Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 28, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 28, 1908
Page 5
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THB lOLJL JilLT MCTgTBB. SATPHPAT ETB51Kq; HOTBMBEB 8.^, HQS. Where DM I S^end it? Have you evergour "dowu towu" with $5.00—more or less—in your pocket, and the next oiorning got up "dead broke" and wondered where you spent it? What healthy, live, vigorous man hasn't? But there comes a lime in the lives oi most men when they "get wise." They realize the folly of that sort of thing. They see that the moment I heir money is gone, their "friends" have no further use for them.. We don't expect a young man to hoard every cent, but really, he should save a little each week, eveu if only ft dollar. How about it with YOU? Don't you think it about time for YOU to begin saving a little? Bring in your first dollar, or five dollars. Make the start. Be independent. Be a MAN. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO; o * o O AMUSEMEKTS. O O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AUDITORIUM—Roller skating. BLECTRICTHKATKR—Moving pictures. MA.TESTIC THEATER—Moving pictures. GRAND—Irene Duckett Stock Co. employing 140 Men. Tlie Humboldt Monarch and the Hiiniboldt Portland Cement compan le.s are pushing things .is faj?t as po.v slhH'. Investors arc buying stock In thtun plants at a rapid rate. The Monarch, wc iindcrstund. has about 110 men at construction work now. aii'l ji Is tlioiivht thoy will bo mnk ing ronipiit with part of the plant by January Ifith.—^^Humboldt Union. State Savings Bank CmplMS25,000 Ma, Kanmmm Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights —(ipt ycliir Camly at Miindio. Returned to Missouri.' S. .T. Wariil. who has heon thn gup:«i of his cousin, Bert Potter, for. th< I >;isi *K -v <Tril wopks. If ft ycjlcrday for lilr. hunic In I^throp, Mo. -Our Way Window: READ! A fen iinndrcd U sfrllnas No. 1 ivestrrn Innd at llOOfl and op. GOLDEN WEST LAND CO. OBcB Over lona Sfnr^ Short Stories i o r; lola Happenings THE lOLA iCE AND COLD STORAGE CO. MMttfocturers, Wholesale Mid RetaO Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Huinesi. rheafi IIC FRANK RIDDLE. Myr. Bennett to Speak. Thr Hon. R. H. Bennett of lola will .':p'';ik fivwii th'^ I'nitpii BiplJurn pul pit ill Kismore. next Suii-lay moiniti? anil ui^ht and every citizen in E!;; uicr'.' aiui vii-inlty should ronio out aiKl lir^ar him. Rev. ,N'. L. Vezio. \i:iv. <nr~of the rhiirr^. would like to uioet <^ve :y nuiaber at the ehiireh at_ "t-.'.W Saturday evening.—BImnore ly.'ader. -Frank S. Heaftip V. S. Phone 1.'.9. To and From Elsmore. rii'f, Kr'^iirli and Ml.-sr!» I,ul'i Mari:;-. and Rerrietta Wood.s a(t<'ii'lv(! th" t"acher"r. nieetius at lola. yp:;l'-i- ;I.iy. • • » .Mi.;:; Liila Ponoh'i tritn" ovor from Inla. th" lattrr part of last W "'>'li. to visji li-T pai«-nts. Mr. and >Ir.s. tHinolin. northweil of town-- ICI.-nioir Loader. Use No. 7 FJour Oood as any—better than moit. Don't Forg*"! Our ^ MEAT MARKiiT We handle only (he brsl nf Kresb fc'eats. Bujoked Salt Mc^ts. Wo Waiit Vour ^ PRODUCR fiirnilprB, and will pay the blgbesl market price In idsh or trade. Como In nnd FPC US. We are .sole ngcniE for J. M. Horn's COFPEHS and TEAS If you will KIVP Ihl3 line a trial you will use no other. Fryer riione SOI. SOS. Bros. lola, Enn!