The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 23, 1947
Page 6
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_MON T DAY, JUN'K 23, 19<17 Cooler Clings To League Lead Fritz West Piichcs Mates to Victory; Allows Only One Hit BLYTHEVILI.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Kl Cite Skipper, Two Coopers . ,. A@a>n Ar Bears Hold Vols ' Three Matmen Scoreless Twice till! ^1 Ifi "()' I ternoon 'Ilir |;ainp had ;i|| i; K . earm: "'i' 11 '-< " truck ni'.-l a-; the Cooler slu|:i>p|-.s rapped tin. offer- mi's of Oeno Ward .M OV c-r (ho park. Howard homcrcU ii,the victors in the Iliird frame wi'.h Uie bases empty, [.'raxi >v W :is on llic hiJJ loj- Cooler. A ;,ixlh inmn,. .single by ni-k Hay spoiled :i no-liittei West of Ihe lilvliievillc Uuill Lcokom.'; a.-. Hi,. Lookouts shin-out Huffman 5 to o on tin ii- hem" I! rounds. West iiilchcil five- innings of pcr/ccl ball hcfoiv K h :ii. up (|, o l':nc .sinele, Iiulfiuan 1 -; on].,' nil of Hie game, lii'.sitli-.-i HUD!!-,,." ni a one-hit performance on lh/monrd I rapped ,,ul two l:t:a in inur l»l>s to lead his learn in iiiilintj Gin-Icy, Lookout calcher. also col- Iccteil two for four A ninth inning en Lutes nine a 2 lo l Ibc stubborn Nnmhci of Lutes and Bnih-y of Numb:-r Nine and shoved Number Nine >-no eamo deep;) in i]|.. ]ea;;i;t , Lutes drew first bloo,-,. srorinu' one run on two hits u, Hie lir.M, half of the third frame. Number Nine bounced bnck in the sixth canto i,-, lie Hie -core :,n;l Ihrea-- cned vJ, send tile |.ame into e.Mra innini^bui an ovcrthr.nv at llnrd 1-iKSc ,^!i Ihe bases iouilcd allTV- cd Ihe winnin.; rim lo score. Tile BlythrviUc-Liltle iiU'er and Munila-Yarbio I iris were postponed on account of rain. ! - - y. Walker Coouei-. lefl. and Ilii-ir manai'cr. This I inn- it is M,.| on Uon Hriivi-.-, fui Bill Voiselle! Blackweli's Chance At A Double No-Hitter is Spoiled by Sianky Fa!keraberg Wins First Wimbledon Tennis Match I!V P.OllKUT M!-:vi.R I'nilrd 1'ress Kimi-ls \Vrltrr> W1MULSUON, Kni!.. June 23.- (Ul'i—Hi.beil Falkeubeiy of Hollywood, Ciihf., serclcd No. 8. started the Mnc'iican <>onlir.i>en:. off on tile i-ijjbl fool todnv when be dn- foaled I'liili]:);;. \Viisbr-~, star of liulirmm's Davis Clip train, (j-:>, (|. a. «-2 in HIP round or play iii the Wimbledon tennis ciiainpiou- !.hi] ): ;. 'I he first, u. S. |)lay..-r u> i;o down to defeat was Bill Hclxjrifun, an imsreded ,>lay(>r from ]K;i;yv.-oud. lie lest lo Gcoifrey Jhx'iwn. Alls- iralian Davi., cup ace. 'i-1. ii-0. 6-:; I--a!kenl)w i:\-i fireball service nud dfcvaslitliiigjArt uaiuc cnubied him to gain a™lraiglil :pt. irium/ih. Washer was imublo lo get his lacquot on of F:']V;ci.ber''"K serves. In one set in inc. fi.