Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 30, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 30, 1908
Page 5
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Teaoh the Boys to Savo There is not a father in the land who does not want to ACe his boy become industrions and thrifty, and wc want to tell you—father of a boy—that nothing else your \\oy can do will give him that spirit of thrift and independence' that comes froin having a nice little bank account. Why not help yonr boys to make a start? A dollar r.r two will do to open an account, and once he becomes the possessor of a bank book, the proudest moment of his life will be when he is going to the bank to make a deposit. Teach your boy thrift, and he will repay yon a thousand times over for givinf> him a right start—nor only in uiori *»y but in character. Just think it over. Then »Mmn in and ilcpu.-iii u di>Il:ir or so and jiresent if to tiie hoy. Siate Savings Bank ooooooooooooooooo o o O AVUSEMEirTS. O o o ooooooooooooooooo Rooms for men, T. BL G. A. Inilldlos. I Steam heat In «acli room. Batha fiifla.' Crashed Hh Tbufflb. Brakeman Hays w)io runs through Tola on the Missouri Paclflc, bad the (hiimb of hl8 right hand crushed ^at- ELECTRIC. THEATER— Moviniy pic- lurday morning as-hls train was enter- A nniTORniM— Hollfir BkaOng. Jiirps. MAJESTIC THEATER—Moving plc- Hire.s. ORAND— Irene r >iickett Stock Co. Ins the yards at Fort Scott. He was wurklnR wllh the air brakes when his ihumb was caught. He was attended Ihy Jor .Tl phj'slclans. —Tht> Our Way window. Caught in a Belt. Harry Ma\ey, an employe of Ihf Inln riiR factory, was-caught In a beU wliilo at work Saturday evening and fnnsliiorably bruised. No bones wcro hiiiUon and he will be out In a short lime. —Have .vour water pipes under the house covered with frost proof cover InK. If. C. Plumbing Supply Co. .Vltout t^lilenwoter Tase. ninioii Webb, the P. <i. officer who Rjis shot at gtote.sberry the other day by train robbers, was here last even- lug. I In went to La Uarpo and Oas t'liy ui Inquire into the record of the man (iillenwater. one of the men un- •ler .irrewt.— Ft. Scott Tribune. Itri. Ijuhrun. OatMitatha. PkOM M8. CmgiUml S2B,000 lata, Kmnmmm Open from 7 to 8 p. ni. Salurday.s and Pay Nights J. W. Holt Married. Tl.e Parsons jiapers announce the marriage of Janies W. Holt, of La- Ilarpe to .Miss Sylvania .1. Jones of Parsons. The young couple will live flt I.aTforpe^ — Ixiwney'a and Muiidl'; iliiiK store. Lyon's Candy at lyiok nt the Our Way window. To Visit Ills Father. lister D. Watrous came In from Winfield Sntiirday afternoon for a short visit with his father." Deputy Revenue Collector John E. Watrous rtbo is ir :)flnert to Ihe house by 111- :ie.<:s'.— 15nr ;inRion Independent. READ! A fen hundred M RertloiH No. 1 Heatern laud at lUlOO and up. GOLDEN WEST LAND CO. OtUcd (her Iowa Store. Short Stories lo ri lola Happenings THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Manufacturers. Wbelesol* and Retail Dealers CRYSTAL ICE Afld Distilled Water Veil C«I4 8t«raf« K«a4y far Mittairah Pboie IIC FRANK RIDDLE. M K^. 6f I S - — — Use No. 7 Flour Contl ftfl any—ben«»r (ban most. Ooh'l Fnrjjfl Our MEAT MARKET We handle only the be.^t of Presb i'ejirs. Smol (P (l and Salt Meats. We Want Your PRODUCE farmers, aiii! will pay ih« hlahest tuarkot price in rash or trade. Come In and sire lis. We are Fole a{:(^nts for J. M. IHom'f COf -l -ERS aiiJ TEAS If \(>\i will pivc tfils line II trial you will ii.-«e lUi olhrr. Fryer Phone SOI, m —Prank S. BeatMe. V. 8. Phon« 13!». Sheep Thief a Mystery. .'liimo time ago Sheriff C. O. Bol- liuger received word from the sheriff of IViiiRlas county to be on the watch for 12.') slioep (hat were ml.ssing from a farm Baldwin The Lawrence Wnrld'says: Slioriff Woodward lias rcc.