Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1907
Page 7
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CemmiMlotur* Do Not Think .County - it Fteady to PiirehaM Votltig Machine. It 1& not likely tbat the county will purchase the v^tln^ madiine from the Colaabia Votlor Machine compkny of Indlanapolia. likL, whose repreaenta- tJre'ls here today with a model of : the machine showing its merits. The u^iohtne is certainly a clever niech- ankm and; has many meritorioua ' ipblnts. Wtine the matter has not been 'tfikaa up definitely at this time the .'cominisfilonerB are said to be of the : -opinion that the connty Is not ready at tbU time to make any such pur- 'chaaes. The machine was on exhibition at niiB,<»urt house today and many, peo pie were there to inspect it. The rep reaentatires ^owed how it operated * and told of its merits. He said that in me number of conntles where it was iised the machine' had proved a success. To place the machines In every precinct in Allen county would In Volve a cost of |26,000. A VERY SIMPLE HOME TEST TO FIND OCT IF THE KIDXETS ARE IXACIITE OK WEAK. A Highly Reeoumraded rresrription • of Te^etable Ingredients >Vhlch Anyone Can Prepare. There are more cases of kidney trou ble here now than ever before, while recent reports show that more peoi)le ' succnmb each year to some form of kidney disease than any other cause. "-Wlien there Ja aickness. examine the Tirlne. Rheumatism Is only a symptom of kidney trouble. It is nothiuf? more or less tiiian excessive uric acid *ln the blood, which the sluggish. Inac- tlTe kidneys have failed to sift out. leaving it to decompose and settle about the Joints and muscles, causing Intense suffering; frequently resulting in deformity; often reaching the heart when.death ensues. Pains across the back, frequent, painful and suppressed urinaUon and other symptoms of weak bladder are not the only a|^s of kidney trouble: rtlany cases oj^tomach disease, head•ache, pain in We heart, inactive liver, etc., are but s>-mptoins; the cause of • which can be traced to feeble, clogged kidneys. ' ^ A simple test of the urine is to void a small quantity in a bottle or glass and let'it stand over night; next morning, if there is a reddish brick- dust sediment, or white, fleecy substance present either consult some reputable physician or take a good w--- etable treatment. The follqwinp prescription is recommended highly in cases, and thie sufferer should mix it at home; Compound Kargon, one ounce; nftd Extract Dandelion, jne-half ounce; Compound Syrup Sar- sapariUa; three ounces. Shake well and use in teasponful doses after each meal and at bedtime. Where any of the symptoms enumer ated above are present, good results are sure to follow immediately the «se of this simple, prescription. Far enoughs In skilled play for the oldest. Raffles is not too comi)llcate!d for the young. An ideal Christmas gift. See S. R. Burrell. A SWlTOJIfi FOR lOLA MEN. Santa Fe Builds Line to Brighton Mine. (Leavenworth Post.) The Santa Fe ofBcials were in the city on {Saturday making arrangements for putting in the switch to connect the Brighton railroad with the Santa Fe main line. A1>out one^alf of the raih*oad track IK rebtiUt from Lansing to Brighton mine. The company expects to have the whole road completM in iS days and will at .once begin shipping coal. They have sold their whole output to one firm in Kaln- sag City so that they will have one cnatomer. Por sometime they have been supplying the farmers in the neighborhood with coal. There is room now in the mine for 100 miners and Just as soon as the rallroacJ is completed, the company Will be ready to give employment to 100 men. Several lola men are interested in the Brighton mine. Notice to Our Cuatomers. VTiP are pleased to announce that • Foley's Honey and Tar for couKhs and. liing troubles is not affected by the! National Pure Pt)od and Drug: law, as It contains no opiates or other harmful drugs and we recommend' it as a ,pafe remedy for children and adults. Burrell's Drug Store. t ^ A spec ai scllii« of iH ihrwa^l^ and nccdablcs that the coming^Jack Frost necessitates ypiir