Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 16, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1896
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. THE LOGANSPORT JOURNAL VOL. XXI. LOG-ANSPOBT, INDIANA, TUESDAY MORNINO/JUNE 16, 1896. NO. 144. DO YOU WANT ANY? We place on Sale Tomorrow! 100 • doz. Children's and Ladies' Hand- j kerchiefs, asc values for 5 cents. This- lot consists of plain white hemstitched Handkerchiefs and fancy borUered ones for Children and Misses, Fast colors and make, from splendid Sheer cloths. Regular prices are 15 and accents, TOriORROW FIVE CENTS. New Shirt Waists are arriving daily and the older ones are being sold out at greatly reduced < prices. Lots of bargains Today and Saturday. « ( \ See our West Window for the Handkerchiefs now on Sale. Our Big East Window for Shirt Waists. 400-411 BEOADWAT. 306 FOURTH ST. UNABLE TO AGEEE. Fight on Financial Plank Likely to Be Taken to Floor.of .Convention, Clothes up to Date . . Have been In great favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one has a finer line of woolens and worsteds to select from than onrp. Important Features ... in ;tho make-up of our clothes work their superiority. We are not the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailor~-and Draper. 3" Market Street. Lodge Declares Resolutions Committee Is for Gold—Stormy Meeting, of National Committee. • St. Louis, June 15— The mornlnsr before the meeting ot the convention opened with the lending topic In thc.ml'ifla of. the-delegates, not the selection of candidates,- but the- r.utm-e- c;£ the tlnandal 'plunk to bo ndopted. It r.eems clearly settled that the tl^ht. over tills quos'lon Avlll be .carried from, the committee' on resolutions to the pt,'o£ .''the ' onventlon. The committee, jcr'thc^lcttierslilji ot Its i-halrman, cx- Gov. ^Foraker, will sustain th<?."Ohlo Iflea 1 ' of declaring In favor o£ maintaining the "exfstlns'.'sta-KlarJ," not !sp<:clf/Ing'What time, standard is. The eustnT. members, under the leadership ot -Henry Cabot clxe, will Insist upon defining the existing- stundar'J as a o-olcl standard. This proposition being: voted down In committee, is It probably will be, Mr. I.oolK-e and Ex- Sc-nutor Platt will tttko the- mutlor Into the convent'* n and demnvd a rol'-ca.ll vp£e, so • as 1.0 plijce each delegation, distinctly on record. Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Lsiand, New Yorfc. Pennsylvania, Illinois, "»V!sconsln, "VJlinesolu .and nessee linve plven In their adhesion In advance to tl'.o Lodgo-FIatt programme, i Toller's Opportunity". When the? con~ention In-thus bi-ougrht 'ace to face with the questlm of declaring apalnst the '.roe coinage of silver, then vlll occur Senator Teller's opoortunlty. He 10,3 repeatc-dly declared that no effort on ila part, or that of lite trlimda, will be wanting to furco the conven'.l'in to a plain, ioncit'.declaration. "Better i\ sold plank," iei,-sayeii''.''tniin an »qulvocal declaration ,-hlfch* means sold, but may be taken 'to mean something ols<=." It Is Intimated that vhen. the convention shall huve definitely eclarod • tta hostility to silver coinage, :ena.tq'r, .Teller will make a speech which vlll'. tait'o,, the form of a vulodlctory to the repiib/Jcah ' party, and will retire to his onio iri'Colpi-ado to await cv-ntn, ' ' -CanvftHB for Vlco Pre*lrtency. There Is-renl'.y llttln wari^th or earnest- j eea-In the canvass being made tor the! icejpre'aldency. All cand'rtatss await a J lgn-'£rom the prophet from Ohio, .Mr. Mark Hanna: and Mr, Banna, it is said, . The malcoritcjtifcj'Un.