-ivfil liitrrs from the sheriff of practically all the neighboring counties stating that they have made a search for the flock of sheep stolen from the Janies farm, in the .soiiili- ern part of ihe county and that they could find no trace of them. This practically ends all hopes (he oflircrs hero had of solvin.g the myster.v. Some lime ago Sheriff Woodward sent out letters askin? all the sheriffs lo in vr.qtigate the sl'lpplng yards in their roiiiily lo see if any flocks hail beon .snni out. .\il the sheriffs inspeotoil I'llie railroad reports and al.^o the yanis 1 hut found no trace of clue to the iny.-i jiery. Sheriff Woodward himself in ivostigated Doiislas county and Is ah- [soliiiely positive tliai no sheep were .«lilpped out of here, so it is almost certain that tljey were not sent out by railway. For I2.'> sheep to be driven off in broad dn.vligbt and not be no- tir.'rt hy jin.vone seems almost Impos- ! siule. so the mystery seems more re niarltalile than ever. Episcopal Church Meeting. Tlio unnnal meeting of the parish • if St. Timothy's Episcopal church of Ibis city." will be held at the church this evening at which ofllcors for the —I)r. P. E. Wnnjth, Dentist. Plinne S2. 'Dilly" .Snnilay to Joplln. Itev. Frank .Veff returned yesterday .vear will be elected. Other business from Ollumwa. Iowa, where lie al- of importance may be transacted. Mniidl!- has the Candy. I .el l.lll Co. "I 111' I'ittsl.iirn .Vaiional league team Jias decided lo ).-i Warren Olll. the former Missouri V:illey league player. H'j. Hill .Abstein of ilie Eastern league will jiiohably be the I'iratfs first base- ma II. -Fllxcerald Sfarag* and TransfCT Co. Ilonsehold. and plann moTlnir: Inriresi store room I D ritjr. Phone ilSA •ended the meetings of the Rev. "nilly" .•^iiiiday. the great evangelist. Rev. Veff says ihiii the evangelist may come lo Joplln iie.\t .March. If not I lien he cannot come before next Sep- lemlier. Rev. Sunday will wire within a few davR his plans.—Joplln Herald. Trouble OriT Ijindrefli. P.ariiey Dreyfus, owner of Ihe Pilts^joan. liin->; National league team. Is having ti-oiihle in s <»eiirinp Cy Lnndreth. the Topeka ball player, who I N well known bore. Louisville claims the haiipy fielder. -See the Oiir Way window. Visit at nurlinfrton. Mr. and .Mrs. Wilson Baxter of lola have been here for several days to =;pend Thanksgiving with their daugh !er. Mrs. Percy I..ewis and with the family of County Clerk-e!ecl Geo Throckmorton—Burlington Republl ham Sonttaerb League team. As theljj result .of this purctaase, Oobbs' teain.] will look tiilljr 26-^r cent stronger to the fan who is familiar with base t >all. Meek has been in the Southern League for about two and . one-halt seasons and during that time baa ranked as one of Ihe best all-round men. and for two years led the leagiie ln*t>atting and finished very high (he other time. Meek Is a very large man weighing something over 200 poiAids. and It is said that his failure lo he a fast man on the bases Is the only thing that has prevented him from going to the big league. He Is a steady and reliable first baseman, hut hia natural position Is behind the hat. That Is where Dobbs will use him. He will be an especially good man to coach tlie yonng pitchers. Meek now operating a howling alley in BIr mingham. He will come to Chalta nooga early In the sea.son. "Butter milk John." as ho Is familiarly known is luurrJed and has a family, is toial abstainer and is .sure to be i>opu lar with the South Atlantic fans, as he has been oti the Southern circuli