Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1907
Page 4
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TEE lOIJL OAILT VESBntM, WH>!TB8DAT gTEWyfl.- WCEMBCT I, 1>W. ^" CHlItI.£S!F. SCOTS churdi. Rev. I.'M. Bpnham preached 'a short sermon. Interment was made in ihe La Harpe cem^ery. CIRCULATION 4.000. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Chezem who died yesterday was Telephone!. lurled yesterday in t& La Harpe cem Reporters' Room 222 ttery. Mr. and Mrs. Chezem haye the Business Office^ 18 sincere smpathy of^the community. Will Hold Social frlday >lghfc The members of the Epwortb League of the Methodist Episcopal .church will hold a social next Friday evening In the churc;'i. The committee on arrangements; which met last evening requests that ail who attend bring a well illu8trat'?d magazine and they will be told alHj^t the games after they arrive. Entered at lola, Kansas, Postoffice. as Second-class: Matter. Adrertislng Rates Made Known on Application. SUBSCRIPTIOJf BATES. Bj Carrier In lola. Gas City, LanyoB* TiUe or la Uarpe. Qne Week 10 cents One Month 44 cents One Year »5.00 i By MalL One Tear, in advance $4.00 Three Months, in advance ......11.00 Obe Month, in advance .44 • i_ OFFICIAL PAPER. CITY OF BASSET. NEWS OF U HARPE BOARD OF EDITATIOX DECIDED • ABOrX niRIST .MAS VVCATION. TO HAVE ONE WEEK ONLY COir><lL WILL MEKT IX BEGILAB SES.SIO\ THIS EVEXING. Will Elect ^ifirers. The annual electiorfof officers wHI be held at the regular meeting of the Masonic lodge in this city next Thursday nicht. There willlfc wori; in the third degree. ... . .i .: i Birtlu A daughter was born to Mr.- and Mrs. John W. Kohjer Monday, December 2nd. Epworth Li'ague «f M. E. fhurch Will tilve S<n'ial Friday EvrRinir. Will Ilnjc (»ne Wi-^-k Vacation. At the meeting of the board of education of the La Harpe schools held Monday night it was decided to have just one week vacation. School will be dismissed on the eveniug of December 20th and will take up again December 30th. The board will give them New Years day also. Council Will Mtft Tonight There will be a meeting of the city council this evening., it is hoped that every member of the council will be present ais there will be several matters of importance to conic up for consideration. Xmas Opening LaHarpe Racket OeOmS'Tm Cut prices. K. A L. of S. Will Hold Moetin?. The Knights and Ladies of Security will hold a sjicclal meeting this evening. The puriiose of this meeting is to make arrangei|ients for the initiating of several now members. They will have seven candidate.s to initiate at their next rtigular meeting. i_ Chrlslmus (ioiids Arriving. The Christmas goods are arriving and are l)ei|ig iilacod on the shelves. The holiday goods consists of toys of various descriptions and in fact ev<>iv thing that would make the little hearts, glad. Fnneral Was Held Y«>sl<Tdajr. The funeral of .Mrs. Helford who died Monday was held yesierctuy afternoon from Ihe Methodist Kpiscopai Clirl.^lian Chnrch Will' Giro Bazaar. He sure and reserve;Thursday. Dec. "ith. fitini all other engagemtnts so you may attend the hazaar given by the Ladies' Aid sociiRty of tjje Christian church at Howan'building formerly occupied b.v the Model Cash Gro- very store. Jlrs. W. lienninger. Itrcsident of the socleiv, with the assistance of the falihftil members, are pulling forth their • best efforts to make this bazaar a gratifying occasion to all who ina>";a<ten(l. Kvory woman admires pretty aprons and in the aprrin booth will be found many varip<l ?lvJes In califo. gingham and the dainty white Indian linen haftdsomely made uj). There Is nothing that will be tiiorc appreciated than one of these priPtty aprons as a gift to your friend for. Christmas. Handkerchiefs!