Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 30, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 30, 1908
Page 2
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m lb L. VOBTHIDP, PfMMMi IHTEKBST PAID •• ton •BfOilni lifMttify tmM UMVMIM Bitabllilied 1869. • " Stali4f liuM ^—^ AtaCMUtj Mul luk ti AltaCt. A. L. BBUXBAUflS, Catklw. HELTIH FBOinr, IM^ $t,200;000 -^MsBonld, Alto LlTorr. I>hoii4v Whi«t Party. A^8s Jara nreit, Souili roliu>rii vIUii«ntierUiin with a whlsi |i:iny <in Thursday for her card oluli •:• •> + Children's Party. C. B. Spencer and .\|IRS Lii- deDfif fiponoer entertained a few ol the-.plH7in«te' fricndsr of ihe latter on 8&tudar afternoon. Tbe Ruests play ed ;ipilbps • nmll the luncheon hour, when appropriate refr <*shiuents were served. The dining room table trlmoiPd with fArn.<< and eu )idleRti <k >i scfwith red and Rreen tapers at tin- cornetni. These Rirls wi »rp preReni: liOiiise. HoTlniiin, nerniee nartles, OloUits Banles. Oraee nates. .Mary Ofttas. Helen Dresbaeh ami I .iieien.- Spencer. • + •!• Aid Society. Tt* weekl.v meeiinp «f the Christian Aid Roclety will he held oa Thursday at the ehureh. PinQl ;ir- rtinglitncntft - wilt he made for ilio haiaar. <• •:• • Afternoon Tea. The afternoon of Thiiisday lias Ivon rhoMB by the .\id society of ilie Chrfttisn elnrch for an inform.^i rc^ oppthjnahrt tea. The hours heiwet;; Ihnp 'aBd slxo'eloek will be ob.<jerve (i atiditoli I^Ailr will occur nt the home of MW»; Tt M. CnnniiiBbam. Onn East Madfeon-street. •J. ' Mcsionary Meeting. ' The now text book. 'PDrelim Missionary Enlemrise." which the soci- «><y of the TT. B. ehnrcli will study will Ph tfsDid'for the first tlipe on Thiirs- flay i«Ttt>rooon. Thp lecson for the d.ty W relative to missionary wOrU In Sii-r- ta Leone. Africa. The nieetliiR will ^pgin-promptly n; iwo o'doiU. mm Every one who appreciates coffee of llie bcUcT ».ort is capli- vaJed by the mellow richness, ihe refresliiiig flavor and the subjfanrial good- nos.s of OLD GOLDEN —su|)erl> ciualities resulting from a skillful blending of "OldCrop"coffees. OLD GOLDEN is truly unusual—as gotMl as coffee can be madj» —far btlter iliun most of it is made. IIADLKT AT KAXSAN ^.iXQI'ETl Tli«» GoTeriMr-elect'fi XatlTc SUte to Invite II Im to Speak. 3Su founl TME Bt »S.. Dn Molnti. lawa. Topeka. Nov. :{0.—Ar a meeting of the e.teciitivo committee oi the Kansas Day club. Bfeps were taken lo have Irovernor-elect Herbert Iladley of .Missouri.deliyer the annual address at Ihe banquet of Kansas flepii'blicans Jiinuury 1'9—Ivjtnsas da.v. .\Ir. Iladley lij a native Kansati and a Rrudiiaie of Kau.tas tinivffr.sliy. The other speakers for the liaiu|iu'l are: .N'ulive Kuii- saii Hi .isi. (J. \V. Itrown. I>nexa; (). C. Hull. KIdorad.): 15. II. CriRsby c'lianulc: .1. r. Hriiwii. Muicbinsoii: \V. I). Vance: llellevlll.