The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana on June 15, 1913 · Page 45
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The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 45

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 15, 1913
Page 45
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THE TIMES-DEMOCRAT, SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 1913. 11 left on the 1 o'clock train for New Orleans, from which port they will sail for a trip to the East, to be absent all um-n.r. Previous to the wedding In the afternoon Mis Wheeler wag most beautifully complimented by the Wednesday Afternoon Club at its regular meeting by a bridal shower, a fareweil offeruiK ot affection by the young friends who have been so intimately associated with her since her girlhood. M iss Koane Fleming was the hostess and the regular games of bridge were played before the shower. Miss Carolyn feiratton being the prize winner when the games were over. Miss Wheeler was invited into the large dining room which was filled with potted plants, palms and tern, transplanting it Into a bower of greenery. From the chandeliers gauzy draperies extended to the palms in the rear, forming a canopy above a lace draped table. On this was piaced a graceful basket with long bandies decorated with roses. This was given to Miss Wheeler and she was told to gather the vari-colored roses which were found on the plants, and under which the many dainty gifts were concealed. These filled the banket to overflowing and a chair decorated with white rces was drawn to the table where the fair recipient opened the packages among the gay crowd of lovely young friends who surrounded her to witness her pleasure. Among the pretty gifts were two bridal shower bouquets presented to both the brides (Miss Lamkin being present after which the brides elect were escorted in procession to the strains of the wedding march into the next room where refreshments were served. It was a most lovely reunion in honor of this much soved member of the club. Miss Lambkin sharing the honors of the occasion with her companion. Mrs. George M. Marshall beautifully complimented Mrs. L. E Goldmire of Mc-Alister, Okla., at a bridge luncheon the past week. Landsdowne, the lovely country borne, was in gala dress to receive the guests. Quantities of sweet peas were used in decorations; these with pink oleanders combined to make most attractive surroundings for the beautifully gowned women who accepted the gracious invitation. A corsage bouquet of pink oleanders and a dainty fan were at each Plate as souvenirs of a very pleasant occasion. The guests who enjoyed the game were: M'nes. Joseph Frajiklin, Shields Iunhar V H. Alkman. W. B. Marks. W. H. Hale. W. !',. Khoades, G. L. Ptntard. Kugene Enoch. J hn Limerick, Morrell Feltus. It. I. MMcalfe. Klnas Van Court. The table prlzfs if fans were won by Knip. Franklin. Iiunbar, Alkman and Marks. Mrs. MarshaH al.-o presented Mrs. Goldmire with a pretty fan as souvenir of the occasion Miss Karbara Pen wart was the last hostess of the Wednesday Afternoon Club. Miss Eva Wilds won the club prize and Miss Margaret Launeau the visitor's prize. Miss Elizs Baker Nicholls of Louisiana is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Edward Schwartz. , Mrs. R. P. Mounger and daughter Sophie left last week for Greenwood to vtsit Mr. Edward Mounger and family in that rdace. Miss Mary Mounger and Mr. Will Mounger are for the present with Mrs. C. B. L. Merrill. Master Edwin Mounger Is visiting friends in the country. "Kibi. a Comedv in Tovland." as pre sented by Miss Treebie Poole at the Opera House under the auspices of the Kusiern star, was a most Denounced ana Iteauliful success, drawing a crowded house for both evening and matinee per formances. The graceful drilling of the children, the spectacular effects and the beautiful music by the various soloists were warmly applauded and too much praise cannot be given to the participants and to Miss Poole for her talented efforts in making it such an attractive performance. A pleasant morning was enjoyed at Duncan 1'ark the previous week by a number of ladles who chose that lovely surroundings of the ideal place to enjoy a game of bridge and a picnic luncheon. Those present were: Mmes. smith, Gwin. llernll. Kinsman, Kelly, Schwartz. Brown, tharje. Cameron, Montgomery, Ballou and Mlaa Helen Byrnes, Table prizes were win by Mrs. Eugene Montgomery. Mrs. Frederic Brown and Mrs. iallou. The wedding of Miss Gertrude Fan-guinetti and Mr. Charles Gillespie Mitl-waine of Nashville. Tenn, was solemnized on Tuesday. June 8. at the Episcopal residence. Kev. Father Huxden officiating. Previous to the ceremony a very elegant dinner was tendered tne bridal party at her home on fciouth I'nion. The table was exquisitely decorated with pink sweet peas and pink peonies. A shower of sweet peas fell from the chandelier and broad ptnk ribbon extended from It to the corners of the table, terminating in large bows. Those present were: The bride and groom elect, the maid of honor, Ml-s Mary anguinetti. svnd the beet man, Mr. Benjamin Noel of Nashville. Mlsa Nlra banguinettl, sister of the bride. The living room and hall were also beautifully decorated with potted plants and sweet peas. Immediately after the ceremony the bridal partv left for Chicago. New York and Milwaukee and later Nashville, and then to Memphis where they will reside. Showers of rice and congratulations It e,I them at the train where a host of friends of the lovely young bride had assembled to wish her happiness and a pleasant wedding trip. Many friends In lulMiana. as well as here, will Join in all the good wishes for the bridal pair. Gen. Frederick My lea. a recent visitor to our city, entertained a number of very charming women at a box party to see "Bibi." These were: Mmes. Charles Gordon. W. B. Rhodes. James Surget. John Vincent of Vicksburg and Miss Charlie Compton. Miks Laura Ramork is the guest of Mrs. L. H. Lanikin's home, coming from Vicksburg to be present at the Lamkln-Green wedding on July 11. Mrs. Charles Gordon of Port Gibson Is the guest of Mrs. James Surget. Mrs. Frances