buying. Cold wather is apon us. The buying othcitfkr womeft's ^iparel is Iii!d5derr No use putting It off--no pise dorf^fng tlie issue. For health and comfort you should buy now. and lor the sake of economy too. Ve have planned and'^eparctf a great HkciafidliiRimnt to provide cold %veat^r lollies at below We have seaiched every market, selected «ily the best, and have secured many niaiftcd jcice concessions. Assortmenb. were never sa great Thb Is « sale with a reason behind U—and with a method ta the ^^1^^^^ IVe McM lb get hiore than our <^ business. Our purchases have l>een unusually large and we must sell goods faster than ever before to get rid of them. Every one who needs winter goods and who doesn't should take care- hil note of these facts andifoumey hence at the earliest possible opportunity. This sale begins Thunday and ends Saturday night: Tmpmsfry PpHtB^ $20.00 Silk warp satin flnlsh rod Portieres, braid.trimmed; cold:weather sale price $15.95 $17.50 Heavy Fruit Patterns; Tapestry, lined with red or green, t^o e\- tra heavy separate curtains, sewn together, the richest tapestry curtalit on the market. Special price ...$14^85 $1.'..00 Turkish Tapestry Curtains, in red and tan combinations, ^llk and linen interwoven; on sale for^l;j.2.5 $1».00 Duplex tan and gr^ein Curtains »13.2rt $10.00 Cord or Fringed Tapestry Curtains, made by the greatest tapestry mills In the countr.v. .Special price for this sale ; SRH.Ct.l Other values in Tapestry Curtains at .... .•Ua.CW, .•iW.50 AXDJiW.OO Oouoh Oovors $10.00 Velvet Couch Covers In rod bl\ie or green, a couch covr (hat wllb wear a life time; during this «ale yon can buy them for ' #S.IJ5 $G.OO Tapestry Couch Covers, reversible, heavy knotted frlng*. extra IOUK: cold weather price ...;iR.1.25 $5.0t1 Tapestry- Couch Covers, reversible, full fringe trimmed. Magdnd pattern; cold, weather price. .184.25 $-l..'>0 Tapestry Couch Covers, reversible heavy fringe trininipil, a R<M)d line of patterns to select frortl: SIIP- clal sale price $^{.85 German Blanket Robes in grey and tan cord and tassel, tie at waiM. regular price $3.75; on sale for..'Sjyj .l.'i German Blanket Robes in pink, blue tan and red. trimmed with satin ribbon and cord and tassel. $C.0u /tuality on sale for ? i/^4Aiii S '.'tO quality, on sale for.. S(».!35 One lot of Children's Saninle Coat."! in red. blue, green and grey plaids and checks, coats that are wtjU worth ?.">.Mil to $7 .riO :buy them in -the cold weatlier sale for }i?;{.4,'» Standard Prints in black, blue and red on sale for At Cold Weather Sale Vr\ces, $1.25 Flat Finished Bobblnel L.ace Curtain!!, sill length; on sale iKLO.** $1.50 Sill length lAco Curtains, chevron braid, trimmed insertion and edge; on sale for $1.2i) $2.00 Sill Length l>ace insertion and edge trimmed; special price ..^1.69 $2 .i ">0 Xottingham Lace Curtains in floral or oriental patterns; special sale price ^2 .\r> $3.00 Xottingham or Cable Xet Curtains, sill or full length; special price $2.05 $.1..'"iO NoUnghain Cable -N'et or Boli- blnet Curtains, ten styles to select from; choice of any pattern during thl.s sale tIKi.lIi $4.0 (1 l.ace Curtains, bobbinet, brus- sels net. cable net and Xotiini:ham: special sale price iS3.25 $4.r)0 Fine Brussels Net cable net, Nottingham or bobbinet, white or Aru bian; on sale for iif4.1<5 $i ;.00 Uice Curtains in cable net on sale for #5.25 $7.00 and $7.ri0 Curtains on sale for «(».15 $10.00 and $.12..'0 Curtains on sale for JIW.95 $1.'>.00 Curtains on s:ilo for Sjtl2.15 Women's House Wrappers in all color.s and sizes, made with i-xtra full skirts, dep ' flounces, perfect fitting, high grade wrappers. The $l.riO grade on sale for ..S|»1.20 The $1.25 quality on sale for..S1.05 One lot ladies' IJKht and dark grey and tun p!aids. full length Coats th:it have sold during the season us high as $10..Ml; buy them in the cold weatli er sjile for $-(.25 $7.'i() Coatti on sale for $5.GD. Long black loose FittinK ciwits. braid and v«'lvpt frlmed. values you cannot du- |ilii-;iti> anywhere under $7..'iO: on sale for «5.6!