-the Massachusetts delegation atter "a good nlsht's re»t returned to camp Monday morn'nsr vary willing, to act in harmony with the en- tiro; Ui;lttBa.tlon,' In,fact Mr. ST. V- B. Jef- ffroori, who started tho revolt when It ^•as' attempted Sunday nltfht to make Sir. 1 George Lyman, .ot Boston, the mem- ber'df the national committee, waa first • on 'his feet Monday morning f> make the''motion that Mr. Lymin be okictcd. Thlis was dona.by th^.eolld veto of tha delegates, a'nd from that time on every action taken was unanimous. Senator Lodge was placed In nomina- .tlon for the position of member of the committee on reaohitlona and was elected. The' other places .on the committee were filled UK follows: • Credentials, Jc-sso M. Grove; notification .to the president, M. V. B. Jefferson-;., no.titlcation to the vice- president, Willard J.v-Hale; rules, Hon. William M. B.utler; vice president for Massachusetts, Curtis Gild, Jr. The linanclal plunk .adopted at '.he Plati conference Sunday nlg-ht was indorsed and the entire delegation was divided Into commlttDOs and usRlgroed to various stated which will be invuded, durlnt' the duy. Aliil.'ilmlail to sccoiul McKinloy. N. H. Alexander^ of Mbntpomery, Ala., laa been chosen .to' 1 .second McKInlcy'i> nomination. Alexander Is a colored man, and Is said to be an eloquent speaker. A poll taken at the Alabama delegation •esultcd: Mclvinloy,. 17; Ro.-d, 2; Allison. „ and Morton 1. . Uurouai RoeJtxjtetl. The MlsaoiTvI-Jcie'satlon . Monday afternoon reeleoteil -Rlohard C. Kerens, of St. JLouLs, as nationnl cornmittecman by a vote of IS 10 15. -MaJ. Warner,'of Kansas City, re-, celved three votes. I'liUfurm Committee. As Car as -state organization has been completed th." iullotviiis: VI) comprise a portion of the committee on platform: • Massachusetts—Henry Cabot Lodtrc. MlnilL-sola— lix-Gov, Merriam. Rhode Island—Walter U. Reed. 'llllnlos-rRobe'rt W. Patterson. Connecticut—Samuel Fessenden. llalni?—Amos L. Allen.-. N'ew Hampshire—Gen. F. 9. Stre«ter. Utah—Frank J, Cannon. Ohio—J. B. Foraker. Indiana—Gen. L.OW Wallace, lov/a—Senator Gear. New York—Edward'tauterbach. Michigan—M. S. Brown. Montana—Gen. Mantle. OL" -me'national conventivn ussemnies immediately after the opening session Tuea- day an effort would be made to secure the,' adoption, en bloc of the tenporary roll prepared liy the nationnl commute" a*- 'permanent roll of regularly elected delegates to the convention. This state- .rncnt Is disquieting to those delegations whose claims have heen rejected by ths national committee and who were san- pruine of n reversal of Ihftt verdict at the hands either of the ivedemluls committee or the convention I'.sclt. Two mcmbors of the national com:nltt«e stated Monday picrnln^ that they knew of thbir own Unowledyo that such a plan was contemplated, A strong argument against tlio plausibility of this, rumor lies In the fact that &a tho temporary roll now standi the atate of Delaware is unrepresented, under the decision of the committee refusing to recognize either the Addickn or the lllgglns delegates, and should this roll he adopted as the regular roll of tho convention, then for.the first tlmu In the history of a national rcpubllc.in convention a state having representation in the electoral college would be debarred from taking uart In the deliberations. It Is understood that the proposal !? based upon n. dcalrti to expedite bu.slne. 0 ? in view of the large number of appeals which ir now appears .are 'to be lodged with thi committee and upon, a further wish to prevent a reopoijiriff of any of the New Vork contested ccfse.i wliieli .wore Ihe occasion of so much excitement in the committee room. silver"monomeviuisni. nut i