Khie.ds of New Orleans is visiting her brother. Mr. George Koontz. and sister. Mrs. Jenkins. Miss Mary Jenkins left the week previous for New Orleans from whence she will go bv sea to Ronton. Miss Flora Moses after vear spent abroad with her aunt. Mrs. Clara Moses, has returned. Mr. Moses will refciain lor a while in the East before returning to her home here. Among the delightful affairs given In honor of Miss Fanny Rose Lan.kln was luncheon given by Miss Laura Green, one of the wedding party which included the other members f the wedding party and several guests besides. The p'nk of sweet peas and oleanders combined with pink shaded lights reflected the rosy glow of the Jovous occasion upon the happy group assembled. Place cards of Cupids small gilt laskets of bonbons and dainty pink slippers filled with rice, were the eouvemrs for each gue.t. ljiter the rice was showered upon the brides elect present. Misses Emilia Wheeler and Fanny Rose Lamkin. Those present w ho. besides the hostess, were of wedding partv were: Misses Zelia Barnett. Roberta and Katharine Grsfton and the others present were: Misses Marv Mounger. Roane Fleming. Aylette Connor, Carolyn Stratton and Anne Treat. A verv pleasant subscription dance was given the past week complimentary to Misses Marie and Jo-ephine Kurr. who were guests of Miss Huldah Martin. Miss Lsura I'svi. i- compliment m Miss Emilie Wreeler. s"ve a bride's shower In her home last Friday evening of the week previous. A large wh'te umbrella was sust.ernVd over a prettily decorated chair to whu-h Miss Wheeler was escorted, and from it fell the shower of pretty gifts brought bv a few Intimate friends who were invited to be rresert. The umbrrlla was prettllv decorated with flowers and bows of rlobon and the shower from under It most gracefully received by the fair bride-to-be. f nton. Mis. Miss Virginia Welsh of Meridian was the puest of Misses Carrie Mai and Helen Cole laM week. Mls Juliette Featerstui left Vonrtay to visit her sister, Mrs. Tatum. In Me-ridinn. Miss Iira M. Haven cf Bay Spring was the guest of Mrs. Reese Price last Sunday. Mr. J. W. Boswrll was a visitor to Meridian Tuesday After a visit at the home of her brother. Fr. I W. Cooper, Miss Bes!e Cooht left Monday for her borne in 1'rookha ven. Mrs. George Qutmby is having the Pleasure of a visit from her sister. Miss turnett of Bav Sjirinirs On Wednesday afternoon, at Mrs G M. Beaver's, Mrs. Samuel Griizle and Mrs. Reaver entertained from 4 to 6 o'clock. Their g-uests wrre the members of the Forty-two Club and a r.urr.lwr of other frlenfls. The out-of-town guests were: Mrs J. P. Rogers of IVcs'ur. Miss Clara Raskin of Pontotoc and Miss Lee Kemp of Natchex. Mrs. R. G. P.ew rd Miss Kate Williams are visaing Mrs. C. It. Kew in I tecatur. Ocean prlriKs. Miss. One of the most eniovable affairs of the season was the farewell surprise party given on June 4 in honor . f X.iss August Wood at the home of. Mr. and Mrs. Grif'in. Refreshments vere served. Thof present were: Misses Mabel Tardv, Mabel Le Cand, Fthel GUdvs I'ucis. Helen Murphy. 8adie Catchot. Lula Woodcock. Gladys 1-ee. Canitme Horton. Nannie Colligan. Thein.a Keel, Ruth Woodcock. Messrs. Eugene IIHng. Ed Tardy, Louis Tardy, Carl Case, Dickson Hodges, Harry Westbrook, Ieo Bertucdni. Ore louDg, Ralph Beauges and Plerc Wood. Ihe Missea Green entertained at five hundred last Friday evening in honor of Miss Ethel Kice of isew Orleans. The guests were: Mr. and Air. M. C. Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Lee, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Money. Mr. and Mrs. L. M. McClure. J,r. and Mrs. E. K. Glasscock, Mr. and Mrs. Robertson Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Charles fnyder. Mrs. J. M. Boyd, Mrs. Ben H. Green. Missea Jessie Boyd, Ethel Kice. Dora Cowen, Gladys Lee, beryl Bailey, Messrs. Elver Cudabac, Bonnie Keuue.y. Miss Ethel Kice received the guest of honor prise, Mrs. A. E Lee the ladies' prize and Mr. Robertson Palmer the gentleman's prize. Missea Beryl Bailey and Gladys presided at the punch bowl. After the game a luncheon was served. Mrs. I. W. Simmons returned home after a several months' visit in Louisville, Miss. Miss Marie Moore of Mobile is the guest of Miss Corlnne McClure. Mrs. A. Reliande returned noma Wednesday evening after a months visit in Asneviiie. N. C. with her daughter, Mrs. I. C. Chance. Miss Grace Ruble of McHenrr, Mlsa, spent the week at the Green home as guest cf Miss Mary and Miss Oadell Green. Messrs. Jim and Benson Garrard enter-ained at a delightful house warming Monday afternoon in their new bungalow. Little Lucritia Money was sponsor. Tn. bungalow was gaily decorated lnsida and out and lively games were Indulged In. In the teddy bear contest prises were won by Elenor Baker and Elizabeth Davidson and master Harry Lee. The little guests present were: Margaret Hodges, Catherine Hodges, Marlon Westbrook, Mary Arndt. Isabel Hodges. Lucritis and Dev-ereaux Monev, Elisabeth Davidson. Elenor Baker. Martha Hicks. Baby Patricia Dabney, Gordon Vancleava, Louts Lundy, Harry Lee, Morris Baker. Frank Ernest and Harry Schmidt, H. Dees. The mothers present were: Mrs. Garrad, Mrs. A E. Lee, Mrs. George nooses, Mrs, A- i. Westbrook and Mrs. T. E. Dabney. Miss Martha Collins of New Orleans Is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carpenter. Mrs. M. L. Lawrance returned to Covington. La., after a visit with CapC and Mrs. J. Porterln. Mrs. M. L. Lewis returned home after several months' visit with her daughters, Mrs. C. N. Davis In Huntington. W. Va and Mrs. Robert Davis in St. Louis. Ho. Mr. and Mrs. D. V. Purington left for Chicago en route to Europe, where they will spend the summer. The Maids and Matrons' Club met with i Mrs. H. D. Money last Friday afternoon. The prizes were won by Miss Moor and Miss Bransford. Those present were: Mmes. R. Lvons, E. Becker, L. M. McClure. J. V. Reel. A. E. Lee, Misses Rosa Odelle and Mary Qreen, Virginia, La Caud. Mary L. Brai ford. Corlnne McClure and Marie Mo -,e. Mr. an Mrs. W. W. Gimstead of Gautler, Miss., visited here last Monday. Mrs. Edward Benton of New Orleans and little son George