-: Ur. .1. I». Dykles. U ^buiKiu. II. ilaskius of OtailiH. will deliver the president's address. With liie exception of (ioveriior- elecl Iladley. who will make the chief address of ilie fvcniOR. it is planned to liinil all iif the spcrciiHS (o mil more ilian icti or rifiecn ntiiMiti-s. JOHKS UOn .l) UK (-O.HPTK<U.I.KIt. A Iteeeplive I'uiididate for the I'lace. nanstis l*«llll«-iuns Say. planniuR a trip to rhaniitc on Weil- iiesd.ny I 'V ^niu:; lo atlfml n dance. They will be RUi-.-ii:-; of Mr. and .Mrs. \V. i:. Ilo.lfearu aiul .Mr. and MrK. Kr .Nl Cerbltz. Relief Coi^is Meeting. TIH- \\V)iuah"s Reiji'f corps will bavo ihf ri'f;ular lui'i'linR on Kriday at (1. .\. II. Mall. I loll will IK- Riven. Tdpi'Iia. .Vov. :'.u.—.\ M<-w rumor Is RoitiR tbe rounds in Topeka since the reiurn of Charles S. .lobe.-; lo Kansas Ciiy fni.'ti Hnl SpriitRs. W. \'.. where be bad an amli.'iicf wiih I'resideulelec: Tafl. It is said nut only did .\lr. .lolit»s iirRe Sonalor Cbc-ster 1. l-o!i?;'s name for :i foreiRU appoint- iiieni, bill that .Mr. .lobes also iniiniat- I'll in the |iresid('iil-elecl ibai he would ii:ii ri 'fii^ic the <ifficc of ciimplniUer of I be curreucy. .lobes has had e.\-peri- fiici' as a banker and bank I'.vaniiner WANTlCn—All kinds of second hand hoiiscbolil fiirniflire.—Tbe Inla Fiirnl- iiire Kxchani'c, - A. \V. fiiM-k, I'rop. I'biiiie lU 'i'liiiR oil Kriday at (i.lin Kmisas and has followed ilii- same j A repmi of ihe inspe<>-! |,„.;l„f.^s j„ Cii.v. Mr. .lobe.< | WA.N'TKIJ —lol.i properly n'as also receiver for the fJreiit West i -rii Life Insiirance company. WA M TSF WAMTED^ 'Mimiimou^l Bttsincss Dbectoty. V.WN'TED—R-Sperieiiced woman for hr.u.sework. Call ai (iOlt ICasl .Madison. W'ANTHIJ—Colori'd Rirl for Reneral bo i.sework. .\ppl.v at Iwimoiis. \\'.\.\TICn—YoiioR man: musi be a liii.'^iler: Roml posilion to riKlil parly. .S. .\. VIRUS, eysl side si|iiare. riinlie rhyslclun and SiirKciiii. (Mer Kiirnll 's. I'iione Hi. • AVANTIOI)--To buy a good second!* hand luiSR.v. Phone AiV.i or 1(I!)L'. DIt. MILDRED CL'RTIS I'byitlelan and 8nn(e»n. Ofllce over UuToll's Drug Hioio Ofllcd Phone UU. Residence I'M K. Jackson riioue :>(i'J. .MK.\ W'A.N'TKIJ tiUICKhV—I!y bit: Cliic.'igo mail order bouse lo dislrlbuiej caialoRiies, adverlise. etc. $23.00 al week. ?i;ii.00 expeiihus allowance first monih. .\'o e.Nperieuce reriulred. .Man- *.*•«• » • • « i'i'W"*' a^er. r>e|it. .-.ijl. -Mi:, Wabash Ave.. . Chb^^aRo. _ _ , TO I.OA.N'— $.'..11110 private money mi • farm land at C per ceni.—lola l.,aiid (V>. r WAXTICD—Two y<iun.'4 ladies to s <i- licit. C. K VliM'encc, UOOIUR 10 ami II. ICvans lUock. DR. MeJIILLEX. Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Dlseai- es and Diseases of Children. ' Telephones: Office 22. Res. 232. Office over BurreM"! UruR Store \ West Madison. • • • «/. Mf. Coffey & Son Ka<.t .Side Si|nnre K«.clH>ive .Ienelcr> Federation Meeting. There will be a ineetiuR of ihc civic loderniioii of woinen's eliibs tomorrow al'ieriioon in library hall. This meeilnR was llrs! annoiinced to occur oil .Suliiiday lui! a posiponemeiii was aiinouiici.d for varioii.