Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 30, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 30, 1908
Page 4
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lie lOU Diaf lEosra OHAaT .scon. iBterM kt lola. Kanau, PoftoSc*, u Beoo&d-ClaM i Matter. AArartltlng Rate* Mad* Knows on Application. •DBSCBIPTIOM BATES. > C tHtx Im laAk Gaa City. LuyM* Tllle or XiaBarp«> lu Week 10 eoDta tot Uontlu 44 oanu On* Tear •. IS .00 BrKaO. 0»* year insMa eaintjr 9tM •M year onUMa eonty ttM rkraa Montba, In advanca 11.00 Ona MoDtli. in adranea 44 TO SELL STAMPS RED CB0S8 HAS PLAX TO RAISE | tmiTE PLAeUE FITirD. FOR USE ON CHRISTMAS GIFTS •mCIAL FAPEB, CITT OP BAS. SET. Tel^kaaei Baalneu Office • - - •dltorial Room - - - 18 S2S WIHAT DECEMBER HAS BEEN. Data Compiled by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. MO.NEY PAID FOB "HTICKER.S" WILL BE L'SED TU FIHHT RISEASE. Kan*aB Branch of Red CroNH Has Tak. «>D Cp FlRht AfcalDNt TDbcrcDloslii —Uocfa IN HclplDK. Style Pius Quality Plus Value is our Rule of Three lOLA'S BEST AND QREATEST SPORE OurCloak and5uit Section is "The Home of Fashion" The following data, covering a period of three years, have been compiled from the Weather Bureau records at lola, Kansas. They are issued to show the conditions that faave prevailed during the month In ques tioD, for the above period of years, but must not be construed as a forecast of the weather conditions for the coming month. Temperature. Mean or normal temperture, 37 degrees. The warmest month was that of 1907, with an average of 38 degrees. The coldest month was that of 1905 with an average of 34 degrees. The Mgtaest temperature was 70 degrees on December 4, 190C. The lowest temperature was 11 degrees on December 18, 1906. Precipitation (rain or, melted snow) Average for the month, 1.07 Inches. The greatest monthly precipitation was 2.21 inches in 1907. The least monthly precipitation was 0.40 Inches in 1905. The greatest amount of precipitation recorded In any 24 consecutive hours was 0.76 Inches on Decpmher 12-13. 1907. The greatest amount of snowfall recorded in any 24 consecutive hours (record extending to winter of 1905-6 only) was 3:5 inches on December 2223. 1907. Clouds and Weather. Average number of clear days, 7: partly cloudy days, 10; cloudy days, 14. Wind. The prevailing winds are from the southwest. The average hourly velocity of the wind is 8.1 mllVs. The highest velocity of the wind was d4 miles from the southwest on December 13, 1906. Station: lola, Kansas. Date of Issue, November 20, 1908. WJLUAM J. A. SCHOPPa Weather Bureau. J- /('ONFIDENCE We Back Up Onr Statemeni.s With Oar Personal Repntation and Money. We are so positive that we can cure constipation, no matter how cbrouic It may be, that we offer to furnish the medicine free of all coat If we fail. It is worse than useless to attempt to cure constipation with cathartic drugs. Laxatives or cathartics do much harm. They cause a reaction, irritate and weaken the bowels and make cmsUpation more chronic, lie- sides, their use becomes a habit that is dangerous and often fatal. Constipation Is caused by weakness of the nerves and muscles of the large intestine or descending colon. To expect a cure you must therefore tone up and strengthen those organs and restore them to healthier activity. The discovery of the active principle of our remedy evolved the lalior of ilie world's greatest research chenjlsts. I possesses all the best (luulltle's of tlie remedial active principle of the best known intestlnul tonics, and It Is pur ticularly prompt In Its rcsiiltrt. W ewant you to try Ui<xull OrdtT lies on our «uurttiiti»i'. They iire ••x cMdInicly pli^uMuiit to tiiliK iitid iir«i Ideal for children. 