Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 3, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1907
Page 5
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acML womrH iR proven by:Com|>arlB^ Wo Invito you to com- piira our work anil niethodB witli ntir laundry yoii \V I B I I. W O ayk for your btisine.nM oii mrrlt alone. §OLM LAUNDHY. Jtofa YmimHmmry HoMpMml West Street, lola. one block from square. Diseased of domesticated animals successfully treftted .charges inoderate,good bozstallsfor patients Calls answered promptly tiivjht or day, 20 years experience. Veterinary-Dentistry a specialty. Honor Qraduate of Oatario Veterinary College. Prop. Moapltal Phone 1068 Res. Phone 139 dunther'^ Candies! CITY HEWS. IMO.V MEM Attend the: Mi^t^nir lonl(rlit in I'nioD' Labor llalj. .Some- Ihtog of IntprMt for y OD. MtSS LIU.IAN Morris rotftrnoailils nuiriilriff from speudliiK TJiaiiksjciv- liiK wUh friends in lola;—i.awreiicc Gazette. ' ChYDK Cannon w.a.s dowufroni Iol:i S ;itMrday. —Chanute Tribune,' One Dollar In Script or Mone^- Is Kood for tL'.'O worth <ir SanKoI Bood:; at J. I). Mundls & Co. This offer closes December 31st. ' Are Fiue. See the Line. at SPENCER'S DR. J. F. JAMESON, 4rhe 8nec«aafal Ane« tiODMir, Teterinarian. ntm juiIcKor PrJi|iTf«' stock mXts made anywhcic. Vclcr. iiinr)' c«Il.< anKWcml <Iny or iiiRht. OflScr with D OUK I HIW Bros. Phcne 13, residence 40a lOI.A. KANSAS. MOKE NEW BOOKS The ^ LIolS^ 1SSII«, OeUVeTTi anet The LoHe Star, E. P. Lyle, .Tr. Lady of the Decoration, By Francis Little A Lost Leader, By E. Phillips Oppenhelm Lore Affairs of Literary Men, By Myrtle Reeds Lore Is the Sum of It All, By Geo. Carv Eggleston The Lorer's Clnb, 1 By Phlletui Brown Mother, Owen "iMster Momlng.James Wliltcomb Riley The Mayor*8 Wife, Hannab Catherine Green The Mystery, Adams & White This Mystical Life of Ours Ralph Waldo Trine The My8tJes,Cather]ne Thurston Mamma Lksle Will N. Harbin Money Magic, Hamlin Garland »w (Ihronlrles of Kebeeea,' Kale Douglas WlRgin Evans Bros. Iowa Store Biic Ranniu WM>k OB All KlBd.i of Fall Mrrrhandlse. Grocery Department. We carry evcrythlnj; that cnn be ROt In the friut Hne, also fresh vegetables. Will call your attention to ^our big window whlcli •will Rive you iMiue idea Aa to what we have. We are making big preitarntlons for Thanksgiving day for Turkeys, Geese Ducks, Chickens, Fresli Oysters, Veal, Lamb, Mutton, Beef. Pork, Mince Meat. Cotolene. I^ard, Fresh Ham, Boiled Ham. Smoked Ham. Sausage. Pressed Ham, Bologna, Head Cheese. Spare Ribs, Sauer Kraut and Cranberries; "• We will give Free to the one that bays the Iarge«t hill of Grseerieg a dressed pig the day before Tlunks- \ giving. A. G. MUMMM , Prop. tfllel titer One hondred ponnda at Ory*- talloe will make U Eallon off diathled wster aniUble for famOy mm. Try It MtkeftCiU^ifigeCt PRANK Ri6bLB .'aiffr. MISS ADA Myler and Miss Alice .Myler returned to lola yesterday *iftpr a visit with their sister, ^{rs. K. B. MiH)re.—Chanute Tribune. . .MRS. RAY West and daugliter. Von nf lo'a, who have l>een visiting ^Mrs. WV'sfs jiarents. Mr. and Mrs. I.; W. .•VIdrlrh retiirni>d home today.'—Otiaw;i ii.iaiti. ; Dr. XeyaoUi. mrae IM. Bea. 114. ;t)I .\ Is now rurnishing a sensation ii> civil suit. Members of a clijiroli ;iri> i|iiarivllug over a dollar's worth of ohiirch llxtures.—Parsons Sun. •NO I IIAVKNT boon In a light. I have l )««i >n in a runaway." *nld C. I.. Sntherljiinl .vostorday nflernonii as a RiTistor reporter stepped into: ibc sheriff's tilllce and cast an Inquiilttvc lit his bruised face and iilacH' cyi- A few days ago Mr. Sutherland's leani started to run away and. In "his eff<irts to slop them, he ran into'n clothes line with the result that*, his' was thrown to ,»he ground viol^htly.