-* i-.-asons. A full atienilance of inter, steil vMimeii is le- (piested Inr lomorrott. .;. Y Meetinn. Till' V siKiei;. will have .-i m.eiliip loi'.iirhl in their roiinis on Kasi .lael • sou s '.reel. Mis^ Zoe Aleliisnii wi'l make a .<borl .•iddres.-. To Have a Bazaar. Tlie:flrst baz .-iar to b<' held this .sea- eonjwill he in charge of the Christ- Ian iicSJlwh; The committee on ar- raniBBtenla has rented the Acres builjjlDerpn \Ve.<:t Madi.son street and theispcl^ty will conduct a sale of fanos: work, aprons and article.s for gifti;.oiivFriday and Saturday of tl is •weeir. On Snttirdtiy dinner and sup perwiH be served to the luiblle. • •> • . For RoyaCCIub. Ci K 'l?akta tl7 North Flrnt etreiit triJJ jtive an Infonnal party on liii^lid^y afternoon for members of the iltoys). eliilj. * •> Club Party. IaralB «>rdMi «ewtth a cuHtom which thejf .-Hhte-foUowed for several sea- Bona, tte^Altriil«tle club, will Rive a pan»rl!6r their girl friends tomorrow, T""* so,-,al luis hern pliiT :ie ,i so tba ereni^ Tbe fowptu will be enter- talninl^ai the home of .lamc.s Wnodin. norflCof the city. •> • Dinner f»arty, Iflrtrey nell*>r. wlo is .qp^ndlnp a racfildti from Uaker university at his hontP hWi entertained a few f-lends! at; dinner yesterday. The honor, gitests w^re Mr. Roy Cox. maiiasinR editor of the Raker Omnge.and .Mr "Wlilo Lanry. ot ijiHarpe. GIITf OF COT GUSS • .TK5e:;taive received a very fine asiMibteiit of Libb^y Cut CAofH for bolMfejr: sfaoppent, very Iwatilifal piecte- IB tt>e superb desij^n and brilliMcy of al! Libbey KOf>ds. These include— .Haadnirh Tmjt- rhe^e Trays Bonis and-fvariptts otiier pieces, larli.ln demand just now. nogefropi $1.25 up. partffru- Prices Pronressive Club. Tli''^ semi-monthly meclins of l:o Progressive eluli will orriii- on Wed- iiesilay eveniiiu. .Mis. Fraiil; I'lase will lit- III.' liosless. Afternoon Meeting. Ti'< IV will lie a proi ;i:iir, .niid an in- foniial li-a.oii \V'v!nesil;iy :ill .-;iiOii;i tor the .Missioiiar.\ society of tin- First .M. IC. chini !i. The meiiil ;erv will leeet at the resilience nf .Mrs. I.. II. Wishaiil. ::t.'. .^iiiih Walnut -tre.-i. Endeavor Social. Oil'- of the <\< Ills in .'liiteli i-jr eles diiriiiR the wci-k Is a soei .il on Thursday eveiiiuR for t e lind«'avor f-ocicly of the Preslni, rian clmrel ! a count of the money ilonateil diir iuR the self-denial wi'f-r. may he niadi •> Cheerful Circle. .\meii;; the iuforiual parties of tin week i.- a un-etinR of the Che.iful Cir fl>' .111 Weilne. il.iy afternoon.- Mrs . I. W. .MeCall. 102 .=5oiiib S\caiiior< street will eiileitain. + •> •!• Missionary Meeting. Uev. and .Mrs. ii 't/ of the pas torale of the Reformed ehureh will entertain the Mis.<ioiiary .society on Tbursiiay aftertjooii. \ proer.-im of papers an. I tiiusic uill lie f .i \.-ii •t- To Serve Supper. I.iiilii -s ol ibe Itapiisl <-!iiireli arr ar inilRlnR for a siitiper to he ser\..