-inl name, with a 1-0 lea-.l. FnlkiMibcre siai-ted with a double fault aiu! lh(;n srtved four con.;c.':Kliv v > acrs to win the jjainn in :>c Mp^ontl.?. Francisco Segiira of Mian'ii and Ecuador was the first name P'.ay- er put out of the running, drop- pins; a bard fought mnlch to Javolsav nrobney c/.ccii star. 7-3 7-5. (i-3 lly CAUL l.ll.Vi)(}l'IST Illnilcil I'rcss KIHII-IS \Vrilor) NEW YORK. .Illlle :>:!. lUf'i — Shed a tear loday for Kwell Blackwell, the Cincinnati spet-dlxiy. who came, witliin two mils of a double no-hlllcr. but at the same lime give n clieer for Eddie Stanlsy. Ihe spunky spoiler, win) cun get a jnl> as a ixMinccr in lhr> hall of fame if he ever quits the DodfjDrs. Blackwcll han only to retire Rlan- l;y nnd one other bailer in the ninth yestei-dny to yet that seconri sti-ai»lH no-hittpr nnd join lij s team in'ul--. Johnny Vandermccr. only man in majji- league history u such a feat. team counted twlcr In the Ulth. Hill Nicholson and Clyde MrC:nl- louuJ) hi! CMcar.o limners .follimy i J-'ain. uoi-kinr; In relief, »ol credit I for liis vii-tory and his secoiKl in Ds many days. Kkeelfr Nrii'.soinr-'s single in tho 13th Kiivr the Phils a -I lo :i victory over (he pirates at Pittsburgh wllh Howie Sihull/ leadln:; Ihe attack. hiUiti;; four one liricKer.-; The Phils led 8 lo u hi Uie second ['ame which was called after lour )n- nu'ss. -,vi))!ii(T Hire., rim boiner= bv .'iin Tabor of the Phils and K!bie .. ....... . FletclKM- of the Pirates off the accomplish hooks. The Yankees in ule i! four s PAGE SEVEN 'free 90, McGlothin Hurl Victories for Mobile; Pels Defeat Lookouts tlnll,.,, Vrr ,. s Sl , orls Wrl(l . r •nf\ V,T'; A ' ° n - '"'"'• *'• •"'•>- Uu- Mobile Ucars. "KOOS><W. 1:11111;-- ,, mv fn,. ms h u,e parent Mill funs in this (eiTfUn-y win see fresh (idem in I'roniolcr-U l,i-.ji« Mike Mci'oncy's wrestli:i|; sl.iblc- swap blows ami holds In (lie week • ly IBI; miiicli nl the u-:<i->,i Arena tuniiihi iwlien newcomer 1'mldy Muck Joins Joe Wolfe In hii ililrd .straljjlil bulllc hero -,vl!li miinitlm The lliiinderlnR Vols, who hud iiecn s bnt <„,! only „,„.,, |)ll( , SCV1 _ son iin-l L-ou.sfed a c<illeelive bn'- uyeiaue of hctler Uuin J100 inviidcd th, leai:ue-teiHUn K llenrs' p-n-k lor u double-header Snmlay "<t walked off n , e , M( ,„,[ »fc»"! fur holes In Hid,, hais I" 1C Innlnns. tin- Vols pit lusl «1" Hit. and „„ runs aealn'l the wliisllini! slanls of Prank l,ara ;-»<l I'al M.OIolblll, two of the Hears sis slerllii B slmler;- Mobile won i be donbb-bc, ...... • 3 «, ( , imi) •1 to n. will, i,:, un 1!iv | )u . „ j,,,, !«<> lilows ;n th,. nlnc-hinlnu op- eraild McCllothhl illlowln,; ,ls in Ihe seven-lnnln,. iHi'lllciin. Hill ». n I " l " 1 ""' 1 ' f " v M " bljl ' '» Ihe first I'litui'. " wii.. 1,.,1,,,'s , ,|,,,|, wi|> 1>|tll | n ,. t "", ,, lw " ll( - fll Kls "lid M:-f: lot bin's vioioi-v asulnsl. four sel- jaeks. The double vlv.lorv also kc[i'. Hears Hurc raines In from ol ' the serond-ptari. New Orlean icans who came homo from a Innr rn.