Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1907
Page 2
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THE TOLA BAttT MtggTEH. WEPHMlUr BTBHMfl. IHCEJMB ^ >M7. F. i. M liliiGiply BrtaMtaM IW; MMllllAiiilMGl. JDBLTDrFIOjni .lMtGMUn «|,200,000 OiUy a few weeks more to do your Christmas buying. Useful «nd sensible Christinas Gifts thftt cikn be had at tliis store. We have a large selection ef Christmas attractions that descounts anything pt have ever before attempted, more different istyies; of goods, and a working force ready to serve you aiid;to. please y4>u. You will see the beginning of Christmas trade and from the start such goods as are enumerated below will be in big demand. SEE OUR WINP0W3 Ovti*t 1907 Qictv. Men's Hand Tajlomd Suits and Overcoats The, House of Kupperhim^, America's Foremost Clothes Makers Magnificent exhibit of M^'s Hand Tailored Suits MKJl Overcoats. A di^pUy without ft para- Dressy black Tnibib:, h^nnsoniely trimmed. Worsteds, plain new Cheviots, ibi^i season's fashionable stripes in Bronrp, neat dark greys made with new lapels, ne^ set high collars, round effect front,, permently bbruok beiure making, guaranteed to hold their shape. You should bt pleased to recelv^ as good from a tailor for $95 to $35. We are giving j ou the best values in Suits and Ov«rco»ts that cnu be hud in this vide world at yonr choice from Men's Susfjendeis Plain and fancy webbioKis with Sterling aid Gold plaited buckles in nic;: tancy in-xes from Men's Dres^ Gloves A .ilrihilk lined dressed or undressed fi'o/es —make a usef it present $f ttp i9t$2mS0 The Largest Stock of Popular Price Clothes Here Men's Suits and Overcoat", see our underselling values, the newrst patterns and styles that can be booght on the market. Single and double bQsted coals, all sizes from 34 to 46, also Stems & Stonts Overcoati in plain black, made and trlaimed nicely, 54-in. long. Also large selection ot Prestleys Cravenette coats at popular prices from S9.7Bupto$1^.75 Men's Keckwear The best selection of Men's neckwear in this city, all the o<rwe&t creations from 500 up Io $tmOa ' III 1 1^ I 1 1 I . I I I Men's Mufflers All that is new in Men's mnfflers, in brown, slate, cream, gr«y, purple and black. Silk Handkerchiefs Plain white initials and fancy borders, also plain tan and grey, from 25o up io St,28 NOTICP accept all local clearing house certificates and * f 1checks in payment of goods purchased, and will give you merchandise and CASH in exchange for same. Popular Qothiers THE CRYSTAL FEOJil palfitters for Men and Boys Evening With Riley. (GB Nev Years day. loU people al- Th* Y society will meet tomorrow ] vrays patronize these events exteirs- eTeninc wltk " - - ~ Mrs. K. B. Keys. 20a Koirfb Buckeye street. Miss Arbogasi trill lead a discussion of the works ot James Wlttitcomb Riley and the program will be composed of readln.^ and recitations from volumes of bis poems. A • •:• Sarve Dinner to Public. A meeting of the executive commit tee, of the V?bman's Christian Temper anee Union yesteribiy' resulted In the decision to ser^-e dinner and supper Class The brilliancy of Libbey ' glas», the sharpness of each liae, carrying the light from poiatto point, have caused it to cherished io every home wlMve beauty is appreciated* ScmJior 80 page illnstrated cat^o/ ^ fAoolbf St. Luke's hospital after the three months of probation work. Miss Ijoxsee has now begun the studies which comi)ose the regular course. .Miss Doxsee will si)end Christmas at 1 3r home here. * * * 500 Club Party. Mr. and Mrs. M. Schoenbrun. 224 n^at street, were at home to members of the 500 club last evening. The club pame was played at several ta- I'V.-! and Mr."<. Schoenbnm served an I Inliornte menu at the close of the ively and the committee on iaffairs is already planning an elaborate and delicious menu with the expectation of catering" to a large number of r -veniiiR. quests. The place has not yej been 4. ^f, 4. selected though it is probabfe that _ „ one of the down town buildings will iror ..Mtrof It l^uis. Mo.. DC useo. . . ^ r.rrlved today for a visit with -Mr. and ^ ^ ^ :,\Ti.. M. Schoenbrun and Miss Belle Entertained T. C. Club. . fforwitz. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Brown lyere atj * ^ ^ home to a group ot friends l^st evening to enjoy an informal soeiit* hour. After games the hostess served a de j The new Eclipse club will give an- I other of its delightful dances tills ev TnA,,^ ZohJ^n .rxTT \fr«- TI " • n'^S in Masonic hall. The member -^i*^."! i""''^?".!^ ^ L. *S5 ,5"„S;>Wp is now ctase to thirty-as several! Phin ;n Hel I "'*''^>' rnnijp nei , j,^^ members wUl attend for the first Klaumann. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and' Mrs. A. Gppaneuf.' Mrs. r. WTiite, Mrs. Lena Brown.., Miss Marv Remsberg. * • •»• To Attend Wedding. Mrs. W. H. Root and daughters Ipft Wiiarton. oday for Elsmore to attend the mar ' + • r age of Mi..s Katherine Kamping- to „^ ^^^^^ Mrs. Claude O. Stewart is hostess right o 'clock this evening. lime tonight. Those who compose the ,:roup are: Mr. Wlasson. Mr. Herman Tholen. Mr. Thos. Bowlus, Dr. James Rpid-, Mr. Max Beales. Mr. Jay Bal^l- <'tt. Mr. P. \V. Brewster and -Mr. Chas. Mr. S. D. .\mold Mrs. Roofs Brother. Tho wedding will be ^\emr^^jr „, Cheerful Circle this aftenKwn ,.le will be at home at Crandail. Kas... Zil^T'L^^" ?f„'^fl"'' in two weeks. ' *o membera of the club. Christmas Gifits of Elrcanre, Taste and I 'sffnl- ness. Diamond Rings Cold & Cold Filled Watrhos Urooches Kfstoon Necklaces Stick Wns Hat Pins Shirt Waist Sets Iy>ckets and Chains Ctitr Buttons Watch Chahis and Fob.s Ladies Hack Combs An endless variety of Beautiful articles at surprisingly low prices. MCNEIL BROTHERS. A large stock of nice thlaga for Christmas at Burrell's drug store. MISS PLORENCB Mitchell return ed yesterday morning fhjm lola. where she spent the Thanksgiving vacation.—^Parsons Sun. j-f <. + Give Tea on Friday. ' Mrs. Chas. H. Apt. iO\ South Washington avenue, will entertain'with a tea on FVIday afternoon to Initroducf Mrs. A. Gadsey. of Cincinnattj. Chid. Calls will be received from half past two until half past five o'clock. • * • Baotist. Aid Society to Meet Mrs. S. Coffleld. 1317 North'Cottoi)- wood street, will entertain t^emben* ol the Baptist Aid socley tc^orrow afternoon. I • + * ' EnterUined Sawing Clu|. • Miss Setta Wilson gave a cHarming- ly informal party ypsterday afternoon' for her Sewing club. After jin hour, «-ith needlework.. Miss WIlsi^ serv-j ed the Kt^ts with a de1iC''<iii8 five cickwk Iimcheon. • • • Uv« in Texaa. Mr aaA ICrs. Wl 'l'am Hankina have gooe to Corpus ChrlatL Tesaf. where they will spend the winter, r Accepted as Hurwi. : Mr and Mrs. C. J. Doxsee i]ave received word from Mis^. Beati^ce Doxsee. of Kansas City, that she tas been accepted as a pupil in tke ^tralt^lng ^gi^^ And Chriatmas will be here. Perhaps this year you will W |^p not feel like spending as much as last year ?nd are interested in finding a place where your money will go the farthest* If so we can conscientiously recommend you to Coffey's Jewelry Store where you can find the largest selection and the most varied assortment of articles highly appropriate for Christmas presents of any place in Allen county. One of the Hkost useful as well as ornamental presents is a watch. la this kind of goods we absolutelyfexcell all others in the wide range of styles, prices and makes. No matter what you may want in a watch you will always be able to find it at the store of mwsi YOUR JEWEiettS «/. W. Coffey « Sou CITY MAKES MONEY (For haV a century American housewives have found Dr. Price's Baking Powder a guarantee of light, tweet, i >ure ind wboleaome food llAfii flK lorfed Hsadt. edKttrt breal lAnalysia Sheatk Show That Oepart- menU are Doing Profitable Buaineas. The analysis sheet which the book- kfepera In the city clerk's office have j\ist completed show that the water. I as and light departments are making money. The electrical department made more moaey in the past month than any other, followed closely by the gas department The large amuont in the electrical department in due to back collections. The following is the total income for the month: |« $6020.73 Wtoter 1983.89 Electricity 2472.25 Oeneral Fund 657.9-« The general fund shows what haa come in during the month from snmr P 'ary account.