The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 23, 1947
Page 5
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WWM SIX BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURJER NEWS IMONDAY, JUNI-; 23, 1! Wisconsin GOP t ' Chooses Dewey Mew York Governor Wins Convention Poll; Stossen Close Second I ISV BETTY PR YOU (UntyCfi I'rcss Stuff Cmrcsponilrnt) MADISON, WiS., JUIIC '23. MUP) —Wisconsin state GOP convention delegates today gave tho cil[jfc lo NewrVork Gov. Thomas E. Drvcy as tljclr choice for the iwcsulimlini nomination lint supporters of llav- 1 old JE. Stnssen hailed thrt poll a;' showing strong supiw.-l for the former Minnesota governor. Dewey, twice chosen by Wisconsin Republicans for. '.l:c White House, won 321 votes. Th:v; \vss only; 3i- move than .Slaucn \ has niade two stump ai);)i:ai-ui:«'s in the stale as the only announced tJOP hoixsnu for the nomination. General Douglas. MnaA 1 .Ihui-, con- sideiid a native of Wisconsin despite his Arkansas birth, placed third In the poll with 157. HI; was fnv ahead of U. S. Senators Tutl find Briefer of Ohio, nnd VaiuienUcrg of Michigan. Stasseu has made ro secret ot the fact that he consider Wisconsin one of the crucial slates 'in his campaign. He has poiulfd out that it was the state which Ijrokiy the hoixs of Wendell willkie, another party "libeml.'' It was noteworthy thai of tile 321 who listed Dcw?y as their j first choice for the nomiuniion, !)1 listed Stasscn as their scc'unci. also,; of the 28G who handed SUs«;cn first' place, 95 save Dewey spconrt. The combinations gave rise to speculation -that a De\vcy-3!av;r-n ticket might he popular in the slate. However, it was |jointr;l out thnt the slate's, preferential primary \s still a long 10-months away tlnr- ing u'hich sentiments inipltt changi: completely That fact meant little to StaEsen .. ai\d Ills . supporters, however—• ...... "I .any surprised and encoura&p.d by tli7s_ "remarkable re^u'ar Hc- publi.carL. organizational strength In Wisconsin-lit this early (!:ite," slns- sen said^ '• • Stasseix made his staiomer.l frcm Minneapolis. Al Washington,, Wisconsin's • U. . S. Senator Joseph H. McCarthy sai'd tlic poll results were "extremely encouraging 1 ' and ''slmw a tremendous gain l n SUissen's strength within the party '' McCarthy is in charge or StM- sen's Wisconsin cnmpAijM which he said "has not really starU'd yet." ' Dewey advocates charRort l!;e pr,M was not n fair test of tlici;- caml- Idate's strength and pointed out that the state's GOP vutet:; notoriously do not follow the lean of their "convention di'lqwlcs. The Dewey-for-Rresident club icat'i-rs had asked tlic dclcg-Uvs io boy- tott the poll on grounds that it 'iM^ninchincd by the .staic-'s r.:>;- •Swpaily oignmrnljoi - - - -- Atomic Scar Air Experts Study Plane Crash Prevention Police Say Many Had Motives in Hr/slywood Killing HKVERLY HILLS. Cal., June 23. tUI'i Police Chief C. H. Aiularsoii *ai(l today he hoped to yet soma information from New Y >i\ Cily "In the next day or two" that wmld lead lo some arrests In the .slayini; of Deiijnmin (Bxigsy) Siege). Police admitted that the shoollug of SiuKc'l Friday night