'VUxy itci directly on the n«rV«H and IIIIIHI'IKII uf ili« IMIW fli), They hiive n inMitiiil iii'lliiii on other orKHiiH or Klniids. Tlt«y do not purge nr ruuMf any luroiiV(>iili>iivi< whatever, Thny will pimlltvcly euro rhronic or hnUtiiul (•oMHlliuttloii and the myriads of nssiK-liiie or dcpi'hdt'tit chronic allmi'nts. Try Kexull flrdi-r- lles at our risk.; Two SIZCK . iT.c nnd 10c. 8. R. Hurrell.'Tli.' Ui'XiilI .Sloio. West Side Sguure. Hay«a<:oulter. Miss Mary Coulter and Chiarles H 'Hayee. both of this city, were married In Iota Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. They have returned to Chanute, and will make their (home with J. C. Hayes, 1115 South Centnal avenue, until they build a. house of their own. Mrs. Hayes was formerly a t^ephone girl at the local exchange and came itere from Oanada. Mr. Wayee is a well known young carpenter.—Chanute Sun. The Capital says: The Kansas branch of the American National Red Cross has Uken up the right against tuberculosis, and In cooperation with the call for a state con ference issued by Gov. E. W. Hoch at the request of Dr. S. J. Crumblne, secretary of the State Board of Health and one of the committee of eighteen sent to the National Antl-tuberculosis convention held lu Washington, D. C, September 21 to October 12, will contribute to the expense of the yanipalgn against the "white plague." In order to do this they will raise money by selling what is known as the Red Cross "Merry Christmas* stamp. This little stamp Is printed In holly red and green and was designed by the famous aitist, Howard Pyle. The Cfrlstmas stamp is not good for postage. It win not carry any kind of mail, but any kind of mail will carry It. Each one who uses this holiday stamp will help to "stamp out the white plague." ft has been printed this time by the million to supply the demand, so any quantity can be ordered. These stamps sell for n penny apiece and every penny of profit Is to be used to fight the spread of tuberculosis. It will be handled by one of Topeka's large department stores, as well as by dealers where iwstage, stationery, confectionery and other sup- piles are to be found. It will probably be found in various bazaars and small fairs. Efforts are on foot to have them on sale in the corridors of the post- office and in the exi)rps8 offices. Stamps can be obtained by sending to the secretary of the Kansas branch, .Mrs. 15. ». Smyth. Slate House, Topeka, Kansas, either by mail or tcle- plione, or at the Dally Capital office. KaiiFiiB needs to get into this anil tuberculosis campaign. When we real Ize that there are at least fi.OOO cases In the state at the present time; that 100 die every month and at the present rate 5O,U00 of the people n(rw living in Kansas are doomed to die of this preventable disease. It Is certainly Imperative that something be done. The Red Cross is a great national organization, with branches in each state, formed to act In times of crisis and to render aid in war, pestilence and famine. Tuberculosis, the great white plague. Is the terrible pestilence In the known world, claiming one death out of every seven. The Red-Cross has taken up tuberculosis work, therefore, as part of Its "peace activity." The present time is one of crisis In the war against consumption. Each state needs education and awakening in the subject, and money for the work. The Red Cross, therefore, with the approval of the postal authorities, took up the Christmas stamp last Christmas, and tried it in one statu. This was the little state of Delaware —very small, very conservative, not given to enthusiasm, and having only a few shacks In a woodland meadow near Wilmington as a tuberculosis hos pltal. The state as a whole was Ig- $W,000 Worth of Roadyto^Woar Apparel Will be on Sale All This Week at Special Reductions Such phenomenal values were never before offered so early In the season in Up-to-Date Suits, Coats, Waists and Skirts as we will place tomorrow before the good people of lola and vicinity—all new and d.