«aB. Thoi^pe & Roagh rMtnctors, Ensineeri, SnrTcynrs. Fnllr e<iutpiied for all kind* of nrroyiDg. eetlmallnK, talent draw- /ig, blue priota, maps, sidewalks, curbing, and fartn drainage. OIBre Orer "Famon*." EXCHAKGE OR SKLIM List, your property with me. I have a iaree ll ?t to oialeh from. N 'o eipense un- lesB a deal IP found for you. I havp 240 acreB In N 'pi-Bho county. Kaii, tn rjrhaiiE;*! for good lola prop«T(y. J, T. mLES. Rnnm 10. OM Cenrt Honee. — I .nnk at the Our Wa.v window. With Mrs. Decker. Mr and Mn:. A nalllPtl of tola -.v .TP tip pupstr- of Ml;-;. Kadip ri-''-!: er and fauiljv .^^nnd.iv and ,Mon'la\ Mr BalllPtt. at onp tinip. wa:; puzac pi| in thp plunilijnf; Ipin -.liiPf .K here.— i:i'-.miirp l.pader. A Snap. We have a I room hour.p on rar 111 .•. roiiipri 'ol. that wp ran BPII for fC.'.ii JIiii f' and balanee i'er ntf-ntb at f> per r'<nt. Thi ; h-npe mil:; for I*"' per innnlh WIIITAKKU S.: MONNKM.. I' .V Mr:;, A. of Inl;(. wpre in Mrs- N. Post. Oberdorf There. I-pliKol of Caldwr -ll. Mr. and I Beam. Mr.s. W'm Oherdnrl (• W. Learned of Floifiiep aitpndanre at the funeral of V. Bennett.—Neosho Fall:^ .1'. fool v.- a:-, dav up. vet witli a Decker is Better. • ti Iipc-l;ir v.ho was hurt in tli<> ';;:nip wiHi !i".rip. Satiir-'ay. |.'V.<n Iii:- ti'<nif in Tola, ^ton.\l'!v >'iL,> pi'ttv l!-i'!ly l.iriii-,er| lie IK not :;ertoii;-ly hurt and f .T.- da- s treatment anri vpr,t he -.vjll ar.ain li'- lip and a-ouTid.— -Tlr. J. R. Prpppr. nrnlUt, Phone l*S. T" 'inulhrrn Ii:>n«,i.i. rU.].;-. ,.Mi )>i ^P '-iP'-' "V. T ^VltFf.n wli'. i .Mii Tliii.'K::r.ivi'ir: in !"la harp..n<- t-. th^ r.r.nttiern n;?i' "f 'h" r-lato on i.n-i"pr-= !''• i" Thannto yps- Staves Set uji and loiuiect^d. al.w Bny other fitliiig. G-J*"".! work and rea-.o^a^«Ic cIisfKc;. I'lioiic i') Rcadicker's Cash Grocery •nd I'p-o.natf Meat Market. Oysters and Fish Every Day Try Uollaud Kask, the Ideal f Food. ALL KISDS or FKIITS Wm. Readicker Phone 8«9. Garilnghonse BIk. A'umni a CT-porat'o". T, *: rilnt '-.p'-rptary of thr alumni af,r .M 'iiti"". "f I ' fiilvr;- 'f V of Kari- :3s. ipf -riv -d i!ii-; nioniinc from C. K. .r ^nion. ;•<---•.i.iry of K 'ntp. the papprs which tnal:" >hf al'iinni a:-;-oclatlou a porprration Tlip pliar»-->- nanipr; tt-n aliiiP"! .r; ilii'itor;; anrt sta'es th?t tlip •.nlM'' of p-dirpfty 1.1. Id hy tlin ar:- rr ^piption i- JJ.od/i The 'hartpr -.van C'r'iT 'd for fh";;" of plavins th° a:;so'-i |i ion on a sttr r ;>nd inoip rP3- ponc-lblp basis for ciidn' HUT hnr.inp;*; T'p e.xten.'^lvr r.Ian-; r.-Iileli liavp ITJP Iv 1 >ppn undprtakpn in nniipp'lon «Itli thp piertion of an nlnmni liiiildlnK inadp lhl .5 ri'-p ..•:ary. -Our V .'av windo'.v- f/vd: at It. Wifti l\^rB. Armstronq. •t' and MI ;; H Armstrong .Ttid d :"i-liipr. MT>. y )\ MrCov ;<n '1 <! ie;-litp| l.ol.i. •.vinl to lola t..r,i;i.- fill. i-n.•'.(•; fif Mr. (iiiil .Mrs. H Aiiii'.^ioiii.. --Moiiiii llpi-ald. Tor flop llvrrv and t.oardlna ijt.ihlp for IirT-.p-:. •;'' P 'lalpli t? Orake. Phone nil. 2l:' Norlh .Ipffpr-on. Are at Burslnes^.College. P'-arl and D.-iIey .Inrdan rame do-.v;) from tola Saturday afternoon and speiif Sunday with thoir parent:;. Thpy arp fptllng along nir"ly at thp lola buBlnPRK colleRp.—Savonhurg Record. —The Our Way window. Here From Moran. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. IJITPV and chf'd ren were here from Tola ye.sterda.v at a Thanksgiving gathering of t^e Lacey families. • • • Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Wtlleft and daughters. Zella and Ethel, were In lola yesterday, the guests of Mr and Mrs. H. B. Adams.