The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 3, 1971 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 3, 1971
Page 14
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Puffin Hunter Humane VESTMANN ISLANDS, Iceland (AP) — Sigurgeir Jonasson, Iceland 's champion puffin catcher, leaped high in the air with his long-handled net and pulled down a puffin with the effortless grace of Brooks Robinson nailing a hot liner. The catch was a real cliff hanger. Six hundred feet below him the angry North Atlantic washed the jagged rocks with a ceaseless savagery. The trapped puffin fluttered franti cally in the net, making a noise like a child's pull toy, until Sig deftly wrung its neck with a twist of his two forefingers, "Puffin hunting this way Is far more humane than with a gun; at least you know it hasn't escaped wounded to Buffer," said Sig, tossing the small plump bird with Its colorful parrot-shaped beak into a pile of -several dozen others that had met a similar fate. "Much more sport than catching a fish. You have to judge his speed and direction and watch your footing on the slippery ledges." Called 'Sta Parrots' ; . Several million puffins, or sea parrots as the old Norse men called them, dart in and out among the white speckled cliffs of the 15 island that rise 'sheer and abrupt from the deep waters of the North Atlantic in almost a straight southwest line from the bottom tip of Iceland. The islands supposedly are named for the West Men, the Irish slaves of Iceland 's early Viking settlers. In Victorian times, puffin feathers pillowed the sleep of the aristocracy, but now the "comical, squat bird, also known as the pope, is savored as a delicacy, lightly smoked, done to a turn and just faintly smelling of fish. This Is one sport where the hunted has decided advantages, gravity among them, over the hunter. Spearing a puffin en passant with a webbing located four yards away from the field er requires at best the innocent optimism of a looney up on a an Eastern shuttle out of La- Guardia with a lacrosse stick. Which is why this year's five week hunting season netted only 12,500 puffins. On his best day, when the wind was light < and the sky heavily overcast, :the champ bagged 450. Few Mules Competed on Mule Day (C) 1W1 N.Y. Time* Newt Servlc* BENSON, N. C. - 'Ah jes .-got plumb tired a 'looking at the north end of a southbound . mule.' It was the farewell slogan of every southern plowboy who left home in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s to seek a new .. life in the big city. ,. Behind the facade of humor .was the mute understanding that there was no longer any place for him on the farm. And the same forces of technology and a changing economy that drove the farmer into the cities of the North and South have just about written an end to his dusty companion, the mule, whose sinew and stubborn strength once made him t h e South's most efficient and indispensable toiler. Benson, a small farm community in east - central North Carolina, had once been a mule - trading center, and the local tobacco and yam farmers started an annual event called Mule Day nearly a quarter - century ago to test the strength of their animals agaiast outside challengers. ' More than 200 mules would compete to drag loaded sleds • and the winning team almost al•ways had to summon the power to move more than four tons of deadweight. But now huge tractors trundle over the rolling farmlands of Johnston County and the mule :has become an anachronism, an idle castoff like so many of the -. humans that have been dispossessed by the machine. In 1920 more than 250,000 mules were counted in North . Carolina. Today, while no ex, act figures are available, it is estimated there are probably no .'more than 10,000. | Mule Day was held on schedule last weekend and there ,. were lots of people, horses and .', inarching bands, but only a few ^graying mules could be assetn- • s bfed for the contest, and the '.winning team pulled * meager ^losd, by past standards, of 6,000 pounds. Hutchinson News Sunday, Oct. 3,1971 Page 14 Knit-Ins Special Purchase fresh Arrivals In Ladies Sportswear PantH.TopM, NklrtH All Polyester Values to W> N .*$5» 9 Values *HP«-*13P2~ *« *8; M) Values «14J M ^15.°iL. *» $9?» ^Values $16<>^17.°IL *- *10P Ladies Kaper Jac Winter Coats Reg. 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A pair of oatmeals vanish in a hail of crumbs as Cookie Monster of "Sesame Street" pursues his life 's passion. Cookie — he prefers first names— is one of the most beloved of the Muppets, the hand- ptrppet habitues of Sesame Street in the educational TV program of the same name. Loves Everybody Cookie is the kind of monster who loves everybody. But when that one overwhelming subject comes up, stealth and guile take over, and neither man nor Muppet can feel his cookies safe. Mightn't this magnificent obsession make him miss out on other goods things of life? "Oh No. Me Like Other Things Besides Coookies. Uke- leles. Telephones Are Nice .. • What Kind Of Pen Is Dat?" His favorite kind of cookie? "Oh, Chocolate Chip My Most Favorite Coookie. But Me Like Other Kinds. Like Chocolate Chip Cucumber Delight. "My Little Friends Send Me I /»Us Of Cookies. Letters Too. Rut letters Not Taste So Good." Ice box cookies, we suggested "Never Thought Of Dat. Mmmmm. Wonder How Icebox Taste." He was off in a flash and we had to make do with Frank Oz, a 27-year-old puppeteer with steel-rim spectacles, who had arrived at (he same time as Cookie and has a hand in everything he does. Besides Cookie, Oz has a very close relationship with Grover and Bert. Sweater With • Hood A Muppet, he demonstrated, is something like a medium- size sweater with a head. The name combines marionette and puppet, but (he "Sesame Street" Muppets' beads and arms ana worked by hand from inside. So when two Muppet hands are needed, so are two muppeteera. There are four principal mup­ peteera for "Sesame Street," with a half-dozen colleagues farther behind the scenes. Troup leader Jim Henaon conceives the Muppet figures and Don Sahlin builds them, but the muppeteera themselves contribute a great deal to molding each Muppet's personality. Characters like Ernie, Big Bird and Kermit the Frog all have their partisans, but Oz likes best the family of hairy monster Muppets. You can do things with monsters that you can't do with people. You can have a blue monster and a green monster without having racial overtones that would offend anybody." Despite their exotic looks, the monsters don't seem to scare children—just the opposite. "We try to make them warm and lovable. There's curiosity about them, and openness and fun. They're like children themselves," said Oz. "One of the nice things about the monsters is that they're ageless," said Oz. "Our skits are aimed at children, but adult overtones come in from the way we work. We have fun with it; if we didn't, it would show in the performance." Explorers Find Ship RANKIN INLET, N.W.T. (AP) — A team of seven explorers says it has found the frigate Albany, lost more than 250 years ago in Hudson Bay on a trading and exploration expedition. Eric Disley of Toronto, a spokesman for the team, said the group found the frigate intact in 27 feet of water and la confident the sloop Discovery la nearby. The ships left England about 1718, equipped for a three-year search for a northwest passage, and sank a year later during a storm on Rankin Inlet on Hudson Bay, about 900 miles north tot — '

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