could have liven done by "any :jne 01 i :iun- dri'd people." A strategy ronference >vas M-lioduled today bjtweiv.i Chief Deputy District Alto:-iii-y Ernest Hull, district attorney's investigator; iind Los Angeles inul Beverly Hill.s politic. "Frankly, it's tioins; to he a hard job to get to the bottom of this thing." Roll said, "'flier; might lK»ve boon a hundred diiTerent peo- , pic who wanted Sicg;l out of tl.c v,'iiy. There were ple.uv who nidiivc enough to kill him." Anderson, who returiKj yesterday from New York where he assisted in the arrest of Albert Grci'iiucrg, Mispcrl in a recent 311'.000 jewel rubbery in Heverly Hills, s^'.id he had information indicitliiu; yi.;i;el Wi-.s in bad with "the mob." "The mob" he vefivri.'d lo was allegedly a New York syndicate lor which Biegel was the \Vest Coast chieftain. King Gustav Hails National Parade WORN OUT GETT8NG NSGHTS Tlirce m;ijrir .t'ointr.ercial airline disasters in 1.1 days and numerous other plane crashes have lod President Tritnmn lo appoint Ihis live-mini Air Kufely Uoard. .tames Lanclis. ui^iier righl, cliair- mati of the Civ'il Aeronauties [loanl, is cliainntin of (he new inquiry yroup, ami Dr. .leromc C'. llimsal;er. cliairinan of (he National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, is vice chairman. Other members, lc:ft to ri!;hl, arc IJrijj.-Uen. i\Ii!l{in \V. Arnl^ld, of Ihe Air Transport Association; Theodore 1'. \Vrii;ht, Civil Aeronautics administrator, and II. I!, (,'ox, veteran airline pilot. They will study ami recommend means of provcnling crashes like that of the airliner whoso torn tail section stands as a grim marker on the Vi rjjiuia Inomilaiiiside where 50 died. 2 Caruthersviile Women Attend National Meeting CAKUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. June 53 -Mrs. Morrcll DeReign, president of lie Missouri Federation o[ Women's Clubs, and Mrs. J. W. Tlpt.on, one >f elulil delegates from (he Ninth District, are in New Y'jr ; : City to- 'iay to attend the National Convcn- iiuu of the General Poderatlon of Wi men's Clubs. The convfution •il.i'iia this evening ai the flotel Commodore. The two Caruthersviile women left S' lx)uis Tlmrt-day aftoi'no^a on a •-pti'ial train carrying all Missoini delegates. They will ijo by way of Washington. D. C.. Aa:iapoli:;, Md., and return by way of Niagara Falls. scUcduledshrdct,iol« 12'.)-l 2 Thr.y are scheduled to arrive in St. l.&uis June 29 on the I'Hur.i trip. '),; ol In • Ityou Rfl HP nights—have ft] sire lo pass your water—yes. I backache, due to excess acalj inc. be Kind you're readme "',.. Three ecnwnlions a^o Or. Hi fninou-J doctor, found hundreds oalienls with Urn trouble. So lie mu-... - mmicine ol 16 lu-rbi. loots, vefirtaW". balsam-j. He i-olu-.l it "Swninp-Koot. Millions of men mill women Have IJKea U S«am!.-Kwt n 'llo--s'1-iBi'l '» <™rk to ur'iie', ht"|)iKB relieve cxa-M acidity . . .. so the irritatc.l bladder E ct:i ••> a 00 ' 1 t' usl " n « <,ut, t,.o. Many reiiurt f.eUme a KOOd ni£lil'3 sleep after the fust Saw doses. Caution: taken* dim-led. for free trial supply. « m1 lo [Ji-pt. K, Kilmer & Co.. Inc.. Box 1155, S'J™^; Rcn»t today at your diue*torc. This latest picture of King Guslav V, !i'J-ycar-old Swedish monarch, shows iiim in full dress uniform and plumed hat reviewing a parade of athletes, students, :unl children durinj; Ihe annual National Commemoration Day ceremonies at the Stockholm Stadium. Manila's 'finest Bon Oiims Week l)aj-a 7:00 p.ic, ' Bat.