> I..adies' Short House Saque.s iu a good ran.i;e of patterns and colors, mad* of good (|uality kimono cloth fleece lined; special price for this sale 42^ Wool bress Goods in plaids plain colors and novel checks, values up to 30c yard: on sale for 19^ r.Oc and 6'>c Wool Dress Goods in plaid stripes and checks, a lot of goods thai is worth almost double the price we will ask for them, but we have too large a stock and the cold weather price will be, a yard ..396 7r,c. 85c and $1.00 values in Wool Dre^s Goods on sale for G96 The lot consists of ]>laid3, checks and .stripes also a good line of colors, we have grouped them in one lot for. yard 696 Extra Heavy Kimono Robe Cloth, you will admire the patterns when you see them; goods we have been selling for 20c duritig the cold weather sale price 156 27-lnch Fleeced Waistlngs In white grounds with dots or dark grounds with allover designs; special for this .'ale i>er yard 96 Red Seal nresa Ginghams in bine pink and red. plain colors and plaids, regular price 15c; cold weather sale price, yard 12Ht LmUma' gtOn OamtB Ladies Fine Storm and Rain Coats in tans, greys and green, a coat tbat is indispensable to any lady. $7.50 Coats reduced to $5.65 $10.00 Coats reduced to '.$6.95 $12,511 Coats reduced to $8.95 $1."..00 Coata reduced to i $9.85 $17.50 Coats reduced to $20.00 Coats reduced to $l.'i.l,'i $22.50 Coats reduced to ...;$16.85 $25.00 and $27.50 Coats to ..$lT.50 The DayligM SiorB The DayUghi One lot of art creations in beautiful. floral atripe design; special for this sale, a yard :(....;...., 8^ White Curtain Screen, 38 inches wide, in open lace pattern; special pri^e for this sale a jai:d 66 Fancy Curtain- Swisses, sold at 17% to 20c a yard; on sale for 146 36-inch Printed Burlaps in beautiful floral aiid stripe patter^: on sale' for , a yard 3l6 Brass Sash CnrtainiJ Bods . worth 12',4c, each extend to 4A Inches with light colored cord fixtures; special for this sale i 86 Snmll Brass Sash Cu'ctaln Rods extend to 38 Inches; special price, for this sale, each 46 Wood Curtain Poles:with flxtnres complete; on sale for 96 in all colors, neatly trlmsned and well finished; these garment* are made by a celebrated New York, firm that make nothing but Children's i^reesM, ao are sure of getting t^re up to date garments. ; ; i • $1.00 Dresses on sale for :...^.» 826 $1.25 Dresses on sale for . $1.50 Dresses on sale for ..^i $2.00 Dresses on sale fotr $2..50 Dresses on sale for $:5.00 Dresses on sale foir $4 .00 Dresses on sale for $3.15 in One lot of Ladles' Fancy Parses In black and color, $1.25, fIJBQ tutd tl.TS values cold weather sale iM (»..95A Buy yohr Christmas - present now. This price lasts but three days. Ladles' Plaid Silk Waists plain white taffeta with lado trimming, all .so plain colors in taffeta, twenty-fire styles to select' from. :Choice oC the lot ....... .....^ Ladles Light Colored., Plaid Skirts that formerly sold up tgr $6.50^ Is-the cold weather sale for ..• $3.65 We cannot stand alterations on the above skirts. L.n<lii -.>i (k'sk.s in Wcalh cn-il O.ik. liinls' I-.yu M:iplc, Mahoganyuiiil Goldcii Dak. frcni Tabourell-s and Jar- dincer staiius, all oilil shape anil sizes from Chrlsfmas Su^g^estion^ (I ) Music Cabinets, Walnut. Hithogany, Golil- cd Oali and Uanil>oo, from $1.1* mm Center' and Library tables, an almost endless variety from THE FIGURE. How Too Much Fat May Be Safely Reduced at Home. WALKER AGAINST COMMISSION. FOR RENT—Three nice furnished rooms for light housekeeping bn ground floor Extra sleeping rtwm if | Labor Organizer Opposed to Commifs- wanted. 405 South Buckeye. _Pbape \ " '^'^ 380X. teye. Pb<»e WEMOVAL SALE LIBBY CUT GLASS-HAND PAINTRD CHINA A Urge stock of,the above at prices never before offered. Ngw designs iu Rookwood Pottery (one price every wnere.) The only line of Rookwood in tbia part of the. state. A general line of Jewelry and iSilvernrare at lowest prices. About January isti-I expett to move my stock to the room now ocenpied by the lola Sute Bank and intend redac- iog'ss much as possible to avoid trouble an 1 ex- peiuw attending a remova\ O.T. SEWAL4. JBWeLFR of PojOoffice ion Form of Government. Henrj- M. Walker, of •V^^chita, general organizer for the A. F. of L.. aA dressed a large representation of organized labor at Union I..abor Hall last evening. Afr. Walker spoke of j labor conditions in this state compared with other states, after which he gave a short talk on the present ; financial condition and the commlss- I ion' form of government. Mr. Walker expressed himsalf .very emphatically as being against the commission plan of municipal government "Oh. that this too, too solid flesh '.vould melt!" crj- the ladies nowadays I a.