Chattanooga Times. —See the Our Way window. A boot WMTJ Kane. The Sporting News has this to nay of Harry (Cane, the sensational pitcher the old Missouri Valley league: Harry Kane the southpaw, who has nianv nolablc pitching feais to his credit, has fully recovered his health iiid Is rejidy to consider offers tor 190.0. He has deserted St, i>oiiis and makes his home nt •IS Wyckoff street, Brooklyn. X. Y. Harry has been lian llcnpped for two .vears by ph.vslcal tilmenis that Impaired his pitching ihllity. but he is wintering well and confident that he w-III pitch up to Is old form next season. —The Our Way window. —fiistst *• havlor "H. fi." tlumr. - l.iiol; at the Our Way winilow. Bros. lola. K BDSM. Thorpe & Hough rantractor .s, F .Qginerrs, Survejore. Fully c (|i)lpppd for all kinds of Trveylng. estimating, patent draw- /ig, blue prinltf. maps, sidewalks, curbing, and farm drainage. (lttr« Oter '*Famoia.' What Gamett Thinks. Tlie Soiilhenstern I\ansa.-< Tcacli- eis' as.'oclatlon held at lola this weirf; was niie of the largest and most sue ci ^ssfiil nf .'iiiy ever held. Nearlv live I liiii'divd iciu 'liers wore enrolled and a creat iiilorest was shown by each of (hem. AiuliTson county was well rr'pr<'.=enlf'd and for her large repre- s<'nt:'i!on. forty -si 'ven teachers under llie siii ">r\ision of the enmity pilp<''rin- lendi-ni. slio w:is awnrd.-^d a ii!ce lihr :>ry. (.'.iriie't ,\'ews. —Watch the Our Way window, Fxpecled to Win. Fred Place, formerl.v of lola hut now of Chaniiie spent Sunday in town. He was a ••.•;iil>" on Ihe Co-Devil's team Thanksgiving da.v. He says Cbaniile expivied to win tlio game until the liaiilp wa.'; on. —Oin;, Way window—l/ook at l(. Fill not HIirh Enough. Tli(> fill nl the southwest corner of, !hp eoiiiT hoii .<-:e sriuare was not made liitli eiKiiiglt as there has been a lake ilieii- (luring Ihe recent rains. Water also gathers on Ihe north side of the cnini lioiise park, —Always time lo eat at Our War. Ifurd on Itiiral Currlors. Tlie past few da.\s have been hard nil ilic rural carriers. The roads have lii.( ii very heavy from the rains. -Watch the Our Way window. Back lo St. Lonls. IC.irl Ki-s ,Hler lias reliirned to ."^f. L MII U after having spent the Thanksgiving holidays with his mother here. X .Snap. Wi- liav.' n I loiiiii lioii=p nil car line, rnrtier 'nl. that we can sell for tr ,:.(t $.".(> ••:i-li and balar.ce iier mr.rilli at Ti per ccili. This luui^e n-i.l fill- i."; r ino'>!li UlIITAKFi: .t DO.V.VRI.L. F .XCn .tXtlE OK SEhU List your property wllh nie. 1 have :i large list to uiateh from. No exjieDse un- le -5s .'1 deal is found for you, I have "40 acres In Neosho county. Kas, to exchange for goiul lola inoperly, J. T. .«II.E8. ICooin 10, OU V.«nn lioasr. Stoves .Sfi tip .•111(1 roiiiiccled, HIM nil/ otiicr Jias filtiiix. nuoii work and ii-a-ioiKiMt.' cliargcs. I'lioiie 2$. f^ct'Jr-ed to Parsons, Mi'-K M;trv Flov.I r.~iiirr.ed tl is mom iiig f-om lola wlicn> slm went yesler- d.iy mnrnin!: lo attend the meeting of S PMI I IC:'-lern Kansas Teachers' .\?;sociniinii—Parsons Sun. — Dr. J, R. Penper. Denllst Ptaoie US. ITORES Readicker's Cash Grocery and rii 'Q .Bate ,Meal Maiiiet. Oysters and Fish Every Uay Tr) Holland Rusk, (he Ideal Fnod- .\I.L K1\D.S OF FKtlT.S Wm. R«adickw in Scipio. A ciowit of Cnrnett people took the afUTiioon ?anta Pc y.^sterday and w«^nt to S-ipio to spfnd a few hours a! x '.ir CnnMruction Sinlion with F. M. .Scoll. .Mr. .«;roil tool; Ihem through the Ilia III ai'd lii' trip was a most in- lori'.tine one. .ViTMiiccmeiifs were m .id«^ Iicfcii-f (lioir arrival for a nice sni 'iiiT ai ilif |il;i>n 's lioarilinir tioiise an'l ilwv repori a Oin- Minpcr and also a I'll;.'