-Nun. 1 Cont. SlinoinV i,;isl 'i'inic Todiiy "THE SHOCKING MISS PILGItiM" with Belly CJl-ilil. 1 . Ilicli ilavmra Also Shorts Four Sisters to Attend Summer Term at ASC | Sikeston Firm Charged With Seed Act Violation Aviation's Bl Period of Gre Tetsuo Nakamura, a Hiroshima schoolboy who survived the 3945 atomic bomb explosion, displays scar on his arm which strangely resembles the A-bomb blast." River Sand xind Gravel | Delivered to You ; Calf A. H. Webb Phone 714 l!y C'HAUI.rS COIimiY U'mlLiH Press Avrilinn Writ or) WASHINGTON, Jmu> W. <UI>'-May and .lunr appear ivonicuHy u> linvp biTn iU Uu 1 ,^mir I mm ilu 1 hinckost. rtncl oiii 1 of i!i" br!:',ii! t,"-t Iieriotfs in American aviutfrm lus- tory. Trngcdy on Ihi? iii':nv.'.; --- Mi; persons diet; ;n Lhi'oc t)iji rrnshos in 15 days — nil hut oiiscuied iTin:ti'k- nfolo s^chievonu»nls m htUb civil -;iul military aviat-ion. SjiRPd rrcojds tumbled, luxury planes canic into service 1 ; n roiid 1 w;is apencd to Ih'^i' 1 .^.!. I'inUmd, where \\ Russian airline con HIT Is k \vith Moscow; round-lhr-world , i ;r: - ~ vice wns innii^ir.vntpd^ ;i new flyinu White IIouso was coinplcird: jc;t bombers were introduced: 1 lu- inn- gos of tho siionrl-of-souud t>arrii'r \verc njiprQaclitHl. Above nil. President Trwmui t«il n special \itia \'<\ lo work on nvans j oT improving s;\frt> 1 . Fvnni UK-IV ' studies of recent trnu^dU-.s ;>nd \\\ v activities oT fedovni nir ngonrips. canld\c proposals for simplify- itig regulations, rusiiii: tho pilots' burden in modern suivrnft. niakiiM' \ all woalhcr tlyinu sufer nnd rchir • bishing an ontmodt-d airpoi't sy s tern. The 1 May-June period sa-.v expansion of United SuiU's f<irei,:n f^- erniion^ to n piiint wh^re tliere -'" f>G roundtrip Nortli AtlL-.niU* M:i>h',< I a week. American Ovnsoas AirliiV'S :kest Period Also Achievements alonn ilii's more .srhrchilcs tlinn all foiei;,!i ciiniiK'tiiof.s. The IsUlei- Ily 20. Aiiu-ricaii Ayifition Daily, trace pulihculiun. reporled the Hi tol'i! weekly Atlantic tliiihts iuein\ lint one plune (nkes off every (iG itlill- tites ami it suit! the airlines -ire booked .solid lo Ocloher. They hnvc enpaci'.y for 7Un passengers a day. M:in>' dotiie.slic aii'line.-; reported lhal they too are flying with peak loads despite predieted effects of crashes. The ]:l^ne:i iu .scrviee are prlnci- uKlas and Lockheed heed P-80 Shooliii!; li:.'.'!.8 miles an honi- oyer nil official eoitjse U> rettirn the world spec :l ri : :-o!d to America for the tivst time :n 14 yenrs. 2. Chalmers cSlii-ki Gejdlin. Boll Aircraft test pilot, [lew lee rorhel- powered XH-i on iis ^iJli: [hull'.; Inking it iilniosl lo the -xinn' s|ii;c;i Xn-.|f) iilld XI!-tfi. went tliroUK'n test runs al more tlian -IUI) mites nit hour. •1. 'I'he no\tt:las SkysUe;ik began test IHt;lH.s aimed eventually at hitting 7UO uiiih. 