- sustaining sonie injuries ubou^ the face. rXIOX MEM Hear Onraniier H. M. Wiilker. at the Union Kalmr; Hall tonight. He can Interest >6o. ALLEN COUNTY teacti,frs were well represented In the Se^iithcastorn Kansas Teachers' associatig>n atr Coffeyville last week. The ^ followlnp teachers were in attendance: Vide M. Fetheriugili. Anna FetheriJiglll. Lulu Marks. Lillian Melvin. Emfna f^allon. Cora Roberts, Grace B.igbv,'Edith Har rell, Hattle Kettle. Blanohe Gillenwater, Meribeth Ater.Idel^a Cauman. Ruby Christy,. Lela Hyde.^ Gertrude Ragle, Edna Badgley. Chrystal Eastwood, Nellie Ournings, CaVrle Fiook. Elbe! Wlxon, Cenia Gray, Sellie Caldwell. Adah Wright. Pearl l?rank. Hattie Maupin, Geo. E. Jones. J^wls Hnf- ford. Lndwig Larson, Jno ;ToWel and Chester Huff. Free dtrt at Lnccoek'a. , jra. AND ams.' C. L. WWttakcr and daughters. Ethel and Ella, left this morning for Ft. Wbrth,. Texas, where they will visit a few days with friends. They will then gp to Corpus Christi. and other points }n Southern Texas, fetuming about January 1st. REV. SAM Small, the sputb.em loc- tt:rer, wno was here recently, has bren t?ndeml two flattwring offers In an editorial capacity j»-ltl: W. R. Hearst's l-os Angeles* Examiner but he has turned them dowij. preferring to ctmtlnue his lecture wo>k. See J. W. Coffey when In need of fine furniture. HERfiHRL Myers, ftwmnn: for the AniiTlran Concrete company, left last nlvbt for liidep«*ndenct«, having completed his work here. P.WNES' Military Iiantf Is'to have charge of ati cntcrialnmeat in be given for the colored |iPiU )I »a of' lola on next I'rldiiy nigh! at (irmmior 's hall. The .•''r;Tir to 1)0 well attended. Three p'jod Inilldlnp Joss on Washington nventtp. east front :to trade for cement stock. C. E. Sn^eltzer, Lock Hox l.'.T. lola. THE WTOODMAN Circle will elect cfllcers for the coming jripar at their meeting tonight. Tliey ivlll also ai^ range for a box social trf bo held Dc- t-ember 10th. ^ Special Kers^iy otrERcemTS At 97.SO madfi 9BJOO Made with raw edgei; and Venetian lined Thest are tb«* best coat values we ^)ave ever ^ had to offer you. Other Overcoats iin all the newest styles and snnrtot ef feels. All colors. IwksSSSi, ISrauiw SSETTianSiir be «lMi jrad wly by tha teoMt and dU- Mfrjred by the uoKrupokMa, ao aa to •et only as a petaalty updb taoocat men. Moreover, BO auch law wonld hamper an uniK^rupuIoua: man of unlimited ihcans from buylnf his own way Into. office. There Is a very radical meaa- \ ore which would. I believe, work a .\M.M.\LS lli:.VLTIlIElt BECAI'HE OF Alt lutcrc.Mling interview was re- 1 years 1 suffered with catarrh of the substantial imi>rovement In our ays- cently obtained from I.. T. Cooper, the I stomach, and for the past year I wia tern of rotvluctlng a campaisn al-"bose theory and inedl- lame with rheumatism. I attributed • 'cincs have treated such a sensation ; this to my stomach trouble, as my clr- diiring the past year. though I am well aware that it'will take some time for people so to famil­ iarise themselves with euch a proposal as to be wlUlug to coualder its adoption. The need for collecting large campaign funds would, vanish if congress provldetl an appropriation for the proper and legitimate expenses of each of the great national parties, an appropriation ample enough to meet the necessity for thorough organization and machinery, which requires a large expenditure of money. Then the stipulation should t>c made that no party J receiving campi.Ign funds from the treasury ahouid accept