Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 28, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 28, 1908
Page 4
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rm JOLA JIAILT BECT8TEH. SATUBPAY EYEyPifi. XOTEMBEB 28,1906. Tke lOU iMilT lEHSTEl OIU&P.gCOTX. InUrtd at lola, Kanui, TOUMM, M Seoond-ClaM ICatUr. Urartltlas Rate* Mad* KnovB on AppUeatlcm. lUBSCBIFTIOH RATES. <*»Mtim ta I•B^ Gaa CttTf iMMfm- Tflle m LaHarpa. "H* Weak 10 eenta to* Month 44 cents One Tear $6.00 BrMaO. Oatt year lailie coantr •ae year ontaMe eoaafy HM niree Months. In adrance $1.00 One Month, in advance 44 •mciAL PAPER, cm SET. OP BA8. Tel^boiet easiness Offlee - • • editorial Room - - - 18 S2S 30,000 WATCH GAME WEST POIM AMI AXXAPULIS TEAJII8 PLAY FOOT BALL. (iridlron Contest This Year to Be Carried on With L'sual Spirit At the Churches Prptibyterian Churclk First Church. Rev. S. S. Hilscher, " the pastor, will preach at 11 a. m. and at 7:30 p. ni. The eveninR sermon will be especially to men on the subject "The Man of God." This is the beginning of the Brotherhood week of prayer. Everybody Is Invited. Sabbath school' at 9:-l.'i a. m. Junior Westminister Guild at ;!:;{0 p. m. Christian Kndeavor society at K:;iO p. m. LItUe BulldtrV Chupel. .\h>. K. N. Jones, superlntcndcni. Boys' Sabbath school at 2 p. in. Regular Sabbath school at :i p. in. Preaching 8er^ice at 4 p. ni. Evening service at 7:30 p. m. Bassett ChapeL Wni. Davis. Sup). Sabbath school at 3 p. m, St. Timothy's EpiKcopai Chnrrh. There will be service and sermon tomorrow, first Sunday in Advent, ni, . 11 a. m. Subject of sermon, "The Meaning of the Advent." Special music. Sunday school at 9:4r> a. ni. Holy communion at 7:30. All are cordially Invited. REV. J. D. KRUMM, I). 1). First Church of Christ, Scientist. Sunday school at 10:00 a. m. Church service at 11:00. Subject, "Ancient and Modern Necromancy of Mesmerism and Hypnotism." Testimonial meeting at 8 p. m. Wednesday. Services held in Christian Science hall, 110 lElast Jackson street. The hall is used as a reading room on week dajs from 2 to 4 p. m. Public is cordially invited to attend our services and visit the reading room. Mrs. Bmma E. Adams. First Reader. The CbrisUan Chnrrh. ' Bible school at 10 a. m. • Subject of the sermon at'll a. ni.. "The Rivers of God.' Junior meeting at •'! p. m. Y. P. S. g. E. at 6:.10 p. m. Subject of sermon at 7:r>n p. m. "Why Did He Do It?" A cordial invitation is extended to you to worship with us. Especial attention Is given to the song service at this church. R. H. ELUETT. .Minister. Y. W. C. A. y. W. C. A. vesper serviee Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Mrs. A. V. Lodge speaker and Miss Livers soloist. A cordial invitation to all women and girls. Philadelphia. Pa., Nov. 28.—With the eyes of more than thirty thousand per sons upon them under ideal weather conditions the fighting teams of West Point and Annapolis battle his afternoon In the" annual gridiron contest The foot ball games between the cadets and midshipmen are always fought with fIrcenesE and reckless abandonment. Today's game is not expected to prove an exception. FIRST WIFE WANTED MEDIUM. Edward Ward YanderMIt Had Arranged to Bring .Mrs. Pepi>er. New York, Nov. 28.