote of thePasTw^" C.,"Mra ."Mu8iVG 'a^^ .^.26G to 1,226 the commission nlan of Golden Rod Court Held Session Last Ninht in G. A. R. Hall. The Golden Rod Court No. 10. Tn- d?pendence Order of Clanthe, he'd its regular business '^I'-i ting last night at the G. A. R. hall. After the regular routine of business was dispensed with, the following officers were elected for the year: W. C—Mrs. J. W. Gordon. W. Tnspectrix-^Mrs. Nellie Ross. W. Inspector^Mrs. Musie Gamer. W. S. D.-^Mrs. Sarah Wxenfro. W. J. D.^Mlsa Ida Albert. W. O.—Mrs. Lula Irving. •W. R. D.—^Uss Ardena Ewell. W. R. Accnts.—Ml'ss Maggie Sten- ord. W. R. Deposits—Mrs. Jlollle Hick-, erson. 'if W. Escort—Miss Lucile C'ayton. W. Cond—^Mrs. Rosa McColors. W. Assist Cond.—Mrs.,Cora Underwood. W. Herald—Mrs. Rosa Fergiison. W. Protector—Mrs. Willie Grubbs. The officers, were then Installed by WANTED—Painting North Buckeye. to do. 504 WA.\TED—$10,000 to loan on good Farm Projierty: at reasonable rate. lOLA LAND CO.MPANY. WANTED—House cleaning to do. Phone 1112. WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. Inquire 105 Soiith Second stret FOR SALE'-REAL ESTAtt FOR SALE—Good runabout Stude> baker buggy and good set of harness for sale cheap if taken In the next few days. Inquire at Howard's Livery Bam. dresji F. S. Bennett, LOHglOfl. LOSTarndFOUm IX)ST DOG—A female Beagle houpd;-r%j tan head arid legs, black back, abdnt^ i:: inches high. Return to 104 SoUJth Third and receive reward. r' . FOITND—An Iroquois bicycle whll3i owner may have by catling at thia v-'. office, identifying and paying for'tfilf, ad. :-. IX)ST—.\ black fur collarette. % stripeD across end, blade tassel, tween the Catholic church and street. Finder return 305 South Fl; Reward. LOOSE OIREOTORYm FOR SALE—Good mare with foal. Call at 210 West street FOR SAlE-mimomllammouB KXICIHTS OF MAi Kni^ts of Maccabees of che meets in K. P. Hall, second and Wednesday nights in each month. W. Postwalt, commander: R.B. ter, record keeper. FX)R SALE—Large Durham cow. Just fresh, fine milker and plenty of it. W. p. Port, lola. FOR SALE OR TRADE—For lola or Gas City property, pojjl hall and three bowling alleys complete. Address, PooJ Hall, Gas City, Kansas. IT. 0. W.r-Camp Na 101 UMtl K. of P. Hall every Friday nln^ ,T. Steele, C. C; A-H.Da—r. 1 Visitors cordially inrited. 1 K5IGHT8 OF FTtHliE-* Lodge No'. 43 meets erery 46 1 night at.K of P. Hall. Visiti« thera invited. W. S. Thompson. Chris Ritter, K. of R. and 8. FOR S.\LE—.My restaurant at 201 South street. FOR SALE—.No. 1 good heatinjg stove; gas or coal; a perfect stove. 209 South Buckeye. FOR SALE—Second hand doors and lumber. 110 West Monroe. government was defeated by the voters here at a special election today. Danger In Askinn Advice. •WThen yOn hava a cough or cold do Out of a total registration of 12.8.'>8. | pot ask anyone what is good for it. FOR SALE—14.000 feet of 3-inch gas line pipe. Will sell any part or all. Price very low. Call or address V. S. Bennett, Longton, Kansas. FOR SALE>—Cheap on $10 payments, two one-acre lots on trolley line. Smeltzer & Co. only 4.492 votes were cast. One-third as many women voted as men. Practically all the women w6re apainst the commission Not a precinct or a ward PHve a majority for the oommission plan. ' , • . . • . Th9 heavy majority against the rroposition was not expected. The present administration, both dally newsoapers and the Miniatierial asso- riat'on of the <!(ty oppcse^ the plan. Had the «'ecHon been last sbrinr It is b «lieved that tb« eommlsaion plan would have carried. Th« main rea- wn. for lis dAfeei; was-tfait It was an Jpopnortnn* .tira9 td 'dunce.the-.dtjr as there Is danger in taking some unknown preparation. Fo'ey's Honey r.nd Tar cures coughs, colds and prevents nneumonia. The genu'ne Is In n yellow nnckag?". Refuse substitutes. Burrell's Drug Store. Xotlee. Anyone willing to contribute fo a fund to l>e used for the prosecution of the Maude Riley cane ran do so bv calling nt R. D. Rav's flour and feed store. 203 Pnnth Jelferson, or by mail to same address. 8. O. RAT» • FOR SALE—$1800 Btoclc of grocer^ ies and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street. M. W. l^The M. W. A. meets every Friday night In M. W.-: haU. Visiting brothers invited. W.] Anderson, V.C.; W.A. Cowan. BOTiL NEIGnBOBSL—IoU~ No. 36S, Royal Neighbors, meets ond and fourth Tuesdays of mouth. Mrs. F. A. Wagner. Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 W«-* Recorder. FOR SALE—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street. Its Economy To have jour Carpets aad Bfags cleaned bjr FBATERiriL BB0THBBH901 Fraternal Brotherhood Na SW second and fourth Thursday of « jnonth in A.O.U.W. HalL -1 members cordlaly invited. W .%i derson, president: Oolda Elam. tary; " Jnnlor Order Unltei iMcr^K (chanJes.—MeeU every Wedn«tfar ening at 8 o'clock in K. P. fitfL visiting members' Invited.^ Widick. Councelor; C B. Blai^ ] Secretary. JKWSLBBfll V B. r. Pancout. old raUaUa j WO East itnat.

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