relieve tnju; the frr-e coinage of sflver without an Inter- nationa! agreement would . mean silver monometallism, nr.d I am therefore opposed to It, and in favor of maintaining our" existing standard until we can do better. "The tariff plank will h:> a distinct declaration in favor of protection to American industries, and to American labor, but that will not mean that It will favor the K-unactinent of the McKlnley tariff law. That law will never be reenacted- Condltlons have changed and tariff, rate* must change with them," KIIEIJ WILL KKKP POSTED. lie A HTOKM.Y MKETIXO. Pennsylvania—M. 8. Quay. Washlr.qrt.on—Andrew F. Burlelgfv. Arkansas—Powell Clayton. W-est Virginia—O, W: Hardman. Nebraska—Peter Junsen. Wisconsin—Henry C. Payne. Ifuntuckv—Oiorcoi D..Tni!rt. We Have Others we Call Them Knights Wo also have an assortment of second hand bicycles which, must be sold. Call and make an offer. Effort* to ChancH Basis of Representation DofoKted It* Nntloniil Committee. St. Louis. June 15.—A debate that for heat and vigor of language rivaled that of. some of the slot my sessions of last week was precipitated In Monday morning's meeting of the national committee upon the motion of Mr. Payne, of Wisconsin, changing the basis of representation In 'he next national convention In such manner us to Increase the dol^gadons from tho north and decrease th^c from the south. When the debate was at lt-5 height Col. Yoimgblood, of Alabama, created a sensation by'a vigorous address. In •which he charged thnt.the conflict? amonc; the republicans In the south and the disruption ut the parry Jn that region were due to corrupt men coming from the north with their pockets full of boodle to seduce ind...flx in the Interests of their owr. candidate's republicans who under other circumstances would be loyal to i>vrty organization. "Stop your fixing,' he shouted: "stay at borne; tho southern republicans can take care of themselves.. Keep your boodle at homo. The very man who Is accused of first starting disruption in 1SSO sits In the senate of the United States to-day. We Jon't want your /ntorfer.ince; we don't want your money. Let us nlone." At the close of - Ihe Incident. !;y a vote of 31 to -1, the republican nations! committee adopted a resolution as a substitute for those pending, to the effect th.it It was Inexpedient to make- any recommendation to the national convention on the subject of change of representation The substitute was, moved by Mr. Fossenden, of Connecticut. In In Telcffmphlc and Telephonic Communication with St. Loulx. Washington, June 15.—Speaker Peed will remain in Washington during th's week. He will iccelve bulk-tins of the battle at St. Louis In the quiet retirement of hi* apartments at the SIicrc-1-.am, Gnv. Morion's big hotel, surrounded bv vympa- thctic friends. He is hoping against hop« that something ™ iv occur to turn tho presidential lightning in his direction. In addition to telegraphic connection he will b<- In direct telephonic communication by- means of sound-proof long-distanee telephones. In this way lie cun talk directly with his managers without fwlng to. listen to the roar tliat will welcome the name of McKlnley nor to the acclaim with which his nomination will be received. INDEMNITY PAID. GOLD MEN VICTORIOUS. Undo £am Performs an Act of .lastlce Co Mlntrcatcd foreign SubjiictB, Washing-ton, June 15.