—The last testimony was taken yesterday in the case of Edward Ward Vanderbilt. whose daughter, Minerva, seeks to have him adjudged incompetent to con duct his business, her chief contention being that he Indicated his alleged incompetence when he married May Pepper Scannell, the spiritualistic medium. Mr. Vanderl)ilt was under cross-examination before both sides rested. He told of his association with his second wife before and after their marriage. From his statements it appeared that when his first wife was dying she asked him to have .Mrs. Pepper cora- mnne with the "spirits." and learn for her whether she would die. .Mr. Vanderbilt said he had arranged to bring Mrs. Pepper to his home, but his wife died before she arrived. Mr. Vanderbilt married the medium several years later. A verdict Is expected early next week. BA>K CLKAKIXJS IIECKEASE. LuHM in EiiHlem and Soutliem Cities Offset Western tJains. .New York. Noy. 28.—Dun's Review UKiay will say: Hank clearings »ihow a slightly smaller volume of payments through the banks than In the two preceding weeks, total liank exchanges this week at all leading cities in the t'nited Slates lieing $2.320.1>fi2.142. a deciense of only 1.5 iM»r cent compared with the corresponding week of IPOfi. The statement covers the week to Thursday in both .vears, and is for only five business days. The loss at New York city and Boston continues very small: Philadelphia and Pittsburg still show considerable decreases, reflecting conditions In the iron trade, and there is a considerable loss at Baltimore and New Orleans. In the West most cities again report sub stanlial gain.s. but at San' Francisco there is a large decrease. Comparisons are now made with tflOG: compared with a year ago. the heavy p.Tins simply show how great the depression was at that time. KANSAS GASOLINE TOO LOW. Has Heat Units. However, and Nebraska Law Will be Amended. y Baptist Chnrrii. Snnoay school at 9:4.') a. in. Morning ser^•lce at 11 Sermon. "Christ's Gentle Invitation to a Weary World," B. Y. P. r. at «:.•«» p. m. I^'uder. .Mrs. Garfield. E>venlng service ai 7::iii. Sermon "The Marvel That (jod Panlons Sinners. W. H. OAHFIKr .n. Pa.slor. Keformed Chnrrh. Sunday schwl HI fl:4.'« a. ni. Preaching at II a. m. and 7::t'i p. m. Instead of the usual prayer iiK -et- Ing on next Wednesday night there will be preaching and preparatory communion of the Lord's Supper on the following Sunday at 11 a. m. when there will be the recent ton of new members Into the church. WM. H. SHL'LTS. Pastor. TO PURCHASE DOWIE'S ESTATE. Overseer Votiva WlM Collect $1,300,' 000 From His Followers. Chicago. Nov. 28.—Overseer Wilbur Glenn Vollva of ZIon City will submit a proposition to Receiver Thomas and the United States circuit to purchase , the entire estate of John Alexander Dowle. so that he and his followers may continue in undisputed possession of the municiiiality. It is hoped by VoIIva that $1,300,000 can be collected among the followers of the faltb with which to make the purchase and efforts to this end are now being made. A Beautiful 8llk Flag. Do you want a Beautiful Silk Flag. 2x3 feet? Up-to-date; 46 stars; made of fine twilled silk: beautiful color* A nice Christmas present or a soa Tenir Ear the borne. Send 11.60 and you viil receive tha Dally and Sunday Journal threa month* iaad one of these flags. 