*sirable merchandise secured by our New York buyer at tremendous price concessions for spot cash from overstocked manufacturers. Ladles^ Tailored Suits At TremBudoum ReduoHonm $22.^0 and $25.00 Tailored Suits at.. . .$|3.95 2.'>.00 and 27.50 Tailored Suits at $17,95 30.00 Tailored Suits at $20.00 .S5.G0 Tailored Suits at. -.$25.00 40 00 Tailored Suits at «30.00 45.00 Tailored Suits at $35.00 WmMm at Rmducmd Prlaem Whfte Net waist.! wortli |5.00 for..... . $2.98 WHite and Ecru Net wai.sts, worth ffJ.Ds, for • $4.98 White and Ecru Net waists, wnrlh for .\ $3.98 White Net waists wotth $10.00 for $5,98 Black Net waists worth $7.50 for $3.98 White Silk waists worth t9.'.»K for $5.98 Women ^s Tailored Coats A i Great Peduotlotis Many beautiful styles, made of the finest coat materials, 45 to 54 inch lengths. $ 7.50 long Coats for $4.95 H.50 long Coat9 for. S5.95 10 00 long Coats for $7.95 12.50 loQg Coats for $8.95 15.00 long Coats for $11.95 18.00 long Coats for $15.00 •20.00 long Coats for $16.95 25.00 long Goats for $19,95 Qremt Reduotlonm on CMIdren'm I Coats ,$2 75 Childreu 'H Bearskin coals for . .. .$|.75 'AMH Chilf^ren's Bearskin coats for $2.95 5.00 Cliiltjren's cloth coats for $3.50 7.50 Cliildren's cloth coats for, $4,95 SOO Children's cloth coats for! $5.95 10 00 Children's cloth coats for $6.95 Big dpeciai Sale on Fur^ All Thi^ Week Special Cut PHOBS on Skirts All This Week MEW YORK STORE Master Stewart Made Good. MaiMer Stewart of lola gave an ex- liibltion of fancy skating at,the Standard kast mght that delighted the large crowd present. He went in to take the place of the Juggler who was to liave 1>eeii present. When the latter IWted <o arrive Manager Cable found Muter Stemrt aind solicited him to put oa - aome atnnts. The lad vma -wittbut the Apparatus for bis feature pmmf'ini fe« gmwe m verr pleaainc >MlBilBaMiM'^attiiiit« Tribiuu. norant and uninterested on the sub- tuberculosis work, and dll this was ject, yet the stamp, printed and put done in eighteen days, by a penny on the market only eighteen days be- stamp, fore Christmas, amazed every one by During the run of the stamj) last its sensational record. Fift.V thousand .^car, .lacob Reis wrote a congratula- had been lirinted to sell at one cent tory letter to the Delaware Red Cross apiece. Thev went in a week, and and Governor Stuart of Pennsylvania, then the stamp got Into Philade:phla, Secretary Root and Secretary Taft all where the Pennsylvania Red Cross telegraphed their apiiroval and good welcomed If and backed It. and the wishes. This year the stamgj goes North American gave It splendid aid. forward to a wider usefulness. Its The Delaware schools sold It, the wo- value will be twofold. It educates men's clubs in Delaware took It up, and arouses. It gives each one a the newspapers Knvif columns to it. chance to coniribnte, if only a |>enn.v, the department stores, lianks, drug <be war against the white plague, stores and hotels sold it. It was sold u»d provides a fund for neiHled work, in the corridors of the Wilminntim f.