-irt (run and bhisted the Chatla- nriot; IxH.konls twice. It lo 2 nntl papei- Till- l«,.liein v . | n) A.-i.vuriation <i|»ri-s I,, ,„„. ivlpne. i>ii.j. y |,. (1 (bo „,,, Smll |,. record for most imiini: when Ftl p,- lu .| t . anil MtMe ••.'ew Y . i:c.ston . ... Phil.ide-ihin Cleveland . D'Mi'oil . .. Wa-Jniij'ton Bobhy Riggs Wins Tennis But Sianky, who piays baseball over the .slnmpiii" Ti»ers wlnnhnr o win every second that he is on i r; lo r, at New York as rookie Yoiil the diamond, got even with Hlar-k-! lierra soarked n five-run firs! in- well. who hail struck him out Iwic- nhi-; will, „ -rand slam liomcr. U He lnsi«?d n Broiind single Ihvoueti , v!15 Detroit's nlmh sli-ai..hl defeat. lie pitchers legs and Into center dropping [he Tlcers into fiflh place. Held and the spell was broken. Be- i Kail nrt-w pitched [oiir-bif relief fore the inniiiK ended .lackic IMb-Jnll from the flvsl nniil the ninlh. ' inson ^also had tilled him for nn 'when he weakened, bill lie KOt arc- j (lit for tlie victory. Rookies swapped shntouis at Phl- ^idelnhia where 20-vea.r-c.ld Carl -"hcili pnve Ihf! Aihlcder. a 3 lo 0 viclo'v ami nn even brenk. nilc'l- inu his third victory and bis second slintonf nfler Bob Olllesolo •f Hie White ROx won a 10-tnnlni(. NATIONAL I.KAIUIK Ho.Mon . . N.-w York ;l'i-ocikhn . f'h:r-;)(,'o , Kt. I.onis . ('incinnali W. ,-,. Me! IHie all slammed MIC b-d| for th" cimiil i,, (I,,. ,.;,,,,((, fl ,, Im , Verm.,, Cm-Ms wi.-. the victim or llic suv.ip. New Orleans nsMinll I'd Pete Mi'dl-i>. wlio Ditched siK- .-•»• tall was Ihe H-lnner for New .S0!l Or'eans. In [he nli:btc:i]i. Jim shcn nllch- cd anolher sl>:-liilli>r for 1.1,,. Pels and eorislctl In vlctorv nfler his nii'les kntvked o,it Lni.iinr Ki, .ri- ii :i five-rnn flurrv in Ihe thli-,1. fliniliileil (loiibl,. liciirl,.,-.. |m-oh'- I."lle Il'.ck i-l Hii-nihijhmii nnd Menmliis at ' Alliinla -.v-re r:\ineil •Inii-d loniuhi.' w'ilh^'n doubleheader on !ii]i in Atlanta. ,SW A'U .4111 .4(17 . .433 and niackiv:H 4 lo 0. two- or the no-hit- , anti-climax had to settle for Iht victor 1 / instead (cr. lake Vandcrmecv. who nei-formcd his feat In 1938. Ul'ickwcll pitched a no-hillcr against the Ilravcs anrl history \\-as N et up to repeat itsell with the Dodsers opposing; him Yr>stf!i'clav" s Results . 1 to n duel from Jess Flores in Ihe since Vnndcriiiccr's second no-hi'.- f-nener. H Oillesnl !er was asainst lirnoklyn. But Stan- | drakjlil and he achieved the vie-] ky rewrote the. script a little. ' tory when Kddie Joosl threw wild i Tlie long-faced lllackwell. wl;o r«> a doulik- uli-iv ball. pn-inlHiir: i looked 'Ike he could have eaten his Unb Kennedv io score from second. I slipper out of a cllnrn. liacl for Mel Harder pitched (he Indians j hollow consolation the fact Uiat b" . (o an 8 to 2 victory over Ihe Red prolonged his winning streak "n Pox nt Boston, for his fonrlh nine panics nnd scored