arrived recently to spend the summer at the Ehannahan Hotel. Miss Theodosia Shaw, who graduated fron. the Newcomb High School. Is home to spend her vacation. She will enter the Newcomb College the next session. Dr. O. F. Ernst of New Orleans visited his mother and sister here last Sunday, Mmes. F. Ernst and A. E. Westbrook. Mr. and Mrs. William Walktns have closed their Ocean Springs home and have gone to the North to spend the summer. Mrs. Henry Weston returned to Log-town after a visit with Capt. and Mrs. Portervln. A dance was given at the Rose Farm Tuesday night In honor of Miss Marls Moore of Mobile, chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Money. Those present wore: Misses Corlnne McClure, Mary, and Roaa Green, Marie Moore. Angle Check. Messrs. John O'Keefa. John Bransford, Elmer Cudabac, Byron Lyons, B. B. Kennedy, Mark Lee and Minor Russell. Mrs. R. E. Lee and baby have gone to New Orleans after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Joachim, Sr. . A birthday party was given June 4 In honor of the fifth birthday of Annie Louise Engbarth at the home of Mrs. R. A. Dancer. The guests were: Trust in Hicks, Leroy and Lillian Westbrook. Patricia Dabney, Deveauz and Lucrlda Money, Marion Westbrook James and Benson Garras, Mary and George Arndt, Teddy Bechtel. Jefferson Hollowey. Marlon and Elvln Ililng. Ernest and Harry Schmidt. Drydon and Gordon Van Cleave. Ceclle Wleder, Louis Lundy, Stanley Armstrong, Alma Eglin, Audrey Reid. Bervl. Clothilda and Salon.. Bailey. Thelma Isabelle and J. V. Reel. Gladys and Harry Lee, May Baker. Alma and Maude Snellen, Eula and Mary Holland. Miss Jessie Boyd spent the early part of the week in New Orleans. Miss Rosa Green left Wednesday for Chicago 1'nlverslty. Mrs. F. M. Dick and Miss Ruth returned from a visit In Brookhaven. Miss. The Misses Angle and Eltsa Cheek of Vicksburg, Miss., are guests of Mrs. W. R. Stuart. The Bridge Club met with Mrs. E. A. Mortis on Wednesday. Osyka, Miss. Mrs. John Glbons and Miss Ella GUI of New Orleans are guests of their sisters, Mmes. John Lilly snd Wlnfred Mlxon. Miss Lillian Williams, who taught music in Alabama, has returned for the summer. Miss Mae Tlsdale left for Ramsey, La, Fridav, having spent the past nine months with her sunt, Mrs. I. F. Schilling. Mr. and Mrs. C. Thompson were Mo-Comb visitors. Mrs. Hawkens of Kentwood and her sister of Syracuse, N. Y, were guests of Mrs. James Newman. Mr Walter Varnado of Texas has CONSERVATION OF HEALTH AND BEAUTY; PROPER SHAMPOOING OF THE HAIR (Anyone desiring to consult tha aditor of this department may do so by sending inquiry to Lock Box 690, New Orleans-Should a private answer be desired, a self-addressed and stamped envelope should be enclosed. In this case the answer will be sent personally to Inquirer and will not be published In the columns of the paper.) O MAXT PEOPLE REGARD-lng proper shampooing of the hair have come In lately that I have decided to publish directions in this week's issue. Ordinarily the hair should be shampooed once In two weeks. Good Judgment must be used, however, for If the hair is naturally excessively oily. It may be washed once In tan days, and if the hair and scalp are dry should be done once in three weeks or even once a month. I have often heard well-informed persons say that the hair should be shampooed seldom only once In two months, or maybe as seldom as three or four times a year. These persons cite Instances such as the Swedish and Viennese women who have remarkedly fine suits of hair. But modern science and hygiene agree that we American women, living under the present conditions, should wash the hair more often. Let us use our common sense and keep the hair and scalp cleajj. We can then experiment without Injury to the hair, as to how often we should wash it. If once three weeks seems sufficient, do It regularly at that interval, unless the hair becomes weakened In any way. The best shampoo that I know anything about, and one that has proved eminently successful In cleasing and nourishing the scalp, Is the egg shampoo. It is expensive and rather slow, for it takes an hour or more, but It Is wonderfully beneficial and beautifying to the hair, leaving It soft, fluffy, glossy and in a clean, healthy condition I say It is expensive because about eight or nine eggs are needed for a proper shampoo. Many persons believe that on'.y three or four eggs are enough. This is not the case by any zneana. Break eiRht or nine eggs, yolks and whites together. In a bowl. Mix them well together, without beating them to a froth. Cse plenty of warn water on the hair and scalp, wetting them thoroughly. Now pour about one-third of the eggs on the head, and massage them into the scalp, using the tins of the fingers. X0 this for some n.omens. Now rinse the hair well with warm water. Again pour on half of the remaining eggs, and massage them into the hair and scalp. This time they should lather slightly. Again rinse the hair well in warm water. Pour on the remaining eggs, and massage well, remembering to wash the ends of the hair as well as the part next the scalp. This ' time, the eggs thouid lather as tuouga -JL f . v -fKyLZ, "li-a : 1 'i''.- s.- c"X. J' Joined bis family hero, who are guests of Mrs. Felix Varnado. Mrs. D. E. Newman entertained the Embroidery Club Thursday afternoon. Members and guests present were : Mmes. Bates, Newman. C. and H. Thompson, Trtchs, Stringer. Schweln, Hallman, Wallace, Simmons. Nesmith. Hunter, Charles Qutn of MrComb, Mrs. Shaw, S. McEl-veen. W. M. Dais. Refreshments were served Misses Georgia Dees, Ruby Spears and lubr I ( the Daisy Dsan are attendln normal at Clinton. Mrs. Charles Isom spent last week with her mother to attend revival services at the Presbyterian Church. Miss Pearl Ott is attending the normal at Oxford. Miss Ethel Kagee returned to her home at Varnado, La, after spending several months with her aunt. Mrs. N. D. Stringer. Miss Nell Ott of Mt. Herman was a (vest of Miss Pearl Ott. Mrs. W. B. Owen visited relatives at Kcsklusko last week. Mrs. O. O. Sanders of Amite spent a fortnight with relatives Misses Lois and Hilda Simmons of Bayou Sara are guests of Mrs. G KesmiUt. Miss Lela Bickhouse left Monday to attend the normal at Clinton, after spending several days with Mrs. W. M. Davis. Pacm ares la, Mlaa. Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Kreba of Birmingham. Als are visiting relatives in Pascagoula. Mrs. Herbert Cant went to Gulfport Saturday to visit relatives. Mr. Walter J. Llndtnger spent Saturday In New Orleans. Miss Eugenie Walker of Gulfport Is the guest of Mrs. Joseph Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. I. P. Delmas are spending a week In Pensacola. Fla, visiting friends. Mrs. Wadsworth of Patterson, La, is rlstlng Miss Eva Munson. Mr. ana Mrs. Silas Powell of Hatties- they were soap. Now rinse the hair four times, each time using clear, warm water. and nibbing and massaging until hair and scalp are perfectly clean. Then rinse once In cold water. Dry the hair and sun It. Do not comb It out until it is thoroughly dry. This will leave your hair lustrous and fluffy. If a slight odor of egg should linger for a time In the hair, it may be removed by pouring a few drops of co logne water on tne paims or the nanas. and passing the hands through the hair. I If the hair should be unmanageably soft I and fin. after th. shampoo, apply a very ! small ntity of vaseline , th. root, , the strands themselves. Rub the vaseline Into the roots. This both stimulates the growth and makes the hair easy to arrange. If It Is preferred, a little brilliantine ma 7 be applied to the brush, and the hair brushed immediately afterward. This leaves the hair glossy. The vaseline, however. Is better for the scalp. Persons troubled with dandruff should use a little dandruff ointment Instead ef vaseline. Anyone desiring the formula for this ointment may have same br writing to Lock Box 590, New Orleans, and enclosing a self-addressd and stamped envelope for reply. M. Hunt: Tour eyelids are red because of eye strain. I imagine, from what you tell me. Tou should consult an oculist, and In the meantime drop a solution of bo rede acid Into th. eyes, two or three times a day. A drop or two in each eye t a time Is sufficient. Have some reliable druggist put you up the solution the proper strength. Tell him the purpose f r which you wish It- This Is very restful to th. eyes. Olive: To whiten the skin and at the same time not to make it too dry. use th. following: Korax. 60 grains; potassium chloride. 240 grains: alcohol. 1 fluid drachm,; rose water. 3 fluid drachms. Dis solve as much as possible of the two salts and filter. Apply with a soft sponge several times a day. Cams Rosary: 1. The peroxide should be diluted with equal portion of water. It has a drying effect and should be seldom used. A good massage cream must be applied afterward. 2. Yes. peroxide, or any other bleach, ia harmful to the hair. Leave your hair Its original color, if possible. 3. Lime water is excellent for hardening th. gums. It is also good for th. teeth. Dilute it with water. About five portions of water to one of lime water. 4. See a doctor about this condition. It will cause you trouble otherwise. Candida: Wear large, whit, cotton gloves over the hands at night. First massage th. skin food into th. hands, as I hav. previously directed. If th. gloves prove too warm, use them every other night Instead of every aigsu y I Vr' M .. . ' v. . . .W-H TV' " FLAGS OF nVE" NATIONS. borg are here visiting Mr. Powell's sr. other, Mrs. A. Powell. Mr. Peter Nohring is In Blloxi. Mr. W. F. Jackson of Gulfport was her this week visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ray Roe. Miss Olll Ford returned Saturday from a week's visit to New Orleans. Mrs. Robinson and Mis Pritchard of Grenada. Mlsa, are spending the summer at South Pascagoula. Miss Nettie Morgan and Mr. Mack Morgan spent Saturday in Ocean Springs. Mr. L. Bonlfay of Pensacola was a recent vistor to th family of Mr. I. P. Del mas. Mr. J. Bert Baxter of Mt. Vernon. N. Y was a visitor this week. Miss Eva Munson Is visiting her brother. Dr. E. O. Munson, in this city. Pass Ikrlatlaa. Mlsa. The forty-third snnual commencement exercises of St. Joseph s Convent, which will taae place on next Thursday evening, ia attracting much attention from a large number of patrons of that Institution, and there will be a large number to witness tne efforts of the cuildren. 1 hese annual exercises are very popular and always reflect credit upon both tne school and tne pupils. Miss Nettie Fitzpatrick. who has been visiting relatives and friends in Little Rock and Memphis and v icksburg, Is expected noine on next Monday. .bis. J. G. Baker Msited relatives and friendji in New Orleans tnis week. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomas of Mobile, Ala., were recent visitors to the t a.-, guests ot irs. J. J. Thomas and Miss Lula Mae, the latter being quite SICK. Mrs. R. B. Logan, accompanied by Misses Mary Mccutchecn and Rebecca Perkins of the Crescent City, are at the Pass tor several montns. Sam W. Capers visited his mother and Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Capers at Ansley, Aiiss.. tnis wee it. Mls's Haiel Kirk Adam has returned to her home alter spending tne week with Miss Mavbeile ll.iwer in i.iloxi. Miss., w ntre die went t attend the r.lKs' ball, accompanied by her brother, C. Bidwell Adam. Mrs. George P. Brandt and Miss Mar- guerite Brandt were guests of friends and relatives in New Orleans this week. Mi?s Marsartl Patenotte is a guest of Sanborn in New Orleans. and Miss Al.ce Patenotte Is on visit l;r 'slcr- M"- ,n D"uil- iirs. R. x. BIaixe and l.itie chiMren have returned frr .