-d 'f IH'le Delaware made It succeed, any eral liiillding, l )y permLssion friiin the other state, north or south, can do so. gDVi -rnnieni, tlumgh not the pohiofflcf '"'i'' .National Red CrosH brings this itself. The presses in the luHt few Christmas stump to the whole nation (lays before Christmas run night luid vur. If ea.h Aminlcun man, wo- (luy to supply the deiiiuMd. People muii and child I>U.VH but one, sixty-five uxed tliK Kiiinips on packagKM and let- intllluns will be sold and tubiMcuNisIs icrs, iiiul liUHliiesH flriiis on their cur- work finni .Miilne to Callfornlii will be ri'Mpiiiiili'iiii'. ,S'»wirly four huiidred nliif (ucpd and ur «ed forward. The tliouhiiiid wei'i< H (tld, mid iiniMly ihifo lH 'offodn In < MIC 1 I stale go toward tu- iliiiiiHitnd dolliirx cli'iircd from ihU IIIMTUIOHIH work In ihiil HIIIIP. Hiiiiill itiiiiliiniNlvt< nriiiiy Miiniip With ililH money iiie Ibiliiwiini HIMI TO Invsitlgats Cais. fi'oHH fli »t brouKltt all fduciiiliinul iin- <'"»' W4d)b. the K. ('. H. Hpiclnl ||-IUIHMI'IIIOHU exhilill to l )<'lHW »ri«. "K'Ul. *lio was shot through the lilp which wiiH vlstled by twenty thoiiNund •«>"••' t''"" «R'> <» StutcMbury. Mo., pt 'Dple In leti diiyn. The rliilm. KIUIIK - I" t'"' ^''t.*' >H'nl«'rdny on Lis way es city iKrnrdi, teachers, cluigynien. to l^nlfarpe, where he will Investlgatt! labor unlijMM, state iifficlnls, wen; nil <>>•' record of one of the men under .ipecliilly Invited on Kpcciul diiys, and arrest charged with th.- Hhootlng. lie wliote state was waked up. A noth of the men are believed to be inirse was sent to the Sanliarlimi, and bad characters and an effort will be a free dispensary supplied with milk iu«de to connm thein with other and eggs, drugs, and a visiting nurse crimes.—Ft Scott Republican, for the consumptive poor, and this has gone on all year. One thousand How About the Neosho? dollars has been set aside as a nude- Henry Allen Is authority for the us toward building a hospital. Dela- statement that the .lordan Is the most ware Is now decidedly Interested In J crooked river kpown. It winds 213 miles, he says, in a distance of 60 mi'es. Mr. Allen evidently hasn't tried to navigate the N«osho. which winds three miles or more In a distance of less than an eighth of a mile-! at one point along its peaceful course. —Chanute Tribune. PRESENT [ONE SIDE llefendanl in liig Tax Case in >'e4 »sho i'nuuly (JIven Ten hays lu Sub- niit .\ri;nnienl. To Vlait Here. Mrs. J. J. Mtirshalt and family went jover to lola yesterday afternoon for jo. few days visit with friends.—Ft. 'Scott RepuMican. Visiting in Caney. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Krapf visited in lola the first of the week. They were accompanied to lo^a by their eiie8t,-Miss Ouula FergnaoB.—Cftner The Chaiiiiti' Sun says: Owing I" the absence of County Attorney l.rigs- by earlier in the week and the rescilt- iug. The defense was given ten days make a proper showing, only one sidi> Uf the suit attacking the constitutionality of the new state lax law was argued before .liidge hlllley (Ills lliorii- liig. The deefnse was glvi-ii ti-ii days by the court to submit argiinu-nls showing cuiisH why a teiiippriiry re-1 KtrHliiliiK order should nut be grHiited. This Is the case filed In illstrict court by .lout'H a Held Tiiesdiiy. In which appllcntloii Is iiiiidi' mi lieliiilf of I). M. KMI ly for ii ii'StriiliiltiK oriler iiKiiliist tlii> ciiiiiity offU'liils lu prevent their I 'lilleclllig luxes on |li:i,:':'n in niorlgaKi'H which ilie In-ok HAD A CONFERENCE l:iw the parly fiiibleui is done away .STIUB.S AMJ OTIIKK PKO.Ill.MI.NT j llt:\ TALKKD AKOIT WORK. he coming DlscuN.sed LegisiatJon lor r.oud Roudv —Also Change in Rnllut i.nfr. Till' K:iiiH»s City ."itar siiy.s: l.iiwitiicf, K!i>., .