^, etc. The expen- tlitures for the month of November are: Oas 14678.77 Water 1528.63 F.:ectrical 691.44 Cleneral Fund 5429.68 The large expenditure of the general fund is due to the paving that i; going on at the present time. This fi;n<l Is alvo used to defray general expenses. The above statement shows a net balance of: Has $1S41.9G Water 4.';5.26 FlectrlcUy 1780.81 General Fund 4771.74 The figures of the water, electricity .'nd gas is a net gain while the «4771.74 In the general fund Is a loss. The following la the balance for the present month: Oas »36476.4fi Water 20951.46 Light 18444.05 General Ptind 4531.00 The 93C476.46 is the balance for the month on hand in the gas department. The water, light and pieneral fands ar? In debt the above named amounts. Tlic conditions of the various de- l>.irtnients follow: f!as (money on hand) $37818.4 Water (In debt) 20496.26 Light (in debt) 16663.24 General Fund (in debt) 240.7 The above Is a summao' report of the. receipts ami exppnditures of the city's business for the past month. The reiwrt In full gives a detailed account,- showing where every -cent corned from and where it goes. This analysis sheet is presented to the city council after which It is fl'ed In the city clerk's office where it is subject to the inspection of any citizen who cares to examine it. W. H. lin>SB80H. NoUrjr and Stenocrapliar la • 1 • • Office. Fhoae 455. • • • * H.A.Bwl]is. S.A.Gard. 0.B.0U4 • SWI ¥ei ,_€lASD t fiASB, • LawTcrib Fractlca In all 9yi W. itadlBon. BR. MeMlLLBf, Special attention glrea to tHo * treatment of all ChroBfc Dlaeaa- ' ea aaid Dtwaaea of Chfldreo. ' Telephonea: Office S2, Rea. 23S. ' Offiee m Mra. Tnmer'a Bids, * WMt Madlaon. * Phone 687. Rea. 70L .DB. 0. L. cox, Kf, Kar, Nose and Throat, •pectaelea Properly Fitted. Office A. a U. W. Bide • Phone 664. lola, Kaaa. * DB. XDITH 8. HAICGB. • • Office and Beaidenca oter Bar- * • rell 'B Drag Store. • • Office Honra—10 to 12 a. a, I * • to 4 p.'.m.. 7 to 8 ereainct. * • Snndaya by Appointment. * • • • • • • • ii • • • •»I • • • • Otlce Phone ICRS. Night Phone 406. ^ Pkjiielu ui Sarstea. Booow 7 and a. Crane Bids. P. H. MixTnr. PracUce Limited to BorgMy. IS N. Bnckere. Pboae S7t. A DROP IN PRICES Bran Chops and Shorta Fifteen Per Cent Lower in Price.—Flour the Same. A drop In the pric3s of bran, chops ai:d shorts in lola is now reirj- noticeable. The lola wholesale people within the last few weeks have been gradi ually cutting the price until at the preaent time the prices show a falling of of from 10 to 15 per cent in the 'ast month. Chop which a few weeks ago was selling at $1.25 Is now quoted at $1.00. The prlc« of flour, however, remains the same and there Is at present no indication of a cbop. The drop in the price of all kinds of feed will probably mean a aimilar drop in tke price of mOk. At the present- time milk Is retailing at 7 cents o quart. wi ^Ue a few ^eara ago the price waa bnt 5 cenu. lifn who are in a position to know pradict 5 cent •>ilk,wlthlB the next fev veeka. See J. W. €o«ay w1w« In need of fine lurattMn. Sia. TeL IM. Office TeL 163. * QS. J. B. FEPFEK. BenUsL * fa permanently located over * * E. C. McQlaia'a Clothins Store. * * and li prepared to do all Unda * * of np-iQ^te dental vork.' * * Bruilns vork br appointment * OB. W. B. HXILMUV. • Pkysleki. * Snrteea. • • Office N,:P, Corner << Square. • • Over K.C. Plumbing Co.'a Store. • • Rea. Tel 38. Offlc* TeL 603. • • • • • • • • • • • • • P. L. Latbrop. * Mrs. Beaale G. Lathrop. * OSTEOPATHIC PHTSlCIiJrS. • Special attentton gUea to pia- * easea of Women and CbUdren. * Orer East Side Hardware. • Office Thone, Main 468. • • • • • • • • THAY ARE FRK3H. A choice assortaient of this popular brand at CRABB'S. When you buy Lowney's Chocolates here, otir personal pledge oi their fteshoess goes with them. Get your next candy at Crabb's and see how well it pleases you. at ABB'S DRUG STORE, Comer Washington and West Sts. nmiim I MAtnatk iwnember the full name. dgsatute on every box.

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