- liiiip — •Ciarmtl News. • Oin- \\':r. uiiid .iv.- I.oAk :il It Prainrz lola Factory. \ f .-i .ion is lo he located in Ctiaiinii^. 'I'lie Sun says of it: It W .| iliai lioiiif coiisiiiiintloii will take SI uood pir ci -ntace of the weekly pvoiliicl Inn of the faVtiirv and the !•( iii.'iirdi 'r of till' output will be ship- lu^il III iK-li;! borlii'j Kannns towns, Tltf only (•onM""tlt|ou In this line Is ai loin, wlii-ro a similar glove factory was recently established and is flml- iiir ii iii 'cessnry to run overtime In order to supply the demanil. LOTS OF BOOKS FOR BOYS - For fine livery and boarding «tali!e f <ir hor<^.-=. see Ralnh R, Dr .ake, IMioiic 101. L '1i;,N'orth Jefferson. P'lt O"* Extra Cars. Two evtra ehair cars were broiicbt (o OIL 'S city this morning on the train I from Kansas City. These cars were! occupied by over 27 of the teachers in! the city schools who were returning| from loin where they have been at-' lendfntr the meeting of the .Southeast-' ern KanssR Teacher.-;" association.—' Parsons Snn. f .".ft lilies lloratia Alger's, ornamental ddlb covers, ^ood pi int. r.Oc; our price :iOc 10 titles llenty Series, uniform cloth binding, all kinds of stories. 50c: our price 20c 10 titles Young People's Library juvenile storits. .'lOc: our price 20c 12 lilies Itover itoy books, including the 1 !>0S one at ,.riOc i?, lilies Young People's Famous .-Vmericnn series, 7'ic: our price noc 10 lilies The Casllemon Books, licaiitifully hound and Uliic- I rated books for real live boys, T,".<-: our price t;Oc n titles Motor Boy Books, up to date and very interesting: • iiir (irice COc S titles Capt. Bonehlll sports- uuin series, T .'.c; our price 60c lOu lilies In the Obml Old books, Indian stories, natural history classics. Juvenile fiction, as cheap as you can get Ihem anywhere. Tlie story life of Lincoln, Just out. one of the best and most Inlerestlng books ntmut Lincoln, price, net ll.T .'i Hariicr 's Out of Door book, tells how to make all sorts of things for out door enjoyment fully illustrated, best Irtwik of Its kind, |1.7.'.; our price |l.r.O The I'ncle Remus Books are very popular again. We have them, I O I. I'B P.ook Store sells as cheap as .vou can buy anywhere In this part of Kansas, •_8|« per cent m'9'e,Tr *f» e«anil»- Tory to Topeka. There is one department of this -ttate for which a vast army of members perform their work gratis. The •itate Historical society has a large number of members, yet the only per- jons who draw any salary whatever inj the secretary and Ihe regular assistants. Judge C. E. Cory of this city as well as all newspaper correspen- ienis and writers, are members of Ihe •iociety. the scribes Ijeing members for life without dues. Judge Cory is a di reeior in the society.' Judge Cory »(ari3 ill the morning for Topeka tc attend an annual meeting of this de- parimeiit. ,\ll the directors pay their e.vpense.'-, lo and from the session. The ^0 (.•ieIy is peiforinlng some wonderfully valiialili> work and iireservlng Ihe records and retiorts of all historical rnHiiers pertaining lo Kansas, OiherE ivill accompany Judge Cory tomorrow. •Ki. ,'ii-oit Tribune. - fannlagiisra A Arnrtt, fl per ffnt none;. Wlwl lliddle Thinks. Judge W, R, Blddle J« glad Indeed 'o noie that there is to be a resume if Ihe Kansas magazine. In the early ^eventle .si Senator Ingalls and other !irlf ;lit stars started the publlcilion of the Kansas magazine. It floiirlsh- .Mi for nearly two years and died. Mr. Rldd'e thinks the new magazine -lionld not tie so intense as the old one was and predicts that one hundred uiliscrlhers for It can be secured right here In town. He has every page of the old edition and would no! take n thousand dollars tor the collection if lie could not procure another. He thinks It the choicest liferatiire he •ver saw—Ft. Scott Tribune. — Sign (minting. Fred Rowden .hone 142X. i Returned to Iota. T. M. Crejjory returned to his home in tola Saturday after being in town on business and to attend Ihe meetings.