more thau a fixed amount from auy Individual sul>- 8cril)cr or donor, and the necessary publicity for recciptB and expendltnres could without difficulty be provided. The Army. The president recommends legislation to increase the nnmlier of utlicers In the army, especially In the metllcal coriis. The rate of jwy of otUcers should lie greatly increased, he declares. There sbuuld be a relatively even greater lucivnsc In the rate of imy of enlisted men if we are to keep the army In shape (o lie effective in time of need. The president recommends severe examination of officers for promotion up to the rank of major. From that.point promotion should be purely by selection. He si>caks uf the recent physicui test uf army otflcerii with emphatic approbation and recum- meuds a bill eiiuallaing the pay of ulBoora and men of the army. navy, murine corps uiid revenue cutter serv- li-e. Tht Navy. Concerning the navy the president says: In my Judgment we should this year provide for four battleshlin. But it is Idle to build battle.sblps unless, in addition to providing the men and the means for thorough training, we provide the auxiliaries for them—unless we provide docks, the coaling stations, the colliers and supply ships that they need. We are extremely deflcleut lu coaling stations and docks on the Pacific, and this deficiency should not longer be permitted to exist Plenty of torpedo boats and destroyers should lie built Both on the Atlantic and i'a- clflc coasts fortifications of the best type should be provided for all our greatest harbors. Until our battle fleet is ranch larger than at present It sbonid never be spilt into detachmenfk so far apart that they conld not in event of emergency be speedily united. Our coast line is on tbe Pacific Just as much as on the Atlantic. The battle fleet should now and then be moved to the Pacific, just as at other times it sbonid be kept in the Atlantic. Wben the istiunlan canal is built the transit of the battle fleet from one ocean to the other will be comparatively easy. Until it is built I earnestly hope that the battle fleet will be tfans shifted between the two \ oceans evciy year or two. The battle fleet is about starting by the strait of Magellan to visit the Faclflc coast Sixteen battleships are going under tbe command of Bear Admiral Evans, while eight armored cruisers and two other battleships w:lll meet tiim in San Fran- cbeo, whither certain torpedo destroyers are also going. No fleet of such alae haa ever made snch m voyage, and It wUl be of very great edncattonal use to all engaged In it The only way by which to teach officers and men bow to handle the fleet ao aa to meet every poaalbto atraln and emergency In time of war la to have them practice under similar conditions In time of peace. The prceldcnt recommends the increased pay for both officers and enlisted men and advises promotion by selection abovQ the grade of lieutenant commander. Foreign Affairs. In foreign affairs, the proaident says, thU country's steady policy Is to behave toward other nations aa a strong! and self respecting man should behave! coming to Anierli-n. toward the other men with whom he' Is brought into contact. In other words, our aim is disinterestedly to help other nations where such help can t)e wisely given without the appearance of meddling with what does not concern us, to be careful to act as a good nelghlior and at the same time In good natnred fashion to make it evident that we do j not intend to be imposed upon. The president refers at length to The Hague peace conference. He believes it accomplished much good work. Postal Savings Banks. The president says on postal atfalrs: I, commend to tbe favorable consid* eiatlon of the c(xigress a postal sav- faigs bank systenr as recommended by the postmaster general.