—The United States g-ovcmment performed an act of justice Saturday under its trenry provisions in paying some indemnities for injui'les done to subjects of forcig-n nations by American citizens. Secretary OJney g-ave to Baron Fimi, the Italian, ambassador, n check for $10,000 to b« turned over to the families of the four Italians who were killed by a mob at YV"al sen burg 1 , Co)., !ast yenr, nnd Si» Julian Pauncnfote, the British ambassador, was given a check for $!,SOO for the relief of the Dnwson family, British subjects who were badly hnndlcd in. Nebraska and $1,000 for one Bain, thft purser of an English ship, who was shot in the leg during the levee riots in New Orleans last fall. The money was appropriated by congress. COUNTESST fsTB'EATEN. Th4 quficn of hearts in all theift parts, If you can fro by rumors' Is one who rtqcs a wh«l, and glides About ia dainty bloomers. ZINN & COMPANY. 302 Sixth Street, Invitations, Arc always appreciated and especially so when they are tastefully gotten up. / ' THE JOURNAL Job Printing Department is making a specialty of NVITATIONS, PROGRAMS. LETTER HEADS, BILL HEADS,". STATEMENTS, CIRCULARS* NOTE HEADS, CARDS, ETC.^ ETC. Latest Styles in Fancy Type and Material. Fresh Water Yeast! Hakes the purest and sweetest Bread' The Bread Recipe on separate Slip is PERFECT. THE BUCKEYE YEAST CO., ASHLEY, OHIO. has ir.tlmn.teil to at least one prominent pa- plrant that It Is not hls"purposo".l'a' nMk any slg-n until after the, no/rilnqt'lo'p o Maj. McKln>y., bec'-imiis an assured"'fac Thla condition o( thjnss. ''It' 1's all.egoc • places at Icust one ,p;-omiive-nt gentleman ( an limbarrusijlng position. Mr: "I-^obart; 1 o New Jersey, Tould like to 'siicropd Scn'uto Smith In ISOO, .but he would'llK'e-HtlH^ette to bo vice-president .bl'.the United'States •Ho fully..realizes that no cnndlSatc fo tho vice presidency ,fan",.suece'cd'<wUh'6u the active support of'M.iJ.- JIcKlnley' frlendgxeCh/il before clouding his scnatorla aspIratfonS by. exhausting his claims-uppr lila-tiarty (fiends In a. canvn33 to -a''fl'nlsf for t}>e vice' presidency, bc'!?rcatly.-do.ilrc: to/Sear more dellnltely trorp-Ohlothaiii h has yet been able to.'do, "where ho 18 at' Mr.'.H. -Clay Evaps. of Tenneasoe,'pur Bue'8\!hla ; canvaa9 'with -no such •nanipnr log-considerations to.hold-hlm bnck.'"-'H< has''-4c'clared in favor of 'using the word "gold" In tho platform, and • claims '»o have received much encouragement from tho "'Vermont, New Tork, Michigan;. WI conslnj.'-Iridlann and Illinois-dcleKaUons. Ex-Qdv.v. D. Russell Brown,, of. Rhodf IMand,-.' opened headquarters'.in tho read- Ins room of the Southern Monday morn- Ing.'and 'b.etran a distribution of vice prasl- d£.ntlal,b\uttonB. Ko thinko New, England Is ."entitled' to the seconds-place, and ex- pects-/.ths,': support of the."New England ' - ••'' • '• ' V HEADQUAliTEKS, '•'•The latter two are still doubtful. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co. Tbe well-known Specialists of New York have appointed I). A. UAUR as agent for their celebrated Spectacle* and If 'Glasses, every pair guaranteed, • T>. A. It AUK has complete assortment and Invites all to .satisfy, themselves ot the great superiorly of these goods over uny m nnnfnctured, fit (he store of D. A. HACK, Soleagent Jo Loguusport Ind. ; So Peddlers Supplied. "•".Colorado and Teller. ..-. • The -small room occupied by the Col- orafio',-.delegatlon waa', totally, -Inadequate to i .-the -demands wade,' -upon It Monday morning'-'as soon as It. .became ' known that 1 iSftoator Toller had arrived and wns ready,vto ' meet his free .silver-friends; Thoi 'delegation was unable to meet for- mallyiiuntll more than hall an tvour had clftpaod,: during which time .an • ovation ^•as tendered the champion 'ot frre silver, •A3 .soon a» the doors were closed Senator Telle'r'.'w'is elected chairman of the dele- eatlori'and Its memter of the co-nmltteu ,cn resolutions,' .Mr. Frank C. Goudy was made ymcmbor ot tfco committee on crer dentlals .