-n a visit to relatives and friends in l ay M. Louis. Mrs. K J. A da. -a apt nt several days in Mobile this ween witn her sister, Mrs. S. D. Stevens. Mrs. Marry B. Nunn and little son of Gulfport were guests of relatives art the Pass this week. Mrs. James F. Curtis has returned from a snort stay with friends in Now Orleans. r ? VSlLoU left I 'asf Monday Yo'r their home Tn New I Miss Anna M liter. berger was in Gulf' port during the week visiting friends. Mrs. M. VV. Rainold has r turned from a vtsit to friends in Ocean Springs, Miss. Mrs. I. T. Rue of Lvnn Lastle spent Wednesday in New Orleans. Mr and Jirs. A. G. lebo and family have arrived from New Orleans and will occupy a cottage here for the summer season. Miss R. Bourgeois of New Orleans spent Wednesday at the Pass, the guest of Mrs. Marie Bonn. Port .lbsfw, Mlaa. Mrs. Briscoe Allen received on Tuesday from S to 7 In compliment to her house guests. Sirs. Douglas of Oklahoma and i Sirs. Marks of Wynne. Ark. Receiving with Mrs. Allen and the honor guests were: Miss Hatch of VicKsb'irg. Miss Briscoe and Mrs. Kvron Levy. Mrs. Shel- by served punch and the "sl g.rls were: I Misses Mary Wharton. Kmmie Brncne and Julia Levy. Miss Hatch of Vicksburg is visiting j Mima Manon Briscoe. i Gen. F. F. Myles of New Orleans is , m ., w tbe guest of Mr. and Mrs. John McC. ; Tfc., f""f " M'- France, Person entertained ..IjHSl Mr"' cards the week previous comp.imentary , x,,. v,. ,.uni, t. ,l ,..T , to Mrs. Stock ley and Miss Cook of ;,, r.e. t .-.i g i-. were Mi.ea hti-ti Memphis. I a-i.1 i .r.Tse Smiii "f t;-eenw.l. I.omee Hor- Mri. Charles A. Gordon was hostess at t.j r"irn. Urena'ls; Uisie a,i, n j.s. cards In honor of Mrs Mock ley and ! s-n. l..rfor.l ltimer. Allison M'eds; r ranees Miss Cook. Others invited were: Mmes. i e-.l. t.-ena la. Ssiowith. L. S. Pearson. Misses Otlilie M.e .:! r.',ff f Sar.)ii aH a piM. Redjs and Frances Person ( ant t t t li.'en W ier .a.t week. Mrs Marv Wood and 'r. and Mrs. L. s. Pearson and family left during the j week to speni tne summer montr.s at tlteir plantation home. Mrs. J. M. r.rrmn returned nnme . after a ari.m; u ntn v . n'i s t fhter, Tenn. Mrs. James G. Cate. in Cleveland, ienn. Mrs. Smith also attended the reunion at Chattanooga. Mr. Cooper of Helena. Ark . was a visitor to Port Gibson during the week, and was entertained while here by Mrs S. Bagnell. Mrs. Richard Haatmgs and Mrs. 8. H. Bagnell. On Tuesday an Informal reception was given at the ctr hall complimentary to the Iiiinoas Central Railroad officials who were in Port Gibson and guests of the town for several hours. Among those present were: Mr. Earean. superintendent of the Southern divisions; W. H. Brili. assistant general passenger agent, and J. W. Meehan. superintendent Vicksb-irg division of the Yasoo and Mississippi Valley. Noticeable among those receiving were: Mrs. Charles A. Gordan and Miss Frances Person, presiding at the punch bowls; others present being Mmes. Brlsco Allen, W. T. Shelby. B. H. Morhead. R. B. Anderson. Sam Well. Misses Ottilia Redus and Marlon Briscoe. Lsmsrrtos, Miss. Miss Fannie Kate Phillips of MerMlsa Is the goeit of Miiwes Vrtje sad Wlllsrd Ptfnnl. Mii-s Jerrine Hinton hss returned from a visit of w-TersI wttks to Mrs. Charles Hsie ia Cleveland, Tenn. Mm. H. l DeTsll. with Msster Wllmer, Is visiting- her sinter. I'r. Sure Mayo. In w Orleans. Mrs. W. T. Tbnrnhlll and son. Dald Henry, of Atlanta, are gueats la the home of Mr. snd Mrs. D. C. Camp Miss Luis Tuuisoo was a New Orleans visitor. Minsea Kra aii'1 Anahel Jenkins hsve returned from a visit to Miss LJ1 a Belle Camp ia Hattlee-linre. Mix Jhn Bishop is st Home from the State Normal School In Hattlesourg. Oxford, Ml s. Mrs. Felle Sullivan Fair was a commencement gwM of Miss Julls t'otnptoo. Miss Mary U ilse Neiiwm is the guest of her irer. Mth. Flurri hiuault. lis Annie Limdle baa returned from aa extended utay In i n. Mi. Pearl Leaveil is the guest ef Mrs. R. M. Lesrll. Mi Myrtle Kueil has returned from Columbus, i .n Vinfe lll has returned from Meridlaa. Mi Anii'iia Levy c.( Meiiiphis is the guest of Mr-, r'riflinaa. Mr. Frank Newell of Water Valley Is the guet of Mr. John Llndle. Mis LfTle Brauiielt is st home for th summer. Mrs. W". II. Hsrker of Memphis hss returned to her home, after a pleasant visit with her aunt. Miss Mary Plant Mr. '. II. itoar-h has returned from a short viU to Yatr Valler. . .Miss MoMie Heauiand has returned from a vi-it to friend In Ssnli. Mr. I'i.:n f Oklahoma is the guest of .Mrs K. O. Iai!n. Mm. ;. w. Unffnl.. Sr., very dellrhtfnlly i t'''1 tVn,urT h",k ub Mr, yak ,.r,,., nn returned to he, home n McNeil. Ark., after s ples.sat visit with j n,.r uster. Mrs J. . I-an. I Ml Kntb Birr of Oklanon.a Is the gnest of Mi F. O. ImMon. Mrs. T. A. I"inn has returned from a pleasant Ti" f),"'k I'n'- I I.J tie Stalros of Nw York city ! " ,rn ,! ."J ' " ' l""nt I m ''h J' "j" ' '."?.' . .k- . t'ania sre wii an:i'Mim-in the enitag'nint and marriuic" of I r All-ert KutWl ami Mi. a Clara Mnrte iinifi of 1.4i!Wvill(, Kr., st the home of i the ln!e on J'liie 12. Mrs. J.tin Ki.iiu of Pjhslia is the guest of Mr. Kill. tt. Mrs. Nina Jones Miller of Hi 'Whom, Tex., was tlie ovnimetn-rmfiit guet of Mm. W. C. Chilton. Mrs. J. S. Hudson enrertsined delightfully no Thursday sf!erna in comi'iiuieut to her fuest. Mr" ii"1'",T !'" Stark vlll.-. Miss. Misses snnle Itel.e and I.n. re FkfoH hav. -i'''-'" ' w Jit,-."'' b" " b" ,,W", MUb ' Misses Fannie Ih-lle snd Fi-kford hsve Free man, left ihimiav to spend tli amnnwr In Fkr-ida. lie'Hxta and orhtr .nrr. Miss K ie 1'i-rkins baa aa ber giiest Miss I : a.-r of Ho.wv1H. Mis Kluel Hdi-r1 has relumed home from ria;kunlf. afi-r sf.eiwim' thf winter ihere. ':- Louise Saiiiulrrs spent the weekend la Oso.ona. Mr. J. L. I.neas was h'tes at dinner Tbtr day in romptinient nt M:nt-m. '.V. I', .iln-sr aud J Mormn. were lai I f..r toelve. and a f ive--,,ure ft I n;ier was serve!. Miss NaaT (arete of Tirsl' aa ftiest of Mrs. J. Kilrm e the i-sinnns last week. A loveir tlame was enjore,! tr quite a number of t!;e l.. :g pe--I.e 1 liewla f evening. Miss M-mt.nerv of satn t'arolina I vielt-lt: her grsn-i3it'ner Mrs W H. JI .nre.sTierT. IT. snil Mr. 1. T. I'.utier snd ht' e dauslitef '"e-iar of Merr-jihis are suesta of l'rf. and Mrs, K. K I J.-t.J in Main street Mrs I. Pmri. k an.i t hli lre-i ,,f 1...- ' are gne.ts of the f .-n-r moftjer, Mrs. R Brl'lie,. I'r and M ' W II left I b tr lay to v.sit reia' - in tovu a'on Mrs. K. Y Ferris ai.i . hi;iren .,f MeNetl are iirsv th friwr parent. Mr. and Mrs W. H. Retn- is. Misa Frances Fot of Sott la viaitlnf Misses . '1 "''' asiimetoa were guest Ia'"l f M Uinin Tarrt..! V ss - f-r-ia 11 . i beet ha r'-t irned from Vicksburg. after atteti'Jtng the Cunuitighara Hunt we-1- fli - j j.,,,,,,,,, h, ,. h thf p. l3,t at u -tins iaijiao and h.rmaa of the I I and C. 1 r st,m,er I -r-. i wa noareea of foe fnes-dar ' .n Vr - .i. e f-rty hi wa piareai. Iierren;i,ersfa mere served Mrs. JUT Hait-r of K awiutho vtslte4 bey tr tiler Mrs. J. J. 