\i>v. •.!tl. A catliiT- ! Inr, in the imiiiri* uf an inrmiiuil cuii- fi'li'lll'ii WHS Ill-Id In the iiffi.'i- nf W. H. rtlilbliH, giiverniiri'lrci lui Siiliirilay III disciiKii niiiitiM'H nr li>»;lMl.iiliin fX- pi'i'ii'd III i-iiiiii' tii'iiiii' till' IIS'.IMIIIIIII'!' iliU winti'i'. 'I'lii' prlncliiul iiiiiiier i|lw<'ni<st'il wii" imiMtcd. .\rier llie i-.\piialioii of tlif conu- up for ^liscll^:sion at j railroad Uiard's pn-s.-nt t>'rrii lIu- flvf s.-ssion it( the lfgi.-;l;itiire. j lueiiibfis of llif Hi ilitii's Imaiil slimiM j Tlif (•luiiiiiissiun funn of government 111' appiiiiited by Iju- rnvci isor. Tln-jwa.-; ^iveii a tlinnui^^li lIisclls^iion and ! ;;'>Vfriiiir should IM - lii-lil n^-poiisilil.', ih.' result will probably !»• lli.'aniend- fiir his ailiiiiiiislralliiii. .•.s|iei-lally siijiiii-iii of lIu- pri'Sfiil law iiiiilcr which far as this coiiiiiilssiim is i-iiiirerii.-cl." | illi.-s may ailopi that form of Tills slat'iMiifiii )iii'r wilii api'laiLsi'. 1 L ;.)v.'rmiu'tii. The law will lik.'ly b^ Tlicii .Mr. .Sliililis saiil: I aiiu'inli-d In ri)iil"iiiiii Willi the present • 111 my ii4iiiiloti ihiTi.' slicmiil In- mi-i inwa law 'I'lu- luw.i law has been iy mic Imaril nf uni'iiu; im all lln- InnUfd liiln li.\ a IIIIIIIIMT of cmnniit- stalii filiiraliiinal lii.-.l il iil inns. Inil iljicrs rrmii l\aii:a-; riiii-s ruusid.riMg HIKIIIIII bi' ki'pt III niliid lli.'il lliis M |i; iilii' ailciplimi i>r iln- I 'tiiiiiiilsslmi form i;i"ilimi i>: only li'iilailvi-. a: Iriral iil> ini' irnvii ami llicsi' rmiiiiiitteeH li'cllmis hia> IIIIM' 1 liavi' wlihmii i-Nci 'plimi v'.lvfii tlii-lr "II li. iii> iiiiliilmi dial a !'.i'<'aii'i' rnml in iln' Inwa law. ran ciiiiii' III mil I 'lliiral Imiiil liirlliii Iii;i,i':'n in inoriKaK.'H which ilii' in"k-i^,„„, ,.,„„|^ ,„„ ,„.^, ,„ ,„ er nMi'lls he tines nWn und which ] r,„. „ Ktnte law wheiebv .'V CM was wronKfully und nnwavninllv »«- ,.,„„„^. ,„ ,„.. ^„,„. ,,„^... „„ „,^„ misHi'd n his niune b.v ( onuly AHSLH - „.„ impinved wlih as lliil.' .'vpeiiM' Hor l/.dKe_ AltlioUKh II luiH Not been ,„„^|,,|„, mie at Ihecmifir- unllclpaled that either the „wer or,,., f.,^.,.,.^,, „„, 8upi;me conn vv.mld go s.. far as "1„„.„, ,„,„,„ ,„„„„slilnn. decldi- the case nil the i|uestlon of Its | ' ' .,, , , . conKtltutinnallly. y..| .1. .1. .tones whol 'M>-Hlubbs also mitlin.'d s.-vial mat argued the application for an injiini'- tcrs nf liiipiM'laiu-i' that llie li-i;lsliilnit- linn this ninrnlng. dwelt at consider-1'""'•*'''"'"* '" with Ills able length on t^his phase of invalidity, niready published policies. Aside from (jiio'ting citations to show In outlining some of Hie niatters tit l^iat the title must include the eiilire|<'onie bi'fnii' thi' cnnfHreiice. .Mr. llrtlih liy liiivliii; mil' liead fur all 'I li>' (•xpi'llile uf liavllik'. mil' liiiillil nf ti' I'.VUIH wnlllit jn'rhlljirt lint IM< II' HS than at pli'Mi'ni, uH iiiiiii' III ilii 'M' liiiaiili II' I 'i'ivii aiM pay ti> Mpi 'ak nf. dii" Im.iiil I 'milil riTilvi' MiiKiti";llmi!. rrmii IIH' cliaiici'llni- and iiri'slili 'iihi ami li.lli'i n'lsiillp wmild follow. t)nr I 'dncaiimial iiislltnlmis are all of iiiii> L'II;I I S\K- Iclll. iinyhnw, so I IMIII' V I' IIII I IIII' V slinllld be emit I 'tilli-il l<v nfii- rnmimiii hi'ad." (Jenerul I'lllilies lioanl. SWELL UP, BOOSTER The Clierryv.Tic School Ma'.ims Say You Are "Awfully Nice" for Giving Prizes. Till' clii'nyvali' itopnblli-aii saya: Till' CliiTryvalf ti'achirs" who wet-i- ntli-inliir.; llif Soiitlii-astiTU Kansas 'I'-'achirs' Associutlmi at lola have all text of an enuctniHul and be a cliar Sliibbs shuwi'd llie seriniisiicss willi index to its contents, he attempted to Avhicli he is approaching the govrrnnr show Irregularities in its passage by slii |i. lie