-and Jarnoa M. Downlne on rules. The. member of the national committee and .other offices to. -be ..-filled were left to,-»- subsequent meetlne. .... Tho idelagatlon decided to-act* an a unit; and-.to.-be guided In, nil things by the ad- Vice.'of'Mr. Teller. After tho meeting adjoiiired Mr. Teller held a. private conference with a few of thei silver lenders, to' arrange tor tho Issuance, of a.civil for the 1 •Bllver..T7ien to meet and consult about the-' •l^inGMLl .situation. . 'j ... Samuel t'essendon. or Connecticut, Who,- 1 'In' 'addition to ,belli,?.'Connecticut's national -commltteeman -.and member of the cc-mralttoe on resolutions, han been choeen ' to, .present to the convention, the .name •jpf' cx-Gov. Morgan T. Bulkoley 'for vice '/president; says his remarks w,lll' show .flie.ei-governoi' as the best gold.standard THE TARIFF I'tANli. Jllarlc-Hannft Prcpureti. OHO That '.-'• Bt. Louis, June .15.—Mr. Mark Hannn .'haa prepared tho tariff plank of tho plat- -iorm. jt will be stlfll.v protective, and if Understood 1 to distinctly reflect Mr. Mc- 'JKInloy's views. It will not demar.d a restoration- ot the rates of duty fixed In the .'jaw of 1S£>0, ; nor ivill It rofc-r specifically V.'to' that law as "the McKlnley law." All "sonal -reference to tho author of the ; ,tnrlil bill which paused the Fifty-first .'.congress will' be avoided. It will cull for • e-uch' an Increase of duties as will nm- 'ply protect the American mar.ua'-cUirer 'end farmbr from foreign competition. The platform will contain a special reference •to tho woolen industry, It will recite thi -'benefits which the woolen grower cn- 'joyed under the McKlnley law, and it will advocate a restoration of tl.e rates which wero' In vogue when the present law. -,va3 •snacted. ' -WUl Favor Kwtorntlon ol-Bugnr Duty. .It will contain a strong deolaratlon favorlr.ff a rostonii.ion of the duty on sugar, It will point out that the practicability of growing sugar beets successfully In the Unlcod Status has boon clearly demonstrated,, arid It will assort that the expansion ot this Industry will materially aid the farmers and Increase the value of their land. It has been suiri?est(X* that tho sugar schedule should provide for free sugar with a bounty of tvo cents pound to the growers of the domestic product as was, the 'case In the Jaw of 1S10. Sotno of thu republican leaders object to the bounty provision, and are urging that tho paragraph' relating to susar shall merely stipulate for an adequate protection .to the American grower. American Sbippfnff Anxious for Protection* The Morohajit.Amcrlcun Marine associ- .tlon .Is laboring Industriously through Its secretary, Mr. .A. R. Smith, to secure the nsertlon of a 'plank imposing a duty of :en'per-cent,. ; -ad valorem on.all lmporta» 'ions to tho. United. States that f.'re not •ransported in American bottom?. It will jt shown trial such a- policy was In successful ' operation :for nearly -10 years, in he United States, during which period an average pt.about 80 per cent, of American commerce was'.carried In American •esHels, while' to-day, 'with no protection _or American 'ships competing- with for- elgn'shipH,':maDned by sailors poor'y cotn- )cnsatc-d; but 11 per cent, of our commerce =1 carried In-oUr pwu-Bhips. , THE TEMFOBAUY ROLL. lay Bo Mjido Pcrmtincnt by Committee '-. on Creilontlnls. St. .Loals',:. Juno .13,—One of the sensu- lons of :tho early raornlnE was a repori- bat,' whin.the -committee on. cr^Oentlals Senator Lodje Declares Tncy Control Committee on 'ItciolutlotiH. St.: touls, June 15.