—Moran Herald. Vezle at Parsons. HP-.-. N I: Vczie of Io!a, will sppak at thr mpn's meeting at the Y. M. C A. next Sunday at 3:30 p. m. His £iibj .-:pt will be "Riphteousness that EitaUeth." Rev. Vezlc was formerly Iiresidinp eldpr of the United Brett, ipu church for thi.s district and Is not a sfrancT to Parsons people. Tliprp wi'l tip r .ppplal music and no donl'i a larce i>iMiil >er of men will attend.'—Parson;; Kclipse. With M -E. Markham. MiKH Alfa Morrl .;on went to lolo Saturday cveniii!; wiMi hpr sister. Mrs. H. A Markham .Mi -,.T Ina Baxter went Sunday niornlnE; and wa.-^ a KU °sl of Alls. Markham for the day.—.Moran Herald. —Th" Our Way window. Entertained at Ottawa. .Ml and .Mr.". W. T. Wood onfertaln- pd at dinner yp.<;tprday Mr. arid Mr.^. K. .Iiilpson. Miss Ida .luleson and .Si.liipv .fiilPKon of Ottawa.—Ottawa Herald. —See the Our Way window. Here to Contest. • Ile.l .'^Tpitli. Laurencp Power." :-'iMitli. Hal R.iniho and .Max Ewalt I'-ff l !ii.; iiiorMliiK for lola wliere tliey '.viM .'nt'-r f-p musical contest tomorrow fporninR held in connection with tfip lueeting of the southeast Kan ."?a3 ifachprs" association.—Ottawa Her;.ld PotatntH for Sale. Will exchange Email seed potatoes. Iiuchel for hu.-.hel, f"r corn. Price for name FiSc .it home. Large sorted pota- top< 7Uc. Alno turnips 20c. A. L. Tfiwnscnd, Horseshoe Bend. Phone 99S—42. Mindman Hunting. Or .T H Hlndnian went down to nijahonia. Krhlay. whcrp hp will hunt pi.ill ami otlior Rami- for a few days, -llimiholdt ITnion. Joins His Parents.'- Men/ip t-as Riven uii hi:; P"KI lion at K. K. B'otfs and will Join hi; pai'^nts in lola.—Biirlincton Repnhll can. LOTS OF BOOKS FOR BOVS .'i'.' titli ; ll'iratia Alger's, ornamental cloth cover.", good print, i .'f 'c: our price 20c 4'i tlt !<=3 Henlv Serie .5. uniform cloth binding, all kinds of ntcries. .SOc: our price....20c 111 ttMes Young People's Library juvenile stories. .">0c; our price I 'fic 12 title J Rover Boy books. In- rliiding the I30S one at..rinc 43 title:^ Young People's Famous American series. 7T>c: our pricp ."iOc I" title:; The f"a:tleuion Hooks, tjeautifully bound . and Illustrated books for real live b'-vs. 75 P ; our prl'ie 60c I" I't'cs .Motor Fey Books, up to datp and very liiteresttng. our price 6'Jc R titles Capt. Bonehlll sports- ui:<n series. 7hr: our price 60c Vi'y title:^ In the (Jood Old books, Indian ;;torle;;. natural hls- tor- (la£:;lr<5. Juvenile flrtiop, ;i i rheap as you ran get them Hnyv .-here. Th" story life of Lincoln. Just out, one of tlip best and most lntere:;flnE l.oolir, filxiut Lincoln, prlpp. net $1.75 .H;irpp"'V. f)nt of Ho'ir- fK>ok. fpllR Iiotf.- to niakeall sorts of lliiiKP for out do^ir enjoyment fully Illustrated, best book of It 3 kind, Jl.Tu; our pri -p $150 The Incie Remus Books are very popular again. We have them. lola'.s H 'K >k Store aells as rheap as you can buy anywhere in this part of Kan.'^as. Evans Bros BOOKSELLFRS .' r : ; Toj Taks' Examiiwrtieij. - - • *i Dr. (Korge S. Lambeth weiil to Kansas Cltr the first of the week to take the meidical iexamlDation of the atate of.Missouri. He reimalned until alter the football game between Kaiuias and Missouri yesterday.—Moran Herald. Rooms for men, Y. M. C. A. building. Steam heat in each rtyim. Batha tree To ami From Garnett. Roy Ballard was up from lola yesterday visiting his cousins, the Misses Neal. • • •Miss Margaret Hamilton of lola. is visiting her aunt. Mrs. U L. Day.