|| to inemlieis of 'be <-onKre'.atioM and tlieir friend;* at the home of Mr. and .Mrs. I.<-iph Hunt. 222 .South Oak st . Ion Thursday e \eninR. Tie j-vent is I the "roast" which the ladies nerve each year. Proceeds will so to thi parsonasi' fund. •*• .•• ••• Meetinn Tomorrow. Memhe.-s of the .Aid sneieiy of the First M. K. church ar.:- requested to be present at the church at two o'clock tomorrow- aftc moon. This is I'e rcRUlar biisiniss ineeiJuR of the society. •> •!• Y. M. L. CloJj. .Mrs. F. E. Haienliueli. .' .\oiili Sv- amore street, will have ti small party on Frldiy afternoon fo- her SewIuR club, the' V M. L. <• * * Wednesday Euchre Club. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Klein will entertain al euchre on Wednesday eveniuR. T;"<'ir Riiesis will be those who are members of the Wednesday Evening club. Vi'itor* at Y. W. C. A. The aitracilve and coinforiable rooms of the lola Y. .W. C. .\. proved quite useful on Saturday mornlnp when a; a \ery eail.v i osi:- the .vounR people taUin-. pa: I in the musical con !es! arrivi-il In our cil.v from the near ;iy iiiwiis. Provision was made to li.nve the rooms opened before l". a. m. .••ml lluy were used liy ihe Rirls all iliiiluR the forenoon until train time. Gym. Class Today. The lirst .session of the married woiiuns fiymnasium class rai>i this looruiiiR at the V. W. C. A. Rvmnaa- iiiiii. This makes the fourth class now runiiiiiR and t.; e iihysical com- Uiittee expect Ibis new one to meet the demand.- and the needs of lolas women, who want Rymnasiuin work in i;:e ipornili.vs. The hour is !t:::n to l". :i' on ;iloMdny ami Thursday. •> •:• * Vesper Service Yesterday. <I.vile.; to the illness of Mrs. .\. V. ' I..If.', she was unable lo spe.-ik at Mie \. W. ('. .\. Ves |>er .setvlce as an- I'Oiincfd. Thi'> service was held as usual »iid talks were f;ivi>n by .Mrs. .Ino. A. Devlin and by .Miss Seyle. Reneral seeietary .Mi -is Livers sans l>eaullfull.\. Sewing Club. .Misr. Nettie Dri'4h'i!u will eiilerlaiu the Rii*Is of her sewiuR cliih oii We«in< s.I.iv.afternoon. •:• V •> To Attend Chanute Dance. .\ paiiy of yoiinR married people are Qui Vive Club. Till' wei'lily ineetinR of tie Qui Vive eiiih will oe-.-'iir on Friilay evenluR. Miss Rulh Horton will entertain the .lull Guild Meeting. Til.' Woiuans (iiiild of Si. Tinio iliVs l).:iis<'0| al church will meet on W.'.lnesdav afternoon ai the home of .Mrs. S. C. Aiehev. 10.'. South street. •:• •:• •:• Coming and Going. .Miss nianebe Van P.iiskirk and Miss FIva McCnll, who have spent, the Thaiik.<RiviliR se.'ison witii their par- ems here, have reiiiiiii 'd to Pitlsbiii'R. They are pupils in the maiiu:il iniin- i|r.' school there. Miss Clara l.aiiiy. Miss Trean Lowdermilk. Mae Reiiuis. Mr. Harvey Heller. Mr. Will Unury and Mr. Itoy Co\. a |l of. whom are siitdenis nt Haijer I'niversiiy. returned to Hald- w^in today after a s'ort vacation. .Misses r,race Redell 'and Florence IJi dell have reiurned to Lawrence to eoniinue their work in the university. .Miss Ifaltie McMillan and .