- Timid depositors have withdrawn their savings for the time being from national banks. eolation was very poor. What food i iMr. Cooper, in speaking of the re- < ate would turn to gas almost at once, niarkahle sii^re.^s of his medicine, had I would have to l>elch frequently to thl!> to say on the subject: "My medl- relieve this. My heart also became IciU' ri-K<ilates tbe stomach. That isiaffected, and I would suddenly become why it Is successful. The human dizzy and have palpitations. I was stomach toilay has become degener- 1 tired and dull and despondent at all ate, and is the cause for most ill! times. • 1 lost a great deal of flesh, am! health. In the hurse, the dog, and I was nervous and depressed. This went the wild aiii:!:als generally, joii see no I on fur over seven years, although iierve i>yh:iiislii>ii. no chronic debility. T!icy arc noi shut up day after day with pracilca.'ly no exercise, and they ail! not able to stuff themselves with I spent hundreds of dollars trying to get relief. "When Coo|)er was in Boston heard a good deal about his Ideas on fo.Ki when their bodies have not had stomach trouble. Next, one or two enough work to Justify it. The human j friends told me that his medicines had race lias been doing this for years, and I greatly hefiied them. I purchased Uxik at the result—half the people are noaiplaiulng of poor health, not real illness—Just a half-sick, tired, droopy fei 'Iinj.'. They don't really know what Is the matter with them. "I know that all the trouble Is caused by weak, overworked stomachs I have proved this with my medicine to many tlioiiaaiid.s of people in most of the leading cities of this country. I expi?t to do the same thing in Europe next year. 'I'bis Is the real reason for the demand for my preparation." Among those who have recently been c«inverted to Cooper's theory Is ."Mr. .Monroe Brown of .S Hancock Street, Winchester. Mass.. Mr. Brown has this to- say of his experience with the new medicine: ""For over seven .some of the New Discovery medicine. Today 1 am perfectly well: i sleei like tt boy, can eat anything and have no rlicuniatism or heart trouble. 1 no longer have any gas on my s'.oni- ach, atid feel as I did years ago. No one could be more astonished by these facts than myself. They are remarkable, but true. This is indeed a wonderful medicine. The Cooper preparations have been more widely sold and discussed sine*; bt'ing Introduced than anything of the kind ever liefore sold by druggists. We sell them and explain their natur& WANTED—Hoy between 11 and 12 years uf age to help distribute Register route. Boy must be honest and trustworthy. Inquire for carrier No. 3 at Register office after school. Under the ManagemeDt of Taylor Bros., three experieuccd restaurant men. Merchant's Lunch 25c. Short Orders of All Kinds. Everything in Season Now ODen Ice. Report of treasurer of Carlyle town other recommendations are: I ship for the year ending October 28, DeciK-nlng of the inland waterways.! i!)()7: e«po<'lalIy of the .Mlssl.s.