—Harnett News. —Lowncy's and .Mundlu drug store. Lyon's Candy at Morrison Recovering, riyde Morrison who was operated on at the Allen county hospital Thursday for appendicitis. Is recovering uictly but It will be a week or more yet before he will be able to como iiomo.—.Moran Herald. -Ilr. P. K. Wangb, Dentist Phone S2. Wont to Bartlesvllle. T H. McDowell, wife and dauRhtera. Fav and Louisa, came down from lola and spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mr:;. Ralph McDowell, of the Keystone hotel.-Barllesville Enterprise. the Our Way v.lndow. Were at Chanute. President and Mrs. J. H. HI'l of the Emporia normal, were In Chan life Wednesday, visltiUh friends. President Hill was on. his way to lola he addressed the teachers' association.—Chanute' Run. ~ IiilRl «• havlnff '07. 8." flaw. To VIelt Brother. Mr. and Mrs E. C. Gates and fam- llv of Fort Scott are spending a few i,r.s with his brother. E. n. Gates. The two familie.s spent Thanksgiving day together. - rnnninxham * Amett, 6 per cent money. Repair Telegraph Poles. I ineman f^orcoran of the Salta Fe went to the Colony Branch today to .-iiperlntend the replacing of a large niinibpr of telceraph poles. The storm of Tuesday night played havoc with pole.s on both the main and the branch lines south of Colony.—Ofta- wa Republic. — .Sign painting. Fred Rowden. nhone H28. Blaine Durbin Busy. Blaine Durbin. who Is operating a cigar store in 'Miami, says he has so much business that he cannot And tiu 'p to eat or sleep. The base ball star is rakinr in the cash in his new vputure. He pxppcts to leave the cigar bur .lnesR In charge of Ills brother In the early spring and go back to Chlcaco for spring training.—Ft. Scott Rppiihllcan. — Wiitch the Oiir Way window. With Tcichcrs Hero. Mrs. ,\da Rodman and Miss TIrzah Alkin weni In Paola l-hls morn:ni: to bp thp tiup.-ts of Mns. David Dunn Miss Aikln will co on to lola to .at tend' the teachers' meeting and Mrs' Roilnian will visl fin Paola for a few dny.s.—Ottawa Republic. —Alwdvit time to eat et Onr W«y. C A. Dieter Dead. r. A Dieter, president of the Dieter- Wenzel Construction company, of Jop- lln. was in Wichita yesterday lo attend the funeral of John Dieter. .Mr. Differ was formerlv a resident of this rifv. coming t-pre in 1879. He spoke very highly of the advancement which (hp rttv ha.-; m.ide sincn his last vl.-;lt. —Wlchija Kagle. This construction company placed the lowest bid for bulldlne the lola postofflce building. —Our Way window—Look at It. Dngan Will Race. thampion race Saturday night at the Star rink between Dugan of lola. Lewis of Humboldt. Terrel of Parsoas and Sleberts of Chanute. First man out takes the money. Music by the hand and the military band organ Come early and get good seats.— Chanute Sun. —Watch the Our Way window. Hrre to MreUng. Mlsres N>Ilie Barber. Inez Henry ind Blanche Hart went to lola today noon to attend he Southwesteni Kan- uas ,T"achcr.-,''a.",sociatlon. A large number of the teachers went yestcr- dav. and a fpw returned home this afternoon.—Cherryvale Republican. —ritxgerald HturngK and TraoBfer Co. Honiehold ' and piano nioTlngi largest store rnom In city. Phone 8M. Be Bnrlpd Hrrr. Mn l,eona Smith, wife of Martin D. Smith, died at ten fwlock last night at her home at Mortimer station after a short lllneh."