his llth \ii - sirnii:ht [rlnmnh nnd the 221s[ :) r lory, more thnii any other mnioi- hi-, lone bic. IC.TKIIC career, afler league plichcd as turned In. ' It «-hicli the Red Sov won Ihe second also was his fourth shutout. prime, fi lo S on Ibo stendv pitch- Tile Dodgers, rocking the fence- >n« of rfrmkie Harry nnrish aiv.l lo win tlie second iramc. !) lo rt. ^ol (he sharp s-ingrhn; nf Johnny Pe.skv. seven of tlicir tallies off the hot j who hit two doubles and ;i Irln'nv bal of can Furillo. who hil a rrand ; it war, the fifth hinniph for nor- slam honiei- ar.d two singles. SlaM-iisb. ky fccnt rlchi on polmr and -ii--- j The SI Louis Mrowns ended nn „„- _ — ^ Rot three hils. all similes. In Ihe ; cii:h( stamp Irsinc slrcak al Wash- Crow/7 for Second Yr>nr I n ? enpr - lho RCTls mniie only four , invton. winning ll-.e second came of i cur | ], i(s j n vU . tnrv ail|| ,n ( | n -| f ,et a hi! I n double bill, f! lo C. after dropping NI--W YORK June "J <UI>) i nff ' Io ' 1 " :l "''n unlil Fddie Miller Mile owner. ^ In 2 Boiio Nrwsom I Hobby Ri S ; gs wore the National Pro-P 10 " 1 ' 1 "' ln ( . ho riflh - TIlc V Kfnr ^ | fcssicnal Tei.n;s crown led iy for °' lr nm '" tllc slx "' °» fo '"' w!lll:s tlie second .straii'ht vear but. the *' lllc>1 fol ' cecl '" n '""" : " ul so111 " nl -- j doubles championship' remained to f" ln( , lhc *'"™"*- Mi»i'>' <lrovp io be ,'ictlled -in private" al llic Po'--j '!"'. oth . rr ; hl ' el : n ' Ih hls second est Hill, .stadium. ti °"»<-' '" «"« <-•'«"«'- RigK-s, now Baying out of Per,,- 1 . Tl1 " Cila " ts r; ]'" c f ™'" l "' 1 ' i »" dale. N. Y.. instead of Ml -den > ' snflp Uu! "'""-P""" 1 winning I C»l..,,»-o n the singles veslerdVy/ •' ( , rra , k " [ l"e Cardinals. 7 lo s In s'.. Uon HiKl"c of'o,Vi-nul hinlnss n! S[. [ouis. Walker j Cal..'for the sc-onri Mraii-h't'vc.« •',< [i onll(>r "'i 1 . 1 ' s'l^lyp hnmp,- s in | 3-G G-'t 10 8 1 « C 3 ' I -I 11 ™ 111 ' "'HI eiRhth rirnve in Hi-i ' and 'r.udjie. ".second-rank-d'I?' 0 "" ls alld "" cv , Jor ^"Kvick he score nl 5-nll wilh n i wn | . le ill (he Cardinal citrhlh , | rookie Lloyd Gearhan hit a homer i the llth with Buddy Kerr nn I base. Tile Urave.s widened Ilieir first place lead to a game and a half by [Ipfcadiii! Hie Cubs. R to 7. a' Chicnso \vimn Dick culler sincled Ihe winniiiff run in the llth Memphis at Atlanta, postpon-d rain. ^ K'cw Orleans 8-15. Chattanooga 2- Mollilc 3-4, Nashville n-0. link- Rack at, post- ]-ioned. rain. AMi:KT('AN T,EAf?IHt Chi.-.ip<i i-n. Vhiladelpliia (1-3 Cleveland H-3, Boston '.'.-R. Wii.-ihhlL'loil 3-15. St. Louis 2-!). -Neil- Yorl: 0. Delrnil !>. NATTON'Ar, I,KAOU|T f:ii>cioi>nti 4-[!. Rrooklvn Q-f). Philadelphia' •!. Pittsbin-|;h ;| (13 hininirs; second BIIIUP called in fourth. Kiimhiv law). N.-w York 7. St. Louis S. lioslon B, Chicago 7. ... .second-ranked 1( .."" lin the- doubles, came back a little'!.