<lppl river sys-| Expenditures. A -I ..1. (......1 l.t..1. I To labor ., $923.40 tem, to make them great national high ways. The reiteal of the tariff on forest products, espcclully the duty on wood pulp. The aiiit'iidiiii'nt of the (lubllc laud laws to make them more effective land grabU-rs nml more favor- to I MIUI ) tide settlers. ; Ruteiitioii of the governmeut's title \i\ pulilic I i>al niul other miucral lauda. Extenslmi of the iiiiltouiil forest re- rorvi's. (•iti«i !is :iip fur till' pi'iiple of Porto (RI»H>. KiYtT lival self gtuerniiiiMit for .Masia. Knrtiuragouieiii of tbe iiiercbant tmt- t lne. particularly of an o<i >:tn mnll line O Soutll Allierlcil. • RomissiiHi of the Borer iiideiuiilty and fri'i>r entry for fblneite studL-nts rMO\ MEM Hear Organlxer H. II. Walker Tonight I'nion L«l>or Halt tmst companies and savings hanJcs, Individuals have hdatded their cash and the worklngmen their eanUngii, all of which money baa been withheld and kept in biding or in the safe deposit I MX to the detriment of prosper^ Ity. Through tlie agency of the poatal savings banks ouch money woold be restored to the channels of trade, to ttie mutnal benefit of capital and labor. I farther commend to ;the congrtas the ^oosldflratlaa of tbe r''titHstrr genenira 're^iqBMadatkm > for an az- UMmtmsA p«H^'«ipidalIy J. A. W?1EELER, secretary ol the lola Portland cement company, will leave this evening for St Louis on a business visit He says there is special significance connected with his visit. To stone culverts and wing walls on Grieve bridge ..... To material and reiwlring To Kwing and Gard, lawyer fees To borvices of township l>oard and miscellaneous as shown by bills on file 573.55 K0.35 75.00 76.00 Total $1788,30 Received from Co. Treas $1772.91 Received from tax receipts... 54.01 Received from Treas. D. C. Tp. 2i>9.18 Total ... $2086.10 C. E. SAWYER. BAKER GtEE CLUB WOULD COIME Ask M. E. Church far Engagement December 16th. "I and Csfirm** M tooJ that I vmlil net b« oiUioot tkcm. 1 «u »roaL>l«l k (rrai dwi KiU u.rptd .H«r uU hewiarhe. i K..<r •iiir« taUoc rucmnuVuilr Cstbanie I fael n-nr iuar\ better I •hall eertaiBlr racaaimrad ibrm la mr Iriaoda ai tha b««t lna41eln« I bara rrvr ..M-H." \uDa BaxiBct. Uakuru lUU Mo. 2. fall ilirir. MlH. :«iMA:ii^<ut^flM. Rev. J. M. Mason, pastor of the JI. E. church, has received a proposition from the Baker University Glee club for an engagement here on December ICth. Rev. Mason is not sure that he wiU accept the proposition made hlm-f by the manager of the club but will know definitely In a few days. The Glee club, will make a tour of the southern part of tbe state this month and wishes to include lola In its engagements. The Baker Glee club made a great hit when the conference was in session here a few years ago. Get your Sanltol now, aa this Is vour last chance to get $2.70 worth for $1. Deal closes Decemlier Slst, J.- D. .Mundis & Co. DR. O. L. GARUNGHOUSB will go to Chlca(.o tomorrow to take a ten days' post graduate course in general medicine. THE JURY was drawn today for the Bell Chapel case which comes up In Justice E. G. Hough's court tomor row. DR. H. J. WILLEY Is In Tipton. .Mo., on business. I'XIOX MEM Hear Organizer H. Walker at tbe Union Labor Hall, tonight. Of Interest to Everyone. REV. KITCHEN, of Chanute, who v;as to have delivered the lecture. One Is Your Master." at the Y. M. C. A. last Sunday was called home to preach the funeral aenrlce Ibr a member of his congregation, and EI- fler Thompson of this city, gave a talk In his stead. Word has been received from Rev. Kitchen that he will be here next Sunday without fall. DR. J. S. BASS, the well known colored physician, was G7 years of age yesterday and Mrs. Bass gave blra a turkey dinner in honor of the event. Powell, the real estate man, has a few thousand dollars to loan on farms St a reasonable rate. MISS RINOLE. a young lady living ot Lallarpe, was hurt quite badly yes icrday in a runaway near the Prime Western plant. She is improving today. THE FUNERAL of Mrs. A. B. King of LaHarpe, who died yesterday of