made It plain that the inat- the senate and house, a sufficient lech '•"•'s to be discussed were merely to nicality to assure its Invalidity. I'"' K"iie over in a tentative way in or- The defense will be given an opportunity some time within the next ten days to present their side of the case to .liidge Fiu!ey. The defense Is being supiiorted by County Attorney Grigsby and City Attorney Rrown. Card of Thanas. W'e desire to express our thanks to the I O. O. P.. the Street Railway men and the friends and neighbors who so kindly assisted us in the sad bereavement of our beloved hiisbsnd and fath- ef. Also for the beautiful floral offerings. MR.S. MARY P. C.rLI^SPIE. RUTH C.ILL.KSPIE. OPAL GIU.ESPIR der that systematic plan of important legislation might be ftjlkiwed wherever statewide bills were eoneerued. "It should. IM > luiderstnod," said .Mr. Stubbi. "llial In all of our discussion there may be legal oi)striictlons in lie met, .so that whatever Is said and done here the <|uestlon nf legality and cnn- stitiitioiuillty should be kept in miud. The idea of this meeting Is to mir party pledges and the other matters that may arise. Fnlli.wing a general ilin-liim- "v. r: i..,,iri,..,r. Thev lepmi, a pleasant nf the i|iieslimi In ivery ;„„| ,,ro!ital,I.' mi'i'tiiig. The man present tonka hand. .Mi. •Snilh; {.,„,.,„|jj„p,, nearlv TOO. which is ininiedialely binaeheil I in- iiialliT nf a I'.eiieral pillilie iiliiities Imaiil willi a I'lininiis.simi nf .'i iiieiiilieis m he a|i- IKiinted by the i;nverni)r and In have under charge the steam, and street railroads. I'lilliiiuii car and i-i"'''!"'j ;,f ' IQ J^ cmiipanies. telegraph and e.^pres.s i ,„ ::iMi below the atteiiila.nce a.-; Coffeyville last year. The association goes III Plltshiirg next year. There were (iititi- a number of attendance ami musical prizes offered The "nooster" club adver- ivc away a valuable peda- M >ni|iaiiie.-. waterworks. .:,'as ami niher i i-osical library to Hie city having the piililic iiiiliiy cfirpnralinn.s. .New Ynrk i largest iier cent of its teachers, in alread.v has a cniiiiiiissinii of Ibis kind ::.tieiiilaiic<'. Freilonia a'nd , Yates and liiveKiigatimi has .'-linwn that thelc-nter each had Kill percent present, plan wnrks nut sati.-rucKii il v. Tli*'I The -nnosters" met last nisht and rmiiiiiisslmt wniild have llie lasi word in ihi- i.ssiianre of slncks and tmnds liy public cnrporalinns and could In this Way liniii the i.-;siies and prevent llie watering nf stuck. This plan was decided to duplicate the prize rather itian choose between rivals. The school ma'ams say this was "awfully nice" of the boosters. Cherryvale had 24 of its 2', teachers present. vice public affairs progress and ut the th(irniii.'lih discii.s.sed and those lues-1 f'rof. Baker having to go to Arkansas •Kconomy Is all right in public ser- ent were favorably iiiiprcssed with it.'City for the reason previously given ice, hut the main thing is to have Tiiev expressed their approval of it injin this paiier. Had It not been for .,.v.un „»»..!_- — J -• ••- ' • the circumstances that Impelled Mr. Baker's attendance at Arkansas City. Cherryvale would have won this prize as this city has a larger number of teacbera tiian «iai«r of the •boreQittoa. : same time conserve their inieresis. I'm In favor of the creation of a public utilities ccnnndssion similar to tbe .„ .. '*^J'.^?^*. P !"'^»* "J***' cliwge Kaflaa© law conform.wJtli the law nt^w •^,?»'!^i ?'^''^>»'Ji |?t?|^ "ti^llnjioiwLin Jlas^clws^ ttwler tlUa various ways. ('haui;e in Kallot . William Alien Wliite suggested a change' in the ballot law to make the

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