^' , lalei- lo pl.r, Wolby Van Horn oil " slrli! I Rliattsinoos'ik Tenii., and Wayne 1 Sniiin of w-.,-shint:ton. N. JL. in a" doublp s Kcmi-iiiial. but aller Uie two teams put on a study in futility for one >,cl. won by Bmljjc 1 and FiRiis. 15-13. darkness lowcr- I cd a merciful curtain and )iosl- sirssco niylheville Roule man fi. Manila at. Yarbro. rain, ^c.lcr 111. Armoicl C. Lules •.!, Number Mine won l, is thiid ™,,c for (he Nats lil >- !h "' i1 "' ^ Little Hiv, in Ihe opener wilh relief help from Tom Fcrrick. The Browns made 11 hil.s, Rob nilliiM!er setlin^ liie pace wilh two doubles and a shiRle to l ui.. s help Ram 7,oldak win his lirst (fame I Hlvtl-eville "ijin "•» in the afterpiece. Uninii- *' niylheville Yaibro '.'." .Llllli- Hivri- | Huffman Nine Two fi, Hnff- I.i:.\c;iJK r,. ivi. .B7S Today's Games PGA Links Tournament Goes Into Semifinals .. — him us a i<;p wicsller. Mack Is n ^U0-|)iiiniil iniii- iniin nnd vclcran of immeiu-i-, llllllcllc.S. Mack cun be sclentifjc in hl.i up- enUions but bus nior! i ii"['cd leclnili]ucs for use In I lie li^hi .s-|«ils, Piiiinoicr Mi-roncy rc|ioil.-- Tonit!hl'fi fiacus win be. the ilnr-i consecutive nuili:h here for Wolfe-. Canny nnd jjoberls. n W lli al.,o b<- (In- second sludchl wcet; Wolfe and ifobt-its have taiiijletl In a onc- lili! prelim Last week. \ Voile's rolliim sc-lssors piovi-d I'nlal lur Holx'il's victory chance;. The weel; before thiil. however Wild' Bill Canny mcl Wulf.- In :;' pi'ollm and canvascd him v.-lth n "•riilj hold. In llielr pasl two appcaram-c::. I lie Uolierl.s-Ciimiy comlio has spill entiles in Ihe win-lose ]eo[{er on llic luih. both were ,;ive.i an ol- Itclal heiivc-h,, by iuife,,-,- Mernncv because Ihclr rh n! i,,eil.-s vlolulcii evei-ylhliij. | n wrcstlcdom '.thin rule-book. '• week. Canny and confined Iheinseive.s lo ; l»li fistic attiiek and siim »'iiy Io u vk-toiv over Woid Hoy Welch. f" lonlijll's oilier prelim, ny collides wilh Mm-k. Cotton Pickers Rained Out In First Road Game KiiLn ciuised tin- postponement or the lllythcvillc Cotton I'lcl-. r.s fn-sl road l; ame In Kmrc'.i C'i'y .vc^.-rday ariernonn, ||, wu -, learned | Cliarles c;'. 1'aillow, conun-inde;- of Dud Ca.son Post rM staled ihi-; niornliiK dial he receivc<l a whv "oin Ihe innniiin'i- 01 llu- i-\ } ,- icsl Clly team cmiccllinn llit-|:aine .sliiirlly aflcr the Coltim riekei-H ,'"»1; embai ked,.,-day n.omln,;' -i Sporting News Offering Free, All Expense trip' To '48 All-Star Game' Two reserved seat tickets lo the*" Ail-Star baseball game lo be' playl ~ 'id at Wrlgley Field In'OhtcaioIdiid' July n logcthcr with ,«250 to defKiJ hole] iunl traveling expenses . Is 'he toi> prize being offered by The :oi-tlng News, l n Its latest baseball contest. • ' ' i In ' order to enter the contest'' Jit.s-eb/111 ftuir, arc required lo give their ideas on the starling i|ni«! nps of