consumption, occurred today. THE COUNTY yesterday bore the funeral expenses of the infant child of Mrs. Mollie Smith, colored. The child died Sunday. THE FUNERAL ot A. B. Trask. who died earty yesterday morning at the Baker home on South street, occurred this morning. Burial took place In the lola cemetery. Mr. Trask was 82 years of age. He had been a resident of this city five years. ' , 200 acres, about 6 miles from railroad town. Bourbon county, 75 acres In cultivation, 3 room honse, etc. Price $2500. All clear. "Wbltaker ft Donnell. SATURDAY evening at the M. E. church the Chicago Male quartette will give an entertainment to the public. The number is given by the church. OrgBDlxer H. .M. Walker Wanto to talk to the Untoa men of the elty at tbe I'BloD Labor Hall ToBlgbt. •THE lOLA Electric Railway has asked the county oommissIonerB for refimd on taxes paid on certain property. The road claims the refund is duo them as a result of double as sessment. 8. D. ASHCROPT, father of Mrs. Clarence J. Norton, of Moran, left for his homo In DeSoto, Mo., a day or two ago after making an extended visit hern with his daughter. See J. W. Coffey when in need of fine furniture. O.VE OF the features of the bazaar given by the ladies of tne Christian church at Moran last Saturday was the playing of a large and powerful Edison phonograph, owned by Clarence Norton, the records of which he makes himself. The horn used by Mr. Norton on this madrlne is much larger than the regirtar Edison horn. THE CASE or Otto Hln:Ee vs J. F Mills, formerly proprietor of the Our Way. was tried Jn district court yesterday, but Judge Foust reserved decision. The suit Is an action to collect an alleged meat bill. BASSETT BUILDING DONE SOON. Committee 8aya it Will be Ready for Uae in January. The building committee reported to the board of education at their meeting last night that they expected to have the Bassett a^ool bnOding. which is OBder cpnstraetlaa at the prasent time, ready for oeenpaaey by the first of the year. The woitanen ara^busy now pqttfig ' oa'tka 'teal .tooehes and ,.gettiaK«*«iytMBS pMadftorOie ;^Mien; V. X. Waart. Oflee em FOUND A WINDOW UP. Reported That SoWie One Brewery Property. Entered J. E. POWELL, who 9as charge of the brewery property which, the receivers appointed by the supreme court took possession of some time ago. called on the sheriff yesterday and called Us attention to a report that a window In one of'the boose store rooms- in the aorttaeaat put of the dty waa up. Indleating that some one mltfit have-entoNd the ptMS: The .kallABK enBtsliip- h «r-Sxl «ns.^.TiM.^.,^_^ A Good Steiriway Squata Pianu for $50.00 Splendid Tone and Action. Call Soon. Hoas^ WEST SIDE SQUARE. T. B. ShdniKitt Tlie"Allen county Hardware and Implement man. . North Side Square lola. Kan. QSOCEBY Hi dood Tlifaigs to EtL Of choice Jewelry Novidtles, fiae Watches, handsome SilvetwuesiaS, CatGlkis. Just the oj^poittikltj (or the holiday buyer preMoied in our l^rge stcck now-r-bave the.ijrr tide yon desire to give laid aside for you today. a. A. L,EFFLEfe JEWELER. fictaps for Cbse A chance for ever)- faonsewlfel to tig^ In a supply of good things ati a.]6w cost , , 3 packages of Dr. Price's Breakfast , Food for J.. iSe' i pkgs."Llfe, a breakfast-food,..,15c i pkgs. Ralston Hominy Grtts ....ZSic Canned Peaches 15, 20.'135,^300 ' Gallon Peaches, jieeled for table use, per can ...". -.;.. SiSiQ Gallon Apples, per.can .^Ae S p%58. of Kom Kinks for iisBe, Canned Peas 10. 12% We have lots of other things At.••-.,^ij(Si bargain- ' V^* V-SJ^ FRYE« Pheaef 3 «Min East •if

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