4 ASlxmm -THB KANSAS CITY JOraVAU KaawM.CiU. Mo. Bcfii^ vast ada pay. . Topeka. Nov. 2S.—The people of Nebraska are clamoring for Kansas gasoline, but they cannot get it now. The Nebraska law fixes a test that Kansas gasoline cannot The law was framed to help out the gasoline from Pennsylvania. But it will likely be amended at the Koming session of the Nebraska legislature, so that Kansas gasoline can be sold in that state. Mr. Allen, .-^tate oil inspector of Nebraska, has been here investie,atlng the burning qnalitles of Kansas gasoline and he says that whi'e it doesn't test as hich as Eastern gasoline It hiinis Just as well, contains Just as many heat units and there Is no reason why it •shonld be hnrretl in Nebraska. He will urge his slate t<» wine out the rllKcrlmlna- tion. The admission of Kansas gasoline there, he says, will stimulate eoinpetlttnn anil tVe penple will be dhle Id buy ii cheaper. For Ciianule <»rplianN »l<i.:;t. The offering taken in the schonls and churchen Thanksgiving for the benetll of the Orphan's hcinii' amounted to $•!<!.:M. This Kuni has been turned over to the treasurer of I lie !,o''lety and will be placed in the gnnetal fuiid of the home. The largest SIIIKIH con IriliutidTi WHS $in. from the union church service, and the smallest. J3 .52 from the Webster school.—Chanule Sun. Style Plus Quality Plus Value Is our Rule of Three lOLA'S BEST AND CiREATEST STORE OurCloak andSuit Section is "The Home of Fashion" $10,000 Worth of ReBdy'tO''Wear Apparel Will be on Sale Tonight anil Monday at Special Reductions Such phenomenal values were never before offered so early in the season in Up-to-Date Suits, Coats, Waists and Skirts as we will place tomorrow before the good people of lola and vicinity—all new and desirable merchandise secured by our New York buyer at tremendous price concessions for spot cash from overstocked manufacturers. Ladles" Tailored Suits Mi Tremendoum R9ductlonm 122.50 and $25.00 Tailored Suits at.. . .$13.95 25.00 and 27.50Tailored Suits at.. . .$17.95 80.00 Tailored Suits at $20.00 a.'i.OO Tailored Suits at. $25.00 •10 00 Tailored Suits at «30.00 '15.00 Tailored Suits at $35.00 Wmlmim at Reduced PHoee White Net waistj worth |5.00 for $2.98 White aud Ecru Net waists, worth |(>.'.).s, for ....$4.98 White and Ecru Net waists, worth $.5 .'.)S. for $3.98 White Net waists wotlh $10.00 for. . .$5.98 Black Net waists worth $7.50 for $3.98 White Silk waists worth f 'i.i'H for.. ._.. .$5.98 Women^s Tailored Coats At Great Reduotlons Many beautiful styles, made of the finest coat materials, 45 to 54 inch lengths. $ 7.50 long Coats for $4.95 .S.5() long Coat'? for $5.95 10 00 lonjrCoats for -$7.95 r2..50 long Coats for.: $8.95 15.00 long Coats for $il.95 IS 00 long Co^ts for $15.00 20.00 long Coats for $16.95 25.00 long Coats for $19.95 Great Reductlonm on Chlldren'a Ceata $2 75 Childrwu'p coats for $|.75 .".'.JS Children's Bcarskiu coats for $2.95 .5.00 Children's cloth coats lor .-. . .