Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1907
Page 3
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AT wMli or tilfc •wr aubjaet they flujr wii^ to fTHte. U you vM^: lac whUik klc& sbWit MjRhhw. wlilrl^ BddrMM*: they wU not be jMnted. A« draaa aU «omiaiiitieaUoiia to & R^toter.] FAIR TO IMPROVE i^i ujni oi j'ljiffcij.ut It ij^iui fur {{JUif pur J <;cu ;i [;r tti)9«JjJ Annual Meeting of Oiinectortt Occurs Next Tuesday Afternoon. JaiBaHIlO LlnM0IlMilI3cI ^^^^ laojuioo At liio annual meeting of the dine- ti( the Alien Oiunty; Fad- Associa :'iin which <irpnrti next Tu.'Fday It is V. I y likely thai steps wil'.lje taken '1- :i;ii>"<'V"' the fair ^cinndj. Secre- ll ;.i'v Smith said yesterdjiy that sever- ii::i(j:tant iinproveiiionts were tin- i-i eoii>;';(l?ratioii and they woiiM he {|i ;»-'-iiied at the annna!tn<>i-t'nK. The . tiii>irri-:i of the past year was elos 1 1(1 lip yesterday and it was found iihiiJ al )i )ve all expensH .s tlje iissciria ! I ou (•'I.-ared' $000. • YOUNG WELL IS IN. Will Measure One and One-Half Mill, ion Cubic Feet.—Rigs Have Been Moved. The ciiy drilled in a Mas wdi :•< s terday afternoon on the Younp farm. The well will measure but one ana ene-ha'f million ctibic feet It will b'- attach >d to Ilie mains whirh lead to ilie eilv <#)me time today. Th'- riar w»s-n »oTt >»l this afterno .iii to another part of the Yonns farm where a well will he drilled. ; piLKS rrnEn IN r, yo u I'O'/.O lO.VTMRNT ls.;gua,ranteed to ioiire any case of Itrhlnfr. mind, nieed- or I'rotr.idin.^ PilesJn G t«> U day.s (ir nioiiey refunded. r >!)o. .STKA.MIIOAT 18 SilK. IIiarhMl .Mk-a Hay Tojla.r .WH»i Trivr and l'as>eimer< riiluiriued. ?!iHikane.: Wash.. Dec, :;_The ste;im- bii;i! whirl):-iniek a rwk 'while eros-;- ii 't; I.:ire Coeur D'Alene.. last niKht r<-:.hi-d Mira bay this inorniii}; with all saie on hoard, l-tst night it was ivjxr .ied that tUioeji were drowned. A Card to tke CHlaem* «r Iota. By way of explanation as to why I have been permitted by the Hon. CItj- Council to build a atand at tlie corner of .Madison and Jefferson streeta, I witl say that I only asked (or tbia space until the spring of the year. Then I will find a new location. Ttie street where I am located at present is piied full of building material and therefore nnsiKhtly at bestt and the addition of niy "shacl('° (no designated by some people) can not shock the aesthetic nctves. which is so highly developed in some few lolans much worse. The city council had girvn me another location and I had gone to considerable expense towards building same, when une.\peeted conditions developed and it was deemed best to locate elsewhere. I wish to say I have obligated myself to the extent of almost two hundred dollars to tola business men. One of loin's best and Inllnencial citizens kindly loaned me towards making this little start and should I be forced (o nliandon this location I would have no way or pay off the debts I have contracted. I also wish to say that I have not nor did I seek to bring any Influence to bear on the city council to secure this location. I merely told them that I wished, this op|>ortunity to make an htmorafile and honest living. Vp til! thai time' I had been unable to secure einploynient, so It was only philanthropy on the pan of the city council in hel|iing ine to hel|i myself. I came to lola t <i live and iii lola I am going to sia.v. J. H. QR.AY. tbeBcgtolQ IB White Indian A white Indian if a sick In* dian. When the Indians first saw a white man they were sure he was sick. White skin—sick man was their argument "Pile-hce" is the name they gave its. Me bees can be cured. When blood a propcriy fed the fkc Slows with health. Scott's Emulsion b a ridi blood fowl. It <ivcs new power to the bone marrow from which the red blood spriajk i i s 191JI0. 4r- Prices and values that will increase the popularity of our great Boys' Store. Extraordinary bargains for three days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. $5 00 Boy.s' Suits with iwo pairs of Pants, one plain and one hlou.sed, at $S.BO Thrt.'se come in .several pattern" in serviceable wcole» mixtures, dark grays and browns", in belted coats, one of the best values that the.Glo1>e ha!