'eit . !st wt-e k lr and Mrs W F Han i have a tfcelr g-iest the d--'ir m-i-her. Mr l:...i SnmmH. llsa. Mr aid Mr, t.enrge But lee nd daughter of W asCT.r'ori ar.i Jra r'ave of ftntoaa(.o were week-eii g-iesta ef M-s. 1 'oreiu e Jacgst'S Mr and Mr. ha- e Ranl and - of Fern wood apent 9 .nday w.-a Mr. asd Mrs. J. Lofter-b--a Mr. Warf'eld nter haa returned to Terrv. a'ter a wees s !it to her faioer. Mr. N. p. B-t-ney. kl.aa Audio Bates baa returned t Libert. after a month's visit te her auat. Mrs. Roesrrt Csm. Mise Boss Tate snd Master Rurene Tate of Met-omb are visitine Mrs. I". K. lirs.Whaw Miss Mamie Cain left Vo.ntiay fr Liberty, where he will be a two-week guest of Mr. MrsO Hates. Mrs. Harrr Hungate returned Sunday fftn a visit with relatives la Amite. Mrs. X. P. B-unrT has returned fntm Htjnts-vtlie. Ala., where abe spent two weeks witn her Slater. Mrs. E. L. SWttt left Tties.1ay f's- Ivalde. Tex., to visit her son, Mr. Henry sscott. snd family. Miss Eltsa H'ller has re -timed from a visit i-h her sunt. Mrs. Anna Wolfe. In Maroolia. Mr. Henry Sslushury of New Orleans tnt Stitxlav with hla mother. Miss Veiina S-ott is visiting for several weeks wih friends In Liberty. Miss Flora Levy of Jsrkson is the guest of Mln Hatei Ferehelmer. Miss Cora Wvatt has retamesl from a visit l b friends la Pr tkhaven. Mrs. Hirnard Wallace spent Monday and Tnes-dse with relatives In MVmh. Sir. and Mrs. Jake Sample of Grenada are vts-ltlii Dr. and Mrs. 1. R. Sample. Umea. W. Psrwto. J. Lnir. R. rhisholm, J. Wfchnian. Miss A. Fowler sud Mr. Tliouias VVar-rlna were Saturday cnests of the Kastern Stsr Chapter at Anburn. Mrs. Jotin Ryan ami soe Howard sre guests of Mrs. Thomas Fvsns in Froonbaveu. Mister Forest Jarkaon is visit ins relatives la Ja-ksow virs. Ben Foreheimer an-1 Mlasew Flora Ievv and Hazel Forebeiuier are visiting friends in New trrleana. Mlaa Herloo MCearIey snd Mr. Fst Csasedy srnt Sunday with Mrs. Cussedy and family 1 Brookhavea. Mr. snd Mrs. Lis Caia visited in MrComb Wednesday evening- "Vednestiar evening Mis Annie Cnnninxha very pleasantly entertsinel the Silk St'S-kfng Clth. Pnnrb. Ice cream cake were aere,j. Prises were wna by Mmes. H. Hiiler. E. Aikin- sos and J. Barnes. lerry, Mlsa. . Mrs. John PeMer and sto of several dars with her slttrs. an-1 Irvln ttensls. MeCotn srtent Mmes. Waltar Mrs. Wslter Dennis entertained a nomher of vntros for her son f lands Friday evening. FrofresaJve games were plsved Little M iaa Hera ire Hamtter eelebrstesl her firth birthday with a party Friday afternoon Around the table, which was deeorated In pink candies and sweet peas, twenty-five of ber lit tie friend a fathered. Sir. and Mrs. ieore Carrol snd children cstne from Vtcksbtirs; tssturday to visit their mother. Mrs. is. i (rroeir. Miss Fannie I srferwood returned from Blue Mountain, where ah apert the winter is col let's. Friday. Messrs. f. C Btjrir s1 Frank K. Berry of Adams vlalted Mr. and !rs. Frank Berry the latter psrt of the week. Mlsa Dk-kaon of Wuodvl Is visiting ber sis ter. Mrs. vernon Pleasant. Mrs. Ora Hrathman of Jackson spent Saturday nere. Miss Fansie Haloert ertertalned the W. M C Mondmv afternoon. Alter the program Misa Halbert served aa lee course. The Cemetery Asuoclatioi met with Mm. Den-too Nlmpett. Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Crortk entertained the By ram Ladles' Erohroldery Clnh Friday. Among the Jackson visitor Monday snd T ties- day were: Mr. and Mrs. M. Burnett and grsnd-(laiistiter. Mary- Mr. and Mrs. J. Rnrnett. Dr. and Mrs. K. tlemnrt'tn. Mr. J. Alien. Mmes. F. Berry. C. Slyhart. J. Parker. W. Ferriiee, J. H'. Orantham and Nihv. B. HnMard. R. Pleasant. Mr. snd Mrs. f.eore Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reddlnc. Mlsse Carrie Head and Alma Berry. Tteksstarse. Miss. Mrs. J. A. Conway returned last week with ber young daughter. Mlaa Mary Bell. Miss Con way took blch honors at school In sitaunton. a , nelns vaiedw-torian of her class, and received diplomas la srademle work, also la untiste. Mrs. ionwar. Miss Conway anil Mlaa McWhlrter will spend the summer at Bueaa V lata, their planta tion home. Mlsa Marnierife Rhodes of 0 1 ford ia the fnest of Miss Lilen Dorsey. Miss Sulllvsnt of Mound. Mlsa Flnley of Greenville Miss Vlnrinlsj Brshston snd Mlaa Florence Fos of Bovlna were in tows te sttend the wedding of Miss lmtby Rose. At the Crswford Street Methodist Chnrch. on June 4, s very pretty wedding took pU--e. Miss Annie Hnnt, dsuathter of Mrs. Mary K. M'int. waa united In marriage to Mr. Pln.-kney R. Can- Dlnzbatn. A reeeptltia followed at the bume of the bride, attendeti ry many friends. Mr. and Mrs. Sol Fried received o Wednes day from 5 to 8 In the evenlnc. la honor of the confirmation of their son Ernest. Mlsa Flora Hienker Is the guest of Miss Me la ine Kahn. Miss nevieve Hood hss returned from Jiid- snn Collesw, Alsrsima. where she was a st'ident. Mrs. Hart aace. formerly Mlaa Myra Lomax. Is receiving a warm welcome by ber many friends ber In ber drlhood borne. Mrs. Vsace is the iriest of Miss Led Lurkett. Howard Tnrpen. Jr., is htme from college. Mias Sallle Clifton of Oxford is vtsltfns Miss Kln forsey. Mr. .N'trral Rlebarnsoo. who has been rnnflned to his home with fever, is better. Ensign Mount Sesrles. who grsdtisted st An napolis with blch honor, arrived yesterday with hla parents, Mr. and Ms. T. M. Sesrles. V-a-slim Searles will report Ister for duty on the Inlred ftstes ship Louisiana. Miss Iveona Bailnskv haa returned from Mary land Collese. Lothervllle. Md. Mrs. Charlea W. Weils baa rone to .New Or leans on a visit to ber parents, Mr. snd Mrs. T. Staunton. Later ahe will be Vtined by Mr. Wella. and they will then to other points. Mrs. Vincent and daightrr. Miss Lily, have gone to North Carolina. Mrs. E. s. Butt Is Dime again from a brief visit to Mrs. H. DeL. Vincent In New Orleans. The Embroidery Club