\'iss Ruby Heller left today for Topeka. They are attrndiiiR Washburn and were nt home fo" ThanksiiivliiR. Miss lUanehe Sioue of S-atlle. is visitiuR her brother. O. O. Sloiie. .Mrs. W. F. Ral:-toii. .Mrs. fleorre DJVIS. and .Mrs. .N'. Sleeper have returned fir.u a brief visit in Ottnwtl. Tiny attended a meetinR of the D. A. R. ciiapter t.^ere.* .Miss Helen Pollock has returned to her home in Kansas City. She was a Riiest of Miss Clara CraiiRle and other friends duriiiR the week end. Miss C.race Fitz.Rcrald left on Saliir- •lay for a visit .in Chtinuie. She is a •;iie<t of Mi-s. K. I'liert. Miss T.oreita Delone is enjoying: a vacation with friends in Inilepi'>nd-j ence. -Miss I.ois l.auyon of Pitisbiir;;. ha-^ eoinp^eled a visit with .Miss .Mae Itri-jr- bam. S'. e left on an aflerncon train yesterdny for her home. Nfrs. U<'1cb Hunt returned Saturday f '011) a short slay in Kansas ("ily. .Miss Florence Mitchell left liMlay Tor 'T^irsons after a vacation of sev- ral ii.ivs with her parent.;. Mr. and Mr:. AN'. .Miiehell. Miss Bess Ileek Is a miesi of MIs:^ Peail I.anev. of Parkviil.'. .Mo. Mrs. W. H. Fia-iiiilnii. of Idaho SpriiiRs-. Mnlio. Irfi t-idny for her lion ^e. i ^he 'as spent the past month here with her parents. Mr. and .M-s. H. P. rirav and attended tbe celrhrn- ion of their fiftieth weddinR ann 'ver- s.-irv. Mi.'?.'-. I.izzle Tholep i-j vIs'linR lier iiarenls. *Mr. and Mrs .7. T. Tbolen of Hiimlx/itt. Mrs. I,. ('. MtinsTer is at home after 1 visit Willi Mr. and .Mrs, R. F. .Miin- •er of Vales Cenfer. M'-.'.'iml .Mrs. Pierre Kbier and Mir^s 'V>e Rhier of Ottawa and Miss Emma J.Sn'lee of Kaii'-as City, who were in lola for T! aul-RivinR have i. liirne .l 'o lli.'ir home*!. Till: .1 Vr TliKATY AIMM.AI l»KI». to e.x- jchaiiRe for Kaiu-aa and Mis.sourl land. Iilolilen West Land Co. Ofllce over Iowa Store, lola. K.i.H. Phone 687. Rea. 701. • DK. 0. COX, Eye, Ear, Nf>8e and Throat. • Bpeetacles Properly Fitted. • Office A. O. V. W. Bld«. • I .iiiMtuu Itels Itel!e>ed al Hie Ciinclu- siiin lif Ibe Paeiiie \Rieeiiieiil. Uilidon. .Nov. —'Ilie r.-por.i-il auieemeni lieiwecn ibe I'liind Siaies anil .li'pan for Ihe iiiainieiiaiiee of ihe status quo in the Pacific and ilie Riiar aiiieeiiiR of Ihe iiiicRrity of China Is driven a protuinent place in the afier- iioiiii papers of l./iiidon and i-^ ch'jirly <'i'iisidi'red lo be of jjreal iniporiance. The' Pall Mall Cazeite says il will be lie.ii'iily v.'i'coined as a comrihiilion to ilie seeiiiiiy of ilii> worlds peace. 1 1 Is not "an eniaimliuR al'iaiice." Iiiii an acreemeiii "ilial is all lo the Ror.d from every viewpoini." as well a.-; a mosi desirable complinieni to the .Vni'lo-.Iap.t'iiese alliance. Ir should assi..;! also, this paper says, in llie friendly adj.i^.linent of oilier qitos- lloiis heiw-.-en Ibe 4'iilled Stales .