$3.50 7..50 Children's cloth coats for $4,95 SOO Children's cloth coats for $5.95 10 00 Children's cloth coats for. $6.95 Big Sale od Tur^ Tonight and >1oDdai| special Cut Prices on Skirts Tonight and Monday MEW YORK STORE MOOBERRY LOST OUT .lury Found for Cement Plant After Delug 4int A hunt Ftfte <Mi Hoiim. Card of Tbankx. We wish to thank our friends and nelshbors for iheir kindnes;? and s>-m- nath.v showniiR during the illness and death of rur husband and father. .MRS. J. .\. DKKR A.VD K.\.\IILY. J. Intoraol*. with Tbica I bar* Iwed afllletxl for over ttroutr j»»rj. •Bd I can aar that Caicarcu kara (iTra na mora rjllaf than aiif other rainedT | hava arar tried. I ^ball c«rulti.]r rrcmmend ibam to af trlaudt aa OlUard. Ddn. lU. batnc all Itiay aia npcManti^.' Best For The Bowels CANOVCATIMtnc V%n»m>%, PalataMa. PbUa«,TM**eflo«,DeOeo«. ^"ij'f •L*''.?''. S!*^'"' "rllHi, Me. tSc. %. Xerer a..ld la bnlk. Tfca r'la'Ma labin tUnvSCOhli. Etianataa-l Wwia •r jwkt Mvmr back. StefiiaKKci9«lrC«..CiacaceorN.T. sff ilMIILSILE,TEI MUNP WD^ .M. for hi <• prli .After liping out fiftepii -lioura. the .r.v which beard thi. evUlenrn In ibp •asf I'f S. A. .Motilicrrj- vs. thf lola ..rtiand reaohed a verdict at six I'rlock (his inornlug in rav<ir of tlu' 'fondant. Thin WHB an a.-llou in which .Mr. Kihcrr.v filed Ihp .cfiiu'lil cnnnmn .v (laliiaKi'K for kiKN of the H.-rvlccK of ... Koii Clifford, who met with iiii IK-- UIPIII ill the (luaniPH. One of Ihe ,irlnci |iiil |M )liits at Issue was whether iMlber had enmuciiiateil Mii'-siin. who wiiH a minor, or wlielher (be bo .v was Ills own "iKiKs" and t-ii |i|H >rted hltufplf. The evidence showed Iliiit the rather had not told the cinniian.v tl^at his son was a minor and given li leave to ('iiipbjy hi.< son, but that the hoy Irart a |i |iarenlly gone 10 work at the l>Ia!it of, his accord and had sent pari of his iiioney home. The Jury seems 10 have taken the view that the bo.v was supportlug himself. Th» eldei .Moolierry sought to recover iijiproxl- nialely $1200. Young Mooberry' h:'s an action against the cement ciunpHny In the federal court asking for big daniases. lu the acrideiif at the fjuarries the young fellow lost an eye and .>--u;-tain- ed other' injuries. .niis. i>K.>T(».\ \s m.xn. .Mother of Seeretarj 01 Suddenly. Slate Dies ri).(»i'EKArn K IS.VNK. Topekii. K;i.s.. Nov. •_''..-.Mr. fiiro- line I., iieiitfui, iiiollier of (' K. Iicii- lon. secretary of stale, died MI -1 o'clock Thursday aftei IK.DH ;ii Wicliit;- of beiui tioulile. Site w.-ij. 'I'Ji \i>;irs of age. The office of the secreliiiy nt hiale wl'l be closed nil da.v Siinnda.-.. .M.i'H. Ileiiliiii has lived in K:ilisas '1\ venis. coniliig here frciill llliiiniB. Shili:is lived liiilli ill .Mliua ami at Wicli- ila. .\i U'ichlla her son. (icniKL' W. Ileiiion is III the tnaiiiiracitiring liusl- iiess. ami II is here also tliiit IPT daimhier. .Mrs. .1. .V. Itlcliaiilsnii livo..i Her <ilher son. (' K. I»erili>ii. Iiv«'- al Alllca. Tlii'se are ilie niily elillilnM who are llvlir.;. llcr liiishaiiil ill>'(l liefdie sli" iniivpil Id K.'ilis;!:-;. The liiiieial will be held S.iliirda.v al U'iclilla and Ihe remaiiiH will lie interred there. A Ne-,v Fiiianeial Scheiiie to lie Tried ' in New tluiii|»!iire. .MiiiR'licslcr. .