was rtlessantly enter tained last week by Mrs. Donsld Carr. Mrs. Knight Broturh entertained Informally at cards for her mother-ln-l iw. Mrs. Charies Brotiah f Calttrnla, who Is pendaur some time la VIckslKirg. Mr. Conwsy Iswrenre and little daughter are visiting Mrs. R. L. "roo. Mrs. LtHEerne HotlreM snd ter two yotmg d:xhters are visiting Mrs. Hodges' mother, Mrs. Hicks. Mrs. Lanford and Mis Ellen Dorse y are once nxtre established at thir borne ia Prummond street. Mrs. Fsnnle Rick Jom-s baa gone to Caaton te visit relstlves. Miss CsrolTn Williams has resumed, after a month spent In New or eans and .Natchex. Mrs. r . w in or na on Km.ce la on a visit to her sister. Mrs. M arena Wacbenlieln. Mrs. A. ti. Russell sal children are with Mrs. Brtttoo. at her botne at Perry. Mlsa. Mr. snd Mrs. . H. Fttihurh have movetl to their handssne new home In ham Iters street. Miss Virciula Rockwood haa aa her (nests Mrs R. Warbank. Mis-e Cttrlnne Tamea al. Vlreinia Little. Miss Lucy Antistroni' left last week fur Michigan. Iter she wlil sail lih eelet t party for I.ur'se. Mrs W. W. Nipoer. ne M!s Bon" M"- Knight. is here wi s vlit to her pa rep SI. Mr. arnl Mr. Tliett. McKnikht. Miss Ruth "rtk was bostes of the Koony M'.my Sha t'lub last week. The only gtjest other than the memtters wa Jli Stella t es-prsy of Tens. Mr. snd Mrs. H. W tirirrith entertained as their guefs seyersl sio csme for tne l.nffith-Knoi wetl'llng They -yere Mis Mary Andrews ef Memphis. Miss Mary Frttee !astlanl and 's Annie i.kersua of Jjt ki and Mlaa Kri"i of P'tntot'-. Mlsa F.llen I mrsey entertained at a large card (tarty Taet!r afternoon In h"fior of ber httie gt'est. Mi-ses Mantaurlta Rh'sles and SaUie riift.m. 1'atelsttfTie prirea and,t,rfw ref reshnicnts made a -ntetf 'le.thtfnl aftenttsm for a large ountr ttf 'jests. Wesson. Mlsa. Mr. C. L Thomptn wa bostes of the regular meeting of the Hook Club last Friday afternoon. She also eutertatnetl the Sunday at boot class of ber husband. Dr. C. L. Tat'rnpaoti. is the evening of the satr.e day. Mrs. F.a Dale Carlttm of Wlnasboro, La., arrived Tuewlay to visit her slater. Mrs. R. L Hamilton. I; Nettie Waldeo. who haa been teaching seh-t at Amarliia. Tex., the past rear. I a guef of ber alter. Mr. Joe Mrlstasid Miss Antiie Deceit 'f Bowertoo wis a vititor lSt Week to reistire. Miss Mry Me'lsy of New fMeana wa a gnest last Friday of ber friend. Mr. Kelly U alter. Mr. Llovd Iteeeil f has reeently Vts'ted relative tiere. M a J in Rowan, after teaching the past aew-lon Ja'-knn. arrived Tuesday afteri to spend her summer at home. Misa 'eanne Rowan Is attending the Normal hool at Brookhaven tiiis we. k ss teactey of hist srv. Mis Alma Res visiretl friends st Brnkhavea Mfn.isy. M- Will fteeell srd llt'!e daughter Wl'mnth left Wednesday to viit relatives snd frieala la Ja kwta. Mr. and Ifra. l'aul Burt aret daughter A lie. were guests T'ie-Uy and Wnln-stit of Mrs. Bnrt'a parent. Mr. tod Mra. J s'ia Kvan. at Crysral Spring. Mis Mary Pattavsnt: vi:te.l relative at Br'khava ?at :rtlay in-i Snmiay. West Pot at. Miss. Mr. H. t Mu.tlrtw f S'srkvlile wss fSe h'sTed g "test tnis week of ber Ur .iner. J M Fr!n. snd farn'. y. ot her re' irii frn s w'nteT In f iemeon. S. V"rs Mribirttw le't ttn Xue day with Mr A. C. hrv'n. an.i w;,l trjs t bea.jt-ful let at in Stork!. .e for the sn-nn,er. Via Atiut Heartl of Meinnia ia spending a mctnta with her fttnl y in tnia city Dr. and Mrs "ha ! roa lea ,e ta a few day- for Man. a Dr. ros has ac-epted a psa ..s the medical staff ia tu Mariuo HapUai vl Manila. Rev. snd Mr. R. B. Mitchell were gnets of Capt and Mra E. L Ryke i M'ttstiay. Hiase fla.hert of ata-svu int eri lya wirh tbeir coattn. M. B-knctie Ha.jert. th week The Misses Wl'.tjr of Alsbama were guests la ttie Maup'n btm tt the weeg end. Mr Spureni H-m1 enjoyed wnl Jy wl'h his parent and frie-sda in this city af'ey co-n--je-f.mtnL and r iirit-1 t l-r1y t tua d i'ies at ':.e lu-"i entrai He t 'ti'-.r . W-. I- ' r.ui. M- i .-n-.-!t ant! ah are v'.lMr.f Mr and lira. W. tz. Atd ersoa is Summert' w. S. C Mi-a Mary Lt.n lc "i:as ia at -& frota oi.ege. Naahvi. . Mra C. B. Cooa sd-1 tier d"gs.r jj-, zt lab Prowei;, eTerttinei on TSi-wiy cvusr. i-n,en'irig the "Lenmiou ' and a o imier of u .t Sl'le frie-4. Mrs. Ftsel MT-dr Dr. P-- Irv and Mr, as'es Ivy retimed ioa'iay fr-an a aaort trip to Caicago. Taioo Clly. Miss. Ir. ind Mrs. W. P. Mt 'slip have had as their guests Mrs. t. S. ;i'!ts. Mr. K. W. J. c a i l iitt.e st.n and (I - M r-.-l M Itsire's ff Fette. aul M;s Fink Vi " t.f . :-nu. Mt- nat-l r.m-r and M -s Kste an 1 Allllee Hell, :.) ere Werk-eud ttue's tf Mr. T F. Iiail Mlsse-S Helen C-'"-S. Bertha S...,.fe t'T. 1 . 1-.4 Jom-s ti M"tZ"itt'rr ami !ra.' l-.'-ni' has ret-trre. frttn i ... nu'-us. ii-re t.'.cy ft4 e been attiiti::nt .filce. Mrs. Fl J. I'.eirsin- au l her d.i iist-r. M-s. '.ettrtce KenaiitKtn. iisse ret-i-ttt-d f-. town, s'ter a -. t to Mrs. 1 - 1-nm T .tr- Mr. Vdan.i B. liarin-tu and 11" rt 11 1 are at h'tTpe frttia Jackn. .icre lijey are tu dents at Mii'saps. ; Mr. sn,i Mrs S. S. ;- n n. the ' s-e Griffis enterta intt st 7 ,-. .inner .st T i--.lay Mr. an.l M-s. S. V. I.n.-is, w .ft w 1 leave snrt i y t r b ''..m. we- tb-r w i siteod the s miner. Their g-it-sis w,re M- aal Mrs. S. V. I. -. Mr. ami nr. I C. W i.'-ams ami Iessrs. Kntn r i.t .ml lt-o li--s-t. Mrs. R. A. Ms. ier and ter smi of Mc i j.his are gtiests f Mrs V . liit,-ls -d. The niiistc pupils of Mis Ktbel Wier enter-tain their psn-tits arl frie-nis at a reclral Frnlay evem-.ig at the K.a t'lntt Miss uu.e f .t.;,.n ws ,i.,-e ttf the 1 fm-Itetl Bridge Ciurt n We!nuj afee.stti. Th. prise was wi'n t-v M-s. Hrri B.sratlaie. Mr I it-arr HaverMii p .ur.T'.'i'e.l t e A:tc. tlen Hrttitce C!':b . i 1 ie.iar afiern,stu. Mrs. D. L. Rtttierf recetse.i te prize Mrs. Walter Lurkett la iisitl'.g relatives si Pine Bluff. Ark Mlsa Mary Swa.rae is en'J-log a stay at Vicksburg. Mrs. Will H'idson. IHrle Misses Corttiey and Aliee Csrrey Cnwier are vij'nig Mr. etrgst Ccwier at tilen A.ien. . Mrs. T. M. l-gii't s .i chaperoned a Bumrsfr of young pe-pie at a htits party g!v-"3 by her brtner and sister. Mr. M. ami M'tss R;i;w M inery. at their plant utiiwi near ;-eeti-W0..1. In tbe party wre M!e Fnma Cade-i head. Mr. T. I-ear, Vilnnle H-stver. L'irW and Mamie;t. Adei Stitfr. -se -ea ail Kuaie King of TViertown. .Vieaers. H. lllrmtan. Sam Griffin. K. Warren. Ai't'i Majroder. Letttia and Jesse Stig'er. T'tsn and Joe I j.