< they try to squirm into a princess ' fi-ock. How much would the too gen i i-rousiy proportioned dame not give up for four Inches less In the waistline as she compares hersslf with the more fortimate one hundred and twen- ly-flvc pound sister. Various device., I are suggested to arrest the flesh pro- j ducing t.»ndency and keep the fiRur.' trim, including exercisine-. walking tand dieting as well as numerous pat- tnted remedies, but there are objec tiuns to all of these. Bxerri.slng is lard work and takes up precious time; dieting is distasteAiI and a real punishment, and most of the patent remedies are dnngercwis to health. The very best thing for the overfat. \\hether male or female. Is a slmph" home receipt: % oz. Marmola. ',4 oz. Fluid ESctnict Ca-scara .Aromatic oz. S >Tup Simplex, which can be ol^ tained of any druggist at small cost. Ihls should be taken a teaspoonful .it a time after meals and at bed-time, and results will be both speedy and c-rtain. This is a harmless mixture that cannot bring on any stomach trou hies nor the dried-up wrinkled appearance of those who starve or take "patent reducers" to get thin. On the contrary, although it often tak.^s the fat off at the rate of one pound a day, it Is really very beneficial to the system, cleansing the blood and causing the complexion to become fair and beautiful. Th.? cost of the three ingredients is a mere bagatelle, and one may, if they prefer, get them separately and mix them togeth?r at home. .V1)DITI«>AL soriETr. •i- + • •:• I Millions of bottles of Foley's Honey {and Tar have been sold without any |!erson ever having cxperiencetf any other than beneficial results from its ... use for coughs, colds and lung trou- .;. bles. This is because the genuine Foley's Honey and Tar in the yellow package contains no opiates or other Mrs. I harmful drugs. Guard your health by Bur- TWO WEEKS VACATION. / Program for Art Exhibit. Miss Rosalia Charles and Thompson, who have been appointed •. refusing any but the genuine, by the Art club to complete programs, n'lls drug store, for the different sessions of the two days. Friday and Saturday, have ar ranged .several numbers for each afternoon and even'ng. On Friday after noon. Mrs. A. V. I>emasters, Miss Clara Crangle. Miss Edna Klein and, Miss Ruth Horton wll contribute mu- There will be two weeks of vaca- f ir and in the evening vocal numbers tion in the Tola city schools Instea<l will lie nmdered. Miss Rosalia ft one as stated in the Register yes- Charles and Miss Alberta Munson will terda.v. The reporter misunderstood sing a <lu<ft and Miss Charles will his Informant when getting the story, sing a solo. "Ix)ve Me and the \\'torld \ School will he dismissed on Friday. WAS WITH CUSTER Red lola School Children Will Enjoy Extended Holiday. PLAY BASKET BALL FRIDAY. V. M. C. A. And High School Teams to Contest for Honors. .InnonnremeBt. Having mutually agreed to dissolve .'partoership December 31st, 1907. Dr«. Garlinghouse & Mitchell request ail {parties Indebted to the firm to kindly I call and arrange settlement on or before that date. O. L. GARLINGHOUSE. P. S. MITCHELL. V Public Speaker InUrrvpted. Public speakers are frequently Interrupted by people ooughlng. This would not happen If Foley's Honey and Tar were taken, as it cores cottsfaa and colds and prereats pa«a- BXMtia and coBSuaptton. The senaiBa contains no oplates^nd is la a-yellew The High School basket ball team made arrangements for a game with the Y. M. C. A. team to ha played' at the Y. M. C. A. next Friday night. The teams are both In excellent condition and both are confident of winning the game. The lineup of the teams Is as follows: High School—Root and Osborne, forwards: Core and Murray, guards; Fulton, center. Y. M. C. A.