* S(i^ine one has siiid ih.ti the ri'linement aad tasio of a lady is l:nown by her haiidkercliiefs. Here is an apportnnily tb se'.ect dainty handmade handkcrcfiirf.-s ::nd your friends would most faiefiilly cherish such loving remeiiibKinci's as sever: | oi these pretty handterrliiefs. The fancy work liAoih. will contain inany uniiiiie and atlraclivi^ ariicles that will appeal to; the artistic eye and pocket book. Mrs. Otto Ohlfesfs Sunday school class will sell deli.-Jous home made candy and popcorn balls. The fish ponci boosb v.ill he one of the attractive features co-.iducted by Mi.sses .Anna V»'ay and Susie Steepleton and the .Junior Endeavorers. This booth will contain many useful, or- n.-imental and suitable .nif's for Christ mas*presents, and will esiiecially interest the little folk^. A supper will be sirn will br very ap|)etlfelng. consis .jii;; of cliick ?n pie. salads, vegetable.^, cake, coffee for only twenty-five cetjts. The supper will be served from five p. in. to eleven j). ni. Reniober the day and (fate, and after partaking of the bountiful supper buy sihne of the many pretty aprons and f.incy ariicles that are on disjilay for sale'for your wife or sweetheart. Personals. C. L. Evans and t^e'Cornett went to Yates Center. Kaitsasi yesterday on a business visit. ; .Miss Itlngle who thrown from a buggy Monday while enrouie lo Lu Harpe from lola is a great deal lu-lier today. W. n. Farrington and daughter returned yesterday frt;m .Nevada, .Mo., where they have been visting. Mr. and Mrs. Davis, of KIdoradi). returned to their home yesterd.ty. They have been vKsiilug relatives In this city for the past few days. Miss Kdith .Mills 'Is t|Uite ill thi.s week. She is sufTefing front a revere cold. ; • Overcoats! FOR. MEN AND YOUNG MEN. Thursday,FridayandSaturday Come Early and Profit by a Saving of $3 to $5 on Your Suit or Overcoat Copyright 1907 by rl£r: Schaitncr tif Marx Men's Suits f 10.00 suiLs, 07 cn now 01 luU SI0.00 $12.50 S15.0fl $20.00 *^^-""„lt: $22.50 Men's Overcoats $10.00 Overcoats, iioioo $15.00 Overcoats, JjJ '''t"^ $20.00 $25.00 Overcoats, S22 50 A Retiuelion of $2,60 to $3.00 on o vary Top Goaf and Rain Coat la iho Store Thursday Special! Men's 50c Fleece Lined Underwear* Thursday only, See Display in our Sontb Window Buy Your Winter's Fleeces Tomorrow If You're "Wise A Garmeni, For tomorrow only, we of/'.-r 125) dozen men's In-ary Fleece lined Shirts and I»ra«crs, the usaul .'Ik-' per garnif-nt. Tlirw shades, silver pray, Idnc gray, and c<-rii, fiill si/es. sril srunis covered, knit wrlst.« and ankles, full length dnnver^. .Mon't expect these at 35c after To-mi»rrow. Extraordinary Special 25 liQ/.en Sme'.ter Shirts, regular piice 45 ciiU.s, for 3 days only viill sell them at 25 cents O^ly 2 to a I'vTson. '. A CLOTtilliO CO^ 150 Pdirs of Men's Trousers, at— $1.15 These are our regular $1.50 Trouse they are cut full, well made, ciuiie in three different shade;—light gray, daik gray and a mixed brown. ; S'z?s from 32 to ^ 42 waist. Remember this offer is for three days only— "ThuTsday, Friday and Saturday. NEWS OF GAS CITY i forearm was limken. While the in- Ijury i.s paintul, the break is not ihoiighl lo be a bad onu and it is \*&- jlieveii Ihe boy will recover rapidly. llt.VY.HO\I> (iOOIUN SHOT IN KYK WHILE IIIMIXt.', nays $;!..".(» aijd $:l.(iO Shoes on table at Shields Shoe Co. To contradict ceftaln ta!k and to ptrt the consuming ptib-' Uc in possession of tlie tratb, we say in plain wotds t!