-iiid .l:i|i' u. • • • aALT':SMEN & AOENTS—$ J ; $r.o on j piir week and over eau be niadn selliiif.;' .Nfiv Campaliiii NovrliiHS from me*'j iinlll eleelion. Seil--. to Store.i, Coun- .y Kalrs. Flciilew and Private KaiiillleH. CDiutiU'te line of samples, cbargei* prepaid for .'.Oc. Order todav. CHICAGO N07ELTY CO., CD V.'abash Ave., Chicago. • • • • Oiflca Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 4M • DK. B. D. CHBIBTllIf I'ltfHieiaD and 8u-i(e«a • Komn« ,7 and 8. Bvana fildg. • THORPE k \lCH(iU GKT IT. Will Put in n .llile of Mnendnni South of lola. W-A-NTEH- VoiinR men to prepare lor eomliiR examination for Railway .Mail and other liovernment. Positions. Superior instriiclion by Mail. Estab- li.-hed II years. ThousaniLs of successful sliii^ents. Sample questions ciiid '"How tiov't Positions are Secured" sent free. Inter-Sliite Schools, -•ni la. Ave., Cedar Rapids. Iowa. WA.VTJ.'H—.Men lo learn barber |tr.ide, few weeks required. Iiesi Jiay- j iiiR work within ihn nf poor lii:in. can Iiavc .'.hop v. i !; ' ••' • .i- iial. wa.sres from ."$12 wondeifiil de-iK -iiiil l( . 'oRiic mailed free. lene. Kansas City. .Mo. F. ir. HARTIH, BnrKery and Dlaeaiei ,ot • Women. " Office and Residence Pbone 674 * , . Ofllce 7 North Jefferson. • JEWELRS. R. F. Pan(H>ast, old reliable JewalM. no East Street. Lodge Diiedorf .\1 il" ses.sion f^alurd.iy afiernoon. the lola township board lei (he contract, to Thorpe H HOIIRII for the luilliliiiR of tl milecif macadam road souih of town. The' cotiiraci calls for iwo pieces of road, one exiendiir.; tbe m.icadam tilready in, north ami the I'lher runniiiR west from the south end of lie- ohi macadam to the Humboldt road. There was one other bid. SETTLE HARRISON CASE. FOR SALE-anno^llmnmoum lOi: SALE—Two P.ush & Oerts pianos sllRlitly used, left with me for sale by Chanute panic.-:. These are harsains. .lohii V. Roberts Mii.'iic Store. FOR SALE--A 22-aere fruit and truck farm. 2 miles north (if Cas (lily. Cood botlom lauil. .1. W. .MeWilliams. <;as City. R. R. I. A Damage Ca«e Against lola Electric Has Been Adjusted. The case of Mrs. Mary Harri.son vs. liie lol.i Electric line >as been settled on; nf court. Mr.s. Harrison met wilhj an accident wliile aliRlitinp from a e>i- ill Rassett some time siis- filiiiUR soni" internal injuries. She eliav?ed neiiliRence on the part of the VO'MI and hroiiRht shit to recover some lliiiiR like $1,000. The parties ROt to- •-•eilier a few days acn and apreed on a s-itleinent. Mrs. Harrison has moved from the eoiiiniuiiiiy since the aeci- il'-'hi. i'^OR SALE OR T({AnE—nood property, dose in. ("all liu West Monroe. Tli" secie; of (iiir success in sellinR IEV.n-:LRV is. ai prices for Reniiine po'd .-iiid Reins a.- <-iose to c <isi as we an afford. St< that every Iniyer. cotn- jiariii?: our prieo with those .tsked Is .'Wliere. alw :i .xs comes back to buy f lis ai-'aiii. Coi.H' ill IIHI.IV—never no tale to buy uifls. World" ra of hrmees now on hand. NcNIELBROS. 1& Jewtlirs QOIZ OTHER JOHN D. Arcbb<ild of Standard Oil Comp.iny, on Stand in Covernment Suit. Ne-A- Voik. Nov. :',o.