« to offer, bizes 7 to 15. :iO dozen Bny-,' K"ce PantB in dark mixtures and itriiics, cent values at 23o BoysVStocKings, lOc pair. 50 dozen heavy libbfd Ilo; .s" Stockings, regular 15c and 20c sellers, bi/es 6 to to. Remember tiiib is for 5 days only. 20 dozen Boys' 250 Stiirts and Driwers, at 15c each. Thi£ is a heavy riblied garment, sizes 24 to 34 Remember Uus sale is for Three Days Only— Tburstfay, Friday and Saturday. 25 doz. Boys' Sweaters at 25c : These come in tour difie.eut colors: black, blue, red and grav. Sizes that will fit boys Irom 4 to 14 years of age iftoys' 50c Stocking Caps, 25c '•^ OAing to a backward seuon we have too 'many S(ockiD£ Caps, and this will give yoa atf opportnnhy to buy your boy or girl one A Redaction on Every Boys* Over­ coat in the Store. Partloulars PertalnlKilE to Piraotloal Kcoc&otn^ Arenow btlng given to« in nit delaib in cvctf tloek nnd on even bargeln co«nt«r tlif09gho «t t&e •tore. A4vefitilngspMeittfl»newiinferiseocelf inaiiqiib^ explain ta yon tlie » stofc fiw fl&kngiymn 4aily many opportnaltics now tdtotded ttia needs at n money 1 Extreme Price Reductions in Ladies' Conts Evra tbr most casual rfflection will give proniatMr tn Vkf cratnl p«bit of fatrrcMt la thr MUti. aaiavljr, the fart tkat it roaieH at aa apportan? moateat, praeticali} at tlM' «p«aiair of tkr !<raxoa. Tke Tarlrtf far KatMjr. laic reqalmieBhi for aftmiaaa, street and etealag wear b roasplrooasi} lanre. The •(tyle>i are aatkorftatire, llie nuikiair superior aad tke sarlaf la price bail rarrly been eqaalled evea at tke seasoa's endiaf, wliea ordia- ariiy a tiale of this aatare migbt be espeeted. <tH.30 valve noW' .Ul Mtin lined bandttonely triaiaied that woald I M> ronatrd ekeap at niM sale prife <8jlM «I4 J II0 and i|ila .00 (-ine Braadrlotb (uat.s I>uch«'>s«' Venetian lined, xale price $10M Beautiful «|S.flO Coats Mtin llaed. Irinned with lie^l silk braid; sale price $I5J)0 Fine $1 «JHI Black Kersey now $10.00 1)20.00 Fine Broadcloth Coats llacJ with heary satin with best silk trimiiilnirs: nal*' price ijlCLOO Cleiruce Sale Tfinmei Hats IXtKSH t.-OOOS l\ PAI.XTY ( OLfMtS For Kvenlnir Wear, JJreally Keduced. All tVoot Italiste. all wool .\ttas Veil Inir, reJuced from OoctoJtOc per yard. Iljilnly silk fabrics which are pitr- tirularly adupled.for etenlnf; and din ner irowns from 4ic to 11 .00. A splen- dtil sbnwinir of colored dress fabrics iXSt ilown to lOc per yard. KIHS KIMS Kl K.S. If you want to see a splendid line <ir Curs from 7Jc to ffO.mi ne ask you III look (broneb onr line. Wnrm Blankets from .'lOc to «7.S0 Warm taandmade Comforts with l>es( cotton, all prices. Warm FluiineWtU-s Niirbt Dresses from .Vic to i|il.OO. Warm KiiM Helticoals ironi 2 .'>c to ijidies' and (hildren's (Jolf Gloves and .MHIens fnim l.*>c to ^Oc. Tenuis Flannel from r,c lo MMe. Wanu Kimono ninterfal from 10c to 17r. An ExteaslTe^^Collection Reduced. The>e reduced i^atn contain nany 01 the season's re*> eitecthre xtylos. Our Miss Johnson aad wmistaats wha bate aiet with sa much favor are Korkinir early and laje and every bat in this splendid sbowlna will be priced to you at ACTCAL COST. We d» tkla to clean up stock..' We nrye you to select early liefore the ifood tblmr* are all gone. A Choice selection'of Street Hats from *.'>c to 41.^0. Fleaantly Trimmed Hats from ^.00 to iM .7.'i. If yoa want a bill of winter goods it will pay you to visit the bright^ new stock at 113 EnstMatfbon. 2 Doors West of ^Tbomplon Hotel, THE SALES IRCREASE AS GOOD AS DEAD I Tapeka Druggists Sold More Booze for "Medicinal Purposes" Last Month Than in October. Top'ka. Dcr. t.—^Toppka druggists 11. ode 2 ^...">e!' s.iles of :i «nior diirins il '.f :r.unth iif November on the afft. di'.viis of purchasers that they wish- i'<! to tise the "boo /.e" for "medicinal, ippchanleal. or sclentifc purposes." Tills Is approximately l.Oflo niore sales than ware made durinR the preceding n-onth but Is gtlll :5.000 short of the high water mark set in the early part or the present year when "the lid" first went on In Topeka. The number f.f liquor saleH by ilrugglsls is show- liJK an increase »ach month (hough. I 'Ut as th.