\. II.. .N'lV. L"s -'llie or- .siiiizatiiiii of a •pupiilar liaiil;," patterned alter ill: litiltioli:; •.vliicli have proved silciTHsriil In (';iiiada. Iiiit .ire said to have \\fi\\ iiniried lii llii^ c'liiiiliy, bas Ix'CIi iilidei lakeii liy liirtii lieis of St. .Mary's clmicli |iail.--li in this riiy The bank utters Icatiires of lidlll savili'-.; uw\ co-'ipeiallve oi^'aili- y.litloii.^.. I)ep').;ji<iis may linriiitt in ilie e.Meiii <>r ilitii' i.iiviiiJ.-> and I'lirlliei. aeriirilili'r In llnlr re .-ipiiii >ililliiv iis d'teiiiiilieil liy a hiiaiil ol'advisi'rs. Ile- posits ate riceivcd ill ll'iL-t lip In a eeiiai:i aiiiciiiil. when Iliey ari' Irall.^- lei red into shares In Iti" n.iine of tlie METHODIST REVIVAL I Good Meetings Pronounced Tomorrow. ; Good Meetings Announced Tomorrow. ToiiKinow ..II tlii.'; eliiiiili Wi- ar' e.xpipiiim a :;riaf d.iv. Sii-ady iiioxe iiKiit forwiiiil de |lll^<ilnl•s. 'Mlese able at llieir lace Till, nrfiflnl.s arr> sli .i I iliiddeis oiilv sliaieH aie ri-deeni- valiie at aM> lime, .•iel.i-l-d |i:)iii 111- WA.NTKD- hand buggy. •To buy a giMid ;<Pcond I'hone 16:t or luy:;. ed time, toflay is the d^y of salvation. Whi-n yon hear a .sound of a going in tlie tops of thi; multierry trees, know tliat (lod onler.s an advance. Tlie rumble is disiinct. J'ress the h,-vltle. L«t Ciod take care of the r'suli.^. If we tind i' wise we w^ill bring the meetiims to a closn next. week, but we will try very hard ID let. the Lord have iiis way. .Monday prayer meet- iiiss at :; p.m. at the I'ollowiiig places: It. \V. Sees. 712 .North .lefferson. \Ir. Turner, in:; R. .Monroe. .\l!s Kiiowlicm. -1:; Smith PIrst. O. \V. HoliiKs. .-.•I'" .South Cotton- WHO. I. _ .las. Kinb'.v, '<'>-^ .SDIIIII street. .Mrs S.imi' 1. |e| South Cheainnt. .\ woiK'i..,' me.ijMi,' at :'.;;!ii In the i-liiiteli eaih all'Tlion^ 11,11111 e:ich and 'V^MV p>'r- on III do li s lii'sl in iris own pl.ii-e for \iiioi\ I ill..; wi-ek. Don't fors't to pra? for 'In- I-adi-r.-i and for .soiils. .1. -M. .M. 'A HOW TO CURE SKIN DISEASES. ASSESS THEM 1 CENT EACH. $23,000 Will be Raised to Increase! Membership in Union. j Denver. Colo.. Nov. 28.—An assess-' ment of 1 cen' per capita.' which will, total »29.«mo. ..nd which will be used | for increasing the membership a:;; well as making the section more ef-1 I'c'ent In ever>' way. was made by; the building trades branch of the Am- j erican Federation of I.Abor at the, sessions of its annual convetitioi'i here ,1 today. Therte are two building trades organizations in St. IJOUIS. asking forj admission to membeTsbip in the bodyj and the president was ordered tbday« *a proceed at once to that cJtr. call a meeting of all persons Interested and j try to effect a' oonablldatioa of tfaef Cheap] Vs. Quality In the matter of food you can't afRjrd to •^sacrifice Quality for Cheapness. Economy is right and good but in&rior food products are dear at any price. If r BAKING ]aeconomical—not Cheap. Try it The best at any price or your money back. JAOUES MFG. CO. Caucatfo. has mail-ed the eon tiiniafioii of tlw nieeiie:; Miai ''^asj 1 11 ill prii.'rtss for IIH- pa.-t ilireoj 1 tt.'i'k.^. .Mini- lliaii lltiy .oiil.