—UesumiuR tes- liinoiiy today In the Roverumenfs suit to dissolve lie Standard Oil company, .fohn D. .Ar(4il>olrt, vico president of tin- compaiiv. was questioned about the X'ilas. Keith and Chester aRree. ment of ei.'.'hteen-seveniy-uine. ,\rch' ilwld told of the si-jners of the aRree- ment and of property hel I by certain individuals fo- the benellt of .stock holders of the Standard. Minor Court Matters. Tie* ilivorce action instituted j by •I'?. .Nellie Howard apninst Frank "owni-d has been dismissed. Frank I '.iiM 'kinan has also dismissed the ar- liou for divorce 'e licRan some time aRo aRainst Caroline RrocVni.'in. IJz- vi.» Sh 'eahnrn disaii.sse.l a like suit a .painst Chns. She,ibo-n. Two suits in volvinR Ras leases have also been dis- liosed of. One. w'lich wa -4 licRun by \. (!. Carpenter afialnsl the Lanyon y.iiic company, has been settled and t;ie coj .-tR paid. Fred Hein-/. has dis- leissed his suit .tunlnRl the Lanyon Vine coinpnnv. The case of R. O. Smlt!- vs. I.,. W. Duncan hns been con- t'niied for Hie term. Smiiii charaes Itiii'enn with false imprl'Jonnieui ai.d wants ibamases. FOR R£HJ' e9lsoeflmm»oua TO RE.NT—Furnished rooms. Inquire of T. .N. P.artles. I" .Norib Wasli- iuRtoa. I'Oi! RE.NT—.\liiiosl new four room house :ii Til Soiilli Waiiiiil: paved street. See iLiiiy Davis. FOR eXOHAMUE KNIGUTS OF P7THI18 ^NMMk» r.odge No. 43 meets erery MoodiM iRht at K. of P. HsII. VlBltlns bM> ibers InTlted. W. S. TliompBon. >. O. i;hrl8 Rltter. K. of R, and 8. KNIflUTS OF MiCCABEKSr-' Knights of Maccabees of tbe VfotM meets in K. P. Hall, second and fonrtt Saturday nights of each month. J. W. Poatwait, commander; R. B. Parter. record keeper. »V. 0. Camp No. 101 meets k K. of P. Hail every Friday night. W T. Steele, C. C, A. H. Davia. Clef* Visitors cordially Invited. M. W. A.—The M. W. A. Lod«s meets every Friday night in M. W. A Halt. ViHiting brothers invited, t. CI Coffleld. V. C. W. A. Cowan. Cler^. ROYAL XEIGHB0B8.— lola Can» No. 36b, Royal Neighbors, meets Be*> ond and fourth Tuesdays of ea* mouth. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, onu;)* .Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 West StrM» Recorder. . FOR TRADE—Forty acres iand lo trade for properly close In. hiii'.iire tli)!' .North .lefterson. Si>: Clear \A Harpe residences STonO and $.';000. for mej-chandiso or farm. W. O. Leuhart, lola. Kas. Missed the Train. Miss Edna Davis und .Miss Hi-leii Rettes. two memlu-rs of the Chanute HiRh Scliool Rirls chorus, missed the pns.>ienRer train lo lola this morning Tliey cauglt the freiglit and pot there as roon as they eon'd. The chorus contest, wii;e:i wa.s ihe firat thloR on the pro'-raiu. was . postponed until their arrival.—Chanute Tribune. Register want a^s par. I 'assenRcr Tnifiic lleiivv. The Snnia Fe 's Cliy p:;-:- .M'i!^er had several extra co .i .hes llib' afii-riif o'l carryitiR students reliiriiiti'.; from their vacations to the schools af lla:dwiii ami '.:> wreiu c. Two .'ii'.;;!!!'