-:it.-ap Mrs. . A. Jacks, i is un a visit to Mr. L. Fontaine at Lyon. Mlsa. Mrs. A. I Fntst who before b-r mtrrnsj was Miss Prin. ia here rruui Iike lro i ieu. e, visiting Mr. J. W. St.sit. litf. anti Mr. J. A ("sldwell and chi d hs eonie here frum Corinth t make vm-w i vf their bt'nie. Mrs. Marv Kelly Pricket I and Mr. Frank J. BratHoek were married to Wetlnedy aftt-r. noon at 1 o'cii-k. at St. .Mary's Cataolic Ca.:rvj, by Father J. U Wise. Ashevtlle, H. C. Mr. bod Mm. IVesner of New Or lea -9 srrlsetl several days ago fur a sojmira at tne Battery Park. Mr. William Hardee of New Orleans, who baa been visiting In Ashevliia and haa been tne guest of honor cf g nua.'r of informal affairs, left Monde v for New Vu-k. fr-nn wh.-ce ie will sail this week for Knrope. to be g hip aj summer, trsvellng on the C Bt.nent. Mobile, Ala. MR,. J. D. WILKIN .-5 AND MRS. William Stewart are visiting In Sel-ma, their old home. Mr. and Mr. Jack Ross leave June 14 for Lexington. a. Mies Ethel Pugh. who has been visiting Miss Nina Spencer, left Thursday for her home in Grove Hill. Mrs. Howard Walker has returned from a short stay at her summer home on Weeks Bay. Mr. and Mrs. John I. Cochrane and two sons are at French Lick. Among Mobillans going abroad are Miss Belle Tllden, who sailed June 8 from New Tork. and Mrs. Emma 3. Lavretts will sail June 19 on the Amerlka for an extended European tour. One of the prettiest of the affairs of th. younger circle was a five hundred party, given by "Elisabeth Heokes on Monday. Amelle Douglas carried off the first prise, and Lucy Herndon cut the consolation. A heart party was given by Elizabeth McAlpin. in honor of Jessie Porter of Key West and Porter Pope a Barton gradnate. Miss Helen Mellett won the first prise, while B. Boykin captured the boy's prise. The girl's consolation prti. was cut by Lucy Herndon and Bennie Forheimer cut the boy's consolation. Mrs. Arlean Hanna of Greensboro is visiting her daughter, Mrs. MeCrary Otts. Miss Eleanor Ward has arrived for a visit to her friend. Miss Marion McGehee. Miss McGehee, whose wedding to Mr. Bestor Ward takes place June H. served as bridesmaid to her friend. Miss Sue Merkel on Tuesday evening. Miss Mer- kel's maids, as well as her own. were entertained by MLss McGehee after rehearsal aupper on Monday evening. Mrs. J. Turstall Inge returned horn. Wednesday, after a month's visit at he horn. In Toledo. Judge and Mrs. Toulmin hav. as their guest. Rev. Dr. Penick of Christ Church, Tuscaloosa. Miss Xlna Gluckstein is in attendance at the University of Alabama Summer School. Praaaenla, Fla. K IS3 BLANCHE WHITE, WHO has been visiting In Troy. Ala, was complimented there by Mrs. Frank Oliver, who entertained the Summer Domlao Club delightfully at her attractive home, Lakevl.w. Miss Florence Marston attended June week at Annapolis, where her brother, Mr. Frank Rutherford Marston, a midship man in rank, waa among those who took part In the exercises. Miss Jodie Sullivan entertained th. members of the graduating class of th. P. H. S. Miss Lucile Nobles entertained the same class with a bay party, going up Es cambia river. Miss Lucile Boyer and Miss Lucile Gray also entertained them. nd the young men graduates gave a bay party for the girls. The wedding of Miss Ida Richards and Mr.William Columbus Dye was a beau tiful affair of June 4 In the Gadsden Street Methodist Church. Mrs. A. E. Zelius and daughter. Misa j Florida Zellua. went to New Orleans, ae-Icompanied by their guest. Miss Betty. Weston of Log-town. Miss, whose guest Miss Zelius will b. for some time, besides visiting other friends in Mississippi and Louisiana. Mr. George Earl Hoffman. from Georgetown University. District of Columbia, where he Is a law student, ig spending his vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Hoffman. Miss Nellie Brown and Miss Edna Walts entertained with a linen shower for Miss Florence Caro, a briH' elect. Mr. William II. Knowles entertained a party of real estate men with a dinner at the .an Carlos. Th. birthday of Jefferson Davis was fittingly observed, the L'nited Daughters of the Confederacy entertaining with a reception In' honor of the Confederal, veterans of Ward Camp No. H at th. bivouac in th. Thlssen Building. Mrs. Harry Lee haa Joined her hue-band, Capt. Lee. at Annapolis, where h. ia stationed. Th. commencement exercise of th. Convent of Perpetual Adoration was a very beautiful affair of Thursday evening. June 6. at th. Opera House. An especially beautiful feature of th. Dye-Richards nuptials was the mosll under the management of Mrs. Annie B. Fllnn. the following program being rendered: Chorus from "The Ho. Maid." mediations from "Thais." "Forget M Not." gavotte; "Beloved, It I Morn vocal solo. Mr. A. R. McAllister: Lohengrin's "Bridal (horn;" ceremony voluntary. "Ca:i Me Thine Own, exit. Mendelssohn's mar'h. Mr. Fllnn. an accomplished musician, presided at the organ. Mr. and Mrs. John A. M'rrltt attended the gradjation of their daughter. Miss Kitten Merritt, at Pelharo Manor, New Tork. Mrs. William Fisher attended the graduation of her daughter, Mi Helen F'sn-er, at Lake wood. N J, from Miss Wafer's School, and the graduation of her daughter. Mis Lizzie Fisher, from pei-ham Manor. Misses Ada and Barbara Roaasc attended June we t Ar.napo;:. ineni of Lieut, and Mrs. Waiter Board man Dec ker. Miss Annie Moore Hrvev. who ha been teaching at Taische-g. La., is amending her vi.!ion wi'ri t,er m'.thr, Mr. Nam le Ieve.,, in '.V-t Ciiaae street. M.j Naca M-.M jH.n of Greenv;,', Ala.. i via'.ir-g t-r aunt. Mr. R. C. SatkofJ. at ber residence ia SVtu street. Mi Lin Larg-je. from Eirmln ihtm, is visiting Mi and Mrs. Jarnes Larg je. M.its Ernestine i'"."r Is visiting friend, in Anduiasia. a'.a. Mr. C. Ditsch of Evergreen, Ala, has been visiting his trlend, Hr. Jwoo4 D. Ia

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