—^Wfceeler and Osborne, forwards; Heigle and Parkinson, guards: Gardner, center. The game wlU be called at 8:30 and an admission fee of 10 c?nts will be charged. Orlno Laxative Fnilt Syrup, the new Laxative, sUmuIates, hut floes not Irrltats. It is the best Laxatlre. Guarantee or your money back. Bur rell's Drug Store. is Mine." It Is probable that a male nunrtette will also appear. Saturday afternoon Mrs. Malcolm Hughes will play several piano num- bors and Miss Florine Wheeler. Mrs. A. C. Thompson and Mr. Alvln Tnomp son will be among the assisting musicians. Saturdiiy evening, when the closluK reception of the club will occur Mis.s C'ara Crangle. Miss Kuby ITeller and MJss .Mberta Munson will give a group of numbers which will be followed by a concert by the Appolo club. * * A Informal Reception. The W. C. T. U. will keep open house on Friday afternoon from three until six o'clock at the home of Mrs. .T. W. E'lwor'ls, 602 East Madison avenue. The fo'lowing proeram will be a feature of the occasion: Devotionais—I^eader, Mrs. E. J. McKee. Music—Miss Clara Crangle. Reading—A ilother'a Opportunity. Mrs. Newman. Paper—Mothers In Public Schools. Mrs. Hnwland. Reading—Safety for School Children. Mrs. A. H. Rlttcr. R?c:tation—Verne Edwards. Music— Recitation—Roficoe Jordan. December 20th ond take up Monday following New Years day. THE BELL Chapel case came np for hearing In Justice E. O. Hough's court this morning and wa.s continued until nine o'clock tomorrow morning In order to give the constable time to ser\-e the subpoenass on the jurors. / . e ,ft4'if Flask Wltff "Flaming Arffow" Has a History. Red Flash, witfi "Flaming Arrow,** f r, who carried Ctister'a last. inaBsage, is one of the most intereatlns of a group of famous-iRed MMI, •who lormr ed the attacking party on tbe fort in "The Flaming' Arrow," the yomaa- tic draipa hy Unboln J. Cartel.' Which opens at the Grand Saturday matine* and night. Red Flash, an Old man now, ^irfll be seen with this attraictloB. ||e 'was once, and Indteedjfor a full decade, the' fastest of all Indian ninner8..j It la said that a Bprinit ot 100 miles a dajt as hai'rier of Iniportant mesasses be' tween force.s of tlie regnlar aiTmr was but a trifle. He formerly' iras one of the most noted blood^tnrty -warriors on the I^dta plains. Redt Flash, however, for tnajly yrars baa bees an earnest friend, w«]I wither and aer^ va'nt of the whites. For Best and ^)aiek«st Jtesdts Vf. tbe Register Wnt CMainu. . . BLOOD FILLED Rhenmatism cones fram «a excess of vie add ia ^ Uosid!.'^? We Sen TKS, TM. There will be.aLsmoker and election of officers ia lodge room tonight on the positive gnarantee that if it does iiot give satis- factibn we will return the entiiv amount of money paid us for it. We mean this— and ask all those who are; sickandneed strength to try it whh this oaderitaiiding. _,_Jse »di dnrn^atinsr tJuongh.tlie system acts as an ixrita^tofhe nerves, bontt aadtbsoes of the body, "sod pradaces iStm swelling of the joints SBd tile kbarp, cottiog pains I ease. When the bloodisorexboxdened with-orie aeidiil c. weaker and more acrid, and poorer in aonriahing^ qnaliQat, tism becomes duonic, «nd not only a painful, but ali>ndi3ttiie'SMI1BBfeN onsdisease. 8ometin«is the heart ia attacked, the gefeptfTJSslttr fa sfcrt^ and the oils and ffoida which lubricate the ansdes nad )fli«ftijM*.Sf yiojcd by the scrid matter wh'idi the blood is constantly de^^iinfaViJii tkil^; the musdes shrink aiid lose tSifcir dastidty. the costiaf itVStt^ " hard and thick, and oltBi :the snffocr fa left ahc^ciila -i'" attacks the disease at its head, goM down into that * 1^^^ and xeiBovii dicalatiov aad^lMil Mood, caves ^hcnayuHpaM S. S. S. diaagcs tte MO^ i to a ridi, healthy PURELY VEGETABLE So^'^ syitemUwi the pain and inlBammaUoa. Berin the nse of 8.8 .T. ^ out of your blood so that the cold and diunpwM bf^Hrawer^ in constant pain and aiiseqr. Bddfcon KbeJSM 'Hwfa' ~ free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC

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