|at no one in tliis town can as good coffee as Arbti^kles' Afiosa fof as little money* Misbranded and make-believe Mocha and Java, or coffee sold loose out of a hag or a hip, is not as good value for the mqney,^ nor can it be sold at as najrow; profit, nor reach the consumer under as favorable condition^. When you buy Arbuqkles'^ Ariosa Coffee you get more jthaii 16 net ozs. of straight, wholesome Brazilian coffee from the largest coffee firm in the world, with that firm's direct assurance that iheyj are gMng you the best coffdejn the for the money. lUCKJUB BROa. TUvm ToffcCUf.. M'CONKEY STORE iS BANKRUPT F.\II.KI> FOH «:1C00—(KKDITOHS .MEKTIXi TOD.VY. Ilenild Spfrer Injured—Personals and Other >e«s. \ • -McConkey CrtMlttors. The ereditors of the Mcfonkey pro- eery store which failed in this cliy and went into bfinkrujiUy are holdin?: a niectinK in the I'oiinsylvania hotel in lola this afternoon. Referee Cory of Kort Scott is in the city in reference to the case. The indebtedness is .said to be $i,COO. Will Lose Eye. Ilayniond Coodin was shot in the left eye while out huntiuK last .Monday afternoon and as a result of the a.'cidoiit he will lose the eyesisht. The :.'liysicians are now workin;; (liligeiit- iy iryin;^ to save the eye ball, ile wl;li his playmates was out huntiuK along the hed.i;e north of this city v.-hen he was struck down with the bullet, evidently from the gun of a hunter from another part of the farm. None of the boys who were in she crowd with Raymond knows from where the bullet came as none in their parly had shot for several minutes previous to the lime of the accident. 31 ISM Ilodd III. .Ml«s i>odd. teacher .of the j seventh Krade in city schools is quite ill and i!nab!o (o attend to her duties. Mrs. K .\V. Krevert is subatltutlni? during her Illness. it. N. FuddiN IN ItoeuTcrlnir. R. N. KttddlH of thiH city who under went »n operiition yesterday, U iliou;dit to be Home better today. Illx eosidit'bni was very serious up lo the llrae of the operathni yesterday. Ho rallied from the oporatlim nicely and ureat hopes for his recovery are entertained. Was Thrown From Burrow. HeraKI Splcer, the twelve year old sou of George Splcer, . sustsilped a broken arm Monday by being thrown to the ground by a batrow. The left Birth. .•\ Kcni was born yesterday lo Mr. anil .Mrs. VA Sh-.iffer whose home Is north east of this city. . TRIBUTE TO MRS. GARDNER. Wm. Cunningham Eulogizes Lady Well Known in lola. .Mrs. Ed .Vlexander Very III. Mrs. Kd *.\Ie.\a:ider underwent an opeialion for appendicitis at the St. .Iclin's hospital yesterday. She rallied from the operation and is ihousht to be doiiiK nicely. .Mrs.' Alexander was suffering from other com plications also. .Mlhotish her condition is thought to be critical, it is believed that she will recover. I'ersonnl.s. Mi:;s Nettie Moore will return to IJiniLier. Oklahoma. Irjniorrow. She was called here because of the serious illne;^s of her mother. I). IJoniiie. of llciilieUl. was in Ihe city yesterday on .Miss Rlssa ("ro.-^s wlil leave soon for I .iOyisvilie, Kentucky, v .-liere she will make her future home. The followinir vounK people of this city attended the Christian church at lola last evening: Mis.^es Stella Orr. Myrtle Kaoiwcod. i.,iz /le Driskell. p;thel and Kdna .Mooney and .Messrs. fno. Clriinth. John Ua.vl and Kverctt KpliuK. When December's icy finRers fiave shorn i-aeh fore.