- liavol'-il salv.'ittfiii ai:d fie* lUfiii'i'T. Mip lias fell a k;<i(ifl ii|i!ifl l.a.s! iTIiiiisiIav eM-MJiii; v\a-i one of Id} liisl liieetllms of tin .srri'S. there he. :'t'l; ipiile a iiiinilier at till' alt.-ir anl 'more iin fur pia>ir.. We .111. piav- iir.; I'.I- iiir>i iii(.-.7.ioii ot l-'ijd.iv 'iiijii- ID ai:<imiiuiilal>- lie- iiarli: j 'ls. w'W ^•al|^'• no liae|i.,fi liiii will in ! I lilo pmvjileliee ol fjod liilp IIS to piisli i ii)!i to areater ri'snlis in the wiei; to! j ef)iii(-. ! Ilev.' llanMltiiii pr"aeh'> .it Iioilii ' . servic'-.- liiiiinrrow at;d the afi.r -'T -j The germs tliat cau-se'skin di.'eases ' \'{<•••>, will he in ehar.^'. of IIN- pasto;. j must bo drawn to the surface of theakip. !.I .\I .Meson. Ilev. Hainiltnn Is ;i! and destroyed. ; w'ielv traveled niai; and .1 1 ie. 1 • ZE.MO, a clean liquid for external Use, • •raetiial . xperiene-' fo-ii .ihieli he I will do tlii-S and will permanently curo fan and dn.s draw w"i 1, ni^ik.s his I every form of itching skin disease. ii.r.aehinK both edueanotial :ui.i evan-! For sale everj-where. \\nteforsam- li.stie. none .should fail v. h-ar him j P^''. l-^\ • Kose Medicine Co., St. Loms. T',.. pra%er ni-eii„r.^ will oi.e,, „,,! I""r .sale at nurretls Drug S'ore ; III \-f wee|.: at I'l- dil"fer''iii hoint.s as-, —— iatiiioiine,^d on tie- pro;;ianis and if ; CAN'T TALK OF SHIPS' DEFECTS. •is the eaieisl ho-v. tha- the wecK" toi e.«inic will iiiadf ii-sr of s>'iie.s. The President's Permission to Dis- I.el I'verv 'iiem!,.r MM.-II o-i to sreat- cuss Newport Conference Mat• •r vi'ie.i .- limn '-vi itid if v<>ii have ters Withdrawn, biveil on.s iiii.iaved make a spi-cia' effort I.-in- tbem Siml'T the infln- Washiuetcm. .Nov. :;7.—That tl'-ro. ence of the chureJi. .shall he no further public di.scusiion .=;nnd.-tv ?ehool. .Intiior i e.T^ii,. ,•1111! hy naval officers concerning the New i Kti'.voith Leacif^. all ar 'heir usual! port conference without permist^iouf time. We trti-' that < rich teacher; of the President, is the purport of xi mill offii .'r will do h s utmost to,-order i.ssut.d today by Secretfiry M"f .J, fi,<. uiisaveil who are commit- 1 calf by direction of the Preside: i teil to his eare. B-- aide to s've a [ October 3u. the department issued a iiooil account to fjoil w'en the thingsi permit to officers to discuss tile work are over. .No doiiht the "neniy ofjof this conference e.xcept so far as it souls has sn!T''esti'i| many things to applied to changes to be made on iiett-m-t from the direct anpe^il for ini- ships to be authorized in the futur-. nie-lialc ^^'irr. nde- but don't be de- The President has now conclude' reived. He Roe? about a.i a roaring j that public discussion of alleged d" ijoii and as an .\ngel of Light sepk-:fecf.s of battle ships will not serVe iry whom He may devour. These j any good purpose, ere tiTT<e<: when he gets in his work ] • t ^Goaraateed Pareand'- whenever he can. Remejnber. Pternity Is long and tl«Ae \i short. f;et right with God and Vmye your position r by loyalty, wfcen Fnim We.«teni Kaninis. •Mrs. B. M. Collins, a former resident of .Centropoj here ,t«i jUif Wiie^pt^ la tjKMtei Is. now of lola. was Sh^ had been visiting _ Septtblic.: 11

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