!were pullinir Ihe fniii. To Partition Land. In the Klttsmilh"- partition' case, .TiidRc Foitst this afternoon RninicI a decree of partition auil .tpnoitited coniiiii.ssioners fo appraisi- and partl- tior. i:ie land involved. It lier. in ri .e Ro.-klow nelgliborhood. i ''On ir.NCHAXCI':—A smooib. well improved 18'.! acre.s in Howell county. .Mo., six miles from railroad sialion. Price $2..'>im. llieiiiiiliraliee sIL '.'.'i. for renial property in li:!:i or La Harpe. If. .M. Dowlcr. ooocoooooococoooo o o a o o O Ph O i:. F. VIIKKRS Live .KtiM 'k and (•enenil A nclioncer .Salisfnelioii (iliar:inIced III' s:;:. -mit F .-im St., loia. K^ IRATERXAL BBUTUERHOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. S80 me«t» second and fourth Thursday of eac* month in A. O. U. W. Hall. Vlsltlof inembera cordially invited. W. H. Anderson, president; Qolda Elam, secJv tary. JR. »• oiifmflii3 neneral Contmetnr. Flagstone and Cement SidewnTks ta* Curbing a Spocialty, Oac« 1I .J Ksst Jarksoa Ar«. Pbmie 8M. ooooooooooooooooo They Want Patton. .liidRc Foiist has pranted an order of attaebmeiit for .lohn Patton -whose wife. Nnda. sued him some time aRO foC iliniony. The officers' have not located Patton. Real Estate Transfers. .Tackson Caidwell and wiie to E. E. Renpctt. lot 1. Wilson's aiTditlon and lot 2. block 11. nrookiyn park. : Sarah .M. Kennedy to Morton Means, south half, of sonthwesr. one- fourlh. fractional section of 1-24-20. ConslderatioB 13400. ooooooocoooocoboo O O 0\(!TI( i: TO HHtRE.SrOMM-NT."*. O O O O The KcRlslrr desires each cor- 0 O respondent lo send In hU nr her O O name al onre nilh Ihe poslofflcc O O »ddre>s and Ihe nflme i>i Ihe O O nclRiihoriinod n-pre.senleil. O O Please do this at once :is we O O desire lo olitatn the ultovc facN O O for important rea .Mins. O O O OOOOOOGOOOOOOaOOO Real Estate, Insurance City and'Farm Loans Tx)w Rate, Annual interest Payments received al any time wllhoiii noilce, and interest ceases on amount paid. I .onjr or Short Time I .onns. Cunninsham & Arnett r Mrs. Hecock Here. Mr.s. Atina Heacock of INirsons. department jresldent of the Woman's Relief Corps of Kansa.s, inspected the Chanute Corps Tuesday afternoon. In the eveniuR an entertainment was Riven in her honor at Workman hall. It w .-is well Attendnl and an interesting iirognun was rendered.—Chanute Trlbtma. OUR TELEPHONE Ig constantly rlnRlng these days. Sa^ temiier, you know, is the time to bar the .tuninier dust cleaned out of car pets. We are busy, hut your order wUi receive prompt and careful attenttak- Phone iia today. lOLA RUG FACTORY MARAZIXE ^I .\5D PERIODIOAl.*^ can be secured of J. E. Hendersoa who deals with the publishers tmf furnishes them at the lowest prlie* possible. Trial snbscriptloii to V» Norden's, 3 months 26 CL Phona 88^ 41i N. BackM' * 1 1 ^-ti .:.f..,r.iSri; j-i^afeS; ^mi'-

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