—"We have won the nghL bold Is the v'cto'r. The committee on -resolution.) will di?<-Iare for a gold standard, and\t!'.at declaration wl'l be adopted by the crti'venllon." -'Such was the statement .made at one o'clock Monday afternoon by Seriiucr Lodge; of Massachusetts. He cor.Unuei-;:. "Since the conference we held Sunday night we have heard returns from mnny' ot" the states that have elected their membew of the comm l .".ee on resolutions, and we now know exactly \vhcre we stand.. The. states that have elected mcmbors of the committee on resolutions pledged to a jsold standard are as follows: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, lla.?!=.-i- chusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, a solid Nc-n- England; New York, New Jersoy, Pennsylvania, 'Maryland,. Delaware,' West. Virginia -Wisconsin, Mlnne- sor.ivNorthi.Jiakota. Oregor.. •VVushinffi.on, renricssae,* Kentucky. Ncbr^slJ.'i, Illinois and The District of Columbia This makes *2 states, and when It comes to Uic voting, Ohio and Ir.'Jlana and certain other ot the middle states will lie compelled to go on record as favprlnK a gold stnnd.ird. Thus It will be seen thai we have carried tho flay, ind t!ie. republican party, will be saved from cor.imlUlnKitseir to astraddle. The votu will come llrst on a minority report for a free coinage. v'«.nh, wlilch will be TOtetl down fii;d the ffold plank substituted. Of course, the western silver states cannot be counted upon, but wo have saved New York, and tho vote of (li.-it state amounts to -norc than the combined vote of all 'the si'.i er prouuclnrr states, should they at the election repudiate Hie republican ticket.. It la my firm belief that the. Adoption of a gold plank will be tlic salvation of the rfcpublioan party and cause the Words of honest money to rally around Its standard th* whole.country over. Strong Eastern rremuro. Senator Lodge's declaration that tho com- mittoo on resolutions will adopt a gold plank'is practically conBrmca at McKlnley headauarters. The pressure from the "os'ern statea has been so strong that It Is tacitly admitted that the McKlnley nrnr- as"rs' will not. arbitrarily oppose it notwithstanding tlielr personal objections. nUuucKuca I'lcadit for it Oolil Plivok. Minnesota delegates selected the following representatives Monday morning: Chairman, Charles A. Plllsbury: vice president convenlion, Cbarlos F. Hendryx; national commlitecman, L. F. Hubbard. Commi-U'CS-credcntiols, L. P. Hunt; resolutions, W. R. Slerrlam; rules, C. J. Gunderson; permanent org-anlxation, L. b. Swinson; notiflcatlo.-i presidojuial candidate Monroe Nichols: notification vice presidential candidate, A. D. Davidson. The delegation' unanimously adopted the following resolution,proposed by L. P. Hunt: "Bcllevlns that an honest expression of our convictions in tho flnar.cin.1 plank to be placed In the national republican.plKtform Is the only true course to be pursued, and recognizing as we So that the mass of the peopli; of tills country are to-day looking to St. Louis with confidence that the great party of the people wllldeclareiJiiequlvocal- .ly for sound money,.we, the delogatco representing the state of Minnesota in the national-councils of tho republican party, and with a full desire to carry out what wo (Irmly believe to be the w.'slies of o;;r people, earnestly petition the committee on •platform to declare boldly and unhesitatingly for tho existing gold standard of money, and unequivocally oppose the free and unlimited oolnnge of silver. With such a declaration there can be r.o passible mis- Interpretation of our position on this most vital Issue, neither can there lr<? any question as to tho verdict of the people next November." Judgmnnt Rendered In the Libel Salt- AcalnHt Countess KnMcIl. London, June 15. — In the queen'* Ixjnch of the high court of justice, before Baron Pollock, Monday, hearing-o£ the libel action brought by H. A, Eob- erts, cJiister of the. Bath college, ngainst Countess Ktissci), £3,000 daiunges being- clr.imetf. came up. The suit is an. outgrowth of the action brought by the Ss oguinst Earl Russell, her bus, for a judicial separation, in vhicb, .