—Burlington Republican. Potatoes for Sale. " Will exchange small seed potatoes bushel for bushel, for corn. Price for laroe r..''.c ni home. Large sorted potatoes 70c. Also turnips 20c. A. L Townsend, Horseshoe Bend. Phone 9S2—12. (iranled T MTO Dlvorrrs. Saturday afternoon Judge Oscar Foust granted a divorce to' Mrs. Nellie tialney froth Chas. M. Oalney. Ahan •lonineni was the grounds. Mrs. Cora Parker was also granted divorce from Oliver R. Parker. Cruelty and failure to provide for her and their minor ehlld were Ihe grounds. Inspect Gilfiilan's Work. T. If. Rhodes, one of the road Inspectors for the United States government, was here this morning for the purpose of Inspecting the nation al roadway and the recently rebuilt roads within the National cemetery. He expressed satisfaction at the pro gross made. The tarrla on the avenue has been advanced to Twelfth street, while the macadam Is nearly down to Eighth street. City Engineer Afc- Elroy stated this morning' that there was about seven htindred feet of macadam yet to be laid and that with fair weather this could be done in eight days' time. The builders are hoping for clear weather. The roadway is going to be one of the handsomest drh'es in the state when fin Ished. ^r^. Crilflllan stated some time ago that the road could be completed by December lOth with fair weather. This phophecy mav he fulfilled, provided .1. Pluvins tightens the spigots and stops the rainfall,—Ft. Scott Tri bune. In view of Ihe many false stale- ments made hy advocates of woiild-he ••Ival organlazllons. the following state •nent of the standing of the Modern Woodman of .America Is of iiilcreil: ,\fter the re-adjiistmeni of rate.^ in 190.t there were 8 assessments In 1004 1 In IfiO.'!. !) In inOB. .0 In IHOT and onlr ^ In lOOK. In 1908 there were assessmepls in Feb.. March. April. June Aug.. Sept.. IV.. and Dec. while Jan.. .May. July ind Oct. were missed. On the 31st of Oct., the order had 'ash on hand as follows: Qenefit fund $.^.S,•!B,.^:!,-,.!)S ClenernI Fund .M::„-. I;S.. S 2 UNGLE SAM PAYING SENT $6000 TO CONTRACTOR GiL- FILLAN ON FT. SCOTT CONTRACT, Total of $12000 From the Government.—Ft Scott Pays the Con' tractor $1000. Total $l .r!.-.0 .l0l .Sfl Of this amount there Is In Ihe Norih- iip .National hank of lola $l7 ..'i00.00. Vanderhill Catcher. President A. .1. Baker of the Jop­ lln baseball club yesterday appointed Tony Vanderhill. the veteran catch- '^r. manager of the Miners for nest season. Vanderhill accepted the posi- ton and left .Toplin last night on a search for players. Vanderhill is one if the veterans of the Western As- soclallnn. For four years he was the ^hlef backstop of the Joplln club, and 10 rendered yoeman service at all imcs. The battery of Marrls and Vanderhill was perhaps the best known in the history of the Shively league, and was th« most feared. It was Vanderhill who developed young Blaine Diirbin, the sensational south paw, who made such a wonderful record three years ago. and was sold to the Chicago National league team.— Joplln Globe. TO rURE COLD IX 0\E D.iT. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tah- el.s. Druggists refund money If It 'alls to cure. E. W, OROVR'S siena- lire Is on each box. 2,'>c. —Have your water pipes under the bouse covered with frost proof covering. K, C. Plumbing Supply Co. Reiurnod to Arkonsns Cliy. John Shea returned to his home In Arkansas City yesterday after a short visit in the city. — Oct your Candy at Miindls. K. r*. In PolHlrs. The I'niverslty of Kansas Is well represented in the field of politics. One Pnlled States Senator, one mem- l»er of the lower house In congress two governors, fifteen members of the state legislature, and a score of county officers, have been students in the I'niverslty of —Our Way Window! Ahont Fatty Meeks. The following with reference to Patty Meeks who played first base for Tola the first year of the Missouri Valley Ifxigne wlH b<eDf Interest to the Hooil fkiis: Manager. jrohn^Dobbki&M • A Player Hurt. . The Thanksgiving football game between Humboldt and the Burlington team at Manson's meadow resulted in a score of ir> to 0 In favor of Burlington. Pete Stoffles made two and Henry Moore made the other touchdown. The game was a good one and was close enough to be highly Interesting. The Burlington team was tite heavier by an nverago of atmut ITi pounds. Ciilleus of the Humboldt team was Injured In the first half and had to be carried from the field, but recovered In a short time. —Burlington Republican. The Ft, Scott Republican says: City Clerk J, O. Brown yesterday delivered to R. S, Gilfillan, the contractor who is pa^^ng National avenue a check for $6,000. that amount having been received by him from the national government as a part payment on the appropriation of $17,500 made by congress for the improvement. The money came In a regls- lered package addressed to Mayor Harris, but as he was out of the city was delivered to City Clerk Brown and acting, on'orders received from .Mr, Harris, he tnmed It over to Mr, nnniian. This was the second $6,000 pay ment fo be made out by the government, leavinc- only $."..'iOO yet to be nald by them out of the appropriation it $I7 ..''ino made for the pavement. I'his $12,000 has been delivered to Mr. Ol'nUan. together with one thou sand paid hy the city council on the work, making the total payment to the conlractor. $13,000, Willi' a few more weeks of good weather the paving of the entire street from the cemetery gates to Seventh street will be completed. The •urbing was finished some time ago before the cold weather set in. and the macadamizing would he much far ther advanced tad not the had weather set In some time ago. The roads are so heavy that It Is Impossible to haul the rock from the crusher, and the work is necessarily delayed until It clears up and the roads again become passable for the heavy wagons?. The street Is a'ready completed to a point north of Twelfth street, the final coating of larvia having beeu piit In place several days ago. The rock work has been completed and rolled north to Ninth street, and the work will be' r,esumed there as soon as the weattier permits. Clear cold weather will not delay the work on this street as It does where a brick street Is beinp put In, as tlierc Is no concrete to freeze. It is a difficult matter to spread the tarvia in extreme cold weather, but little, trouble has been experienced so far this win fer. GIVCN, TO CUStOSORS How It WJU Be Ooie. We have placed in our »bow Wlnddir a beautifnl clock contalnlDc a niiteber of silver dollars. This clock win tj» wound up and allowed to run °down each week, ^ With each 'Cash Porehase at $1M we give you a card on vblcli a "time of day" is stamped. Bring cards to our'store on following dates wliea fks prizes will be given to the parsoBS present holding nearest correct tiii^ the clock slops, $3.00 will be given every Saturtliy at .".:00 p. m.. on and after I^M; Ui closing with a $10 gift on March SO, \m. Phone 8.V>. CASH ci6blitY OarUiKlMlaM A DAILY FOR 19W. The Topeka State Joiimal—OflMil "Paper of Kanaaat Orton in Town, .attorney O, V, Orton was up from Hiimholdl this morning on legal bus! ness. suspended Work. .