-> nunibf;- of salps by druj- i :!.=ti Increases the number of places V. irn' llquur ran be boiiKht without iho purchaser ".signing up" gTow.-; smaller. Fofty-five druKgista ao'd 1-quQr under perniit.'j from the probate court in Topeka In November. It rs probabl.» that the sales on affidavits during December will be larg- t\- than ever before in the history of Toi)eka a.s County Attorney Schench and Probate .Iiidge Hayden are proceeding vigorously against drugeists v.h.n complaints are made that they nre selling liquor without requiring 1 tirrhasers to make affidavU as to tho pi'.riioses for w^hich they desire to us.- i;. The permits of four drug .^srs so jicc'iscd were revoked this we."»k and !wo others turned in their permits tt> n\t\:\ an order revoking them. Witness .Testifies to Alleged Statement by Caleb Power« About Goebel. ! Georgetown. Ky.. Dec. t.—.\t the ojienlng of the irjal of Caleb I'owers today, the commonwealth put Robert i Noakes, railroad conductor and labor Itader. of Rossvllle.' 111.. 4m th? witness stand. Noakes was charged, with Tay'or. Powers and Finlev/ with being access- cry to the as.sasslnation of Goebel. but ! escaiK-d indictment, it is alleged, by turning statD's evidence. Xoakcs testified that under the di- rect'on of Finley and Powers he took a body of men to Frankfort in November. ISM. while the .state election board '.vas In session for fh.-» HARD TI.MK TO «KT PRESinE>T. Kansas Boy Club .May Be Forced lo Vrreiit a Second Resignation. Topeka. Kas. Dec. t.—.fohn S. Dawson was last Samrday elected president of the Kansas Day club by the executive committee, but owing to a l.itniature announcement due to ji "ie.ik • there Is a prospect that Mr. Diiv.son may decline the place. After ;lie meeting of the executive committee Saturday it was announced that S. 11. Brandon of Uutler county had resisned as president because of III health but that his resignation had not been accepted. .Mr. Hrandon is said t(» be in a dangerous condition and it was not intended to make announcement of the acceptance of his resignation and selection of a successor before December I.".. Some member of the c<jmmittee leaked though and the action of the committee was iiiiie kHOW'i to the public. Mr. Daw- sijifcl .vesterday that he probaI> ly v. 11' refuse to terve as president of the r'nb. WAXT.S BA.XK .STATE.HENT. Comptroller Wants to Know About Buslaess at Close of Heccmlier 3. Washington. Dec. 4.— The comptroller of currency today isued a call for a statement of the condltlwn of na, :IonaI hanks at the close of business |un.December third. or' intimidating that body. He said he had instructions to see Justice was had. or "to hang 'he election com- nii.ssioners." After reaching Frankfort he was fold by Finley to take the men back to the mountains, as Governor Bradley did not approve of the plan. The witness detailed a conversation with Powers on the train near Barbourville. Ky.. in which he said Powers asked him to organize a military com pany and go to Frankfort. Powers saying in r?gard to the contest then pending, that the "contest will not amount lo nothing, as Goebel is as good as dead." Hey Thermi " Wbere are you going?" "n«ing after a sack of ||« S, PiUmmt Plom. My wife, won't use anything else." ' .A WAGf .\ loaded with brick broke rtown on East .Mad son Avenue. Just as ir was being pMlIed across the lola FJIectric Railway tracks this morn ing. One wheel was pulled off. lettins the wagon full of brick fal' in such v position as to break both wh.°els. 4^ THB ^ALLEX county penaioa iboard i.- meef»ng in Dr. R. O. Ctaristlaii's office in •^hls city today. The bu^aess oj" the i.-oard wxs not as good today as It has b?<!n lor the past several mo«-tings. • - 1 •' Try them for lunch and yott will have them for dinner. Biscuit The most nutritions staple made from wheat.' mmgh In.moistun and dusi proof packates. %0 ^4AT10^IAL BISCUIT COMRANY

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