-. She war. 28 ye:irr. of age. and le:ive:« a Utile 3 vewr old daughter. The reinaliKS will bp taken lo lolji either tonight or In- iiiorrov.- at noon for Interment—('lier- ryvale Re|iuhllcan. -.Mundls has the Candy. R. H. Bennett There. K. H. Bennett, of lola, came down this afternoon for a brief visit with the editor of The Republican, Mr. Bennett is enroiite to 'C«ffe)-\-iIle hnd Bartle8vil> where he goe.-? on private business.—Cherr>-vale Republican. —Look at fwe Our Way window. L. Harris Hart. Luther Harris, a driver for the Wat kins creamery, was kicked b^ a horse he was diflving Sunday. He will be confined to his home for several days. !^9n. Utki**, Orteffntkib FM 4» CNftMlTE'S VERSWN The Sna Triis Vftj tiie^TrlpMa Wot —Go-DeTDs Were Stale. The Chanute Sun says: The Go-Devils, alas, couldn't deliver the goods. Geiieral staleness. inability to cope with a cleverly executed forward pass and weak ends were some of (he causes responsible for the wrestling of the win rag awayi from the'boastful warriors ; by thfjir most bated rival. What tlie others were none of the disheartened rooter.^; cared to inquire. Chanute bad been all the Joy-talk regarding the slaughter destined for lo'a. and the heart-breaking spectacle at Athletic park was agonizing. According to op-, (iftilstic bugs, (his Go-Dcvils were go-; Ing to be faster than Pittsburg swell' society. They were going to have a." line that would even stop Bryan talking, and a new half who was fa.'iter than JoeRoschthal's horse, in fact, the whole team was poing to be of such'form (hat a chorus girl would shed tears of envy did she once get her lamps trained on them. But, alasy in less than half a dozen downs Cha- niile's chances of wlnnlg the game became about as thin as Bli; Taft after a Thanksgiving dinner. The Tilplels pliTyed a heady game—and. brains won. The visitors reached Ciianule In a spe-jlal train of six coaches Ehortly ":efore o'clock. P'our hundred and twenty-five tickets were sold on this train from lola. and a delegation of more than fifty had come down on an earjlcr train. The Tripiets and their »up|)orters came well supplied with canes and colors and started a dcmon- «;(ration which lasted until their spe- -:lal vanished on .the homeward trip four hours later. The gate receipts amounted to $457.78. of which 5323 nas triumphantly escorted home In the i;trong box. « * • In the gathering darkness lola tried mother forward pass, v.-hich Tihton recovered on a fluke and ran liftecn yards for Chanute's first touphdbwn ind only score. Time 16 minutes. "The same was marred by much wrangling and an equal amount- of slugging, Roland tiping disqualified late in the sec ond balf by one John W:Donald. lola field Judge, who avowed that he saw the Chanute player twist (he illy while neck of one of the Triplets. lola played a maphlne-llke game, (he eleven working well together and demon- stratinK the overwhelming advantnee of team work. The Go-Devils' playing was characterized by much"fumbling and poor booting. V.-Some of the latest styles of SOLD OPERA HOUSE Gas City Theatre Building Bid In by Loan Association for $2400. The Gas City opera liouse was sold lo the Aetna Building & Loan association at the south door of the court house this morning by Undersherlff A. L.- Boafright. The sale vis the result of an action brought against Wm. Smith e( al. by the association to foreclose a mortgage on the property. Tte company bid In the property for approximately $2400. the amount of the Judgment and the costs. A DAILY FOR 1909. The Topeka State Journal—Official Paper of Kansas. .