\1 Abrams returned this morning from near Hrtmboldt. where he, with Theodore Striskland. Is putting In some macadnm road. The wet weather has compelled the mto suspend work for the present. Back to Indapendence. The .Misses Naomt Powler, Ethel liOiicks and Mary Tulley .came home this morning from lola wher,c they attended a meeting of the Southeastern Kansas Teachers' association.—Independence Reporter, Visiting Here. J. B, McKInley and mother went to tola Wednesday for a few days visit with relatives,—Burlington Republican, Cockerlll Hunting. A. B, CockerJll was in the city this week on business. He also partook of the quail shooting which Is in season now. and it is needless to say that he ipot hIa ahare.— <AItoona Item in Fredonla Cittaen.. D. L. ID^BbM rataraed today ^ „ FKEHLK OLD I/.IDY lias strength llrstored hy Viaol Mrs. Michael Ulcum of Lewlstown, Pu., who Is SO years of age, says: "For a long time I have been so feeble that I have hud to be wheeled around In un Invalid's chair. I bad no strength and took cord at the slightest proroca- llon, which Invariably settled on my lungs, and a cough would result. My son Icariied ot the.cod liver prepara- tloil called Vinol, and procured a l>ot- ile for me. It built np my strength rapidly, and after taking three bottles 1 am able to do. most of mjr work, and I can wa^k a quarter of a ntllp easllj-. Every aged or weak person who requires strength should try' Vinol. I am delighted with what it has done for me," , As a body builder and strength creator for old people, delicafu children, weak, run-down "^persona,' and after aickneas, Vlaoi is vjxextenwt If it fails to fldva aati^ctioa ire will return your numey,. - Subscribe now for.your daily newfr paper for the new year. Keep in touch with the dolly affalra. of vour state and country. Tlie regular, session'Of tUc.Kansaa legislature convenes la Jandary- : If yon are a Kansas reader yon ii«a« Kansas dally. ' • Subscribe now for a good^one, Aw- therebv get the news of-aTarr elttifc acter: state, foreign, relisioitt,- pernio, cal. sporting. raRroad. good marlBrt<, and special news ..of interest to. afll. women and children. Full Leased Vfire Beport Asaociafr , ed Press, the greatest telegrai*'aeipr«> service In the world. • - ^ THE .T0PE3KA .1>ATLT .itiXM JOtmNAL Is pnhlfshed at the fttata ^ Capital. It is the only Kansas newspitpi^ printing its comic page In colcfrr W; Its own press. It is the official paper fbr Kaaaas., printing the supreme. court sylUbLf THE STATE JOURNAiL doaa; |)«t go Into guessing cohtetta. or prai^fiuB schemes of any kind, to incrMUM..Ri circulation. "We solicit jrour aiJbrtHpi lion solely on the m^Mta ot tlift t**- per. B R subscription rntea br raall ara: 00 cents for 3 months. $1.00 tor 100 calendar days, 11,80 for six sontha. $3.60 for one year. Cheap enongli -for everybody, gbfld enouBb. for aaybody.. Sample conj' free. Addresa: TOPEKA STATE JOURNAL, Topeka, Kanaaa. A Beautiful Silk Phq. Do you want a 3eaittltal Snk TliUt. 2x3 feet? TTp -to -date; 4s stars: vum ot Arte twilled allk: b«atitlfin (ioltlfii A nice Chrlatmaa present or a idia* ventr for the ttoine. Send $1.M and yon will reoelre t>»7 DaHy and Sunday Jotima] tbrs*.- montha and one ot tbes4 flags. Addresa THE KANj^AS CITT JOnRKAL..Kansaa dtr. Ma Wednwaay nlglit *i 7 :3^ Holy CbmrntoBlbB, .iM Cemmunten W^dnaadair NMi "Hier^ will' he pretachlng aad pNi0iUi>: atory/aerrlcea In (he RefMaed cIMtttir

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