-hocking allegations of immorality were made. The defense _is that the statements were made in g-ood faith, and without malice. Judgment was rendered in favor of the plaintiff, with costs. Countess Rus?<*)!, it %vas stnted in court, had made a written withdrawal of the charg-os and had o.t the time tendered an apology. WILUIAMS RETURNS: Formcx Consul Geueral nt Jlfir*DB Kencltes "Sew Vork. "S"»\v York. June 15.—Among the pny..scng;ci'i" who arrived Monduy on tho jte.-imev Vigilancia, from Havana. \vcr<! Con. Earaond 0. Williams,' fonuerly Unite! States consul g-eneral toHavanu r Mrs. Williams. Dr. D. M". Burgess, Cuitcd Stales me-dical inspector of the marine hospital service, and Robert Me-, Naught, the New York detective, who ^^•ellt to ITavann, TO secure the Belmont swindler and L. Carbajal. >fcNn.ugrht failed to obtain the c.xtrudition of Gon- zn.l«s. who claimed- his rig-ht as a Spa-n- ish subject under treaty 1o trial by Spanish authorities. SENSATION IN NEW YORK. CftKhlcr Shoots n Jliiuk President and Then ulmtelf. Kew York, Juoe IE.—11. K. Moore, cnsh.ier of the Bank of New Amster- ilaro, Monday shot the president^ George H. Wyckoft and the-n shot himself. CHAIRMAN JTOlfalKEB'S VIKV.'S. DeflovK nifl Position on Hif 7..*jn:rnou'.I tiud Tni-If? vt«p;:tio:i?. St. J H ou!s. .June lo.—-So::h.'rn--.'Cl/.'ct Foraker, who .Is :o be- ehr.'rrnri;; o.f t.lv.-c^rain!;- tce on resolution*, -makes public the following, statement o! his vlov.-s: "I bollc-vo In hlini>taliltsrn In contradistinction to cither soM monometallism- or Spendrt a Day . , June 15.—President Cleveland went fishing- Monday on the trout preserve of Mr. Henry Harrison, nine miles from Losburg, Va. He left here Sunday iiig-ht at nino o'clock on a sjxjcial train and slept on the cars. Ha was met at Losburg 'Monday morning by Mr. Harrison :md driven to the preserve, where be lias been fishing- a number of times during 1 his present term. Hon. Joseph MjHcr, commissioner of internal revenue, accompanied the president. They returned Monday nig-ht, Worry Cannes a Snlcldc. Canton. 0., June 15. — Accidental killing of her father several months ,-ig-o, ivoi-ry and overwork temporarily unsettled Miss Elma Anthony's mind' to such an extent she took her own lifo ' Monday morning at seven o'clock. Sha i liced with her mother on a furrn ten. irdles e-ist of. this city. .She was 30 years of age nnd an exemplary young 1 woman, • lloiit Sank nnd 8Ix Drowned. Loudon, June 15.—The steamer Bot»| tha from Hiibon, for SfiddJesboro, ivas sunk olt South wold Sunday morning-by collision with the steamerClaverlry and > six of. her crew were drowned. The Claverlcy had her port bow badly I stove, but rescued the remainder of. the j Bertlip-'s crew and them at London, -June 15.—The examination! of X>r: L. S. Jameson and his fellow ot-1 ilcc-r>; in the Tra-nsvnal r:iid, which was! resumed in the Bow street police court i lust weok,. wa« ended Monday. . Dr. ,1; % ,]i:eson. Sir .Tohn Wi'lou^-l-iby. Col. •iVli'iii:.'jl:i,1. Vvlnte. Col. Gray :ind Il'on Charlt's C-o\vntry- were, committed for; li-::;I mid the other drfeadarts weredis-

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