^iib.icrlbe now for .vour daily newspaper for the new year. Keep in touch with the dally affairs of your state and country. The regular session of the Kansas legislature convenes in January. if you are a Kansas reader you n<*ed a Kansas dall.v. Subscribe now for a good one. and thereby get the news of every character: state, foreign, rellflous, political, sporting, railroad, good markets and special news of interest to men. won^en and children. Full Leased Wire Report Associated Press, the greatest telegraph news service In the world. THE .TOPE3KA .DAILY .STATE TOURNAL Is published at the Stale Capital. It is the only Kansas newspaper nrinting its comic page. In colors on Its own press. It Is the official paper for Kansas printing the supreme court syllabi. THE STATE JOURNAL does not zo into guessing contests or premhitn cheme.-, of any kind to Increase Itr, circulation. We solicit your subscription solely on the merits of the paper. Its subscription rates by mall are; no cents for 3 months. $1.00 for 100 calendar days. $1.80 for six months, %3 60 for one year. Cheap enough foj everybody, good enouerb for anybody. Sample eonv free. Addre?;s: TOPEKA STATE JOUPVAL. Topeka, Kansas . We<:an,show yotr some of every style of the 1908 patterns. A Christmas present for the ba&y and mother that will be appreciat «M]. All rubber tires warranted for one year. We alK) have a nice line of, Rockers, High C|airs, p^ds for the children. Now is the time to buy. Sleeper & Son POSTOFFICE BLOCK WHAT OF COTE OYSTERS. Dr. Cmmblne Is Making Some Inyesti- gatloDS. Topeka. Kas., Nov. 2S—Dr. S. J. Crumblne. chief food Inspector of Kan>as, is making some investigations of (he cove oyster situation. Cove oysters are the kind which are put up in airtight tins and sold like canned corn or canned fruit. The packers of cove oysters, in their fierce competition for business, have been steadily reducing the price for (he past few years, but at the same time they reduced the price they reduced the amount of oysters in the can. As it is now, the cove oysters cans contain about 20 per cent oysters and 80 per cent water. Two cans of cove oysters were recently purchased on the market by Dr. I ^Crumbine. One was an expensive brand, the other a cheap brand. The weight of each can complete was 12% ounces. The empty cans weighed 2% ounces. The remaining 10 ounces was composed of 2 ounces of oysters and 8 ounces of water. The expensive can contained 13 small oysters. The cheap can contained 4 small oysters, and a small pile of oyster scraps. On .-iccount of (his method of doing nuslness. the cove oyster trade throughout the country is demoralized, and the packers are trying (o get to- i^ether. and restore o'd conditions of frade. A meeting was held at Baltimore recently to discuss the situation. The packers were «o suspicious of each other (ha( (hey couldn't agree to go.back to the old basis. A circular sent out by one of the packing bouses at Baltimore says th^t conditions are such (hat "each packer simply puts in the necessary quantity of oyster meat which the price represents, and fills up the can with water. Such prices represent only the weight of the oysters.' The packers are appealing to the jobbers and retailers to help them ret back to old conditions by refusing