-t tree. It's tin:e to tone your system IJy lakiuK llollister's Rocky Mountain Tao. Hurrell's Drug Store. HUMnOl.DT defeated the Chanutc football team Saturday by a score of ft to 2. Both teams were from among the school boys. ([r.:-.i-.l>ol(lt IIer.nld.1 W'ni. Cujiningham, of Humboldt •vriies the following of Mrs. Gardner: The death of Alice Gardner on Tues('ay nlrj;ht recal s to mind the days of Humboldt "It yeais ago. when Alice Smith was the center of Ww! social life of that city. Young, talented and witty, she was the center of cheer and happiness whenever she cro.ssed the threshold of any home. Her charming personality, her great warm heart made every one who knew her feel honored by her friendship. Bright men and women were plentiful then ill Hinnbolilt, but Alice Smith was a coveted guest at any gathering. A teacher in the public .schools the pn- lil's would follow her home and feel well paid if only they could touch her iir;;ss. Wiion sho was married people wond 'MPd. how her place could be fdled. .\ hi'-' hearted woman took for her hnsband a big hearted man and the conflict of life began. The rs- Hned gentle giri became the staunch, courageous woman. She stood su- l)reme over ill dlfllcu'ties. great and small, that beset her pathway. Too true a woniati ever to complain of the burdens that came with the guiding .Tnd bringing up a large family of manly lioys and lovely plrls. Th:> wit and 1 right ne.5s of her active mind enabled her to look, some times with tears in her eyes, across the winter of despair to Ih.^ spring of lope. It was but a step for Alice Gardner from the king dom of this 'ife to the Kingdom of God, to eternal life. V.'m. Cunningham. Passed Examination Successfully. .fames I^onahue. Xcw Britain. Conn.' \.iite.^: "I tried several kliim-y rem- I eilles ani! was treaf.vl by our best r'(^ k physicians for lialK -tes. but illd not I itn|irove tmtil I took Foley's Kidney I Cure. After the second bottle 1 show- .Mfontion F. O. .V. .' improvennnt. ami five bottles cur; I have alnc.» pass- Take Notlre. W. O. W. members, r 'rid.ty, Dec. fi. is e.ection of olTicers. Every member I Is reiiiiested t <i be present. W. T. Steele. A. 11. DAVIS. C. C. Thursday. Dec. ."). Is election of of- 1 e<! nie completely. •ers. Kverv member is requested to;»d a rigid examination for Jife insur- Foley's Kidney Cure cures Ilcers bo present. A. F. GRANT. President. A. II. DAVIS. Secretary ance. back-ache and all forms of kidney and bladder trouble. Burrell's drug store. G. R. STEVENSO.V. of Yates Center. Is In the city today transacting legal business. /Tbnsilitis is swelling and InflammaKonof the gkinds ot Ihe side of Ihe thn)ai|£..^ Lminveivt used as o qargle and applied \o me oubide of the Ihroor reduce the s«#ellin9 and 9ives insfan^ relief. fw Croup« Quincy Sore Throat BrpnthiKs, AsHtma. Pain in Ches ^oi^ Lungs Hiis liniment is unsu 6Iofln's Unlmen^ is indisjsensable when (ravelling becduse i( Is pene^roNng, worming, soothing heoling and anHsepHc. Price 254^,50tfc»I.OO Dr.Earl S. Sloon. Boafpn. W0 &S.CL6 .A' ment You naturally would prefer to treat yourself at home, for any form of female trouble, wouldn't you ? Well, it can be done. No reason why you should not be able to relieve or cure your suffering, as thousands of other women haVe done, by proper use of the Cardul Home Treatment. Begiii by taking the well-known female tonlc.^ For sale at all drug stores: Jo« MooifaM4 ol Aidilbald, I. T.,\nltea: "My ulto had suffered for years from female troalfc, On your adfiod, I betjtte Canlul Home TVeatment. and oov she haid]y suffers at alL" Sold by diugglsta. J <30 WMi»««y«w«fc«oowrf^iiitffc6».|wn^^ •

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