tin; American and National- i.cHUne icinns and write a stale*" • inent of »ot more than 50 words tuning which loam they believe-will win ami why. r?,, t r|e s must bi r;.Mnmrkctl not Inter -than June Baseball fans may 'use Ihe en^ ' ,'•. f o n " , " tllis ™ ek 's Issue of e fjiiorllnu News or a reason>l« facsimile to list t),e|,- )j,ie- "Jii"! jnmihc tliclr predictions. |. ' Too info to Classify For Sale •: Lost,, l,r,.nk: u-. I'l,,,,,,, 730,, nl. W, Hc/p Wanted Mrs. Ait Salus raps Iht ball out of a lie,- In pi;ij' for women's Claw; !!-(; chnnipion- r.hip al I'liiUniuliiliia's Kivcrlon Counliy dob. She look an csiilil on 111-.' lu'lo, yi-t won from Mis."»K:>llikr.n Cun is, 1 up. S.'»- fmn., H NnH.iW I nuil Hulk- ulrcJj 'Will r nn',1 nil.l- For Rent 011 llic Bauxilc diamond tlil'i'iil fernoon. The Hem,,,, nan,., w . ls Jchcduled ahoi-lly before their dc- l>a.-lu,e They will mccl (he .%!,,„•,,, Norlh Lltlle liock nlm- h, ;, . : in,-|. iemne loinnrrnw. Yankees to Hold Tryout At BatcsYilh in July ; HIP li)-ll PC A. champion from Kansas City, KHUN., and •-> Inv were in the semifinals of I IIP SDMI ailnuil PGA 'oilmev loday, fi B bl|i u . Tor ' the' sl,5lil)-first nri/e and the prestige Hint r-oe s with ijelnj; the nmnbt'i- onc- pro. One .semi-final malcli even bail nn inlci-nalinnal Havor a s Arl Hell, a Ccilina. c:d.. r,o)f instrui-Un- -.'lio was -,orn in Hawaii, met Am- ''•alian-bnrn .lim Perrier. « Sun ri '° Nrtt ' Vui'k Yankee.) will coil- Francir,;-o player wilhont a cl'ib ,'"''. " 'l>Hseball Iry-onl ramp i,f atliicbment. l pa/fin Fii.| ( | ,„ iialcsvlllc on Julv lo Hie second bal II- (all dark I , il Wllfi """""ntiMl today Tin- I scliDol is beini,' sptinsorcd by the j lialesvillc Clnmibcr of Commerce. I I'lnjvrs tlpnlriii). | () nllpiul will l>i- reciiiired io furnish tbeh- ecniipnieiu I 1 ".;" "I'.*' ""•"• <'MiRiisp« to ami |riom the i-niiij). These expenses i will |,|. i-elniijurspd lo iilaycra who' are si|:ncd | () ]t ,-onli-aet ihe i-pport. slaled. Pai-Il:i|>:inis in the eamp will lie GET OUR MAINTENANCE FOR TRUCK COOLING'SYSTEMS "i»l banil-:on:e vie Olii'??.i. Ihe l!)!l IT. A winner, will opirose Melt-in "Chick" Harbcrl. a Noithvllle. Mich., puncher who drives n i;oil hull aboul us far as any man :n lilslor.v. 1ml wluise dircclion Is soiuctilnes uncerlain. , _ the wind-np until today. I when they im-et Frank Kovacs and perry. I Assault Becomes Top I Moncy-Winninq Horse NEW YORK. June 2.!. <UP; — I King Ranch's Assault was the 1 ;realest nionpy-winjiiiiR (iiorougli- I >rcd in the world lod'iy after lie iprd to r> convincins; triumph in filllh running of Iiv $50.1100 • Brooklyn Handicap al, ArHJrdl;c(. ISnturday swellini: his lif.Him- carn- 1 nss to SS70.670. ""h Ellioll nnd 7 ; 'ralik McCormick Boston IlfMiicrs in (he ninth SOUTHERN' I.EAOf/K Memphis at Allanta 121. 