5. A luxurious nm^lns |K'-li, modified In cany only '^5 persons roil-. C(| off the assom'oly lino and was prepared for srrvie.c as Mr. Tni- pally «ie Dmiulas and Lockheed man's personal transport. The 52- lypcs lliat HO! headlines uy wny of Jassenger rommercial versions con- Hie United. Eastern. Pennsylvania- tinned lo rins; nji new speed ro- Clentral and I'an Ameriean ('rashes, llC-4's. whieh have macie more than HS.OOO Atlantic and Pa- <'ilie ciossin',:s, opened th Hi::i,cs-to-S\veclen setimetit route to Finland, the remnintni* Ijortioti lic'itt^ flown b\- DC-3's A I.'irkliccrl Constellation [lew from Kurbaiik. C'al.. after an early Jiffakfust. to Miami. Fin., and thrive ]lo New York in time for ;\ lat. 1 ; dinner, bieiikini: all records. ;! :.!>"• i lle\v from New York >.o Miami and j l-aek to t4ew York .ilir.ost in (lie ! interv.d between breakfast and I limch The nlane was an F:astern s ship. achievements of tile two- month period: 1. Anm -Mr Forces Col. Albert lioyd. Asiteville. N. (:.. flew a IXIC'K- S. E. Missouri Pfcss Association to Meet CATUJTHERSVILLE, Mo., June 2:t—'I'he Miss.n;ri Prors Association tiitil Sunday *u Sam A. Baker Slate Park in its annual meeting since the conferences were suspended during the war. The Association, in its ri-Uh year, \vns ovyanizcd in Poplar BlulT in 1893. Assucittlioti oTficcr.s an*: Raymond Lloyd, SeMo News, LUbonrn. pvcsi- dent; A. TI. Zoellnet;. Perry Ctnmly oun, Perryville, vice-'^ris'clcni: Tlar- Dpnmr.n, Farmingto:! News. Fanning ton, corrcspjndin^ seero- 'ary and treasurer: Mrs;, J>me Dri- ney Welborn, Blootnfi.-ld Vintlica- L oi, Bloomfield. recouliPit ^ecn-taiy. CAKUTHERvSVILLK, Mo.. Jur.c "i'i —The four dauyhters ol" Mr. tniJ Mrs, A. O. Uobb.s of nocir C';i(nr!i-l ecsvillc are enrolled for the- f?vmi- j nier term at Arkansas Si'ile. College nt Jone.sboro. Ark. A'l four i-irls \ have teaching positions in \\v.?.l ^ schools near Carulhei\svdl'j for the (joining year. All havi! liad previ- ; ous tonuhiny experience cxtjps ll:e youngest sister. Two Uavo LMTVI-J uusiy atlondPtl Arkansas Stale. I The si^Lci's arc Mi^s !jco DalJbs.l Miss Johnnie Dobbs, Mi:;.-; Corclii- i Uobhs and Miss MaUie IJ. Djljbs. 1 The Dan McCoy Seed Company of Eike.ston, Mo., is in Federal Court for violation of the Seed Act, nc- cordini; lo \V. A. Ucividson, clu'ef of the S?cd Act Division of the U, S. Department of Agriculture. In February. 1946. the firm shipped to Carlisle, Ark., eight bags of le,spe.deza seed which, when sampled and tested by the Arkansas Plant Board, were found to have a get 1 initiation of zero, Mr. Davidson said. From wliere I sit,., fy Joe Marsh Tuesday j 'Philo Vance's Gamble" A VKC Picfuie Hck'i-ted -Sliorl S»!),;^ft; Andy's System 'orcJs. (>. Pan Ameviciui Airvvavs inaugurated Ihe world's fivsJ rr.und-the- woi Id air service with Constellations. Ameriran Cvcr.^e:i - -iv!ines opened .service lo Helsinki. Finlnnd. '. Howard Hutzhrs equipped ,(• WrMern Air Planes with a radar coih'sinn-avoid- inu device which he .;:i;.l r;-i,ld hiu'c prevctiU'd several rcc -:it c v:i: !u\;. Carurhcrsvii/e Minister Attending Conference CARUTIIERSVILLE. Mo.. Jiuic 23.