to buy (he wa(ered oi-ster.i. Holland's Vng Xl.sslng. Jack Holland, manager of the Wichita team. Is having his troubles but hey do not concern base ball. Yes- erday sfime one atole his pedigreed fc;nf;ll :li seKer bird. dog. a valuable animal. The dog Is the mother of a lltlpr <if fivo pupi!. (wo weeks «|d. Hol- 'aiid IK afraid that with the mother nilMiliKC. the younger dogs will die. He haH notified the A. II. T. A. and (bat organlzadon hau promised to recover he dog. He sunpects a man who has recently been pricing the dog».—Wichita Eagle. —Bli per rent money; no rnramt^ lion; no delay.—Smitb * Trarts. Employ John IValterR. .rohn WaltePR w«s yesterday era- ployed ny the Union Portland Cement oeopJe to sup'-rintend (he work of bulldin?,' (be .swKch to the sKe of (bo plant. Miss llrndrJcks at Channtr. Miss Alice Hendricks came down from her home In lola yesterday, and is a guest at the home of her brotber, H. J. Hendricks and wife. 320 East Fifth. She will remain here nntll Sunday.—Cberryrale Bepubllcan. THIS JOB MAY GO BF,GfiI>fi. Lund Office at roII»y >ot So Attrac tlve as It Once Was. Topeka. Nov. 28.—John Thomas will soon resign as regi.ster of (he I'nUed States land office ;at Colby. He intends to move to Idaho, where he is Intprested in an Irrigation project. His successor has not been selected yet by Senators Long and Curtis. Several SL\th district politicians will no doubt be after the place. However, there will not be the big clamor for the position CUSTOMERS How It wm Be Done; We have placed In our sbow wlndov a beautiful clock containing a number of silver dollars. Tbls clock will be wound up and allowed to run down each week. With each Cash Pnreluue of $1JN> we give you a card on which a "time of day" Is ^stamped. Brlns cards to our store on following dates when th* prizes will be given to the persons present holding nearest corret:t time the clock stops. $3.00 will be given every Saturday at 3:00 p. m., on and alter Dec. 12,' closing with a $10 gift on March 20. 1909. Readick^ Phone. 8M. CASHCRCG^^ 6aiita^|l«m Block. i paying the maiiHniliin -^^^oloi^ a'VeAr. but last .vear it dropped down to.'about $I.50n, and the chances are that it never will be worth more than tbat.ln_ the future. Most of the public land et' western Kansas has been homesteatied and it is now only a matter of a few years when the Colby, as well as, the Dodge City office will be wiped out and all public land matters attended (o at the Topeka office. A License. Prob-.)(e Judge J. B. Smith issued a license yesterday to HoseA Garver of Kissee. Mo., and Miss Goldio L«n- hrt. of City. (hat would have come If the Colby of- I , ficp paid as well as formerly. i ..The Reel.iter want oolnmB eu S*!! For several years past it has been it rent It; or eet It the q^kkett Thousands of ladies suffer agdniei etery; montfiL If you do, stop and think. Isitnatandf iEhnphati| cally and positively—NO! Then ma£e up jira^ mind to preveut or cure this needless suffering! It m Help Ton *'I suffered 9 years" writes Mrs. SaiaH J. HosI kins, of Cary, Ky. "I had female trouble and -wouldl nearly cramp to death. My back and side "^0^14^ nearly kill me -with pain. I tried everything to gei relief, but failed, and at last began to fake Caxaa^ Hlow. I can do my housework -with eas^ 4nd I giy^ 0ardui the praise for the health I epjoy."^ ICrjr, AT ALC DSOa 8T0B«^ 5-;f ";

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