1-illle Hock at. •Birmiuuhain •' Nashville at Mobile. CJiattanooi,'.! nt New Orleans. NATION'AI. 1.EAOUK New Yotk at Chicago. Boston at St. Louis, niphl. Only Ramps. 1 7 the count at and each! AMERICAN I.FAGUF, netroit at Boston. Cleveland al New York. Chicago at WashiiiRton. night. Nll'nbcr Ai morel ( First Head of Sugar Boy/1 Sponsors Dies NEW OHLKANS. June 2.1, —Burial ai rantiemonts vei" made loday for Atlor'u-v V. Miller, first presiiicnl (UP) •! beini; W:)rre.-i :.f t.he New Orleans Mid-Winl.-r Sports Associadon which spoiuars the Huf!ar Bowl, who died here yesterday Miller, sn. was president of the organization from ISM throuell A D ^^ i OV* i '. x Cab Company! j Courteous Service £ BLYTHEVILLE LEGiON ARENA „ , _ •• ADiNHSHION I'lllCK ANYWHKllK! Reserved Seals „„ R.Ic .-,( l!,e I^'ion Arena from (i p. m. Kvcry Monday ki , „ ADtll.TS <15c — CHII.DKKN 15<:' Monday, Juno 23 crav included) "" v SKATS lf>c KXTRA BOX TAG MATCH JOE WOLFE and PADDY MACK __^ versus RED ROBERTS and BILL CANNY ALSO 2 1-FALL, 30 MINUTE MATCHES Bill Canny R e d Roberts Paddy Mack J oe \v o if e At 19, Veteran Tenches Spanish at Ohio State CLKVKLAND ItJi'l _ A college' Ci-ailiiiile at 17. Navy tran.slnlo, :n j at IS and college Instrii'.-- tor at in arc the three steps in : llic career lo dale of Donald Frl- fii'ld. youngest t;indii-.le of ohla Slule University. The youth, son of Mr. and Mrs. ' Saul Frlfieltl or submban Kbancr HoiKhts, finished t:>. ymn or iinb- ' school In elRlil and bi'cp/.-.l ^h OSU in luo :v'ai'.s, cany- full load of journalism. Cti.-r- man. Preneli. .Spanish and I'orill- ;uese He enlisted In Ihe Navy In July. (lirecl n thiii-oiiKh (rial under (lie sii|«.n-islr>,i of Yankee scoul:;. Completes Basic Training I'vt. Homer W. Allon. son of Mrs Arell- of Blyibcvlllii. luiscoml pleted basic lralnli: K . an Army announcement said today. He was sla- I'oncd at the Kculacemenl Ceiilcr l-'ort .Jackson, s, c. •ficad Coinlcr News Want Ads 19-ts. Musterc<l oul last year, ho is now back at OSU stutlyiui; rur a oia.sler's dc^rcf. In blisine.S'; administration and Icachlnt! .Spanish as a univcrslly lusli uclor. l")irty, dn;;j>r(| aioJinij sy.-iii'in.s iire «««]y. Don't laki' risks! We're truck cooling system experts. Fuel is we're experts on nil phases of truck service anil preventive maimcnaiice — litgh standard In- terii:itioti:il Truck Service unil Mnintenancc. We use Imc'rnaiional i'actory-engineered .parts. So ' hrin^j your trucks in—whatever ihey jicccl. Even better, let us set up a regular schedule of inspection JIIK! service for you. Tliat's llic uirc way to get the most from your trucks. Phone now and v l- lell us when to cxpccl your trucks. DELTA IMPLEMENTS Ind 312 South 2nd Phone 863 Gulf Gas - Wrecker Service - Fisk Tires Your Car Can'f Tell You Why It's Lost Its Vim and and Vigor-WE CAN! Owned and Operated by Tom A. Little, Jr.

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