—The Rev. Floyd V. Browcr. Metiiorlist minister liai' >, alicndt'<l 'tie Town and Country Commission ^ ate conference held at Fa ye tie h\st week. The Rev. Mv. Brower is itnle chairman of the RuiT.I Liio Oeleyalion fvom the thve f . % Missouri conrercnces. PInn.s were made at the confer- °nce for Missouri's i.vlciuiance at lie nulion'-wide Confere:i:,: on T?.u- al Life al Lincoln. Nebr. July Read Courier Want Ads Deliver Meats Groceries • Pasteurized • Swift's Ice Cream Sweet Cream Food Lockers • —Meat Curing — We Make Sausage [Frozen Foods Main at 21st St. Phone 2602 Not Hoihs Is Ihe Greatest Enemy oi your Certified Cold Storage Send us your woolens, ten! The cost of storage is so slight you cannot afford to be without this protection. Absolute Protection . We fnvi'fe Your Inspection. BlytheviSle Steam La,undry I'Uoncs .US—!I9 NOW at— Liberty Cash Grocery Andy Johnson doesn't just soil good beer. He sells it in a restaurant that's clean and attractive . in surroundings Uinl belonpr with good cooked meals. For seven years Andy 'has supported Self Regulation wholeheartedly. That's tlic M.V.-.; em by which the Brewers themselves make sure that places selling beer arc clean and orderly. But I can't help thinking how different it is in another Arkansas county where bootleggers, moon- shininp;, and .speakeasies ^have sprung up uir!or local option "prohibition." From where I sit, wc'ro a. lot heller off in our town, where tho IcRttl sale of beer—in decent li- censed places open to inspection— is helping to pay Arkansas more than a million and a quarter dollars in malt be^erayc tuxes each year. (liootleggers don't pay anything.) You can holp protect these groat public benefits by writing us, in confidence, if you know ot" any conditions surrounding tho safe of beer in yonr community that are not in accord \vith public sentiment and with the high standards of the brewing industry. A letter from you will pro- dncc a prompt investigation. Open at 7:00 p.m.; Starts 7:30 p.m. ARKANSAS COiYlMiTlH, UlilTED STATES BREWE8S FOUNDATION HACO BO'fD, STATE DIRECTOR ...-102 PYRAMID BIDC., LITTLE HOCK, AflK. Besf But for Breakfast Top ol! on oU-Amcricon bieol Icil of liult iuico. cg,ii end codec vilh icmpUng, Toity Donuls. tTiey'rn mode on the ipol by the DOWNVFIAKE Oorcul nothir.c-lieiti-hol- <!cli(icui — nutritious! Get )our box lodayl SEE 7HFAI MADE AT... CUOCOI.ATK C 29 C C1.A/-K1) DONUTS OOHUTS ,„„ 29 IM.A1N BOHUTS ,„„ ZO We, the following ladies Rendy-to-Wcnr stores, in kcepincj with our promise earlier in the season, will continue to close each Wednesday afternoon during the summer months in order to give our employees one-half day off. The Edythe Shoppe Feinberg's Miss Whifsiirs Shop The New York Store Applebaum's Ladies Toggery isl Time Today "Tke BLUE DAHUA" with Alan I.aihl. Voronii-a Lake U'iEliaui !'.endi\ rinnnuiit X'ev.s Also Shorts PAL MC;;lT 'MR. HEX' ,i-o Gurrry mid (he Hnn^vy Alloys Serial: "The Yi^.mtcV R, . THEATRE . : \ , '^inliiy & T,iu-.stl:iy >• ••• P -V , - i T'-' s& !.!j J--X '.-• ^ -*—-< "- - c b'j o hilarious ct'tntlive. .o pri- vclc dick w! love-iick over

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