Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 3, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1907
Page 2
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Hutor Fioiri; AMi ti^. 'Otnmr; • friends. Mrs. Henry Howlanrf, sujier- :us,'04 North First l.lhtendsnt of the mother's department -at dinner last ev -i'will have the program in charge and tp her mother, th^ different numbers will \Ie Jnter- :The table vasJHpersed jwitb music. The attemoon with fern leaves, will close with a five o'clock <ea. • * * Announce a Birth. Mr and Mrs. George Killlan.' .<ligaMiti«muiiis. The i?r§raift«. HJgglns6n( , Inirdehnilk, Mrfi. Ab- 3 $fIer^Oon. '.;Core WUI entertain , Thttrsday after- 6tli, at bet home. 410 imrchasing suitable gifts for Christmas Is now on. You will proflt grcatlv by selecting .your offerings early and thus avoid the later Also you have larger and more complete stock to select from. We will be pleased to show you and will lay a.tide for yuu anything .vou may select^ McHElL Ji home fumlahed. aad their, bom* wHI be beantifled by the many weddlns jircjentfl they recetred last night. fr.teriatne^ Mandolin Ciub. Miss Kuby Ifelpr and Mr. Harvey. IfelVr had a grotip of young people, mambcrs of the .Mandolin club as ; gue-jts Inst evening. After an bonr'x practice Mrs. Heller served a Iruit lunhceon. Those who enjoyed the ev oning were: Mr. and Mrs. .ESdward •Uussing, Wss Alfa DunCaa. Miss Loii Duncan, Miss mna Duncan, Miss Trean I^owderrailk, Miss Lizzie Ress- I Ifr. Miss Norma Ressler, and Mr. Fred Killlaii. • * • For Violet CIdb. Mrs. S. E. Vaughn gave a pleas. ant afternoon jiarty on Saturday for 'a dies of the Violet club. Jhe ladies werp entertained informally and a l.Tctfy liindieon was served at five o'- rluck. During the afternoon Mrs. Vaughn received Mrs. A. H. Hecox. Mrs. Ran Schwartz. Mrs. Hutchinson i Mrs. F. A. Wagner, Mrs. Hetfrlck, :'. MM . McGulre. Mrs. -Wtoodniff, Mrs. D, Sarver. Mrs. C. B. Bakin, Mrs. A. : Vaughn and Mrs. C. W. Thompson, of Wjomux, 111. |i|> In Tans. jC. U JWhittaker ouJ snd saia, left today the Rev. Z. E. Bates, of the Christian South Colbom street, annougice the chnrch In the presence of relatives, birth of a daughter today. ' | .Miss Aima Stretton played the I^hen• • • ^ j grin wedding chorus as the bridal Mothers Club Tomorrow, I jiarty entered the parlor attended by Members of the Mothers ctub will Miss Lorene Stretton ami Eiirl Hoi- spend a diort time tomorrow • after-. linssworth. The bride and groom noon ot Biilldm' Chapel with; tbe this morning at 5 o'clock for their home in lola. Twenty-two of the wedding gtieats remained al! night at the Stretton home, whern I lial work of the society. • * + Home for Christmas. _ _ Miss Ethel Horton and Miss; Gladys they stayed up ;wlth the bridal couple i 'OllrtiU, T«Ja», for a visit.iNorthriip will arrive In a 8hort;tluu> to nntil A o'clock, this morning, when . •'...'•'K"* j Hpond the holiday vacation at honii'. n wedding breakfast was served, and idl'illl ' Wwtinfl *'¥ ^ the entire party went to the train, .«ub Ittlil meet on Strttton-Stuckar Weddin]), showering Mr. and Mrs. Stuckcr with JVltflwi"t»*rti -In aecordanrc Tlte flrat wedding in the fajuiiy of rice. The bride has lived in Atcht- /iwSr«tot(Mn. -The meetlnsH; Mr. and .MVs. K. C. Stretton Mxiirrcil son all her life, and her friends pay b4Sb ^«teig «d to Wiednesday for Inst night when their eMfst diiughtcr.- her the high compliment of aaylng she - . nianche, was united in marriage to has always been a good daughter. The •^:.»3,;'"' WSHiam Slucker of lola. Knij. The (troom Js agent for the Pacific Ex\.«, ..... ceremony W«B performed at 7:30 by pVesa company at lolt. where he ha« You must order your Christmas Tree now of Ewing ft Burdick to be sure of one. BUILDING COON CREEK BRIDQE City Erects Bridge at North and Doug lass Streets. :^iiiiiieiil «..|^rtf Club,' . ^l |l»i|l> Clwitog will be hos M«|i'|..o>.ihi» I'huraday Kurhr ——I .nnraday attemoon. QltlW IMrfs -Tdmorrow, will be t^ostess of t :Sa «Ud bl at Timothys -aftemoon. the etlied for half past- event Cfub Masting, Ster ^piBon was the charm i&t 'the -Ourrent Evenlr .nie o«!ajrionr ,WBs th>i _ did bukinaas'l 'liintB aninber of mem Jn the pro- dkttmOufiii A dis l4«rlMa ^iipm present iBJfOr Hie anni- [wfiHUt vfll occur Just ICra. R. B. Steven rat tbat time and a wiUiwjfBvfted. M>«. Mrs. Frank Riddle to arrfuige the pro- rdm tMeago. on, l «rB ;D. P. North- ^mr^Btrap and Mtta Itorila frbm a brief WiiirBpent Thanks I 'llfiM'Mtortaii.uul Hiss 'IDC Umdiool there. itflt-i^diool. M uift b«r gtiest. Miss ^v<e-retiirned, to Kaa- ihtrf are pupils In Is ^antertiLining dab ^is afternoon. '" VliMM imm INiMtHy. JL»P ^5lteli,- who has Just JP*«iltt:^s,<Wlilt hi im*o«ee. cdMi'or.^Cn KirUtt Mlirphy •.' -Vliitel-lii 'feRahirte. ^nlMerwd'Alice Iden of rfa-,' AVtln l^erriB. of lola. _ Ms^atrllie hone of Adam .-,-^^»W «iy .-M <»iiitite Sun. -•/^ In v^iraao Xlub Party; • i; gpr^^.* lint. -M. 78dioeabmn, 220 auNit^ entartalB members ^^^pil^M© ^ab(«t flftrda this evening. '^Wmts MMting. ^ ili/dt the various de- Ithe ^#om«n'a CfarisUan tmidii aM attendine a fimofi ot tbe pfssldent, _ _ -^TIA; general bnafl- maeUx^ hOx^ discussed. tiact OfltoMis. tbe W'^tBOMa.'s Relief Fridari arlll be the and eoBunittees to r«H-^ei ;3^ of 190 «t., ive conven-, Street Commissioner J. S. Wnlkn put a force of men at work tmlay building a bridge across Coon crock at North and Douglass streets. Therf has been n demand for a brldiiv across the crsek at this place for some lime. The city ordered It In some time ago hut Street Commissioner Wolker could not get to It until today. The bridge is a frame one and will 1)0 about 20x30 feet In dimensions. When buying a Pia-, mond, wiiether lazgd or small, never be in a hurry. Consider the aXTALlTY first, then I^BICES. We have a very large selection, both looseiand mounted- We srive a written guarantee with every stone of %K up, so you take no chance when buying here- We take pleasure in Showing our Ooods J. W. Coffey & Son, Your Jewelers. East Side WEitE NO TRUANTS RrgMer Want A4a. Brhfr SemilK I Svperiateairat XaJrVrry'ii Rfjiart for Xoveaiber SzeelleaL \ The report of Prof. Mayberry, sui>- erlntendent of city schools, for the month ending November 29, 1907. diows an improvement over the form ar months. The general attendance Is «ood, the eases of tardiness are less than usual and no cases of truancy are reported. The report shows that the high school has an enrollment of 206 and an enrollment for the month of 201 and with an average dally attendance of 190, which Is 97 per cent of attendance. There have Iteen but seven cases of tardiness during the month and no ciaaes of truancy. Considering the large attendance at the Jefferson school building the per cent of attendance is excellent. Therr are 526 enrolled with an average dally attendance of 460 or with 96 per cen o fattendance. There have been new pupils enrolled In this school du; ing tbe month. .While there are 500 pupils attending this school therr have been but four cases of tardi ness daring tbe entire month. The other schools nlthoagh pot mak Ihg as good records, have improve' in daily attendance and In fact ever> way during the past month. ^ORAKER PULL^ lOLA STRINGS. A. N. Mitchell Requested to Support Ohio Politician. A. N. Mitchell, of this city, ha received several letters from his oI«I friends in Ohio, requesting that hf support Foraker for president rathe: lhaa Taft. The requests were oc eaaloned by a letter which Mr. Mitch ell wrote to an Ohio friend In which he spoke favorably of Taft. Mr. Mit diell is disposed X to think favorably of Taft. CHRISTMAS ClfTS toOHT NOW WILL BE UID AWAY TILL YOU WANT TOEM. JATE SIBNBS WILI FINfl COMPLETE STACKS HEBE BUYING DIRECT Fl ^ni THE MANUFACTURER WE SAVE THE MIDDLEMAN'S PRORT l^ame. Street City........ State JFIM tmtmmitai to mm, • ' • •• • - • t#M< mm_ nmmn The woaan -wbo bas psrMtaal bead- ^bes, teekadM. sees tasactnary daik •dowqMM la knrarabdcnlaalar ^•tMtlsd or axdtsd. nenu that should ^ Not all of abov* ' 10 ba praent la aay 'badly treated and neb - intoBaladiaiwbicbde- a 'a kaffaif tbey do not COM of •ptsf Into ita latob^j^'g-tS ttdy good— never ham. Its whole affect de- fceome syilitjStSyfrii^^ *" 1 *JsaLH^ It wM oftni prmat theBB,:lf Tile reclining bick is adjusted automatically. You do not have to rise from the chair in'prder to move the back up or down. All yon do is push the button. Jnst now a large Christmas Stock to select from. Thelola Furniture Stare lookforthoFhg, A, WiWmok,Prap^ TNEDISTRiCTLEADER One of Howard Successes to be Seen at Grand Ttieatre Tonight. In 'The District Leader." •Ahich comes to the Grand tonight. Joseph Howard, writer of "The "Umpire." The Land of No«l." "The Time, the Place, and the Girl," is said to have achieved his greatest succe^is so far. This 0FiM?ars to be a !«omewhat stroni; asscrtton to make, tiiking into coti- slderatlon the fact that all of Mr. How ard's previous efforts have l:oen in eluded in the "fr»-mendo»s hif class, bat competent critics who have so?n "The District leader" -M as:-'o that this, the latest creation from the pro- llflc brain of the popular song writor and pompo.ser is the !«'st thing he has done. To any one familiar with Mr. Howard's work, this should bo ail- sufficient. "The District Loader" ilif fers from the great majority of so called musica' mmtdios Jn that it has a plot, not a flimsy, ilisconnecteti story, put in to hold; the piece together, but a stronc: melodramatic s-"^ qnence of events alone would hold the attention of anv audience. .•\dd to this the fact that the play Is plentifully intersprinkled with music representing Mr. Howard at his best, and some idea may be hart of the entertaining nualitles of "The District Leader." Kthel Dovey. and Frederick C. Truesda'e head a company especially chosen for their i NOVEMBER FINE MONTH. Were Fourteen Clear Days With Nice Temperature. November ^ was an unusually fine month. Mr. Schoppe of the weather bureau has . submitted the following reiiort coiiceniing the month: NunilHT of clear days, 14; the average wind velocity was 6.2 miles an hour; the total precipitation was I.5S: the wean te.mparature was 44.1. ability to adcnnat?ly portray the characters in a. production said to resemble both "Th«> Vanderbilt Cup." and 'Torty-flve Minutes from Broadway." Miss Dovey ^-il) be remembered foi- her clever slngin:; and dancing In The Land of Vod." and in the part of Flossie ^^-hittles in "The District Leader," ihe has amplo opportunity to please along the same lines. The hal anee oC <b6 .east support Miss Dovey and Mr.- Trinwda'a in a manner which Is wejl calculated to bring fbrtb all of the pralsH the prodnetlon has merr ited this season. 119 nr AUK JDAT Guanmtaed Gun for GonstqntkM After watahinK results for aijbMB years, daring which time maay MlllioBS of twtties were sold and tbo&saada of letters from users were xocefted, tba originators of Dr. Caldwell's Synp Pepsin, the great herb laxative oofflponaid, feel safe m goaranteeiajr it in the varioas di.<»ases o( the stomach, Uver and bowels, such as chronic constipation, dyspepsia, indigestion, bilionsness^ il^- lency, sour stomach, bloated stomach, heart bum,etc. There is an absohite guarantee to retuod the purciimae tnlBB it Dr. OkU- well's Sjiiip l^ia doe* not do what Is elalMd lor It. For alzteea y^ars. this lemaOr has Daca fee oBUneodeil for BBHsach. Urer aad bovei eoB- ptaints and ciie'tict that cMh year BMK VBA Kore ramlUea are oslaa U vt/nm tbax tt feaa Vbm merit elaimad for U. and Uw lattBis-«• are ceo- inaatly reesivUts proves thakUjs OSIIBK UMM di.seas«9L Hence lae aaasaattafijaaliasa. Mr. Alston, ot Bojnwa. I. T, eoasUm Or. OaldweU't Syrup Fepsia taalwatlSsaHve toaie OD tlie Bsrlcat teeanM, le aw ah Own waida, "It does all you «Wa Ar Itairt J aoastkMvar aoatber BOdictaa or te U^lbM.aaH.- Ifts. WiUisms.- of aUDsr. SL, wiites tts* ska hM oMd It iB'aer ma* aU bar Baaiflea lUa aa* . would notkcavkanaawufepaiIt. ThsaaaadBflC othen baTS vtfttaa to tiie aaBMSOtat w«U-> Sy^ FtpaiB la innnsniii—aa ti drunUtndmaaatcatarii bottlab op thebaaiathatvagaaiaatae It woAs promptly aaa V^mOH watmnUaaaa .ifUa. does aoaptlpeaartai ^-om. * 7 •

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